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Fort Leavenworth News from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

Fort Leavenworth News from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
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SAY! YOU. Has Sol's Hi H. B. Marltus, Successor to GALVIN BROS. That Cough, Fritches Cough Medicine cures Coughs and Colds.

25 and 50 cents a Bottle. When wanting something to eat, drop in Stiles Restaurant 312 Delaware St. Do you wear a supensory bandage? If not Groceries, Fish, Oysters and Pro Seasoned and Served for the 'Delecation of Valiant Veterans. let me tell you why you should. We have them from 25 cents up.

duce. Earlv Vesretaoles a Specialty. Where a Piece of geunine home-made pie. Old Phone 288. New PhonoS23 down to zero Another comrade 410 412 Sbawneest.

Fritsche, Your Druggist, tried to squeeze in and failed "Can't get any further," shouted a 1 TTTTT veteran inside; "there's a comrade here with a wooden leg blocking the 4th and Delaware Streets SAGER SAGER, way." "Oh, said the man with the Physicians and Dentists, E. Taylor, Mosess Maine brigade; I Specialists in Fine Gold Work in- wooden leg, "excuse me half a moment." He unscrewed his leg and put it on the stairway and let the The publishers of The Fort Leavenworth News have determined fo wake the Soldiers' Home Department an interesting feature of the paper to all old soldiers and members of the Home. To get them interested in this matter and to introduce the paper to them The 'Netvs will be sent to any one desiring it a month, on, trial, then if they desire it their names will be placed on the moiling list and the paper sent regularly to them in their barracks. Those who prefer can tay the subscription Price to Wjlham W. Mennis, 105th Illin G.

A. in California, have undertaken to erect a number of cottages at Sawtelle, near the Home, which ois infantry; Robert Taber, Col. Phelps' Missouri infantry; Joseph cold comrade inside. DENTISTRY. Specialists in Chronic and BLOOD DISEASES will be.

turned over to the married soldiers for their occupancy. Woods, 109th U. S. C. and Christopher B.

Glover was ad Isaac W. Gibson, 62nd U. S. mitted to barracks last week, and Returned from Furlough Rob In Medicine. ert W.

Fleming, William B. Wal T. all in barracks; Jonathen J. Burke, 2nd Missouri state Including The nr -a. A.

m.j. the Times sprite printed it Chris Toper B. Glover. Now, "Chris" is a good fellow and don't like to be called a "toper." He may challenge ter, David Eggberry, Cyrus Sanders. William Cummings, Haword militia cavaury, and William Mc- aager ireaimeni ror taiarrn.

Corner Fifth and Shawnee Neary, 1st P. S. Artillery Mr. Burt Morton, the Home news J. Fitsworths, John Egner, Joseph OPPOSITE POLICE STATION.

barracks; George W. Carlton, Col. Scouten to mortal combat. i Howard, Wm. H.

Davenport, John W. Mcintosh, Perry J. Knowles, agent, next pension day. The 'News will contain all that is trans-toirine at the Home of interest to 22nd New York infantry bar The partitions have been removed John Dowd, Charles E. Philo, Mich Call at racks; David E.

Stevens, 13th Wisconsin infantry, and David Waldren, 58th Massachusetts in veterans and their friends, and by ELIZABETH BYEIS from the lower floor of the Library building, a new floor laid and other improvements are being made, with having tt mailed regularly to your relatives it will enable you to keep fantry barracks John Z. Henry, a view of making a public reading them posted on what is going on ael Kessler and Joseph Stradder. A Boonville, doctor, Leon colored, was appointed a member of the medical examining board for pension applicants. Dr. Mc-Clane and Dr.

Smiley, refused to be room of it. Missouri state militia cavalry barracks Jacob Clark, 8th Iowa infantry barracks John Capt. E. A. Waterhouse, inspec Costume And Theatrical Establishment, here at less expense than you would have to pay out for postage if you undertook to write it all up yourself and send it to them in letters.

ThomasCusick's the Leading Brands WINES LIQUORS and CIGARS. 121 N. FIFTH ST. tor, was taken ill the latter part 0: M. Hartnell, U.

S. Navy bar racks John W. Drum, 88th Win associated with him and sent in their last week and is confined to his resignations. Now, the acting pen By all means, let us Put you on tlve ois infantry bawacks Henry quarters in the Library building, Mason, 18th Missouri infantry list for a month or three montlus His condition has much improved since and he will be able to resume sion commissioner has asked for Dr. Hill's resignation.

The two white doctors may then withdraw their and William W. Tenung, 74U for 35 cents payable pension day. Illinois infantry hospital. his official duties in a few days. AN OLD SOLDIERS PROTEST.

Capt. Alex H. Lacy, who pub Major General Sumner of the resignations. Dr. C.

M. Moates of Leavenworth, has been a member of the examining board here for ten lished the first paper in Macon, Mo. Southwestern army division has ap (By Pilfer an Old visited the old town for the first pointed Capt. Q. Donaldson, years, and the white doctors seem time since 1864.

He went to Ma boldier.) I am an "old soldier They say I'm nearly dead," of the 8th Cavalry, to inspent the National guard of Oklahoma in con from Hannibal where he to be satisfied with him. Oliver C. Shull, barracks, 71 worked in a printing office with February. But I'm going up to Leavenworth Sam Cleemns (Mark Twain). Capt, Veterans who served in Genera' Corner 5th.

and Delaware sts Over Men! and Schotts. years old and a pensioner at $12 per month, requested his discharge from the Home, stating that he can maintain himself outside. He served in Lacy served three years in the 3rd Missouri cavalry, and swore in a And "paint the old town red." With a bottle in my pocket, I'll slip back to my bunk Lew Wallace's command during the Civil war will regret to learn that he is seriously ill at Crawfordsville, detachment of Mulligan's brigade which was christened the "Hell And the captain "beaking" round," Roaring Guards." Thev were al 21st Iowa Infantry. Scully, barracks, arose Tuesday morning and gazed on the Special attention given to private Parties, Theatriculs, Amateurs and Church Tableaux. Irish and a brave lot when there was any fighting to do.

"beautiful snow." After partaking Last Roll Call Tohn G. Tones, 6th Missouri infantry, died at 5:05 HARNESS Manufacturers of and Dealers In Saddles, Laprobes, Bridles, Whips, Collars, Blankets, Etc. Fred Ruder Son "31 Shawnee St. Leavenworth Kansas. Repairing promptly and neatly done TT if P.

January 18, of senile ran grene, aged 75 years. George Deck Store. riUlH Store, Headquarters for er, 2nd Pennsylvania heavv ar tillery, died last Friday of aortic re Holiday such as gurgitation, aged 69 years. George Jones, II, 886th U. S.

C. died Saturday of pneumonia, aged 86 years. William D. Mercer, 88th Illinois infantry, died Sunday of diarrhoea, aged 76 years. Xclson Toys, Games, Books, Brie- a-Brac, fine China, fine Stationery, Jewelry, and choice candies.

Nothing over 10 cents. Mason, 8th Illinois infantry, died Ind. He is very weak and has been confined to his bed for several days, lie is so emaciated that his friends hardly recognize him. James Bedell, a navy veteran of A barracks, after receiving his pension last week, left immediately for the Mountain Branch at Johnson City, to which place he had been transferred. "Jim" belonged to barracks a few years ago, and last October held a clerkship in the treasurer's office.

William R. Hendrick, Robert Ta-bcr and George Jones were transferred from barracks to the hospital, Saturday, sick. Thomas L. Butter, barracks, was taken to the hospital sick last Thursday and on Saturday he was sufficiently recovered to return to his company quarters. Another veteran was discharged from the Home recently for entering Jake Wiseman's place in violation of Order No.

125. This is the first conviction for such offense for many months two years or more. Gilbert Brown, A barracks, is sick in the hospital. Capt. J.

T. Wintrope is out for re-election to the office of clerk of the court of Topeka. He served four years in the 76th Ohio infantry THIS IS THE ONLY LAUNDRY THAT MAKES TWO TRIPS TO THE POST EVERY DAY. Best Work Promptest Service. Bell Laundry, Telephone 231.

LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. November 27, 1904, at Clinton, while on furlough, of interstitial nephritis, aged 75 years. The ONLY wi store Hunt's ioc Store, SWEETS TO THE SWEET. 423 Cherokee Street. of a poetic breakfast of pork and beans, he sang: Minnesota, I feel The frigid north winds blowing; When rivers freeze and ponds congeal, And still it keeps on snowing, When I can scarce keep warm in bed With quilts an honest quota, I'm sorry for the mean tilings said About you, Minnesota.

Forgive me, dear old state, or try, For just to be prophetic I'm coming up there by and by In fram apologetic. Sure, I have loved you all these years With fillial fondness, very That's why I'll come to freeze my ears The last of January. Is an old soldier in his dotage just because he dotes on the girls? This question is respectfully referred to the veteran who was relieved of $120 by three of Choctaw's chipper courtesans. Henry Frank, barracks, was transferred to the hospital, sick, Tuesday. On Furlough William E.

Jones, Bellevuc, Eugene R. Denny, Lake Odessa, William H. Henry, St. Joseph, John A. Dunn, Wayton, 0.

T. Samuel C. Davis, barracks, returned from furlough Tuesday, and was sent to the hospital sick, having become ill during his absence. A physician says that many men drink too much water. Of course, he could never make some old soldiers believe the statement.

Thomas McDowell, barracks, was taken to the hospital, sick, the latter part of last week. Isaac Jones was transferred from PHOTOGRAPHER, HIGH GRADE WORK ONLY. CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. 406 Delaware St. Leavenworth, Kan.

Will say that I am drunk. I'll protest like all coldwcathcr, But "agin the Gov'nor" I sh'll go, He'll give me "ten" or "thirty days," And "stand me in a row." Then "turne me down" to Guhnc, And he'll put me on the "dump Na'ry time! you "bctcher tintype," The fence, I'll go and "jump!" "light out" to the "Black Bridge," And "soak" my soldier clothes; I'll "freeze on" to the "brown jug" Until I'm nearly froze. Never say "die" to an "old soldier" While he "paints the old town red," Unless you give him hair-dye And rub it on his head Don't say "he's old and feeble," Nor that, "he's nearly dead" Altho' he's old and wrinkled, He'll dye his gray hair red! A. T. McKnight of barracks, who has been on furlough for a year, returned yesterday.

He left Winnepeg, Wednesday, with the mercury at 37 below zero and didn't think it very cold. "Andy" is visiting his relatives in Argentine, today. Harry L. Brooks, an old employe at the hospital, died at 1 1 130 P. Wednesday, of mitral insufficiency, aged 67 years.

He served in 32nd Wisconsin Infantry. Joseph M. Anton, a navy veteran, 84 years old and blind, died in barracks Thursday night, of stran-lated hernia. Chas. C.

Barholdt, 233rd Ohio Infantry died Wednesday of cerebral hemorrhage, aged 73 years. Snowin', Blowin', Clouds a-growin' Thicker overhead. Sneczin', Wheezin', Almost freezin', Till you're sick abed. A number of standard books of Call for BUDWEISER. Geo.

Linck, Agent Tel. 158. 76 Cherokee St and rose from lieutenant to major of P. II. SMITH, I BOOT SHOEf Repairer, Fred Smith, Porta Hayes.


All Work Guaranteed. UNION IIALL. Visitor I've brought you a few chocolates. But I suppose you always have quantities of sweets? Ethel No, I don't I eat 'em all. St Louis Republic.

$Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. tlie 'regiment, and although always called captain he was mustered out of service as lieutenant colonel. Peter Wertz, a veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars and a pioneer of Shawneetown, died Saturday night at his home there. He was 71 years old. The deceased was well known in Leavenworth.

The last morning report shows 2,294 present for duty, 518 on duty, and 272 sick totai present absent with leave 1,106, without leave 20 total absent grand total 4,210. In addition to this there are 17 veterans temporary at post. At present the Home is filed almost AlAAAAAAllAAaAllAAlA TtTTtTtTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT THE WONDEES OF ART. 1 1 1 While waiting for the Car Drop into PENNINGTON'S Cor 3rd. and Delaware.

Leavenworth, Kans. DR. W. H. NYDER, DENTIST.

Over Lange's Drugstore. Opposite Post Office. Leavenworth Kansas. I MODERN barracks to the hospital, sick, Monday. New Admissions: barracks-John W.

Cole, 1st Ohio infantry; William C. Murphy, 20th Kansas infantry; rhillip Richardson, 8th Illinois infantry; Chas. Smith, 39th U. S. infantry.

barracks James E. Davis, 203d New York infantry. (All the foregoing served in the Jos. to its utmost capacity, there being but eight vacant beds in barracks and four in the hospital. Clark A.

Mansfield, formerly captain of barracks, is now sergeant of barracks, vice Fred Rogge, resigned. Frank Boyer, A barracks, has gone to Marsaw, to spend this blizzard weather with friends. In order that the old soldier who enters the National Soldiers' Home need not be separated from his wife if she still lives, the ladies of the the library have been rebound and are now ready for readers. Some of the popular magazines have also been bound in book form. The old veterans keep their tempers fairly well in crowded places, but the palm of politeness should go to this hero.

There was a jam on the west porch With the thermometer Tim FOREN, DEALER IN Fine Liquors and Cigars, Open Day and Night 117 S. Third St LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. I SHOP, HUDSON, 29th Battery. Uniforms Made to Order. Fort Leavenworth.Kans.

Reinhart. G. 78th Ohio irifantrv. "And then, my dears, I am going to I barracks-Kimball Fair, 67th tbave flfface down the front so as to make me look light and airy Chica Ohio infantry Iiospital; William g0 chronicle..

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