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Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 3

Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 3

Junction City, Kansas
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-'T 7 -ft y-w -r fi i IP VOtt tta OttOfe It IsYoUR IF YOUN' TRY- tTS 'THE BECoND TtMK tT ta OtTRS- Rotjn frrmTTTT'R In High Grade Clothings Gents Furnishings Hats Caps ShoesTrunks Valises Telescopes and Bags We have been and are building for the future a We heao As we can and when we say a suit is worth $500 $1000 or $2000 we guarantee they are better than you can obtain elsewhere for the same money All Suits bought from us we will cheerfully press free of charge for one stock is now complete in all the New Up-To-Date Novelties We are always glad to see and please you at i ONLY FIVE DAYS to the close of our Lace Curtain Sale Have you made your selection? Don't forget that 20 PER CENT from off our LOW PRICES is a big saving for you Can't you take advantage of it? And Fur are just the thing this season! 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Trustee Harris Clerk Herman Kramer Treasurer James Edwards Justices A Tracy Jonston JEFFERSON TWF FOFUUST Trustee Ward Clerk Shaw Treasurer John Cameron Louis Enlert Constables- charlea Lnstoe BLAKELY TWF FOPl'LIST Trustee Cbas Clerk Julius Raesler Treasurer Louis Mass -J Sorrell Constable Bonner MILFORD TWF FOFULI8T Trustee Dalquist Clerk Tracy Treasurer Dan Tounkin SSNSSbi MILFORD DEMOCRAT Daniel Roether' Clerk Southwell Chambers McDonald McDonald Justices -j A waiters £2 JACKSON TWF POPULIST Ramsour John Poole A Barber Wm' Pool- Seth Berry A Standage Constable A Slick Thief A fellow went to the Mead House last Friday night and registered as Hattenhouaer Ottawa' I1L The house was full hut rather than to turn a stranger off late at night Ernest Mead gave np his room and bed to the stranger He was called for breakfast but did not come down and some time between nine o'clock and noon he got out of the house unobserved When he was missed it was discovered that he had been through Ernest's trunk and had appropriated underwear jewelry three vests and three pairs of pants He failed to call for a dirty -oid'over-coat which he had left hanging' in' the office He is described aa a rather tall pare man with dark bear'd and slim face fairly well dressed in a dark snit and black slouch hat A man tallying pretty well with this description waa arrested at Manhattan Monday charged with having stolen a grip and Ernest went down there Tuesday to see if it was hia man but they did not know he was coming and not having evidence sufficient to hold him had released the inspect Monday night On Wednesday Sheriff Ferrell was informed that the man was in Alma and in company with Mr Mead went down to investigate It proved to be the man they wanted and he waa still in possession of some of the stolen property He was brought here and landed in jail that evening He waa given a preliminary bearing on Thuze day and hound over to the district court He is adicted to the excessive use of morphine from the effects of which he has become a pitifnl physical wreck He Heard Davis Wilbur Vick of Lyon township made this office a plaaaant call while ha waa in town Monday afternoon He had the pleas ore of hearing Webster Davis and A Calderhead speak while he was over at attending the fair last week He aaya he thought they were all Pop over in coun ty but when he saw the 'thousand! of people torn ont to hear thoae speeches he was ready to change his mind' jtnd the speeches were as great as the crowd $5eo Reward For return of pop and no questions asked Stolen from Frank livery barn Saturday morning Sept 34 1898 Pointer Pnp male brown and white ticked marked white strip in face round brown apota down the back 5 months old answers to the name of Fritz Mbs Sxodobass 817-43 New Cambria Kas The Avery grocery' has a fine new delivery wagon The enrfew ordinance is now in effect Curfew rings at 9 Don't fail to hear Rev Grant at the Hauserman building tomorrow evening Remember the date Oct 21st Stanley and Calderhead will speak in Junction City The street cleaning force have been doing some good work on the streets this week Gov Stanley will be pleased to see yor at the Hauserman building next Friday evening That was a fine rain we had last Sunday night It will put wheat into winter quarters in good shape A McXamee has purchased the Uershey cottage corner of Third and Jackson streets and taken possession- A squad of troops from Fort Riley have gone to Fort Mead after cavalry horses for service at this post There are some nasty holes in the wooden sidewalk on south Washington street which should be repaired before some one is hnrt Every citizen of Milford township turn out to hear Mr Adder-head when he speaks at Milford next week Saturday evening Clark was awarded the contract for urnishing coal for theconnty by the board of county commlwloneri while in session last week- 'We were in error last week In the statement that Royall Ceas had purchased the Junction City steam laundry They nave only leased the plant A Johnson was last week awarded the contract for the construction of the two culverts on Humboldt and Clarks creeks by the board of county commissioners Invitations are ont announcing the approaching nuptials of Charles Wright and Miss Mamie Law reason to occur October ISth at the home of Mrs Lawrenson Mrs Josephine Blakely now of Lawrence visited during the week with Mra Geo Martin lira Blakely was a pioneer at unctiop Kansas City Gazette The board ofeounty commissioners last week apportioned 9375 to the various township funds as follows Jefferson 8100 Wingfield 8100 Liberty 875 Jackson 850 Blakely 850 Ton will have an opportunity to aee and hear your next governor and congressman at the Hauserman bnildlngi in this city one week from tonight forget the date or fail to le there White will leave for Weatherford Okla Monday to manage the business of the White Lumber Co at that place Junction City will miss Mr White both in business and social circles Hon Rairden of this city ia lending his eloquence to the Republicans of Morris county this week He was billed for Harveyville Wednesday Keene yesterday evening and Alta Vista this evening Thomas and Patsy Ashby tbe former known in these parts as "Blaek Diamond" who were sent to the penitentiary for ten years for robbing an old man in lish city of forty dollars have been pardoned by Got Leedy Col Amsbnry visited Psrlcerville last week and said he couldn't help Shedding tears when he shook hands with Brad Sharp of that town- Brad is the only pebble left on the beach of those days of yore when Parkerville was the Dawson City on the line of the Katy between Parsons and Junction Dwight News We go to press too 1 early to give an extended account of the opening of the new opera house last evening and the presentation of "A Milk White It waa a great event well patronised and in showing their appreciation of having the beat and prettiest little play house in the country our people were furnished an entertainment not soon to he forgotten na to account for the heavy Pop vote in Geary eounty While in Junction City not long ago we saw prominently dis- Not until recently have we been able nwt long ago we saw prominently displayed from a building on a aide street a sign which read "Pop We nave asked no more questions but now feel that we have the correct solution to the problem Riley Regent It la not Pop votes 'that are manufactured there Brother Miller Only their political thunder- gas A- Trip Through China Town The following ia an extract from a letter from A Chase Co 20th Kansas dated September 30 1S93: "Last night just after supper a guide from Chinatown came out to camp and got np a crowd and we went through China town It ia the most' interesting place I have seen since I have been here and I would not have miss 3d seeing it for- anything Will Tozier and I with three or four others from our company went and altogether we had fifteen men without the guide Our guide is a white man' and ia licensed We got well ino China town and struck for a joss house or place of worship We had a hard time getting In' for they do not let any foreigners in there at aU It ia fine and I had no idea it would be so grand The carvings are magnificent Their idols and images are made out of the finest material Our guide told us all about what the different idols and images meant We were Watched very closely all the time After We got out of there we went through 'some of the narrowest little streets and so dirty and bad smelling The Chinese were thick I tell you and our guide said that in these narrow streets is where so many crimes 1 are committed and I believe it for it Is an nwful place and just such a place as' a man would pick out for such deeds On all aides were little dark1 narrow passage ways and I tell yon the odor was terrible From there we went into an opium -dan and weiav' them' fill and 'smoke their pipes The smoke from opiun has a disagreeable odor and seems to stay on your clothes a long time They were all lying on a mat or bed and they were smoking and sleeping all tbe time Lota of them smoke 81-50 worth of opinm a day so the guide said and all smoke as long as their money holds out They are all beggars and it waa hard to get out of the den without giving them something We went Into a Chinese jewelry stare and saw them make rings and carve ont different things I tell yon they are jewelers for yon They do alt tficir work by hand r-We went down a little farther and eame to a Chinese theatre We started np to go in and they drove us hack We went around to a side door and by each of na throwing in some money we finally got inside My! but they were packed in there and the play waa the funniest thing The curtain never went down at all and all they would do' Would be to come out and make a lot of gestures and yell as 'hard as they eopld and then the -orchestra (I 'guess that is what they call it) would start np and the noise waa terribfp: I- do not know what they had hut sounded like a lot of tin pans eing pounded and there waa hot a bit mofe miulc j'to1 it wo had seen all we wanted of that-we went down still farther and went underground It was just awful in there We went through two passage ways about 80 feet long and in those two passages lived 400 Chinese and lota of them were smoking opinm-and I tell yon I wee glad to get out The Chinamen did not seem to like our being in there at all bat they did not molest ns in any way I would not go where we did -without a guide or a good crowd for anything on earth We were getting very tired so we started hack and saw a Chinese leper on the way We went into a house where a little -fellow three years old painted for a llvlng for himself and his mother ne was a dandy for such a little fellow We went into a restaurant on our way back and saw the Chinese eat with their chop sticks- When we got home it waa morning but I would not have missed seeing China town while I was here We know anything more about going away The papers still say we will go but the boys do not seem to think we will Republican Meeting Hon Stanley the next governor of Kansas and Hon' A Calder-head the next congressman from the Fifth district will speak' in Junction Qty Friday evening Oet 31st at o'clock in the large lower room of the Hauserman building This will probably he the only opportunity for hearing these eminent speakers during this campaign Come out everybody Ladies especially Invited Via Union Pacific Ry Popular low rate excursion to Oma-a Thursday Oet 30th daylight ride train no change Three full lursday Oet 30th daylight ride spMial days in Omaha' See hand bills for time and rates or call on CL Wbiobt Agt COMMERCIAL cigar ia too swift for iter competitors Try it PURELY PERSONAL frank O'Reilly went to Omaha Tuesday Father Hurley went to Chapman Monday A- Morganfield arrived from California Tuesday Mrs Bingham visited in Abilene this week George Palmer went down to Manhattan Tuesday Attorney Rairdon attended oourt in Abilene Monday -Ed Miller waa in St Marys' and Topeka this week Mias Dora Gartner of Abilene is via-I ting in the city John Gleason made a business trip to Wain ego Monday Mrs Thos Sweeny has returned from her visit in Salina Richard White returned from England Tuesday night Miss Hattie Haney went down to MePherson Monday Mias Leoti Davis returned from Manhattan Tuesday 'Mra Olson returned from Kansas City Sunday night Stout returned Monday night from hia Colorado trip Miss Mae Brown returned from Kan-sak City Sunday evening Mrs Callen ia visiting the Omaha exposition this week Pof Kiernan and son returned from Kansas City Monday night fit Evens of Topeka' 'came in Sunday for a visit wlih Fox Mr and Meyer of Dickinson count were in the city Saturday Cbas Cbase and wife started Tuesday for the Omaha exposition -Mrs Fogarty enjoyed a visit from herbrother Father Lee this week Miss Minnie Anderson went to Manhattan yesterday to attend college Capt A CL Pierce and wife- are among the Omaha visitors this Week A Clough after nearly a visit here starts for hia Utah home today Dr Wibking and bride returned from their wedding tonr the last of last week Misses Maggie and Johanna Frey are visitors to the Omaha exposition this week Dorbon Bros went to Kansas City this week to- pnrehase their holiday goods A Kerr went to Topeka Tuesday As adelegate 'to the 6 Grand Lodge rMiss Rom Syner who has been Visiting at Evansville Ind returned Wedr nesday Chaa Blattner and' Peter Volz returned from their Denver trip Satnr day night Mrs Hayes is entertaining her aiater Mrs Gillette of Osborne Mrs Kennedy has for her guest her daughter Mrs Chambera of Philadelphia -H Behrend went to Topeka Monday to attend the Grand Lodge as a delegate A Coleman proprietor of the Rialto barber shop came in from Chicago Saturday night Private McCormack battery A 2nd artillery' came in Sunday and is (top-pingyith Mr Caster Mra Frank Fax returned from Kan aas City Sunday night accompanied by her sister Mra Conley Henry Lancaster escaped from the crowd at tbe Kanaae City carnival "3 returned Monday night Mra Sergt Reed and Mrs Sergt Wydell left for Fort Adams Ky Monday to join their husbands EL Hammond waa called to City 8unday to see his brother Albert who is In the hoepital there Mra John Dalton and Mra Kirby attended the Board of Foreign Missions meeting at Topeka last week Mrs A Kerr and Mrs Jas Jones went to Topeka this week aa Rebekah delegates to the Grand Lodge Ol Gapt A CL Pierce of Junction City was in town Saturday The captain la one of Kansas' best citizens Dwight News 8heriff Ferrell went np to Wamego last week in pnrsuit of two runaway hoys He returned with them Saturday night Mrs Lawrence received the ad Intelligence Monday morning of the death of her brother at Burlington and left nt once for that city Mias Nsllle Dever accompanied her Mr and Mrs John Gartner of Herington eame np yesterday to be at the opening of the opera house Elon dark and family came in from McPherson Wednesday to make their home with hla parents Wayne Dodge has gone to Junction City to takes position' in the Western Union telegraph office Salina Sun Humphrey Dr Greeno Thos Dever and McClnre were up to Concordia this week attending appellate court Mra Frank Burnham and son of Junction City are the guests of her sister Mrs Foley Chapman Standard Mrs Streeter has a guest for a couple of weeks her daughter Mrs Walling who arrived from Denver Sunday Mra Judge Muster of Salina who was in the city last week visiting' her sister Mrs Wright returned home Sunday Mrs Ed Hammond returned Sunday from Kansas City where she had been visiting relatives and friends for a couple ot weeks John Bay lisa and wife who have been toying to live in California the last year returned Monday satisfied there ia no place like Kansas for a home Campbell the Junction City auctioneer was in the city yesterday and was a pleasant caller at this office Mr Campbell has had considerable experience in the newspaper business White Gity Register Messrs Ben McClellan Elisha ally accompanied by Misses Bonnie McClellan and Kate Tully were the guests of Misa Rose Swain cm Music Run last Sunday They drove over from Riley comity Dwight Xewa Mrs Phillip Hoppen of Junction City- who has been stopping with the Dieter family since returning from i Omaha a few days ago returned to her home Monday Mrs Hoppen ia an annt of Mrs Dieter Clay Center Times Milford Meeting Hon A CslAerhead candidate for congressman from this district will address the people of Milford and vicinity at Milford Satnrday evening' Oct 22nd at 8 It is hoped that the citizens of this part of Geary county will give him a rousing reception Torn ont and -hear him everybody -Advertised Letter List Th tollovlnf Is tbs list of letters sdvertlmd st Jmnetfoa City Oct 1SSS: LAMBS LIST Benton Vim Lears Dana Sira Johanna Fltzglbbon'Sfrs Lena Harvey 3a Johnson Xral Sarah NTS'-- USX Jackson Mr Glsnwood Hoff man Hr Ed SukettrH'1 Schllfer Lonlfl In calling for the shove plesee say r' Xacxhy Jn -THE ALTAR Cbas' Fanaler and Emily Ervin were married in -this city last Sunday by Probate Judge Zieglaach Rev Dwight Platt of Smith Center and Emily Santord of Milford were licensed to wed by tire Probate Judge this' 'week The happy event was to occur on Wednesday Oet 13th On Friday Oct 7th at his office in this city Probate Judge Zieglasch united in wedlock Private Richard Bush 1st Gavajry and Elizabeth Saler of Ogden Mr John Cormaek and Mrs Olive Browne were married st the residence of the cousin Mr Oliver Good in Kansas (Sty Monday October 10th Rev A- McFarland officiating The contracting pcrticc arc well and favorably known in this city the bride being a daughter of Mr Bradford and the groom who formerly resided here is a son of Cormaek They will make their home in Kansas City where Mr Cormaek ia engaged in business Their Junction City friends extend hearty to them THE CRADLE Born to CL Palmer and wife Oet 12 1898 a daughter THE GRAVE Mr and Mrs Joe Hammond have the Sympathy of the community In the lose of a bright jewel from their household' Their baby daughter Gladys Elizabeth aged 4 months and 31 days died Satnrday afternoon Oct 8 1898 Funeral services were held at the residence on Second and Franklin streets Sunday afternoon at 9:30 conducted by Rev Fox Hear Grant tomorrow night Stanley and Calderhead next' Friday night If You Want LETTERHEADS BILLHEADS STATET1ENTS ENVELOPES DO DOERS SALE BILLS BLANK NOTES BLANKS all kind Or any other kind of Job Printing Call np 17 Union Pacific Time Card EAST BOUND Ni 2 Hftlly ft 4 i) A II Ally WEST BOUND Nft 1 Dftllj a a aa NO 3 ItftiljT aa aaaaaaaaaa a a NO 5 DjtiljT aaaa aa aaaaaa aaaaaa Ft Kearney NOBTII BOUND No Daily Kirpit Sunday No Daily £xnit Sunday A 4 a 9:90 a lv on in 2:10 4:90 a No 10 Pawiifffr north No I Paaarnirrr aouth leave No 97 local freight uth No local freight north 0:30 saw a Taw a Opic cynllirmi ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR Official Glty Paper "Pawn Ticket 310 at the opera house aext Monday night Casten has a pretty front on hla new business building The Paiges at the opera house all next week Popular prices The new opera house sign is made up of one hundred incandescent lights The Royal Neighbors held a dime social at Hauserman's hall Wednesday evening Ladies admitted free to the play Ticket at the opera house Monday night Fred Green and Bnel Hartshorn entered two dogs in the coursing meet at Enterprise this week The Bialto restaurant has a new Majestic range in its kitchen The Bialto is doing a great business Hon Roark is on the program for a speech at the Milford barbecue today It is sure to be a good one The Paiges will occupy the hoards at the opera house all next week Popular prices 10 SO and 30 cents Dr and Mrs Wibking were serenaded by a crowd of boys Tuesday The doctor after which quiet reigned The large room on the lower floor of the Hauserman building is being fitted and handsomely decorated for the Republican meetings II Grentner has purchased the Stearns property on Fifth street between Adams and Madison and will lemodel the whole place with the iew of making a comfortable and pretty home Will Thompson while putting away one of the street sprinkler teams at A Mackey's livery barn Wednesday evening was jammed against a poet by one of the horses in sneh a manner as to break his collar bone The barbecue which was to hai taken place last Saturday in Geo grove at Milford was postponed on account of the bad weather It 1s being enjoyed today however and we preanme it ia the greatest event in the history of Milford township The band boys have had to vacate the room they have been occupying in the city building hut the city council has ordered an appropriation to assist them in paying rent for another Their new quarters have not jet been selected Mrs Will Karts probably saved her home and its eon tents last Saturday by picking np her gasolene stove while enveloped in a blase and throwing it out on the ground It was a brave deed and fortunately the lady escaped with a few slight burns In looking over the program of the thirty-fifth annual synod of the Presbyterian ehureh for Kansas now In session at Hutchinson we find Junction City represented by Rev A Harshaw Dt who ia down for an address Hie subject is "Description of ssembly place proceedings and EVERYTHING IN OUR STOCK AT BOTTOM PRICES ROCKWELL MERCHANDISE i i Good Not Good Enough i We are not satisfied with conducting a good Grocery Store The best only satisfies us The best quality of goods at the best prices best for our customers That pleases you That pays us GRAIN CO Palate Selling Good Groceries Builds up business It has always been our belief that the best way to build up and maintain a good business is to keep the prices high and the prices reasonable and thereby make many sales to satisfied customers Tickle Yoor And your economical bump the same time with our goods and prices not necessary to try us more than once We will please you GEO I LI AN Grocer Telephone No 91 mtm.

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