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Western Enterprise from Parsons, Kansas • Page 1

Western Enterprise from Parsons, Kansas • Page 1

Parsons, Kansas
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1 A VOL. 1. PARSONS, KANSAS, DECEMBER, 1872. N0.s4. scream and yelled to us to run for KANSAS.

From the Galaxy for THE TWINS. 2: if TERMS One Cop ne year Six Copies, 5.00 RATE3 OF ADVERTISING, (In Nonpareil type.) Line 1 Insertion 2 0.90 3 1.25 4 1.55 5 1.80 6 2.00 Liberal Discount to yearly advertiaers. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. bags flapping in the air, while his coat-tails made a straight line behind. If his horse flagged any, the mule started him up with a vigorous bite on the rump that seemed to infuse new vigor into that medicated animal.

We passed my rival sitting on the roadside nursing his off leg as if it hurt. He never came back, acknowledging his defeat in the most gentlemanly manner. Tle doctor soon put Araminta's little brother in a perpendicular position, and that night at the bedside of the little sufferer, keeping well to the front, I proposed, was. accepted, and the happy day was fixed. I rode into Araminta's affections on a mule.

ii i KANSAS. GARNETT. GARXETT HOUSE, Oarnctt, Kannas. Thomas Rayles, 1'roprietor. Omnibus to and from all trains.


Charles Apitz, Proprietor. Accommodations equal to any other house in the city. Staged leave daily for all parts of the State. Bus to and from all trains. LA WREXCE.

FOR SALE. An improved farm ten miles from Lawrence, uie mile from Railroad Station, containing 640 acres of the finest land in the State. Well watered; plenty of timber and No. 1 Stone. About 500 acres under cultivation; well ienced.

Four tenement houses. Corn Cribs to hold 4,000 bushels five pood wells, living spring nearly all. bottom land. Addret MRS. M.

M. DENMAX, Lawrence, Kansas, GEORGE WELLS, PRACTICAL ARCHITECT. Plans and Specifications furnished on fhort notice. Public Buildings a specialty. Southeast corner Massachusetts and Henry streets, up stairs.

HARRIS, ABRAM5 Sole General cents Kansas Pacific Railway Lands. 6,000,000 acres for sale, on long time, at from $2.00 to $6.00 per acre. Land Department. JO. HASKELL, Architect.

Will furnish Plans and Specifications for Dwellings, Churches, School Honscs, Public Buildings, etc. LAWRENCE SAVINGS BANK, No. 52, Massachusetts street, General Banking arid Savings Institution. Collections made on all points in Kansas and Missouri, and remitted for on day of payment. AND OFFICE OF D.

S. GIBBS, I 9S Bfassaehusetts-street, up-stairs, does a General Land Agency Business; buys and sells Lands on commission, ana airect. For Sale, 10,000 acres selected Lands, on line or railroad, on time ten an nual payments. Improved Farms and unimproved lands in nearly every county. Selections made for Soldiers, if desired.

Charges moderate. MORRIS CRANDALL, WHOLESALE DRUG GISTS, Manufacture Fer ro-nhosrh orated Mixer flail an vn Hark nntl Trnn Fin Pharmaceutical El ixers, Extract Jamaica Ginger, Flu id jxiract, xc. "VTTMAN POTWIN, MERCHANT TAILORS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Clothing and Gents Furnishing Goods, No. 67 Massachusetts street. U.

L. OTTMAIf, HARBY POTWIH. QIMPSON'S BANK, eorner Massachusetts and Henry streets, icsiaousnea in allowed on time deposits. STATE BANK. Transacts a general banking business.

Collections promptly made. Bonds and Securities negotiated. Accounts of Banks solic ited. Reference, National Park Bank, New York. S.

W. Johnston, Pres't. R. G. Jamison, Cashier, XEW CHICAGO.



D. Office, Atchison and Wheat's. 00K SNOWDOWX, Wholesale and Retail Gro- Vy cers; Cones and Teas, Fine Old Bourbon niskies, ines, Ac Depot; cattt or tne umce CITY TOBACCO STORE. Fine Imported Havana Cigars, Best brand of chewing and smoking tobacco. Deals exclusively In tonacco.

unoiesaie and retail. Call at the Big Pipe Store, kept by B. Melsee, opposite postofllce. C. WARD, ATTORNEY, Parsons, Kansas.

T7HRST NATIONAL BANK. JL1 A. D. Jatnes, Pres't, Axgell'Matthkwsos, Cashier. Authorized Capital, f3J0.000.O0.

Capital Paidun. $50,000.00. Collections made on all points in Kansas and Missouri and remitted for on day of payment. GABRIEL Jc KENNEDY, Physicians and Sunreons. Office in Smith's Drug Store, No.

4 Johnson. GO TO HAYES PIERSOX for Bcoks, Periodicals, Stationery, Toys and Holiday Goods Crockery and Queensware, Tobacco and Fine Cigars. Post Office building. ARRY LEE GOSLING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Parsons, Kansas. the doctor.

We both took in the situation at a glance the man that got the doctor first would get Araminta for life. My rival went over the fence like a deer and seized the only horse in the stable. He bridled and saddled the animal in double quick time, while I found nothing left but a mule. I seized a blind bridle, and running at the animal, felt something whiz over my head that I am satisfied was a pair of heels. They narrowly missed my skull, but carried away my JNo thing daunted, I seized the crea ture by the ear, put on the bridle, and, unfastening the chain by which he was haltered, led him from the stable.

He went out willingly, so much so indeed that I had some difficulty in keeping up, and had not the creature stopped on the outside to give vent to his feelings in a prolonged bray, I could not have mounted. As it was, before he got done with his musical enter tainment I was on his back. The beast seemed somewhat as tonished at this performance, and stood turning it over in his mind for a minute, while I dug my heels vigorously into his sides. He seemed suddenly to come to the conclusion that a change of administration would be an excellent thing, and to this end began going up and down like a saw gate. I really thought I'd be split two, and would pro bably have been pitched over, but that in the midst of this pleasing exercise, Muly caught sight of the horse disappearing at a hard gallop in the distance.

He seemed ani mated by the laudable ambition of overtaking that horse, and started so suddenly he came very near leav ing me behind. I worked my way forward until I could get hold of the halter chain, and pulling this rig ging taut, got a pretty secure hold. How the beast did run He not only gained on the horse to such an extent that Araminta might have offered two to one and no takers. but exhibited his superabundance of bottom by throwing, in, at inter vals, the liveliest kicks that ever emanated from a mule. About a mile out we closed in on the cob, and as we passed Muley favored him with a salute that was most infernally foul; for, planting his two heels upon the off-quarter of the honest Bucephalus, I heard a yell, and glancing around saw my rival and horse go down in the most pro miscuous manner, My steed of the desert kept straight on.

We had a ride of eight miles before us, and I felt satisfied that in that distance, at the rate we were traveling, Mu ley would have a good deal of the devil taken out of him. I became aware of another fact, and that was that my best pants were giving way. About five miles we struck a wa ter-melon patch and went straight through. I could hear the melons bursting under me like bombs; and when we emerged from the further side specimens of this fruit were strung to the mule's legs like beads. A mile beyond this I saw our ex cellent minister of the gospel wending his solemn, way across the prairies with a wagon full of infant Jacobs, and I saw also that unless he whipped his horse Old, Hundred to a most extraordinary run, we would be into him instanter.

1 pulled hard on the near rein with one hand, while I steadied- myself with the other, but with no more effect than if I had taken a pull on Pike's Peak. We struck the Parson's family about midships and went through. never saw infant Christianity so scattered as on that occasion. I left the parson gathering up his family, and continued until I struck the doctor's fence, anoV went flying into his front door with the bull dog close at my tattered rear. I knocked over the cradle and upset the supper table.

The doctor came to my rescue with a kick in the ribs of his dog that sent him with a howl and a mouthful of panta loons into the yard. I then told the doctor with one breath all I had left thaf Arammta's little devil of a brother was dying of too TARSOSS. MARY CXINTOXOysters, Confectionery, Fruits, Nuts and Fresh Cider. Meals at all hours. Depot south side of Forest Avenue, under Hews Opera Hall.

4 CI H. MASTERSOX, Contractor and Builder, is O. prepared to do any kind of brick or frame work. Cisterns, Fines and Cellars done in the beet style and at low prices. 4 MATTHIAS STODLER, Blacksmith and Wheelwright.

Repairing of all kinds done at low rates. Horse-shoeing done according to the natural formation of the foot. 4 JOnN J. HALL, Blacksmith and Wheelwright. Repairing and all kinds of Job Work neatly and satisfactorily done.

Special attention given to Horse-shoeing. 4 DR. C. ROCKIIOLD, Physician and Surgeon. Office on Forest avenue, In rear of E3TPKi3n office, upstairs.

4 AMES COSTELLO. House Painter, Grainer and Paper Hancer. Office at Wm. Lfitcrs carpenter hop. All orders Will receive prompt attention.

ELLIS McCAULEY, Cigars and Tobacco. Best brands of chewing smoking. Fine Havana's. L. COULTER, Attorney at Law, Parsons, Kansas.

Office No. 4 East Forest Avenue, up stairs. 4 HETT APPEY, Star Meat Market, Riggs svenue. All kinds of Meats and Sausage at lowest prices. Meat always fresh and sweet.

4 PETER SCHOXS, Merchant Tailor, has-th finest line of Cassimercs, Meltons and Broadcloths for gents suits in the West, and will guarantee his patrons perfect fits and latest Fashions. Call and examine his st ock. 4 O-A-iyVTITSPS NURSERY PARSOXS, KAXSAS The proprietor would respectfully announce to the citizens of Labette and adjoining csnnties that Is prepared to furnish a general assortment of stock, consisting of SMALL FRUITS, Shrubbery and Flowers. Which he will sell at reasonable rates. His stock is not composed of trees shipped from the East, but were grown in this climate.

Those wishing to set out an orchard or decorate their yards and gardens would do well to call and examine his stock and prices R. A. CALTI, Pi-opY. OTTAWA. i r.o.VHlmkx; land agent.

V. and Publisher of Kansas Guide and Hamblin's Map of Kansas. The Guide sent free to anv address. Rirdsov vio-tva ntrmo tf a fcj va i va i (the largest town of its age in Kansis,) sent postpaid "jr un receipt 01 to cents. UDIXOTOX HOUSE.

la W. E. SMTTH, Proprietor. Trains stop for jtuiivi. iiiiBiiuu 1 nna-ciae, wun a reputation iHI0 HOUSE.

Walnut-street, near thn Ttnnt Jr "ARRIXGTON BUSH WELL, BE SOCIAL, AT HOME. Let parents talk much and talk well at home. A father who is habitually silent in bis own house may be in many respects a wise man; but he is not wise in his silence. We sometimes see pa- ients, who arc the life of every company which they enter, dull, silent, uninteresting at home among the children. If they have not mental activity and menal stores sufficient for both, let them first provide for their own household.

Ireland exports beef and wheat, and lives on potatoes; and they fare as poorly who reserve their social charms for companions abroad, and keep their dull ness for home consumption. It is better to instruct children and make them happy at home than it is to charm strangers or amuse friends. A silent house is a dull place for young people a place from which they escape if they can. Thev will talk or think of being 4tshut up" there; and the youth who does not love home is in danger. optrte oj Kansas.

Bachelor at breakfast. "Dear me, Susan, that's a very small egg." Su san. sir, it is but it was only laid this morning, sir. A queer old gentleman hoving been asked what he wished for dinner, re "An appetite, good company, something to eat, and a napkin. Muffins.

We know very little of muffins previous to" Johnson's time. They are supposed to have' been invented by a Scotch' physician, who was attached to the suit of a German count who eame over with George He gave the receipt for nothing to a baker, on condition of his providing bim the address of all his customers. The bargain was faithfully carried out. -The baker died extremely rich, and the phy- sician also. i BT T.

BCCHA5X AIT BXAU. From a beautiful lake in the mountains Two rivulets came down, With a rustle and flutter like ribbons of blue By delicate breezes blown. O'er beds of golden luster In the shadow of rock and tree, They sang the same tunes with their silvery tongue And clapped their handa with glec. O'er rocks with niosses mantled I They eddied and whirled like a waltzing pair, Till hand in hand with laughter asd leap They mingle their mysty hair. O'er the hedges, Singing the self-same tur.e, They paw from April to breezy May Towards the fields of June.

They whirled and danced and dallied, And through the meadow slid, Till under the same thick grass aud flowers Their future course was hid. I saw two beautiful children, Of one fair mother born, Like two young clouds of golden hue The same blue in their eyes. Singing the same song ever In the self-same silvery tune, They passed from April into May Towards the fields of June. They whirled and danced ancl dallied The beautiful vales amid, Till under the same thick leaves and flowers Their future course was hid. MULE RIDING- FOR A GIRL.

Did you ever ride a mule I don't mean a civilized creature accus tomed to good society, but a wild steed of the plains brought up on grass and rattlesnakes, and accus tomed to cavort regardless of the constitution as amended on the rights of man. Mules are pretty much alike, the world oyer, only the Texan mule is a little more so. I rode one the other day, and I'm going to try to tell you about it. It won't be very well written, because my right arm has been in. a -sling auu nave more oruises man bones.

You see I ft.Wtoavewith a girl deep as a forty foot well I mean my love, not the girl she isn't a bit deep and as my luck would have it, another fellow fell about the same distance at the same time. He's not a bad looking chap, and wears store-clothes on week days. He parts his hair in the middle and oils it up with bergamont and cinnamon. He has his name printed on pieces of pasteboard, and drops them round promiscuously, for fear that peeple might forget that A. Browne Swivel was about.

I had to acknowledge the fact that between this fellow and myself, in the anections of divine Arammta, it was nip and tuck, with the dog a little ahead. I put on my best clothes one day and walked over to the gaFs house, intending to move on her works, and have the thing settled without further debate. My rival was there, and seemed to have on his best clothes. That didn't amount to much, for I knew at 10 o'clock, six hours after my arrival, he'd have to wend his winding way home, for the old lady he boarded with didn't allow any irregular hours. If he got to his frugal or rather the home containing it, he might skin his knuckles and knock his boots off, but he wouldn't get in after that hour, and the haymow is not a pleasant bed-room in ilea time.

But I was soon relieved of all anxiety. We had a diversion soon that broke up the sitting. Arammta is possessed of a little brother I hate the girl's brothers If they are little they play tricks on you, and if they are big they borrow your money, get drunk and insult you with impunity, knowing that you are in love with the sister and won't resent an indignity. While we are talking in a small way, and looking volumns of love at the girl and wrath at each other we heard a fearful mthe garden patch, and running out found little Drotner on tne grouna in acuye convulsions. He had been trying to eat his way through the melon patch.

It was a disgusting failure, for he could not have busted open and gone into the contents of more than ten or twelve. As it was it looked as though there was going to be a death in the family, and Araminta screamed a WORTH KNOWING. One pound of green copperas, costing seven cents, dissolved in one quart of water, and poured down a water closet, will effectually concentrate and destroy the foulest smells. On board ships and steamboats, about hotels and other public places, thcro is nothing so nice to-purify the air. Simple green copperas dissolved under the bed in anything that will hold water, will render a hospital, or other places for the sick, free from unpleasant smells: In fish mar-kets, slaughterhouses, ginks, and wbere-ever there are offensive putrid gases, dissolve coperas and sprinkle it about and in a few days the smell will pass away.

If a cat, rat or mouse dies about the house nd sends forth an offensive gas, place some dissolved coperas in an open vessel 'near the place-where the nuisance is, lind it will purify the atmosphere. Central Union Agricu-turulitt. GOD IN NATURE. No one has a better opportunity of" witnessing the wonderful workings of God in the wide field of nature than the farmerHia occupationybrings ey- ery day in full view of them. He is well acquainted with the sun shine and the shadow, the softly falling dew and the heavy rain, the gentle breeze and the rushing tempest.

Some with then very familiarity with these evidences of divine wisdom, lose all interest in them, and look on' them with little more regard than the beasts that perish. Others, indeed, recognize the hand of God; look on its movements with awe and dread but go no further. But it is only the Christian that can see in every thing the hand of a Father. Other men may wonder and admire he can love- and praise. Everywhere around he sees the finger of God and he rejoices to know that that God is his friend and when, in the tempest or men's hearts are failing them for fearv he can be in peace, knowing that he is son of Him whom the winds and the seas obey.

Truly, the Christian farmer possesses greater pleasures and more ex quisite joys than other men have any idea of, and if they have not experienced these, they have never met true happi- ness. Header, nave you i centra Union Agriculturalist. 1 -Usb of, thb Sun Flower. In the Argentine Republic the culture of the plant is strongly recommended, because the. flowers are believed to afford bees.

the best material for wax, and the best honey the petals of the flowers to. yield a valuable dye, the seed to gives fifty per cent, of oil, excellent for cooking and illuminating purposes, while: they are also a superior food for poultry and for cows, increasing the flow of milk; the bottom of the calyx may be used for food in the same, way, as the artichoke which it closely, resembles the wood will yield one per cent, cf bottom asb. while common hard wood will yield one- tenth as much the leaves may be used as food for or made into a good smoking tobacco while the bark prop- erly prepared, affords material for tho manufacture of paper. Ctntral Union AgncultvraliUm -i JOE. M.

KLEISER, M. D. Office over First National Bank, Parsons, Kas. JW. RII0DC3, Dealer? In Dry Goods, Gro-.

ceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, No. 7 Johnson-avenue East. MOORE, Undertaker and Dealer in all kinds of furniture. Repairing neatly and promptly doue. Coffins and Mvtalic Burial Cases.

Johnson-avenue' JG. PARKnURST, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR at Law, Notary Public and Conveyancer. Office op stairs, corner of BJggs and Forest-avenues. Has large experience and a professional record uuaasailed. KENNEDY, SMITH Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Belmont-aveuue, West of the Depot.

LUMBER, LATH, SHINGLES, SASH, DOORS, Blinds, Ac, at the Lowest Cash Prices. Also, Hydraulic Cement. A. C. CALKINS CO.

PARSONS HOUSE. MERRIT N0YE3, Proprietor. Passengers and Baggage conveyed to and from all trains, free of charge. R. M.

DONLEY, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Parsons, Kansas. RP. IMES' MEAT MARKET. Have a fine refrige- rator. Meats always sweet and fresh.

Rigga avenue. H. PATRICK, DEALER IN SHELF AND OTHER Hardware, Saddles, Harness, dec, Johnson avenue. SITTER Undertakers and Furniture Dealers, SelfSealingMetsJJe Cases. Johnson-avenue.

SETTLERS STORE. Groceries, Provisions and Country Produce. Goods delivered free of charge. Johnson ft Kelly, Johnson-avenue. W.

JL GOSLING, M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office opposite St. James Hotel. WC.

HOLMES, PHARMACEUTIST and dealer In Drags, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Oils, Paints, Depot on Forest -avenne aet of Post Office. much water-melon patch, and wanted a doctor with squills. We returned in about the same style. The doctor having a younger horse than my rival had been favored with, kept the lead, Jus pill-, I'.

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