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The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 1

The Coffeyville Courier from Coffeyville, Kansas • 1

Coffeyville, Kansas
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VOL. II. NO. 20. Mil Companion in Boyhood.

The Value of Life. POETRY- THE COURIER. How often some rude circumstance de TUB PETRIFIED fEJtS. stroys, in a single moment a friendship that has been nurtured for years. There was one who was our playmate in the bright long ago.

Together we played uj- on the village square, shared our lunch with one another, smoked in unison our first cigar, and groaned in the same measure throughout the subsequent paroiysms. The sea of life cast a wave upon our playground, and swept us from the embrace of our boy companion. But wherever we In a valloy, centurlos ago, Grew a little fern-leaf, green and slender, Valuing delicate, mid fibers tender, Waving when the wind crept down so low! Rushes tall and grass and moss g'w round it, Playful sunbeams darted in found it, But no foot of man o'er came tBat way Earth was young and keeping holiday. Useless? Lost 1 There came a thoughtful man Searching nature's secrots far and deep. From a fissure In a rocky stoop Ho withdrew a stone, o'er which there ran Fairy penciling, a quaint design i Leafage, veining flowers, clear and fine; And the fern's life lay in every line 1 So I think OKxl hides some lives away, Sweetly to surprise us the last day." PBIi ISHM' I7IB7 EATUBDiT JfOElTINO.j AMES J.

CHATHAM. TH08. BCUHR, JK. CHATHAM SOURR, lTJHLSimK8 AND l'ltOl'KIKTOllS. terms Ono 1 50 Six months, 75 Throo 00 Subscriptions payablo in advance.

Office, Cqknkh Ei'htii and Walnut parkkr yohk's islock. CITY GOVERNMENT. T. II. ELOIUDUE, N.

8. MOIfSE Councilman. W. C. AH Councilman.

P. Willi I. It Councilman. W. W.

EOIU Councilman'. G. VV. CUItltV Councilman. THOH.

SOITIJR Jr City Clerk. J. M. SCTI I) I) Kit, Oil Attornov. J.

G. VAUVlTM City Marshal. JOIIX A. ITEOKAIU) Justice tho Teace. LUTIIEIt l'KUKINS Police Judge.

E. H. K.HLKY, Constables GEO. TAMrsi.IX, oonstauics. Council meets Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.

m. of each week. have been tossed, in sunshine and iu stormy weather, we have fondly borne in An Elopement Frustrated. There was a case of juvenile true love in Winchester which terminated, as altogether too many cases do, in the police court. He while not an old man, was a widower; she was 13 years of age, He did business on Piccadily street and her father on Main street.

It began at a Catholic fair. The father objected to the widower but he had been there before and knew something about parental objections. A romantic elopement was planned. As the town clock struck 1, the maiden stole softly from the nursery, and crept out to where her lover lay in ambush with half a dozen chosen friends armed with revolvers. From the other side of the street rosejanother armed party, who had guessed at the movements of the lovers.

A straggle ensued between the Montagues and Capulets of Wihchester, in which pistols were used with southern freedom. The police interfered and arrested all parties concerned. Next morning the whole batch baby-lady love and all, were held to await the action of the grand jury upon this monstrous farce. And there aie actually people in Winchester who think the widower ought to be thrashed, and the child soundly spanked and sent to bed without supper. Alas for human sympathy.

Will Ymt Mind That Now. our heart of hearts the image of our boy ish playmate. We have cherished his memory as a sacred thing-, "sad kept it green and bright to gladden our eyes in weary moments. Had he come to us any Cut Iiehind. time ragged and hungry, we would have clothed and fed him, would have taken him in our arms and thanked heaven for the opportunity of proving our love.

Monday he came, but oh, how different from what we could have wished. All smiles and store clothes, he approached Though we by no means think that our habitual attachment to life is in exact proportion to the value of the gift, yet we are not of those splenetic persons who affect to think it of no value at all. What a little thing is human life is an exclamation in the mouths of satirists and philosophers, to which we cannot agree. It is little, it is short, it is not worth having, if we take out the last hour, and leave all that is gone before, which has been one way of looking at the subject, But this is not a fair view of the case. A man's life is his whole life, not the last glimmering snuff of the candle and this, we say, is considerable, and not a little matter, whether we regret its pleasures or it pains.

The length or agreeableness of the journey does not depend upon the last few steps of it nor is the size of a building to be judged from the last stone that it is added to it. It is neither the first nor the last hour of our existence, but the space that parts these two nor our exit ncr our entrance upon the stage, but that we do, feel and think while there that we are to attend to in pronouncing sentence upon it. It. is too mighty for us, and we say it is nothing It is a speck in our fancy, and yet what canvass would be big enough to hold its striking groups, its endless subjects I It is light as vanity, and yet if all its weary moments, its head and heart aches were pressed into one, what fortitude would not be overwhelmed by the blow 1 What a huge heap, "a huge, dumb heap," of wishes, thoughts, feelings, anxious cares, soothing hopes, loves, joys, friendships, is it composed ot How many ideas and trains of sentiment, long, deep and intense, often pass through the mind in only one day's thinking, or reading, for instance How many such days are there in a yeas, how many years in a long life, still occupied with something interesting, still recalling some old impression, Btill recurring to some difficult question and making progress in it, every step accom panied with the sense of power, and every movement conscious of ''the high endeavor or the glad success for the mind fixes chiefly on that which keeps it em our desk, and as our heart went joyfully out two meet him, he pulled forth a can vassing book, and spoke "I am agent for the sale of that wonderful work, Ten Nights in a Bed-room; or the Mysteries of a Chicago Boarding-house." A book agent We sank back in our seat, and engaged in sad retrospection, while the friend of our childhood, now changed to the fiend of our manhood, enlarged upon the merits of his infernal book. His words passed over our mind like a mighty tor "Father, what does a printer live on "Live on The same as other folks of course.

Why do you ask, Johny "Because you said you hadn't paid anything for your paper, and the printer still sends it to you." "Wife spank that boy." "I shan't do it." "Why not "Because there is po reason to do so." "No reason 1 Yes there is. Spank him COFFETYlLl.B POST OFFICE MUBWORY. Eistcrn mail arrives daily at '1 1-2 p. n). Leaves at 7 a.

m. Ollleo open at 7 a. m. Closed at 8 p. m.

Open on Stindnvs from 'i m. to 1 p.m. All mail matter for this mail must be banded in by 7 a.m. S. H.

HICKMAN, P. M. COKFEYYIIXE, KANSAS, TllK terminus of tlie Leavenworth, Lawrence A G-ilvnslon U. is the great cattle market of Southern Kansas, nnd the point from which the Tcxainanl In linns tret their supplies. It is on he 'rinks of the Verdigris Itiver, here affording abundant power, nnd is urronnded by gently roUUnr prairies and lu'nilv timliered bottoms, lias the best school building in Montgomery Co.

and active religions organizations. Enquiries ad dressed to the editor of this piper bv those seeking information relative to this country will receive prompt attention. RELIGIOUS DIRECTORY. METHODIST Itev. M.

Hedges, Pastor. Services Second and Fourth Sabbaths of each month, al 10 11 a. and 8, p. m. Prnyormcet-ing every Thursday evening.

EPISCOPAL UcV. A. TSeatty, Services Third Sunday of each month, at 10 1-2, a. and p. in.

i OHKISTTAN Ttev. J. W. Randall, Pastor. Services First Sunday of each month, at 10 1-2, n.

ami 8, p. m. SECRET SOCIETIES. J5ION CH APTER, No. IS, Eastern Star, meets on the first Wednesday evening of each month at o'clock, at Masonic Hall F.


rent, and 6wept away every vestige of The Bfierie opens on a clear crisp niorn-inff, Two boys are runniug- to pet on the back of a carriage, whose wheels are spinning along the road. One of the boys, with a quick sprinp, succeeds. The other leaps, but fails, and falls. No sooner has he struck the ground, than he' shouts to the driver of the carriage to "Cut behind." Human nature is the same in boy as in man all running to gain the vehicle of success. Some are spry and gain that for which they strive.

Others are slow and tumble down they who fall crying out against those who mount, "Cut behind." A political office rolls past. A multitude spring to their feet, and the race is in. Only one of all the number reaches that for which he runs. No sooner does he gain the prize, and begin to wipe the sweat from his brow, and think how grand a thing it is to ride in popular preferment, than the disappointed candidates cry out "Incompetency! Stupidity 1 Fraud Now let the newspapers of the other political party 'Cut There is a golden chariot of wealth rolling down the street. A thousand people are trying to catch it.

They run; they joatle they tread on each other. Push, and pull, and tug. Those talk most against riches Who cannot get them. Clear the track for the racers One of the thousand reacheBthe golden prize and mounts. Forthwith the air is full of cries, "Got it by fraud 1 Shoddy Petroleum aristocracy 1 His father was a rag-picker His that friendship we so long had cherished for him.

When he finished, winding up with the hope that, for the sake of old timet, we would favor him with our name, we arose, seized him, and flung him I tell you, and uut him to bed." through the window. He struck upon the picket fence below, and his mangled body now sways upon the creaking pickets, a ghastly warning to those who would trifle with the heart's best affections. Brunswicker. Hardening the Constitution, BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ployed, and is wound up to a certain pitch of pleasurable excitement, or lively solicitude, by the necessity of its own nature.

Men talk about "hardening the consti "I shan't do any such thing. What in the world do you want him spanked for "He's too smart." "Well that comes of ycur marrying me." "What do you mean "I mean just this, that the boy is smarter than his father, and you can't deny it. He knows enough to see that a man, printer or no printer, can't live on nothing, and I should think you would be ashamed of yourself not to know as If New York wants to know why the trade of the west is leaving that city, we cite a recent case. On an invoice ot 1,000 cases of merchandise known as "first class." the freight charges from London to Chicago via Montreal were 37 cents per 100 pounds, while from London to Chicago via New York they would have been 75 cents. Chicago Tribune.

tution," and with that view expose them WYM ARK, W. Cabinet and Coffin make. Collins ahvavs on hand. Good trimmings, Upholstery, Varnishing, Polishing, etc. All kinds of wagon making.

South of Eby's Bank, Coffey ville, Kas. 23-2 Cusey Again. mother was a washerwoman! I knew him when he blacked his own shoesl Pitch him off the back part of the golden LUTHER, Attorney at Law Notary Public, and Conveyancer. Collections promptly attended to. Deeds and mortgages legally executed.

selves to summer's sun and winters wind, to strain and over-efforts, and many unnecessary hardships. To the same end ill informed mothers souse their little infants 1n cold water day by day; their skin and flesh and bodies as steadily growing rougher and thinner and weaker, until slow fever, or water on the brain or con chariot. Cut behind In many eyes success is a crime. "I do HPWN, C. S.

Attorney at Law. Codcy. villo, Kansas. not like you," said the snow-flake to the snow-bird. "Why said the snow-bird.

UNKIN, Attorney at Law, Indcpcn- lence, Kas. onirc over nun uiuik. sumption of the bowels, carries them to "Because," said the snow-filake, "you are 7f the grave; and then they administer to going up and I am going down." UNNKTT, P. Attorney and Counsellor nr nii.iwir tho fitor! ill; i vm themselves the semi-comfort and rather We cab state that the man in the car trnnu tinTTGlli1 Tho linafc hnnflft 111 the questionable consolation of its being a ii city. ELD1UDGE SKIENER, Propr's.

riage, on the crisp morning, though he had a long lash-whip, with which he could have made the climbing boy yell most NOBLETT CAMPBELL, Physicians and Surgeons. Office over Barrleklow store, Cofl'eyvillo, Kansas. The Trustees of the Peabody Educational Fund held their meeting in New York recently. Among other business of importance transacted by the Board, it pronounced unanimously and emphaiical-ly against the policy of attempting to establish mixed schools at the South by compulsory legislation. lustily, did not cut behind.

He heard the shout in the rear, 'and said, "Good morn mysterious dispensation of nature, when in fact, nature works no miracle to counteract our follies. The best way I know of hardening the constitution is to take good care of it; for it is no more improved by harsh treatment than a fine garment or a new hat is made better by being banged about. XS1IVM, J. Dealer in Hardware and Agricultural Implements. West side of Public Siiuaro ing, mv son.

That is right climb over and sit by by me. Here are the reins; take hold and drive was a boy myself BRAND, JOSEPH, Plasterer and Bricklayer. All work warranted to give satisfaction. CofTeyvillo, Kansas. once, and know what tickles youngsters.

A correspondent of the Paola Spirit, who is intimately acquainted with Cusey gives him the following send off: The bolstered up Cusey is a man of no decision of character, a man without even a common English education, of no general information, and totally unfit to fill the office of Governor. He could not distinguish the state seal from a Texas branding iron, and it is no joke about his writing God with a Jittle He is incapable of writing a correct sentence in English. His re latives say that he was a skulker from the officers of the law while in Iowa. He was never elected to an office in his life although he was dishonest enough to permit the "Reform" organs of his party to state that he was elected sheriff of Humboldt county, Iowa. His brother-in-law, while in the Iowa legislature, secured him the appointment as trustee of the State Agricultural College.

This introduced him into the swamp land business, and he has boasted since he came here that he had land in Iowa worth from $10 to $15 an acre which he paid 25 cents per acre for. His nomination is the butt for all the passing jokes in the county, and there are but very few men in the county of any intelligence that that think Mr, Cusey has any qalifications to fill the gubernatorial chair. There it no Death. Thank Heaven, there are many in the A Widowi Witness. world that never "cut behind," but are II.


DI1S. VORHES, WHEELER Physicians and Surgeons, Coffevville, Kansas. Utlice hours, Saturday A. till V. u.

Beauty is the mark God set on virtue. Every natural action is graceful. Every heroic act is also decent, and causes the place and by-standers to shine. ready to give a fellow a ride whenever he wants it. There are hundreda'of people KLAHR HOTEL, comer Eight and Depot streets Terms as low as any in the city The best of fare JOSEPH KLAHR, Iv4 Proprietor.

whose chief joy it is to help others on. Now it is a smile, now a good word, now ten dollars. When such a kind man has ridden to the end of the earthly road, it Great souls attract sorrows as mountains do storms. But the thunder clouds break upon.them and they thus form a shelter for the plains around. Rich ter.

HOFFM VN, Proprietor City Uakery. Rye and Wheat Bread, Cakes, Pies, Nuts, Con-feclionery, Canned Fruits and Oysters. Good Lunch at' fair prices. will be pleasant to hang up the whip with which he drove the enterprises of a life time, and feel that with it he never "cut behind" at those who were struggling. The crow is not so bad a bird after all.

It never shows the white feather, and never complains without caws. FLEMING, DR. JOHN, Dealer in pure Drags' Chemicals, Medicines, Fine Soaps, Fancy Md Articles, Pure Wines and Liquors for medi purposes. Physicians' prescriptions care-fully compounded. TOHV M.

SCUDDER will hereafter lie found at Independence on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, and at Coffeyvillo the remainder of the week. Office at Independence, over Hull's Bank. 111., Waal Vinth fitl-not It was told of old that the cackle of a goose once saved Rome. It is now related that a swallow won a suit in court away down in Texas. A poor widow and her daughter had suit for damages before a court in Houston.

The counsel for the plantiff introduced into his pleading the fable of the swallow that built her nest and reared her young un der the eaves of the temple of justice. The lawyer enlarged upon the swallow's trust in the protection of her home the place afforded, and very aptly made the application before the court. When the council was about finishing his illustration a swallow actually flew into the room and alighted upon the Judge's desk. It then hopped away and found rest for the sole of its foot on the railing of the jury box. In its circuit of the court room it halted for a while on a pile of law books Columbian Speaker.

Jfature'i Wonder. Publication Notice! Hr'lllI'VVIlin, "II "I'D! CURRY, G. Forwarding and Commission Merchant. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Liquors, Notions, Periodicals, Books, School Books, Magazines and Stationery. Hides, Tallow and Furs bought and sold.

West i lo of Public Square. There is no death God sends his Messenger angel to bear away our loved ones, who are too pure "to buffet the stormB on lifes tempestuous sea. He treads the ID. STjA-TN 5e DEALERS IN earth with muffled foot-steps, culls the then hovered a moment over the heads of Flour, Feed and Grain bright eyed flowers that cluster around our fireside and floats off on snowy pinions Also, Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Ek, NORTH TJOTON STREET to the land beyond the stars, where the redeemed ones, who left us to walk earths There are many curious facts about vegetable life. We can, for example, graft the apricot on the plum, and the peach on the apricot, and the almond on the peach and thus we may produce a tree with plum roots and almond leaves.

The wood, however, of the stam, will consist of four distinct varieties, though formed from one continuous layer. Below the almond wood and bark we shall have perfect peach wood and bark, then perfect apricot wood and bark, and vt the bottom perfect plum wood and baik. In this curious instance we see the intimate correspondence between the bark and leaf, for if we Would remove the almond branches, we might cause the several sorts of wood tbdevelope buds and leafy twigs. Each section ol the compound has its seat of life in the cambium layer, and the cambium of each reproduces cells of its own species out of a com- Coffeyville, Kansas. pain alone, are shining.

In heaven's jew In the District Court of Montgomery County Kansas. Cyrus Walton, 1 Plaintiff. against Maria Walton, Defendant. Maria Walton, the above named defendant, is hereby notified that Cyras Walton, the above named plaintiff, did, on the 15th day of October, A. 1874, file his petition in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Montgomery county Kansas, charging the said Maria Walton with adultery with one Jefferson Zooks, and praying that he may be divorced from the said Maria Walton; which petition will stand for hearing at the next term of said court, And the aid Maria Walton is also hereby notified that she must answer the said petition on or before the 27th day of November, A.

D. 1874, or the said petition will be taken as true, and judgment will be rendered according to the prayer of said petition. Dated October 16th 1874. CYRUS WALTON. By J.

M. Scudder, his Attorney. el diadem. Yet they are not dead! The JOHN A. HF.LPISGSTIJiE, Attorney and Counselor at bw, CorNTY CLERK AND NOTARY PUBLIC, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, KANSAS.

roses fade and leaf by leaf they fall, but they only want the sweet breath of spring the and flew out of the window and away. The council concluded by saying; "Behold the witness," and as the witness could not be called back by the opposing council, the case was given to the jury pretty much as the swallow had left it. The jury could not ignore the bird's evidence, and gave a verdict for the widow. The story is a little birdy but not in the least fishy. If it was a preconcerted plan of the lawyer it was very happily arranged and nicely carried out, and deserves a place among court reports and curious pleadings.

to reblossom anew. So the flowers that crowned our path-way have folded their Will nrftlrp in the Courts of Montgomery i malrA ml 1 PC tionfl. TlftV bright petals and though unseen.stil! hov taxei for non-resideniR, furnish abstracts of tltlo. draw ileeils, mortgages, wraim ntinu MnnnaM Att.nnn to tnfl er near, exhaling their sweet perfume to lo oroer nno ii ettlementnf estates of deceased persons, pros- keen us Dure and bright until at God a bidding, they shall come again to bear our ecute claims againsv ins governmcnv, ties and pensions made a specialty. Office in Court Ilonse, INDENDEPENCK, KANSAS.

bouIb to the regions of the blest. mon nutrient fluid..

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