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The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 6

The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 6

Washington, Kansas
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The Feeethought Ideal. 6 I think I see the clouds breaking away, the sun of prosperity is ready to throw its bright light upon us; that is, providing we take to our pulpit and preach the doctrin of a flat earth. Roxey's lecture was over and I slept. A FLAT EARTH. Rev.

Mrs. Roxey Jane Mortality is About To Espouse a New Fake Which She Will "Flat Earth Reli gion." Read Her Last Night's Lecture. niving brain of man, ts the so called Christian religion. In order to keep this rot before the people it requires about 13O, 000 preachers and priests, beside its many writers, publishers and a vast army of human leeches who all live fat and fine off of the gullible men, women and children who deprive themselves of the necessities HOW THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL GAVE HOSES AND AARON THEIR FIRST START. and comforts of this worldly life that they may have a pair of wings wired to their shoulder blades when they give up the ghost, These Christians think it quite the proper caper to pay for their religion, even if it does not some of them from hankering for his neighbor's wife or husband, lieirig, stealing, keeping their agreements, contracts or prevent them from gettin drunk and abusing their and neighbors.

And then to think that this religion is derived from the Jewish scriptures. The contemplation of this fact is quite enough to cause a good healthy and active brained American woman to curse her Mortality I am really sorry for you and the many thousand investigators and freethinkers who have for these many years been teaching a credulous world that this earth is as round a a foot-ball. Now you Infidels and false teachers can 'take a back seat and ever after hide your head in humiliation. Your lame position has now no leg to stand upon. I notice by the late papers that good Bro.

Ebenezer Breach, of Portsmouth. New Hampshire, is preaching that this beautiful earth is flat as a gridel cake, and that it rests upon huge pillars, and above the earth is a vast floating crystal sea. Through this we behold the sun, moon, stars and planets. Dupes. Jays and Greenhorns, Lend Me Your Wife's Gold Ear-Bobs: "And the Lord said unto Moses, 'Speak now in the ears of the people and Jet every man borrow of his neighbor, jewels of silver and jewels of gold," and the Lord gave the people favor in 'sight of the Egyptians, whereupon with one accord they pulled their freighter the hills with the borrowed jewelry.

So it is called jewelry to this day. And they came to the desert of Sinai and there Israel camped among the foothills before the mount, where was good grass and running water. And Moses went up into the mount, even the mount of the Lord, as God called him to talk over business matters and see about working up a little cornet on jewelry, And when the people saw that he delayed to come down out of the mount they gathered themselves together unto Aaron and said unto him. "Up, make us gods dear father and mother, and quit the country for her countries good. The espousal of freedom, industry, truth, and love is all that the American people require in order to make them the wisest and most wealthy and independent nation in the world, Schools why Mortality, one good school teacher is worth more to an American settlement than a big city full of preachers and bible workers.

If our which shall sro before us. for as for this Joro. is endeavoring to interest college professors on the side of his arguments. Tne bible also informs us that the earth is flat; that it is held in place by a pillar at each one of of its corners, thus declared old Moses. Now Mortality, I come to the point.

Of course we should take immediate stock in this flat earth theory, and should this theory become the fashionable fake there would be millions in it for us. You could very soon get employment at your old trade it is so very easy for you to fabricate about a 'little matter that has big cold cash attached to the warm end)f it, hence I consider it to be your duty to renounce your round earth theory, and up this flat earth scheme while it is new and warm. You can prove any old thing by the bible, and here is this wild Yankee to assist you in clinching your position. Since the untimely death of our good brother Col. R.

G. Jngersoll the church is Mosefe, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wist not what has become of him." 7 And Aaron said unto "Break off the golden ear-rings which are in the ears friends wish to squander their hard earned cash on a lot of good-for-nothing, lazy sky pilots, I can have no objections, but to see a healthy American woman pay hard cash for soft lies is not a very interesting sight for me to witness. But I suppose I have to endure the spectacle until our people learn that a littletoe headed school teacher is worth more xo our country than a million sky pilots. Still, if this "Yank" makes his flat earth of your wives, ot your sons and your daughters and bring them unto me And all the people brake off, the golden ear-rings which were in their ears and went broke to Aaron. And he received them from their hands and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a moulten calf and then said, "There be thy gods, Israel, that brought thee up out ol the land of Egypt." And they rose up early on the morrow, theory stick you must surely' take to the pulpit again, for the old religious humbugs are quite threadbare and flayed out like, and their end waxeth nigh.

P. T. Bdrnum always declared that people liked to be humbugged and when a man or woman hankers to have the wool drawn over their eyes, they appear miserable if it is not done to the queen's taste, and that too, with neatness and dispatch. You are now in the prime of life, handsome, healthy and of good form, and when you have on your and offered burnt offerings, and the people sat down to eat and to drink and rose up to play. making an effort to regain its lost prestage, and now as if providence had a helping hand in the push, here turns up this wild with his flat earth to assist the work in hand.

Many of the educated and well balanced American men and women are intelligent enough to get on smartly without any religion that has yet been brewed by connivering man women do not brew religion, they brew horse sense, tut here be thousands who hanker after a religion of some kind, be the kind ever so absurd, foolish or ridiculous and expensive. The most cruel and expensive religion of the thousand and one that have been con And the god which is all-seeing, was work ing a shift up on the mesa burning brush, best harness you make a grand impression upon the ladie3 yes, ladiesand as for and rubber-necked the whole affair from behind a Signiiictently winking in the direction of the place, Moses had secreted himself. God said in a voice compressed with ex-citemert: "Go, get thee down amon. myself, the gentlemen of our old church at times appeared to be well pleased when in my companvip fact' they, liked me,.

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