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The Kansas Evangel from Topeka, Kansas • 4

The Kansas Evangel from Topeka, Kansas • 4

Topeka, Kansas
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6 GATHER THE PEOPLE TOGETHER MEN AND WOMEN ANT) CHILDREN." THE CHILD EE N. 11 A (J 0 0 A A WISE DECISION. Address orders for seats, or inquiries to A Presbyterian clergyman, vexed with a penurious congregation, found it very troublesome to collect his salary. At last he spoke out in meeting." It was a society meeting, and the clergyman read an account of receipts, each credited to the individual donor. The only credit standing opposite the name of the richest man, one of the ciders, was one apple pic." Fume and fury I have cause To tear about and break the laws.

But on the whole, I'd better not; Little pots arc soon hot." Little souls slights discover Big souls pass 'em over. Big souls bear their trouble Little souls sizz and bubble. Little souls oft ferment Big souls are content. Big souls tumble slowly Little souls roly poly. Big souls, like as not, When it's fitting, do get hot.

But "little pots" all grandeur spoil, I'll think a bit before I boil Hearth and Home. SINCE Rev. Celia Burleigh gave up her pastorate over the Unitarian Church at Brooklyn, on account of ill-health, the young ladies have been conducting the services, which prompts an old lady to remark: "Well, fust we had a woman's meetin', now we've got a gal's mcctin', but I'd like to see i man's meetin' asrjn." OHUBOH TOPEKA, KANSA N. B. Highest market rates paid for School Bonds We have in our Lureka Desk all the desirable quali tie of other manufactures, and many acknowledged im provements not hitherto adopted.

The Eureka took THE FIRST PREMIUM at the hist Kansas State Fair. WE MAKE ONLY FIRST CLASS FURNITURE, using the best Cherry Lumber, thoroughly seasoned and kiln dried, furnished in Oil or Shellac, as taste of purchaser may dictate. AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY COUNTY In the State. Orders and letters of inquiry will receive prompt and careful attention. 5tf BOOK OP THANKS.

"I feel so vexed and out of temper with Ben," cried Mark, that I really must Do something in revenge inquired his cousin, Cecilia. No look over my Book of Thanks." "What's that?" said Cecilia, as she saw him turning over thp leaves of a copy-book nearly full of writing in a round, text hand. Here it is," said Mark and then read aloud: March 8. Ben lent me his "Here again: 'Jan. 4.

When I lost my shilling, Ben made it up to mc Well," observed the boy, turning down the leaf, Ben is a good boy, after all." What do you note down in that book?" said Cecilia, looking over his shoulder with some curiosity. All the kindnesses that are ever shown me you wonder how many they are. I find a great deal of good from marking them down. I do not forget them, as I might do if I only trusted to my memory, so I hope that I am not often ungrateful; and when I am cross or out of temper. I almost always feel good humored again if I only look over my book." New Jerusalem Messenger.

A new and cruel invention is the introduction of living butterflies into the center pieces of flow, ers, which usually adorn the middle of the table at fashionable dinner and supper parties. The poor insects are fastened by a fine wire, which is passed through their bodies, and concealed among the flowers. Johnny and the Angels. In a beautiful village, not far from the city of WHITAKER'S EA AND SPICE STORE L'19 Kansas Avenue. there was a charming cottage, covered with woodbine and honey-suckles all in bloom.

A lit Pius IX. lately ordered that a general account should be taken of the amounts received as Peter' pence from 1849 to 1872, and the result shows that the immense sum of one hundred and seventy millions was furnished by it to the Vatican. Happy prisoner HAVE YOU TRIED THAT FINE GUNPOWDER TEA that Whitaker sells at $1.25. If and get a pound before it is gone. LOVERS OF GOOD COFFEE buy our Mocha.

If you want something nicer and richer, WE HAVE IT. Why will you heat yourself over a hot stove roasting coffee with the themometer at 90 when you can buy bettcr roasted for less money. The Roll Call in Heaven. An incident is related by a chaplain who was in the army. The hospital tents had been filling up fast and the wounded men had been brought to the rear.

Among the number was a young man mortally wounded, and not able to speak. It was near midnight and many a loved one from our homes lay sleeping on the battle-field that sleep that knows no waking, until Jesus shall call for them. The surgeons had been their rounds of duty, and for a moment all was quiet. Suddenly this young man, before speechless, calls, in a clear, distinct voice, Here." The surgeon hastened to his side and asked, what he wished. Nothing," said he, they are calling the roll in heaven, and I was answering to my name." He turned his head and was gone gone to join the great army whose uniform is washed Avhite in the blood of the Lamb.

Reader, in the great roll call of Eternity, your name will be heard; can you answer, Here? Are you one of the soldiers of Christ, the great Captain of salvation MBS. E. C. METCALF, MILLINERY, FANCY GOODS, and DRESSMA, in all the latest and best stylesio-Also all kinds of Wax-Flower Mate-Kansas Avenue, near the Opera septly Topeka, lg KOESTER TRAPP, Kansas Pacific Railway. This favorite line extends from Kansas City and Leavenworth, through the fertile State of Kansas to Denver, in Cojorado, C39 miles.

Bare opportunities are offered to the public for homes in a section of country unsurpassed for productiveness and healthful-ness. The. State Capitol, State University and State Agricultural College are located along its line, and the general educational facilities are unequalled. The reputation of Kansas is unsurpassed as an agricultural State. By referring to the United States agricultural reports, it will be seen that Kansas had a greater average yield to the acre of the cereats than any other State and at the great fruit fairs held at Philadelphia, Richmond, Boston and Albany, Kansas took the first premiums for the finest display of fruits.

For the pleasure traveler or invalid, a varied and charming landscape is presented and the delightful air of Colorado, and the celebrated warm and hot soda springs near Denver, give renewed life to the Aveary and restore health to the sick. Don't fail to take a trip over the Kansas Pacific Bailway, and if you want a good home settle along its line. BAPTIST DEPOSITORY and UND A SO HO 0 UP PLY ORE. at ST. LOUIS HOUS of the BIBLE and PUBLICATION SOCIETY.

MERCHANT TAILORS, 1S9 Kansas A Topeka, Kas. CLOTHS, Beavers and Vestings. octf tie troop of children might have been seen coming out of the door on a bright sunny morning. Their faces seemed as happy as the robin and humming birds, that filled the groves with music, and there were many other birds of such gay feathers and lovely song that they seemed half way between the flowers and the angels. Among the happy faces and light innocent hearts, there was one sweet boy, whom his mother dearly loved.

Strangers used to turn and look upon his sunny eyes and dimpled cheeks, but he loved everybody, because everybody loved him, and never once thought of his beauty. His mother one day found a call to visit the city, and after dinner she kissed each darling, and left them in the care of their kind aunt. Her friends delayed her return until the sun was gone down, and the little birds and fowls had gone to rest in the trees, and the children to their trundle-bed. But their little hearts, so full of play and fun, were not for the first time left to go to sleep without their dear ra's good-night kiss. Little Susan could not see why ma should stay when it when it was dark.

Little Emma didn't think Aunt Margaret knew how to put them to sleep. After prattling about many things their little peepers would not stay "buttoned" as little Jonny calls sleep, Susan began to fret and shed a few tears. Her brother heard her sobbing, and tried to soothe his little sister. Ma will be home soon, and Aunt Margaret is in the next room, and she will watch till ma comes home." But the little weeper, the longer she sobbed the worse she felt. Her brother lost his patience.

Why, Susy, do you cry Don't you have Emma and Aunt Margaret and you have Johnny and the angels." This brave little boy had faith in the holy angels. I don't know where he learned it, but the Bible says the Angels of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him." This boy's noble heart had no fear of any harm from any evil beings. This illustrates the Savior's words on the new birth, when He took a child and preached a great sermon from a very young text. The mind of Christ and of this dear boy was free from fear. Perfect love casteth out fear." P.

W. GILES, President. C. W. JEWELL, Vice President.

S. K. LAKIN, Cashier. CAPITAL $100,000. TOPEKA NATIONAL BANK Topeka, Kansas, oc-t-ly Jacob Smith, G.


"My brother is 'as polite to me as any one else, when I go out with him," said a girl proudly to a companion. What a reflection on his manners at home A sister will, perhaps, accidentally knock over some of the tools with which her brother is busy. An apology involuntarily rises to her lips, but she stifles it on considering that it is only Jack and all the satisfaction he is offered for disordered plans is a blunt Oh Angry reproaches are sure to follow. You are real ugly, Jack, to talk so about such a thing you know I didn't mean it," is the equally angry rejoinder. Wly did she not say so Two words would have saved all the trouble.

Want of politeness is the cause of more quarrelling between brothers and sisters than anything else. In their play, children are constantly meeting with little accidents, for which they should be taught to apologize. I have seen the cheeks of a child flush with anger, his eyes flash, and a little hand raised to strike the unfortunate breaker of a toy, when, as if by magic, the blow was arrested with these words, "Excuse mc, I did not mean to." Selected. Paid-Up Capital, $100,000. ANYTHING WANTED for CIIUBCH, SUNDAY SCHOOL, FAMILY, PASTOR SUPERINTENDENT, TEACHER, OR OTHERS, Can always, and on best terms, BE FURNISHED HERE.

Call, or address, 209 North Sixth Street, ST. LOUIS, 310. Does a General Banking Business. John R. Mulvane, sently Cashier.

B. Roberts, Ass't Cashier. C. J. JOHNSON, l-3m District Secretary, MERRIAM GORDON, Dealers in FLOUR, FEED, FT.


209 Kansas Avenue. A certain man had a wayward son. His conduct brought down his father to a premature grave. On the day of his funeral the son was pres cut, saw unmoved the pale face of his father in the coffin, stood unmoved on the brink of the grave. The family retraced their steps.

Their father's will and testament was read in that testament was the name of the undutiful son. As his name was read his heart heaved with emotion, his eyes were bedewed with tears, and he was heard to say, I did not think my father would have so kindly thought of me in his will." In the family of Christ, some of us in reading His Testament, and thinking upon His great love and marvellous gifts, feel our unprofitableness and unwor-thiness, and are filled with contrition and gratitude, with love and wonder. J. M. THKAPr.


Monumental work done in the Latest and best Style of the Art. All work warranted and satisfaction guaranteed. Orders from a distance solicited. 10-tf R. POINSETT, No.


1-ly A full and well-selected assortment of It is not what people eat, but what they digest that makes them strong it is not what they gain but what they save, that makes them rich it is not what they read, but what they remember, that makes them learned it is not what they profess, but the practice, that makes them righteous These are very plain and important truths, too little heeded by gluttons, spendthrifts, bookworms and hypocrites. Truth is the foundation of instruction, and habitual regard for it is absolutely necessary. He who walks by the light of it has the advantage of the mid-day sun he who would purn it goes forth amid clouds and darkness. We send a list of names to our friends in the several localities, and we trust they will see to the collections for us, and notify us promptly of those who wish their paper discontinued. Our rule is payment in advance.

STAPLE AND FANCY Ci septly always on hand. xle "TOPEKA DRU0'iceout I. L. Ij invested DRUGGIST commands and dealer in Patecfc apostles in the iquors, tural cnaractei. of would appear after 8peCseit-atf 8h0Uld C0me ain t0 ik PAGE two.

Send another name with your renewal. We have purchased a large supply of paper, and cash is what we need..

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