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The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 1

The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 1

Coffeyville, Kansas
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upon. The expressions "liar" and R. C. THE COURIER. Some of you of reasonable sense have run off from school.

I wish you would not do nigger" were frequently used, and at A synopsis of speeches by Hard Rope, one time it seemed as if the meeting would PUBLISH ZD Wilt TEVBSSA7 H08NBTO White Hair, Little Chief and Chetopa, to the school children at this Agency, January 24th 1875, as reported by E. Andrews, JAMES J. CHATHAM FoiwAEPiM Merchants, that. You tell your parents great stories which some of them believe, but you are young yet and we cannot expect much more of you 'now, but I hope you will change. Many of you are the dearest at home, which shows that your parents think a great deal of you.

I say to the teachers have patience with the children break up in a fight. The speaker was powerless to preserve order, and finally Kellogg himself came, in bare-headed and excited, and coaxed them into comparative quiet. Such scenes, says the of daily occurrence in what is called Kellogg's Louisiana Legislature. HARD-ROPE, My children, look at me, I want to say a VIMIMSIIKH AND l'llOl'ltlBTOH. TLHMS i few words to yo'j.

I am counsellor and I am going to preach to you. You are learn AND DKAI.EI1S IN and do them all the goodyiw can. ing different customs from, what we used to I know what our old Osages Family BeereU. ij i iix. in nillis, 75 I'liruo months, 50 Subscriptions payable In advance, OlTVIUK, ColtNEK ElllllTII AND WALNUT ParkkrA York's Block.

The above is only an average ot the to preach to our young men, but I STAPLE FANO "5T In Coles county there lived a man nam manner in which many full blood OsageB who years ago were pretty thoroughly imbued with savage spirit Bpeak of CITY GOVERNMENT. T. B. Kr.OIMDdl!,,...;. Mayor.

the white man's road," though many of cannot say much to you about the customs in which you are now growing. Our fathers had away of living which differs from the way in which you are learning. They did hot know Gnd, but knew there was a Great Spirit and worshiped it. When GROCEKIES, (Jouncllnmn. our friends in Southern Kansas continue ed Isaac Dodson, and his wife, who were, firm believers in the prophesy of Father Millerj and not doubting foia moment the correctness of the prophet's calculations, they set about making active preparations for the eventful day that was to terminate the existence nf all sublunary things.

After having set their house in order the to live in death-like fear of the "treacher AT W1IOI.E8A1.B AND RETAIL N. 8. MOUSK W. O. M.VSI'KN I'.


SOUItlt Jr J. M. ous Indian." Indian Herald. Gouncilinun. Councilman.

Councilman. City (Jlcrk. Attorney. Citv MiirHlwl, J. l.

A.UNIJM Kameu. All streams in Kansas have gravelly or LTTTMKIt I'KltKINS Justiceol tliu rcace. following conversation took place EEX7 CONSTANTLY OH HAOT AND TOE SAL1. 1 SHEPARD Si HIGBT'M CELEUllATED SC0T1 LOUR, Husband My dear wife. I believe I hU'Vll Bll PKItKIN-i roiico jimiffl.

Council moots Wertmrsiluy afternoon at 2 p. in. of ouch wook, rock bottoms, and afford pure water to drink at most seasons. a man thought of the Great Spirit from his heart he lived long and well. When you have not done right, you can not go buck and live over again.

When you do as the Great Spirit saya you will li va many years, The children of the school are here to learn the English language, and if you will ask the Great Spirit to help you to learn, I hope you will be enabled to understand, i have made every preparation for to-morrow. I have forgiven all my enemies.and Coal abounds in almost every county of prayed for the forgiveness of all my sins, the southern and eastern portion of Kansas, veins varying in thickness from a few inches to eight feet. and feel perfectly calm and resigned. Wife Well, husband, I believe I am DEWAR Si SON'S T3IA.M03Srl3 (JOFFEYVlUi: POST OFFIOK JHBECTOUY. Eastern mall arrives daily at 1-2 p.

m. Leaves nt 7 a. in. Ollleo open at 1 ni. Clones at P.

ni. Open on Sunduvs from It m. to 1 p. in. Ml mail mutter for thin mail must bo handed by 7 a.

in. 8. P. HICKMAN, P. SI, The soil of Kansas is deep, rich black ready for the sound of the trumpet.

WHITE HAIB. I want to say something to our children. loom, from one to ten feet deep, resting on a clay subsoil, and is well adapted to all I hopo you will listen to me. A great "oFfmiLIiK, KANSAS, the crops suitable to this latitude. terminus nf the I.eavon worth, T.iuvron'W Tun The praii'ie grass of Kansas grows from while ago our people lived away in the East.

In old times our fathers did not know the white people. But after many Galveston It, 11,, is the great eattlo market of one to ten feet high, varying with the sea unni-imvn Kiiunim. am ino Doint inmi uiu OP Plankinton Armour Packing Imllnns iret their sumdies. It is on sons and locality. When properly cured ho (l inks of the Verdigris River, liore alTonlinfc they got acquainted and made it is but little inferior to "tame hay." abunUnt power, and is urrounded ny (fenny rolll pr.ilrins and heavily tiinhereil bottoms dm i.o.irDiliil liniMinir In Montgomery Co.

friends with each other, and our people learned some of their customs, and it Timber if) abundant in Kansas when an'l a'-tivo religions organizations. Kniulrics seems to me that a little while in the fu compared with other prairie States; scarce compared with timbered ones. What one addressed to tlio editor of tins paper ny uwso seekiitir information relative to this country will OHIO RIVER SALT IK BOUND HOOP BABRKL8. 3STEW "YORK 6ALT IS FLAT HOOP BABKELS. A lso a complete stock of ture will enable us to throw, away all our receive pronuitattention.

would call plenty would appear scarcity oldcustome. I see many of our children in here among the whites. I wish the Great RELIGIOUS. DIRECTORY. .1.

M. Hedges. Pastor Husband I am to hear it; but, my dear wife, I have no doubt there are many little family secrets which we have kept hidden from each other, which, had they been known at the time of their occurrence might have produced unpleasant feelings, but as we have but one day more to live, let us unbosom ourselves freely to each other. Wife Well, husband, you are right there are some little things that I never told you, and which I intended should remain between me and my God; but as we have but one day left, I reckon it's right to make a clean breast to each other. Tin ready you begin, husband.

Husband No, dear, you begin. Wife No, husband, you begin I cannot. Husband No you know, my love, Paul says husbands have a right to command their wives. It is your duty, as a Christian Woman, to obey your husband, the father of your children, so begin, love. 1 Services Second anil Fourth Sahlmths nf imeh Spirit to help you to learn how to read and write like they do.

You are here for The Path Dried Fruits, Can Groods the purpose of learning to read and write, A Washington letter presents the follow month, at 10 1-8 n. ami 8, p. m. Proyer.meel. Ing every Thursday evening.

A. Bcntty, Rector. Service's Third Sunday of each month, at 10 1-2, and 8, p. m. rTfTfTTTANHfiv.

J. W. Randall. Pnstor, and when you have obtained your edu Wo. fcc.

ing sad picture of one who not many years cation you can do business like the whites. ago stood as the brilliant exemplar and Services First Sunday of each month, at 10 1-2, Our forefathers new there was a Great head of one greatest political movements a. and p. m. WE buy WHEAT, CORN, OATS, and al kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCK.

Spirit, but did not know that Spirit by of this age, and of the grandest idea of SKCBET SOCIETIES light. 1'he whitestalk about a God, and any age. The writer says I saw General Fremont in the lobby of Zlo.N Cii-u'XKIv, No. is, Knstern Star, meets I now belisre in a God too. When you grow up and are educated in the whit on the first Wednesday evening oi eaun mmim the House yesterday.

He is now old and bent. His face is deeply chiseled by the man's learning, you can preach about the at 8 o'clock, at Masonic nun F. W. NOBT.BTT, W. P.

Kmit.y Buck, W. M. Robes. Furs, Hides, Wool and Jallow. same God.

I hope you will make good use burrowing nana or time. His eyes are lightly bleary; cheek bones stood out like of your time and learn faet. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. LITTLK-CHI1F. TTTF.r,iA DR.

W. H. Coffey ville, Kansas. I want to talk to the children. Since thn TTniversitv of George town.

School nf Medicine, Washington City, Sioux chief. Iron-gray whiskers, short and stubby, closely trimmed from the base of his jaw-bone, growing upon his thin neck. His dark hair is yet a dark iron-gray and is worn qwite long. It is comb Red and Blue fronts, Union street one block D. C.

All calls promptly attended to. north of the Eldridgc House. being here during the last few days I have been noticing these women when teaching you, and I have seen how you are The boys and girls can see, i-T-oiTvr. II II. Attorney at oof.

wills. Montgomery County, Kansas. ed well forward, and hangs down in front Prompt attention given nil business entriisteii in his euro. Office in same room with Perk ins, of the Peace, i 32tf P. J.

ABKON, J. J. BARNDOLLAB, J. M. HEDDffl and have ears to hear, and I want you to of his lears.

A well-worn beaver, set look at me and hear what I have to say Tife In the sight of God I reckon it's right, so I'll tell you dt ar husband. Our eldest son, William, is not your child 1 Husband Great God 1 Mary, I never dreamed of your, being untrue tome. Is that so? Wife (In tears) Yes, God forgive me, it is true. I know that. I did very wrong, and am sorry for it but in an evil hour 1 fell, and there is no help for it now.

Husband William not mine In the name of God, whose child is he I Wife-He'8 Mr. Graham's, the constable the Lord be with your poor wife. Husband So William ain't my child. Go on, my dear. Wife Well, our daughter, Mary, ain't M.

I. Olllce, four doors 1 wst of Wells Bros. Lodgings at St. James Ever since we made a treaty with the well back upon his head, a bright scarlet comforter, a gray tweed light overcoat, and a dark suit of underclothing made iyx Hotel white people we have wanted you educa. BARRON, 6ABND0LLAE CO.j ted.

Our chiefs have said to-day that if up the general articles of his attire. He Tfc ETlKINS, I.UTHER, Attorney at Law Nntn- you would ask the Great Spirit to help, looks like a whimsical, fussy old man, lit I ry I'ulilie and JiiHtice ot the Jf eacc. uouec. tions jiromptly attciMled to. tle like the hero of the Rocky Mountains, you will become good men and women.

Uolley. C. S. Attorney at Law. TlltOWS.

11 villo, Ki We love you and that is the reason why nnsiis. Wholesale and Retail whose pictures during the Presidential campaign of 1857 always represented him with long curls, in the garb of a western Attorney nt. Law, Indepen we have sent you to sohool. We want you to become educated and live happy DTTNKIN, ilcnce, Kas, Office over null's nnnn. like the whites.

When you are educoted trontiersman, charging apace with a firey TTVNUTT, V). Attorney anl cnnnuoiior your'n neither. at Law, Ofllceover trie -uounory num. and grown up, you will not want to live charger, breathing smoke and fire of Husband Salvation I Talk on, Mary- likewe do "but live better; and when you come right out. Who ib Mary's father "VTOHLKTT OAMI'BELL, Physicians and 1 Surgeons.

Olllce over Barr'cklow raise families you will live happy with Wife Mr. Grinder, the man that built store, Coffey vine, Kansas. bloody war. It is said that Fremont is trying to get some allowance from the government for his past services in the west. them.

The white folks think of God differ Hardware and Aen. Dealers in FLOUR BADON BALT.FEBD 6UGAH TEA Dealer in the meetinghouse, and went to the lower country. West sldo of Public ently from the way which we do, and do ml Implements. 1. cult i Siiuiiro.

tu Husband (Resignedly) Well, as there better than we do, in consequence of which we want to vou to learn their ways. You TIl AND, JOSEPH, Plasterer and Bricklayer. The I At wnvk wnirantea to Bive bhusiuluimi Dirty and Den Where Louisiana it Governed. is but one day more, I'll bear it so go on, if you have anything else. will learn how to work, and when you Coffiiy villo, Ktnsas, II.

II. VORI1H8. M. I). O.

J- TALI.MAN, M. grow up you can do something. We had a school before this, but we were not all sent The State-house is situated in the DKS. VOKIIES, AN Physicians anil Snrecons, ColTeyville, Kansas. Office hours, TOBACCO Sc OBOCERIE8 to it.

If we had we would have been bet French portion of the and was once a Saturday 9 A. till 3 r. M. GENERALLY invite the attention and Wife Well, then, our youngest-Husband I s'pose Jemmy ain't mine. Wife No, dear husband, Jemmy, that we both love so well, ain't your'n neither Husband Merciful Lord 1 Is that so In the name of the Savior, whose is he Wife He is the one eyed shoemaker's ter off than we now are.

That is all. I have been trying to do something myself, -w-w-iiK-im IV. Pronrletor City Bakery. Hyi 1-1 Tirmid. r'ukns.

Pies. Nuts. Con VI patronage of dealers and consumers of fi.rriotinrv. Cnnnod Fruits and Oysters. Good and have blistered my hands at work, Lunch at fair prices.

Montgomery and adjoining counties, and fashionable hotel. It is a low ambling, tumble-down structure, entirely unfitted for the uses for it is put, and cost the people of Louisiana several hundred thousand dollars. A majority of the members of the Legislature now in session are hope you will learn how to work as well as to read and write. FLKMING, DR. JOHN, Dealer pure Drugs" Olumiiciils, Meilii'ines, Fine Soaps, Fancy Indian Territory.

Specialities in that lives at the forks of the road. and Articles, Pure Wines anil i.uiuors mrai CHE-TO-FA'8 SPEECH, AS DELIVERED AT THE Husband Well by Gabriel blow prescriptions care- oinal purposes. Physician? fully compoiiii'lod. OSAGE SCHOOL, JAN. 13T1I 1875.

unable to read, and some of them never your horn 1 I want to go how 1 learned to sign their names. 'This is par I hope the Great Spirit has an influence on the minds of the children. All the FLOUB, ticularly true of the Lower House. It is Advice for Women. TOIIN M.

SCITDDER will hereafter ho found at Indepondcnce on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nf each week, and at Coffey villo the renminder'of tlio (-cek. Offlro at Independence, over Hull's Bank. A Coffovyillo, on West Ninth Street. children I see here have fathers living, no exaggeration to state that half the mem and your parents are looking to your in TOBACCO bers ot that body are unable to read print. Nearly all of them are negroes who a few years ago were laborers on rice and sugar plantations.

On the day of the terest as well as theirs in placing you here. You are placed here to obtain knowledge and learn of the great things CITURY, G. Forwarding and Commission Mcrchunt, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Liquors, Notions, Periodicals, Book School Honks, Magazines and Stationery. Hides, Tallow and Furs bought and sold. West side of Public Sauaro.

ALL STAPLE of the world and be able to, take care of correspondent's visit all the entrances to the building were filled with a crowd of your parents hereafter. My children, I have been visiting this school for a few days and have Been these wrang ling negroes. They were of all ages and colors, many of them being field hands who had come to town, as they stated, "to see dat Legislature show." They were DEALERS IN GROCERIES. young ladies teaching. It is the wish of Nothing makes a woman aje more rapidly than over work the reason probably that American women fade so soon.

Sunshine, music, work and sleep are greatest medicines for women.who need more sleep than men. Their nerves are more sensitive and they are not so strong and exhaustion takes place sooner with them than with men. Never permit yourself to be roused out of a deep sleep in the morning. In fact one should never be awakened. The body rouses for itself when its demands are satisfied.

Take a warm bath occasionally, before going to bedat least once a week. Retire as soon aa you feel sleepy in the evening; don't rouse yourself and go to work. You need rest then, and it will pay for the trespass oa your physical nature the next day if yeu disobey. 4 all well supplied with bacon and corn your parents for you to take their advice at once. Tou are here to change and your parents are to be changed by your help when you get your education.

It is the bread, and well filled whisky bottles. The dirty floor of the hall was strewn with The highest price paid in cash for HIDES the ends ot half-smoked cigars, mouldy wish of all your parents that your teach bits oi meat and a bone or two. All light ere give you good advice all the time. If and air were excluded by the huge plank TALLOW, you will try your best and speak English and take care of yourselves, you will be barricading the windows. One, sickly gasj Flour, Feed and Grain Also, Lata, Shingles, Ek, NORTH NION STREET 1 1 I Ue, Kansas.

JOHN A. HELPINGSTISE, Attorney ana Counselor at bw, rnrwTT iin wot art pcblio, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, KANSAS. Will m-actira In tho Courts of Montgomery nil ndtoininu counties, make collections pay Mxe lor non-rosldonis, furnish abstracts of title, draw deeds, mortgages, contractnd wills to order and with great care. Attend to the Usttlomont of estates of deceased persons pros eefuta claiml iminst the boun. Ities and pensions made a specialty.

Office In Court House, y)KPKNDENCB KANSA jet waB burning, butonly tended to bight happy some of these days. Your parents aso en the THis did not Seem to damp- Wish you to do this as you grow up, My the legislators, bowever. The scenes in advice is for you to take hold right away. ENERAL forwarding and commi You can look at us trying to help oar- the Legislature were indescribable. Bix vJ merchants.

Contracts made, freight paid and merchandise forwarded to any selves Dow, as we grtw up in another life There are thirty' thousand head of grazing in Barbour and adjacent yet we are willing try to You or seven black men were on the floor shouting like maniacs) Twenty different motions were put, and none of them act- ought to try as you have a good chance. viont at leaBt possible delay. pis.

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