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The Evening Herald from Ottawa, Kansas • Page 9

The Evening Herald from Ottawa, Kansas • Page 9

Ottawa, Kansas
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THE OTTAWA FVFN'NG OTTAWA. KANSAS. nrcR" A. Ptje six counties he has had reports fiom GHQ0SETHE1BA1 OS Gift of GiftsA Picture of 71 cases cf diphtheria, and two or three deaths hare been reported to the authorities. In Greenwood county there are 30 cases, 16 in Marion, 13 in Kingman, 5 in Trego, 5 in Linn and 2 in Chautauqua.

One death is State Officers Announce Names of Deputies. reported in Trego county and two are IpBHY NOT plan your gift making to include a rfnnrtP(i in T.inn mnntv. 1 nice framed picture a present which your entire family can enjoy? electing a picture is both THE EDUCATION OF GOHVlGiS In the reorganization of the interior department Kansans are anxious for the retention of Thomas L. Ryan as assistant secretary of the interior. Congressmen Bowerscck, Campbell and Scott yesterday called upon the president in a body and urged him to retain Mr.

Ryan. The president spoke 40 Acre Farm TO TRADE 13 acres of nice, smooth land, located within 40 minutes drive of Ottawa on a first-class road, close to school and chprch. AH in tame grass except acres which Is in corn, good fences and has no other improvements. Want to trade this for Ottawa property ant1 take mortgage back on land for difference or for larger place and give difference. This is one of the prettiest tracks cf land In the county.

acres of nice, smooth land, located within an hour's drlTe cf Ottawa and on one of the best roads In the county. Good new 4 -room house, good barn, hog house, chicken house, good well, orchard, good fences, some tame grass, close to school and church. Want to trada this for property In any location In Ottawa. A new S-room cottage located near Sth and Cherry, good well, barn, fruit and shade, want-to trade fcr property near Second and Oak or In North Ottawa. A 4 room cottage located near Seventh and Locust, good well, barn, brick walk and shade trees.

Want to trade this for property la any location In North Ottawa, King street preferred. SAn H. CUA-viER Governor Favors Funds for This Use. pleasurable and satisfactory here, for our stock is complete with 500 selected pictures direct from the factories, and we sell them for what the small dealer pays for them. Better have one laid away for you, as we are selling them every day.

500 Framed Pictures from Icto 15. Sole Agent for Wallace Nutting's Famous Water Colors, Full line of Kaffl Water Colors. 400 STYLES OF FRAMES in the highest terms of Mr. Ryan, per- sonally, and paid him a high compliment as an efficient officer. He made no promises, however, further than to say that he would give the matter earnest consideration Mr.

Stubbs and His Asso ciates Talk of Senatorial Matters. W. CfiENOWETH when it came cp for action. Secretary Hitchcock leaves the interior department -on March 4, and James Garfield succeeds him. Mr.

Ryan has been Hitchcock's assistant since 1S37 and the Kansas delegation wants him retained by Garfield. (Both Phones 334 South flain Street Topeka, Dec. 4. The assistant sec retary of state under the next administration will be J. T.

Botkin, of Ga Office phone 635 People's Bck B1V. Residence p-hon 536 The following charters have been Smith were before the board of cotm- I lena. This announcement has been CITY NEWS BRIEFS. ty commissioners yesterday with a made by a DentonT secret2ry of I granted: Dee rfi eld state bank. Deer-field; Mason Furniture and Manufacturing company, Olathe; Miltonville, Telephone and Telegraph company.

plication iur a. unuge uer wuii. in Hayes township. The board has the matter under consideration. Miltonvale; Kensington Department state-elect, and he and the new assistant have been frequent" consultation in regard to tne business of the office.

Mr. Botkin is related to the famous Kansas family of that name. E. King is preparing to open a feed Gormly's band has been engaged by jcretaxy Durst to furnish music for assembly for the entire session. The success cf the Thanksgiving jice ha3 prompted the Elks to plan an elaborate reception and dance i Christmas night.

i Engineer Smutz of the Santa Fe Storeassoclation, Kensington; Wellington Plumbing company, Wellington: Cheyenne "Window Glass corn- store and mill in the Culick barn on I So icl Oak Of essefs North Main. John Durst has equipped He is well known in politics in the 1 panyt Caney; Farmers Elevator corn- the establishment with a gasoline eu --v southeastern part of the state. He panj, Kexiora; inaex ruousam? gine and a general grinding business company, Iola; Bethesda General ani will be done in addition to the selling with. French Mirrors was recording clerk in the office of the secretaries of state under W. C.

Edwards in 1S95 and 1S96. of feed. Maternity Hospital association, Tope-ka; Bettman Mercantile company. I prk train is sick at the Marsh House. ngineer Tom Blumhart, Chanute, 1 here to relieve him.

Judge Smart heard motions for anu gainst a new trial in the celebrated An announcement from the state Another probable change in the ad- Wamego. treasurer on the Indebtedness of the ministration forces will occur when m.9D Dnrin? the cast three years the counties to the state on the taxtu Edgar B. Schermerhorn. chairman of Uvflctom ic mnntips which owed icubator baby case at Lawrence on shows Franklin county's delinquency I the state board of control of chart- fQT sse grain furnished aturday. Decision will be rendered to be Thi3 money held In 1 table institutions resigns.

Mr. Scher-1 them in issi and 1S95 have paid $11, 1 the matter December, 14." the county treasury under the pres- merhora has private duties that re-lrQ-co 0j their debt, and the amount Merchant, Kennedy and ent law, is subject to the call of thbl quire all of his attention. now due from four counties Is i I 1 state treasurer. I The affairs of the board are now 1 997.27 The counties which have not 1 paid their debts are Garfield, now a Dr. Taylor, a former pastor of the mnnins smoothly and Mr.

Schermer- 1 i 4 horn feels that he should return to cart of Finney. Seward, Haskell and Thlrd Baptist church, will preach at his Cherokee county mines. It is be Stevens. the church tonight and the Rev. Wn.

lieved this place will be offered to S. 'lie Franklin Mdse. (INCORPORATED' PEES0NAL MENTION C. Crammer, chairman of the republican state committee and now holding Magett, moderator of this district will also be here. Rev.

James Miller, ot Paola will preach tomorrow night. Rc the office of private secretary to the Editor O'Brien was in from Pomon: freshments will be served in the base- governor. today. ment of the church. A carload of them no place to put them hence the low EXTRA FINE FURNITURE China Closets, Parlor Cabinets, Gentlemen's Shaving Cases, bought to put in the big show windows of our burned building for the holiday trade.

We've marked 'em down to the cost figure. They're rare bargains. JOHN NELSON NEW LOCATION. 127 South Main. Charles W.

Barnes, state insurance C. D. Moore, of Lawrence, 13 in the The Lawrence branch passenger did I superintendent-elect, has announced a good student business yesterday, the appointment of I. S. Lewis, of Bar- Our new tailoring store is now open at 119 N.

The University of Kansas resumed op-1 ton county, to be assistant superin- city on business. Dr. G. B. Wolf made a trip to Bald win this morning.

rations yesterday morning and Bak-1 tendent. Mr. Lewis has been in the er university this morning. The stu-j office in the position of chief clerk M. E.

Hunt is In Homewood vicinity dents of the southern part of the state under the administration of Superin- today on business. tendents Luling and Church. E. H. Colham, of Tnlsa, Indian Ter James M.

Nation, auditor-elect, has ritory, 13 here on business. appointed W. E. Davis, of Ford coun ty, to be his assistant- Mr. Davis Is W.

H. Cookus was in town last nlghi Main St We have in stock a full line of all the latest fabrics used in the manufacture of ladies and men's fine TAILOR-MADE SUITS AND WINTER COATS. mostly use the Ottawa route to reacn the schools and so Mr. Shafer and crew did a good business. The rush was over today.

The men's meeting at the Presbyterian church was well attended ias. evening. Mr. Patton gave an interesting address on the Indianapolis a young man, who is well known in from Homewood on business. newspaper and political circles in the Roy D.

Finley, of Le Roy, was ii. southwestern part of the state. He Ottawa yesterday visiting friends. owns and edits the Dodge City Globe- E. Butcher, roadmaster, came ur from Chanute this morning on busia Republican and was formerly in the business in Hutchinson.

There are three candidates for the Dolls Dolls Dolls ess. Mrs. H. F. Ewalt went to Baldwin thi3 morning to spend the day witt I convention.

A committee was ap pointed to draft a constitution and organize- a chapter of Presbyterian brotherhood in the church. Those appointed were F. B. Peck, Will Bancroft H. U.

Bacon, F. R. Patton. There is a great interest displayed in the organization of this society. A meeting of friends.

position of secretary of the state board of railroad commissioners. They are C. S. Beekman, of Arkansas City, a member of the legislature and a practicing attorney, T. A.

Cor- Jed Caldwell went to Homewood The Franklin Co. 119 N. Main. Ottawa, Kan. look after affairs on the farm this morning.

dry of Parsons, editor of the Parsons Sun and Thomas Hayes, chief clerk the congregation will be held the firsv Harry Van Leuween went to Gar We have made special effort this year to get a fine line of lLs, and we surely have succeeded. A full line of the celebrated Kestrier doll, the finest doll made. Kid body dolls 1 5c to S5.00 Dressed dolls I Oc to S4.00 China dolls Si to 75c Baby dolls, rag rubber dolls. All kinds and prices Tuesday in January, the eve of the I in the omce cf I. L.

Dayhon, superin- nett tili3 morning to spend a few days. tendent of schools. at the farm. Our References: I The National Bank of the Republic Chicago. I Dun's or Lny other Commercial Agency.

After his return from a visit to the new year. The young people of the church meet this evening at 7:30 for a business session. John Sowers went to "Williamsburg thi3 moraine to look after cn his farm. W. S.

Coween, of Fort Scott, spen- state penitentiary yesterday Governor Hoch stated that he favored a larger appropriation for the school library at the state penal institution. Governor Hoch visited the school which is conducted on Sunday and be Handkerchief and apron bazaar at Lamb's, Wednesday, the 5th. yesterday in town looking after bus ines3 matters. C. F.

Avenarius left yesterday afternoon for Tescott, Kansas, to visit a OUGHTON 'Sjg? 204. SOUTH MAIN STREET When You sister for a few days. Buy came thoroughly, interested in its workings. "It is a very interesting thing," said the "to see old gray headed men learning their alphabets J. W.

Pollock went to Kansas Cit this morn in? on business. He will- be gone several days. ES and the rudiments of the other branches. There was one old con- GROCER Will YOU let US have the OO- vict in the school who was trying to portunity of sbowin- you how well be can supply your Just received a. complete line CLARK CD.

HARRIS L. Stine came up from Williams burg this morning and went on to Kan sa3 City on business. J. W. Davenport went to Kansas City this morning and will go from ihere to St.

Louis to buy goods. J. B. Norman, of Pleasanton, wa the guest last night of Rev. SetlifL and wife.

He went to Olathe this wants, and how surelj we can save you money? If youLnd should be encouraged by the Vvill OUlv YlSlt OUr Store there Will be no dimCUltY be- state. Teach an ignorant convict Siuse when you see the stock, we carry and the splen- tTJloZ ONLY A UTTER CUPS I UlQ quality vl Hie Mil, me uewiitrsa uj. uiu thing to interest nimssii to taKe ms morning. stocK. ana tne lowness oi our prices, you win oe sure to tnongms num A.

7T. Manley, the colored cook whe ctivp ns vmir iido I nave pu. gl US Olir Il-aae. stmction at the school is in charge Home Phone 263 Bell phone 463 will acTpany the hunting party to Texa3, cme down from Kansas Cit; yesterday. FLOUR.

Miss Ola Woods, of Oswego, has No. 7 high patent flour $1.00 been visiting Mis3 Retta Wolf, and some of the educated convicts There i3 one man in the penitentiary who has sufficient learning to hold a chair in the state university. "The school is doing good work," continued the governor, "and there should be a larger appropriation for the library. Then the school should Golden Gate patent flour 1-00 Golden Crown flour 93 went to Baldwin this morning to spend a few days. K.

flour 95 Fred Roben, of Homewood, was 20 lbs. granulated sugar 51-00 4 cans new packed corn, 25c 3 cans new E. J. peas 23c 3 lbs. seedless raisins 23c lbs.

navy beans 23c 6 lbs. buckwheat Hour 23c 5 lbs. California prunes 23c 3 lbs. extra fancy prunes 25c 1 quart cranberries 10c here this morning on his way to Kan FEED. I be conducted at night.

Much could be sas City in the interest of the Home- Fine Apple Syrtip Made from the pineapple. It Is pure and delicious. 15c a qt. or 55c a gal. Bran, white shorts, corn chop, shell- accomplished for these unfortunates wood Creamery company.

ed corn and wheat. with a gooa UDrary ana a mgnt A- E. Guyer and wife, formerly of school." Pomona, came in this morning from PISH. it 13 possiDie mat ijovernor noca Pomona where they have been visiting cn their way to their home at Iola. White fish and mackerel, halibut, will recommend in his message to cod fish.

Holland and dried herring, the legislature that the appropriation 1 gallon pickles 23c Hon. J. H. Ransom came up from for this school be increased- State Ransomville this morning to attend Auditor Wells in his recent report rec AUG MAN BROS- Phone 1 S2. First Door East of PostoSce the funeral of the late H.

J. Smitn. ommends that the legislature appropriate $4,000 for the school for the W. T. WOOD He will accompany the hunting par ty to.

Texas this evening- coming two years. W. R. Stubbs and a number of his 7 followers had an "accidental" meet Simon Reidy, who has been visiting relatives in Ottawa for several days, returned to his home at Emerald today. Mr.

Reidy had intended to go insr here yesterday: Those who met the Douglas county man were J. 1 lb. box bon-bons to every customer buying 10 lbs. or more of our Christmas FREE? Dolly, of Maple Hill; T. B.

Murdock, BARGAINS IN REAL ESTATE A new 5-room house, 3 fine lots, 2 blocks from First National Bank; the best bargain in Ottawa. Easy terms. Come and see us. bare 2 nice smooth and well improved S3 acre teas near CTaveriy "Kvwaa to fcr irit icprty. yesterday but changed his mind and cf Eldorado, and Senator I.

D. Youn waited till today. candies. Fresh home-made candies, I OC 3 Ibs. for 25C of BeloiL All of the members of the H.

C. Shipp and wife who have been Special prices to schools and customers buying visiting at the home of Edgar John lh5- or more, sec our line ana erei our prices ociuic uu; iZ Hue miiea or uu-r i a oararam. party declared that the meeting was purely by accident and that it had no bearing on their probable action son for a few days returned this morning to, their home at Kansas City Get your order in early. JOHN" O'IfEIL, Notary Public Money to Loan oa Farms jrnd City Pre pert y. when, the- legislature meets.

Mr. Shipp Is the son of J. H. Shipp, Ottawa Candy 1 who was a pioneer Ottawa printer. He if he favored a republican caucus to choose a United States senator, Mr.

left Ottawa twenty years ago to take 211 Main St. Bell Phone 579 Stubbs ap railroad work at Kansas City. 'Well, I supposed they always had Rev. I L. Carpenter, of Wabash a Senator Long, in reply to the same IncL.

who was here to preach at the Christian, church Sunday, left this question, saldr- "I don't know. I have Funeral Director not decided." morning for hia old home. Rev. Car-center was a euest while here oi The reports that are coming in to Landlord McKeever, of the Occident al hotel. Mr.

McKeever came from Both Phones 380 board of health, indicate that there Is Fine Drivfng Horses and Swell Rigs BcthPhonea 123 Second and Hickory CtMni mere dinhtherla In the state than is I Wabash and he and Rev. Carpenter mere diphtheria In the state cssal at this time cf the year..

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