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The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 6

The Freethought Ideal from Washington, Kansas • 6

Washington, Kansas
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creed "not to be bound by printed words." We have always contended for room to grow, always obj ected to being fenced in with laws prohibiting us from going any farther. 1 We have taken the position that when one person or body Hygienic Rules of living. In last week's Light-Bearer reference was made to certain hygienic rules, the neglect of which had caused the scribe of Lucifer to be laid up for repairs. Thinking that some of our readers might care to know what rules in particular were referred to the following paragraphs of that admirable book on 'How to get Well and How to Keep so," are here inserted, in the confident belief that if these plain simple suggestions were lived up to, more than half the fits of sickness, and of premature break of persons wrere progressive enough learned enough and outspoke enough to be a true Freethinker, he or they surely have reason enough to be, as Paul said "above the law." There is an old Story very appropriate for this occasion. A young minister was greatly flattered by his congregation, his sermons were excellent, his quotations grand, his doctrines to the point, his language flowery.

This so encouraged Hard to Explain. The fire ordeal is an ancient and unexplained phenomenon, It is also Biblical. Two physicians who recently investigated a Fiji miracle of this kind could offer no scientific explanation, although one licked foot of a Fiji firewalker after the experiment, to detect if possible whether herbs or some non-conducting substance had been used. In experiment seven -Fijians, not across and around an oven of red hot stones 25 feet in diameter. Thermometers swung above the stones registered 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fi-jians' feet were not even slightly scorched, and there was no smell of fire in their clothes. Chicago Evening News, How shall we reconcile this discovery with the 3rd chapter of Daniel? The King ordered the people to fall down and worship a golden image 106 feet high. Three men refused to obey A furnace was heated seven times hotter than it was ever heated before. Men were instantly consumed who approached to throw the three offenders in. Strange to relate the intense heat had no effect whatever upon Shadrach Meshach and Abednego.

The King looked and beheld four men walking in the furnace, one like the Son of God, yet this was 603 years before Christ. Now this is related in the Bible to show how God takes care' of his own. and who shall explain how it is that the Fijis who eat God's servants can do the same miracle? him that he bethought' him that when he grew a little older he would, perchance ft 0 and, being full of zeal, he wroteout a whole barrel-full of sermons to be used when he grew old. He seemed to be ignorant of the fact that even the sleepy old church had to step forward every few years and that the sermons of today might be considered "out of date" to- 1 fi -t il 1 "You should make it an unupsettable rule to rest- thoroughly and placidly before and after each meal, so as to store and have nerve-force (unsquandered on other things) for the good work of digestion; to rest as the worthy man said he did in church, just laid his legs up and thought nothin'. Try for only half an hour's nap after the midday meal, there is virtue in it.

Be sure and get clear away for at least a month every year. Leave worries and business thoughts behind, and live, careless and free, as a happy boy in the happy present, "Avoid all doings that exhaust and tire; and here I venture to submit that for the sick excitement is not recreation, nor for the o'er-vvearied brain worker are mountain eering and violent bodily exercise repair. Rest, man, rest; there is no return of vital force once expended or squandered. It is gone with the years beyond the flood; and rough is the sackcloth and red the ashes in which we dree our weird of unavailing regret, "If during business hours you become morrow, many or our or- "A Piesbyterian or a Methodist, if you ask him what he is and why, will easily answer by handing you his pub writing up a barrelfull of laws and rules, nothing short of creeds, and holding the members as long as they could, only at last to see them break over and off to greener pastures. The human mind naturally cries for liberty for room to grow and often has it been seen that when the freedom is curtailed in one direction liberties are taken in another which sometimes are truly appalling.

Take for example ministers' sons: they are often very fond of sowing wild oats and why 2 Being limited in mental freedom they seek amusements which will help them throw off the effects of the restraint, and often this leads them into slippery paths, The world moves and freethinkers have to keep up with free- lished "Confession of Faith" or "The Discipline. He needs only say, "I be lieve that. We have no printed docu 1 A 1 1 conscious of growing weary, rest awhile, and then go on again. By using a little tact and judgment you can catch rest now and then, here and there, and manage to escape fatigue while still accomplishing your necessary labors. Drive your pair Work and Worry if so you must, but keep them well in hand and be niastsr.

And ment quite so dehnite. Ana wnen we say, "It is apart of our creed not to be bound by printed words," people are apt to think that "we are all out of -doors. And yet I think we shall find it no very difficult task to draw the lines that sep arate us from others and gives us a dis tinct individuality oi our own. M. J.

remember you can bring on diarrhoea and other evils simply by overwork and even quicker by worry. The functional weakness thus induced will arrest digestion, and the foods will decay and ferment just as if you had eaten what is in itseif indigestible," Lucifer. thought progress or else be relegated to the rear. It has been our experience that where a freethinker, so called, clamors loud and long for "printed words" to bind his fellow liberals, that his mind is either not broad enough to grasp the true meaning of libertv or else he Savage. This is from the pastor of a New York church a church believing in a supreme ruler of the universe, and trying to follow the teachings of Christ; yet it is in advance of mosc of our Secular or Freethought Leagues.

The above quotation expresses the position we have always taken in regard to the Constitution of the Kansas Freethought Association. We desired it to be a part of our under the law. Wanted The acquaintance of a lady (Freethinker), by a gentleman living in North Dakota (farming). Address J. Morris, Box 4i Niagara, N.

Dak. No definite returns from election yet, but we are told that we run ahead of our ticket a trifle. Enough to give weak-kneed candidates strength hereafter, and that is all we arc after. Subscribe NOW for the Ideal..

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