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North Topeka Evening News from Topeka, Kansas • 3

North Topeka Evening News from Topeka, Kansas • 3

Topeka, Kansas
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4 GEAT SliAUGHTEF. to aV KANSAS rn Jul ja I "We liave Large Tjiiie of WOOLEN I TVtiicIi we offer at NtarvfUion FVices. A.lo a I -VllC 5tC Line of CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS AND LADIES SIS. We will save workingmen money in Overalls, Jeans, Pants, (Hoiking Shirts, Etc. CALL AND BE CONVINCED.

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AS: St Louis Stamp i Go.St. Lou is Cjfll4-Karat Gold Thousands of tho best $33 Geld WMch i. i n. A A Filled CHAIN For Pale by till tovo, Hardware au4 Mouse Pwrnihinifi' Dealers. is tfiiarantced towear 20 Years, and is iro selling in our Co-Oper-live Clubs, The watches 1 l-Karal Solid Uold nok Book and Price Free on Anpltonttetli Look tor tho stamps ican arc Amei K.W.

C. Co. 14 K. FLO. and luiy the BEST.

Lever Stem Winders, containing essentia Th re are'eighteen newspapers and periodicals in Kansas now being edited by women. Over $14,000 was collected at the annual meeting of the M. C. A. of Kansas, for the furtherance of their work.

Prof. R. C. Franklin of the state University has accepted a position as chemist in a sugar refining establ ishment at New Orleans. The boys of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum have stored five hundred bushels of potatoes of their own raising in the cellar of the institution.

Ot the boys in the Deaf and Dumb Asylum 19 are learning the typographic art, 22 are carpentering, and 16 are at the shoemaker's trade. A charter has peen filed for the Kansas Phonograph company, of Topeka. Capital stock $312,500. Direction: Simon S. Ott.

George E. Tewkshury, H. P. Dillon, P. I.

Bonebraker, R. B. Gemmell and A.B. Poole, all of Topeka, and Hamilton S. Wicks, of Kansas City.

The purposes for which this corporation is formed are to nwe. purchase, sell rent, lease and sublease, in the state of Kansas and the territory of Xw Mexico, all srvanhophones, phonograph and nhonogtanh-graphone patents of Messrs Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester A. Ball and Aumner Tainter, together with jili improvements, now or hereafter controlled by the North American Phonograph company, etc. to accuracy and durability, and have in addition, numerous other improve ments found in no oiher watch. They! are absolutely the only Dust ana.

Damp-proof Movementsmadeintho The Coming Event. The work of preparation for the approaching meeting of the National Grange and Farmers' congress, which convenes in Topeka next Wednesday, gops bravely on, and there is no doubt that the occasion will be one of the most interesting ever had in Topeka. Major Sims has had a telegram from B. F. Clayton of Fredonia, Iowa, secretary of the Farmers' congress, stating that the attendance of delegates will be very large and that at least thirty-five states will he represented.

The headquarters of delegates and visitors to the congress will be at the Windsor hotel, and of visitors and delegates to the grange at the Copeland. A circular has been issued, signed by William Sims, master Kansas State grange, and A. W. Smith, vice president Farmers' congress, which contains the following information in regard to REDUCED HATES. The Kansas association has authorized round trip rates of one and one-third fares, upon certificates nlan, from all points in Kansas, on any line running into Topeka, for delegates and others attending the National Grange and Farmers' congress, which convenes in Topeka, November 14.

Parties interested will, therefore, buy regular single trip tickets to Topeka oyer any of the Kansas lines, and take recint from the agent trom whom purchased for sameu on blanks which all agents Have This receipt, when eudorsed by the secretary of the giciuge or congres showing that the holder attended either of the meetings above named, will, upon presentation at the ticket oflice in Topeka, of the road over which the party Game, se-cure a return ticket at 1 cent per mile. Hotel rates at Topeka for visitors attending the grunge and congress, $1.00 to $1.50 per day. The committee on entertainment will meet all visitors at the Fifth Avenue hotel and direct them to houses where ar world, ana arc ewe leu wan Uenuine Rubies. Patent Stem Wind and Set is the strongest and sim plest made. They are fully equal for appearance, accuracy, durabilifvand service to any $75 Watch.

Price in our Co-Opera live Clubs $3fl. 00 either allcash down; or $1.00 per week. SANITARY CLOTHING. HEALTH WAISTS, UNION UNDERGARMENTS, SKIRT SUSPENDERS, STOCKING SUPPORTERS. All aorta of Healthful Garments, at reasonable price.

Family Electric Batteries, Syrinffea, Water Bag; and InraUaa SappUea OTerr description. 8END FOR CIRCULAR. SANITARY 8UPPLY CO BATTLE CREEK, MICH. HEALTH FOODS For all classes of invalids. Genuine in quality, and reasonable in ps-lee.

SEND FOR DESCRIPTIVE CIRGULAR. SANITARY FOOD FOR INFANTS. Prevents and euros Cholera Infantum. The cheapest and the beaten be market. SANITARIUM FOOD BATTLE CREEK.

MICH. An Ajax Watr Fnsvtator given free vntH earn natcn. Keystone Watch Club Go Main Ojfice in Company UnOit auudtngt (inA Ualnni ft. a DM II AflCIQUlA OA. it i lh i.

AgentsWanteU. AJ AX Watch Insulator, $2.00 A-perf'Tt proportion against (WaglietlSiU Fitmiv watch. Sent br ninil on receipt of price. We refer to any Commercial Agen ESTABLISHEQ lit I JhbL, I do loo fANT 7 6 rangements have been made for their en "tf t3 Horse Tmeves. A horse stealing mania seems to have broken out in Topeka and affairs seem be in such shape that the owner of this sort of property never knows whether he will find it when he wants it, or whether some other fellow will have taken it way and be driving it around in the mud.

One animal taken away on Saturday night, when so many were untied and transferred to hitching posts on other streets, has not been found nor any news received as to Mh whereabouts. On Tuesday or Wednesday an individual went to one of the city livery stables and hired a horse. When evening came he failed to return it and the officers were notifid. Yesterday forenoon a boy drove it into the the barn and said a stranger had engaged hiiu to deliver it thei. Another hors was hired Wednesday at a different stable and had not been found at all up to latest reports.

One or two horses have also been spirited off from I I I I ill 1 1 I It 1 1 A FENCE? IF SO, SEND FOR MVMM WM IRON CD'S illustrated Catalogue. Detroit, Mich Wrought li-oa Fences, Roof Cresiiiig, Jail oik, Wire Slgnftv Bank OfBeo liailing, Window Guards, Wire Lathing and every tertainment. Rev. P. M.

Buck, pastor of the North Topeka M. E. church, expects to sail for India about December 1 with his family to take charge of a station in the Himalaya mountains. A sudden and unexpected emergency has arisen there in the failure in health of the gentleman in charge and the interest of a very important work are imperiled. Th presence and services of a missionary of experience are very greatly needed and in response to an urgent appeal from Bishop Thoburn.the Methodist bishop of India, Mr.

Buck has consen- 8SSS 1 1 1 1 II I 1 1" description of Wire Work. 3 people living in theeountry just outside" nfl appointment. He will nftm unri itic 'tfctt a but two more Sundays in his pies THE CM A I I ENSILAGE 5 FQDDH -v, Ant n1mpA .1 ent The charge. departure of Mr Buck OlflALLC I CUTTER something more than mere mischief in 7S 'v-: I Avh for HAND u4 POWER I78B. warranted to ootes SB mm uor dry fodder anrmaohln built in the world of aSBBBr BBS BBBBBBBBBBBF BBBB BBBBBk.

BBBF us. ud mm better i teiier swX-aWeS af sM sine in every wiiuiacMon titan any other particular. To sabetantiate the wl tend to aar responsible eartv I BaalWlii mi MACHINER Mf. ene MT oar cut term to be and etlt Ion with nj other cutter In the at ume Rlxa with th rnrniniTYinn tir Xti BBBB BBBBBUSBBBBBl BBBBi BBBBlleBBBBlWl if ear machine dees net do more and this mania which is causing so much confusion. The difficulty encountered in catching the scamps Is very great.

As the officers say, the slickest way to steal a horse is to untie him when he has been left standing by his owner. Even if a policeman should be standing right by at the time, he naturally supposes the man who takes a horse or rig to be the owner and cannot interfere. Some one will have to be caught and make au example of before the business cau ce effectually checked. will be very generally a matter of regret. But the demand which calls him to the far off Himalayas is urgent and his friends wish him God speed and a splendid success.

Robert Forbes, one of the democratic-war horses of Menoken, has returned from a trip into Dakota. Mr Forbes says there are too many republicans in Dakota for that territory to become a state while congress is democratic. There are 116 teachers employed in the county schools of Shawnee County, 60 men and 56 women. ouiUT oAJLam. uuiirr A fiTUkl A DR.

TaT'8 XSTHMALTBri rwnruiruiiiouiNirni.afe OCR OOMPRKHBNHITB BOOK "EislUgi an. Fodder Cutting. MO I niVIH PMDCn new lull toCnro. cam Any on who wants to beW-isS cn send us Uwir MdrM and wo will mail tn.OwHUt FREE. BoobMter.


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