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The Oakland News from Oakland, Kansas • 3

The Oakland News from Oakland, Kansas • 3

The Oakland Newsi
Oakland, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

KANSAS ST ATM NKU'S. Nf.W3. liUOOr.TS OF The (Jiieun of I'urtuiiil i sutfurlnf ANOTHER INVOICE OF Till! voto for ci imlg-dl nl Iho lain elect, on was: Mxth pound of the OOUBllns of mi, Itnurbon ami Crawford, S. II Allen Alliance, 8, Ollll; T. West.

Jfcppubl.ciin, 7,1111 rroin Dover, bun oli-elnd lJumouratlu mayor llio Hrnl It ever had Tim Oregon Improvement t'ompany tun puSHml into lb" indtf of leilelver. Majority for Allen, I wonly- Mull lor In vtiilnrn Oil ahoiuu am Oakland is only suburb of jn'ka, having elactrio lights. )nklaiii has more miles of electric railway (him any other suburb ail joining Topeka. Oakland has more and better buildings than any other Hubert of the capital city, except Potwln, which excells us in contly.buildingH. Oakland has the cleanest and best streets of any of Topeka'B suburbs.

much alaniied ovnr tbo Indian Messiah aooond dlMtr.ct, Doniphan, lirown and erazi) i Nuiuaha, J. ThoinpHon, Ailianoo, fl, Rod Cloud wrote to a friend lu Omaha 05l; H.Vim. Hepuhllcan, S.708. Ma- Jority for Thompson, Twenty- that ho did not want tumble with the whiten. The Norwegian bark ban boon wrecked The falo of the crow wan uncertain.

Harrison Hales, a proaporntia (armor living near Jasper, wan drowned at a ford. fourth district, Harper ami Harbor, O. W. McKay, Alliance, Isaao A. Lowe, Republican l.D.Hl; Unorge Mo-Mabon, Democrat, HOD.

McKay'a plurality, 800. Tiik police uommlHsioneri of Fort Sen 1 1 have been experiencing soiuo difficulty in enforcing the provisionsof tho Kill Olt KXCIIA.NdK-A nice no acre I.irin lu Kail no couuty, mllnH from fOOd railroad town. I hi. In nil v. I fui land, under plow, mo m-rim wheat, nood lioOMHtrtfe barn, wind mill, vouiik 'Hh-Ijuj-iI, vurv desirable home, -mall cash pn inunt or iiart Topolia proper-iy.

fan on Km i iioiotiH'W Co. I'n'ii 8AI.K Km ly acres of bottom land nil-MnliiK tho town of l.oulivllln, I'ottawato-mlii cuuiily. I'rli'O two tin mm ml dollum Il.tKiOloo), wldcli In only a song. lr would drliiingo for good piece of Topokn prop 'rty. Kor iliilulls cull on It.

A (Jo, The Iladgor Illuminating Company, of Milwaukee, In said to bo In 1 upior law, and lately re moved the police judge and reorganised FOIt 8AI.K Oil KXCIIANUK-A desirable dwelling, rooms, burn, etc lots on corner near Washburn colloge, only 8 blocks from Klectrlc cars, valued at easy term or other smaller property or a good farm. Bee llartbolomew A Co. FOB HAl.K OK KXCIIANtiK ICO acre wheat farm In Lincoln county, 60 ucres In wheat, balance good plow land, fair build Ings, lis per acre, will lmold file cash, balance In 10 equal anuuul payments, or part Topeka property. Cull on Bartholomew A (JO. FOB HAl.K A very desirable home on YVIuneld avenue, east front, near the Klec trio car line, five room house, finished lu hard wood with oil and shellac; folding doort, nlco mantle, grate and fire-place in the parlor, good collar, well and out- buildings.

Hldewalkto the car line. All complete at fifteen hundred dollar ($1500.00.) A cash payment of two hundred and rtfty (Iflso.oo) or three hundred dollars (Utoo.oO) will be accepted balance In monthly or quarterly Installments, If customer desires. To so-euro this desirable homo at this bargain, call on Bartholomew A Co. Oakland has the best drilled company In the regiment, a good band, a pleasant park, and an industrious people. good nil ape.

About two thousand foreign doctors have arrived at Hcrlin to study Koeh'a curativo lympli. It Is rumored that J. It Maker, tho MAHKtl Hfcl'ORTS. KANtAfl (III, KOVi IS. flODI -Qul 1 1 XX, OH' tMt-j family, fi taulea lliSOj fauey, i 7o.

Whkai 91 run )i i I i'iihIi, h.icj Dm 1 1 IUFi UIi i i Una Nu II naaiii efl hid) Nu hid; Hay, bid, Ookn-Fh i Ko )0U, i 1 iy. Mu bid, Mln- imk tlj No, I MTultO, i. uli, ItVkVt Muy Hid Oati -No eaib 11 iM bid UVK No. it-Hill, tic bl(l HMDl'OB- lllllu-i ln. iily I iin nuillM- ry, feui taney Us try, Me Kkh- Urui at 99a I KOV1MIIN llllllin (nielli III inl), lttW IMfcoi BMaijfatl l460U evitij moil pork, IlLtOi nun-" i i.

ii pure), id 75 I in hi mm- I nut ilil-l hIi ipplng, nu, iniu 4i, niuukera gnu food-ere. a locaxto, -Quiet ni gtM 4. BOO Firm lop-, .1 9 ii 19) bulk, "ft. 601 85. LODII, Nnv.

FLOIIll I Inner. Wiikat-No. it cash. iMiir.Ui Uoouinber, 9-tki: "ni; Jan wary, Vttiai May, Ii oo4kj July, N9 bid. (John Inn No.

i 0Ubf( a- iy. Oath lllghor; Ko 3 CMll, 4ee asked Muy, 47c Kyk -No offurlngH. Pboddcb Batter, quiet, Kyjge, ntuudy at 20c. I'KoviMioMt Job und order liualness was fair. fork, l.nru, ft, Ilucou xud IhoUldeKi f5 U7'i longt und ribs, fO 10O6.1S; Him ii clour L'ATTLK High good to lllucy niitivo stucra, 4 ('.

l-i; fair to good, i'J 'JJa i.bO; etocere and fei-ders, f2. lixo 1 .0 SH i Hlow goo I to i hoioe, (4 -II it 5. 91, HOOH Hlglior; heavy, b5 4.00 luized ajraucs, iH toai 8j; light. 4g.gjS8.50 OlIICAOO, Nov. 26.

FLOUB Steady spring patent, wlnuir putonts, 90 Whkat Higher; No. 2 spring, 9IV)4l0iMOj No 9 spring. Sou 59u No. I ta 1, MVI B90, CORN Firm; No. 2, 53(20 OATS Quli-t, No.

2, 44c; No. 2 nhito, 4614C PBODCOI Bu ter, ur.tlian -c I extra creamery, 27n21c; extra d.ilry, 22u24a Ktgi, 23924c. Provisions Pork mess, to.oo. Short rl Bides, loose, $5 Dry suited boxed liouluers, $4 87lj'i5UO; short Clear siili-s 8i.h0a!.').90. The Kansas Chautauqua Assembly missing I'blladolphtu broker, who fulled.

holds its annual meetings in Oak- his gOM to Br. sll KOIt HAl.K A donlrable eighty acre farm 0)y ojir mlf mile from Kwlssvalo, a station on tfni Mlwsourl l'aclflc railroad twenty iniii-s Mm! of 'I opeka. 'i ills farm hai ralr building, orchurd, everlasting water, tattle gra, a few acre ot timber, and altogether a ulct little borne. Would bo fold on ty term at twenty. five bundred dollum or would t-xcbuiiK" part for Topeka property.

Call on It. AJo. KtlK OK aero rarm noar Oikuloosa. Ji'tTorHon county, M) acres botlom land under plow, HO acres timber, 80 ut-roi nu-adow, small bouse and orchard, a bargain, fs.ftuo, easy payments or exchange for city property, call on Bartholomew A Co. i i The racing stablo of Amos O.

Camp- lailU parK. bell, of Louisville, will bo sold at auc the police force. The old police judge rofusod to surrendor the boo and records of bis offlM and the commissioners appealed to the tiovornor who replied: "I huvo full confidence In your discretion, ability and nerve to do your duty undor the law. You shall have my full oo-opurutiou and ass stance in your ffforta to compel the enforcement of the law," Owi.VO to ssat is'uet ion with the management of the Knights of Aurora, the members of that order in Kansas have withdrawn from it and formed a now ecrot order to bo known as the Fraternal Aid Association, with the fol- Oakland has a good public school building and an excellent corps of teachers. tion December 0.

Frier Allen, a farmer, fell dead from apoplexy on a Lawrence, (Kan. street whllo talking to bis cousin. At St Johns, N. ft, on the 25tb tho boiler of O. D.

Sutton's mill oxptoded. Six men wero blown to piooes. FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE 40 acres pasture land, well fenced, water, near good town (Minneapolis), tin per aero, one-fourth cash, balance easy terms, or part Topeka property. Call on Baitholoinew A Co. FOB SALE OB EXCHANGE 820 acre wheat farm In Saline county, Kansas, fair house, barn, orchard, everlasting water, 00 acies wheat, at a blgburgaln, $6,000, easy payments, or part Topeka property.

Call on Bartholomew A Co. FOB SALE Or would exchange for one-half In Topeka property, llfty acres, throe miles from the state house. In full view of the city. Over two thousand fruit trees. I-aro grape vineyard; everything very fine for suburban homo.

Owner will accept ten tnousund dollars part cash and balnncu In good Topeka property. Call on K. A Co. FOR 8AI.K 800 acres, suburban; a fine tract to subdivide Into ono or live acre lots, only one mile from the University. Frlco ll(K) per acre easy payments, Purchaser oan make a fortune out of this.

Call on Bartholomew Co. FOB SALE A One 160 acre farm only 8 miles from Topeka, near Grautvllle. Well-fenced, cross-fenced, 80 acres under plow; everlasting water, 15 or 20 acres timber; all good land only $25 per acre, one-fourth to one-half cash, balance to suit purchaser. Call on Bartholomew A Co. Uenjamin Still laber, known in the lowing olllcors: J.

It. Dutton, of literary world as "Mrs. Partington," Is Wichita, past president; Will T. Walker, dead. Ho was 70 years of aga 0f Emporia, vice-presidont; John P.

Kil- Tbe Parliament was opened gore, of Leavenworth, treasurer; John on the iiftth. Nothing of moment was H. Calvin, of Topeka, secretary; Levi contained in the Queen's speech. Hornor, of Lawrence, medical exam- Tbe roport of the Intornal Revenue lner; J. B.

Coon, of IMtsburg, sorgeant-Department showed an increase of re- at-arms; J. E. h'undorson, of Farming-celpta amounting to about 813,000,000 ton, assistant sorgoant-at-arms. Trust-the past year. I ees, J.

T. Lindor, of Parsons; J. A. Rag- Charles Sturm was crushed to death nell, of McPherson, and E. P.

Young, of nndor a fallinc safe at Diebold'a works. Winfleld. Oakland is not "booming," nor does it want to "boom," It has nt Tactions for the home seekei it has pleasant surroundings; it is a nice, healthy, convenient place to lire. It is a town with a considerable Eli in it "It gets there" every time. Oakland has good, healthy water, and plenty of it.

We have dry cellars. BARTHOLOMEW CO. Canton, O. Two other men were ser OAKLAND HAPNINGS iously injured. Eva Hamilton, tuo notorious wife and now widow of Robert Ray Hamilton, has been pardoned out ot tho New Jer In the wear future we propose to give a write up of Oakland.

Oakland needs a barber shop. Eckart received some new goods this week. Wewill furnish the Oakland News and the Weekly Capital, one yenr for $1.50. for $1.75 we will add the Home Magazine. Each of these papers may be sent to different Mr.

Benj. Williams purchased two houses on Winfield ave. Catti.k II idi'T. prime export steers, J3.90 05.2" tS.2008 ii. Sue i' Lower nutivoB, 11.

no 3.00. 11008 Higher; mlxeil, 1800 90; heavy, 8.9j'a4.H light, (3 801.185. NEW YOIIK, NOV. 35. FLOUK Fairly active Wheat Klrm No.

roil, MOT in elevator; No. 8, ungraded 990011.00; No. i red, November, tl.onn. Uiuem or, S1.OJ0 1.04'.?: Muy 110 ftalOS; July, $1.0101 OiVi COBS Klim; No. fti61o In el vaior; No-Toinu, HOMic-; December, bdSBlUo.

Oats Act vn; No. i white, ouasie; mixed Western, 47fc5lc; white 6096710. Produce Butter, quiet, western dairy, 11020 we-itern creamery. 1448e; Elgin, 29c EgsiP, quiet westei i6tf6 Provisions Pork, dull; mesn, J1O.5O0 12.00. Middles, dull and Arm.

Lard, stronger; western nt am, $0 SO Cattle Ilighor; native steore, J3. 1505.20. 8HEK" btea at J4.SOO0B.5O; lambs, $5,230 6.60. Hoos Shade firmer at $8 15. Henry Nichols and Roy Williams are painting the tin roof of Armory hall.

Eckart received some new goods this week. There is talk of organizing a lodge A. O. U. W- in Oakland.

May it not end in talk. Horace Greeley once said that "every man in the country should have his name in the looal papers at least once each year." The Printers Album says that "he did'nt mean, however, that it should ap pear only in the delinquent tax list." An enterprising oitizen of Oakland handed us a day or two ago the names of five persons living outside of Kansas, to whom he wanted the Nbws mailed. The cash accompanied the order. This is the way to help sustain a paper. Call around at the News office and leave your subscription for this paper.

Miss L. E. Peter and mother are visiting Meriden. They ate Thanksgiving dinner with Meriden friends. They will return home Monday.

Pensions granted Kansas veterans on the aoth: Original, Lindsoy T. Hendricks, Cloverdalo; William Grumbein, McCracken; William E. Fehrenbach, Cherry; Alanson Rceso, Chico; Peter Bedor, Red Stone; William A. Postlothwalt, Cairo. Increase, Uurrell Brown, Lawrence; Stillman, Qoodno, Washington; Anthony Pittzor, Cherry-vale; Horace D.

Urant, Independence; Potter W. Kenyon, Corinth; Singleton Prexton, Pleasant Dale; Daniel Hunter, Holton; Josiah Miller, Hillsdale; Hezokiah Ilickle, Troy; Hosea Daen-ley, gh Point; William W. Pike, Ulyssos; Thomas McOraw, Saunders; Georgo A. Conchman, Wittrupp; Israel Patnode. Wamego; Con Smith, Bigelow; Robert T.

Jellison, Kanona; John Rose, Fontnna; Jacob C. Newbold, Milan; Robert Vanasdell, Cherryvale; Gilbert Lewis, Emporia; Henry W. Stine, Independence; David Creek, Inyo; James P. Chapman, Coffeyvillo; Martin Vandyne, Wetmore; Jefferson McQuilkin, Topeka; Flavius J. Julian, Kiowa; Albert Davis, Grigsley; Page A.

Asbury, Dexter; Benjamin Bair, Elgin; John Standenmair, Wathena. Reissue, William C. Wilson, Lenora. Mexican survivors, Walter G. Berry, Logan.

The seventh annual convention ol the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association was recently hold at Atchison. Susan B. Anthony, vice-president of the National organization, was in attendance. The addresses of welcome were delivered by Augusta J. Knower and Prot Wynn and were responded to by Genevieve Lee Hawley, ot Fort Scott, and Sarah G.

Denton, of Attica. Jamk.s H. Rkedeb, of Ellis County, who was elected to the Legislature as an Ingalls Republican by two majority, thinks ho was elected fairly, but be sey penitentiary. The coroner's inquest on Christian Schneider, reported to have died from strychnine at Eudora, found that he died a natural death. Agent Royer at Pine Ridge has been greatly annoyed by newspaper correspondents.

He threatened to expel the New York World-Herald man. Prot Dyche, of the Kansas State University has arrived at Warren, with many specimens of animals from British Columbia for the Snow museum. The Russian Government bas forbidden the newspapers to publish a petition drawn up by the Jews asking that they be placed on a civil equality with other classes in Russia. An edict of the Minister of Lands directs that no work in connection with the Government shall be given to Jews outside of the territorial limits assigned to them. The United States Supreme court has deoided adversely to the appeal of the Navassa rioters, condemned for murder.

By act of Congress Federal authority extends to guano islands worked by American citizens when no other jurisdiction exists. It will be remembered that negroes employed on Navassa island, in the Caribbean sea, indulged in a riot against their officers, killing one or two, the remainder being rescued by a British war ship. Trial was had at Baltimore, Md. PHY8I0I4N8, One dollar pays for the Nkot one year; 50 cents for three months Call around and give us your name. DK.

SHARPS, OnklunH. Kuomih Offieo nnd residence, Cot. Arter Indiana ave. CV. MRNNTNfiP.R.

M. Topeka, Kansas. Office and residence, 727 Kansas Avenne. Telephone No. It).

Saturday afternoon we will be at home in our new office. over which we have no control, prevented us from putting in our plant at an earlier day. Call and see us. Eckart has a new kind of chewing gum. Wonder if our correspondent is responsible for this new stock.

Mr. William Turton was in the city last week. During his stay he arranged for the plastering and finishing up in good shape, Armory hall. The boys of Co. C.

will have ere long cheerful quarters. Everybody ought to be sweet, when Kansas sugar is selling 20 pounds for one dollar. The Topeka sugar works are making a good article. Three Cent Column. Advertisements in this column under classified heads will bj inserted at 8 centfl per line, for one month, payable strictly in advance-No advertisement taken fur loss than ten cents.

In order to have advertisements property classified they must be eceivad at this office no later than Thursday noon. We will not be re sponible for advertisements givoa or discontinued by telephone. Mr. J. B.

Bartholomew, the live real estate agent of Topeka, visited Oakland the other day. He arranged for the improvement of some property. The Rapid Transit. The Topeka starch works are making a No. 1 article of corn starch, as well as starch for the laundry.

The post-office grocery still handles first class goods. Call and see them. IjlOK HALE Old miners at tho News office 25 cents a hnudred. Our nearest neighbor is Mr. J.

G. Thornburg, Oakland's new merchant. His stock of goods is full, fresh and prices reasonable. We noticed a choice lot of potatoes. His clerks are polite and accommodating.

The Newk urges Oakland-ers and the people roundabont, to call and see the new store. WANTED to buy a Rood second hand wagon and double harness. Address W- C. 624 Buchanan Street. Topeka, at once with price.

WANTED To exchange a No. 1 Sowing Machine for a horse. Enquire at, the News office lieves that he 11 bo ousted as soon as the House organizes, and Georgo Miller, his competitor, seated. Fire the other night destroyed the barns, broom corn house, factory and farming implements on C. F.

Ilartman's "Green Parle" stock farm, near Washington. The origin of tho flrn is unknown. Loss, insurance, SI, 200. AltoUT 10 o'clock the other night Roger Dick, aged li, son of James L. Dick, treasurer of Ellsworth County, was accidentally killed bv the discharcro WANTED To exchange a Wehsters unabridged dictionary, latest edition, for potatoes and apples- Apply at News office.

The electric road has adopted beir winter track; instead of running by the park entrance, the cars turn off at Center avenue Several of our carpenters are em- ployed in repairing and improving property, putting in porches, storm doors, building barns or stables, etc Some few of our people are giving their houses a coat of paint. The Xkvvs would suggest the importance of setting out trees and shrubbery. $75oo io If you have anything to sell or trade, or if you want to buy or trade for anything, advertise in our want and for sale column. You won't regret it. The way to interest others in Oakland, is to send them the News.

To assist in this matter we make the following liberal proposition, to mail the News until Jan. 1st, 1891, to any address in the United States or Canada for 5 cents. We ought to have 100 special subscriptions under this proposition. Call at our office and hand in the names and cash. For all kinds of printing, from a newspaper to a visiting card, call at the News office, good work at reasonable prices.

mister, students, ladies -nted 1'AIRIOTIC HUBLlSHINSCq, 1184 Dearborn Ht Chicago, III of a gun in tho hands of his companion, 1' at whose house they had stopped, when i IJIOR RENT The np stairs of tho building on the corner of Indiana add Wabash avenues. Call at the News office. OAKLAND LIKI. Can leave station at Twelfth and Jackson itreeti at 5 .30 a. and eferjr twenty minutes thereafter, being 10, 80 and SO minutes past the hour until 10:10 p.

m. Sundays first ear leaves at 8:10 a returning Irom Oakland park at 6:10 and ever? twenty minute therea ter until 100 p. m. Sundays flrit car leaves 8:60 p. m.

QU1HTON HIIOIITS LIKE. Leave Quintan Heigh for Santa Fe depot at 5:80 p. and every twenty minutes thereat i untl 9 o'clock p. then at 10 and 11. mt on Sundays, 8:50 a.

m. Returning leave 6ama 1' lepot for lntou Heights at6 ii0a. and tvtry twenty nutes tht-reafter until So'cloi then at 9aw imd first at 9 o'clock a. m. WASHBUBCt COLLEOI LIN.

Leave Washburn college for Sunta Fe depot at a. and every twi-nty minutes thereafter ((Mill 8:40 p. then at 9:25, tl4(S and 10:15. First ar on Sundays at a m. Heturnlng leave S.intal'e depot at 6:90 a a every twenty minute until 9:10 p.

then tit 9:15 and 10:45 p. in. First car on Sun lays 8:30 m. lowvan nir.L LI MS. Leave Lowman Hill for ck Island depot at a.

and every twenty minutes thernafter uM.h9'P at 10:10 and 11 dO p. in. First car on Sundavs a' a. in turning leave Rock Island depot at 6:30 a. in.

an (. very nty minutes lner aster until 10 p. a then at First car on Sundays at 8:30 a io. AIB GROUNDS LIN. Lanve fair croundi for Eighth street trkn fer ft.i Inn at 6:15 a.

and every twenty mlnut tutueaiter until 11:06 p. m. This tr (11:05 p. ii.) goes thjo goto Rock Island depot. First jar on 9:15 a heturnlng leaves transfer s'atlon E'ghth and Jiicksou a.

then very twenty ii'tmites until 10:46 p. m. Leave Rock Island depot for station 11:20 p. m. or on arrival of t'lilna from Kansas City.

i AS A VIS It TO rOTWIN VIA BIOST STRIKT. eave Kansas ave ue for Potwln 806 a. mi evrry een mloutM thereafter until 1046 m. Klrst cur on Sundayt at 8:21 a. m.

Return leave Laurel and i een wood avenoe, at ii 2i a. and every Olteen minutes Ikef after until 11J7 p. m. First ear on Sundays it 8:42 a FOURTH 1TBT LINS TO WTWTH. Leave transfer state corner Klffhtb.

and .1 vason streets at 6:13 a. m. and every een ii lnut's thereafter until 11 p. m. First ear on at 8:13 a.

Heturnlng leave Laurel and Greenwood avenue a' nt, and every fifteen rcluutes there ter until UaVfb m- First ear on fcunJayi at m. Wednesday evening the Metho dist people gave a social and supper at the church, Miss Maggie Moore charge of the et tertainment. Mr. O. H.

Goodrich was chorister. There were recitations, singing, good supper, ar.d a good time. Those present seemed to enjoy the occasion. The proceeds for the benefit of ihe Sunday school amounted to over $15. If you want to trade, buy or sell your property, consult Parker C.

Moore, at the Oakland Real Estate office. Do you want to rent a house and save money? He is the man to go to. WHEN ANSWERING Advertisements SAY YOU SAW THEM IN THE returning from hunting. The Governor has pardoned John Brophy, sent to tho penitentiary from Wyandotto County in 1888 for ten years for highway robbery. Brophy was only 18 years old when sentenced and the evidence showed that while ho was technically guilty, his greatest crime was boing caught in bad company, and he got into tho trouble while spreeing with his associates.

A CHARTER was recently filed with the Secretary of State for tho Omaha, Kansas Central Galveston Railroad Company, organizod to construct and maintain a railroad of standard gauge and a telegraph line from Omaha through Kansas to Galveston. The counties in Kansas through which the road is intended to run are Republic, Jewell, Smith, Cloud, Mitchell. Osborn, Ottawa, Lincoln, Russell. Saline, Ellsworth. Barton, McPherson, Rice, Harvey, Rono, Stafford.

Sedgwick, Kingman, Pratt, Sumner, Harper and Barber. The estimated length of the road is 900'milos. The officers of tho Kansas State Federation of Labor have Issued a call for a State convention, to be hold February 16 in Topeka. during tho session of the Last Friday evening, a masquerade ball was yiven in Oakland hall. Some young men not being satisfied with masks, dressed in ladies clothes and tried to pass i ff for girls.

Aii Observer would probably have been deceived, hal their feet been less conspicuous. The meetings at the Methodist church are growing in interest. Last eight two seekers were at the altar for prayers. The evenings are delightful, and should give a large attendance at the church services. A pocket knife is a useful article git; and often times very convenient.

8r Sometimes the knife is put to im- r. proper uses, such as cutting grow-fj ing trees, empty boxes, etc. It is a shame to damage property. A News reporter saw, a few days ago, several trees with the bark pealed off in spots, the work of some pocket knife fiend. Mr.

and Mrs. E. S. Freeman, of Winfield avenue, returned on Sat. urday last, having an extended trip east, having visited in Newark and Dayton, Ohio, Richmond.

Albion and Indianapolis, Indiana, and Marshall, III. We are pleased to see them back at Oakland after a two and a half months absence. Are you a subscriber to the News? If not, why not? If a Republican, you need the paper's weekly visits to keep yon informed of the doings of the party, both in the county and elsewhere. Besides, its lDcal and miscellaneous departments make it an inter- -i. In famitw nanvna nui- til UM 1 1 lu 01 OCllllK 1(111111 IIC K'- Ml "411 I al fltn t4a IM ha cnni' nti rrnan ni KAHTHOLOMEW 3t Cnu tell you all about the value of Real Eetate in Oakland.

They Yesteiday was a beautiful day, in fact the weather for the past week has been all any one could desire. The electric line did a good busi uess. Kansas is truly blessed of the Lord. offer beautiful residence lots on ac- acquainting tho Legislature with the ure to please the wife and children objocts of the State Federation, and to It will cost you only 1 a year. Send secure legislative action on measures or post4i ctrfj your ad.

urged bv labor men. Mrs with the the paper will be rtgularly sistance of four men, recently held up mailed, and when our collector gets her divorced husband near Winfield arouj vonr way be wjl call for the and chile ono of them held a revolver to his head the others dragged off three comodating terms, monthly payments if. you wish. This is belter than Savings Bank investments Prof.

Phebus, principal of the Oakland school, prepared a blank monthly report, the News office printed, by order of the board of directors. Parents should co operate with the teachers of our school in making these reports a success. Examine the standing of your children in their classes, explain to them the importance of reaching the highest credit possible, encourage and assist them in their studies. Time given to this work will be well spent. See Nichols.

L. A. Rudisili, former pastor o' Have you handed in your subscription for the News? If not, why not? The paper has visited each home in Oakland for one month. We wanted you to see the paper and become interested in it. After a month'3 trial, we solicit your subscription.

If you do not feel able to spare dollar for a year, take it for 3 months, price 25 cents, or one month for 10 cents. Call at our office corner Indiana and Wabash avenues, up stairs, and hand us ycur np me, or drop us a letter through the Oakland post office. of his small children. The parties were subsequently arretted at Albuquerque. N.

Fkkp was assaulted by footpads at Wichita the other night and robbed of 8350 and a gold watch. He Chi-iNl in km Preseni i-Mother. TTonll MIHalUI It is -nlourtnr a Honekeeper's Wall 'F'Otrl 1881 12 with i Hill of Fat for wh dy of the as the lots grow in value and Banks may break and panics come and go, but he value of Oakland lots grows on forever. Bnv a group and try it. Office 000 Kansas Ave.

the II. E. church of this place, has started journalistic enter, prize, the Oakland News. Mr. Ru.

di sill is a rustler, and that this like his other eff irts, will a success, we have no doubt. Riley Regent. Attend church Sabbath. i io- ii miQi, ni. in-1 timtiiiiii was gointr homp, and in the suburbs he rt tiu ho orenare them It gr was pounced upon by two unknown enm Ut year pryrm it nwrit Pric.

men who, with clubs, knocked hit. J- 'Tt VThftTt most unconscious before rolibing h.m. inm prif XmnOlxik iZc which wo will He had drawn the money to pay men at tim gg? J1 a brielf yard of which hsd charge. HOC8H Boi Brattleboro. Vu For paint, call on Ben Williams.


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