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Salina Daily Republican from Salina, Kansas • Page 4

Salina Daily Republican from Salina, Kansas • Page 4

Salina, Kansas
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.5 HPtAI.NE0. beneficial to students in Germany. fnn cnhnl-jrs tchfl WOllld liave beCll I DR. OTHELO SUNRISE, PHYSICIAN! The Original Wardwell Hand Sewed Shoe "Men Can be had at our Shoe Store for the next fifteen days for Cash. BOTANIC fisx-kj vc -j-j TX1- y-ftr 1 'KjtifyX perioiineti uy inese -pans can scarc- ly be overestimated.

Blscasas oi Women. Barrenness, Whites, larged Ovaries, Falling of the Womb, ltrodexion, Antnilexion, Betrover- sion an Fiboid Tumors. PriYate, BlooJ ana Skin Diseases, Biles, Strictures, (Bee Sexual Abuse, Impotency, Sypilhs. Every pair has genuine Dongola Tops, solid sole, leather soles and counters. i Ease Comfort and Duribility.

For a "Little Money, in Lace and Congress. Consultation Free HE IS NOW AT TIIE And will be Here Regularly the First Week of each Month ist to 7th 1 6 1 fa jf, AM 1 tf I If i riH I I I South Santa Fe Ave. $2.50 $2.50 BEAUTIFUL! BEWITCHING! An Entirely New Sp ec-tacular Operatic Production, Entitled r-rLi stmzsi ess LJ Consumption, Brent Mus Catarrn No matter tl of lung trouble, they are treacherous und cannot but be regarded with alarm. BiaiJer, and S.omacli. Suppression of me M's.

i i 1 1 Ait'iisT-rimrum and (Jonorrhea. 1 CHARMING! bssi I 9 Bestaurant. Hestaurant. i it! i ill ifi 1 ha Tiinnri.a i 1 0 UbUuD 1 OR A G-3LIMSJ3 OF oblige to cease studying on account of failing of their optics nave ueen enabled to pursue their studies by havinfi the defects of vision righted by the necessary aid. I It was found in a recent examina tion of one thousand scholars under twenty years of age in New York that seven hundred and three had defective eye-sk'ht.

A similar examination in Philadelphia of twelve hundred scholars revealed defects of visioa in one thousand of this number. By far the greatest proportion of These cases had inherited detects from parents. Teacners and parents should watch children when reading and studying. Is the book held close one moment and away tie next? Do they wink often and close their eyes Do they stumble along leading Do they turn from side to sipe-to catch the best" Bant? Do they complain of their eyes at nighty Aiethe pupils of their eyes large 'f Do they suiter from severe headache, wjule attending school oi after reading tor some time, whjch is not relieved by uual means The eye may look u3 clear and natural as Miy, yet there tuny be malformations Question them losely.

and while they are reading place your Land over one eye, then over the oil er, and see if there is any difference in vision. whether either eye turns to right or left, and it any action or function is take the child to an expert optician tor examination, and to learn Low sight can be improved through care andat tention. Many a chhd has been punished for basnfuiness and stupidity. the fault was in tho eyesight. Cross eyes cm made straight and iight preserved with us; of propei ienes it employed in time.

Neglect a ill cause loss of sight in one eye, em.1 if the eyes are straightened by surgerj after life. Any further information desired I will give most cheerfully at my otnce at the National hotel, where- I would especially be glad to usee, teachers or pupils. Sincerely yours, W. A. Lkwin, Scientific German Optician.

fleeting. A rousing mass meeting was held at the M. E. church evening. Speeches were made by Carver, Maggart, Ethell, Fitzpatrick," Underwood, Brady and others.

The resolutions adopted mala-an excellent report of the meeting: We, citizens of Salina and Saline county, Kansas, in mass meeting assembled to give expression to public sentimeni. and formulate some oi thought and action in regard to the present phase of the temperance question in its bearings upon the state prohibition law, do hereby' adopt the following preamble and resolutions: Wiiekkas, We believe a crisis has come in the cause of temperance reform and legislation, resulting from the persistency and tactics of the resubmission's, from the stimulus given to the rum-power by the decision ol ti supreme cour. of tne United States and from the operation of other causes that are working in unison with the enemies of prohibition, it becomes the fr ends of righteous law and public-morals, as the repidsentatives of convictions and principles taht prevail in this community and throughout the state, to speak out with a trumpet-voice that has l.o uncertain sound-giving alarm and inspiration; thtre-lore Besolved. 1. That nine years experience under loyal and constitutional prohibition has only deepened and strengthened our convictions in favor of the principle, and made us more and more in earnest in the enforcement oi the law; we are for submission to the law, and against resubmission of the law, which is but a miserable subterfuge by which, it is hoped to reinstate the reign of the saloon.

2. That while we regretfully submit to the decision of the supreme court oi the United States as to the right of importation and sale of intoxicating liquor as an article of commerce, we cannot overestimate the evil consequences flowing from this declaration of the law; in prohibition and license states alike, the saloon element, which has always been ready to evade every law in restraint of the liquor traffic, now seeks to override public sentiment and trample unddr foot state and municipal laws by pretended sales of "original in this false guise these evildoers come into our midst sowing broadcast the seeds of degradation and ciime, and claiming immunity, while they insolently flaunt this decision our faces. Bealtoinjr as we do that the saiety of our homes. and the welfare of the people demand that the states should have absolute control of the trailic in intoxicating liqucrs, we look to congress for that relief which it alone can give, and urge upon our members in the house of representatives the supreme necessity of the pas sage of the Wilson bill, or other bill of similar import: and we hereby nust heartily indorse the course of Senators Ingalls and Plumb in supporting ana voting for said, mil the UnitedStates senate. 3.

That we eaaruestly urge our senators and member of the house to do all they can in favor of a congressional committee to inquire, into the liquoi traiiic in the Unit State- gathering stat and information as to the extent of the trailic and the elf cts of it among the people. 4. That the. manner in which Governor Hi mphrey conduced himself amidst personal insult and abuse, during the so-called convention of "je-submissionists" while manifesting the amenities of a gentleman and reniem- bering the dignity of oii'ee ye? standing firm as rock to tho behests" of duty should call iorth he admiration uot only of the thousands in Kansas, but of the millions toroughout the commonwealth of states. o.

That the coiu-ty officials, uho are responsible for the enforcement anc execution of the prohiditory law, have iiautv, a sworn auty, to perform, arid that is to be vlways ready to "move immediately move on the works of the enemy, ana we nerety pledge them our support in the discharge of their ff eial it. That we extend to the citvau thonties our tnanns lor their prompt and energetic action in endeavoring to suppress he so-calied "original pack age saloon, ana promise them ou hearty support every endeavor to suppress and drive out it and all like places from our midst. 7. That these resolutions with pre- amble be published in the city and county papers and that a copy thereof be sent to our senators and representative and also a copy to his excellency, Governor Humphrey. W.

Bishop, W. B. Mucklow, li 1 ll, rtv It 'a od. Owner! Willi It. Vliai lie Will lo I He was of slender medium height, slightly sroop-shouMered, black hair, small black eyes, dark complexion, a black bcant of four or rive days growth, and dressed the garb of a steady-going lalormg man just such a man, in fact, ai any one might meet half a dozen or more times a -y, and, therefore, a mki not apt to attract more than an ordinary amount of at tention from tip ordinary passer-by.

there was celerity in his movements and a mingled loV.k of expectancy anxiety in his ice. He bounded up the steps of Fargo express office, took! good look at the clock, which marked the hour of 7: to a. rejected awhile on thetale it told, and then canib'o it on the sidewalk. Here he began to march and countermarch the e.itiro length of the building on Fifth street. More than an hour was thus consumed.

On the str ke of his march came suddenly tt. au end. The arrival of a strong box seems to have occasioned it. At any rate a few minutes later he presented himself at the cashier's signed a receipt. paid over a few dollars for ciiarges.and received in -e.

urn a bag of jokl. The young man of the Journal was with hirn ina moment, introduced himself and ihen asked the occasion for the actions already noted. His statement wassubstautiaily as fpjows "Mv name is David Oliver. I live at 1723 Charlotte street, this city. I am a laborer, and, for the past three years, have been employe I oy the Missouri Valley Lumber company.

Early in the month 1 paid hi) cents for a full ticket in the Denver State Lottery. I bought the ticket at She branch ollice of the company, eoraer Central and James streets, Kansas City, Kansas. This office is managed by Steinhaus tic for Mr. B. F.

Bhodus, the Denver manager. The niimbT of my ticket was 35,287. On the I3lh of this month the drawing took place. My ticket drew the third capital prize of 1 tcnew of my good fortune two or three days after the drawing. Tins was tne second lottery ticket 1 ever bought.

I gave my ticket to Wells. Fargo express for collection. They gave me a receipt for the amount my ticket called for. This they forwarded to Denver, and by return express they brought me the cash, which you saw me receive. No, am going to perform tne dissolving view act on my rull, but shall see to it that it proves a nucleus for what must grow into a competency for myself and farnilv.

Oh. yes! I have one ticket for the June! drawing of the Denver State Lottery; I bought it of Steinhaus Kansas I City, Kansas. Fortune, good or ill, neyer comes singly, you know, and then this company was very piompt in cashing my lucky ticket. What! You must get oi heie Well, good morning," ami on he went to show his wife his substantial evidence of real wealth. Kansas City Journal, May 25 PERSONAL NOTHS.

Chris Eberharut has returned from Guthrie. Leroy S. Winters iroiu Iiis trip east Sunday. C. B.

Mills, of Bridgeport, was in the city over Sunday. -ira Busick, cf Lincoln, was in the city yesterday on legal business. C. V. Kinney, of the Oakley Graphic, was a Salina visitor yesterday.

Fred Eberaardt came in trom Den ver Sunday to spend a week at home. I). Crissler and J. F. Justice, of Ft.

Wayne, arrived in the city Sunday to look alter certain in est-ments. Judge G. F. Little, of City, was in the city last evening. Th judge is a candidate for congress and promises to make things lively.

Mrs. C. J. Bamsey and daughter, Lula, of Denver, are visiting friends in tli." city. They formerly resided here.

Misses Katie Eberhardt, Sopha 1'rown and id Delhi leit last evening for Denver to spend a couple of weeks in the mountains. C. T. Wittman and T. B.

Chat man rctarntd yesterday from Wi hita.where tht jdayed two games of base ball with the Hutchinson club. To help pay ejpei-ses the editor of the Belle Blain News is iaising silk worms in his oflice. Dr. I'hiiiip Krohn, 'well-known in Kansas is now au ordained minister of the First Congregational church of Atchison. Ira F.

Collins department commands of te (irai.d Army of Kansas, will be among the foiemost candidate-; congress from the first congressional alMrict. When lie Ellis business men can't lln i anything else to do they congregate on the street and match nickles. Topeka has seme very queer ideas about matrimony. Hie other day 3 Xc rth Topeka girl was sent to tie reform school because she wanted to get married. The Kansas Farmer says the mort- traced indebtedness of Kansas farmers I i SPA000.000.

fiftv nercent. of which 1 1 "How will you hate it bound-" Asked the binder of an Abilene man who had brought in a dictionary to have new cover put on. "I think it would be appropriate to have it spellbound as the reply. It oonn. to Enquire at G.

A.Solberg's smith nf Hiit-i-a hrtTi5P Al; nan 1 mi ii Thre Ditinnt 'Toe; A 1Ll leS of Family Sewing Machines: Oscilstcr. -Automatic. EACH THE BEST OF THEIR KIND! Also a full assortment, of needles for all kinds ol maehin and all parts and attachments for inaer machines. Oil. at prices lower than any place iii town.

The Singer Manufacturing Co. W. I. ALLEN, Manager, IV'Juws North Seventh street er ro to 1( "Walton 32-It i.OCK. IT To Omaha.

A 1 DOLLABs. Via the Santa Fe Boute. Will pay s.r a week for a girl, and no washing. Mus. W.

Onnn. Fred, L.Martin will make trades in the next sixty days. List, your property with him at epee. 22-1 WANTS. AANTKI to j.lav tl.eir wants uiiaer tins iriits it tioii.

None inserted I'nr lvss th; ino oiu-li ii lOcont. ETOK Twaty-ilvV iwl tn.J.t ou Seventh I Mreel, with frame just south of oj.era house. i i't- if taker, soon. I inquire solborji's tailor shoj. tf ANTKD- -A dish wisher Call at once.

at Thajliers re-80-tf iurant. ljoo.MMU i.m, Jimiuire i A. Soliiel V' alter shop south of -ya eiise. oa-tf room ulrl wanted Tnaein-rs restaurant. A vtoott woman cook at Thacher's vesta ura uit.

rA.lKli. 1 aniil wasi-iuj. 327 N. 7th street. to ilo at once at good uirl to do work Good wages will bo 5i! West iron evenuo.

pellet ai hoiise-jaid. Inquire 3'J-tf AN'll A lew move table Thacher's restaurant. boarders ai IBAM KIJ. eeooie to eat ice cream Tiiacher's revtaurant. 11 wo reliable nu n.

who under stand loan association work, to act as ralnueiits fort lit" loan and having Association of o-ii va, N. V. Write (ariy, iiijj; ajie and reierenees. s. l- liAwniiix, Manager.

Will pay a week for a good girl, and no washing. Mns. B. W. Oukii.

alii oat! 'I Inie nr. UNION rACIFIC. FAST i M. No. 'S, exj'i-ss a'rives.

11 a. oi No. 2ot, nirtit s-- 1." a. No. express li No.

(local fiei.uot) in (looal freiyht) accommodation p. 1 No! 202 is soTid voVHuinied train ut hi. ae with O. 21(1. eiutlt T'l tiirouh sleeler to St.

IAAUS. tvisT liorxii- 2111, mail and cypress, arrives p. i No. 203, express, an ives a. No.

211, (freight) acconnnodation 7 a. in Nv. 213, (local lreiht.) aoc. mniodatlon 7 a. No.

201 is a solid'd train fiom willi tlirouyrh sleeper from Si. Louis. M'i'IIKHSON 15KAM H. l'lisseiwr, leaves p. arrives 11 a.

Mixed, leaves d. arrives in likcoln r.iiANcii. No Kuiiday trains. rassentcer leaves 4:20 a. arrives 11 a.

in I Mixed, leaves 111 arrives M1SSOUU1 l'ACHTC i AST No. 202, mail and express, ibjparts 8:30 a. 111 i. 220, freijrht and accommodation .10 :17 a. in KV IIOTTNIJ No.2i7, freight and accoinmodation i.

No. 2'ii, iiKol and express arrives 7 p. to ATCHISON, TOl'EivA ti SANTA FE. KAST No. l'acific express, arrives No.

Chicaiio express, an i lnoa.m j.orn iiainsuiake lose cnii-clion at Vt, mill Liiu oiiit v-iiii I'tuvri rui'U)tii express, liothtast and west. WKST HoLNIl No. 317, Aceoiuniotlation, arrives, p. No. 31P, Aeeoniinodatioii, ilcparts p.

in Connect mjr at wiiii aecoinmodHtioi? train for tiie novih and sontit, at i'oiiordia with all i rains and west and at Courtiand ith the ICoek -lani, west. C'. Ji. 1. V.

HOC IS1.ANI Rome FAST Hf.S'll Passengers for K. C. St. and a. ni f'HSs'rs for Viehiia.J;di!we!! and south p.

Ill AKKtVFS KUO.M TH Passenger liom K. St. and east 0:30 li cm Wichita, Caldw ell south 1 p. Accomodation it Iiapiit There will be a special business meet ing at the Baptist church next Monday night June 2nd. h'lrt: AJarii; FIU-T 12 Si" nt a.

Fe and I ton avemn s. 13 Fourth and As strtets. 11 Third and Kim streets, lo Santa Fe North IXONU waiid. 21 Seventh and Kim streets. 23 Ninth and Bishop streets.

24 Xintn and Ash streets. 25 Twelfth and Iron avenue. TIIIKD waiijl 31 Tenth and Walnut streets. 32 Bievenlh and South streets. ki Kichih and streets.

3 Santa Fe and Bond st rets. rorr.Tn WARD. 41 Santa Fe and I'rescot avenues. 42 Santa Fe and Mulberry streets -Hi Fourth and Walnut streets. i'i Front stree! and Iron ave.

THE BOTTOM BEACHED. Passenger rat' to Derive Colorado Spring, Pueblo, Kansas City, imahn To St. and intermediate points Louis $5.00 and all points ast, west. north and south at greatly reduce-" rates via the Missouri Pacific. W.

IhOKDAX, Agent. FOLTt DOLLABS To Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison and St. Joseph. Via the Santa Fe Boute." A Vision of Qorgious Splendor! agnifieent Gostomes, Sparkling Eastern Star meeting in Masonic-Temple this evening at 7 clock. Will pay $3X0 a week for a good gir.

and no washing. M.ns. E. W. Bev.

Chittenden on Socialism at the Coaster park tomorrow at 4 p. m. Hear him Come 1 3 Myers Metcalf's Daylight store for everything general merchandise. Take a look at our Fs. Glasses that are guaranteed by a man you know are better than any others.

Patronize Whitehead. Wanted. One hundred boys and girls during vacation to take lessons in drawing ai painting. See advertisement. LOST.

Last Tuesday on 10th street, between Union pacific depot and Walnut St. a smalfred diary. No value except to owner. Finder please leave at Pruitt'e grocerv store and oblige owner. Eld.

C. r. II ask el. Walter Clark and Charlie Gibson cbHllege any two persons in Salina to play a match game of croquet. Under Arret.

William Wheelock, of Gypsum City, was arrested Saturday evcning.chatged with selling whisky contrary to law. lie was put in jail until yesterday when lie was released on bail. A (iood The Salina Light and Power company has placed an electric light in Lito-wich Wolsieff r's store. It is run oil on incandescent wire and makes a perfect light. The light is bright and steady.

Manager Gilbert informed the PiErrnLiCAN yesterday that several more would be put in in the near future. Iiitfulls All KiglJt. Washington, May 26, 1890. Hon. William Bishop, Salina, Kansas: In reply to yours of 21st mst.

1 would say that the committee on the judiciary, ot which 1 am a rceinU r. reported recently a bill, intended tt counteract the effect of the hut-decision of the supreme court on the original package Question, a copy of which I forward for your examination. I should be glad to know if, in your opinion and that of those whom you represent, it will cover the case, and it will give me pleasure to receive any suggestions of amendment thatm occur to you. Very truly yours, Jxo. J.

Ingali.s. Oriaterr-nt i 1 eac Iters an S-Iiolar Being often interviewed ty students of this city concerning the light, desks and prints to be used in school rooms, and having been told that have tried to get some information in regard to tho above but have not succeeded in obtaining such, I think a few brief points concerning these subjects will be appreciated by the scholars as well as their parents. The school room should be airy and llocded with light, so that the darkest place in a class would have sufiicient light on a dark day. Ihe light should fall on r.ll writers on the left. 1 hough light from the skylight is excellent, at the same time direct sunlight ought to be avoided, as exhausting the retina, purple too quickly.

ForJ the walls a dark gray is recom mended, and in using artificial light as gas or oil, a shade should be used. The copy book should be opposite the center of the body, with the lower bor der slanting upwards from the left to the right at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees. The character of type and paper is also of importance. The type should be clear and of modera'e size, and sufficient space ought to be between letters, words and lines. The paper must be of good quality, so that revers ed print will not shine through.

White or faint vellow color are to be recom mended. The seat or desk ought to conducted so as to allow it to be altered height to suit the requirements of the pupil, and have the back in as erect a position as -possible is verv dvisable. In conclusion I will say that it would be of great advattage if scholars iave their eyes examined at least once LOCAL IilTELLIGEHCE. Thacher's for bread. (Consult Dr.

Lewin, the optician. A splendid rain fell Sunday night. Bibbon sale at 3.1 rs. Plumleys this week. Don't fail to consult Dr.

Lewin at the National. BonxTo Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Blackburn, a girl, born on Friday, May 31. On June 9th the old passenger rates will be restored on all the railroads.

Will pay 63.50 a week for a good girl, and no washing. Mns. E. W. Obeh.

Born To Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Gos-sage, a daughter, born Saturday, May 31.

Attend the lecture at the Christian church thi3 evening. Admission 25 cents. The living Game of Chess and Sunflower chorus will be one of the attractions for neqt week. Bernember the Game of Chess and Sunilower chorus at Bed Men's, Thursday evening, June 5. A visit r.

A. Loomis gallery. Iron avenue, will convince you where to have photographs made. Be sure and hear the lecture to-night at the Christian church by Bey. F.

C. Mortimer. The Military boys will have a field day on June Mn. Athletic sports will be the order of the day. There are some alleys in bad condition.

It would be well for the marshal to take a trip around the city andsco how bad things really are. Only twenty-live cents to hear the lecture by C. F. Mortimer Tuesday night. Good music will be provided.

Dr. Othello Sunrise has returned to the city to spend a few days with patients, lie is effecting some remarkable cures. Allphotograps maue at my gallery have the new enamel finish. No extra charge. F.

A. Loomis The Livine Game of Chess to be given by the ladies of the Kpiscopa church will be very attractive next Thursday evening. Lost On Saturday a small bay col lost on the streets about I o'clock by McConnell. Please return the same to Jewett Jewett's stable. The Kpworth League of the M.

church will give an interesting literary and musical programme Tuesday even ing, June 3rd. Everybody -invited Free. The ladies of Christ's Church are not ed for their entertainments, and the Game of Chess and Sunilower chorus next Thursday evening will be no ex ception. The subject of the lecture to-night is "Rambles Though England, France Italy and America; or life among al sorts of people." Miss Belle Daily wil sing, accompanied by Prof. Guile.

Fil the house and trive Bev. Mr. Mortimer a rousing benefit. A very interesting article entitled "Of Interest to Teachers and Scholars was fnrnished us by Dr. Lewin, the optician.

is very ably written and contains many suggestions regarding the school rooms, etc. Every parent as well as teacher and scholar ought to read it carefully. Elsewhere in this issue will be found the annual address of J. II. Decker, of this city, as president of the American water-works association.

It is published in full because it is of impor tance to every citizen of Salina. The questions discussed concern each and every one. No man loses money by patronizing home institutions. The home men pay the taxes and at the same time sell just as cheaply. Whitehead is still selling spectacles cheaper than any firm in town, and having been a resident for twenty jrears his guarantee is good.

In the Game of Chess and Sunilower chorus next Thursday evening, the Queens will be represented by Miss Mills and Miss Fairchild.the Kings by Prof. Nat. Thomas and Mr. IB I). Lee; the Bishops, Knights and Pawns by twenty-eight young ladies and Music and Beautiful Scenery.

25 isreniy-five Artists. 25 At Coaster Park, Salina, Saturday PBiilar Prices, 25 and 85 etc. TT JLXJJLU AT- Thacher's Take AT at acher's Buy Your Bread -AT- Thacher's Itestaurant, Via the Santi FeJ LIGHT To Chicago. Boute. JDAA.MLL, Committee.

a year, as this plan has proved veri of store room for rent. tf 1.

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