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The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 3

The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 3

Coffeyville, Kansas
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Eby A and McConnell A Sons shipped 1 COMB'S OBI1U. Banking. THE COURIER. several cars of cattle Hie first 6T the week. Issmm Jonrasyeaks, a Fromlnent Delaware, Capt.

Rudd, the champion farmer of Cher. 11M-Bseap of tho Xnrderer The I New This Week. okeo, moved about, town yesterday In spotless runeral Intense Exei teams. linen, i We acknowledge the receipt of an Invita Last Saturday afternoon Isaac Journeycake, Supplies for harvest at Wells Bros. tion to attsnd a "centennial hop" at Ohetopa, a prominent Delaware at Lightning Greek, thir July id A good gaiter at Wells Bros for $1,86.

les wagons prompt -ho yelli at yourcham ty miles south of the city, was murdored while riding peacably along the road on his way home from a neighbors house by one Calvin Ookur, a Keep youye on Wells Bros, prices. BANKER, OOJr''Jbl XVII iT.Tl. XCAXTSAS. Bays and Sells Gold and SHrer Coin And flvTenunent Bonds. ber window Just when you get started on that half-breed Cherokee.

Ooker and some friends lust nap. JfcUtJ Bftr $1,00. had been drinking it seems, and seeing Journey- Montgomery county is the first of the few cake, accompanied by Daniel Anderson a colored counties in Southora Kansas, to prepare for a man, going by got on their horses and met them. county fair. Compare Wells Bros, figures down this column.

Coker told Mr. to ride outside of the road as Foreign and domestic Exchange bougat and hold. Money Carefully Invested for other Partiea The "coffin war" Come, gentle- he wished to talk with him. Journeycake re. Open Accounts kept for depositors.

Interest allowed on time deposits. Collections made and Promptly Remitted. Fire Insurance Effected in the most Reliable Companies. 4 spools 0. N.

T. thread at Wells mon, it's a grave subject and there should be no. plied that if ho bad anything to say he could ride 35 cent. along the road and say it. Coker then struck at foolishness.

Sam D. Love, of Lightning Creek, Cherokee Six boxes of matches at Wells Bros, for REFERS TO Fret National Bank Second National Bank New York. First National Bank First National Bank RESPECTFULLY Kansas City Mo. Hartford Conn. Northrop 4 Chick Paola, Kst Lawrence, him with a revolver and at the same time caught hold of him and fired ono shot but missed his aim.

Both men fell from their horses and as Nation, was In town Sunday. Good crops in his 25 cents. neigh hurbood. Journeycake attemptod to raise up Coker fired Always a srood stock to choose from at J. M.

Helens has been to the Osage Agen. again, striking his victim in the breast and kill. Wells Bros. "Kitchen Goods." lng him instantly. The weapon was hold so cy on business.

He reports everything lovely New stock Just being; opened at Read Bros. close to the ill-fated man that a large hole in that vicinity. Up to the standard at all times Wells Hams IS cents. was burnt in hit vest. Coker then turned to Bros.

Mammotn stocK, We saw a bunch of oats last Saturday the negro and said, "Daniel Anderson I will fix Ladies call at the Flag Drug- store for the latest thing- in toilet goods. nlcniy headed out. which measused three feet to Wells you in some way soon," and Anderson start. To get the lowest prices go Bros, large, cool store room. and ninn Inches.

ed on the run. Coker thon mounted his horse and disappeared. Mrs. Capt. Rudd and daughter, Leo, called Great reduction in prices in Drugs and everything else in its kindred branches at the Flag Drug store.

Wells Bros, will make figures for you on dry goods, groceries, hats and caps, This man Coker is said to bo. a hard case hav upon us Saturday to add a couple of iiamos to Lettuce, cheap. Eggs IS 1-3 cents. Flour 13,60 to it. Canned corn So cts.

Sides, clesr, 20 cents. Roast of beef Scents. ing some years ago killed a man named Charles our subscription list. boots and shoes. Hicks, and made himself obnoxious generally The farmers the vicinity of Duqkin'sMs- T.

J. Barnes, liveryman, has 20 head of stock hogs for sale. for some time. His wife is a Delaware Indian land on Pumpkin Creek will celebrate the 4th and it is said his hatred for Mr. Journeycake with a basket picnic grow out of a refusal of the Delaware council $1.00 l.tW 1,00 1,00 25 8tbs A sugar 9 lbs sugar lOIbs brown sugar 25 bars of soap papers of soda J.

M. Shorburn, of Cans, says he never saw to allow him to draw his wife's annuity without LADIES. A large assortment of ladies trimmed Eats jnst received at Barricklow's. Pries very low. Meal $1,30 per bushel.

Shoulders 12 1-2 cents. Onions 5 cents a bunch. the necessary order. a better prospect for good crops than there is at The funeral took place Tuesday and was present in his township. At WELLS BROS.

conducted by tho Masonic fratern ty, of which It is refreshing to look over the census re turns and no "John Smith" there. Coffey the deceased was an honored member, and was largely attended. Several prominent Masons Butter IS cents a pouud. Canned tomatoes SO cents. ville has cause to be proud.

LINEN COATS. If you want a linen coat don't fail to go to Barricklow's they are selling them very cheap. from this were present, among whom we noticed Jos. McOreary, S. S.

Buck, S. O. Eber- Potatoes 11.60 cenlsa bushel. KINGSBURY, ALGER (Successors to Mathews, Kingsbury Co ,) LIVE STOCK COMMISSION MERCHANTS. KANSAS STOCK YARDS.

Kansas City, NATIONAL STOCK YAEDS, East St. Louis, Trying to do business without advertising is like farming on paper you have the field but snle, H. Long, G. E. Hadder, H.

W. no harvest. Sad too, isii' it C. W. Titsworth, C.

M. Hethenngton, J. 8. Lang, J. W.

Burns and others. They inform Farmers, save your harness. Call on D. Davis and get some Vacuum oil and oil them. Best oil known for preserving leather.

Montgomery county has one-tenth timber land, and one-fourth bottom land and a great us that an immense concourse of people attend. Kansas City, June 12th, 1875. Turnips 40 cents a bushel. Green peas 40 cents a peck. New potatoes 1 1,25 a bushel.

Plenty of green beans in market. Beef steak 10 cents and 12 1-2 cents. ed, and showed by their actions how deeply The firm of Matthews, Kingsbery many claim a preference for upland. they felt the loss of an honored citizen and kind has been dissolved by A. a.

Matthews re tirinar from the firm. The remaining part -W. W. English and lady, of Oswego, wore neighbor. The members of the fraternity from GENTS SHOES! We have just opened several cases of in town Monday, and remained until Tuesday, this city are loud in the praise of Mr.

John T. Mr. li. has several mail contracts in this part of Smith, Charles Journeycake, G. Davis and others Ex- Gents Fine Shoes, embracing all the latest Try Qaincy Lager at Thompson's the State.

for their hospitality and many favors extended. ners W. H. Kingsbery, D. T.

Alger and J. M. Holmsley, succeed to the business under the firm name of Kingsbery, Alger Thanking our many friends for the lib styles. Call and examine before buying. change.

Isaac Journeycake was born in the year 1819 J. BARRICKLOW CO Stacy Matlock, wife and sister, and Mr. For Sale or Rent. A dwelling house and was consequently 68 years old. He has by Burgess, son of the Pawnee Indian Agent, passed through town yesterday en route to the in Coffeyville.

Apply to J. D. Hinkxk. his honorable conduct endeared himself to every eral patronage in the past, we solicit their Ford Lang wish to see you at their member of the tribe, and at the time of his store and show you the lanrest Several kinds of Lubricating oil cheap death enjoyed the confidence and esteem ot all business in the future, promising to ae vote our personal attention to the same. Respectfully.

cheapest stock of goods in the city at Slossnns Drug Emporium. who knew him. He was a member of the Del There is one young lady In town who Is on ly eleven years younger than her mother ac- aware Council and has been for many years the KINGSBERY, ALGER CO. Our stock of shoes, slippers. is very New stock just received at the Flae cording to tho census returns.

Must be a mis official tribal Interpreter. Drugstore. Largest stock of stationery large and of the finest quality, and very cheap. Call and be convinced. take somewhere! At last accounts the murderer had not been in the city, at the very lowest cash price.

FOR SALE CHEAP. A dwelling house captured, though a posse of about forty men FORD LANG. The gold watch found and advertised last and four lots conveniently situated, the Chloride of lime at Slossons. week by A. Cook, was claimed next day after were in pursuit and wore determined to capture him if possible and make him pay tho penalty south part of town.

House contains four rooms, and will be sold at a bargain, for Sprinjr, suits neat nobby and cheap at the paper came out. It belonged to Miss Jour- he so richly deserves. LOST Sunday afternoon either be Bead Bros. neycake, Lightning Creek, I. T.

cash. Call at this office. tween the Eldridfi-e House and School House or the Eldridge House and R. B. Country subscribers to to the Courier can 150 bolts new prints at Read Bros.

Lat "A TRUCK PATCH." have all the old papers they want by calling at Small Talk. est Styles, 8 and 10c per yard Don't fail to Depot a coral rose bud. The finder will be liberally rewarded by calling on our office. Wo have a large exchange list and call in. MRS.

E. 8. ELDRIDGE always plenty on hand for our friends. J. G.

McConnell ft Sons, and What They Fine stock of ladies misses and childrens JUST RECEIVED BY UPHAM BROS. The Cans people expect to have a rousing Are Doing Nearly Six Hundred Acres In Cultivation, and no More Farms to be had shoes at Read Bros. We sell at grasshopper prices. old celebration on the 5th of July. They never 1 case new style prints 8 9 and lOcts Farming That is Farming Men Who do anything by halves out there, and their ef 2 bales brown muslin bargains Don't Fear Grasshoppers and Drouth -A Large stock of clothing at Read Bros forts this year will, no doubt, be a success.

1 Lonsdale to goat 124cts Sample of What Will Be Seen In The Fu tThe latest styles 2 cases cot tonades and shirtings. B. McGilL.of the Oswego Independent, ture. Linen gooas for dresses coats and pants Gangers, call at D.Davis's and see the and lady were in town Monday and remained overnight. "Mac" is a pleasant fellow and we new patent collar fastener.

6 doz gents fine light weight fur hats. 5 doz pre Ladies cloth shoes only $1.50 J. McConnell ft Sons who, last year, came should like to see liim in these parts often. to this vicinity, from Texas, may well be celts, Kihbons, edgings, Bilk Ties, etc. Immense stock of boots shoes at Read Our Fawn -Creek correspondent, "Dixie," sldered farmers on a large scale.

They own one Bros. House for sale or rent, see Upham Bros. will hereafter keep our readers posted on mat ters of interest in that neighborhood. As a par- farm of over two hundred acres on Onion Creak, besides which, they are cultivating the Coffey farm, ot 100 acres, on the northeast side of town; As the warm tli ot the sun increases, a Plenty of money to loan on 1.2.3&5 years agraphist "Dixie" "pushes hard on the bit." coolness begins to arise between bosom Chip hats are not popular. The war on dogs continues.

A1 kinds of stock looks well. Business lively last Saturday. Several cattle buyers in town. i New barber shop come to town. Croquet is losing its attractions.

Vegetables rlmggishly abundant. The county has thirteen paupers. Plenty of new potatoes in market. Coffcyville hasa surfeit of gossips. John Isham drives a "quick" horse.

G. W. Ourry is township treasurer. Pay your taxes before next Saturday. See notice of house for sale in this Issue.

D. W. Dunnett will build a fine residence. Frequent showers $ugh on brick makers. Good times are coming not far off either.

Dr. Noblott has a son in the regular army. We want news from all parts of the time, on good improved farms in Montgomery County, at the Banking Honse of T.B the Pratt farm, of 125 acres, west of town the friends It has a straw in it and Charley Tne census-taker found three colored girls Graham farm, of 100 acres, adjoining the city Knows how to get it up. who had no name. He kindly supplied the de kJdndge.

one of Noah Eby's farms, of 100 acres, and an ficiency, and named them for different popular See other farm, of 60 acres, south of town malting Money to loan on first-class security lecturers. One he called "Susan B. Anthony." New goods and new prices at FORD LANG'S. in all over 875 acres of ground, moat all of which pham iiros. 800 acres, we believe is planted In corn.

They S. Cahn, of Independence, dropped in to see NEWS 1 READ 1 1 NEWS 1 us the other day. Cahn is known as the "great The latest style Prints at FORD LANG'S. have 75 acres of wheat, on Onion creek, that will yield 40 bushels to the acre, anil a large Strangers visiting the city should call at hide man," and Joe Barrlcklow and the other the "Legal Tender Billiard Hall," Eiehth piece of ground planted in garden vegetables, "boys" say he can smell a "dry flint" ten miles. Street, second door west of Eldridge House The latest style Prints at FORD LANGS.

potatoes, pumpkins, squashes, They have It was Tall Read who bought a bunch of Charley keeps Gillet's Best, and the cele perhaps more hogs, cattle, horses and mu'cs what he supposed to be radishes and never brated O. F. C. Kentucky whiskies con- than any farmer in the county. It takes more than thirty hands to do the farm work and look Hats and Caps, the latest styles, at FORD LANG'S found out that thoy were turnips until he got stantly on nana.

Those who call once don't forget the place. homo and Mrs. R. fcgan a lecture on agricul after the stock. ture.

Hump's ale on draught. J. G. McConnell, who is now well along in Hats and Caps, the latest styles, at FORD LANG'S. years, though still healthy and vigorous, doesall Jim Barndollar and his Indian boy, Telegraphing taught at Queen City Tel the planning and head work for this extensive have gone back to their old hunting grounds, mowing machine and reaper trade is Go to Everts for baby carriages, bed -The good.

gragh Institute Sedalia, Mo. Tuition to be paid out of salary after situation is agricultural and stock firm; while his sons, of toward the setting sun. There is too much of a steads, picture frames, window shades, mri whom there are, we believe, three, each have a sameness about conventional life for their wild secured. 4w6 rors, and in fact everything in the furni has gone to the Black share of the work under their Immediate super. natures.

Willie Cinq Mars Hills. ture line. He sells cheaper now than ever vision. These men are not profligate by any The most popular patent medicines will and wants you to go and see him. means, but can be seen In the field doing their We are under obligations to Mr.

Enos Mc nothing not even a be found at the Flag Drug store. share of the work with the hired hands from Laughlin for a fine cheeso, weighing sixteen Ford Lang have the largest stock of morning until night. Barron. have just receiv spring goods and are selling the cheap pounds. We find it equal in every respect to the Western Reserve cheese, and this ought to to be a drug in the In the spring when they began to break corn ed a car load of potatoes, which they are est.

Justice courts doing fiirht. Fresh fish are getting market. J. E. Hall if building Addition.

insure to Mr. M. a fair price for all he makes. ground, tnev nought s-aw worth or plows at one selling at reduced rates, I am determined to make the Flag Drug time, and now have trom eight to ten cultiva a house in Osborn's From Jesse Morgan we learn that Mrs, The finest brands of Cigars and Tobacco tors running steadily, besides a num'er of sin. store the leading, Drug House in Southern Kansas.

Delarue, of the Osage Agency, was thrown from at the lag Drug store. gle-borse plows. They board all their hands a horse last Sunday and badly hurt. When Mr. Jos.

Benoist. fail to secure a copy of next week's and their storo bills which are, by the way, paid -Don't Courier. All kinds of fancy stationery, cheap at Morgan left the Agency (Monday morning) It promptly, amount to thousands of dollars. was thought that her injuries would Drove ta tne Flag Drug Store. Full stock Buckle Plow Shoes for 41.75.

As soon as thoy harvest their wheat they will putteth up no tal. at Read Bros. Res poet thy neighbor and Jobs on him. put their entire force of hands at the plows, and $5 to S20 per clay at home. Terms free Address O.

ST IN SON ft Port There will be a grand picnic at McLeary's plant tho ground In corn as soon as the wheat is Put In the shock. This corn will come in Just in The Decker Bros. Pianos are matchless land Maine. after you harvest your Grove, four and a half miles northwest of this Plant lato corn wheat and oats. in tone, and incomparable in workman time to feed it before it begins to get hard, and The new scale "Haines" Pianos are uni place, on Saturday, July 3rd.

All the people In ship, (send to Conover Bros- Kansas the fodder wil be cut green, and, after beitg the surrounding country are taking an interest City, General Agents for the State, and Montgomery" county will make flour for oth er States this year. properly cured, will be fed to cattle. versally acknowledged to be by far the best medium priced pianos extant. Send to Conover Bros. Kansas City, General in the matter, and a pleasant time is anticipa near prices.

This is a remarkable family, and the old gen ted. tleman is more remarkable than all the rest. Coffcyville attorneys say they won't make Agents for the State, for prices. We have received from our old time friend, and not hear One might talk with him week George Parks, of Joplin, a six-pound "chunk" of we nave just received om new Bpnng anything but good, sound business talk. He is speeches on the 4th, It looks as though that 4th of July celebra.

tion had been neglected. lead from his mines The roses have bloomed Barron, Barndollar Co. request us to say to our readers that these are grasshopper times and that they are selling groceries accordingly. It is our candid opinion that they mean just what they say. stock and ask you one and all to call and well pleased with Montgomery county, and says see our goods and get our prices.

if the insects don't bother him he will make it a and withered many times since George and this deponent last "gaily gamboled on the village FORD LANG'S. Two marriageable printers in the Courier point to raise more corn than any other farmer, green." office. "Fat" take, girls. and put it all to good use get Its full value by Call at Ford Lang's. feeding it to stock.

Agriculture has been his J. H. Watkins, General Freight Agent of T. J. Barnes is running a daily hack between study since boyhood, and what he don't know Go to Ford Lang's.

the L. L. ft G. Railroad was In town Tuesday The "Burdetf Organ is the standard by which to judge all reed instruments. Send to Conover General Agents for the State prices.

about it everybody else will yet have to learn. on business connected with the road. While this city and Independence, The Doctors predict a monotony of "epi. sod es" soon. Let 'em pome.

Mr. McConnell was born and raised in the Call at Ford Lang's. here Mayor Masten, T. B. Eldridge and Frank South, is a very pleasant and agreeale gentle Parish took him Into the country to let him have a glance at the beautiful wheat and corh fields Ford A Lang keep everything.

man socially as well as in business, and, to know Smith Mallen are putting up an awning in The best imported cologne at Slos son's in this vicinity. front of their establishment him, one cannot bnt admire his good-natured, generous disposition ar.d the anme characteris Plenty of money to loan on 5 years time, on good imprved farms in Montgomery County, at the Banking House of T.B Eldridge. Drag Emporium. The old live stock firm of Matt hows, Kings tic Is noticeable in every member of his fami Mrs. Read, of Illinois, mother of Has and bery ft Co, has been changed to Kingsbery, Al.

ly. NO USE TALKING Tall is here visiting the boys. ger ft Mr. A. B.

Matthews retiring. This We are glad to see inch men settle In Mont. Upham Bros, Country Store is the place A special train of seventeen cars, loaded firm Is well known all over Missouri, Kansas, to trade- Their lanre stock of Dry uood Go and see the most complete stock In the cityat FORD LANG'S. with cattle, went out Monday. gomery county.

The county Is too good to be Inhabited by dead beats and shysters, and it is at once encouraging to see substantial men come Groceries, are marked at bottom prices, Texas snd other States, and Its business has grown wonderfully in the last few years See our Dana "writUt," Increases our notice of dissolution elsewhere. here to lire. subscription list with new names. The popular Country Store. Everybody We hare detailed a special reporter to writs smted-xsig 8 took and low prices.

Messrs. Vorhes and Tallman, Physicians op that spiritual seanosat Parker. Monday last L. Shanks, of Fawn Creek, presented us with mess of green beans, the first of the season. The best, or rather the worst of it la, Mrs.

8. had prepared them nicely and Surgeons. Saturdays from 9 a. m. to Go to Ford Lang's.

Joe Bamcklow and Ool. Brown say this hot 3 pm. devoted to the examination and RED FRONT STABLES. I am now prepared to fend and care for stock at the lowest prices. Saddle horses and rigs always on Don't fail to give me a call when you have stock lo put hp, or wish to hire rigs or saddle horses.

Remember the place, Red Front Stables Ninth Street JOHN HAM BRIGHT' For Shoes, Bee Upham'a prices- for dinner, and when her liege lord started to weather has no respect for corpulaacy. treatment of chronic diseases. UPHAM BROS CASH STORE town he quietly stole them out and brought then to as. Our sympathies are with Mrs. 8., We are getting a good many new subscribers The place ior Bargains.

from Fawn Greek and Dana. Thanks 1 Tie best Havana cigars, chewing and smoking tobacco, and pipes of all kinds at Upham Bros Country Store. The and we don't want to encourage petty larceny la the Shanks household but but those beans were fine. Ooffeyrille Is the prettiest town la Soothers place to bay for cash at Low Prices. he war Bakery.

Kansas so far as location is concerned..

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