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Ranch and Range from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Ranch and Range from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Ranch and Rangei
Coffeyville, Kansas
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THE RAMBLER'S COLUMN. CORRESPONDENCE. Uanlfaotubkk of and Ujulkk IK nary when taken ill. D. H.

lournsy bar father, Is now In the city. The petition for pardon of Bob Talton for the murder of Jesse Elliott failed to gel vn a hearing before the Executive council Supt Jackson has completed the faculty of the Mae Seminary: Walter Thompson, Jm, Parks, Will Thorn and Nap.leon Wa lac ft, selection is my Judicious. Nowata Circumstecce. BY MARVKRIOK. Jim Todd Is able to he lu town for bis mall once a week, SId Ws week to to Adam Wilson.

Joe gave a dauce last week but BO Allen did not atteud. Henry Oswald loft Tuesdav work, guaranteeing a fit and Satisfac desiring work can Send their Names and Circular giving directions how to and-is riving better satisfaction Kansas Dr. W. D. Ezell, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Coffeyville, Kansas, Solicits a Share of your Patronage, Office West of Katies', up Stairs.

Small Farm for Rent. One milfl south of Coffeyville, containing 25 acres. Two room house, pasture, wood for family use, a nice place and cheap. Enquire of Dr. Compton or J.

T. Sandefur, Agent. Town Topics. Mrs. Wra, Selby Is recovering after a severe Illness.

The Mo. Pac railway is building a side track lor the new elevator. Tlw Coffeyville Conservatory of Music is now located in the McCoy block. Mrs. Emma Harris, of this city, made a busi ness trip to Olaremore, Tuesday.

Blind Boone will present a popular musical entertainment the evening of March 6th. Two furnished rooms to rent, located near the Santa Fe depot, enquire of Henry Achgill. There will be English preaching held in the German Luthern church next Sunday at 2:. Everybody invited. District conference of the M.

E. church will convene in this city March 8th. The prospects are favorable for a large attendance. A large delegation of "boys in blue" passed through the city Tuesday morning to attend the G. A.

H. encampment at Pittsburg. The Modern Woodman of America of this city rejoice over the adoption of their lopth man which occured last Tuesday evening! John Higginson, "the only" restaurant man in the B. I. was up from Nowata yesterday, and was shaking hands with his many friends.

H.C.Nye, the hustling marble man, visited Liberty today. He is erecting a fine monument to the memory of Mrs. Geo, Venable's husband. W. Sanders, of Olaremore, sheriff of Coo-weecoowee district, was.

in the city Tuesday, Ed is one of the most popular men in the district and is a thoroughly efficient officer. Mrs, Claremare, well and favorable known in the Territory, was in the city Tuesday. She did considerable trading and transacted other business and returned home in the evening. I Col. Gaddls and Martin "two plug-hat speculators" of Nowata were in the city, Tuesday.

The way they stick to Nowata and her great natural aavautages can only be illustrated by pointing to a fly on a "lasses" pitoher. The basements are bsing cleared in the buildings destroyed by fire in the west part of the Masonic block and soon rebuilding will commence. This is what Coffeyville needs. The outlook for the city is brighter thin ever before. Perry Landers, formerly with Istaam.

Bros. Mansur, has accepted the position of traveling salesiiian for the Buckeye binder company and will have charge of Coffeyville, Nowata and Alluwee. Perry has proven his ability and integrity by several years service with the leading hardware firm in this section. Lou Delts and Harve Sanderfur rendezvoused at Hotel Carey at Nowata Monday night and the way they were tailing binders and collecting in their mind was a caution. These boys travel for different companies and canvass about.

the same territories but are always good friends and assist each other where possible. Will S. Irvln, of the Ranch ano Rangk, is an applicant for the office of cattle inspector. He says he doesn't know much about the 'foot and mouth" disease, but he can tell a Poll Angus heifer from a dehorned cow and he thinks that is more information than most of the present administration possess. Clierryvale Champion.

The annual session of the 8. K. conference, of the M. E. church, will held in this city next month.

Rev. Mc-Dolo informs us that thore will be about 175 in attendance. This nutans a great deal to Coffeyville in the way of an advertisement. The city ought to be in her best attire so as to make a good impression upon her visitors. Dikd: At the residence of her father, Tf, Bi F- Compton of this city, Mrs.

A. J. Reicfl, Wife w- Relce. after an illness of morp fftan two years. The deceased was a resident of J.Tpw Orleans, but for a number of years has spent her summers with her parents in this city.

Mrs. Roice has long been affiictod with consumption, her sufferings were intense, but borne with resignation and died with the blessed hope of immortality. She leaves a husband and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. UNCLAIMED LETTER LIST. List of unclaimed letters remaining in the postoffice at Coffey ville, Kansas.

February 20th, 1893, Beck Mm A Budd Mrs Ktta Ooden Frank Duffev Goosey Eastman Mist Carri Poster Ed Hamilton Thorn Keys Miss Kate Kevs Mrs Shelly Little Stephen Province James RidlugooCA Redding Josetdi Stevens Miss lilla Smith Wm. Brown Ooltrcl! William Davis Augustus Dutley Jossle Flunatrick 8. A. Uordan Haes John Kinney A Knave Mrs Sindle Mustrrove Miss Bebecca Powell A A Ratter Scfltt Harvey Smith le wis Thomas Mrs Eliza Comments upon Everybody and Everything, Anywhere and Every whore. As the "Rambler" greets the readers of the Bakoh anb Bame for the first time they will notice that he stands on a broad platform, But theu his very name suggests his doing so.

Ho is not one of your narrow pnthway writers, who give themselves solely to one class of news, or to the study of one subject. Nol the Rambler wants to ramble and so in this column be not surprise 1 if he turn suddenly from grave to gay from the sublime to the rediculous, One week he may gravely ponder over the affairs of state and ihe European situation while the next week may find him meditating on the latest Freqoh scandal or sitting in judgement on an epic poem. The readers of this paper possesst different tastes and the Rambler, desirous of counting all hia friends, will try and interest them all. So here is bis hand! Give him your. never mind how it looks i It may be hard and rough with thickened finger tips and norny palm, it may be delicate and fair.

But whether it be the hand that guides the plow or the hand that rocks the cradle: the hand of old age or of youth, of man or woman, boy or girl, of sick or well, of millionaire or beg gar, bedecked with jewels or bedeck ed with hardship's scars, the Ramb ler wants that hand to turn down the Ranch and Range at this column every week and follow what his hand has produced. And this is the Rambler's column. Here you will find no spring poems, no local items, no patent medicine tettimonials, no sparkling head lines, These all may find their place but not here. His sign is out, he has taken pos session, he is here to stay. Regular places of business are the The successful business men are generally found "at the old stand." When you receive your paper, all frenhly laden with the perfume of printer's ink; you will not need to turn acrobat dislocate your neck, turn the papers inside out lose your temper in order to find the Rambler.

His rambling today is in the past You know how experiences are stored away, like the photographer's negatives for future use. Copies can always be procured. New and then, impression is lost or shattered, or fades away after great lapse of time; but, as a rule, pictures can be. procured which are true to the original and the nega tives can be laid aside till needed The Rambler has had out a couple of negatives today. Though a little obscure in detail, their out line remains very clear.

They pur- tray his early journalistic experi-' once. Don't imagine by this, how ever, that the Rambler is aged, for he. is but a youth, although these pictures seem to him old indee 1. He was a school boy then, but oon't imagine, young folks, it was in these days Of pretty teachers and go as you please attendance. It was at bqarding a school that the Ratnblar first plunged into the bottomless ocean or knowledge ana lor six months at a time he was left to the mercy (or lack of mercy) of the good presiding dame, who believed her self th natural born enemy of boys in geueral, and the Rambler in particular.

But there he edited a pa per. It was a very modest produc tion, all written in the editor's own hand. It was good and it died young; laugned to death by unap-preeiative companions. The end was peace. The second negative Beta forth a later experience.

Having passed from school to college and gained much in knowledge, the former editor, in conjunction with a kindred spirit, set on foot a 16 page monthly magaaine which enjoyed the classic name of "Endymion." But the en. joyment was short lived. One num ber alone appeared, ine nm was the last and the last was the nrnt. Rambler thought it a masterpiece! It contained among other things the opening chapter of a serial story whlcu 'a8 beautifully illustrated in colors on the that page. It con-tained a page of original poetry and the obituary of a man who was afterwards found to be alive.

Endymion'a appearance was cordially welcomed but unfortunately the editors had a little falling out and No. 2 never appeared. It never will. Dear me) what rambling! and over a dead past! But the pictures remain and are precious. Carefully put away the negatives, they may yet again ftive pleasure.

Yes! and be useful too; when false prde needs lowering or when trials come to the Letters From Anywhere and Everywhere and of Interest to AH Correspondence Solicited. Coody's Bluff Items. A READER. We are having flue weather. We are not going to be left out." Farmers iu this vicinity are preparing for spring work.

Mrs. Charles Long is quite sick, suffering from la grip, Mr. John Keys Is now the owner ol the notorious Henrv Starr horse. Miss Jennie Bowman of Coffeyville, is visiting her sister at this place. Preparations are bejng made to erect a new colored school house on Lightning creek.

Miss May Vanslckle has been visiting Mrs. Albert Armstrong for the past few weeks hut has returned to her home near Coffeyville. A number of young met; went out on a wolf chase Monday. Well, boys, you had better try Capt, Rogers plan to catch them with fish hooks. Mr.

Albert Armstrong has employed Mr. 0. Jordan, the famous horse trainer, to break horses to both ride and drive. They first chose a pair of match sorrels. We expect to see Mr.

Armstrong drive them to Coffeyville in the near future, Edna Items. BY U. NO. Edna wants a bank, We had a "'spell of weather" last week. Trade at least fair, so our merchants say.

Neither Coffeyville nor Chetopa can eclipse Edna. "Jiuts" flourish hero, we are sorry to say. Who will suggest' a remedy? Our people occasionally go to Chetopa to trade. How does this help to build up home enterprises? H. Redman has taken a partner, Joseph Rodebaugh.

Their moat market will i bo well patronized and worthy of support. H. Muzzy, acting under the instruction of J. H. Hoole, E.

Mason aud Ed. Scott, began closing out the W. Raymond stock of hardware, Peter Way and wife have spent the winter in Chauute.with Mrs. Dunlap, their daughter. Mr.

W. returned last week aud Mrs, W. will shortly follow. Our esteemed fellow citizens, W. J.

Webb, G. W. Reasor aud Cunningham attended the grand Masonic banquet at Mound Valley last week. The boys unanimously praise their entertainers. Albert Reesa of Vaughnville, Ohio, and Miss Jennie Bennette were married last Thursday, Feb.

16, Rev, Hubbard officiating. Miss Jennie is the amiable daughter of John Bennette, living south of the city. happy couple started for Ohio where they will make their future home. May all their troubles be little ones. Wagoner Wrinklei.

BY DAMON. Jas. Broile is ness. recovering after a severe ill- Miss Maud Parkinson is visiting her many friends in Texas. Fred Turner of Muskogee, transacted bust ness in this city last week.

Wagoner is not dull But the people are dull who talk In this dull strain. Ellis Childers, one of our successful farmers and st ckmen, delivered a flue lot of hogs to Stephen Lacey the first of the week, light. Davis, a newspaper man of Neosho, Missouri, and who once thought of locating here, visited his father, F. M. Davis, last week.

Ex-Judge Keys and E. C. Alberty, both of Chouteau, were visitors in the city last week. They are prominent nieu in the Cherokee Na tion, Will Teaugue is now shipping stock to St. Louis in preference to Kansas City markets.

He thinks the former markets more advantageous, Wm, Foreman, Chas. Bailey, Pat Sullivan. Ai. Drydan, A. A.

McFee nd John Ward were iu Ft. Smith last week la the case of U.S. vs. McHeury for the assault on Pat Sullivan, Albert Norman is taking a commercial course at seaana, Missouri, xne tact that many of the young people the Territory de sire business training, should stimulate the starting of such an institution at home. Owing to pressure of other business your scribe ftnds it difficult to write items for the Ranch and Ranqe, still we desire the commercial center at th roads represented.

Now, a dozen or more send news items to the editor. Cherokee Gapitla Comments. BY ANON. There is some talk of a call Council in a short time. Tip Mayso left for hi9 home on Grand river (or a visit, Sam Starr and family visited hm brother Hon.

E. E. Starr, last week Strip, Strip, nothing but Strip enters into the conversation about the Capital. The M. E.

church has received twnntj-nln accessions since the first of the year. C. Boudinot and G. W. Benge have gone to Washington to Join the Cherokee delegation.

The Presbyterian and Baptist mission schools are iu full operation and both have a gooi at- tendance. 1 ihe" Treasurer recently returned from St. Louis and school warrants are oeing cashod this week. The Male and Female Seminaries opened wiih a full attendance and are bein conducted in the most approved manner. Jus.

-Antwlne and Mrs. A. Johnson were married at the bride's horns the 11 Inst, by Tom Triplett, clerk' of Tahlcquah district. Miss Lilla Flourney of is convalesc-ina after a severe illues at the residence of her uncle. John F.

Wilson in this city. The young IMy wa la the eity to enter the Female Bciul- Doci ill kinds of Boot and Shoe tion in Every respect. Parties Address and they will receive measure the Foot. ats done nothing else for than any man in the West. Coffeyville, FOR A fine room house in the west part of Coffeyville, Kansas.

Shade trees, cistern, etc. etc. Price $650. It will yield 20 per cent, on the investment. De yeu want the Earth? A 4 room house, fine corner lots, 40 trees, cistern, etc.

Best small place in the west part of the city. Price $1,000. Hp Mk quick if you want a Snap. The above will double In -value In a ftw years. Do not wait until some one elie make a fortune in real estate and then tell your friends what you "eould have" done, NOW it the accepted tlino.

C. G. GLASS. plBSIi SOXJI! every day at SHORT ORDER RESTAURANT, Hot or Cold LUNCHES At all Hours. In center of Block, north of Condon, s.

DENTISTRY In All Its Branches. and Mrs. LEE. The old reliable Dentists. Dr.

and Mrs. Lee the" Old Reliable Den- 11SH. AUO UUl) UUUVow vasjw enee and ability in Coffeyville The only dentists who extract teeth without pain or causing any bad after ffect. All the new improvements in dentistry. 91.00 for a good set of teeth.

All, work A No. 1, and the best in the- county. Oftet over McCoy's store, Coffeyvillo II. Beware of inexperienced dentists who Inject poison in the gums whe attracting teeth. Lliliinery at Cost! FOR 30 DAYS ONLY AT fOOPER and GILLAM'S Jfillinery Parlors no Stairs Over the Poetoffiee.

WfTiUe Kansas. YOU VISIT COFFEYYILLE Be Sure and call at the FARMERS' HOME For a Square Meal or a CJean Bed. B. RALLS. RICHARD LEWIS, fehant Tailors, tn receiving a Complete Lina of SPRING CALL AND SEE THEM.

Tou will be pleased in gooda, worfc-IS manship and prices. off3Yville Kansas, a leaving Mrs In charge ef the hotel. Tine Walker was resumed the bnw, ness with Red HcMurty as principal carver. Barndollar is having a store crossing put In on Cherokee street between him and J. E.

Cambeil Qt CO. John Cplbe commenced a new uin day John is coming to town tn children. The R. boys were Main marl, Tlinrriv fh 0I tne about $35 worth. W.

V. Carey and Will Dodge went down to mm Jake Llpe last week. Jake is suffering with tuj attack of erysipelas. J. H.

Keith wears a smile as large as a man's hand occasioned by the appearance of a new wm at his house last Friday evening. Another Cherokee intruder made hia appear ance at the home of Orson Funkhouser lait Thursday. It Is a boy and weighs nine pounds. RufeCantton and Ike Roegrs escorted Scott Brunner to Ft. Smith, Tuesday.

Brunnerwas one of the gang that committed the Wharton train robbery'. Taylor Fields had his left leg amputated above the left knee last week by Jrs. Hall of Coffeyville, Allen, of Nowata, Bass, of Talala. and Lane of Claremore in consequence ct an accidental gunshot. "Ihe gun was not loaded, when It went off." Frank McCauly goes to jail for 4 months for enticing and alluring away from home the "only fat hoc" of Mr.

Rowland living east of town, A man that will stoop so low as to meddle with a it ucigiiuui' uumesiic property, snouia be Uiu summarily dealt with, Bartlesrille News. BY DEACON. Oats sowing is now the order of the diy. G. B.

Keoler attended to the Osage payment last week. The family of Robert Pierce has moved to Coody's Bluff. Demp Gilstrap of Ringo, visited friends in this city Sunday. The little daughter of Mrs. Jane Swanish died last Saturday night.

Harry Scott will remove to the Territory about the first of the month. John Love, traveling salesman for the Buckeye binder was iu our city Tuesday. Mr. Morgan and Jesse McFadden started for Elk City Monday with two loads of hogs, Wm. Johnstone and James Stokes attended the stockman's meeting at Claremore Monday.

C. Armstrong of Coody's Bluff, visited the family of his daughter, Mrs C. V. Overleese. iu this place over Sunday, A very enjoyable dance took, place at the residence of 8.

Johnson's last Saturday evening in which many of our young people participated. Dr. Stewart is at presetit enjoying a practic second to none in the Territory and is on the go night and day, One thing that Bartlesville can boa st of is its good doctors. Miss Rena Terrian and Arthur Carr were united in wedlock lust Thursday, the 35th at the Osage Agency. They have the best wishes of their many friends.

Dr. Ktrkpatrick says that since the employment of Malcoin McLain his trade has picked up so among the young ladies that he says he ex. pects he will have employ more hslp, yet he is" a good rustler, you bet. Oscar Drum and wife will shortly leave this place for their home at Longton. They will be accompanied by Miss Pearl Callahan, who will make her future home in that city, While in this city Mr.

and Mrs, Drum have made many friends who regret to see them leave and the three have the best wishes of their many friends in this place. A Connubial Knot. Special to Ranch and Range, Cabin 'creek, C. 22, M. Anderson, and Miss Ida Kinnison were married on Feb, 15 by Rev.

Charles Journeycake at the residence of the officiating minister, near Alluwee. The they returned home and enjoyed a sumptions dinner prepared by the grooms parents. All present heartily enjoyed the occasion. Monday night a dancing party was given at Henry Wolfe's residence at which about fifty young people participate! The "light fantastic toe" was tripped until the "we sina' hours." The happy couple are both citizens, the groom being a Delaware and blushing bride a Cherokee. Your humble scribe wishes them long and happy lives and Is Joined by a host of friends.

Montgomery never fails to get to the front in good shape. A letter written to the editor of the champion, written by an eye witness says "Frank Beneflel, representative from Mont gomery county, when he saw the condition ot things, he run a foot race up the stairs, knocked the door keeper down, burst Into the hall and was the first Republican on the floor. On the inside of the door ho was methy a Populist with a Winchester. He took the Winchester and the charfe and held them while the Republicans battered down the doors. What's the matter with the "bloody hutcher" from Coffer villo.

Will S. Irvin editor of the Rsoh and Range, at Cotleyville was a welcome caller Tuesday. Mr. Irvln is a candidate for cattle inspector at Coffeyville and as he was a Populist during the late campaigu, no doubt stands a good chance of securing the appolut-munt and as he Is a good business man. Governor Lewelling could not make a bstter selection.

Come again Uro. and you will always find our latch stilugou the out slue, Cheiryvale So I'U'ullC, Parties calling for the above letters will please say "Advertised," J. WcCmaby, P..

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