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The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • Page 4

The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • Page 4

Coffeyville, Kansas
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THEY IRE GOOD Native Scents Prevely in Severe Aragrat. ADVANCE STRONGLY RESISTED New York, Oct. A dispatch to the New York Herald from Areyet, via Manila, says: Maccabees 11 o'clock Thursday morning met two companies of the insurgents strongly Intrenched four miles north of Arayat. The Maccabees Banked them and drove them out of the trenches, killing six and wounding many. One lieutenant and eight soldiers armed with rides were captured.

The Maccabees drove them three miles to San Rita, only one Maccabee being mortally wounded. Their Brat severe engagement the Maecabers carried off brilliantly. Gen. Lawton, early this morning, hoped to move his headquarters to San faldro, bus it will take all day for Lawton's entire command to crom the river Arayat. The military telegraph cut twice behind the army last night, but Lient M.

K. Cunningham, of com pany of the signal corps, with de tall of ten cavalrymen, gallantly paired it by Pilar 1. Personal Washington, Oct. --Gen. Otis has cabled the following account of Young's advance: Manila, Get.

2. -Gen. Young's adrance cuard Gen. column left Cabiao yesterday and entered San teddro at half past one o'clock. The American Jose Was one killed and three wounded.

The beaviest resistance met with waw at San Fernando, where the enemy destroyed a bridge. Gee. Pio del Pilar arrived from San Miguel and personally commanded the He and a bulk of the roe treated up the river. One Spaniard and 16 surrectionints were captured The of the enemy is not The towapeople appear to be friendly Want Another Conference Manila, Oct. Three insurgent ofSeers entered Angeles this morning and applied to Gen.

MacArthur for per mission for a Filipino commission, headed by a Filipino major general, to visit Gen. Otis, in order to discuss peace terms and to arrange for the de livery of more American prisoners, a well as to consider methods of release of the Spanish prisoners The request was referred to Gen. Otis rent officers are expected to return tomorrow to receive his answer. A DISAPPOINTED FOREIGNER. Relative of the Karl of Dover Claims Persuaded to Marry on Insane Vas American Girl Named Casting, San Francisco, Oct.

91. -Harold Courtesay, a near relative of the earl of Dover, arrived last night to prosecute a suit for damages, against Francis Cutting. the millionaire fruit packer. Courtenay claims that Cutting induced him to marry bis daughter, Mias Isabella, in 1897, knowing full well at the time that the girl was insane. Mra.

Courtenay became violently insane two days after the mar. riage while on a honeymoon trip to Italy on the steamer Holda. Ever since then she has been confined in an insane asylum. Courtenay says he has ample evidence that his wife was insane bethe wedding. He claims $50,000 damages.

Leave for Kansas San Francisco, Oct. -Gen. Shafter authorised the employment of the neecanary clerks to insure the preparation of the records of the Kansas regiment in time for muster-out October Col. Metealf announced that the regiment would leave San Francisco at eight d'elock on the evening of October 99. the train running in two sections The question as to whether the regiment will travel through Kansas in the day or night has not yet been determined.

The Teacher Must Answer for Robertsdale, Oct. 91. -Immediately after the funeral of Arthur Whitney, aged 14, yesterday, the father of the boy swore out warrant for the arrest of Prof. W. H.

Riechers, principal of the local school, on the charge of manslaughter, alleging his boy's death was the result of a whipping administered by the teacher September 93. Jester Held Wishes Paris, Oct. 91. -Alexander Jen ter, accused of the murder of Gilbert Gates, was held to the grand jury. Judge Moss announced that in view of the evidence brought out by the state he deemed it his daty to remand the prisoner to jail without ball to await the action of the grand jury, which will meet Monday at Paris.

Te Decrease Troy, N. Oct. 91. -The New York Presbyterian synod approved Bishop Potter's stand on the divorce question by the adoption of a resolution enjoining upon all its ministers absolutely to refuse to marry divorced persons except it in the innocent party under a divorce granted for reasons fully recogaired in the New Testiment. Another San Francisco, Oct.

31. The steamer Moana arrived to day from Australian porta via Samos and Honolulu. The correspondent of the Associated press Samos senda news of startling character. He serious troubles will occur unless the three governmenta agree to an adjustment of present govcramental affairs. Over Thirty Matties Simla, India, Oct.

meeting of the supreme connell of C. M. Rivas said that the famineSected areas comprised 100,000 miles British territory and 850,000 miles the territory of native states containing upward of due hour Ledere burned partly burned, but, the Linguished before he was dead, In which may clear received. of Chicago, Get. and to the thom of were the which National dangerously foundering yesterday'.

Lack of disrespect constitution and disloyalty to the of the charges made against No bitter did that it was only the Arm ruling President Barre that prevented rupture Western Chicago, Oct. 91. The Times today says: A revolution of the coke business of the country is promiand by made of a new system now in operation Chicago. For the Ant time soft coal mined west of the agivania coal Selde has been coked suesuccessfully. Heretofore all efforts hare produced a product far less value ble than the eastern, because the percentage of fixed carbons or beat giving qualities was much less Complete Around the Lincoln.

Oct. Arrange meats are completed for complete swing around the state by Col. Bryan. special train will be hired for the last ten days and an attempt made to cover every point in the state that can be reached by railroad. lle will wind up the campaign at Lincoln and Omaha with ex-Gor.

John P. Altgeld. The latter is booked for 11 speeches in the state. a Sleeted Clerk. Cedar Rapids, la, Oct.

21. -The synod of the Reformed church. bracing Illinois, lows, Kansas, New braska and Colorado, is in session today at Long Tree, la. Rev. Blosser, of Orangeville, IlL, was chosen president.

Rev. Boomershine, of Marquette, la, and Rev. Shurl, of Iola, were elected stated clerks, and Rev. Ruffna, of Nebraska, corresponding secretary, at Topeka, Oct. 21.

William H. Barnes, secretary of horticulture, in at work getting op a Kansas fruit display for the Paris exposition. lle returned yesterday from a trip through lin, Coffey. Allen, Montgomery, Cowley and Sedgwick counties shit says he barrels of apples of very Sine quality. The until apples of will he kept in cold storage time shipment.

tigentle steel Plant. Cleveland, Oct. 91. -Steel mills which will rival in aise the big Johnson plant at Loraine, 0., will soon be established at Fairport Harbor, a few miles cast of this elty. The cost said to be $5.000,000.

The name will be the Holly Steel company. Ope thousand acres of land has been cured, with a frontage of 4,500 feet on the river. Beepital for Columbia. Oct. a meeting here by the committee of the Parker Memorial hospital, to be erected on the campus of the Missouri university for the use of students, all matters were definitely settled and work on the building will begin at once.

The building alone will cont over 000. Chicago Will lte Chicago, Oct. 91. The committee permanent organization appointed by the anti-imperialist congress, met here yesterday and formed a national ization to be known as the American Anti-Imperialist league. Chicago selected as the headquarters of the league with an eastern office in Boston.

Meeting of Kansas Atchison, Oct. 41. -The Evangelical Lutheran synod of Kansas met here yesterday. Organization was effected by electing Rev. I.

C. Haithcos. D. of Abilene, president; Rev. John V.

Selbert. of secretary; Mr. J. K. Brewer, Abilene, treasurer; Rev.

J. B. MeAfee, Topeka, historian. Death Comes to Cel. Schneider.

Vienna, Oct. Col. Schneider, the former Austrain attache at Paris, whose name has been prominently connected with the alleged treason of former Capt. Dreyfus, and who, it la generally understood, fought a duel about Octo ber 13 with Capt. Caignet, of the French army, is dead.

To Katablish a Library for San Francisco, Oct. 31. committee of prominent citizens, headed by Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger including among ita members Gen. Shafter, Mayor Phelan and Mrs. Phoebe Ivarst, haw taken steps toward the establishment of library la Manila for the use of the United States soldiers.

dev. Manley Addressed Them. Emporia, Oct. 91. The annual state convention of the Young Women's Christian association opened yesterday evening in the First Presbyterian church.

Gov Stanley delivered the annual convention address. Postmaster Missing, New London, 1. Mo, Oct. -Postmaster Millard F. Cox, who was said to have been found by Inspector Moore to be 8430 short in his secounta, de parted last night for parts unknown.

Cornelius New York, Oct. Senator Chauncey M. Depew said to-day: Vanderbilt will to satisfactory to Cornelius Vanderbilt and the talk about a contest la nonsense. J. L.

SKINNER, Dray and Transfer. Special attention RIveR to the moving of Pianos any part, of the ety. with Latest Improved PIANO MOVER. LOCAL AND PERSONA from Tyro Saturday. Wm.

Montgomery spent day in Independence. Miss Flora Cubine has apcepted position as clerk in the Fair. Thorough graduate sure Inquire at 305 West Ninth street. Wm. Bills, the meat market man of Edna, was in the city Saturday, Col.

Sam Porter, of Caney, spent few hours in the city Friday evening. BORN- -Saturday morning, Oct. 21, to Mrs. J. J.

Smoley, daughter. Mrs. Talbot went to dence Saturday too look after some legal business, C. M. Keeler and J.

C. Stevens, of Ringo, 1. were in Coffeyville Friday evening. Miss Randolf left Friday evening for a visit with friends and tives in Nevada, Mo. Will McCoy and wife.

of Pettigrew, arrived Friday night to visit resatives in this city. Marriage license were issued Friday to Fred Bixler, age 25. and Katherine Kuder, age 18, both of this city. We ask the lady readers of this paper to calPup phone 154 and send any local news you may have and it will be duly appreciated. No millinery stock ever shown in Coffeyville has come up to that now carried by The Fair.

Prices only about half what others ask. The warm thing in beating stove is gas, we have the heaters and expect you will have plenty of gas, FERGUSON BROS. Dr. E. S.

Savage and Wm McCoy went to Independence Saturday to attend a meeting of the People's Party central committee. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Allin: and Miss Libbie McCoy returned Saturday morning from Ft. Smith where they attended the street fair.

Mrs. Sloan left Saturday for her home in Princeton, 111., after pleasant visit with her brother, Mr. McMeen, and other relatives in this city. A report was current on the streets today that Charlie Wilson, who is in the regular army at Manna, P. had been killed, but his folks have received no message to that effect and the report lacks confirmation.

OCTOBER SPECIAL. MESSE MILLINERY For Fall and Winter. LADIES CAPES, JACKETS, DRESS SKIRTS. UNDERWEAR For winter in men's boys', ladies', children and infants. RESIRE Now Dress and Skirt Silk Waist Patterns.

The Big Racket, full of Ca of the which everyone expected of them, it should be remembered that desire to see the- world, love for adventure and longing for military experience cut as much figure in their enlistment as a desire to defend the This gentleman thinks there can be no more love. for their country among the members of Co. G. or any man who offered his services when war was declared than there see the for adventure, or "a longing for military experience. Men are not very likely to offer their bodies as a mark for an ballets, because of "adventure, or see the world." There are a number of relatives living in this vicinity who are not prepared to believe that Capt.

Lieut. MeTaggart, Albert Anibal, Alva Dix, Orin Birlow and others gave up their lives, for the "love of or to "see the The editor of the S. and K. would not make a very large mark to shoot at, but his "love of or "see the was not strong enough when soldiers were wanted to even risk that small mark in an enemy's land. Perhaps it was patriotism" that kept him at home.

But the above clipping only a part of what he has to say, for in the same article be uses this language. "We have heard a great many people of all shades of belief express a feeling of intense weariness with the superflous huberance of bysterical claptrap about and "undying wonderful and our "great, great admiral." Proper appreciation of bravery, and heroism and skill are all right, but the manner in which the hero business is being worked to death is cheapening real merit to a grettable How do the relatives of these dead comrades relish such talk about the men who gave their lives in defense of our country and her flag? Prosperity Struck Him. A few years ago Mr. A. S.

Max- well came to Coffeyville and opened a small store, handling a few tions, tinware and dry goods. In fact his was about the smallest stock handled, by any firmi in the town, but the gentleman attended strictly tobusiness, kept increasing his stock, always giving his cus. tomers value received and by such methods has built up one of the largest stocks and best businesses there is in Coffeyville. While Mr. Maxwell has been watching his stock and looking after the interests of his customers, he has used the newspaper columns pretty well to let the people know he was in business and what kind of business he was conducting.

While many others have been complaining about "trade being dull' he has been enjoying a constantly increasing business. Last week beat all previous weeks, but this week's sales will discount last week. Mr. Maxwell occupies both floors of the building immediately south of the post office with his varied stock. but should have three times as much room in order to properly place his goods to advantage, and it is only a question of time when larger quarters must be secured.

An INDEPENDENT representative was shown through his establishment Friday evening and was most agreeably surprised the excellence of his stock and its magnitude. Resolutions of Respect. WHEREAS, It has pleased the Supreme Commander of the universe to remove from our midst our late comrade, A. 8. Lair, and WHEREAS, It is bat just that fitting recognition of his many virtues should be had, therefore be it, RESOLVED, by Coffeyville Post No 153 Dept.

of Kansas G. A. That, while we bow with humble I submission to the will of the Supreme Commander of us all, do not the less mourn for our com rade who has been taken from RESOLVED, That in the death Comrade Lair this Post laments the of a who was ready in of to serve his country uphold that that floats today by serving We hare Ta a NEW LINE of A Couches and 1 Bed Lounges! They are extremely handsome goods, covered in assorted velours, corduroys and Belgian velvets of beautiful designs. They are full size, spring edges. Prices range from $6.60 to $16.60.

We are also showing as fine a line of Carpets as any house dare show. They are New. Bright and Clean, with beautiful designs and colorings. When you have a floor to cover come and see and let us give you prices. We can save you money.

Our stock of Furniture is complete. We and Frame Repair Pictures Furni- The Coffeyville ture. furniture Furniture Co. 73. Three Doors west of Watt Exchanged.

Telephone Grocery, Davia'w 152 Regiment Ills. Vol. Inft. And this Post has lossed a true and faithful comrade and his; country true defender, The excellent stock of shoes and the low prices sold at, is bringing customers from other towns and surrounding territory, to buy from The Fair. Wm.

E. Edinger, age 22, and Anna B. Hicks, age 18, both of Lenapah, I. were married by Judge Ferrell at his office in Independence Friday. Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Talbot went to Junction City Friday night to bid goodbye to Mrs. Talbot's brother, who is a member of the Fortieth Kansas. D. Goyette is selling his entire stock of goods at cost.

He expects to leave here in about three weeks and until that time will sell thing in his store at cost. The funeral services of the late James J. Smoley will be held Sunday, October 22, at 2 o'clock p. from the family home, corner of Tenth and Spruce streets. J.

P. Shannon and family, of Parsons, are visiting with S. G. Estes and family of Liberty. Messrs.

Shannon and Estes were in Coffeyville Saturday and made this office a pleasant call. The underwear department at The Fair contains everything that is desirable, both in quality and price. Don't buy a piece of underwear until you have inspected the stock carried by The Fair. Expressman H. Jinks is located the fifth door west of the postoffice He is prepared to do all kinds of light transfering on short notice.

Give him a call when needing any work done in this line. Wanted -Several bright and honest persons to represent us ay managers in this and close by counties. Salary $900 a year and expenses, Straight, bona-fide, no more, 110 less salary. Position permanent. Our references, any bank in any town.

It is mainly office work, conducted at home. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. 2, Chicago.

Notice. All members of Elliott Council No. 166. Knights and Ladies of Security are requested to meet at the ball Sunday Oct. 22 at 12:30 to attend the funeral of our decrased brother J.

J. Smoley. F. E. Wooldridge.

Cor. Sec'y, The Reason Why our lies of 004 roan la constantly inla because Ann Steam COMPANY. Ragle The Doty Leading Real Estate, Insurance and Loan Agents of Coffeyville. $25,000 WORTH of Coffeyville property for sale cheap. Special attention given to Insurance, Loans and Real Estate in the Territory.

Office in Hall Building, over Truby's Jewelry Store. LOCAL MARKETS. Prices Prevailing In This City at 33:100 p. m. Todar.

Cattle, best Fo Veal. 1 Cattle, 3 Hogs, sticker Wheat, per bushel. to 00, No. per 101 20 Corn. per bushel Ilas.

loose or baled, per 4 Flour. per Brue. brr cwt pet it. per Cheese, per Insets potatoes, Narel potatoes Cabbage, per LIVE Turkeys, per Chickeos. pot iD ale, Chickens, per Docks.per lb GATOS Geese.

per 1b "Just because a newspaper man drifts about with a tough crowd and writes 'em protests Editor Adams in the Wes City Sentinel, "is no sign the writer is tough. We go a whole lot of places for news where we would not think of going as a matter of choice. Because we write up a wedding it is no sign that we are on the market. If we happen to be caught in a crowd of drunks it is no sign that we are full of Anheuser. If we are seen with a lot of hogs the inference is not to be drawn that we have bristles on our DALE, the -year-old son of Mr.

and Mrs. R. H. Howard, died Friday of congestion of the brain and its remains were burried in: Elmwood cemetery Saturday morning. Mrs.

Handy, of St. Louis, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. L. C. Kivett, of this city, whom she had not seen for twenty -seven years.

Mrs. Lillie Brown, of Nowata, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Burghart, northeast of this city.

Miss Nellie Carpenter went to Independence Saturday afternoon. Fine organ used 6 months. $37-50 if sold at once. T. H.

BAYES. A. No. 145 when you want nice fresh or delivery to part of the city. Fine Entry Organ for Sale at a bargain.

See Coffeyville Furniture ('o. quick, West Ninth street. BOARDERS WANTED--Inquire of No. 201 North Walnut one block north of postoffice. antes ABSTRACTS, LOANS AND REAL ESTATE.

have the only set of Abstract Burke Codeyville, it will pay you to see the before securing a Loan or ordering an Abstract. THOS. SCURR, Jr. MRS. A.

N. BROWN, tantructor of and A Coffey ville, Bryan. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM LOSS. I have one of the largest insurance Agen c.m in the state. None but first class com panics.

Fire, Lightning, Tornado, Accident arse Plate Glass. Policies correctly written. Leases paid promptly. THOS. SCURR, JR.


Can Uner, Tractor Lime First a specialty. Cab 100: 100 Leave.

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