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Ranch and Range from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Ranch and Range from Coffeyville, Kansas • 5

Ranch and Rangei
Coffeyville, Kansas
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CORRESPONDENCE. Among The Delewares. The great payment of the Dele Manufacturer ok and Dkalkk in Does all kinds of Boot and Shoo work, guaranteeing a fit and Satisfaction in Every respect. Parties desiring work can Send their Names and Address and they will receive a Circular giving directions how to measure the Foot. 7S7.

OTJBIIsnE Foreman, aas done nothing else for years and is giving better satisfaction Harry Jennings had the misfortune to fall and severely sprain his ankle last Thursday. He was standing on a chair dusting some shelving, when the chair broke, letting him fall to the floor. While amputating the arm of Jesse Jackson last, week Dr. Woodiing run the point of the knife into his linger, from which blood poison has ensued. Ho visited Independence Saturday, and consulted with sevoral physicians at that place, and Is now getting along nicely.

They Blow Our Horn. A little taffy now and then Is relished by the most of men, (And women, too.) Will S. Irvln has issued the first number of his new paper, the Ranch and rangb. It is a good paper, will receive a paying patronage from the cattlemen iu the Territory, and should receive a hearty support from the business men ol rwares came off this week at Alluwee. It was tho 'coldest reception" ever recorded.

Not-with-standinp- the severity of the weather between two and three thousand people were present, not counting the Editor of the Ranch and Ranoe and the Elevator man. Hon. Leo Bennett began paying the freedmen Monday, and by Tuesday evening they were all made happy. But the "blizzard" began Tuesday and the unsophistic collector and agent not including the Editor of the Ranch and Range and the Elevator felt like it would be a relief to have a mosquito bar or two folded gently about them. Only those who actually enjoyed humping over and standing around a smoking brush heap can appreciate the pleasures of the situation.

And when the gentle shades of night drew near, and with it "roosting time," those who never hustled before, developed this necessary commodity with amazing rapidity. The Delewares received about sixty-five dollars each, beside some had individual claims. These how ever were not adjusted. The 1 'stock" and "railroad" claims were not settled. Some of the Delewares had not drawn last payment, and they received quite heavy sums.

Business firms of various places were well represented. There was one Ham, a popular collector for a popular house, stood by "those brush fire" until his eyes were out even at the sight of them. J. D. bymes, 0f the Moline, Carriage Company, was present for a short time only.

Coffeyville was represented bv many of our most genial and enter prising business men including A. P. Boswell, J. J. Barndollar, Haz and John Read, Wm.

Selby and Son, Uharhe Davis, N. M. Clifford, John Cubine, and last but not least the Ranch and Range man. Many of the people suffered from the cold, and it is almost miraculous that some were not actually frozen to death. It would De a great convenience to everybody if these payments could be made in warm weather.

The payment closed Tnurs-day night, without any serious results, and everybody was fairly well satisfied. New Cherokee Laws. This paper intends publish under this caption one or more laws of general interest each week. Place the Ranch and Range on file for future reference. Editob.

Town Lot Law. AN ACT regulating the sale and holding of town lots in the Cherokee Nation, Sec.l. Be it enacted by the National Council: That by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, the Principal Chief shall appoint one Town Commissioner, who shall be authorized to sell to citizens of the Cherokee Nation and to the highest bidder, town lots in the towns already surveyed after thirty days' notice in the Cherokee Advocate and to settle the unfinished business of the late Town Com missioners. Sec. 2.

The Town Commtssioaer shall not have authority to lay off or survey any new town or towns. Sec. 3. The Town Commissioner shall receive as his salary (20 per cent.) twenty per centum out of all proceeds collected by him for town lots sold by him, or for those already sold and and not finally paid for. Sec 4.

Bo it further enacted: That in case any purchaser falls to pay the installments as they fall due the lot or lots with the improvements thereon shall revert, and become national property and the purchaser shall forfeit the purchase money. All reverted lots with improvements shall be resold as above. Sec. 5. Be It further enacted: That within six months after final payments are made by any purchaser he shall be required to put fifty dollars' worth of improvements on all lots so bought and paid for, otherwise such lots shall revert to the Cherokee Nation, and shall bo resold by the Town Commissioner as provided in this act.

Sec, 8. Be it further enacted: That all persons, who have heretofore bought a town lot, or lots and paid for. the same shall be required to put fllty dollars' worth of improvements on all vacant lots held by them, and in case of failure to da so, suoh town lots shall revert to the Cherokee Nation, to be resold as hi this act providing. Sec T. All acts or parts of acts, conflicting; with this act are hereby repealed.

Amendment That no town lots sha be sold for less than ten dollars per lot. Approved Dec, 13, 1892: C.J.HARRIS, Principal Chief. J. H. Keith of.

Nowata, "sounded" the Yerdigriaat the Tellow Leaf ford on one of his passages from Nowata to the payment. He is thoroughly convinced that it is up to his arms and thai it costs $5 to get harness repaired when you eat it to get a team out of the river. Nowata always in the lead, is now organizing a brass band which will undoubtedly be the most noted in the Territory. The band will be styled the Acme Cornet Band, and will be under the management of Prof. H.

Thomas. The boys who compose the Acme are just the ones to succeed iu what they undertake Letters From Anywhere and Everywhere and of Interest to All. Morton, Kansas. OBSEKVKR. Success to "Ranch and Range" we will come again.

Mrs. Childtrs, whose husband is well-known as one of the solid cattle men of thiB section, is very ill with a dangerous affection of the lungs, Dr. Hall, of Coffeyville, is in attendance, Our esteemed and venerable nftiVhhor Mr. James McJames is strictly in it. Last week he visited Kansas City and Atchison.

He de clares that Morton is his first choice however. MessrB. Cunningham and Green, i i i two 01 our nest Known auu mum popular settlers left Saturday for ndiana, the former to remain there until fall, the latter to visit "the old home" for a few weeks. Mr, Jones our enterprising Post- Master recently applied to the M. K.

T. management requesting per mission to ruD a light grocery store in connection with his duties as Agent butihe request was not granted. Whether this was because the Com pany believe themselves entitled to all of their agents time or because a postmaster like preacher, deserve no special favors at their hands in 1893 we have not yet learned. The protracted meeting at the M. church closed on Tuesday.

Great good has been done, and quite a number have professed conversion, but the work has not been as thorough as it might have been, owing to the flvident fear displayed by many so-called Christians that the other church might get ahead of them. Our good Christian people do not emember that preaching Christ and the salvation of souls should be their object, and not the building up alone of their own particular denomination. Melvern Kansas. A HEADER. January 30th 1893 Dear Editor I am well pleased with the Eanch and Range.

We are having lota of snow this winter our first snow fell about the sixth of Dec. and have plenty left yet. It drifted in some places to the depth of four feet. K. H.

Cranwell's little boy is recovering from an attack of pneu monia, There are hundreds of bush els of corn in the fields yet not gathered which will make the farm rs backward with spring work if the cold weather don't break up soon. The hog cholera iB playing havock near Williamsburg John Trabertlost thirteen head in two days. Melvern has got a new lum ber yard. Bartlesville News. (BY DEACON John weeks was up to Caney, Tuesday.

Willie Gray, of Caney, was In town Tuesday, The Infant child of Henry Armstrong is very ill. Bartlesville is soon to have a new butcher shop, Our doctors are all kept busy at the present time. Demp Gilstroo is once more seen our midst. Albert Go.tyeb came town from Independence Tuesday, ThO town has been ovet run by drummers the past week. The Ranch and Range is taking well at this point, Alex Adair has one of the finest barber shops In the Cherokee Nation.

There Is considerable sickness in this neigh' borhood just at present. It is reported that Henry Starr was seen near this city one day this week. Johnstone Keeler finished invoicing their large stock of goods this week. Marshals T. Weeks, and Asa Hollingsworta.

returned from. Ft, Smith, Sunday, Adair orders the Ranch and Range sent (o his wife at Ottawa from this on Um Gotliot), formerly book-keeper for Johnstone Keeler, was iu tbo p'by Tuesday. Ym, Johnstone, Frank Overleese and Jesse McFadden attended the Delaware payment Lightning creek this week. Walter Thompson, turned, to his home at Abilene, tia week after an extended visit with relatives at this place. Pram's photo gallery has been doing a rushing business ever since he has beea, iu our city.

He is a good photographer and those desiring photos wwM do well to give him a call. The attending physician amputated the arm of Jesse Jackson last week between the elbow and shoulder Joints, and on Wednesday they again cut off another part of the remaining stub, ea aecouat of the bad eosiIitioB ol the wound. than any man in the West. Coffeyville, FOR A fine 3 room house in the west part of Coffeyville, Kansas. Shade trees, cistern, etc.

etc. Price $050. It will yield 20 per cent, on the investment. Do you want the Earth? A 4 room house, fine corner lots, 40 trees, cistern, etc. Best small place in the west part of the city.

Price $1,000. Speak quick if you want a Snap. The above will double In valuo in a few years. Do not wait until some one else make a fortune in real estate and thon tell your frionds what you "could have" done, NOW is the accepted timo. Apply at this ofiice or to C.

G. GLASS. Dr. W. D.

Ezell, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Coffeyville, Kansas, Solicits a Share of your Patronage. OHice West of Kanes', up every day at Mlsaiorf Shockman's SHORT ORDER RESTAURANT. Hot or Cold LUNCHES At all Hours. In center of Block, north of DENTISTRY In All Its Branches. Dr.

and Mrs. LEE. The old reliable Dentists. Dr. and Mrs.

Lee the Old Reliable Dentists. The only dentists of experience and ability in Coffeyvillo. The only dentists who extract teeth without pain or causing any bad after effect. All the new improvements in dentistry. good sctof teeth.

All work A No. 1, and the best in the county. Office over McCoy's store, Coffeyville N. B. Beware of inexperienced dentists who inject poison in the gums when extracting teeth.

Millinery at GostI FOR 30 DAYS ONLY AT COOPER and GILLAM'S Millinery Parlors up Stairs Over the Postotrice. Coffeyyille, Kansas. yoU VISIT COFFEYVILLE i Tf Tf Be Sure and call at I JUu i the FARMERS' HOME For Square Meal or a Clean Bed. 13. F.

RALLS. STEAM Gun and Novelty Works, Novelty I SWisHER Pbop. vj, lake a specialty of impairing Guns, tfe mi Iti'vnlvera. Wst Improved Machinery. Satisfaction Guaran- teed P.

8, We ask our friends not to bring lis any more work for ifrty days as we are rushed twreid all er ylram), Kansas, RAILWAY TIME TABLE. MISSOURI, KANSAS TEXAS. K. C. AND DIVISION.

North bound passenger and express iirrlves 9:25 a.m. North bound freight and accommodation arrives 3:45 p.m. South bound passenger and express arrives 6:00 p. South bound freight and accommodation arrives 10:45 n. in.

ATCHISON, TOPEKA SANTA FE. 80UTHKKN KANSAS DIVISION. Passenger and express, north bound, leaves 9:30 a.m. Freight and accommodation, north bound, leaves 1:45 p.m. Freight and accommodation, north bound, leaves 5:15 p.m.

Passenger and express, south bound, arrives 4:45 p.m. Freight ami accommodation, south bound, arrives 12:20 p.m. Freight and accommodation, south bound, arrives MISSOURI PACIFIC. D. M.

AND A. DIVISION. 481 West bound passenger departs m. 182 Kast bound paseenger 10:45 a. ni.

4S5 West bound local freight departs loa.m. 480- East bound local freight arrives 3:15 p.m. N. AND M. DIVISION.

and St. Louis mail and exprefs arrives 1:15 p. 32n-ColTuyville and St. Louis mail and express deuarts 2:35 p. m.

328 Kmrt bound local freight departs 7 :50 a. m. 327 West bound local fr'ght arrives 3:25 p.m. V. I.

AND W. DIVISION NORLH. 224 Kansas Citv and Little Rock express arrives 5:55 a.m. 221 Kansas City passenger departs 10:20 a. in.

223-Kansas City and Little Kock express departs 11:30 p.m. 222 Kansas Citv express arrives 5 :00 m. K. AND A. V.

DIVISION. 232 South bound passenger departs m. 231 North bound passenger arrhes 10:10 a.m. 240 South bound local freight departs 6:10 a. in.

246 North bound local freight arrives 7:50 p.m. Trains 224. 223, 232 and 231 carry through Pullman sleeping cars between Kansas City, Little Kock and Hot Springs. Through Pullman sleepers and free reclining chair cars to ail points. Levari Selby DEALERS IN MNOS and ORGANS STANDARD And DOMESTIC Sewing Machines.

They represent the BEST PIANOS and ORGANS and buy direct from the factory. They will sell you good3 cheaper than they can be bought else where and on EASY TERMS. They will take your PIANO, ORGAN or STQ(JK in exchange for a new instrument. AWLLWSRY At Less Thn Cost, Worth of new, clean MILLINERY GOODS latest styles all bought within the past year, will be sold or traded even below cost. We are anxious to re duce this stock as we must have more room for our increasing busi ness.

IEVAN SELBY, Coffeyville, Kansas The state board of agrculture asked the legislature to appropriate a Bum cient sum to carry )u bqcI complete the work of properly representing lye reeuuraa 1 uy ivhubhh at me world's 'Thus far all the money which has been raised fof tfce sas exhibit baa been raised by private subscription, and the board does net think this sufficient for a creditable exhibit: Will Irvln, once an Elk county school teacher, but for some time publisher of the Coileyvllle News-Broadax, has blossomed out as the editor of a new paper called the "Ranch and Range," published at Coffeyville, No. 1 of which reached this office this week. Howard Courant, The News-Broadax hats passed into the hands of Harry Bird, and will advocate the oause of Democracy in the future. .8. Irvin.

the retiring editor, has given Coffeyville an excellent paper, and it Is encouraging to know that the News-Broadax will continue to he a good paper under the able management of Mr. Bird. Cherry vale Republic. The initial numner of the "Ranch and Range," edited and published by will 8. Irvin, at Coffeyville, came to our exchange table this week, It is a neat five-column quarts.

The editor announces that he will devote time and energy to farm, stock and home interests, but fails to state whether the new venture is to fill thcjvacunm made by the death of Orange Judd or not. Star and Kansan. We received last week the initial number of the Ranch and Range, a farm journal published at Coffeyville, Kansas, by our old friend Will 8. Irvin. It is chuck full of "Vim, Vigor and Victory." It contains news gathered from all quarters of the globe, and its editorial columns are cared for bv a journalist of envied oputation.

It is strictly devoted to stock, farm and home, and Is a valuable acquisition to the interests it defonds, We predict for it success in every way, Orlando (Ok) Signal. The Mo, Pao. Railway Co. Is now offering reduced rates to the winter resorts of the southeast including New Orleans. For information as to rates, routes, connections, call on T.

B. Fogg, Agt. Arch Wolf, the desperado who was supposed to havo been burned in the Ned Christie fort, in the Cherokee Na tion at the time of the killing of the no torious Christie, has turned up alive and is giving the officers trouble. MuS' kogee Phoenix. Go to Mitdhell's for a square meal.

On the corner north of Wells Bros, Mrs. W. P. Ross of Ft. Gibson, I.

is now having a book printed in memory of her late husband, the lamented VYm. P. Ross. The book contains much Cherokee history, written by Mr. Ross, which is of great interest, all of which was written by hira during his eventful and useful life.

It contains many in teresting addresses delivered by him on various occasions, many of them dating far back in the history of his people. The book will be ready for the public in about six weeks. Muskogee Phoenix. Go to R. J.

Mitchell's Short Order restaurant for a choice porter house steak. Another ono of those cold-blooded murders, for which the Territory is famous, occurred near Eufaula, on the night of the 11th. A party of movers camped near that place, and several persons were sleeping in a tent, when party of men rode by about ono o'clock, and without cause began shooting at the tent. Eighteen bullets pierced the tent, killing one man outright and mortally wounding another, who died next morning, home think it was drunken Indians, while others think it was a posse of marshals who were riding through the country. Ft.

Smith Ele vator. Meals at all hours at MitohelPs. Opposite the Famous. If Unole Sam wants the Strip as bad as he pretended a year ago. he has only to comply with the agreement made with his Commissioners and take it.

There is no use filbustering or "beating the bush'." the money must come and the conditions must be filled or there is no sale. The Intruder must go without a cent from the Cherokee Nation for any of his alleged losses or discomfort Any diviation from the treaty will never be sanctioned by the Cherokee people or Council. It was fpjoed upon us by coercion and intimidation: now let the government fulfil its oft repeated and reiterated pledges. Vinita Glohe. Another old hero of the scalping knife is slowly passing away, at his wigwam near Anadarko It is th chjef 0f the Kiowas this timo.

ja lt 8 n0 iCS9 ft por. sonage he redoubtable old Whito Hoe whose yell struck terror to the pale face a score and more years ago. He has met tho vicissitudes incident to the leadership of the most aggressive Indian tribe in the West. In the mountain fastnesses of Mexico and on the plains of Texas he has led his marauding band of savage warriors. But he yielded up, hja tomahawk long ago, and has spent many years among his conqnerers in peace, moving In majesty among them, but always distrusting them, and in hi3 dying hour showing his untamable and uncompromising spirit.

Chickasaw Express. Ii. J. Mitchell, at Ullom's old order restau- stand is "the" short rant of Coffeyville,.

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