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The Pittsburg Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas • Page 6

The Pittsburg Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas • Page 6

Pittsburg, Kansas
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1 Girard Press. Wilbur M. Carmony and O. S. CaBad, letter carriers in Pittsburg, have been promoted from $600 to $850 a year in the way of salaries.

The probate judge of Cherokee county granted a marriage license to Win. O. Brender, of Cherokee, and Mary A. Pence, of Weir City, last week. Maurice Goodkind is winning as a window decorator.

He now h98 displays in both windows of his father's clothing store which exhibits skill and taste. Girard News M. Vincent has resigned his position at H. P. Grund's store, and will buy cattle for D.

A. Vincent Son. He will also look up his chances for sheriff this fall. Miss Eva Moore, formerly of Girard, was recently married at Sprinfield, where she was teaching music, to Mr. Samuel C.

Brown. The bride was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M.

Gossin. While drilling on the Reid place near Fleming, last week, H. A. Brown struck a flowing well. The water raises to a height of five and one-half inches above the surface of the ground.

The vein of water was struck at a depth of 140 feet. Saturday evening a quarrel took place between Roy Cowdry, about twelve years old, and a boy named Epler, fourteen years old, during which Cowrdy threw a stone at Epler, which struck him behind the ear and knocked him senseless for some minutes. No arrest were made. Frank Robinson is in receipt of a fine photograph of his nephew, nard Vaughan, an electrical engineer on the U. S.

warship Iowa. His parents lived in Girard a number of years ago. Young Vaughan was engaged the bombardment of Matanzas, Moro Castle and San Juan, during the Spanish American war, and is now at Bremerton navalstation, Washington, on the Pacific cost, awaiting orders to go to Manila. Friday evening Alva N. Anderson, the eight year old son of Mr.

and Mrs. T. H. Anderson, was 80 unfortunate as to break his arm, He was standAng up in a little express wagon and his sister was hauling him around at the time, walking backwards, when she backed against a tree, stopping the wagon so short that Alva was precipitated to the ground. Both bones of his right arm were broken just above the wrist.

BIRTHS, DEATHS AND MARRIAGES From the Girard World. At Litchfield, June 26, to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Steele, son. At Pittsburg, June 30, to Mr.

and Mre. W. E. Seymore, a son. At Pittsburg, July 6, to Mr.

and Mrs. J. A. Gibson, a son. At Kirkwood, July 10, to Mr.

and Mrs. Lewis Standish, a son. At Pittsburg, July 3, to Mr. and Mrg Fred Pyles, a daughter. At Walnut, July 4, to Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Colburn, a daughter. In Crawford township, July Mr. and Mra. S.

L. Ward, a daughter. In Osage, township, July 4, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russell, twin sons.

MARRIAGES. At Columbus, Kansas, June 24, by Probate Judge Sapp, Ed Walters and Miss Lucy Green, of Pleasant Valley. June 28, by R. L. Ritchie, James P.

Jones, of Walnut, and Miss Stella Oneall, of Bourbon county, Kansas. July 2, by S. B. Newton, justice of the peace, A. H.

Hickman, of Bruce, and Emma Williams, of Parsons, Kansas, July 2, by C. M. Wolfe, James Holt and Miss May Platt, both of Osage township. July 6, by H. H.

Radley, probate judge, Claude Myers and Miss Flora L. Gibson, both of Pittsburg. July 5, by H. H. Radley, probate judge, Peter Moore and Mrs.

Elizabeth Bradley, both of Chicopee. July 4, by Rev. E. F. Houghton, Charles A.

Walker and Miss Sarah Montgomery, both of Pittsburg. July 10, by H. H. Radley, probate judge, Walter C. Keek and Sophrona Morrow, both of Asbury, Missouri.

June 26, by Dean John Bennett, Edwin E. St. John, of Kansas City, Kangas, and Miss Marguerite M. Roy, of Pitteburg. DEATHS.

At Frontenac, July 10, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Latebre. In Osage township, July 5, the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Richard Russell, aged 2 days. At Pittsburg, July 6, of cholera infantum, the infant son of Rev. and Mrs. Owen Umstead.

At Pittsburg, July 12, of blood poi- son, Mrs. Sarah Pierce, aged 51 years, 6 months and 11 days. At Pittsburg, July 11, of cholera infantum, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Alexander, aged 2 years.

In Girard, July 11, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert E. 1 year and 7 months, At St. Margaret's hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, July 7, of catarrh of the stomach, Martin Toomey, formerly of Pittsburg, agea 22 years.

In Lincoln township, July 5, of dropsy of the heart, George Stonerock, aged 80 years, 5 months and 25 days. At Strikesville. Colorado, July 5, Leonard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Capen, formerly of Litchfield, aged year and 3 months.

The family were preparing to move to Pittsburg when the death occurred. In Girard, June 29, from the effects of a rattle snake, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sweet, aged 1 year, 3 months and 17 days. District Court Cases.

The following cases have been docketed in district court since our last report: C. C. Aiken vs J. L. Garrison and Lottie Garrison.

Appeal, commission for selling real estate. L. D. Higgins V9 John Cookson, $25,000 damages. Alfred Moore et al, VS Western Coal and Mining Co.

$10,000 damages. Belknap Co. vs C. F. Roderick, Willis Harper and C.

L. Haun. Garnishment. Anna Reisinger VS N. Moniot Frances Moniot and J.

B. Isnard. Abstract of judgment. Murder at Lowell. Joplin News.

According to the story of Mose Locke, a Galena man, cold blooded murder was committed last night on the banks of Shoal creek, at Lowell. Abovt daylight this morning Locke arrived in Galena on foot. He was somewhat excited, and told the officers that his partner, John Terbin, had been killed by two negroes, and that he only eseaped by running through the timber in the darkness. According to Loche's story, he and Terbin had started from East Galena for Vinita, I. T.

They drove a team, starting in the cool of the evening. Upon arriving at Lowell they were stopped by two negroes, who picked a quarrel and evidently attempted to rob them. In the melee Turbin was shot twice by a 38 3 calibre revolver. One ball went through the upper part of his body, while the other shot entered one of his legs. Locke escaped from the assailants by running.

The Galena officers went to Lowell and found Terbin's body about fifty yards from the creek. The negroes had fled on the victim's horses. Sheriff Sparks was notified and he at once organized a posse to search for the negroes, but at last accounts they had not been captured. The body is still at Lowell and Squire Rouselle is holding an inquest this afternoon. Both Terbin and Locke are old residents of East Galena.

McCune Troubles. The McCune Democrat of this week says: We understand that the contract for drilling the prospect hole has been let to a party by the name of Miller, who lives at La Harpe, near Iola. We do not know the provisions of the contract but presume that our city officials have carried out thewishes of the people in making it. The proposition to issue bonds to the amount of $2.000 was voted on February 1st, this year. While the proposition said for water it was understood that the real object was to learn the thickness of the stratas of coal under the town.

We believe that at least 9 out of ten of all votes cast voted with that understanding. After the election the mayor called a public meeeing to ascertain the sentiments of the people. At the first meeting the people had not received sufficient information regarding core drill and an adjournment was taken for two weeks. At the second meeting a large number were present and free discussion was indulged in. At the close a vote was taken and the demand for none dull core drill carried by an mous vote.

The same sentiment prevailed at another meeting held since the city election, so that the wishes the people are well known to all and we presume that they will be strictly carried out. McCune Democrat: Mert Karnes, a nephew of Mrs. W. P. Wampsley, of this city was killed by the cars at Oswego last week.

He was an employe of the Oswego Milling Company, and was standing on the mill switch when the train backed up knocking him down and run over him. His right leg was cut off and his left leg and left arm were badly mangled. He died about one o'clock next morning and was buried near Montana. He leaves a mother, two sisters and two brothers. Since our last report the register of The board of county commissioners J.

deeds has placed the following real estate transfers on record, which are copied from the abstract books of A. R. Satterthwaite. All are warrantee deeds unless otherwise designated: Q. C.

Weaver and wife to Jas. W. Bateman, 22 feet off the west end of lot 1 and 22 feet off the west end of lot 2 except 10 feet off the south side of lot 2, all in block 18, Opolis, $125. Cherokee and Pittsburg Coal and Mining Co. to Andrew Pavey, beginning at the corner of sec 10, town 36, range 25, thence east on section line 295 aud 2-10th feet, south 295 and feet, east 295 and 2-10th feet, south 1024 and 8-10th feet, west 590 and 4-10th feet, to section line between sections 9 and 10, thence north along said section line 1320 feet to point of beginning, containing 16 acres, lying in qr of qr of sec 10, town 30, range 25, $640.

Daniel D. Berry and wife to Delphin Lafouge, quitclaim; the hf of ne qr of sec 16, town 29, range 22, containing 80 acres, $1. J. N. Mullen to C.

C. Hughes and Margaret L. Hughes, lot 2. block 8, Pittsburg Town second addition! to Pittsburg, $500 D. J.

Stower and wife to L. A. Demars, lot 19, Stower's sub-division of lots 9 and 10, of Albert S. Warren's sub-division of qr of qr of sec 19, town 30, range 25, $25. Samuel McClurkin and wife to C.

C. Hughes, commencing at the corner of qr of qr, thence north about 165 feet or the width of a five-acre tract to the place where said line crosses the west line of the right of way of the Memphis railroad, the actual place of beginning, thence continuing west on said line of the fiveacre track 396 feet to a point directly north of a certain well about 80 feet distant, thence directly south over and across the center or of said well, continuing this north and south line until it intersects the west line of right of way of said Memphis railroad, thence back to the place of actual beginning along said west line of right of way, all in sec 31, town 30, range 25, $600. Geo. W. Killam to Ida M.

Killam, lot 170, block 11. Pittsburg, and also 8 hf of lot 171, block 11, Pittsburg, $1. Cherokee and Pittsburg Coal and Mining Co. to Martin Ebner, lot 9, block 5, Chicopee, $30. Elizabeth Roitz and husband to Matt Klenorshek, lot 5, block 5, Chicopee, 8200.

Dominic Bartine and wife to Mathias Geaser, lots 20 and 21, Slope street, first addition to Alston, $23. Crawford county to J. D. Braley, tax deed; the ne qr, less railroad, of bf of sec 28, town 30, range 25, $34 81. Real Estate Transfers.

J. A. Carroll and wife to June Seccombe, lot 40, Joplin addition to Pitteburg, $525. Margaret Keller and husband to R. Decamps, lots 6, 7 and 8, Highland Place addition to Frontenac, $900.

Charles P. Dawson and wife to Lucretia Dawson, quitclaim; the hf of 8 qr of see 3, town 28, range 24, and qr of qr and hf of qr of qr of sec 10, town 28, range 24, 81. Elizabeth J. Kirchner and husband, Euphemia F. Jones and husband, and Lucinda A.

Elliott and husband to Lucretia Dawson, quitclaim; same description, $1 and love and affection. Lucretia Dawson to same, same description, $2,000. Lucretia Dawson, guardian of James Safrona Cornella and Fredrick I. Dawson, to Louis Martinson, guar-26, dian's deed, same description, $393. Louis Martinson and wife to Lucretia Dawson, lots 5 and 6, block 3, Kansas and Texas Coal Company's fourth addition to Pittsburg, $1,400.

To Preserve Railroad Ties. Edgemont, S. July are being made by the Burlington to build a plant in this city for the purpose of preserving their railroad ties for future use by "embaling" them with a preparation of zine. Assistant Superintendent G. W.

Rhoades hag returned from a visit to a plant of this sort on she Santa Fe road, where it has proved a successful operation. The plant to be constructed in this city will cost and will give employment to about seventy men. The company will also erect an electric light plant, which can be used by the city if so desired. The ties used by the Burlington company are cut in the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills, and Edgemont is the junction where the two roads meet. Some of the materials are already on hand, and work will commence immediately.

Thumb Badly Injured. B. F. Fry, foreman of the woodworkers at the Pittsburg Gulf shops, had the misfortune to saw one of his thumbs yesterday evening while cutting a piece of wood. The thumb was practically split open from the point nearly to the base, and it will require some time before he will be able to work.

Commissioners' Proceedings. met in regular session at Girard, Kan8a8, July 6, 1899, pursuant to adjournment at 8 o'clock a. m. All members present. The following bills were allowed: W.

H. McCleary. fees in lunacy of R. H. $3 50 Lunacy of Abigail Davidson: H.

H. probate judge 9 00 Wm. McCluskey, 3 50 Mrs. McCluskey, witness 3 50 Mr. Eggsberry, 3 50 Mrs.

Eggsbery, 3 50 John Scheffer, witness 3 50 Mrs. John Scheffer, 3 50 S. Calhoun, witness 3 50 Mary Dixon, witness 3 50 Jack Davison, 3 50 Jas. B. Gardner, juror 00 L.

P. Adamson, 2 00 C. H. Piper, 2 00 F. S.

Curtis, 2 00 F. B. Higgle, 2 00 W. P. York, 2 00 E.

T. Campbell, sheriff. 8 30 State vs. Paul Herbine: J. J.

Campbell, 8 20 John Landsdown, constable. 75 F. M. Ferrell, 4 25 State vs. Len Herbine: J.

J. Campbell, 40 John Landsdown, 3 65 The following reports of county officers were approved: H. H. Radley, probate judge. H.

H. Radley, supplementary report of T. W. Stutterd. S.

W. Baxter, county treasurer. B. S. Gaitskill, county attorney.

Frank O'Reilly clerk of the district court. F. Cunningham, county clerk. E. T.

Campbell, sheriff. Geo. Weisbrod, register of deeds. T. K.

Richey, county superintendent of public instruction. A. J. Bell, superintendent of county farm. Dr.

Williams, county physician for Pittsburg. The following bill was continued: T. K. Richey, stamps. 9 00 The county clerk was directed to advertise for bids on the superstructure of three bridges as follows: One 70 foot by 14 feet roadway truss bridge on base line across Lightning creek, between section 1, township 21, range 22, and section 36, township 30, range 22.

One 24 foot by 14 feet roadway truss bridge across Cow creek, between 30 and 19, township 28, range 24. One 45 foot bridge 14 feet roadway across Cleer creek, between sections 17 and 20, town 29, range 24. Said bids may be filed in the office. of the county clerk at any time before noon August 9, 1899, and must be accompanied with a forfeit of $50 to guarantee bids made. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Robert S. Reynolds and others presented a petition for the location of a road as follows: Beginning at southwest corner of section 2, township 28, range 24, thence north 2 miles between sections 2 and 3, township 28, range 24, and between sections 34 and 35, township 27, range 24, ending at the northwest corner of section 35, township 27, range 24, said road to follow the section lines as near as practicable." The above petition being regular in form and accompanied by a sufficien bond, the following were appointed viewers with instructions to meet at the south end of the proposed road at 10 o'clock a. m. on August 21, 1899: J. A.

Tewell, Chad Brown and A. J. Cory. W. L.

Baysinger and others presented a petition for the location of a road as follows: "Beginning at the southwest corner of section 18, township 28, range 25, thence north as near as practicable on section line to the southwest corner of section 6, township 28, range 26, thence west on section line to the southwest corner of 6, township 28, range section thence west on section line between sections 1 and 12, township 28, range 24 to west line of right of way of Missouri Pacific railway, thence north along the west side of said railroad right of way and as near to said right of way as practicable, and ending on section line on north side of section 6, township 28, range 25, Said road to be 40 feet wide." Said petition being accompanied by a sufficient bond and being in regular form the following viewers were appointed with instructions to meet at the south end of the proposed road at 10 o'clock a. m. on August 14, 1899: J. I. Taylor.

B. H. Mitchell and H. H. Karns.

The county treasurer was directed to advertise and sell all tracts of land and town lots of less value than ten dollars in the game manner as other real property upon which taxes are not paid. Board adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock a. m. on Saturday, July 8, 1899. The boaad of county commissioners met in regular session, pursuant to adjournament, July 5th, 1899, at 9 o'clock, a.

m. All members present. The following bills were allowed: Montee Frazier, mdse, for 8 4 10 Geo. N. Crawford, lumber 98 Lewis Elder, cash advanced for county 7 42 E.

T. Campbell, boarding prisoners. 266 80 R. Coonrod, mdse. for 23 00 J.

N. 8 00 J. H. Cushenborry, salary for fees health 10 00 E. T.

Campbell, masc, fees (claim 170 70 Jas. McMuarry, mdse. for poor 2 00 S. 10 00 Girard Furniture coffin for pauper 12 00 W. Peterson, mdse for poor (claim 820.20.) 19 78 Wm.

Sparks. mdse. for county 2 00 State vs Tony Benronis: Frank O' Reilly, district clerk 26 80 E. T. Campbell, 12 10 Geo.

McManaway, 17 85 she co E. H. Huffman, deputy 3 50 0. 0. Boudinot.

justice 6 27 E. H. Huffman. 7 00 Thomas Mackey, witness 7 Chas. Mitchell, 7 90 Jas.

E. Calvert, 5 70 Joseph 5 60 0. O. 4 20 Boudinot. Chas.

F. swaight, witness 6 00 John Morgan, 5 60 James Murphy. 6 00 William Davis, witness. 7 30 Jess Huffman, 3 10 D. C.

Flint, 16 00 F. M. Eastwood, for county 12 05 printina, Walter Falwell, teachers 12 00 Girard Gas Electric electric lights (claim 65 67 State Vs Benn Doss: W. Bond, constable 2 James A. Smith, justice.

1 35 State vs Steve Carmen; Frank O'Reilley, district 13 75 E. T. Campbell, district 7 30 G. C. Webb, 7 25 Ireland, constable 3 15 0.

0. Bondinot, 2600 Austin Harvey. witness. 5 50 G. C.

Webb, witness. 2 70 C. M. Berry, witness 2 70 Gus Hadicke, witness 2 70 State vs B. Blasor: 0.

0. Boudinot, justice 6 60 Geo. Lovell, special constable 15 Witnesses--Rush Pain, Wm. Stubblefeld, Myrtle Ryan, Katie Leslie 75 Jurors -L. Epperson, W.

D. Weaver, T. W. Allmon, B. L.

Abel, Al. Wians, E. Bivins 50 State vs Abigail Davidson: Frank o'Reilly, district 5 75 Geo McManaway, 21 80 W. B. Brayman, justice.

7 15 Mary Jones, 3 10 Susan Pinkerton, witness 3 10 John Grittes, 3 10 Susan Eggaly, 3 10 J. Waddelow, witness 3 10 Frank Galm, witness 3 10 John Shaffer, 3 10 Nellie Shaffer, 3 10 F. M. Ferrel, 75 George Walker 2 35 W. H.

McCluskey, witness 3 10 Maria McCluskey, 3 10 State Vs Irwin and Matthews; Frank O' Reilly, district clerk. 19 Allen Wheeler, 6 50 J. T. Campbell, 14 15 James Miller, 6 70 Robert Miller. 6 70 Robert Fowler, witness 6 50 John McClure.

6 20 Edward Kircher. witness 5 30 Thomas Fowler, witness 6 60 Percy Daniels. Jr. 1 90 E. E.

Toies. witness 4 30 B. J. Howard, 6 50 Crane mdse, for 19 85 Baker Hitch, mdse. for 1 00 W.

H. McIlrath, taking pauper to county poor farm (claim 450 Vincent Son, Meat for county farm 2 50 L. Kidder. mdse. for 2 10 Hall Lithogrbphing Co.

mdse, for county 18 70 Hull Dillion, meat for county 22 05 S. W. Baxter, cash advanced to 793 30 D. Ackin, juror 4 00 L. W.

Miller, juror 2 00 June E. T. Campbell fees insanity Wm. Brooks. 48 19 State v8 James Ebbs: 1 W.

3. Brayman, 7 65 F. M. Ferrel. 4 21 Nancy Parker 2 25 Adie Bailey, 2 25 Arthur Yalcum, witness 75 Ben Harris, witness 75 Jurors -C.

S. Jennis, Lyman Jones, Jas. Bragg, Frank Hull, Morris Lanyon, Jas. B. Nelson 50 State Vs.

Robert Gray: J. J. 4 20 John Landsdown. constable 10 00 State Vs. Bates and Cunningham; Frank Reilly, district 8 30 S.

D. Thompson, 8 50 J. H. Doub, 1 40 State vs. John Tuttle: P.

H. Rabbitt, district clerk. 1 10 Frank O'Reilly, 4 25 A. P. McGuire, witness.

2 55 F. Thorneff, 2 55 Harry Yeakle, 2 55 J. H. Devier, 2 95 C. E.

Whitney, 4 H. Jackson, 4 Richaed Plant. A. P. Gossage, 1 Smith, city marshal Hepier, witness.

1 State Vs. M. F. Balley: Frank O' Reilly, district clerk. 18 E.

T. Campbell, 13 Ebbs, witness. 6 Mary Belle Nickens, 3 W. E. Nickens, 3 Ella Tueler, 6 State vs.

William McCabe: James A. Smith, 1 E. W. Bond. constable State Vs.

Joe Mellough: J. J. Campbell, 2 E. T. Campbell, 5 State vs.

John Clevinger: Frank O'Reilly, district 6 E. T. Campbell, sheriff. 5 John Crites, 2 State vs. Francis McKean: James A., justice. 1 E. W. Bond, constable 4 State vs. John Jackson: Frank O'Reilly, district clerk.

8 E. T. Campbell. 20 W. B.

Crawford, 3 R. S. Everitt, bannisters for 2 G. H. Barker, screen wire Derry printing 1 State vs.

Peter Fralego: J. J. Campbell, justice. 2 E. T.

Campbell, sheriff. 3 W. F. Higgie Hdw. mdse for county 4 John Hensted, mdse.

for poor 13 State vs, T. Weisgerber: W. B. Brayman, justice. 3 E.

T. Campbell, 6 State vs. Thomas Barringer: James A. Smith, 9 E. Campbell.

11 E. W. Bond, constable. Jurors L. Koch, D.

G. McGimn, Frank 9 B. Higgie, A. S. Johnson, P.

B. Bricker, c. C. Wills, T. O.

Ross, H. B. Whitaker, P. H. Sales, Frank Parker and Elmer each 98 Witnesses--M.

C. Long. Ralph Selvey, 42 S. D. Thompson, F.

P. Garrison, Ed, 80 Doub, E. C. Clark, W. B.

Hall, J. K. 00 Brant, B. B. Sayers.

each 2 00 State vs. George Salfe: J. J. Campbell, 2 00 E. T.

Campbell, sheriff. 4 State vs. Eaton and Rosen: 70 Frank Bumerots, Justice 7 00 S. R. Skinner, constable.

8 Mrs. Jane Smith, 75 Mrs. R. witness William Miner, 75 Sarah Harris, 75 State Vs. Frank Daily: 0.

O. Boudinot, 5 05 F. M. Ferrell, 16 25 Justice. E.

Anderson, witness. 75 W. E. Dyer, 75 Harry McGrew, witness 75 State vs. Tony Baigia: J.

J. Campbell, 2 50 E. T. Campbell, 3 40 State vs. Kans: J.

J. Campbell, 3 00 David Galbraith, constable. 3 75 E. T. Campbell, lunacy of Eme 40 40 Inquest of Clarinda Hester: W.

B. Brayman, 7 15 John Landsdown, 3 30 C. A. Fisher, 3 90 J. M.

Barbour, 3 90 Ettie Davis, witness 1 00 David Mitchell, 1 90 W. C. Huston, 1 00 Perry Conrad, 1 00 Sherman Wheeler, 1 00 Sheridan Wheeler, 1 00 Bert Cahill, 1 00 Lunacy of James Noble: H. H. Radley, probate 8 70 Jurors -J.

B. Gardner, W. P. Swart, P. Markley, H.

B. Clark, A. E. Frazier and Robert 2 00 E. T.

Campbell, 5 00 Witnesses -Lottie Noble, Jake George, Fremont 1 5 The delinquent tax and the tax of 1898 on wt of wt of of lot 11, block 4, west addition to Girard, was canceled. The board examined the appearance docket in the office of the district clerk and found no reporter's fees due the state. Board adjourned to meet July 6th, 1899, at 8 o'clock a m. Probate Court. On July 6th, Lucretia Dawson, guardian of the estate of Jas.

A. Dawson and others made first annual settlement. On July 7th Mary M. Thomas, nee Chapman, administratrix of W. A.

Chapman, made final settlement. On July 8th Jesse Keed was appointee guardian of estate of Melvin, Sarah Clara Ida Pearl and Myrtle Reed, minor heir of Elizabeth Reed dec'd. On July 10th Halson Tollet, of Osage township, aged 29 years was adjudged insane, the supposed cause being epilepsy. The jurors were Dr. J.

B. Gardner, C. E. Nurrally, E. Curran, J.

P. Harmon, Barney Litmus and P. Markley. On the 11th George Goff, administrator with will annexed of the estate of Sarah J. Robbins, dec'd, made report of sale of real estate to.

G. A. Long, Rilla A. Farris, George B. Singleton and R.

V. Fulmer. On the 10th the application of Roese Roberts, of McCune, for a druggist's permit to sell liquors for medical, mechanical, and scientific purposes, was heard, Well's Woolley appearing for the applicants and A. J. Curran and O.

F. Lyngarfor those contesting. The judge took the matter under advisement until Wednesday, when he granted the permit. The New Reservoir. The new City reservoiris an improvement that the city can justly feel proud of and one which not many cities the size of Girard can boast of having.

It was a wise move for the council to make. While the new reservoir is a ver useful and much needed improvement, it is also quite pretty. With the supply of water in the res; ervoir and tank and the two pumps to handle a fresh supply when needed, the city will never be without water. The water from the well is first forced into the reservoir through a 6-inch pipe in the center of the same. The water is forced through this pipe and falls in a sheet into the reservoir, thus relieving the water to some extent of the mineral taster and smell.

After the water stands in the reservoir for some little while it absolutely looses all its mineral taste. It is then forced into the tank by the new pump recently purchased and from there into the muins. The old pump is only used for forcing the water into the reservoir, and the new one to force it into the tank. The new seservoir is 81 feet in diameter and 12 feet deep. It has at present 12 feet of water in it, having been pumped full last week, the pumping being finished Saturday morning.

The capacity of the reservoiris 424,554 gallons, and it can be pumped full in four days and four nights. The cost of the improvement was $1,800. It is now so arranged that when a heavy pressure is needed in the mains the power from the pumpean be turned. into the mains, thus making better facilities in case of fire. The entire reservoir will be fenced by a six feet high picket fence, furnished by H.

W. Strphla. When this is completed nothing can get to the reservoir and the water will be absolutely clean. -Girard Press. Pensions.

Rev. James H. Elliott, of Beulah, has been granted a pension of $6 a month. Malina P. Byrnds, of Midway, has been granted a pension of 88 a month.

Regmah Neal, of Pittsburg, has been granted a widow's pension of $8 a month..

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