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The Topeka Independent from Topeka, Kansas • 2

The Topeka Independent from Topeka, Kansas • 2

Topeka, Kansas
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FRANK A. ROOT, Publisher. Everybody Wants It. "They who would be tree Themselves must strike the blow." TEETH EXTRACTED AND FILLED Absolutely Without Pain. IMPORTANT FACTS FOR WAGE EARNERS.

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527 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, at Gallery Stairway. Kansas. Whenever and wherever there is enough genuine money to do the business the people desire to transact, the demand for labor EXCEEDS the supply, and, consequently. EVERY man and woman that wishes work can secure CONSTANT employment at good wages. As no exception to this state ment can be found a surplus of labor demonstrates an insufficient supply of money.

Therefore, before and above everything else, wage earners should DEMAND a Rational money system and indignant THEY WHO WOULD BE FREE THEMSELVES MUST STRIKE THE BLOW." Each and every monopolist, no matter what his line, is the beneficiary of special privileges created by, or resulting from, governmental action, a large part of which privileges were improperly obtained or are wrongfuly maintained. These men, many of whom are very worthy citizens, in every respect except where their business interests are involved, and who control nearly all of the influential periodicals, corporations and large business establishments, real money and hocus pocus money factories, have a political power that is alarmingly great and is increasing every day. There are many ways in which their power could be decreased, and that of the masses increased, provided the needed laws could be passed and enforced, but this is simply impossible, as matters now are, because the existing Federal and State constitutions enable a small minority to prevent their passage or execution. That is, the monopolists whose interests unite them against every material economic reform can control enough votes to, in some way, defeat every such effort. Therefore, when the people determine to emancipate themselves, the first, and most necessary, step will be to so change the constitutions that a clear majority can, at any time, after due consideration, enact its decision into law, and compel obedience thereto and to continue doing so until the reign of the monopolists be forever ended, and equal opportunities have been secured for all.

Such constitutional changes will not be made until a living majority decide that it must and shall be done the commands of dead majorities to the contrary notwithstanding. This means revolution (peaceable, if possible but revolution all the same) and it must commence in single states. Any state, a majority of whose people are sufficiently honest, intelligent and courageous to say we must and will be free, and to elect the right kind of men to office, can emam cipate itself and inaugurate a move ment that will inspire men everywhere to follow its example. BE SURE wait ly refuse to take no, awhile, nor any makeshift as The Game" is pnt up in a case of 84 cards twenty-one seta of 4 oaoh and can be played by 2, 4, 6, or more persons. Now is the time to get the oarda before they are all gone.

Children oan amnee themselves with the Game and in one month beoome more familiar with Kansas History than many who have lived in the state a quarter of a century. Nothing better can be fonnd by whioh an evening oan be more pleasantly and profitably passed. When the ohildren are studying the game, mothers need not ask the question, where is my boy to-night? The oards are how sent poet paid for 85 cents. Address Frank A. Root Son, 829 N.

Quincy Street, Station TOPEKA, KAN8. an answer. AND SUBSCRIBE But some of the members of that convention bolted, called another convention and put a new ticket in the field which was exactly what every Republican desired done and it was this convention which Senator Peffer traveled hundreds of miles to encourage with his presence and speech. He must have known that every vote his doing so might influence would increase the chances of Republican success in that state with all (and it is a great deal) that that implies. And he also understands well the legal principle that a man is presumed to intend the natural effects of his acts.

It is no defense it is childish under such circumstances, to plead that supporting a mixed ticket labeled Democratic turns a Populists or Silver Republican into a Democrat. There are a great many more Populists in the country today than there would have been if the St. Louis convention had refused to nominate Mr. Bryan and the action of the regular Populist convention in Iowa will, undoubtedly, strengthen its party, and its principles in that state. In common with most Silver Republicans.

we heartily sympathise with those Populists who are unwilling to become Democrats as matters stand now. Indeed, we are free to say that, if the Democratic party petrifies on the Chicago platform, instead of progressing along the lines therein indicated sufficiently to make it certain that it will soon reach much higher ground, and become a genuine reform party, we can never do so and we think that Populists and Silver Republicans should maintain their organizations until one of them becomes, or all can be merged into a party as to whose willingness, and ability, if entrusted with power, to progress steadily upward and onward, earnest men will have no doubt. But, while the educational process is going on, every sower of seeds of discord between the different elements should be sat down upon hard enough to squash him, if he is rotten, or to make his eyes bulge open, if he has merely been asleep. And every lover of mankind should strive to bring about such a state of feeling that party hacks and self seekers will not be able to induce a single honest anti-monopolist to put his vote, at any time, where it will not help the strongest worthy nominee against The Money Power candidate. The situation is so perplexing, in several respects, that some good men and true will be likely to go wrong, for awhile, but we feel sure that, before the next Presidential election, the Middle-of-the-Roaders, as they delight te call themselves, will consist mainly of blind men, cranks and those who have been vaccinated by Dr.

Hanna and, if our old friend does not come to himself before the result of that contest is announced, his inquiry, and that of his honest confreres, Where are we at will probably be answered In hades. FOR THE TOPEKA INDEPENDENT, -FOR- The Key Note, by the editor of this paper, contains a mass of facts that are not generaly accessible which throw floods of light on this subject, and it should be read by every one who realizes that something is wrong and wishes to ascertain what it is, and to see if conditions cannot be improved, S. L. Griffin 5019 Beaumont Philadelphia, Publishers. Also on sale at this office, and sent by mail on receipt of price.

Library edition, cloth, in paper covers, 50c. THE CAMPAIGN. There is nothing in the Democratic platform, or in the partys policy, which is in any way responsive to the pressing demand of the working classes. The coinage of silver and an income tax are the only matters about which the Democratic and Populist parties are even approximately in accord. As to all matters which Populists regard as fundamental, and as of surpassing importance, we are not only not in accord, but are positively opposed to each other.

It may be urged that the Democratic party has changed its policy in respect to the coinage ratio. I deny it. The platform utterance is merely declamatory inserted to catch the Populist vote. The responsible men of the Democratic party have not been, and are not now, tenacious about the ratio. Its candidate for the presidency and his associate on the ticket would, as I verily believe, consent to any compromise that would secure the unlimited coinage of silver.

Every Democrat has a right to feel insulted by such language, and, if Populists generaly manifest a similar spirit, their party will be in the minority everywhere, at every future election, and will be like a millstone in mid ocean about the neck of any cause it may champion. There is a radical difference between the Democratic party of today and the one that nominated Grover Cleveland. The party took an immense stride forward last year, at Chicago and it did so intentionaly and honestly. It deliberately rejected the leadership of those who had been the responsible men of the Democratic party, (but who are such no longer) and, since then, every Democratic convention, large or small, held west of the Alleghanies or south of the Potomac, has unreservedly endorsed the position then taken. The gulf between the gold Democrats and the Democratic party constantly widens.

Even in the Corporation Corner of the Nation, the masses of the party stand by the Chicago platform, and, by 1900, the most of those that are unwilling to do so will have left the party forever. The insinuations againBt Mr. Bryan are unworthy of Mr. Peffer. There is absolutely no ground for them.

No public man (not even Mr. Peffer himself) stands higher in the matter of personal integrity than does Mr. Bryan, who also has the courage and devotion to his principles that immortalized Andrew Jackson without his angularity and brusqeness. The difficulty with economic reformers is that they are divided into several groups, each making a specialty of one or more measures to which some others are more or less opposed often chiefly because they have been too deeply prejudiced to consider them candidly. The problem is to induce these elements to so stifle their prejudices that they can unite at the polls, and constantly draw nearer each other, in opinions and sympathies, until they can be welded into one party (caring little what it may be called) with one great aim the perpetual betterment of economic and social conditions.

The one and only important prac tical proposition upon which, as yet, all of them can agree is that silver shall be remonetized, at the old ratio, and, therefore, it is self evidently the one that can be most easily used as a watchword and.symbol of sympathy while the other subjects are being con sidered and the most important of them brought into a harmonious system acceptable to all of those with whom'the overthrow of The Money Power is the dominating idea. But Mr. Peffers present attitude must have the opposit effect so far as it has any at all for it encourages men who should be allies to spend, in fighting each other, the time, energy, and money that should be used against the common enemy. Look at a few facts: Last winter, the Iowa Republican legislature passed a law which was intended to, and did, compel the Populists of that state to choose between distasteful alternatives. Its purpose was to make an alliance between the enemies of The Money Power impossible unless they all put the same label on their tickets.

Under these circumstances, the Populist state convention demonstrated its sound sense and devotion to principle by adopting the course that every enemy of the Populist party and its principles preferred that it would not take and it did so because that was the only one that would make a Republican defeat possible. HARRIET E. ADAMS, M. PHYSICIAN. TOPEKA, KAN Subscribe for The Topeka Independent and do it today.

Ouiy $1 a year. The immigration movement is not as strong as it has been during the last ten or fifteen years, which is a good symptom of trade. Topeka Advocate. This is a surprising statement to be made in such a paper because it is well known that immigration decreases when wages and the demand for labor declines and that is certainly not a good symptom of trade. Has his new departure completely upset brother Peffer HENRY W.

ROBY. M. SURGEON, S. J. RESTORIOK, HEALER, North Topeka, Kansas.

730 Kansas Avenue, TOPEKA, KAN. Residence 21st St. and Kansas Ave. JEWELER. THE TOPEKA INDEPENDENT For 25 Cents FOR THE CAMPAIGN.

Now is the Time to Subscribe. E. H. PHILLIPS, 817 Kansas Topeka, Will do your work at reasonable prices. ALL WORK GUARANTEED.

A FULL LINE OF JEWELRY ALWAYS KEPT ON HAND. UNWISE LEADERSHIP. Ex-Senator Peffer is an able and honest man, and the position he appears to be taking, is, therefore, much to be regretted. We say appears, because it is not yet clear where he is steering or whether he is simply drifting. Very unwisely, as it seems to us, he is helping the goldites to make men 'believe the silver question is about settled.

He is reported to have said, in a late speech If recent discoveries of free gold mines should prove to be as valuable as present apearances indicate, the silver question may soon be wholly eliminated from Republican discussion, except, perhaps, as to those persons whose individual interests are at stake. Silver Republicans want more metalic money, and they probably would be satisfied with gold if there is enough of it. That the Silver Republicans would be satisfied with gold if there is enough of it, is undoubtedly true, but, coming from Mr. Peffer, the first part of that extract is surprising to say the least. Ho one knows better than he that, should the highest expectations of the goldites as to the gold output of the future be realized, then that amount doubled, and all the silver that remonetization could bring to the mints added, the entire amount would not furnish money enough to lift the world out of the financial quagmire in which it is floundering, unless supplemented by immense sums of paper, or of hocus pocus money.

We agree with the Senator that there are several other questions of much greater importance, in and of themselves, than the remonetization of silver but the masses have not so generaly caught on to them, as it were. And he will probably admit that the remonetization of silver would do a great deal of good by increasing the stock of money; by disproving the arguments and predictions of the goldites; and by encouraging independence in thought and action. We know of no political problem the study of which has lead so many investigators to advance from it to still higher ground. Last years political campaign doubled the number of those who agree with the larger part of the Populists on the money question and as many more have nearly reached that point. It is doubtful if the Senator knows a single Populist who has become a less earnest advocate of reform because of that joint campaign, but it is a matter of common observation that a multitude of Democrats now differ from the Populists in name only and the longer the two parties act together the more rapidly will the new leaven cause the older party to shed its moss.

In short, there is no way in which converts can be made to Populistic principles so rapidly as by keeping the Democratic party in a receptive state of mind while its members are being educated. But the Senator is also reported to hare said: We might as well give the devil his due. The Breidenthal banking law is one of the best in the Union and it gives the depositor protection from crooked bankers. It requires a bank-er to do a banking business. He cant run it as a side issue to help out some other of his enterprises.

K. C. Journal (Rep.) And just to think that this one of the best banking-laws in the Union was actualy framed by a Populist official, and adopted by a Populist It Will Neither Abuse nor Laud Candidates, But it will Fearlessly Tell why Present Conditions Demand a Political Revolution. Do not longer bo deceived by well-worded lies, teed the truth. It will pay you dividends.

THINK OR STARVE THAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE. TO-DAY this moment you are being robbed of rhat you earn. How much Not less than 11,000 a fear. Do you know how Do you know why Bead Established 1881. Always Successful.

PENSIONS! PATENTS! GOV. CLAIMS! IT IS COMING when. ALL JUST CLAIMS will be adjudicated and allowed. Come unto me all ye, who are disappointed, neglected or grieved and I will help you. Now is the time to make your claims! Dont Delay 1 1 If you havent made a claim for Pension and you are entitled to It, make your claim at onoe with me If your claim haa been Neglected, or Rejected make your Claim with me to hare it Revised Reconsidered, Re-opened and Re-adjudicated at onee.

If your Pension has been Dropped or Reduced, make your Claim with me for Restoration, Re-rating and Increase at once. ALL WHO HAVE HAD THEIR Claim for Pension Rejected, Neglected, Dropped or Bednoed, ehonld call on or write me at onoe, and I will taka their Case and Reviae them and have them re oonaidered and re adjudicated. In writing me about your case, send answers to the following questions Nam in fill! of olaimant name in full of soldier, oorrect post offle address, town, eounty and 8tate the correct company and regiment of soldier. If elaim ha ever been made, send correct No. of elaim, and ail particular about your osse.

P. II. CONEY, Lot at Co. lllth Reft B. T.

and Uh Ufas B. Y. Heavy ArWy.) Attorney Law and Pension and War Claim Atty. 818 Kansaa Avenue, TOPEKA, KAN8. A FEW FACTS ABOUT GERMAN BANKS.

Last week, we showed that nine European national banks had increased their stock of gold more than since 1892 the average monthly increase from January to July, 1897 being over $15,000,000, and we stated that there are hundreds of other European banks and bankers that usualy pursue the same policy as their national banks. This week, we publish parts of an article from Bradstreet naming five private German banks that have $133,750,000, of capital not including their reserves (surplus) of which one of them had $9,500,000. None of these banks issue notes. Like our state banks they deal exclusively in real and hocus pocus money. But there are eight banks of issue in Germany, besides the Imperial bank.

In spite of the small number and large size of the German banks, Brad-street shows that the work of consolidation is still going on there. Consolidation, as a policy, has only lately been at work, in this country, but it is likely to go on faster here than it ever did anywhere else A Berlin dispatch, dated Aug. 17, says the weekly statement of the Imperial Bank of Germany shows, that its notes in circulation decreased 13,680,000 marks. This supports another statement made lastweek that the bankers will substitute hocus us money for all other kinds, as it as they feel safe in doing so. Formerly NEW OCCASIONS.

The Beet Only Reform Magazine- I One Dollar a Tear in the World. to cent a number. KMidUp-SlfMp J-ayea. 1 riMWT, Founder of the Arena. KDlTons.

V. Adama, Ed. Hew Occaeiona. Riw Tm te tiie feartem adrocate of the bnTiATTVt and Majority Rule, Scientific Government, Monetary Reform and Physical and Ethical Culture. Among fceafredt of brilUmnt wHtert who eeill rognlarig contribute to Urn jnifea are Prof.

Prank Paroona. Prof. Richard T. Ely For Excursions, Picnics and Lnncii, Try the Exeelent Preparations put up by the QHAS. yOLFF pACKING QO.

Ham Sausage, Capital Pressed Beef, Lunch Ham, Boneless Pigs Feet, cooked, Capital Hams, Bologna, and Vienna Sausage. For Dainty and Wholesome Cookery, use On He LAPJP. Senator Tillman. Herbert H. Caseon.

Frances K. Willard. Pres. George A. Gatos.

Mary A. Livermore. Abby Morton Diaa. John P. AltgekL Helen Campbell Senator Pettigrew.

Henry D. Lloyd. Senator Butler Eltweed Pomeroy. Hamlin Garland. Justice Walter Clark.

Eugene V. Debe. Got. H. 8.

Plngren Lillian Whiting. A. EL Lewis. BPICtAL TOTOV. dead If twe asst staves and te teive T81 MEW TXX1 tkree month and FattlDEM? JOMM EMITS, the Story of a Psaeefal Rsvslatiea, by Pvedortek M.

Adaao, an fllastrated book of tff pages and Subscribe for the Topeka Independent for younelfj end have as many copies sent to your friends as you can afford especialy to those of them that live in the East, where the ignorance on economic subjects is dense enough to have cast a shadow in Egypt at its daikect moment. Write te day. Gsrfa B. Err ft Cczzj, S6 Fifth Avmi. CHtCAOO.

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