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The Oakland Item from Oakland, Kansas • 8

The Oakland Item from Oakland, Kansas • 8

The Oakland Itemi
Oakland, Kansas
Issue Date:
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-xl PAY CASH SAVE M0NEY PRICE List. Mm, L. Sargent has traded for the house belonging to James Maker, on Kel-latu Avenue, which she will shortly copy as a boarding-house, Mrs. Laura Crane has had I sign puint-wl and hung in front of her boarding-house on Atlantii' Avenue. Published for the liult of Mm people mid the Editor's pocket-book.

EVKRV WEKK AT TOPEKA, KAN'. Wake, pastor. Sunday services, If class meeting, preaching by (ho pastor i :30 p. 111., Sunday School, Mr. W.

Sid well, superintendent; 7:80 p. 111., preaching by Wed- iicsdny, p. general prayer mooting; Friday, 7:30 Sunday school teachers' mooting. Kansas E. Conference retains Hov, Dr.

Denniioi al TecmiiKoh. and assigns ltev. 11. Waive to OakUmd, I Hving to the great rush of last week fl Sugar, 14 pounds, 1.00 Extra Sugar, 15J pounds 1,00 0 Sugar, 1H pounds 1.00 (I pounds box starch ill) Starch, 4 packages 25 61 pounds host bulk Oats, 'IU Crosby's No, .1,00 Good I'iekles, per gallon, Shawnee Fancy l. Buffalo 1.00 I one pound pk's best Soda '25 Lamp 'himneys, ,06 A Hhed has been built on the cast Hide Of tin' hear pit at the I'm k.

A largo icehouse has been built and filled with ice which will used to cool thi'Auditmi am during the Obautaaque Anombly. HW 05 White Loaf ,,.,,....,..1.36 Lamp Burners, C. A. Jaquith, Editor Si Proprietor. Terms of SuiisckihioN' On Month 10 Three Months .25 Hix Months .50 One Year Si oo HXTKHP.I) AT TOI'KKA AH '2nI fXAflfl i lt.

86 6 pOUndj dried I'eaches. All high grades LOO Omul BfOOflU, .1" the program of the entertainment lately given by the Ladies' Society of the M. B. Church, was in some way omitted. ltev.

Richard Wake wli! preach in the M. F. church Sunday morning at the usual hour. Mr. A.

.1. Fish of Illinois in piflitiug bin dtagbtw Mrs. E. P. Knight.

Mr. Fish miVH in his opinion thfl Oakland pi ople are far mperior to the HooKiers. Knight has postponed her trip Compare our price list with others, call and examine our stock and see whether we don't compete with any grocers in the city In juices and quality of goods. We have come to stay, to Live and let Live. Ol tiers taken at the house and goods delivered promptly.

COB. WABASH INDIANA AVES. 0. II HICKS, feed titfp pUy al Sot torn prices. (Vie iri) to Any Anuritto in the Indefinitely, older a great favor upon both saw it in the IT KM.

Persons answering the above ad vert isuiont will Advertiser and Publisher bv mentioning that thev Greek. French, German, Law, Religious, Latin, Medical. School and Story books at the Oakland Book Store and Reading Rooms. 1st house S. E.

of Moores Land Office, Ellsworth Knight came near drowning last week by falling through the ice near the mouth of Soldier ('reek. Ellsworth has now promised his parents that he not go skating again this summer, which promise he will probably keep, B. Williams has begun work on the Fast wall of his new Opera House. The first floor will be occupied by a stock of Hardware, wliile the second floor will be used as a Lodge Boom, tt will probably bo completed about the hist of NOTES. ii paper oan bfl published without home pat7onage( sod every man in interested in keeping up a home paper, if a railroad or factory is wanted the newspapers are expected to work tor it.

a public meeting is wanted for any purpose, the newspaper is called upon for a free notion. If liny of the societies have a supper or reception of any kind, the newspaper is expected to give theneo-cessary notice. The newspaper is expected to puil' the schools and everything else, to advance the interests of the business men of the place, and then give them a bun ine notice 'when they pass away. And yet some of thorn do nothing to keep up a home paper. Gladstone (Mich.) Express.

As large numbers of the ITEM are used to advertise Oakland, we insert the following as a free adver tisement as it were. Strangers visiting the city will find this list very useful as a reference in viewing the sights of Oakland, WHAT OAKLAND HAS: A population of 500. 347 new houses, Property valued at $1,000,000. i toe new opera house built, and an other is being creeled. All immense Auditorium capable of Air.

Harvy Worrall, who has many friends in Oakland, is now engaged, in getting up a course of study for the piano, which he intends to publish in To- ..1 .1 1 iuui The music will be en-raved and vuuuimui nmtuug pel, One of the Jargost and most beautiful OAKLAND NEWS a Personal. printed at Leipsic Germany. MUSIC, both sheet and bound for sale. Good Organ and Guitar for testing music at Oakland Book Store Store and Reading Roornf 1st house S. E.


lkin iSranner Sis. L. M. Tiller 5 DEAIEBS IN oGKOCERIESX OIGAES AND TOBACCO. 1000 East Fourth Street.

Topeka, Kabbah. Adamson Bro's PARLOR SHOE STORE A FULL LINE OF FINE SHO--S 610 fourth St. lcpaiFir)cj Ideally Dor)? LAWN GRASS All kinds of GEASS SEED and CLO YEKS. Also LAWN FERTILIZER. Al! kinds of FLOWER SEEDS and FLOWERING BULBS.

TUBEROSES, LILIES, GLADIOLUS, DAHLIAS, CAN NA, OALODIUM, all sorts of BULBS, and FERTILIZERS to make them grow and bloom, at Topeka Seed House, 301. Kansas Ave. Telephone No. 42. Peerless Steam Laundry.

Works, 112 W. Eiotmr St. lDrss-fiirts a peeialfy. Office at McMllinSi Fan. Ave.

Telephone 332. E. Whitmarsh Mgr. Rev, Mr. Blakesley Of the First Cong, church ill his evening sermon gave the lifo of Handel, the oompoaer of "The Messiah," in such a way that those who heard him and afterwards listened to the wonderful Oratorio at The Grand must have much more enjoyed it.

The city council has again been wrestling with the poll-tax ordinance. A new officer, to be appointed by the mayor, food inspector, has also been created at a salary of $76 a month' besides certain fixed fees from the owners of the meat or live stock inspected. A safeguard preventive of the cholera which we are told to expect this summer. A long and loud howl on "personal liberty" is now in order The soloists of the city, Mesdarnes Adams, Foster and Thatcher, Miss Puller, and Messrs, Piatt and Hinckley were all in good voice, and "did us while Mrs. Madeira Whitelaw of Kansas City made all her hearers wish she might often favor Topeka with her artistic music.

Miss Laura E. Horsey, the charming young lady from Silver City, N. M. who spent a year at Bethany, is in the guest of her Grandmother. Her friends will be glad to learn that she contemplates returning to Topeka to resume her musical studies.

Mangan, who was sentenced by udge Guthrie for bootlegging to imprisonment in the county jail ill) days for each of 8 counts, also 100 fine for each count, while in care of Deputy Sheriff Craig Wed, evening, managed a different scheme of bootlegging, took leg-bail and "went somewheres." He did not stop to register and is not looked-for to return to vote or run for councilman. The Salesman's and Clerk's association are asking the merchants to close their stores at (i: 30 except on Sat. aud Santa Fe shop pay nights. If a considerate public will help by trading earlier in the day we will soon be accustomed to it and wonder at onr thoughtless barbarity towards overworked business-men and MUD! I Miss Myra Gibbs is expected to return home about April 16. There still remain a few vacant houses waiting to be occupied.

Mr. Moore is able to be around after a short siege of the grippe. For Hale A small printing-press and outfit, 75 cts. takes it. 0.

A. Jaquith, O. Wartenstein. corner of Sardoit and Eeno Avenues, desires to buy 50 calves, Seventeen new families have moved here in three weeks and still they come. Notice the largo "ad" of O.

H. Hicks at the top of the fourth and fifth col umn on this page. Head it and profit thereby. Mr. Hicks is at present the only business man in Oakland that by ad-vertising helps the ITEM to continue publication, and that is one of the many reasons why you should ileal with him, parks in Kansas.

The Kansas State Chautauqua A.s soinbly secured for ten years. Menagarie connected with the Park. A large School-house. Electric Street lights. A Cornet Land.

Perfect Drainage. Dry Cellars. A mile of side-walks. A Church. Graded Streets.

Pretty Girls. Fine residences. None of the "rowdy element," and desires none. Only two deaths within hist two years. Law abiding citizens.

Branch of the longest Electric Railway in the world. A rapidly growing population. Four Grocery Stores. Two Meat-Markets. One Notion and Dry-Goods Stove.

One house a Week built on an average. Two Real-Estate Offices, A. Weekly Newspaper. Telephone Service. Lyceums, Literary and Dramatic Societies.

A Post-Office. Onion Sunday School. Book and Music store. A Circulating Library, Mr. Armstrong has returned from K.

and bus settled bore on Miohagan Mrs, Wilson has returned from Kansas City where she has been visiting friends. One of Oakland's masculine belles was recently obliged to walk home by himself from an entertainment lately given here. Ho refuses to be comforted and threatens to commit suicide or take to Sleigh-Riding. The girls should sew this in their hats. Special police have been notified to investigate and are now upon the track of the perpetrators.

Ed. Armstrong was unfortunate enough to have his horse fall on him while bunting, but has recovered suffieently to be able to tret around. An advertisement in the space oc cupied by this, in the Oakland, To peka, East Topeka and Mail Edition of THE IT fi for 0 -LY $1.00 The official time-table, of the Oakland branch of the Electric will be found published below. This table was prepared especially for us by the general manager and is therefore reliable, Out it out and paste it in your hat. their clerks.

TOPEKK Ioeal and personal. LEAVE STATION LEAVE OAKLAND 6,10 ,30 OOPS fAJ? a HLS A Narrow View of the Case. "1 always laugh," relates an old resident, "when I remember an experience I had when a boy. I lived in the country, and one day myself and another boy had occasion to go to tow n. He owed me fifty cents and was to pay me when we reached town, where he intended to get change for $1.

In going to town we had to cross a creek. It was early in winter and the ice was strong enough to hold me, but he was a f. L. Yoieget and family have returned from Missouri, and will reside here in the future, Lead-pencils, Tab ets, Note-Paper and Blank-Books, at the Oakland Hook Store 'S, Trivett has greatly added to the beauty of bis house by the addition of 1 coat of paint. E.

A. Clark who resides on Kellani Avenue, is the happy father of a pound boy, born Monday. The Eire-Department meet next Tuesday evening for the purpose of considering the buying of ap tctiuus, etc. Mr. B.

F. Massie is building 200 feet of and fencing eight lots, on the corner of Indiana and Oakland Avenues. Mr. P. 0.

Moore has also Jet house on Sunnier belonging to O. Dunn, to a Mr. List of the Santa Pe HHces in Topeka. Mr. Wahl gave her husband a present Thursday.

It was a boy and weighed eight, pounds. Mother and son are doing wc.i. Mr. Moore has leased the Thomas residence mi Kellani Avenno to E. A.

My- The books will soon be closed: hurry np ye behindhand folks and register. The railroads are combining to make very ciieap to get out of Topeka if you want to go far enough. 5.50 6.80 6,10 6.60 6.80 and every '20 and every 20 min. miii. until 10.10 p.

until 10:80 p. m. Sunday Time. 8.10 8.50 8,80 9.10 8.50 9.80 and every 20 minutes until 10:30 p. in.

Every number of THE OAKLAND ITEM contains Eight Pages. Forty Columns, 5,609 Lines. 37,205 Words. 1.01 l.d03 Letters, if you are not yet a subscriber you The funerals of Mrs. Ehoda Cross aiid great deal heavier, and in following me Mrs.

C. M. Steele, both old resident- of I fcokfl through He at once began to 1 1 veil ana scramble for dear life, the Topeka. occurred last Sabbath. watel.

wag itp and he was in mite deep Jakland leads all additions growth The AL C. A. and YV. O. A- "held and importance a nice place for a home.

I fcjHf a jJ0 Kan. A m. Ave. M. cnurcn N.

T.last Sun. eve aud "it was good to be there." Aji cellars, good warer. perie. arum-age, electric lights, school, churches, and I the great electric; railway; lots and jirop- eriv are sure to advance over nny per' cent within a year. considerable danger.

'By I exclaimed, as I puffed and panted after my exertion, 'it was a pretty tough job getting you out of that 'Yes. gol darn he replied, 'and you wouldn't have done it if I hadn't owed you fifty MUiruuke, Wisconsin. Indian Honesty. One of the Indian boys at Hampton. Virginia, did no; like to take his medicine, and his nurse agreed to pay him so much every time he took it.

At Hist he was pleased with this arrangement 1 1 TA Si OaW The state executive council hos ordered all lodgers in any part of the state-house to vacate and they are getting up and out as fast as they can. Go to the Orphan's Home this p.m. between 2 and 9 to the Quaker Tea and en. and ediupch news. ei 01 1 msoiirg.

wno win Himn take possession. All kinds Books anl Mrsn BOttaai Oil HEHT8D AT THE OAKLAND BOOK Store, 1st iioesk a. of Mookks Land Office. Union S. S.

Meets every Sunday afternoon at '2 :40 at the school home, Mr. Johnson superintendent. A cordial hi-vitation extended to all. courage The Little Friends who are but one evening the found thn should become one, your name and address on a postal card and 10 cts at the expiration of a month, is all that is necessary. Address as below.

The Oakland Item. Oakland, Kansas. Here we go. To-day. March 15th, I will make a cut on hams and will give you more ham for a little monev tbananv shop or store in the city.

Don't fail come and get our price. Will also sell you good plates of beef for I cents pound on that day. Don't take onr word, but come and see. Porter House steak, 10 ets: Sirloin steak. 10 ets.

Re menber we sell hams every day for 10 cts a pound, but the 15th will cat thi price, so come and see. All other meats down to hard-pan. at the Capital meat market. Ill Last Fourth street. Phone Cn.v.s.

Hexiox. Prop. hard at wort in this good cause. Persons having books belonging to The Ides of March were hast'ning fast. As o'er pavements passed the Union S.

S. Library, that have leen lie had made no marks on the card where he kept a record of th numbei of times he had taken medicine. She asked what it meant, aud received a I explanation from which many ft white boy might arn a lesson, and spare his mother much trouble and aunov ance "Me lav here all dav doing nothinc: Mr. Davison of the Santo Fo Shops has rented the Sid well property on the cor 1 '-11 1 A Youth, who bore with harrying feet out over three weeks, will please return i .1 1 1 A banner with this legend neat. ner of Green and Tho.uas treaties; ami I yw Register.

the same or value thereof without further Charles A. Jaquith, Librarian. Zelpha Qibbs, Asst. vrill soon move in. Mr.

C. Hicks, the cash grocer, whose id will be found in another quIjiiiu. ill hegin at once t. ereet a large house north the M. E.

Church. The Festival Chorus, a full hundred yon pay me for it not right. Me take strong, in the Oratorio. Tlie Messiah." medicine: me not take money." given Tnes. and Wed.

evenings did them- Pxefmoxi a and neuralgia, ith an ielven great credit, and josHfied the high 1 occasional departure at the end of ezpertationa of their large audience. TjlHl ftTu' tUe lU 1 of the news at this season. Oakland M. E. church Cor.

of Sardou 1 K.cLar.

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