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The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 1

The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 1

Arkansas City, Kansas
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VOL. III. DOLLIVER AT WATHENA. A Brilliant Speech From a Brilliant and True INGALLS PASSES OFF The Great Kansas Statesman noTlore. American.

"Now, what shall we do with the DEMOCRATS AND POPULISTS ARE QUITTING All Over the State They are Bolting Bryan and Stevenson and Taking a Firm Stand For M'Kinley and Roosevelt. THE FORT SCOTT. PLATFORM IS STRONQLY REPUDIATED Philippine question? I do not know. county, and a representative German of much Influence. The Alma Enterprise says that II.

J. Taylor tells us of two individual cases where former strong populist over Wabaunsee who have concluded that McKinley and prosperity suited them pretty well and they would vote for them this fall. One is Sam Pratt, who lives up in the further corner of Wabaunsee, and the other is Charlie Enlow of Zcandale. "William Clarkson of this city has I 1 1 I DEATH CAME HAPPY AND PEACEFULLY. Died at Las Vegas, N.

Thursday Morning, Surrounded by His Wife and Son Sheffield. Remains to Be Shipped to Atchison. just grievance agamm, whs paper, Ex-United States Senator. John J. A List of Names of Prominent Fusion Leaders Who are Against Everything That Smacks of Fusion Loyal, Patriotic Expressions From a Disgusted People.

Can't be Fooled all the Time. which we hasten to make right, because we have always liked Clarkson, Ingalls died at Las Vegas, N. yesterday morning, of bronchitis, after several months' illness. AT CWINESCAPmt Such is the Report of the Allied Troops.1 REPORT NOT CONFIRMED BY OUR PEOPLE It Is to Be Hoped That If the Entrance Wii -Made No Bloody Battle Proceeded It. China lg Asking For r' An Armistice.

The dispatches of this (Friday) morning indicate that, the allied ar-my has reached the city of Peicln and captured the besieged envoys. This report has not been confirmed by the Washington officials. At any rate.the last report from those at the front la to the effect that the army was but a few miles from. Pekin, in fact, in striking distance. It is possible that the report of entrance is true, yet unconfirmed.

A bloody battle may be progress, but from the fact that our army met with little resistance on the way from Tela Tsin, it is to be hoped that the' en- '-trance, if made, was accomplished by. cunning, skill and and; that no conflict was necessary. THE BOY WANTED WORK. regardless of his politics," says Ed noch in the Marion Record. "He Thus has the messenger of death re complains bitterly that we have men pinned on a McKlnley button and an But I do know that this world is governed by the providence of God In the course of human events.

It Is perfectly easy for the democratic party to tell what it will do, for everybody knows. It would do what it did in 1864 quit. It is perfectly easy for a man who has no other reason to lie down and quit. But my idea is that we have got to stay In the Philippines. It is of the gravest import in the centuries to come that the United States have a foothold In the orient.

But that is not the point I make. We have not taken a step in this transaction out of greed or lust or love of conquest. I have read every line of the entire transaction and there Is not a line In it all that speaks of selfishness; not a line recorded but what will bear the sight of God and the American people. I believe in the theory which holds that America has come into this part of the world for large and in moved from an earthly career the most brilliant man of the nation. nounced his conversion to the republi Ingalls was known as the brainiest tioned a lot of fellows who voted for Bryan in 1896, but who will vote for McKinley this year, and never once named him in this We don't can party.

man of the United States senate and W. G. Short, a prominent citizen of the greatest versatile wrlterof the age. Osborne county, informs the Farmer blame our friend Clarksen for kicking nis remains will be shipped to Atch on this omission, but then he should ison, the home or the Ingalls family, for interment, where remember that the weather has been very warm and mentioning these per quiet ceremonies will be held without demonstration. sons is a big Job." A- J.

Houghton of Cottonwood Falls Ingalis' last momenta were spent in who was a vigorous supporter of Bryan in 1896, writes to his brother-in-law repeating the Lord's prayer with his wife, and when the summons came he was as a child in the arms of its mother, sleeping undisturbed. creasing purposes. I do not believe James Thompson of Emporia as fol lows: "I got back last night from the NOW READ THIS. There lias been some disposition od the part of some of the fusiou editors In this district to dispute the mad rush from the demo-populist ranks throughout the state, and to state further that the interviews as published in republican papers were gotten up by republicans for political effect and that no names could be given of democrats and populists who had left the Fort Scott aggregation and Joined the McKlnley column. Below we have carefully compiled a list of these conversions, with their names attached, and offer it, in condensed form, for the careful perusal of the fusion spell-binders.

In this connection would It not be well for you fellows to appoint an auditing committee and corresponding -secretary and ascertain the truth or untruth of your erstwhile brothers and publish tiie same for the general good of the political public? It is impossible In one issue to give the names, and what they say, of the thousands of Kansas democrats and populists who view the fusion situation just as they did two years ago, 1ut who then thought that fusion "would be no more (that is what their leaders told them) and they would stay with the aggregation just one more-time. this nation has been raised up simply to look out for itself. "Basing my faith on Jesus Christ, I believe this country will only attain its highest point as it assumes its duties in the service of the human race. Already we have followed our the Hamble, of Valley Falls, Returns to D.J Kansas City convention. It was a big thing and I got to see and hear all about the big guns Croker, Hill, Tillman, Jones and the rest.

I attended every session and feel well repaid for time and money spent, but after hear Republican Party. Valley Falls, Kas Aug. U. that he voted for Bryan In 189G, but that he Intends to vote for McKlnley at the coming election. John Llvermore, one of the staunch-est democrats who ever closed his eyes and took 'er is out with an announcement in Harper county that he is fer McKlnley and Roosevelt The roll of the McKinley and Roosevelt club at Erie contalas the names of twelve well known democrats who supported Bryan in 1808.

They all came over on expansion and prosperity. The Elk City Enterprise has the names of seventeen populist, farmers in Loulsburg township alone who have announced their Intention of voting for McKlnley. They came over on the prosperity and expansion Issue. Dr. C.

II. Gillman, one of the leading physicians of Valley Falls, who has been working with the fusionists for the last eight years, announces in the Valley Falls New Era this week that hereafter he will affiliate with the republicans. The Council Grove Republican notes that J. H. II.

Kelly, of Dunlap, known flag into Porto Rico and the Philppines Saved All His Earalngs to Support His Good Old Mother. From Wlnflold Courier, Way back in 1878 Mr. C. Elliott, the well.known cattleman of Richland township, lived in Neosho county-. One dark, rainy night he answered a knock at his door and found a boy, wet to the skin, who inquired the way.

ing all that anti-expansion, anti-gold, anti-trust and anti everything else talk, I am for Nothing has created greater consternation among the fusion leaders of the First congressional distcicVthan the announcement that D. J.Tlamble, with the school house. I do not know what the future of these islands of the sea will be but I do know what our duty is. I do not know what the William McKlnley good and hard. I want nothing more to do with an out of this city, will leave ranks and support the republican fit that has nothing but kick for profit" and loss of the transaction state and national ticket this fall.

principles." may be, but I do know that the American nation will always do the Mr. Hamble Is one of many who were Orson King, mayor of Ranflolpti, and a life long democrat, has. re nounced Bryan and says he will sup Mr. Elliott insistad on his coming in. -After much persuasion the boy, was induced to stop.

While he was drying" -his clothes by the fire Mrs. Elliott pre- pared him something to eat, and" after -the meal sat down to talk with him in nift Included In the list of changes printed in the Journal last week. He has been a populht since 1892, when he left the republican party. There haS been no more prominent or active port McKinley. John Larson, who has long been duty that lies nearest.

I summon roy countrymen to stand by the problems which their own votes and influence have created. I "do not know how yon may be fi on theology, but I ve "i the providejice of God." There is Ih' the world the steady light of. faith that sees theeye of Gcd over ully. that -saarsfaMrG- worker In this district than he. At hat 'good old-fashioned, motherly way.

known as one of the most radical populists of Riley county, and who is member of that party's county central the Abilene state convention Mr. Ne vertheless, enough of them broke The lad was frank, open and interest- as Kelly" by reason of his former fierce support of populism, lias Hatfcble was second in the race for ranks to round up a magnificent ing. He stated that he was the son -of -1 committee, has also come out squarely the nominatiod for state In majority for Governor Stanley and come over to the republican party to 4wido llyingr a ient.ed- for McKinley. he was nominated for cvudty the state ticket, and now those who gether with his five sons. One of the uovva iVoiu-uie ciouas una The Valley Falls New Erasays I'la sons was the fusion candidate for touching the American republican oh the Iie-acL been working.

for -the Wrlglit "boys, who lived in tlint vicinity. That the Job a conversation with Mr. M. J. Garrett of near Dunavant, last Saturday sheriff last fall.

the shoulders and bidding this people go out into the arena of freedom. One day last week Mr. W. D. Olncy knowing him to be a dyed-in-the-wool walked into the office of the Burling "This is our duty and our obligation was finished and he wason his way-'to -his when the rain came up -and lie lost his beariDers.

Mrs. Elliott populist, we took occasion to ask him how he stood as to McKinley and ton Republican and authorized the and I want the men and women of editor to say that henceforth he In concluded then to try It once more and support the fuctoa ticket, 4mi ve met tiie same conditions in fusion this year, -and like men are boldly as-. sorting their Independence and manhood. A portion of the list Is as fol-lews: Judge "Nicholson, of Council Grove, one of th ablest known lawyers in Kansas, and a life-long democrat, says: "I never voted tire "repub America to be as true to this duty Bryan and this was the reply in part: "I havo worked and voted with the and obligation as our armies have been on land and iea. I want them to tended to vote the republican ticket.

Mr. Olney has been a delegate la every populists convention held in populist party from its inception and knew of the severe struggle the lad's mother bad to face, and her interest in the boy increased. She talked with him about li employment and his -purposes, lie stated that his wages had been six dollars per month. Mrs. face national responslblities to look torney wtfllfiaway from home and purely without any solicitation on ills part.

He has been couuty committee-, man of his county for a number of years. Last year ho was the choice of the populists for district judge in the judicial district composed of Jackson and Jefferson counties. He withdrew in order that democrat, Mr, (rephart, might receive the nomination of both the democrats and populists. Mr. Hamble is a strong campaigner and has'a large following of men who believe in his integrity and have confidence la his udgment.

Ills loss will be keenly felt by the fusionists of the. district. In speakiug of his change today Mr. voted for Bryan, but I'm done with it Coffey County since 1890, and he is a them squarely in the face, and in the power of God to go forward. I believe hence forth for the reason that not one of their promises has ever been prominent farmer in his region.

At a republican uieeliog held last in my country aDd in my countrymen. fulfilled. I had three brothers in the Elliott then asked him what he did with his wages. He said ho had saved week In Peabody one of the principal will back the American republic Union army, two of whom never re speakers was Paul F. Jones of Marlon turned, They were democrats and against the world, for since the time of Abraham Ltncoln there has never Eight years ago Jones was the fusion them and intended to give the money -to his mother.

Being asked how much he had saved he reached down. in the 3 ought for flag, and I want to see it candidate for state senator. lie is been a steadier, wiser, more skillful wave wherever placed." back in the republican party this year hand at the helm of our ship of state pocket of his overhalls and brought Captain J. W. Farrell of Weir City, than the hand of Wm.

McKinley, a soldier in the civil war, announced out a roll of bills which Mrs. Elliott -counted. It amotnted to sixteen dol- Humble said: lican ticket, but 1 will support President McKlnley this fall." James Donl van, of the democratic county central committee of Kearney county, who for years has been very active in politics in Western Kansas, addresses a letter this week to the Advocate, published at Lakin, announcing that he will do everything In Ills power this year for the success of the republican party. Ills letter Is at follows: "Wishing to place myself right before the people of Kearny county, I have this to say, that the fusion ticket nominated at Fort Scott, because he says it is right on the financial question, and then he feels that he can't stand for the democratic president of the United HUtes." 'When I supported Bryan in 1896 I Saturday he would support McKinley and Roosevelt. COWLEY COUNTY STOCKMEN ORGANIZE." was honestly of the opinion that the view of expansion.

The Spring Hill New Era says: free and unlimited coinage of silver rue Washington uepuDiican says lars. Mr. Elliott was an' interested listener. He liked the, looks of the boy, while his devotion to his mother and earnest desire to keep her won -his admiration. The boy wanted work so 'Last Saturday, Joseph Spencer, the At a Large Meeting of Stockmen Last Friday at the ratio of 16 to 1 was the only tint ueorge uoss, wuo was the pop candidate for surveyor three years thing which would remedy the bad erstwhile populist attorney and leader of the cohorts of reform in Spring a Permanent County Organization Was Effected.

conditions under which we suffered. ago, is now wearing a McKinley and Mr. Elliott hired him, the wages From the Dexter Advocate, I have been honestly surprised that Roosevelt button. Ross is a veteran agreed upon being twenty-five cents In accordance with an announce we have had prosperity under the gold of the civil war, and was captain of a per day and board. The.ncxt morning Is not my ticket, nor can I support it for the reason that it is compos Hill, renounced the faith of the fusion-1st and returned to his first love, the republican party, and voted at the primary and declared bis intention or supporting McKinley this fall.

Reuben ment issued by a committee of cattle standard, and that none of the company raised during the Spanish the boy took one. of Mr. Elliott's men of this county an, organization DroDhecies made by us in 1896 in re war which got no further than Vlr- ed of men who are opposed to eacli otk was i fleeted at Dexter Saturday of a lation to the dire calamities which horses, rode homo and gave bis mother his earnings, returned and for er on most public questions, and the was dead anxiouB to get to Kent, who was sired by a democrat Cowley county Live Stock association would follow the election of McKin the front. The expansion question two months lived in Mr. Elliott's and suckled at a democratic breast, Hon.

J. W. Robinson of El Dorado, ley have come. true. The people set three platforms upon which the candidates stand are entirely inconsistent, lireldenthal, the nominee for gov was what caused Ross to return to his president of the State Live Stock as family, doing his work, faithfully and turning every cent of his earnings tled the money question when a ma old party.

sociation, was present and assisted iu jority of them voted for the gold and has known nothing save democracy all his life, voted at the primary and says that he is done with the calamity yawpersand that henceforth The Marion Record says: "there over to his mother. the organization. There was a large ernor, is a rank prohibitionist, and against resubmission, while Farrelly, standard, and the judgment of the were three prominent gentlemen in This lad was George Wlieatley, attendance of Stockmen from all over for attorney general, Is a resub the recent republican county conven majority has been vindicated. Times are better than they have been for the A membership of 41 was the present republican nominee for congress in this district. and forever he is a republican.

Drey Gasaway, one of the best young men mission and holds that the prohibi secured and the following olticers tion as delegates who were until th's year populists. We refer to Tom Reed many years. People in the United The boy is the forerunner of the were chosen: President, Wm. Green tion law is unconstitutional. Con-waylMarslmll Is Mc- States would be very foolish to change in this township, who was woed and won by Miss Populism four years ago, of Antelope, Tom Hanson of Summit if man.

Of such stuff arc heroes made. well, Dexter; Vice-president, T. H. and Will Bozorth of Catlln. Perhaps Nail a protectionist and freesilverite.

without giving the gold standard thorough trial. The issue of free all Talk about this kind of a man being and who was a delegate to the last Clover, Cambridge; Secretary, Lute Iliiitt, Grand Summltt and Treasurer, there were others. Will Bozorth said The three platforms refute each other defeated by Jackson, -the aristocrat, pop convention about six weeks ago, ver mav not be dead, but It should be "I have a boy In the Philippines and has turned his back upon the tra- J. W. Radcliff, Dexter.

and the men on the fusion ticket ld views directly opposite to each other. held in abeyance until we have given want to belong to the party that ducersot our government and says the gold standard a thorough trial who was raised in a slave-holding-family, with 'men and women owned body and soul liy his people ta answer his beck and call! stands by my boy." Arrangements were made for vigorous work tills fall and this organization will fall In line with the others that McKinley prosperity is good So I have concluded that too many cooks spoil the broth, and there being P. F. Nelson, who is known as "the and if It continues to prove as good a thing as it is at present, we will never enough for him. C.

E. Bailey, the white-faced cattle man of Brown 10 i 10 of the state and make a strong efiort none of my kind of democrats in the field. I do not propose to be left out have occasion to revive the issue of populist east side druggist, who was fondled in the democracy in the days county," renounces the populist party free and unlimited coinage of silver, for better state legislation in the interest of stock raisers. An earnest re In the cold, so I will link myself with and declares himself for McKlnley, of his youth and grew to mauhood "I have just come from Colorado, prosperity and expansion. the republican party, the party which with the principles of Bourbonlsm In quest is made that" all interested in and that state has never been moie has but one chief cook and lie never Ex-Judge Frank Lofty of Osage stilled In his blood, has deserted the the object of this" organization in this nrosnerous.

In the stores and the county, who lias been one of the most polls the broth." county join them and help them in ranks of the waning cause and will Li various mining camps that I have vis hereafter be found voting with the prominent leaders of the populist party since Its organization, has an ited I have heard the miners in the W. H. Savery, late populist county attorney in Cloud county, announces his intention te take the stump for the work. Republican Club Meeting, paity that has brought prosperity, evening discuss the present conditions Interview in the Osnge City Free sunshine and happiness to millions of McKinley. The McKinley and Rjoscvelt club American homes." and I have gathered from an untold number this expression: "We voted for Bryan four years ago, but we shall .1 Ji.

G. Hopkins prints a letter in the Press in which he announces nlmsclf for the republican ticket, saying: "If I had a thousand votes I would give was caed to order by President Pol J. M. Dunsiuore, the "bald hornet lock at 8 oclock, Tuesday evening in Council Grove Republican telling why lie left the populist party and beiamo vote for McKlnley this year. We them all to McKlnley.

i oi tnc jNeosuo," a populist iuol ever si nee be sfllclated as speaker of the "Duusniore house" in the legislative have good times. We have all the Judge IVek's The attendance was not largo and the only business Cost cf Small Pes: Epidemic. From tlio Wlnfiuld Courier, Committees of the city officers, of Wiutleld aud Arkansas City before the board of commissioners Tuesday and requested the county to reimburse the two cities for (lie sums spent in enforcing the quarantine against small pox last spring. Arkansas City paid out 42000 and Winfield 11300 for this purpose.

These expenses were for guaids to guard the premises of small pox patients, nurses, for the disinfecting and bedding and clothing destroyed. The board paid out about $1500 for the balaucc of the couoty, so the total cost to tiie county of the small pox epidemic wilL be about 5400. As the county paid tiie other bills it seems only fair that it should reimburse ihecitics. The law issome-what Hmblguous on the subject so the board has taken it under advlsemeuw 1(H Arthur. J.

Heath, a well known a republican. prosperity that the republican party transact' was the election of three war of 1893, has come out In an open farmer in Wilson county, who has voted the democratic ticket since promised, and we are perfectly satis W. McKce of Concordia, who has Toted the democratic ticket for forty years, announces In the Blade that he additional vice presidents, making Bed." letter In favor of expansion, and pre dieting the defeat of the popnlists. casting his first ballot in 1868, In one from eacli ward, and the appoint Is a republican from this time on. formed the Wilson County Citizen ment by the president of an executive The following teachers haye been The feature af a republican primary the other day that he Intended to selected for school in the vicinity of Mrs.

If. D. Smith, formerly a resi vote for President McKlnley. In fort Scott last Saturday was Arkansas City: Guthrie school dent of this city, and widely known rousing McKI nicy speech from Judge Cowles Wright; Ohio school, C. A here, but, now of II umbo it.

is in the Maliin: Sllverdale school, Ncal board of live members. Kosa Stratton resigned as treasurer and R. C. Howard was elected to fill his place. Rooms have been secured in tut McLaughlin building for the meeting the club and are being furnished and fitted up, Shlpp, who for ten years had been a i.

tvtnlllUI, city the guest of Mrs.O. H.Tisdale. Hon. John Rehrig, a former populist representative of Burllngame, says tliKf kilng to vote for McKlnley thltronsf Ir. Rehrig is one of the Wrlcht: I.

X. L. Mr. Gibson, of Bur At Eldorado the other day, Captain Mrs. Howard den; Lone Star, Miss OUle Hamate Ross (I visiting Id tfU0 KaUUlJle, a Ule iQBf democrat, belt few mt nd rumen is tUe Baldwin icbooli Hiss Maxwell,.

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