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The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 5

The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 5

Washington, Kansas
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the orgatrorthe-mradrTroPerl5rsPeakin8? the a8e of three, the other at the age of A. j. warren, Lowell, Ark. five; after her death it was found that the I. Astronomy is an established science side of her brain corresponding with her is taught in all our Colleges and Universi- eye first lost was smaller than the other ties iu fact there are Colleges devoted ex- side.

Here is a case which proved beyond clusively to this study, yet within the "last a doubt that the use of the eyes enlarges two decades there has arisen 'a large school the brain. Our nerves of thought and sen-of what is called a new Cosmogony, a sci- sation are composed of brain matter and we A copy of the Blue Laws of Connecticut has been presented to this office through the courtesy of the Truth Seeker Publishing Company, which is a fine work and should be in the hands of all those seeking knowledge along the line of advancement in civilization. Christians are especially invited to read this book so that they may comprehend more fully how Freethought has been their guide as well as ours to more liberty and freedom, If there had never arose such ence which demonstrates that the world is think all over our bodies but pot sensibly, a hollow sphere. Another science teaches each nerve carries the knowledge to all that the Earth is round but not globular, parts of our system telling it how to act to Imen as Paine and others of his kind, we but flat like a plate. We have grown so best takecare of itself, but the brain feeds used to our Globe theory that other theories this and each thought and every touch is seem to us almost sac-religious yet each first taken to the brain before any impres- one learned in any of these sciencea seems sion is made.

to give good reasons for his beliefs. Prof, Walser, in his new book on the So it is with Phrenology. The science is Atomic Solution has this to say: "Thoughts would still be tortured with these and kindred laws, Occasionally, bills smatterings of these Blue Laws are presented to our Legislators, but generally some broad-minded leader sees the unjust results in case they become law and through his effort they are oftimes ruled out. We assure our readers that this book is worth the price, which is 25 cents, For sale at this office, new, and those trying to classify and set are forces generated from thought molecules forth all the rules governing it are often at through the instrumentality of the brain fault themselves If we should try to com- functions. The more perfect the brain the plete a work on Phrenology we might get better the gestation of thought forces and more in it along the lines of what we have the more perfect guidance it is to the per- observed than others doing the same kind son using it." of work, simply because bur Perceptive fac- ulties are larger than common Our Con- centrative organs might not be as large as theirs and we would be led to cover "more I Our Photographs are now ready to be sent out.

Those of our readers who wish to see how the editors of the Ideal look now have a chance. We offer a photograph as a premium to anyone sending us a club of five new subscribers, or for 25cts. in cash. We would rather have subscrib Readers should not be astonished to find editorial comments in the Ideal that differ. It is not an indication that the1 editor is inconsistent, but that there ground, while they with their large Con centration would work away at one point ers however, since we wish to increase our list 1,000 before the first quarter of this new year roils away.

So far we have met with until exhausted entirely. This will proba- are two of us. One mission of this paper give you an insight into the matter is to provoke thought, and the great beau-ahd you will be able to see why the study ty of Freethought lies in liberty of opin-has not been perfected as yet. 'Fault lies ion and the expression thereof. It is not in the persons who far attempted necessary to the happiness of Freethink-to set it down as a science.

We will say ers that we all think alike. great encouragement; friends, push a good thing along. however that there are some public schools where this is being taught along with Phys- Editors of the Ideal: It has been my Mrs. Annie Buerman was acquitted of murder at her recent trial. She plead in loiogy ana nigene.

pleasure to receive several sample copies of sanity. Mrs Buerman and husband were 2. A good Phrenologist will determine your paper which pleases tre very much with exact precision different traits of char- and I want it. Such a bnVht little sheet acter by simply looking at the formation of is not altotether ideal" but it is real gen- the head, and the Perceptive faculties, Mem- uine solid food for the mind; that mind that staunch Freethinkers and belonged to the A. Mrs had long shown signs of insanity and at last she could control herself no longer, and shot and killed her husband.

We believe that the evidence of the editors of the Ideal had gieat weight with the judge and jury, and thai through their tes- ory, Human llature, Veneration; Firmness, is broad and expansive. It is appreciable and Executive Ability can all be read at a because ot its worth, but more because it glance, by one capable ot reading. By is the enterprise of women; women who turning the head a little Love of Self, Con- dare throw off the shackles of preacher, tinuity, Home Love, Love of Pets and all church, god and hell, and come out as light the force or push can be read by the size bearers to their sex in the advocacy of a and shape of the head; this then makes us better religion, ahigher humanity and pur-say' that the brain is the organ of the mind; er homes, Ladies let me congratulate you timony a faiDverdict was rendered. Every lover of science should read "Or- thopsedia, or Atomic Solution," by G. H.

Cases of idiocy have been known where for your noble efforts. The Ideal should Walser. It is a regular encyclopedia of knowledge, not the knowledge gleaned from any ordinary work but of profound re- skillful surgery has-been employed in op- be supported. At the small pittance of fif-ening the front part of the 'skull by means ty cents a year, it should go into every fam-of a saw; and these artificial suteies soon ily wishing a free intellectual atmosphere give room for the brain to begin expanding entwined with the texture of purity. rearch and investigation along the lines of metaphysical and occult investigations.

Some conclusions reached by the author, ana in a snore time tne idiot win commence G. H. Walser, Liberal, Mo we hold simply as a theory and he himself playing with toys like a baby, and very gives them as such, but the facts laid down are clear broad and scientific. Price fifty cents. For Sale at this office.

soon he begins-to reason and is then on the By a unanimous vote of the Executive road to sensibility. Many cases of Trepan- Board of the Kansas Freethought Associa-Jng and the restoration of. the memory and ti6n, I now announce that our ninth annual general activity of the brain make all sus- Convention will be held in Forest Park, tain the idea that the brain is the home of Ottawa, Kansas. The date will be made he mind. Laura Bridgeman lost her eye- known later on, bat probably it will be sjght when quite young.

One eye failed at August, Etta Semple, Pres. MUSIC AND LITERATURE. An Independent Monthly Journal, Sample Copy Free. Wm. H.

Hammack, Fredrick, Md..

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