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The Times-Journal from Mound Valley, Kansas • 3

The Times-Journal from Mound Valley, Kansas • 3

The Times-Journali
Mound Valley, Kansas
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THE MOUND VALLEY JOURNAL Prohibition Rally Don't forget to come to Dr. Geisel at the Methodist church this Friday eve. Bring the ballot given you by the grade pupils. Sign it in favor of a certian room and present it at the door. The person signing must be 21 years of age, man or woman, and must attend the lecture, The room receiving the largest vote will be presented a large beautiful flag.

At Six O'clock Dinner Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Wallingford entertained the graduating class and faculty of the Mound Valley high school at a 6 o'clock dinner at the Wallingford home Friday evening.

The guests report an unusually pleasant evening, and a supper such as one is seldom priveleged to enjoy. Eight young ladies and two young men compose the class of '17. Buys Two Wolf Hounds Clif Schenck who is interested in sheep raising along with other lines on the farm, has met with severe losses from the depredation of wolves in the past two years These losses led up to the purchase of two thoroughbred wolf hounds from parties at Emporia, and hereafter he intends to make it interesting for the wolves when they come near his premises. The hounds cost him Sun. Taken Back to Osawatomie Bret McKinnan, who was recently paroled from the state asylum at Osawatomie, was taken into custody yesterday by the police acting in a strange manner on the streeta.

His parents reside on a farm northeast of the city and at their request Chief of Police Walton (took Shim back to the state institution this morning for Coffey ville Journal. Bought Property in Cherryvale Mr. A. M. Tannehill who owns a farm four miles northwest of town was here the last of the week rebilling his household goods to Cherryvale.

Mr. Tannehill has been located at Carlyle, Arkansas, but just recently shipped his goods here while he and the family drove through in a car. They had decided to make their home in either Mound Valley or Cherryvale and just last week bought a fine home on east Fifth street in that city. At M. E.

Church Sunday Sdhool-10 A. M. Mothers' Day Service-11 A. M. Junior League-3 P.

M. Epworth League-7 P. M. Baccalaureate Sermon-8 P. M.

Mothers Day will be appropriately observed by special songs and sermon, All mothers are most cordially invited to be present. A white carnation will 1 be given each mother, All others are asked to wear a white flower if mother be dead, and a red flower if she be living. The Baccalaureate sermon will be delivered at 8 P. M. by Rev.

Hayler, pastor of the Baptist church. Mothers' Day At the Baptist church next Sunday, May 13th the morning service will be in honor of the Mothers. It will be an interesting service in many ways, Special sermon by the Pastor, and special music by a choir of Mothers. Grandmothers will be given a place of honor. The Men's Bible class will give every Mother present a flower as a souvenir of the day, The Young Ladies class will usher and distribute the flowers.

You will be interested and helped. Everybody welcome, Remember the hour is 11 A. M. Come early. In the evening we all go to the Methodist church for the Baccalaureate service, At our mid-week service on Thursday night we are studying thow to use our Bibles in Personal work.

Next Thursday the subject will be "The Bible and Spiritualism." On Thursday following the subject will be "The Bible and Christian service." Everybody given a cordial welcome. Wm. Hayler, Pastor. THE CHILDREN WELCOME of our trade from families that are very particular about the quality of Bread they use. And they are satisfied with ours because it is satisfying Bread, that is, it is nutritious, appetizing and filling.

We. make It of the purest flour obtainable, and use the greatest care in baking, insuring the best possible results at a fair price. SHOUP'S MOUND, VALLEY BAKERY Shipped to Erie The Scott Patterson drilling, machine which drilled the well on the Snowden Pitt farm was hauled into town Monday where it was loaded on the Katy for Erie where these gentlemen have a contract for three or four wells after which they expect to return to some part of the Mound Valley field. EYE SIGHT most valuable faculty that you possess. Most people think their sight is all it ought tot be because it has given them little or no trouble.

Those people who have taken the trouble to ascertain the true condition of their eyes, have found it to be to their advantage, because if gasses were not needed, they were told so. But if their sight proved not all that could be desired, they have recieved very valuable information, afterwards probably securing eye aids which both give clear comfortable vision and preserve it. Consult W. H. Barnes.

Doctor of Optics when he is in Mound Valley Saturday May 12, at Commercial Hotel. Office hours 10:30 to 54:00. BARNES OPTICAL PARLORS Parsons. Kansas. Andrew Bitsko, lost a ten dollar bill Saturday morning some where on Main street, Andy works hard for his money, but says whoever found it leave $5 at the Journal office; and keep the other $5 for their trouble and reward.

Lost a "'Ten Spot" Rev. W. G. Slinker is quite sick at his home in this city. Father Slinker's advanded age makes his recovery rather slow, but we all hope to see him out again, soon.

Mrs. M. Millard and Mrs. T. W.

Merchant spent Monday in Parsons. J. J. PIERSON VETERINARIAN Phone 88 Mound Valley Night 85 Kansas B. Johnson Son.

Dealers in Harness and Hardware We Are Prepared to Repair and Dip Harness L.A. HIATT DEALER IN POULTRY AND EGGS CREAM FLOUR AND FEED PHONE 185A L.A. HIATT DR S. HUFF DR. J.

VOLMER Doctors Huff Volmer Skin Cancer Hospital. Diseases of Women, Rectal Diseases. and office practice a speciality. Private office in hospital over Post Office. Phone 121.

Mound Valley Kansa: MILLINERY Conservative Styles at Conservative Prices Mrs. H. Bell-Hiatt 3 doors south of Rust Call's Lumber Yard Headquarters for Millinery Styles in Mound Valley THE YEAR Ever Anxious to Please Swallowed Pencil Sharpener Billy, the little son of Mr. a and Mrs. R.

C. Blair, tried to cut down the high cost of living by swallowing a pencil sharpner during the afternoon session of sahool Monday. Miss Gladys Stotts was teadhing during the absence of Miss Ruth Hunker, and the first she knew of anything wrong, Billy began choking and crying. He was taken home, refusing to let them carry him, as he said, "there's nothin' the matter with my feet." Billy experienced no ill effects from his accident. Miss Lotus Millard, the oldest daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. John Millard. former residents of Md. Valley, was married Thursday, May 3rd, at Antioch, to Mr. Justin Dunbar.

The groom is a fine young man, and with this father, owns a potash plant at Antioch. The bride is well and favorably known in our city where she spent a number of years, and attended school. She is a granddaughter of Mrs. M. Millard of this city.

The Journal joins her many friends in extending congratulations and best wishes, Lotus Millard Marrien Freshening Up Chas. Gaither has freshened up his residence on North Hickory street by the use of two coats of white paint and is getting things all up in "ship shape" for spring. Mrs. J. A.

Jamison has also improved her home in the same way by the liberal use of paint. Mr. W. T. Hopkins 1 has alSO made a number of improvements, Mr.

H. Darling, proprietor of the Antler hotel, has had the majority of the hotel rooms freshened up by re-papering and decorating. Mrs. Elizabeth Bell has had her home repapered and decorated. These all on Hickory street.

Hess sells Rich-Conn Tools, guaranteed to satisfy you. Old Settlers Association The ninth annual meeting of the Labette County Old Settlers' Agsociation will be held in the City Park in Oswego on Thursday afternoon, May 24, 1917, to which everybody is invited. A residence of forty years in the county entitles one to membership, but those who have not been here so long are welcome. Several parties have promised to be present and read papers; but we do not depend alone on prepared addresses and papers for our entertainment. Any one who has a remembrance of an interesting event should tell it so that we may all have the advantage of his enjoyment.

George Pfaff, President Nelson Case, Secretary. At Aitamont May 11th The Common School Trakc Meet and Common School Commencement will be held at Altamont May 11, 1917. Following is its program: Track Meet; Athletic to 11::30 Dinner 11:30 to 12:30 Folk Dances. High School Campus 12:30 to 1:30 -High School Auditorium, Music- -Girls Glee Club -High School Recitation--Ellis Rainey, District No. 10 Salutatorian Recitation--Genevieve Gregory, District No.

55 Valedictorian Duet -Marie Grant and Mary DeCow, District No. 57 Recitation- -Brunhilde Oakleaf, District No. 75-Winner of Pennant in Declamation Contest. Music-Solo Inez Fairman Address to Class Rev. R.

C. Grosel Presentation of Diplomas -County Superintendent. Music -Girls Glee Club, High School -IntermissionMoving Pictures Auditorium Biase Balt Game Athletic Field To Buiid Gravel Roads The county" commissioners of Labette county have announced to the people of that county that they will set aside $30,000 each year from their annual road fund to be applied in building gravel roads in that county under the new road law, the county to pay half, the township one-quarter and the benefit districts onequarter. Labette county is fortunate in having an abundance of fine rive bed gravel along the Neosho River which traverses TOBACCO HOW ins "I won't be readyto give you this for two years. It's VELVET." We Won't Say VELVET is the Best Pipe TobaccoWe couldn't until we had tried every tobacco made, but-we know that most American pipe smokers agree that Kentucky Burley is the world's choicest pipe tobacco.

ture are makin' VELVET, Nature's sure, patient way. Too many cooks spoil the best after two years' natural ageing, and we take broth. When Time and Na- the time and pay the price to age VELVET in We know that this tobacco can only be at its Nonet no use anybody else You ought to know what we know about VELVET'S mildness, in. mellowness and taste. Well, it's mighty easy to know, and stirrin' foe can never learn younger than right now by trying VELVET you yourself, today.

Liggett Myers Tobacco Co LIGGETT MYERS TOSACCO the eastern edge of that county. It is estimated that a system of gravel roads can be built in that county 16 feet wide, well graded and well drained and surfaced with gravel from five to ten inches thick, at a cost of from $1,000 to $2,000 per mile. The four big road laws, including the automobile 1A7, the bridge the highway commission law and the improved road law are all very important and interesting at this time. Any one or ail of them are freeland may be had for the asking by writing to the Kansas Good Roads Association, Rooms 44-46, Columbian Building, Topeka. Good Southern Kansas Lump Coal always in stock.

H. E. Bell Lbr. Co. Pastures We have just emerged from a winter which, in the northern sections, has been one of the most severe in many years.

No season is welcomed by the dairyman as much as spring, and no month in the year as much as May. He has visions of relinquishing the multitudinous chores that have occupied his time and efforts during the long winter months. He sees the opportunity of getting into his fields and seeding early, that a bountiful harvest will be his in the fall. It is a big vision, but it carries with it some dangers. If the odor of newly turned soil, the verdancy of the grass, the music of the brooks, the songs of the birds, the brightness of the sun and the balminess of the air cause him to become restless and send his cows to pasture too early, he is sure to suffer later more than he will gain immediately.

Cows snould not be permitted to go to pasture until the grass is well started and contains an abundance of nourishment, and is not almost all water. Unless the pasture surface become dry, the cows will up and hast tramp out the grass. Pastures How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J.

CHENEY Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry any obligations made by his firm. NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE, Toledo, 0.

Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.

robbed of the opportunity of getting a good start in the spring are never worth much all summer. Wise is the dairyman who curbs his enthusiasm, commands his patience and reconciles himself to do the winter chores a few extra days, for his pastures will serve better. A larger total volume of milk in addition to the maintenance of a better condition in his animals will result. Foodstuffs have been high this winter and are no cheaper now. Extra expense will be incurred by keeping the cows from the pasture a few days longer, but all Extra expense will be incurred thereby is justified and will be well paid before fall.

Do not send the cows to pasture too Dairy Farmer. Edward Thomas Jamison Edward Thomas Jamison, one of our best known citizens, passed away at the family home on North Second street Sunday evening, April 29th, after an illness of only about thirty-six hours. Mr. Jamison was stricken Saturday morning with heart trouble caused by acute indigestion, and was very low from ithe start, altho on Sunday he seemed to improve and was thought better up until only a few milutes before the Death Angel relieved him of his intense sufferings. Mr.

Jamison is the third of his family to die within the past two months, a sister and brother dying within a few days of each other about two months ago. He feared the result when he wals stricken, but he appeared to be improving, with this family took hope that he was yet to be spared for a longer period on earth, but it was not to be. Death came peacefully at 9:30 Sunday Mr Jamison was born in Kantucky. December 17, 1843, and was 73 years, 4 months, and 12 days of age. Forty-five years ago the was married to Miss Martha E.

Stotts in Labette county, Kansas, and the faithful and loving wife of nearly half a century, with their four children survive. in their sudden great sorrow. the family is indeed stricken, and they have the deepest sympathy of the community, The children are Mrs. W. T.

Ferguson of Montrose, formerly Miss Ida Jamison, Fred Jamison, of Houston, Texas, and William, and Miss Jennie Jamison, of Montrose, Four brothers and three small grandchildren also survive, The family has resided in Montrose for the past fourteen years; and are well and favorably known, Deceased was a faithful member of the Methodist church, and a quiet, home-loving man and a staunch friend. In his death Montrose has lost a most excellent (Colo.) Daily Press, Buy your harness and collars of Hess and save money. L. J. H.

NOTES Glenn Kessler who has been in Kansas City the last few months resigned his position to accept one with the First National Bank at Edna. Glenn visited high school Thursday before going to Edna. Our second track meet was held here Friday, April 27, on our newly finished athletic field. The meet was an easy victory for the L. C.

H. S. The score stood Oswego 26; Md. Valley 16; Altamont 56. Addison Owens, ert McMillan, Herald George, Richard Von Trebra, Denver man, Lloyd Utley, Lloyd Lozier and Don Sheldon were also stars in the event.

Miss Dot Mortimer is absent from schidol this week with a sprained ankle. She reports it is improving nicely. Hope she will be able to come to school again. The Boys Glee Club proved themselves excellent singers and entertainers Friday night. Their negro Minstrel was a grand suecess as it met with the approval of the audience and kept the house in roars of laughter.

Come again, Common School Commencement day about fifty of the high school girls under the direction of Miss Hall will give some May pole dances and drills out on the campus Come and see their green and white frilly costumes. Hurrah for "The Labetta" the first annual to be put out from the L. C. H. S.

Come and buy your annual May 11. Miss Mabel Hildreth of Mound Valley is visiting her sister Mildred Hildreth, at H. S. this week. Myron George, Kenneth Cashman and Clyva Gobble have joined the colors.

Mexicans are Never Bald AMERICANS NEED NOT BE "MEXICAN HERB HAIR TONIC" IS FULLY GUARANTEED This Tonic keeps the hair and scalp in PERFECT CONDITION. It cures Dandruff, Scalp Itch, and STOPS Falling Hair. If you are becoming bald, have any other scalp trouble, or want your nor mal head of hair to stay so, use "Mexican Herb Hair Tonic" Priceless secrets of high caste Mexicans are embodied in this tonic, mak ing it the most efficient on the market. Send two dimes for big sample aud more particulars. THE IRWIN INDUSTRIES Dept.

81 EL PASO, TEXAS The Mound Garage Our constant and continual aim, day and night, year in and year out, is to give you Prompt and Efficient. Service Complete machine plant and competent machinists. All classes of automobile work handled. All calls for motorists in distress anywhere answered promptly. Ample and comfortable storage rooms.

Oil and gasoline service at curb. Free air and water. Complete line of automobile supplies and accessories. Sectional steam vulcanizing. Complete and -to-dace room for recharging storage batteries.

We thank you for past patronage and will appreciate your future business. B. R. SCHROEDER GEORGE WHITE Owner Manager.

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