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Welch's Weekly from Wichita, Kansas • 2

Welch's Weekly from Wichita, Kansas • 2

Welch's Weeklyi
Wichita, Kansas
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WELCH'S Published Every Friday by Welch's 211 South Main Street, Entered as Second-Class Mail Matter office at Wichita, Kansas, under Arthur Edward Contributing ROBERT HUNTER. JULIA WEST MRS. ANDERSON CHAS. W. GREENE A.

M. KINNEY WEEKLY The Following Declaration of Principles are Endorsed A. E. ALBRIGHT by the Candidates Whose Names are Co-Operative Publishing Attached Hereto Dealer in Wichita, Kansas January 7, 1910, 1 at the post the Act of March 3, 1879 Welch, Editor Editors Norton Heights, Conn Wichita, Kansas Wichita, Kansas Wichita, Kansas Kansas HIE I 1 WHO WILL BE MAYOR? Many of the good people of Wichita are worried just now about the mayoralty campaign. There certainly is something doing in that line; all kinds of interests are getting out a candidate, trom the smooth politician to the business interests and gambling and liquor element and JUST THINK OF IT! The workingmen have a real working man out for the first time.

Oh, my, but you working people have nerve! Why, the idea of your doing such a thing and not letting the business men run your city SO THE COST OF LIVING WILL BE MAINTAINED, and 80 per cent of the voters are members of the working class. Are you working men going to be conscious of the fact that the interests of the class you belong to is for you to stand together at the polls, and vote for the real workingmen's candidates for mayor and commissioners. WELL, and when the to 10 thousand votes are counted, Blase and his comrades, they, the honest voters, will have to be on the job of watching the talley or thousands will be counted for some one eise. "Here's to you, Workingmen, who are going to vote for a workingmen's ticket." May you get wise and realize your interests are safe in the hands of men who understand Socialism and the law of economic determinism. Their actions will be true to their class.

TRY THEM. CITY GOVERNMENT FOR WICHITA. There are 10 believe they are the ones to guide the ship of Wichita thro troubled waters for the next two years and will ask that the ters try them. We are of the opinion you will use your right in choosing who will make the final race for mayor and commissioners on their merits as men of the working class, and will not be fooled by that catch phrase, a business adnrinistration. Wichita has had one the last two years.

Why not try a bunch who are going to give you an honest administration if elected and will Socialize and Milwaukeeize Wichita. Read their platform. POLITICAL TRADES. Al H. Blase, the workingmen's candidate for mayor, was approached and offered the help of a few who claimed they could deliver 3 or 4 thousand votes if he would agree to let them name the Chief of Police and Police Judge.

Now if those politicians had known that we, the men who understand Socialism in its true meaning, won't enter into any deal and compromise the great principles we stand for; we would rather be defeated than to do so, and they, the politicians, would have been spared the humiliation of being turned down hard. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? Mr. Workingman, will you try and help establish a workingmen's rule of Wichita? There are over 7,000 who are going to vote for the candidates we are supporting, and all we need to have a clean majority over all is a few more votes. Will you help by voting for Al H. Blase for mayor, A.

A. Roe, C. A. Hamlin, I. Lesem and J.

W. Taylor (Old Bill) for commissioners. They are the men who will socialize and Milwaukeeize Wichita. Do you want it bad enough to make it emphatic by a big majority over all? MANY CANDIDATES OUT. There are some candidates out who if they talk with a Socialist confesses to being in sympathy with the Socialist movement and the workingman's friend.

They cannot show you any real benefit they will be over the regular endorsed candidates, nor as good because those we endorse have Milwaukee to point to as an example of what real sincere Socialists can do in office. So, Mr. Voter, don't be fooled not to nominate and finally elect those men we endorse, and you will have a true friend in the City Hall. THE WISE ONES KNOW. Men who are in close touch a careful investigation concede that who are supported by the Socialist inated and finally elected mayor H.

Blase for mayor and A. A. Roe sioners. Now, Mr. Workingman, missioner candidates we are and I.

Lesen. with local affairs politically, after three out of the five candidates and Welch's Weekly will be nomand commissioners. They are Al and J. W. Taylor for commiswhy not elect the remaining comsupporting.

are C. A. Hamlin 'E WHO IS THE MEN We are suf ing the candidates whom we believe will be true to elect men from your class you Read the principles of Al H. Hamlin J. W.

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Water WANTED--At the Mental Science College, Bryan Mawr, King 100 teachers, organizers, lecturers and Healers; also one young man or woman with means for cashier of a cooperative Bank. Write for particulars. College opena July 1st, 1911. OR Researches in the Lines Progress: From S. Through Barbari: Civilization The great question before the people of the United States and before the citizens of Wichita today is the trust question.

The trusts make their existence felt in every household of the -from garret to cellar, from drawing room to kitchen. THE TRUST QUESTION IS NOW A LOCAL ISSUE. The trust is not only a subject for national legislation--it has become a state and local issue. The fight all through has become a fight of the people's interests against the "special interests." Not only do the trusts play a great part in our state politics, but they are likewise responsibie for our local ditions. we have in Wichita many local monopolies controlling necessities of life, such as ice companies, the street car company, the gas company, the telephone company, the water company, the electric light company.

Frthermore, our public utilities now form a part of the gigantic system of public service trusts. The trust question must therefore be met locally as well as nationally. THE TRUST OWNERSHIP OF THE NATION. As to trusts--it is a fact, that the medern development of business in many instances has made monopoly inevitable. Monopoly is here whether we like it or not.

So the only question is whether it shall be public or private monopoly. And the private ownership of the monopoly has clearly shown the evils of the present system. The trusts have proved that now a days a small number of capitalists have it in their power to decide how much meat and how much bread we shall eat; how much we shall spend for coal and how much for oil; how nicely or how poorly we shall be clothed and housed; what kind of fur. niture we are permitted to use; and in what kind of a coffin we are to be buried. They can do this by Axing the price of everything.

in short, 1 the trusts decide how well or how Ill, how long or how short a time we shall live. Therefore we must Insist that the control of the Industries of this country shall be taken away from a small number of Irresponsible and greedy men whose aim la to exploit us to the last limit of our endurance. The nation should own the trusts, because it is clear that as long as the trusts are in private hands the trusts will own the nation. Locally we demand that the evile of the trust be combatted with all the means at our command, as we show further on. REFORMERS ARE HOPELESS.

There is nothing to be hoped for by electing mere reformers or so called "good men" to office. They do not differ in any essential point. Both are in favor of upholding the present system. The trusts grew up nationally and locally with their help. All of them are trust owned.

THE GAME OF "INS AND OUTS." All the high sounding clamor of these men is sheer hypocrisy and a bid for votes. These reformers and reform organizations, willingly or unwillingly, serve as feeders for the trust owned national parties of Aldrich and Bailey. These reformers have never accomplished anything of value anywhere. All they accomplish is that they keep some good and hon est but gullible men within the lines of the capitalist parties. Elections for them are simply the old game of "Ins and Outs" for the politicians.

The Ins want to stay in office and the Outs want to get the office. GIVE THE TRUSTS THEIR FIRST HARD KNOCK. Every Interest of the people suffer more or less at this time from the trust ownership of the nation and from the high prices. But the workers suffer most. The trusts fear nothing but working class control of public matters, therefore, if the voters of Wichita want to give the trusts the first real hard knock they have ever had In Kansas let the voters put this city in the hands of the working people.

And besides you will thus give Wichita the best administration any city in the state of Kansas has ever had. THE SOURCE OF CORRUPTION. This capitalist system not only resulte in untold misery and suffering, but also in crime, prostitution and corruption. It is to the corruptive power of capitaliem playing upon the venality, the uncertainty of the future, and the business Instinct of those who have made politics a business, that we owe the corruption of our government. Graft le business in politics.

One so called "reformer" lends himself as naturally and readily to the Interests of the capitalist class as the other. And both naturally become corrupt, no matter what change may take place in the personnel of the offlee holders. The rule of our present mayor and commissioners has made Wichita one of the most venal cities in the country. The promised "good guvernment" in Wichita is looked upon, not only by our own citizens, but by the country at large, as a joke. This city has come to be known as harboring place for criminals.

It possesses to-day, for the first time in its history, national reputation for graft and official corruption. The famous "stamp cases" of last year, the exposure of which resulted in Federal indictment of a former chief of police, together with one of the foremost business men of the southwest, show the depths to which dishonest public officials, as well: as others, will stoop in their greed for private gain. The widely known "hidden room" affair is still a stench in the nostrils of the public. We charge that our present administration has, from the stand point of good government, been a a farce. Three different chiefs of police have failed in their "clean up." Joints and prostitutes are as numerous and as bold in their business as ever.

FAILURE OF REGULATION. The utter inefficiency of the present administration is nowhere more apparent than with reference to the problem of public utilities. This has amply been shown by the miserable failure of their boasted "regulation." Our present officials are now, or have been, in a dispute, legal or other wise, with about every public service corporation in the city. No permanent good can come from this, for the reason that these institutions are privately owned and their owners will run them as they please. The investi.

gation of the telephone plant, at a cost of several hundred dollars, has not lessened the burden of the people. On the contrary it will in the end, probably increase their load. "An official visit" to the gas fields has given us no more gas than before, and with all the official clamor concerning the water plant the pressure on the mains has increased not an ounce. The street car service is just as vicious, the cars just as filthy and overcrowded, the rates just as exorbitant and the general operation just as reckless as ever. The people will never find relief from the tyranny of private monopoly in these public utilities until they themselves own and operate them.

And until the city Is in a position to take over the public service utilties. we demand their utmost extension and the enforcement of good service. City inspection to that end shall be established if we carry the city. OUR PROGRAM. The city shall secure ownership and management of all public service enterprises as far and as fast as the state laws will allow.

We will work for the repeal of all state laws which prevent cities or counties, or even the state itself from engaging in any business or industry, or for an ment to our present state constitution, in case such is necessary to bring about this end. This having been accomplished, we would favor: The establishment by the city, of a publically owned steam laundry, paying union wage scale, and operated at cost. A city coal yard operated at cost. A city coal yard at which coal could be had at the cost of mining and transportation. A municipal ice plant to furnish Ice to citizens at cost, about ten cents per hundred pounds.

A municipal paving plant, which would save the city thousands of dol lars annually, through the elimination of contractors' profits, and at the same time insure first class work instead of shoddy, and an avoidance of constant quarreling over paving guaran tees and If elected, we pledge ourselves, on being petitioned by the required number of voters, to call a special election at which the voters may decide, once and for all, what shall be done toward acquiring the present water works system, or the building of a new one. Aid and encouragement to labor unions in protecting their members against sickness, accident and unemployment. Reduction of the hours of labor. Abolition of the contract system on public works. Abolition of the police powers against peaceable strikes, and the forbiddance of importation Into the city of dangerous characters, commonly known as "strike breakers." City aid for foundling homes.

Freedom of speech, press, and assemly. We call attention to the fact that the hours of labor in many of Wichita's industries are too long. Especial. ly is this true in some of our steam laundries, where women and girls often work twelve to sixteen hours per day. Equal rights for women so far as we can establish the same either through public sentiment or law.

All city employees to be treated One American and only nized by the universities one of the world's great sei American is Lewis H. Morga of this book. He was the on the subject. His conclusi fully sustained by later inv of many vitally important facts, wi This work, contains a full and el intelligent discussion of the "Wo. that the suce customs that have arisen have certain definite industrial conditio shows that it is industrial change relations of the sexes, and that the still going on.

He shows the histor the "double standard of morals" women, over which reformers hav And he points the way to a cleane life for women in the future, throt of the working class. All this is s. through historical facts; the reade. his own conclusions. Cloth, large pages, gold star lately this book could not bought $4.00.

Our price is $1.50, and we book to YOU for 50c, provided you the same time for a year's subscri International Socialist Review. Add Charles H. Kerr Co 118 West Kinzie Street, A Live Socialist Hustler $2.00 in One on our new SPECIAL aWe want a representative in every U.S., and we are going to put out the literature at less than cost in order to with the right men. Here is what we postpaid for $1.00. 5 Warren's Suppressed Information, at 1 5 Fred Warren's Defiance, at 10c 5 Connolly's Socialism Made Easy, 10 5 Wason's The Wolves, Illustrated, at 10 East wood's The Question Box.

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A. umn. men, and Doing cannot knows will for mayor and commissiontheir class. Workingmen, when will know they understand your Blase, A. A.

Roe, I. Lesem, C. fort in this paper in another colneighbors so they can learn about will of the people. worst town morally in the West we asked for full information. addition to all other duties we time to investigate so if any one know, come and tell us and we AL Shoe Shop is the for Good Work 111 South Lawrence F.

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