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The Miners' Echo from Pittsburg, Kansas • 1

The Miners' Echo from Pittsburg, Kansas • 1

The Miners' Echoi
Pittsburg, Kansas
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STINGING INDICTMENT. PLAIN WORDS AND BOLD. -JWS. WEAVER AND FIELD. Veterans of the late War BTnrch Ovef Historic lironnd In Washington War i rTtfj-: They Write a Joint Letter of At Standing Armies and rational Guards AH at the service ot Capitalists Man aft Well as Captain Them Do Wok Knli.4 Either In the State Militia or othenviso destructive.

It IB IKe mit? of government to no adjust thsse relations that peace and prosperity may belong to all classes and become the common birthright of every oittson. Your sliver plank was framed, 1 Mid iiUorost ot the money power, hence )t is not entitled any respeot from the laboring attd produ ing clashes, or in foot frrna any efa ot citiioiu who have a patriotic regard tor thilr An Open Letter From a Late Prominent Republican. i Scene. Recalled. ,7 ceptande, Washington, ffept, 21.

Through the Reg-Ular Army, dense lanes of thousands of people who The railroad magnate or iron master lined the pavement and side streets, They Declare, yor a Free Ballot and Fair has but to touch the button in future oouniry, tour roroB Mil waa intended to John vVIfitlilon 'Arraigns tlio llcpiihllean at tlio liar of Public Opinion Its Many Slut of Commission and Omission. be the safeguard ot the same dominant power arid the sroverndr will do the rest past buildings with lavish displays of banners, flags and streamers, cheered and cottpel enslaved labor to vote under the Pinkerton is dethronadj his tnantle has by the voices of hundreds of school fallen oh the shoulders of the governor! his outcast, traitorous voice is silenced children filnjing patriotic airs, the Grand of tile BopubUc, many thousand strong yesterday marched up in the words: "I will mortgage the HE IS MISTAKEN, Mr. ilallevi of Texas, is Toniifr, lla-idsome and KUxiuont, Uitt Me la Mistaken all the Panie, The handSorilo. young Adonis, of Texas, Joseph W. Bailey, reriresenta tive in congress from the Fifth district In discussing government ownership of fallways, cites the loss to the govern ment through the postal system as a frorii this fact argues that necessary loss "to the government would follow its ownership of railways.

-if-I i The expenditures of the post office department for the year 1S91 as shown by the repdrt of the pdsthiaStel'-general and tabulated on the "Statistical Ab Stract of the tjnited States;" fdurteenth number: page 5.45, and the total revenue of the department for the same time was showing a net loss for the year 1891 of $5,730,877.00. It is but aii ho we, ver; to say that it has' teen the policy of thel government to reduce the rate of post state." Men who live in other states broad Pennsylvania avenue aiong arid foreign lands grow rich and fat on the prooeeds of the labor of Pennsyl whose rough cobble-stones as members of the greatest of modern tnies they vania and from the products of her soil, Count -The Success of the Feople'a Party Held to be the Trne FlaV; Sept. 191 Geh. Weaver and Gen. Field, the people's party candidates for president and vice-preBident, have issued the following address! To the People ot the United States! Having" been nominated respectively for tiiS dfflce of president and Vice president by the national convention of people's party, which assembled at Omaha July 4, 18:12, wo take this method if formally notifying the public of our acceptance of the nominations and of our appreciation of the honor conferred upon us by the action of the convention.

We are heartily ht accord with1 the platform df principles adopted by thai iidnvetttiorl: aria if elected will en had marched twenty-Beveri years ago( They live so elegantly, or rapidly that dttBty, travel-stained, war-worn, the enormous profit already given is It was the Ittst time many of the vet not enough; they want more, and order erans would see the national capital. ft reduction of wares. Workmen al wuca of federal bayonots. Vottf idea of government is force, whioh Is monarchial and is, per se, destructive of the liberties of the citizen in a free republic. Your idea of money belongs to the paganism of the pa'st imperialism, Csicarism, absolutism.

Your idea of wealth distribution i centered in corporations, trusts, combines and transportation lines. Youi1 idea of land is not uso, which fti tlio primary test, hut ownership in lai'ge bodies by a landlord clegs. Yor idea of transportation is private owud-ship, when the vory results demonstrate the danger of such a system. Finally, your ideas of individual liborty are so strongly repressive that mon tremble When they face the future, knowing that a long course of repressive leslslatiOtt creating unequal conditions muft wipe out the now powerful middle class. Which is the balancM wHeei of our civilisation-, and drive tola two extremes of society the milirenaires and anarchists into two hostile camps, between which no white flags can.

pass, and no heralds proclaim peace. To prevent such a condition of things, it Is tha duty of every citizen to labor unceasingly and untiringly to bring about an equality of conditions and a wise and humane administration of The loner roll had carried off hosts of Straight Democrats. 'A mrmber of prominent democrats, who are dissatisfied with the action" pi the state convention in indorsing thd-populist state ticket, met recently aa Topeka and issued the following call: To the Democratic Voters of the State of Kun- sasi 1 1. i Topeiu, Sept 15, 1893. There is wide-Spread dissatisfaction throughout tha state at the action ot tho democratic state convention on July 9 in refusing to maintain the democratic organization of the stato by placing la flominaffim candidates for-the various state offices, and especially in nominating the already nominated candidates of another political organization not in harmony with democratia principles or precedents.

fiy th action of the convention you ore not only deprived of the opportunity of direotly expressing your appreciation of the wisdom, distinguished services and exalted patriotism of the Worthy successor of Jefferson and Tilden, Orover Cleveland, but an attempt was also made to deliver you to a hostile political organisation, which, if successful, would destroy our party in the state and bring disaster and rula to the material interests of our people. While we acquiesce in the action of the convention with reference to the electoral ticket, WS protest against its action as to the statst tloket as unprecedented and revolutionary. democrat is bound thereby. TO the end that credit and good name of our staW afld people may be preserved and the principles of Our party upheld, and at the re Quest of many democrats, we hereby call a oon terenoe of those democrats who do not intend to support the Btate ticket of the so-called peo pie's party, to he held at the senate chamber in the city of Topeka, on Friday, the 7th day of October, 1094, at 10 o'clock a. m.

and we oor dlally invito all Much democrats to attend. Signed by A A. Hards, J. G. Lowe, 0.

Fi Spencer, J. S. Emery, T. P. Fulton, Ed M.

Hewins, Samuel Clark. J. B. Crouch. those who had been with them in that ready struggling to keep the wolf from the door ask for' a conference in order The Kansas Democrat publishes the following letter, written by John Madden, of Cottonwood p'n lis, Km, to J.

M. Simpson, chairman of the Republican state central committee, ir. answer to Mr. Simpson's Macedonian cry, "Stand up for Kansas. John Madden was a republican preside ntl'il elector in WSS and voted for Harrison, As a letter writer and hard hitter ho takes rank i wi'n Judge John Martin.

Indeed, bis arraignment of the republican party is one of the most powerful documents ever produced by pen, and will prove a terrible stumbling1 block to the republican party of this state. John Mad-den's position for tho right is but another illustration of the very, very rapid (disintegration of the republican party: Cottonwood Fai.t.s, Kan. Aug. V.I, 1882, Jinn. J.

M. Simpson, Chairman llepnblican State Central Com milt Tttnvka, Dkaii Stit Year letter of tho 9th inst. re triumDhant march td which nearly all to talk matters over with the employer. tlleir minds reverted. Almost all of The conference is cut short.

Autocratic, their famous leaders were gone-Grant, Sherman Sheridan, Thomas, arbitrary action on the part of the employer follows, and then He de Mcrheron; Hancock, Blair, McClellan, mands that each workman assert age whenever the department be-cairie self-sustaining and that under The aired, requdtltly infirm appearance his independence and come tO him di of those who were left shovved that all rect, to be discharged for his temerity, were wearing fast this policy thoy have reduced the rate of postage frdi'rl 35 cents, which was very common befortl tho govern The entire lino of march was decor The workmen strike, and before a bldw has been struck or a threat made state ated with baniierS, bflntinw, insignia troops file between the men and the law. A law which extends "equal rights to all and special privileges to nene." It must follow from Wht i have stated, and and flag's each side of the long stretch between did eapital and the treasury department The daf was deavor to faithfully oarry out the demaHds in letter and We have been requested, by the national committee to visit the various states of the union far as it should bo within our power and to iddress the people upon the political situation ind issues presented Jri the platform, ttje' ftra how in the discharge of that.duty, having dp ready one or both of us visited fifteen states in the northwest and south, and if health and strength are spared we intend to continue the work until the campaign is closed. We have been received with cordiality. The enthusiasm every whore is without parallel and extends to every part of the union ws have visited, By contact with the people we have beoome ad Ouainted With theii? -we-rus and sufferings and Have been brought face to fac3 with the itianf-fold perils which so seriously threaten oxt oiv' ilization and the overthrow of popular gov- workshop, or the railroad; other men pck up the tools in places where home ment took charge of the mails; to ond or two cents now for carrying the letters to the most remote corners of the nation. This policy has been wise and beneficial to the whole country and it builders labored, and the thrust of cloudy and the east wind chilly.

bayonet is the only riswer given from The veterans formed in line at their respective headquarters and marched that tieie on until hunger does its work. Look carefully through the chiefly by side streets to the place of would be no argument against government ownership of railroads, that tha government might, in an effort to give) low rates, run th roiitls ti sortie loss Which Would pPov8 a piiblic blessing ranks of the soldiers, scan well the formation near the capitol, headed by baiids. fin the lawn adjoining thd forms and faces of the men who defend with their lives the property of thd questing my services for the state campaign in 'orltalf of the republican party duly received. I will state tho reasons why I cannot aocopt your Invitation and hopo tho same may be received Iby yoe. an sufficient; they are not intended to personal ami I hope you will receive them in (the same kind spirit in 'which they are penned.

They are reasons hy 1 oppose a system which in my Judgment is not truly American. I have never been what misrht be tormed a partisan, ior the reason that I Could never see anything sacred in political doctrines when they did not impress the consciences of men as beir.g right. 1 have always been oppose to the protection one class of mon at Uie expense ot the great wealth -producing musses, and never supposed any party woutd be short sighted enough to at- tempt a thing of that kind. I And I have been mistaken, like thousands of other men who have been voting with tho rerjuhlican nartv. ueueving in the principles which I have mentioned, that my place is in the ranks of the now political movement.

Itembrai9 within it not only the humanittc the true essence oi American ciWfeiVa'hip. Its foundation corner is not sectional hatred, but American equat'-ty. I is distinctly American in every fijer and gives to the man, native foreign born, the proud assurance citizenship, and all the rights that low irom the same. It is tho party of liw and order, and carries within it the Very soul life of patriotism. Its principles, as thoy evolve from year to year, under tho old names or new ones that may follow, will give no quarter, and nsk none of plutocracy thathns raised the pirute flag of the skull and cross bones.

Those principles will light the battles of American equality until tho toiling millions of put' country win back the heritage ot the fathers. They Will carry the American nag to tho highest mountain of advanced polit the south wing of the' treasury building a large covered stand named in honor by milking As great reductions in railway charges as the government has in millionaire, and J'ort Will find no millionaires of soil of millionaires amdnrf of Lincoln and decorated in bunting, charge i them. They are all workirigmen, ions evergreen and portraits contained 800 Mr. Bailev is a verv nie.S vonno marl" of workingmen and merchants. Here e'rnhlent Wnwish to express our judgment freely and without ro.ser'vfi 111 order that we may Stand acquitted before our fellow men aSd ear, own conscience touching the whole matter.

The people are la poverty. Their substance is being devoured by heartless monopolists, trusts, pools and money sharks. Labor In largely unemployed, and whore work is obtainable the wages paid are small and tho produots of labor not pavinu the cost of production. and there an dfiicer may be wealthy, Miscellaneous. Emporia has been seriously troubled With burglars lately.

Veterans of the Sixth Kansas held their reunion recently at Lawrence. Dr. E. F. Bryant has been appointed pension examining surgeon at Lincoln.

Lightning rod peddlers have lately been swindling farmers in tha vicinity of Emporia. 1 The grand lodge of Good Templar school girls in white dresses and red napes and white vests, each. With a small American flag in her hand, whd Wut the greater part are workingmen; knd handsome, too, and li A would much better depend upon his you th and beauty to Work up a feeling of sympathy for him in his desperate and silly efforts in the Just think of it for a moment, and then cheered on the raatsUiers, Farther on colored girls similarly attired ocsnpied ask if the advice I give is not proper This ii a iaattcf of srius concern to the whole under tile circumstances. Workingrriari last congress rj bity pt'pilliirlty by g'w't iiig back to Uncle Sam a day's wages; ical and industrial liberty and no nower on have heretofore ioined the militia. Ve people.

Tho leaders of tho-herelofoe dominant parties are everywhere controlled by the grSH and we see our brethren of the producing and laboring classes surrounded by conditions whlc'a are absolutely appalling, and the great PiEtton now is to aavo them before, it is too may or may not belong to labor organ another stand TJIVISIONS IN THE PARADE. The of dei of parade was as follows: nttiwunH' met at Topoka on the 13th with about seventy-five members in attendance. izations, but we all want a fair share of he had better depend on S'ich sympathy than to seek to oppose government ownership of railways bj nriy lesson or ctntletics lie Can Sect re from tha the value our labor creates. Our broth Escort of Commander-in- Chief Old (Jiisrd of Charles Toff, manager of the Leaven ers in another place demand some con earth can stay the upward trend of this iiiighty movement of thought. The men who abncate these principles are tho men to "Stand up for Kansas," and every other state ot this union.

They know What it takes to make a stato, and wh'i't citiaenship is worth. They will ittg down to you from every rostrum and every forum the gage of battle. They lighting- for their homos, their chip rteon, their country, and the sooner you leaHl postal system. Dallas (Tex.) Southern Mercury. cession, and the military ftl'e ordered out by the ffovTSrndr to stand guard at a Worth Baseball club and League park, ia reported to have skipped tile town, with $119 in funds that did not belong to him.

I am an American by birth, training and edu-ation, and as such I am unalterably opposed any political movement of men that tend to et aside tho simple faith and loyalty of tho ithers and create conditions unnatural and un-American, whereby capital becomes a heartless oligarchy, nnd labor drops down to tho level or a homeless and hopeless peone-sre. monopoly and money centers and manifest utter disregard for the wants and wishes of the peoplo. ihe patties are hostile camps arrayed on sectional line's, and rcpesnt the bitterness and cruelties of the past, every four ymti dlsonssing the issues of the late war, which should long sincd have been allowed to pass from the political dig-oussions of the day. Notwithstanding the bitterness existing between the old parties tbey vie with each other in their subservience to capitalistic and corporate freed, are in. capable of dealing sincerely with the vast pob lems evolved by tho growth of the last quarter mill, shop or mine, while a haucrhty em SOUTH CAROLINA.

niiji an empty aDsurdlty is mM1 li ih ployer sends cheaper men in to take the places of the strikers. Working men Hugh Henry, a nesra, attempted tcj The Political Situation In tho eriimnally assault Mis Mabel Welsh ati Lamed the other nigh t. He was capt are also tax payers. We have to sup fdtttel i South fjardliria has H'Aintf DODll.a- port the state, pay the salaries of the Washington.

Irani Army battalion of Albany. CoumaWferta-chtet i Junior Offloial staff of commanded -1f-Wf. Aides-de-camp. Escort to the Grand Army First Defender's' Sixth Massachusetts, United States Veteran Signal association. Department of with 1, 260 men in line.

Department of Wisconsiil, with eishteen posts, headod by Department Commander Oil. fl, li. Welton carrying "Old Abe," the famous war eafele that was carried through tho whole war by the Eighth Wlseonsin regiment. Department of Pennsylvania, JS. Wi old soldiers, all attired in white vests, black ties nnd caps.

governors and others, as well as the of a century. Upon the great economio ques ured the next day and lodged in jail. At night a mob took him from jail and hanged him to a telegraph pole. penses of the militia. Militia working- better, for "What tonaiitm aStato? Men, high minded biee.

Men win their duties know, But know their rights, and knowing dare maintain; l'rcveut the long aimed blow, And crush the 'tyrant, while tlio rend the chain, Tbeso constitute a stato." Yours trulj'i John UOri df 90,000. This has Wen divided in forme years about and 70,000 democratic. Two years ago the alliance took a hand ii the election DuHfJi? a recent storm tho youni? tions of tile SgB they are praotically one in pur-pose, differing Just enough tu eiiaWe them to carry on a sham battle, while the work of robbery and spoliation proceeds unabated. In the meantime the farmers and planters, north and south, and wase-earnera everywhere are pro men leave situations in which they receive from two to five dollars a day to do duty at ff ord thirteen to thirty dollars a month in guarding the bricks, mortar, dauiter of Stilus Raehford, a farmer of governor arid the legislature. Mr; Tillman was the allianee-democratid Partisan prejudice cannot close the flood gates through which rush the Clear and living waters of truth: neither can its blind dogmas draw unto themselves respect, veneration or reverence, when hungry thousands clamor for bread and labor's voice Is heard at every gathering demanding protection, and it is answered hy Viniterltiin bulle s.

The motto, "Stand up for Kansas, on your letterhead, In view of tho condition to which the toiling musses have been reduced; In view of the fact thnt your political system has contracted Ihfj people's money, so that oblipUions Kimnot paid; in view of the fact that homes hold under mortgages ana passing Into hands of syndicates; in view ot the that the people have been robbed by corporations and transportation Hues; in 'view of tho fact that trusts and combines con- resitting near wsaife was iiiiieu uy lightning and two otlltJr members of the family so seriously shocked thai scribed, maltreated, brought ihtd CoitpHtitioii with convict labor, and la many instances shot down by hired mercenaries acting under order buildings and machinery of those who become too arrogant to longer treat candidate for governor. He also received the vote of the alliance colored He was elected and Irby, COST Of MULE they wei'O not expected to recover. RAISING. of arrogant corporations who have unblushingly usurped the functions of the government and Mrs. Hauback the ladica with their old employes.

My udvice to woikliigtuen win tills day forward is not to enlist in either Export Testimony on a Subject of Importance. presumed to act in its stead. These corpor of Minneapolis into a Columbian club 1 ations dominate the daily press and control the alliance-democrat, was sent to tho senate. The contest this year in South Carolina has been a projection along the same lines. It has been a fight from the beginning between the demd- lines of daily communication with tho people.

with tht! following officers; President, Mrs. Chapmatii; vice president, Mrs. W. A still greater peril wo hold that tlie right lie (it itniHicr naa been teliing some large stories nbnut the profits of mule raising, when an old man in jeans clothes got up, and, after shaking the Of a free ballot and fair count are rights pre L. Merrifield; secretary, Mrs.

Emma Holmes; treasurer, Mrs. 01 lie C. Lord. servative of all rightsjand upon their inviola Departuittft 0 Ohio, with ex-Prestdent Hayes marching with the 212 posts and over 6,000 men. Department of New York-Ten brigades with Gena Slocum, Reynolds, Sickles, Howard and many distinguished men In the ranks.

Department of Connecticut Twenty-eight posts, aggregating about 3,100 men. Department of Massaohtisetts Eighty posts and fifty brass bands atld drurrt corps Gen. Butler was erne of the notable figures In the lihtt Department of Connecticut Seventy posts. Department of Maine-rJlfteen, posts. Department of California FourteSri iwts all mounted and carrying a crimson silk baiiuef witti th picture of a grizzly bear.

Departmen of Rhode Island Sixtoen posts. DeDartment of New Heven posts bility rests the perpetuity of free institutions The other day as Fred and John Win wrinkles out of his trousers, sat down and representative frovernmont We art pained to discover lu the public mind of the orats who follow party dictation and Would bow to Wall street, and the influence of Orover Clevelandt and those who would return to the Jeffersonian principles, and enforce the ters were ascending a steep bank of tha Whitewater, near Towanda, with their again. "I've had experience in that busi ness," he said, as if inviting argument. steam engine nnd thresher, the engina southern states through which we have passed a widespread loss of confidence on the part of the tteople in the integrity of the judges of elections in receiving the ballots of the people and reared up in front and tipped over on state militia or regular army. If these institutions will be used to do duty for capital, let capital man as well as officer them.

If these institutions will ba ordered out to defend the property of millionaires, let millionaires enlist in them and defend their own property. If real danger threatens the nation, let workingmen do as they have always done, as they did in '01, enlist and save the nation from her enemies; but from this time forward do not enlist to strengthen the hands of those who are lowering the standard of American wages. Do not enlist to do battle for your enemies and against your frtenflfc. Do not usurp the place which was made "And didn't it pay?" inquired the drummer, with an of-course-it-did ac demands of the alliance. The latter are largely in the maioritv.

and ari counting them for the candidate ot their choice. thefB, killing Fred instautly and severely scalding John. aging a very aggressive contest in the cent "JS'ot a great deal." We think that this evil must be oorrecteh by the intelligence and integrity of the people of A delegate convention of the German Palmetto state. In the late primaries Department of Hosts, tne country, otherwise scenes of riot and per with bits of cedar in the hats of the men. tho democrats about 00,000 votes Americans of tho stata was recently held at Topekn, nearly every county "What was the matter?" "Guess it must have been the breed, "What breed was it?" haps bloodshed may follow these efforts of parties in charge of the ballot boxes DSpartment of Virginia and North Carolina were ast of which Mr.

Tillman to defraud tho will of the voter. Thoy eeived nearly two-thirds. As the contest is shaping he is praitically a peo- will lead to a serious collision, and that "Dout know. If I did I'd hunt up Thirty-two post ft TOO mon, many colored. Department of Maryland- forty-nine posts.

Department of Iowa Fifty posts. Department of Michigan-Five divisions, ai? gregating fifty-one posts. uoi inn people markot and get what is left; In view of the fain that you passed an iniquitous law oxlvufllng municipal aid to railroads, nnd now a great number til the counties ot Kansas arc resting itt tho sleep of dea'th tinder bonds voted by hired votets ot tlio companies thrnii-l the operation of such taw. in view ot tlio fact that such a B.vstem of municipal aid has been maintained, even when its repeal was urged by your patriotic governor, John A. Itt tin; in view of tho tael that our immease wheat crop of this year is heing aires ly absorbed by the railroads nnd wheal combines; in view of the fact that the unost industrious can scarcely maintain themselves and families, tho motto, Stand up for Kansas," is unnatural, Inhuman and ghoulish, and sounds like the hollow mockery of winds blowing over graves.

You say you want speakers, 'capable of expounding party doctrine RnJ especially the magniliur-at services which the present administration has rendered the farmers and la'no ring mcD of tho country," As you know, four years ago as one of the presidouiml electors of Kihumm, I cast my vote direct for Benjamin Harrison; I hoped 'then a change of udniuistmUm would benettt the country and lighten some of the bur lens resting upon the. people. in the of that year I advised the tbarc'ooh men whom I met at political mect-western Kansas to vote for republican supremacy. I shall never forgot the pathos of quick y. After cons ultation with the people we party candidate, and will receive believe it to be true beyond reasonable ques much of the alliance colored republican vote.

Under these circumstances should tion that the majority of white voters are with the people's party in every Southern state thug Department of Indiana Fifty-four posts, ctetestaDie ana odious by the presence of a Pinkerton, and when you have sense enough to do that, the haughty headed by the soldiers' orphan band, prcoeding the Cleveland democrats and the Harri George H. Thomas' post of Indianapolis, of which President Harrison wa a member. son republicans combine, they would employer of labor will think twice before he strikes a blow at the right of far visited, and our information leads us to believe that the same thing Is true in the other tates also. The white people are leaving the old parties and casting their lots with us, and our numbers are constantly increasing. We Department of Wyoming and Colorado still be In the minority by many thou Thirty-eight posts.

men to organize. sand votes. From this condition of af uie man that startod it and kill him." "What was wrong with the animals?" laughed the drummer. that you could see only that they kicked so like the dickens." "Oh, well, that's tho mule's Kpeuial prerogative." "Hut not like them mules." "Wherein did they differ from others?" "Well, it was this way," and the old man's angry disappointment showed itself. "I hud a hundred head of three-yenr-olds Hint I bought out of a drove to Department of Kansas Two thousand men are Informed by a large number of intelligent Our friends, the railroad men, have in in blue under the lead of Department Com fairs it does not look much like Cleveland getting the electoral vote of South mander Albert K.

Green. and reputable people that In the recent state election in Alabama Capt Kolb wag chosen governor by oVor 40,030 majority, and yet his Department of Delaware Twenty-four posts. Carolina. Nonconforrai st many places petitioned against the ownership of railroads by the government Hut a few more experiences with the McLeods and Webbs will set Department of Missouri Two thousand men opponent was counted in by a majority of 10,000. headed by Frank B.

Blair post of St. Louis nnd County tickets throughout the state were It Won't Work. Ransom post counted out and others counted In. the lesson well in mind that until this In years gone by over in the state of Department of Kentucky Fifteen hundred By the same unblushing methods we are in men. formed that in the state election, which oc government takes possession of tho rail and telegraph lines, there will be no Departmentof West Virginia-Seven hundred curred in Arkansas on the Sth of September, at Kansas, the republican lawyers used to chase tho editor of this paper around the country branding him as a demo men bearing bunches of golden rod.

Kainermw when I stood in the solemn presence of toil-wo-n men and women whose faces indicated lint tbov needed bread mull these thinns in an I deeply impressed as 1 tV.ll V. ilh thn fl justice meted out to the men who man least 60,000 qualified voters of the state were Departmentof Arkansas Five posts. being reprt'seflterl. Tho object of tha convention was to effect an organiza tion With tho view of bringing about a resubmission of the prohibition ques tion to a vote of the people. Dan Crew, well known as a tenoi singer.died at his home In Lawrence tha other day from an overdose of morphine.

He had been suffering from hay fever and asthma and took morphine to induce sleep, It is thought he took too much of the drug through mistake. Ha leaves a young wife and one child. The state live stock sanitary commission met recently at Emporia to consider the case of Toxas cattle in quarantine in Chase county. The conclusion arrived nt wns that the Spanish fever was stamped out nnd that the cattle should Ixi shipped away for slaughter under order of Keceiver Ai-lieson in such quantities as he desired, subji-ct to tha quarantine rules and orders of tha Chase county court. Mrs.

Annie MeCoilrt wa instantly killed by lightning timing a thunde storm at Atchison the other evening. She was preparing supper and had started out of the house after a pail of water. The lightning struck her when she was on the doorstep Her clothing; waa set on fire, but the flames were extinguished by a neighbor who was close at hand Mrs. McCourt was 20 years of age and leaves one child Mrs. John Hyatt and three of he deprived of the right of suffrage that the re age the trains and lay the raila Those Department of Tennessee Two hundred men i carrying white umbrellas.

crat working to disrupt the republican party, and now comes Mr. Tinmionds and brands us as a republican working .11 peiipin, I go with some of my own raising, and before. I mixed Vm turned the new ones into an adjoinin' lot to the others with a fence between, so's they's get acquainted. Across the road from the lot I had a hot house with a glass roof that cost me to bniid, and I had $2,500 worth of growing stuff in it, ami there Slin 111 110 nitt'id lo evnmmrl who talk so flippantly of bloody revolution should think well before speakinir. Louisiana and Mississippi, Florida, They should instruct the men how to turns were inaccurate: and at this election the people's party, though polling a large vote in the state, were denied representation in the appointment- of judges and commissioners by whom the election was to be conducted.

In consequence of these methods the will of the authorized voters have been defeated. The Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, the Da in tne interest of the republican party, vote instead of shoot; they should tell kotas and the Indian territory had a It won't work, gentlemen. Police court tnera that while capital has the power few veterans to represent them. The politics will not win. This is not wlucli yon this ad-KtnielrHti i inw, the have Iwn oh you claim, the I'l i lei u.M of tle-m, as results would ali lor themselves.

Thi fact is, the administration lias rendered "in liniillcent services," not to the farmers and laborers, but to the with their l'inkertons; the Mc-inds, with their coal trusts: the Armours, w'th their beef combines, and the Goulds with numerous posts of the department of only thing that our trends in that state have to to direct governors, our political system is wrong, and that they, as a part eampaign of personalities and much as we dislike to be called these hard names guide them is in the few counties that had an the Potomad were near the end of the was snow on tlio ground. I got the mules about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and they ha I all huddled up with their tails toward tho road to keep them warm, 1 gu-ss. Anyhow, there they honest count. In every one of these counties oi ine voting machinery of the nation, parade, followed by the naval veterans, and be so grossly misrepresented, the our vote ran fully up to expectations snoum look into the question of gov with Kear Admiral Wells, of New Ha work of education must sto on. This is In ladapMuleaoe, White, ernmental ownership and vote this year, ven, at the bead.

Clark, Nevada, Crawford, Sebastion, Scott and White counties tho people's party a fight for the home and fireside, Tl is is a fight for better government whbh nexi year ana every year until it comes. In the meantime do not enlist in the had an immense vote, their ticket leading the A FIXE DISPLAY. Washington, Sept 31. Seven hours their railroad an1, in fact all of the many agencies formed for purpose of controlling the output of the mines, the shops, the fields and the farms. I fear your party has departed from the cachings of Lincoln, Stanton.

Seward and Chase. I fear that siviilsmen republican largely and was about equal with can never come through the republican or democratic party. Against the state hi.oo.1, una auout four clock I went in with a stick to hustle them around, but they wouldn't hustle. They just begun to kick, and such kickin' nobody ever seen in that country. They kicked so militia or regular army; the arts of the democratic We believe that a fair count peace are nobler far than those of would have shown similar conditions through and a half to a second was the march-in time of the procession.

Full 80, 000 men were in the column with 238 bands ment of Mr. Timmonds, which was put into his mouth by the democratic out the state. These frauds and irregularities ouncils, and lobbyists lorrupt your law mak nara that their hoofs befan to fly off. strife and war. Let those who violate the laws and constitutions do their own fighting and their own blood spilling in In the state referred to, tnougn loeni, are yet matters worthy of the serious consideration of county central committee, we place ten and it wasn't no time till the air was long years of hard service battlinsr for and drum corps.

As every one of these played "Marching Through Georgia" about ten times, the occasion al the people ot the united atates. This deplorable condition of affairs cannot be remedied luture connicts. A. v. Jfowderly, in ing body.

I iear that you follow leaders who Siy slow but sure transitions lead vou to do the Md ling of the most cruel and artless power ibis country had ever known the money power. Your rank and Hie are honest, but they are deceived by sophistry and false logic Your lead children, living on Darby avenue, in, from without. The solution must come from full of tlyin' hoofs, and I was layin' flat on the ice cold slush, afraid to stir a leg, and takin' on the rheumatiz at journal oi nmghts of Labor. organized labor against organized greed of monopoly endowed with its power to rob by republican and demo the people within these states, supported by a Kansas City, were seriously pois healthy publio sentiment everywhere, and we kelieve it to do tne duty or an people, without Trade. Union lam.

oned by eating a supposed mushroom stew the other day. The children had most approximated a musical festival. It was a fine body of men and any nation might swell with pride over them. Spectators thronged both tne rate of forty ahes and pains a minute Nor that wasn't all. every time cratic law makers.

No, Sir. Timmons. regard to section, to stand by these noble people of the south who have risen up to demand The folldwing extract is taken from ers snr up prejudice ami set men a ainst their neighbors They light the ares of sectional hatred, and arouse narl.san bl-rotrv. the editor of the Industrial Union feels gathered some "toad stools and tha I hixif ilew it went clean across the road, and spang through that hot-house roof, secure from "your charge in the good a conversation between Josiah Royce and the prime minister of Austria, as good government ana noncst elections. After an experiment of man? years It Is apparent that neither the republican party nor mother had prepared a stew, which tha family partook of very freely.

They curbs ten deep and it is estimated that over 400,000 people viewed the parade. sense and honesty of the laborers of carrym gluss and sash with it." toia uy jur. Koyce In an article to Scrib- tne aemocrauc can or win accomptisn tne mucn Barton county, and will iro ritrht on were shortly afterward taken with con It was undoubtedly high water mark desired end, to-wit: The restoration of the ballot to a fatrand honest basis in the states of ners Magazine. The prime minister The drummer began to show signs ot uneasiness and two rivais of his began witn tne discussion. Lamar (Ma) expressed himself as follows: "I fear vulsions and suffered intensely.

1 imeiy medical aid saved their lives. the union. The people party alone can secure the desired end. if the people of the whole industrial Union. for.

the G. A. B. and will never be reached again. Military distance was maintained throughout the march and tne baser sort of men, whenever thev io snicKer.

it couldn't keep up always, country who desire boneet elections and the re Haltie Hawkins fell dead while walk are in politics. What I do not fear is the peal ot class laws will ranv to tne support or Placed your party on the side if capital, which is nothing but property 1'el, and against labor, which is humaqitr in ao lion, liumanitv is ab ivcoll the chattel pron- on earth. It bold, wiiwn it mighty puu-n- tlalities human heans anl immortal souls 1 which cannot be made to long submit to use-1 less cer monials, empty formulas and question-' ubie doctrines. i With lrt.eti .) men in the various industrial and political i.rganizatinns of th) uniry protesting agiinst Hi i that I now confront them: dfinandii: that the bread 1 -winners and wealth producers Vf-wive on equal in lb- d'-TufM-rAr. a Ama.ed.

ings across a room at her home in Kan this great industrial movement ana place toe people themselves. whenever well oriran. the column would have thronged a country road for twenty miles. went, on old man, "and by five o'clock it was safe fer me to gi-up and Old party politicians are lookinsr on nartv ia nower tinder whose banner the sas t-ity, tne otner nignt- ou and her mother, who is a widow, were reeonnoiter, ana what a ght Itoeheld The parade Was enlivened ny the amazement at the immense strides the people's party is making in all parts ized. You talk of the labor agitators as if they were a danger.

I tell you, our labor organizations are already, as I hope, far on the way towards a fair settlement of mauy of the most serious white people of the country are marshaling themselves to battle for the right ana win the day in Kovemlter. With the aggressions of capital on the one hand and the over throw bv fraud of free elections on the other, bow Is It possible for ur eivlliiatlon to lautt nuiulreil hooUoss mules settin' ground on their hunkers, a twelve hundred dollar hot-house ruined, twenty-five hun presence of lien Uutler who rode in a carriage and was hilariously cheered and Ex-President Ilayes, who was of the country. Without question, it is attracting more attention than both the preparing to retire for the night Th g-irl started to walk across the room, turned suddenly and fell to the fl.xnr heavily. The mother ran to her, but sha dred dollars worth of garden truck ex I. prlghtly enough to make the trip on modern labor questions.

For instance, The new party has its face turned to the glorious future In its sublime rolnsion to usher In as era of fraternity and juatice among men. In the nreseoce of such an opportunity to emanci posed a latin frost, and a hundred foot. The roads leading into ashing- us that s.Bifthing wrong with lnachinery of government and that it should adjusted Great soi-ial probk ms are livinr down among the people, and are continually prcacntlua our laoorers nave learned that their old parties They know they have made the record and that the people are onto it Through the organizations both rural and urban, the people dollar doctor's bill chasin itself np and ton are thronged and blockaded with own irane unions must exist, not mere trains for ten miles out of town and pate our oountry from misrule of every hind let party lines be forgotten and let the general flame of a common patriotism nerve every eeart and mora every soul. nave been made familiar with their un ly ior tne sake of meeting force with force, but for the sake of establishing 1-emwlves for solution, I'aliii' in the Unite 1 Elites senate, espeakiQTof IU-H nvntcad trouble, sprung thousands of visitors and O. A.

It. men have not been able to get in yet- aown inrougn my jtnts. That's what thn sight was I witnessed, and now when I hear a man talkin' about mule raisin', he's either got to set np the drinks or I'll lick the pantaloons off of lair dealing on a fair basis. Our tral. savory record and false pretentions and are now moving to cleanse the Auireaa ISignedJ jamkh u.

WIATH, Jambs (1. Fisu. unions have in more than one nntahU (rtnciil thi-s pr'tbleros. and he was denounced hy loe repunliMa prcssasa ft.tcilist because case disciplined their own members for Got Orr the Wrong Hide. Kansas Citt, Sept 21.

"Bud" Welsh Tin Plate Worker. Sept 19. The council of tba stables. The old bosses are bewildered to know what to do to stop the tide of recruits into the people's party aa they behold it in every precinct of the land. It is paralyzing, but they will have to Tin Plate Workers' association assem Cox, the nine-year-old son of Eugene Cox, a carpenter whose home is at 3219 ueaung toward employers have In fact, begun to establish the principle that laborers oriranize to nrotwt he (raid labor hud a r-iperty interest In thai Bb it crt-atd.

If this belief i socialism as und- rstood hv the o.d and listing order, then I ro i r-ntd of fie honor if beinjr fEroll in the 4i sch'rtfi of fiitHl thought, and I here enter jrey protit againut a fiem which enslaves and rtegra-lfs Wrtr lo it equal prj- mm in two minutes. The old man began to take off his coat, but the drummer stopped him. 'The drints are served, my lord." he saiL nnd led the way to the bar. Chi-cago Mail. Kansas avenue, -was instantly lolled on the cable track at the eorner of Eight swallow the dose they have prepared.

waa dead. A physician was hastily summoned who found that the girl's neck was broken. He concluded thaa the fall was caused by heart failure and that in the fall her neck was broken. II. IL Brown, a citizen of Parsons, heard some one cutting at his screen door the other night, and fired through the door with his pistol.

Soon after a dead negro man, by the name of Clag-gett, was found a short distance front Brown's house. He had been shot la the neck through the Jugular vein and his neck was also broken, By a mistake or some other kind ot blander several of the school and other public buildings of Kansas City, were sold for taxea three years ago and the bolder of the certificates the other day appeared and demanded a deed to the property. He waa "stood off" til tha suttar ecmld fe UjmVe4 cial welfare rather than to gain merely selfish ends. The aim with us is everywhere popular sovereio-ntv nna bled at Swansea baa resolved ti accord its readiness to-drt all in tviwer to maintain the Welsh tin plate industry. It has instructed a committee to confer with masters as to the best methods of exchange.

i cu. ii with capital -a prop. rty intere.1 in thU whiibil crai and equal in strict organization." eenth street and Kansas avenue at 11 o'clock this morr-ing. His mother "witnessed the accident. The hoy got off the wrong side -Ji If republicans are right, the only I t.

Y'ivr titri lb aresiirfae-- fe.tior,a and helping the trade. I 1 natural rights belonging to Americans -It will be a bad dav for All i bo i Kly JV your freaks ever fall in lore with ea'-h ether? Rime Museum Manager Sometimes. Mr. Ely I mi pise they act very ((lievrly? I hi ring a quarrel among Rock Island are the rights to accept whatever wages are offered; to emigrate, or to starva. A Cholera Ship Praia Veao.

Vai-PAraiso, via Galveston, when workingmen have learned that all strikes are useless except a at the polls against class leirislat ion T-rv liK-ompI'- you ur iitl tikeuilo 1 a ioanf h- -e 'J s'iuns an th-' -ir la of of pn It n. ii e-d not re jj. -iii r.nk'. be arelatthu railway switchmen at Cincinnati, James Jeffersonian. Sept 19.

The steamer America has arrived at Huenos Ay res from tlenoa. She had on the voyage Iweqty-four deaths Dime Museum Yea, indeed Duffy shot and killed Anton Ie Marsh and seriously wounded Robert Marker and Charlea Johns. Markey was o-tb flits with-1 No worse calamity can befall a con. they are being taught the lesson very thoroughly this year, and monopoly their lastnigtQr. aefreraooiaa, i Ufivfen lal'uitaa rt hartcicw, Jubt Jike other people.

Tratb. muriity than to fall into the hands of from eholera and has been strictly iuvv disu lias is sor. tot ot profmiooftl.

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