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The Oakland News from Oakland, Kansas • 4

The Oakland News from Oakland, Kansas • 4

The Oakland Newsi
Oakland, Kansas
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lilllii I A NARROW ESCAI'E. bOMK AMUSING SLIPS OF TJU I winkle in his eye. Philip in New York (dpoch, TONCiUt. Tones of Tire times. A CHOICE SELECTION OF IN-TEHESTINQ ITEMS.

ruption of beings untalted of huJ inoi', wiin arc loosed from convene I Inn anil I lie dominion of ho oi lm dox." II theosophy goes on af -a thai II must he gifted with BXtTftOIN dinar) vitality: Thina 1liil WiiiiIiI llava l)n All lllplil Plia Groundling lloli I Mow tin- groundlings arlaa and ii Knm iHihrtUr Hani persons have said in mlstaki Command aud I II i I a III llaiad Mi Ilaunoulugi of llto ljr a bivbr uai not much to ny even if a doe ail run to mouth. precise!) tne reverse ol what was thoughts. worklnaman called on a country clergyman closely related ducal house. The applicant wantet a i I it ol i 'coin meiiila I loll lo oome i in' front one oi i be marked eases in our day is that nf -i im Oarolan, who has made a marriage alliance with tbe gn at Pullman family, Jim was a waller In Sweeney's 6 penny saloon, in Ann itrect, New York, and when I be gold feMT broke out In California be threw aside hit while apron and lei those Who asked Ihi no'ahborlna nobleman, from whom ir will be observed that Bernhardt i- not announcing any farewell toura vet. he hoped lo obtain employment.

Tub city of Now ITork has just beeq defeated in a pull brought against tbe League Base-ball Club for It fall to oomply with an ordinance requir. ing It to put sheds over the "bleach-its" to protect them from the rail and SUU. The "bleachers" are UD doubted ly ent itled to cnnsideral im, tor their comfort, but a hall Meld would look queer without' lis pictur esq tie view of long rows of unibrollai and shirt sleeves. Why do you not go personally lo sei purl, ami iieans wail, lieu linn i in my Lord? the friend asked. "Wei yOU see," was tho iutvoiis answer, 1 do not like speaking to Lord I lining in search of gold, and reached I'lillip lliiln.rl Nilim it Vurn III Hit.

Now i in h. There were six of us it. Hie railway carriage, and between Paris and Rouen the rain ran at romendous speed to make up lost time. The talk among old travelers fell naturally upon railway aud then of course It turned to railway accidents due to high speed. One alier the oihcr we gave what we deemed strango tales of danger by rail.

Tin- last man to furnish a contribution was a wlzzened old fellow, whose twinkling eyes I winkled all the more as horrors were piled upon horrors. With the train running at this speed such stories made nie nervous. A man with a face like this, a sort of ili ied-up Santa Clans, would surely tell us BOmet blng of a reassuring sorl. When opportunity offered 1 begged him to Offset these tales of grewsome disaster with some antidote, lie mused for a moment and then said: "I know of one adventure by rail that may interest you gentlemen, although I was not personally concerned in il. II happened to an Uncle of niine, an invalid who was re He niay no proud ana not care to its Sacramento, here be opened a lit 1 1 simp for he sale of )ackknlves am sheet -iron spoons.

ten to i be likes of met ii would bt Tn Now (flrls seem in ex pensive creatures, It Is said they chew six inilliiiii dollars' wnii nl gum over year Ttni is the iiay of tin' kodak, and one Is not surprised to hour that the Shah nl Persia is enthusiastic and lairi.v skilled photographer. Pretty soon a sister oi his married quite a different thing If it were your self, for there's nothing Of the gentle man In you." a business man and he sent goods ti Jim, the same being purchased in Mr. Bancroll has related bat dur the brother-in-law's name ami on hi ing a holldnj jaunt In Switzerland Bit credit. One of his earn shipments ram iiiiuter was lost, cm news was kegs of powder at 11.66 pi Hies apace and gathers as it goes keg, but powder was not abundant in California iiisi lin and Jim sold if ii was soon saiii mat guides were away up the mountain lo II iii I a miss-. FII'TY MILKS AN HOUR.

I'liaiMiuioiiHl Time I hi htluleil on tt I'om-UiU Nuiv Vm-h 'I ruin. The New fork Central has put on I be last local train DOtWoen New York and Buffalo Of Which il has been talk Ing oonslderabl) of late. The exact schedule time is eight hours and forty minutes for be run of to miles. This is the fasc-si schedule i inn- In the countrj for an) distance exceeding an hour's run. i is a fraC-I Ion over UK miles per hour.

The former as test run between Sow York and Buffalo was made in ton hours ami i hlrty-elght minutes, or about forty-tWO miles per hour. The Hoyal Blue line, the Baltimore and oiiio Oyer between New' yprk and Washington, makes the 220-mllo run In live hours, or forty-four miles an hour. Pennsylvania trains cover theninty miles between New York ami Philadelphia in i wo hours, a forty-five-mlle-an-hour speed. Those were fnstest scheduled runs, except on the forty-mile track between Baltimore and Washington. There ii is made in forty-five minutes, a rate of fifty-I hree miles per hour.

Iiul I he run is short, and the fifty-mile schedule on I he New York 'enlral for a si retch of nearly nine hours is a decided In- novat ion. What does it mean? The ostensible purpose is to relieve the Chicago limited of its local traffic to Buffalo. Rochester, and other interior New York points. But that object could have been ucconi pi Ishcd on a slower card han his. The design must be.

ulterior. The spurt is doubtless Intended to advertise the New York Central for the World's Fair. It is probably experimental, and if ii works satisfactorily a corresponding increase in sliced may lie made mi the Vauder-bilt lines between Chicago and Buffalo. The Pennsylvania is watching these prospective experiments with manifest uneasiness. Fresh rumors are rife of a reduction in time on its through trains, bul they can not be traced to anv reliable source.

Till': old.fashloned man took his quinine In plum preserves, and ever after haled plum preserves, hut the modern man takes his iii capsules, and never tastes it. Yokk will kindly take notice that one of the English, commissioners to the World's Fair has written the London Times that since visiting Chicago he is convinced that the site chosen for the fair is far better than one in the pent-up town on Manhattan Island. There is little reason V. doubt (hat the most prejudiced of the Gotham editors would reach the same conclusion if he would hrave conviction by coming to Investigate. for 10 per keg.

Later on the man in New York advised Jim to go to Frisco and buy all the American Mats Ing man. Somebody had Boon or heart signals of distress. Lady Hunter sale iii he hot el, began lo rembl for her husband. Bui his predlca menl was not so desperate after all He was discovered and given Ih necessary help and guidance in hi in I he city and to arrive. The Hag furor had uol reached Call fornla vet.

Jim did biivthe Mags, and THXBE Ih no wonder that Persia is poor. The ruler of I he land of )ld Omar" has an annual income of fifty millions. As yet the people do not know enough not to pay it. turning I rom Nice to Fans a lew years ago. if you remember, the custom was then to change cars at pretty soon the furor reached Mm coast, and the Frisco merchants ban to go to Sacramento to buy back tin descent.

At dick he re-entered tin Alpine hamlet alone, as If nothing had happened. Wishing to avoid Hags they had sold to Jim. But when Jim had a good fortune made, on tho notice and- curious questionings hi credit ami management of his broth had sent his guides to their own er-in-law, he had no further use for him. haunts. But as he passed up through Oklahoma teachers have struck the right (jail in working for a permanent school fund.

Fpwer murders and more education will send the new territory booming to the front faster han anv other. a lit le wait ing Krigllsh crowd, Lady Hunter darted to meet him. "0, Now he is very anxious to have THERE are many ups and doWTm in this world before you get out of it. To-day you are the hero of a battle. Held and to-morrow you- may he doing drudgery menial service.

Osman Pasha, the hero of Plevna, has been located as sealer in the kitchen of the Sultan of Turkey. His peculiar busi. ness is to seal all the dishes for the Sultan's table as soon as they arc prepared! and thus, secure against poison, they are carried into the royal dining room and the seals broken only in the Sultan's presence. Paul," she cried, "I am SO glad lo see you back Where have you been? Some silly man has lost himself on one of the mountains, and I feared it, might be you Considerate, kindly, Lyons: the train came to a stop in the Lyons station and the passengers, after climbing Up some twenty steps, found another train readv for Paris. The train by which my uncle traveled was the day express, noted for speed and always in the hands of the heat men on the line.

As in the case with us at this moment there had been some time lost, through a hotbox, and as the train reached the neighborhood of Lyons it was really whizzing along the tracks. If you know the country at all you may recall that at the little town of Vienne the line' crosses a viaduct, over one of the small rivers that empties into the Phone at that, point. For years it has been and still may be the custom to 'slow up' when going over this viaduct. 'On that particular morning the day express was sent across the viaduct at a speed which brought, most of the old travelers to their feet. Such but not quite in its literal construc Why don't those rainmakers tackle Oklahoma? A country where water costs cents a drink ought to offer them a fair chance for good profit that is.

If anybody In hat region will drink water at any price. tion a compliment. Some comical slips of the tongue are due to doubtful or insufficient in formation. There may be lack of Im portant Knowledge about the person addressed, victor Hugo once met believed that he went from lirook-lyn to California, ignoring New York and Ann street and the pork anil beans for which Sweeney's was famous. Jim was from Connaiight, hi Ireland, but he has made attempts ignore Ills fatherland, and.

indeed, It used to be said that he denied having ever eaten codfish on Friday. Jim is a big rich man now, but still uses a small for God Almight; and a small i for himself. A sister oi his who washedand mended his stock lngs and cooked his pork and bean; got married to a Scotchman. The out lay for the sister's marriage was a new hat and when the festlvltiej were over the milliner sent, in hei bill and Jim directed it to be taken his sister's husband. The Scotch are a thrifty, careful people, but the Irish trick of Jim's knocked the Scotchman out of time.

The Scotchman paid the bill prompt ly. St. Paul Pioneer Press. garrulous notary who talked wit him OH literary subjects. The lawyer b( In his youth Barton thought seriously of being a barber, but finally became a biographer.

The trades are a good deal alike. One slicks men up when they are living and the other whitewashes them after they are dead. longed to the provinces, and he asked If his companion had heard anything The revolution of Dr. Fantaloon Perez in Uruguay was short-lived. Me and his followers called themselves the Junta, and organized for the purpose of revolutionizing the Government.

Expecting to rally the soldiers to their ranks, they walked boldly into the barracks of the artillery, where Perez was at once killed and the rest taken prisoners. His adherents should have known better than to follow a leader who called himself by the sartorial name of Pantaloon. His "revolution" was sure to bag at the knees. before he left Paris about one of Hugo's own plays. Hugo ad muted mat lie nail heard it nien- results of the unit may be predicted it will lie.

cheaper As oxE of the mense apple crop, with safety that 1 ioned. "It is a miserably stupid piece." "Very likely," said the poet. a thing had never been heard of. My uncle, among others, opened the window of his carriage (the doors were locked), and looked ahead. His carriage was near the front of the train.

'As he raised the window, above the roar of a train going nearly sixty miles an hour, he heard a shriek of "I he author must be an abominable person. One of my friends saw him in the street not long ago, and this year to make genuine cider than ti make the bogus article. Which of the two is the more deadly, however, is still a matter of dispute. A Lxivky UtieMH. Dr.

Mayo, the well-known author of "Kaloolah." tells the following story, says the Washington Star: Some years ago he was acting as surgeon on board the United States ship-of-war Cyane. The vessel was in mid-ocean when a craft in full sail, but so low down the horizon as to bo scarcely visible with the naked eye, was described. Trying to make out the stranger wit ii his spy-glass, the captain said: "I wonder what that vessel can be?" Dr. Mayo, who was one of a group of officers about the captain, spoke up and said: "Oh, that's the Josiah Quincy of Boston." The captain turned, looked at the doctor in an astonished sort of way, and then proceeded once more to gaze through his spy-glass. while the others went below to the wardroom.

"I say, doctor," said a senior lieutenant, "you'll find it's a mistake to in such a state. The wretched crea ture nearly always drunk." llerolc MiiaHures. The two passed into the same and what was the consternation ol the man of the libelous tongue win Hugo wrote his name in the arrival register beneath his traducer's eye. Cassoll's Society Journal. "The Chicago papers of the twentieth or twenty-first century will do better than this when New York unveils the Grant statue if it ever does." So says the Chicago Tribune, speaking of the gingerly way in which the New York press referred to the late Grant monument unveiling.

Of course, the Chicago papers of the coming centuries will do better than that when the Grant statue at New York is unveiled. So will all the pa terror come apparently from the locomotive: then another, and a third. He soon discovered that many of the passengers in the cars' ahead of him were watching the locomotive with blanched faces. What was going on? The fellow-travelers in my uncle's compartment asked the question, but were too frightened to suggest any reply. As another piercing and awful shriek rose above the roar of the train one of the ladies went into hysterics and another fainted.

My uncle asked some one to hold his body Heard Elephants' Earn Flap. I lately made two shooting trips tc the jungles of Lower Burmah, and each time, in the midst of the great SINCERE friends of temperance will note with regret that Lady Somerset turned a sort of mental handspring the other day from an assault on inebriety to one upon the ballet. Man is a long-suffering animal, but it does seem too much to demand that he should give up both kinds of tights at once. that cold weather is coming on and the people can't get out, they should organize "Shut In" societies, and meet and study something practical together. Such a society, with the two rules enforced to have nothing to eat, and to go home early, would make the winter only half as long and dreary.

est hardships' the forest scenery had the power to force itself upon the notice as seeming, each day, more and guy our commander. He has no more pers everywhere, for the completion of that monument will be the most extraordinary and unexpected event oi modern times. more impressive and magnificent writes a traveler. notion of humor than a billygoat, and he doesn't approve of jokes." Dr. Mayo only smiled, but he felt a little nervous about it himself, fr, of At such times both the silence and the strange sounds of the jungles, each in their different way, combine course, he no more Knew tne name oi the vessel sighted than he did that of the man in the to affect the sportsman; the occasional To ascertain just what their children are fit for is a problem which thoughtful parents find it hard to solve.

If an error is made in this important matter, a life may be wasted a human being thrown away. Im pressed with this belief, a farmer whose 15-year-old boy threatened to become a poet, resolved to take the advice of a friendly publisher concerning the wisest course to pursue with him. If John really had genius, it should be encouraged; otherwise, lead his thoughts into other channels. So, one day, the man of books was invited to dinner at, the farm, and afterward, the perplexed father showed him over the place. John followed, unobserved, hoping to catch some pearls of wisdom as they fell from the publisher's lips, and was overwhelmed with joy when he finally had a chance to listen.

The publisher and farmer were just inside the barn door, and John was outside. The farmer was telling about his son's poetical aspirations, and when he wound up with, "What do you think I had better do with him?" the listener fairly trembled. "Have you a wall to your house'?" asked the great man, after a short silence. 'Yes, sir," replied the farmer in some surprise. "A hard wall?" 'Well, its stone?" "That will do nicely.

Well, when John writes his next piece of poetry take him out and bump his head weird hootings of the monkeys in the An hour later the stranger was approached almost within hailing dis treetops; the distant tlap, nap of an tance. She was bark-rigged anil evi elephant's ears breaking in upon the perfect stillness as you approach the dently loaded heavily with some kind of merchandise. But as the Cyane. herd, or perhaps, instead, the penny- passed her she went off on a fresh tack, and the captain could read her Ella and Kate want to make bachelordom unpopular. Ella Wheel er Wilcox comes out strongly in support of Kate Field's idea that bachelors over forty should be taxed, and that the tax should be used for the support of maiden ladies.

These ladies evidently mean to tax the luxuries which selfish men enjoy. while he stretched out and called to some people in the car ahead. As he did so he saw only too plainly the trouble. The engineer had gone crazy, and was standing over his assistant with a red-hot poker. My uncle caught one glance of the maniac's face as he looked out from his cab in the locomotive and shook his fist in the faces of the terrified passengers.

The screams they heard were from the poor wretch of a stoker, whose attempts to get into the cab of the locomotive were repulsed with the red-hot iron, but who struggled notwithstanding some frightful burns upon the hands and chest. "The stoker knew the danger, and so did many of the passengers. My uncle knew perfectly well that the track upon which we were running virtually ended in the river at Lyons. There was a short stone parapet which a train going at sixty miles an hour would make nothing of, and then the Phone. There was scarcely time for thought, and yet this thought name through his glass on her stern.

It was "Josiah Quincy of Boston." 1 and blazes!" exclaimed the astonished commander. Then turn The Ozark Mountains, in Missouri, are a sort of wonderland which need some Western Washington Irving to develop. WThat with wildernesses, marble caverns, lost silver mines and outlaws' caves, the whole region seems to belong more to the domain of romance than of fact. There also are the clans that smack of the Scottish Highlands, and a rude system of vendetta, which, however, is distinctly American, and stops at nothing short of the church door, sometimes not at that. Miss Murfree has written up the Tennessee mountains, but the Ozark hills are at present illuminated only by the wild and fearful imagination of the country correspondent, who makes vast holes out of rabbit burrows and robbers' bands out of a few pilferers.

trumpct-like squeak which announces its proxmity; and, as the day wears on, the stillness suddenly broken in upon by the whirring and soon almost deafening sound with which one accord the insects revive after the heat of the afternoon; all these influences combine to produce an effect with those who have not experienced them will tind difficult to imagine, and those who have experienced theru must hard to describe. ing to the doctor, he said: "How on earth could you know?" "Merely by the cut of her jib, sir," replied Dr. Mayo calmly, and no didn't even admit in the wardroom that his guess had been merely the first name that came into his mind. A VERY simple little publication may strike a popular chord and have a wonderful run. A London letter says: "Dr.

Newman Hall, the noted English Congregational divine, is 75 years old. The famous tract, 'Come to of which he is the author, has had a greater sale than any other religious work excepting the Bible and Pilgrim's Since that time he has firmly believed that nothing is too strange to bo referred to as a coincidence. Twice Told Xules. When Julius Cavsar fell, as he was landing on the African coast, he is reported to have said, to banish the fears of his soldiers, who accepted the The Daring Zazel Injured. The daring trapeze performer.

Zazel, against the wall. Bump it pretty hard. Repeat the operation every time he writes a poem, increasing the dose in violent cases, and I will guarantee a cure." John remembers that he crept occurrence as one oi in omen: "ijano of Africa, I take possession of thee!" William, the conqueror, on landing in England, is also reported to have whose "lcap-for-life" act made her famous, was injured the other day at Las Vegas. N. M.

Of this feat she-was the originator, ami she practiced ft from her sixth year. There was made a false step as his foot touched The British Medical Journal throws more light on the mysteries of jam-making. An inquiring stranger, it says, who was being shown over a British wine manufactory, was struck by several high mounds of crimson dust. These he was told were the refuse of the Wine presses in which the juice of raspberries, currants, and other fruit used in the business was extracted for making wine. As it is seldom that anything is wasted in an A Memphis clothing firm has placed a wax candle seven feet long and four inches in diameter in its front window, and offers prizes amounting to $100 in gold for the best guesses as to the length of time it will burn.

The genius that devised this method of keeping a crowd in front of his store for consecutive hours will make his mark in the business world. never a more fearless woman gymnast) than this Zazel. hom New York firemen will remember as jumping non- away from the barn with a bursting heart, and the immortal epic poem was never written. Instead, he began to study law. At the present day it is doubtful if he could form a respectable couplet, yet he thinks that flic great publisher spoiled a great poet.

halantly from a fourth story window into a net to illustrate the possibili ma present iiscn mat tne end was coming, and soon for already the outskirts of Lyons were raising into view. It seemed as if the train was going faster than ever. Ever since that day my uncle refuses to travel on fast trains: the speed makes him nervous. In ten minutes Lyons would be reached. A shout passed along the train.

Who bad a gun or a revolver? One of tbe men in the first passenger carriage otfered to shoot the maniac if a revolver could be found. The cry passed from mouth to mouth. There was not a revolver on oard. The maniac in the cab seemed to know it. for he bent out and leered with devilish glee, brandishing an enormous poker.

uncle swears that they were running at seventy miles an hour. In two minutes the Lvons station would be in sight. Though the train ties of the net as a means of saving the sand, and to have fallen on his face. A murmur arose, and voices cried, Heaven preserve us! a bad sign!" but William, rising, said. Without confusion or hesitation: "What is the matter? What are you wondering at? I have seized this ground with my hands, and.

by the brightness of God, so far as it extends, it is mine, it is yours." When Edward again, fell and made bis nose bleed on the shore at La Hague, a cry of consternation was raised, which he quieted witli the remark: "This is a good token for me. life. Tt was Zaeel, too. who was tucked away inside of a cannon, all but the top of her curly head, to be English factory, an inquiry was made as to the form in which these mounds of dust would re-enter the market: tired out again sixty feet down into a If the pulpit really desires the aid or co-operation of the press in an earnest endeavor to make the world better, let tbe ministry begin by weeding out the disciples of Dives, whose alleged peccadilloes are too net below. It was Zazel who vanned from the proscenium arch of a theater ninety feet into the pit below and the visitor was promptly told that it was disposed of to jam-makers to give the appearance of fruit to the pulp of turnip, vegetable, apple, or what not.

which forms the basis of the confection. It would seem that almost same up smiling to kis her bauds to the wondering people. Fear to her is an unknown quantity. for the land desireth to have me;" at which answer Bays Froisart. "his men were quite joyful." Twice Told Tales.

contribute liberally to support the church. Such a movement would be regarded as an earnest of good faith. anything will do to make jam of, as the chemist can produce a tlavor to O'clock Din ii it. One of my friends invited mc to dine with him last week. It was about (i o'clock when I rang the bell.

The servant who came to the door said that her master and mistress had gone out to tea. "But aren't they to home for dinner?" I asked, aghast. Dinner! ah, sure thev ate dinner at wan." Indeed." said I. "Well! oh. here's my card." 1 descended the stoop and inwardly growled at a man who.

tirst of all. would eat dinner at noon, and second, wouldn't tell a fellow at what hour he desired his presence. 1 don't believe in a noon dinner myself. The hale farmer may eat his heartiest meal between two tremendous spells of work if he likes. I deny that he is hale he or his family.

Thev are sallow-skinn-'d. was Hying the passengers could see the panic-stricken look of horror upon i the faces nf the people along the line. A Winced Jewel. The firefly of the West Indies the CUCUjO, an inch-long lieetle is occas In one minute there was just time to prcjtare for eternity. I beg your pardon, gentlemen, this is my station and I was al- to this count rv ionally brought as a Unite City's l'ft.

To think of the free and open West suffering from a London fog! Yet that affliction is weighing so heavily upon Butte City. Montana, that the. corporation has sent its medical officer in quest of a remedy. "It is calculated," said this gentleman. Ir.

Bobarts. in the course of an interview at Montreal, "that our silver and copper smelting furnaces emit as much as CM tons of sulphur daily out of their smoke stacks! Our city is if fed on sugarcane and st atmosphere it can be curiosity, and kept in a moi most carried bv! au re- A man named lirotherton is wheel-teg a barrow from San Francisco to New York on a wager. If Mr. Broth-crton would undertake to walk on his ear from Detroit Kalamazoo, the netting might not be so brisk, but he would le well taken care of when he reached his destination. There are other cranks who would find a safe and comfortable harbor in the same place.

too for preserved neaitn ror several weeks. The people of the Islands use these beetles for ornament, coo-lined in folds of gauze, where the beautiful green light which they emit voir. And off he jumped. We were Interested in bis story to real in the moment that we had lost point. We never knew how the imitate every kind of fruit.

It is 1 commonly supjiosed that orange-peel i pick'd up in the streets wherewith to make marmalade. Probably this is a slander on the preserve maker: but. according to the rert of a case board this year in a metropolitan DD lice court, rotten oranges in the con-dition of a "black pulpy sulistancc." and "nuite unfit to eat," as the in- spectnr very sapiently remarked, are considered by the owners of the fruit as git nough to be "chopped up for marmalade." Oranges for thi "excellent sulistitute for butter at breakfast." it was shown, rost only one dollar a box. whereas fruit for eating it dyspeptic, and bow-backed. They old i have ooor teeth.

For everv bale only in thing situated on the slone the Ib-ckics, their red light Basal is more varied and fellow's uncle and those other terrified passengers escaped death. farmer who dines at high noon. I'll show vou ten hale "city chaps" who splendid than is unfortunately subject at times anv emerald that ever shone in th I once ventured to ouestioa an offi- 1 dine after i o'clock In Qttetn Eiiza- rer of the railroad company a to the i lieth's time, they Ml the upper ten re. ord of anv great smash-up in theldinned at 11 in the forenoon and crown of a king. A number of these insects together under glass make a sufficient light for dressing or reading without producing any heat.

This jstli" way in which the National Oliserver talks Stmt, thetenets of theosophy: "The merest phosphorescence of an age. the Sabbat of to absolute calms. At such times the lir lieeoines so ehargiil with sulphur that you ran hardly see your hand tie-fore von. It is a bad a London fog. and sffects the health of our people, especially thoe inclined to pneu-" jionia," Lyons station ten years ago.

He supped at S. I wonder when they never heard of any disaster of the ate breakfast. They must haye risen kind. Perhaps it wa for nothing earlier than is custoniarv pow. that the old Santa Claus had a Buffalo Courier.

i disquieting -Go to the minds unhinged shifting lights on cts three dollars, the surface of a dark oool the cr fact, indeed. How to Okt Fat butcher and Inn t..

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