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The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 3

The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 3

Coffeyville, Kansas
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The Froe Press, published at Neodesha. steals Local Notes. Banking. THE COURIER. local matter from the Citizen at Kredonla.

Too near home boys. Longton Oourant. Cease hurling those Before writing Vegetable are scarce. the above yon "Jayhawkod" several locals from Business Brevities. IDs and neglected to give credit.

8. A F. be "thar." T. B. BLDBIDGB, BANKER, COPPET7ILLE, Buys and Sells Gold and Silver Coin And Government Bonds.

Charley Skinner Is In town. We learn that an attempt was made, by two New stock Just being opened at Read Bros. men. to break into the residence of Al Draper at Parker, last Saturday night. There was no Bain ami thunder this week.

one at home at the time but Mrs. D. who iirc- Fresh Osage Orange Seed at Wells Bros. See dentists' notice elsewhere. (iared herself to give them a warm reception Foreign and Domestic Exchange Bought and Sold, Money Carefully rith a shot-gun.

Road business notices this week. Mr. F. L. Hess, township trustoe of Fawn Spring, suits neat nobby and cheap at Bead Bros, Surprise parties seem to be popular.

Creek township, one of Montgomery county's invested tor other rarties. Upen Accounts kept for Depositors Interest allowed on Time Deposits, Collections made and Promptly Remitted. Fire Insurance Effected in the most Reliable Companies, County attorney Clark is In town to-day. most enterprising citizens, called to see us yes terday. Mr.

Hoss informs us that there aro a groat many people In his township who arc Coal Oil 20 cents a gallon at Wells Bros. March came In like a Hon Remember that. needing aid, First National Bank REFERS TO Krst National Bank So ion I National limk New York. RESPECTFULLY Kansas City Mo, Hartford donn. Northrup Chick Paola, Kas Lawrence, Kas First National Bank Tall Read has put an addition to his residence.

Immense stock of loots shoes at Read Bros. Tom Ball, the auctioneer, attracted an Im mense crown! on the plaza last Saturday. The Read what Wolls Bros, have to say this week- auction took place placo In front of F.sq. Ship- stock of drugs at a rapid rate and the latter Remember that THE COURIER is only ONE DOLLAR AND A HALF A YEAR. Postage FREE.

sleet and wind prevailed last Mon. Shawls, gloves and winter goods at, cost at SORD LANG. Rain, snow, day, complained that he could not get half a chance man's office, and the Squire got Galloway, the photographer, to take a picture of the scene, looking from the front of Barron, Barndollar Co's. store, 18 nstonlshed'at the low prices of to flirt with the grnngerosscs, because, ho vt as too busy, George convinced us that he had some Everybody troods at Slosson's drug store. The fact ho at 81o Single-handed elopements are the order of the Imvs In lareo quantities for cash, dbect of tho good cigars, and we Interviewed S.

O. Ebcrsole i i day. i Importers and Manufacturers, and having no "Sherry" had just received ft new stock of jewel rents to inv. is enabled to sell clime to cost, There woro two of and thev were show. Barron, Barndollar Co.

request us to say to our readers that these are grasshopper times and that they are selling groceries accordingly. It is our candid opinion that they mean just what they say. ry and was happy as one could wish to be. We Yon can satisfy yourself of this fact at any moet wicn rcaay saie Panorama" whs the title of the Garden and field seeds now. time.

thing anil they left town without paying their printing bill. Should any of our "brethren of Van Horn has returned from Par- the quill" meet, them, thuy will confer a favor Charley sons. by informing said proprietors of "Blandois Pan 8 lb A SUGAR, $1,00 9 R) SUGAR, 1,00 101b 8UGAR, 1,00 3 PAPERS SODA, 0,25 25 BARS SOAP. 1,00 6 BOXES MATCHES, 25 orama" of their carelessness. Besides wearing NEW PICTURE GALLERY.

Concannon Galloway's picture gallery will be open for business next Monay. Remember the place, up stairs in Munn's building- returned from a trip away our co nfidence in humanity, this credit Hon. C. S. Brown has north.

business is plowing deeply intoour piety. And the best 50 cent Tea in Kansas, at Wells Bros. B.d) Chestnut is the champion Jig dancer of the A. D. Simons, formerly commercial edi 'i village.

tho Kansas City Times, and more recently com Fleming means business. Persons' owing at the Flag Drug Store will pleafe cal and settle immediately and save cot-ts. You can get sheet music or musical works of any kind at publishers prices at Slosson's Druir and Station ery Store. Do mercial editor of the St. I.ouis Dispatch, has as changeable and "bad colds" The wcathor Is prevail.

sumed editorial control ot the Kansas City Price not send away but leave your orders with Current and Live Stotsk Reporter. Mr, Simons strolled in to see Evnrt'o furniture and found Al complaning because everybody had good health and tiie colli trade was dull. Read Bros, were having a -good trade in fact they had to call on Johnny Burns for assistance. At Barricklow's everybody was busy even Joe, himself, had laid aside his meerschaum and was smilingco.nplaeeiitly. John attended the wants of the ladies in the dry goods department and Charley iletherington dispensed groceries to a crowd of customer.

D. Davis, we found ''en-Joying the same blessing" with the rest of them lie had left his shop and was busy in the salesroom of his eslublislimcn supplying furinors with "bran new" harness for Spring work. We next "edged," our way into Barron, Co's. They were having a good trade, the store was full of people and "ail hands" were busy. They were lllliug several orders for groceries from' a distance and of course could not stop to talk the minor occurrences of the day, of which we were in eager pursuit.

At John Isham's hardware store we found everybody busy except Frank Rogers and Henry lsbam, who took occasion to tell a Jokeortwo after which we departed. Dr. Fleming's store was pretty well crowded and the Doctor and George were so busy that they could not tell us him. is just the man to conduct a stock journal, and election does not nttract The coming city much attention. we shall hereafter watch for the 'appearance of The "Burdett" Organ is the standard by which to judge all reed instruments.

Send to Conover General Agents for the State for prices. See our stock of Floor and that sprightly little paper with increased inter. est. The Reporter was formerly callc.l the quite brisk in our local Cattle Trail. Business has been courts this week.

Table oil cloths. Wells Bros. Closing out at a greatly reduced prices Fl eming at the Flag Drug Store. Curds announcing the in irriago at Ottawa, cattle are cheap- Hogs Kansas, last Monday, of W. T.

Read of this city Paints and Oil cheap for cash at Slosson's Horses, mules and bring a good price. to Miss Kate B. Cobb, of Ottawa have been re. Drug Store. ceiveri.

Of course no one hewi will be surprised at this announcement for every one has known the fur trade is not over C.ipt. Horsey says yet "by a long shot. for long time that Tall would increase his re sponiiibilities at an early day yet his many BOUNTIES BOUNTIES Bounties under the late law passed by Congress, giving to all soldiers $8J per month will be collected by the undersigned. My charges, in all cases where parties have their discharge papers will lie $5,00. D.

W. DUNNETT. J. W. Randall will have service at the school lriends extcnii to him many kind wishes and in house net Sunday.

tho lime of day, consequently our visit was of dulge in the hope that his life hereafter will bo devoid of the many little unpleasant lix'tim- ON THE WAY." Weir' walking cultivator and Moline plows. Price lower than last season, at Wells Bros. Plow steel at 1 Wells Bros. their briiuces to which existence in a state of single short duration. We called at Ford Lang's t0 have Ford tell usoue of those side-splitting jokes but lie ai Johnny bo lit being busily engaged, ITpham Bros, have something to say to customers this week; blcstedness is subjected.

The happy pair have READ AND REMEMBER to Illinois on an extended visit to relatives That UPHAM BROS, have moved their The Teachers Institute will begin on the 81st of Mr. Read. our visit appeared at once ill-timed and we did not lurry. Ford remarked, witli that peculiar smile of his, that they were "selling heaps of goods and had no other item for us." Wo then nst. at Independence.

D. H. Bicler, the prince of 'commercial tour A lavjrn stock of colors and paints of all kinds at Rloson'n. The Junction Pity Union is getting irregular. stock of dry jroods, to the large new buildinp south of Hlossnn's Drujr Store.

They have a larjre new stock and always sell at bottom prices. They buy for cash and sell for cash, and pive food bargains. They are reliable men to deal with, and on Prentis, please investigate. lata' was in the city lust Monday, genial happy, full of business as usual. "Big," as he is familiarly known in cpmmercial circles here, Is now There was a social hop at the residence of Mr.

It will pay you to look at our stock of Pocket and witli Perry, Cook Tower, a Boston House, and George Glezen, last evening, curries with hhn all his sold customers. When account, ot ham times have marked down all their poods close to cost, Go and see their Btock and prices. No trouble to show goods. Table cutlery he can't sell a bill of goods to a mer chant'it is useless for any one else to try. We Cnpt.

Joe Leach has placed us under obliga dropped into R. C. Crowell Co's. to ''see how the old thing works." Everybody here was busy even McMillan, who had left his books and taken a btalion behind the counter. Hank Bump declared he hadn't ate anything since morning, because he couldn't get lime to go to his meals, while Bob Harper simply said no time for fun to-dav." There were several wagons in front of the house being loaded with goods for dillerent points in the Territory, and everything presented a lively appearance.

Up-bain Bros, we found busily engaged getting Hunt's into shape, having the day beforemoved Wells Bros tions for late Boston papers. hope he may livo ninny years yet, to pay the border city regular vltll for that Constable May Held of Fawn Creek was "cruis- Gangers, call at D. Davis's and see the of his is as cheerful as a May morning and is an 150 bolts new prints at Read Bros. Latest Styles 8 and 10c per yard Don't fail to call in. new patent cellar fastener.

ing" around town yesterday. unfailing' remedy forthe "blues." When you have nightmare it is a sure indi cation that you owe the printer. Hand corn planters at Wells Bros. tell her FAIR WARNING. Persons owing me on account will find their bills with Luther Perkins for collec tion on the first day of December, 1874 You had better come forward and pay and save costs.

JOHN FLEMING Reader, if you see "gentle that "the spring-time bus conic." into new quarters just sunlit of Slosson's drug store. By this time the sun was getting "low in the west," and country peoplo were sturt'ng home, and everybody began to reckon up the trials, losses and gains of the week In order to enter their pews in the church next uny with a Fine stock of ladies misses and childrens shoes at Read Bros. We sell at 'grasshopper prices. It is said that there is a largo number of desti Majors. Stevens, the original discoverer of gold Arizona, is In our city on a visit to our fellow-townsman, Cnpt.

J. C. Leach. Maj. Ste-von was en ronto from Boston where he has been, for the past two years, engaged the manufactory of the Boyd Stevens breach-loading shot-gun, which lias famous nuiong sporting men to Arizona, and learning that Cnpt.

Leach was making his headquarters at CmTcyvtlle, digressed from his route to visit linn. The Major honored us with a visit and it is hoped he will make quite a stay in oui'city. OCR SATURDAY AFTERNOON. tute people in Fnwn Creek township. light heart and a clear conscience.

A large wariety of seeds oooits noxes on '-the sunny side" of buildings in bulk and papers at oee in 1 bareHinsnt Eberbolc's iiwulrv store In If you want fresh butter, green apples Irish potatoes, sour krant, lemons or or anges go to the Star Bakery. A. Martin. are burdened with loafers these warm davs. Jet sets real rubber reduced from (150 Wells Bros.

And now the joke is on George Barndollar. Jet sets satety top, 50c reiluced lrom 75c and 85c Jet sets safety lop, reiluced from 65c, Jet sets wifely top, 25c. reduced 40c. Heavy rolled Plate waie equal to gold $3.50 to (5.50, reduced from 6.50 to $8.00 Large stock of clothing1 at Read Bros, The latest styles. Most any of tiie boys can vll you all about it.

Heavy rolled plate ware equal to gold, $2.50 ro- The econd number of the Osage Agency Her Keep your eye on Wells Inced from 84.75 FOR SALE. Pressed hay in small bales, suitable for teamsters, immigrants, etc. E. S. ELDRIDGE.

First door north of the Eldridga House ald has been It Is spicy and interest- Saturday Is considered, by merch Bros. Price List. ants, tho "big day" of the week. If a farmer Henvv Plated (2 reduced from (3.50. Keal Gold plaled sets35o reduced from $1.25.

Variety of plated sets at 50c 75c $1, reduced from (1.50. 12. (2 50. wants anything from town, he invariably puts Best cigars, for the money, at the Flag Drug Store. A Walnut street business man ha selected oil' the trip until Salurdav, if the case be not too Shirt Stint (1.50, (2.75, (3.25, (8.50, reduced NOW IS YOUR TIME.

from (2.75, (3.50. (t. (4.50. and laid aside a line lot of juvenile furniture. urgent.

Other3 come to pee tho crowd and spend tho day ith their neighbors, for all feel Gold linger rings at (1, to (2, reiluced from (1.75 Next I A Good Jeans, per yard, 25c to s. Large assortment of sleeve buttons from 15c Canton Flannel 12c Bleached Domestic 10c Howard. Bead. Bros, announce thrn.igh our local col- that it is a duty as well as a custom to "go to town" on Saturday. As a general thing, when the weather is not too severe, Hie plaza by noon is crowded with a group, while every al Goods warranted as rcpreseuted or money re umns this week tho arrival of a new Btockof funded.

Many other goods in my line nt half pric The best unbleached, 12 Ja And all goods at corresponding low pricec for cash FORD LANG. goods. Dr. C. Prevost, of Parsons, Kas.

will be at Coffey ville tho week after next where he will stay a few days. The Doctor is an old hand at the business, and has had much experience in all branches of his profession. He is prepared to set teeth on the different kinds of plate now in use, suul) as gold, silver, rubber, Satisfaction in all branches of the profession loy alid back "yard is jainined.witli wagons and Larkin Cook has nenta car-load of corn, from DON'T HEAD THIS. A NEW HE IN THB LIQUOR TRADE. teams.

We believe no other town in the State, the size of Cofl'eyville, presents a more lively lowa to lie distributed among the destitute of you Sour Kraut and pickles, the best ever eat at'Martin's Bakery. this vicinity, and busy Business lias nil drifted Charley Lucas, proprietor of the Legal Tender Billiard Hall, next door to Wells See notice of Tom Ball, auctioneer, in this is guaranteed. He will treat all diseases of Bros, has leftover from the year 1874 a Money to loan. A. P.BOSWELL.' to the plaza, on every side, and within this stockade of business houses, an immense crowd sways to and fro, and contains people of most every nationality, the reckless, fun-loving Tex- sue, loin always gets a crowd when he raises larere stock ot winee.

and liquors, both his "gentle voice." domestic and imported. Wishing- to make an, tho inevitable western rover, the keen-eyed room for a new stock as soon as possible, GOOD NEWS Low Prices at Upham Bros. Country Store. Best jdace to trade. See notice of Hon.

C. S. Brown, Claim Agent. Yankee, the more Bolid, frugal western farmer, he invites the attention of the public to The Col. is an experienced claim agent, tin old the unpretending German, the stately, dignitled the fact that he will during the year 1875 the mouth, such as neuralgia, swellingjor Inflammation of the gums, remove tartar (scurvy), clean teeth, treat irregularities of teeth, save.natural teeth by filling with gold, Mlver, oxychloride of zinc, tin, Teeth extracted in the most skillful manner, without usi.ig chloroform, ether, or laughing gas.

Samples of. his work always on hand. Please give him a call. March 3d 1875. soldier, and knows how it is himself.

as heretofore, serve his customers with and sometimes hopelessly intoxicated Indian, BOUNTY! BOUNTY! 11 none but the very best. and last but not less numerous, the ebony rep. The great bill for equalization of boun resentatlve of Africa's sunny clime. There we JALLi AMU UK IXWiVlJNUUlJ. A cask of fine Old Sherry suitable for Capt.

Bailcv started several plows last Mon-day. Mr. B. has the required amount ofgo-a-head-a-tive-ness for a successful farmer. mid the continued American loafer, whose prin ciple occupation is chewing tobacco at some one Medical purposes at a reduced price.

ties has at last become a law, and all persons who served during the war are allowed $8 .33 per month for time actually Berved. else's expense, and expectorating the Juice into Joe Baker, who returned yesterday from a trip to tho Territory, says there is a great deal the eyo of some luckless country dog. Of the latter clnsaour city hnsan abundance in fact, Claims under this act will be promptly collected by John A. Helphingstine, At THE FIRST GUN OF THE SEASON. Barricklow's sidewalk is crowded with John Deere Moline plows.

Go and see' them. ot destitution among tho Creek and Cherokee the demand for soft goods boxes exceeds the supply. However, It takes all these difl'ctcnt torney at Law and Claim Agent, at Inde Indians. pendence Umce in Court Mouse. elements to make: the world, and the small sc, A NO 1.

JEANS, PER YARD, 15c SHIRTING FLANNEL 15c 4-4 BLEACHED COTTON, 10c 4-4 HEAVY. 10c 4 SPOOLS ONT THREAD, 25c A GOOD HAT i 65c A GOOD LADIES GAITER $1.50 AND A GOOD ASSORTMENT IN THIS DEPARTMENT TO CHOOSE FROM, ALWAYS AT BOTTOM PRICES John Carey, one of the substantial farmers of lection of the world's Inhabitants which we And RED FRONT STABLES. I am now nreiiared to feed and care for Fawn "reck township; was in town yesterday on our streets every Saturday, furnishes the Don't fail to examine the celebrated John Deere Moline Plow at Barricklow's before looking after the interests of some of his ilcstl tute neighbors, student of human nature a rare opportunity for a lesson in that branch ol education. buying. stock at the lowest prices.

Saddle horses and rigs always on hand. Don't fail to give me a call when you have stock Last Saturday our city presented an unsually If tho vertebra) of old winter has been broken lively appearance and causel one to have an AT WELLS BROS. to put up, or wish to hire rigs or saddle horses. and several of our exchanges say it has we uncontrollable desire to be upon the streets, and Messrs. Vorhes and Tallman, Physicians and Surgeons.

Saturdays from 9 a. m. to 3'p. m. devoted to the examination and treatment of chronic diseases.

Fleming is still in the field and will con would rejoice Jo see some Interprising individual Remember the place, Red Front Stables mingle with the throng When we glanced from bur window into the bright sunshiiv outside and tinup to sell at bottom prices. He is not remove tho carcass. Ninth Street Coffey ville, Kansas. "broke" yet and is not liable to "break" saw hundreds of people on every hand, and ev JOHN HAM BRIGHT' We desire to have it understood that there Is erythlng lively and cheerful.and then compared the scene to our own quarters, close, dingy and unattrac tive, with no noise save the dull monot a loaded shot-gun attached to our wood-pile, and NOW IS YOUR TIME. lOIbs Good N.

O. Suerar $1 00 Havirnr had thirteen years experince in JU8T RECIVED. Barricklow Co. have just received a lot of the celebrated John DeereMoline Plows. Go and see them.

thieves are dv.ed to steal from some one else the balance of the winter. onous click, click of type falling from the hands of the compositor into the "stick," and growing lib Good Imperial Tea 50 the prosecution of claims before the Departments at Washington, I will tinder-take te "ollection of Bounties, under the equalizition law which passed the 8enate slowly into long columns of general information, And all kinds of groceries at the lowest prices for cash. FORD LANG. Joshua Crouch and Amanda Pa vis, both of In we could not be content to remain in-doors. iron is hot, and get FORD LANG'S.

ttrike while the bargains at dependence, were united in the holy bonds of Taking our note-book we sallied forth, the warm on ni 2,1 inst. matrimony at the Southern Hotel iu this city, to-day, by Esq. Perkins. sunshine soon eraced from view the picture of The Decker Bros. Pianos are matchless ourown unattractive quarters.

Of course we called on the merchants, all of whom we found in tone, and incomparable in workman My fees will rn those established by the law and no mors. C. 8. BROWN. Office at the Bankine House of Noah Eby Co.

Coffey ville. Kansas. BUY NOW. A. J.

Evarts has moved his stock of furniture into the old postoffice building and is prepared now to sail cheaper than ever. Cheap rent and large stock, enables him to give good bargains in his line of goods. Coffins and burial cases always on hand. busy and In good spirits. Trade was good and ship.

Send to Conover Kansas City, General Agents for the State, and no complaint escaped their lips. The Invariable answer to our inquiries for Items, was "busi We understand that Col. May has donated largely to his destitute neighbors. The old Col. Is a hospitable gentleman and will divide with his needy neighbors so long as he has anything in the way of provisions.

near prices. For choice cigars call at the Legal Ten ness is good," "big crowd "we're all busy to. day' and oceasionally we would find one so busy that lie could only take time to show us where to find a good cigar and turn again to derBuliard Hall second door west ot hi drige HouBe. TOM BALL, LICENSED AUTIONEER. OOFFEYVILLE, KAS.

i i .5 Regular Sales Every Saturday. his customers. At Wells. Bros, we found them The new scale "Haines" Pianos are universally acknowledged to be by far the best medium priced pianos extant. Send to Conover Kansas City, Gen era Agnts for the State, for prices.

F. B. Hill informs us that he will close his school wltb an exhibition next Wednesday eve-nlng. He Is teaching at the Pierce school house in District No. 77.

We unnerstsnd that several from town think of attending his exhibition. The best Havana cigars, chewing and smoking tobacco, and pipes of all kinds at busy, and Dan could only take time to wink at ns and say At Slossons the Star Bakery, we found George and Scott disposing of a large.

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