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Leavenworth Daily Inquirer from Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

Leavenworth Daily Inquirer from Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

J' awwipiiiwewspiiqiiiiiiiiiwiiitiijii irjMUj'innip pi "ri i hi in ir nun i' 1 1 liiiim-igpii. nif iiiw i urn "Tni ii f6 V' SCTSi "i MllQi i3 0 ll 4 mwvr v(ar iinca Pa DKSa: Vourlf'ir. LEAVEN WpltTII CITY, KANSAS, BRAIDS, OH $71T ble li fjl lied ifith tCjb.t HAJtiiU WAKE of any d-cripton, were untoown 1 iZli- reom-, expt i the wondorf.i of those wbo had "trWed- east- ari -vt-jli; w-nciice -thoir i.roftsKion in tbeseverai 4L 1 i f' '7yp tV-V." nun-irt. and in il ial B. MAKKSOX Sup- rd The mercantile coiumuaiij v- Notice i hereby pivnn, that, on Will procure pensions, Fack Pay, Boun- Kansas.

ik oy oi June a. w. im unaerangneu irauiea ib 77- i.a', TOv here- Government enrelone. dirttcted to 1' COHEN MARKSON, Are ow receiving their ed itself with sbowytgns and smaU ranged ih diiinlated 8 to make the most Of a ciiamgerlaih, I 1 1 ii- vt -ft: iiw 7 1 r- rVllilt MmiVl UHiU liailZlllb U.fVfVO4 IUI sueorMJl1slif A.aiJ name of Sarah KUM I 4-Kol)lwirWirioaO)iwiVw IM-Hnoai Tb mii them. Things have changed now, ana v.

nrnr the, cttin2 sua may place MAS1U0TI1 STODK OH UAftD ASD! 1 1 i. antl letter lost or stolen, never having been heard of since it was mailud in JlcConnclnviile, Ohio, and that bere will bo an application to tlie CommiRsioner of Pt-npitms for a re-issue of the lost Warrant above descrilwd, vr SARAH ROUSOX, the locae of thier wonders far upihebanTis OF 'I Mao to Order of the boiling mimowi. KM.rhtu were BOKxettea by after be, discharged in consequence of disability from wounds received, or disease contracted while in actual service also Tensions, Back Pay, Bounties, procured for the heirs of those that are killed or die in the U. S. service.

We have an arrangtnent with an able and experienced Lawyer in Washington City, which will enable us to procure claims with great certainty and dispatch. Charges moderate i successful, otherwise none. 44ir--' Attorney sit Law, KANSAS. WILI- himself 'i5ielu-ively to the prac-' tice of lii; Pi-of in nil the Courts of the Fiwt Judicial District, and in the Supreme Court of the State; will mak Collections generally, Rod remit promptly. "examination of LeteMon Co'i wholesale -lnih'ia establishment, 5B Main street, of PLOWS, STEEL, BT thi citT- Mr.

Benjamin, who ha charge JOTD vPTiiD WffniSG IIALL CLOTHING, 1i IMPLBMBTTTS, AORICULTpRAL of the busincse here, assured us thai the I firm hao' the iarcest stock. of clothing and BOOTS, JOHIT VARMlNb TOOLS, eoods west of Cincinnati amounting to over fifty thousand dollars QhhJLyE hhnwnee btret, south side, zd aoor -n, No. 9 Delaware, (cor. Main) Str. of Main worth-and from our own observation.

1 a fc 4' India Rubber Goods, CO it raillRTiC UNDE kn ifakr it EOIt SAtE: 1. we are di.posed to place uH'connaence -m DRAWERS, GLOVES, SILVER PLATED WARE, ties and handkerchiefs siiv-ikiii Phoiorapliic CIRCULAR MILL SAWS, KUBBEK BJSLiTlNUj tYr fA 21 Delaware Street. II -im i3 his words. Goods to the amount of twenty thousand dollars are now on the way i from New York, some of them arriving every day. Think of it; what an aaaort-J ment can be purchased for $70,000 A greater portion of this vast assortment "selected for the winter trade, and.

a SUGAR Ml LLP, A c. t.lT KANSAS. LEAVENWORTH, This Establishment is ths RETAIL DEPARTMENT' i 7" N.o. .40 Delaware Street, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. "piIOTOGRAFHS, Ambrctypes, and Melanio JL tyes, -taken- in- tta- bt 'v- style.

Having a tr'ky-Light, I can guarantee good portraits in all kinds of nl JEWELRY, 2 SrECTACLESr Country Merchants are invited tn examine our etock, as we are enabled to- offer BETTiC ft bmrgaios than- can bs found elsewhere. Oct30d3m COHKN MAnkSOJI. LT LEVENSON CO. AGHNTO "FOR the seascaii far advanecd will be-must VIOLIN, AND GUITAR STRINGS," 1 GOLD SCALES, 1 A si HICKORY jCANES, at the lowest possible figures DOREN, W. S.

V. PITTS' THRESHlISU'MAUUiaJS jyjJQIESALE CLOTHIERS COX ROBERTS, do 1 qn-ml CitVetaigcerju Messrs. kevenson Co. are desirous of mcreasins their Missouri trade, and par- Ml MONEY BELTS MM lOJiqOSU Ii4oVeS4andEetail Deals rs 111 BUCKEYE MQWER REAPER MANNY'S I do I 1 YJ cbanic's Liens, and other legal instruments FANCY GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AGRICULTURAL EACIIINES Generalljr. drawn Acknowledgments taken and titles exam ined.

-A ticlarly invite the attention of dealets and others frOni that section of the country. Mr. Mathenv. a merchant of -Weston re GROCERIES AMD PBOVISIOIiS. No.

40 Delaware Street, Leavenworth. SB -MTain RUont Tin tf. Rcister pi De da Wenwortb o. 59 Delaware Street, Cor. Tlurd.

Murray Street, New Torkiu tliD.i JaJ UOUUIJ' v. (third street) I'iii't, i' No. 9 Delaware, corner Main, Street, cently told us tuat after thorough exami Saloon and Billiard Tables for sale nation, ha found that he could purchase MiAVESU'OllTH city. No22'13m rjT LEAVENWORTH' KANSAS if not cheaper, at Levenson ftwt Ofltee LOOfitlflfofelow rHBALOOifitflfolow li POR awaurSWry tfollarf tvffh6f Goods fttoiif jRAnir-Kln Pv York, svaovaiirit IJ coliHSTuenttv btrbbTiftus' to anv nedWhft minfftbat wer aiiBiftf Co's. than he could in Now York.

JLfKUiOB'i rneioiiMbGion jju iZcfTilfes. fortafeBea for cM. "Ihe sut, Jewelry ueatly rairi'd. tup' Watchea, Clocks and 1 4 1. 41.UI irttAa Amounted for price in the latter scriber ii desirous of discontinuing his business ESPECTFULLY inform the public that they ON, A CREDIT, OF.

FIVE-YARS WlLLtlCfti xrealt 'of years, fire traces of land, much ofcwhich is improved, on one of THOMPSON AMES. made! have a lure stock of Paiaiiy groceries on "dace arc "fearfully advancing, but here, as domestic aflairs East calls fpeci vl ntten lion. G. H. WINCHESTER.

wiU be some time before the market! here DEALERS IX can be affected by that rise. J. GRAY, NEW DRESS MAKING ESTABLISHMENT. Sell CIS LOW OS UlC LOWCSt. ahicb is a well alia other improvements.

ine land is all conveniently located on public thoroughfares or npr.r the Missouri river. '1 he Land will be divided into eighty or one hundred sixty acre tracts, to suit purchasers. Apply to II. TiUreen, office over Scott, Tv err' A Co's. Bank.

aprt4-dtt In connection with the above house Levenson Co. have a United 1 ixr -A. Or I is 45 rtT d4 banntewt --v- States Clothing llall, at No. 40 Delaware Office and Residence N. E.

Vomer Seneca street, where'they are disposed' to attend HAVING just returned from the East, would inform the XEK3IS CASH! ladies of Leavenworth and vicinity, that they hare opened a Dross Making Establishment corner of Second DET.TVERED. TO ANY PART AND and second streets, LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS. to the numerous wants of tbeir customers if and Miami, -wlieietiiey wui conunne receive iuv 1 -ts Y-tas -vlr a a I The' stock there is estimated at; $20)00 feb2Sdtf HE prewar 3d to "4 worlf fmnf and ajlf ih modern -iWfcwityles. ti tSr; 5h.

h. pxjfjiAs. s. b. novrwAK DENMAN HOFFMAN, OrElsf AGENTS, 6 I LEAVENWORTH, t('ill ttnd to the'eehection of d-bis, payment of taxes, conveyancing, and selling of real estate on com-KfnNion.

Land wafrantH located, and aoldiers peusionp, back pay, and borjnties secured. Stete and county scrip bought and so'd. Olfioe in the market building. -f i and includes a countless variety of suits i'WWAK-t-Wflbe btswJ.Witnti a.rur-4. QTJEENSWAKE inserted on Gold and Silver Plate; Continuous int.hin.

Business is conducted on the Statement of the ASiurs OF THE ing tho iadics, that both the bttmsj and mauulacture, i the work from their establishment, shall be warranted to g-ive perfect satisfaction. Gum Teeth ou Platina Plate, and also on the Vulcanite Base. He would ask particular ntten- -r same nrincirle tberetail nsin the whole nTTTiTiTT-w nTTTl WCITTTI A TiTrTS suocw. All froods at' the United it! DII.1, turner auu iiiiai tion to his ownmspmm uj Rimmed Plate, which for cleanliness, aura biaty corner PCona auu juiami COMPANY, LYS, 3.V.,"JATVITAIS.V "62. Notice of Appraisement.1 50 Lots forsale Cheap.

1 7 BKOOIS and neatness, cannot be excelled, a patent tor which will be obtained as soon as practicable. Soecimens of all of the above named styles of THK STATE OF KANSAS WILL sell about fifty Lots in Leavenworth, at A. Agent, Leavenworth County, William nner, Tanner, KASSASL Ork mfjy p8 epp ni onice. Ihetfeltariilide em the mowtc, will receive particular iff 1 Rnotf the JsjC CFcd in attln-l Leavenw'orth. near the proposed Rmlroaa Depot.

asd States Clothing JUall are marked on" the garments the lowest price for -which, for the next sixty a deduo-, tionof ten per cent, will be made on win-' ter goods alone. i -1 For Salk. The Sesond Ward House RE STREET. Todd To JarretTodd, defendant as abeve entilled. 00 aprl9-dly tion.

Apply soon at my ISo. 38 Delaware Title good. B. R. BEES.

CAPITAL, SUKFLUS, YOU are hereby notified that, by virtue oj an naie to me directed and delivered, iBsued out of the First DintriM XiMVf ha State of KaaaiK, Hitting ia and tor MOORE DUBOIS. WM. STARK. MIMX' I V00BK -J r-frvs -f j. Leavenwerth county, in caia win, on -tonus Kiid Thursday, December 25, Temporaiy J.uaos, secured by No.

15 SIIAAVKEE STUEET, i Mdwmii the hours of 10 clock, a anu 41 Cherokee street, between 2d "nnd 3rd streets. For particulars apply to Wm. Smith, Proprietor. btoci Collaterals, Premiums to hands ofAgc-ijts, of aid dav, cau the folkmine: deacril.ed 1 1 i. DELAWARE STREET.

BET. 3d and aid being Transmitted, property la iiptuseu no uwiirruiuwB, ui.rouu-Eroded householders, resiijpnt; of.Lraveaworth county, Are now receiving-and hava en route from the East, the in said State, nm ti-operty ocBcUbcd, lo ir: tno cuy 37, S23 00 11 62-3 53 00 S-J 1.11 13 2,500 00 5,750 00 6.000 0J of coimtr, Sttvtwof KnK. i Fnr th Kitractlon. Insertion. I au ooera TT Aiuiratrnm -fcSaia.

property Jevua on and to tappiBiseci as tno pro-Eartr of the above nauied defendant. Cah ia Bauk and on haui hilty StRres Atltutic Bank, Pkt rW '-T WHfvfr' Vmon Ferry Regulotioa and Preservation of the' teeth. perf orrBe3ientifio.i4Mtfft(ror Sheriff Office, Leavenworth City, December 3rd. 162, uiarket va'iw Corner of Delaware and Fifth streets, j' Y-xA. COBHECTIOPf l-i- Ik bu 'iprt4 ftfUtti parties, tba 'there are cases of smalt pox in the Merchants Hotel, which I declare utterly false, as there has been no case of the kind to my knowledge, nince Hopping at this house.

I comider ths landlord Mr. Landes, a gentlmrn who would take all pains, and nae every precaution, I or the protection of the health of his guests, and this report iSw Lewis Humes, Art for fi LARGEST STOCK Of the above named goods rer brought to tWg market anf will sell tliem at 5 7 3-10Tn-a9. Notcs.flUOOo.vli 2 Bonds U. S. ner.

IM AKHUUhAK AiiMiioa oi mosf wanting artificial teeth is called to the "Coral-ite or Vulcanite base, style of work which for beauty, cleanliness, adaptability to the niouth; LEAVENW0ETH, KANSAS, i 1-2 MCLAUGHLIN'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE. 1 ,3,470 00 $297,239 each, $4000. at Gire ns 5 ed LdurliUtK, 'i iness. pT Oeer Fenlon' Hardware Store, Delaware Street, seet EZDTf HOUSE, tins Loss by fire, ri- SMITH, KICK Proprietors wss probably circulated to injurs ths Between 2d. and Zrd.

-K tEAVENWORTHjJTY. -l Wholesale iRetail, G. J. Park, M. D.TT L.

Weaver, M. B. W. Jones M. G.

W. Ilogeboom M. Dwelling Houses, Manufactories, Yrarehon. Merchandise, Personal Estate, and upon the Hulls and Cargoes Vessel? w'uil-3 in port. Policiei CCRSESMAW AND SHAWNEE, (1 'the nl T.K A VFiiN iVO TTT.

KANSAS A tnli coursq 6E instruction in this institution embrace Double Entry. Book Keeping, Com Prefasaional attendiuieVto the MarcUantsJIo ramst rire ana v. i.t few wneks has led me to make udl cl As Low as they can be bought rii a u5WWt-vana afencjes located on tue am ox tae mercial Calculations, Commercial Law and. Penmanship. Gentlemen, caa enter, the course separately, and at any time, as linrtructiojis are T.

Sinks M. W. B. Smith M. L.

Houston M. K. C. Anderson D. LiffSett, HeA'.

RevFjrG.Riii l'M t- CHAEEEY' la OYSTER HOUSE RESTAURANT utatic-n routes ot taa thil Btatemeat to the public'1 Dr. A.EOW'LBY. rVfcei-bMMBtSt-if ST iETWEsxFocaru as Fifth conntry, or at their office, WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. imparted individually, i or iurtner inronnauon enquire, at the College- ATCIIISOX, KANSAS. -KO.

2, "WALL STREET, NEW YOSK win tn m. htunnmn intrusted to him in Atchi- PHILA55DER SHAW Secretary. commerces on tne nrsi i From tha above statement Dr. Bowlby, who (One door Hast of Jim Broten's Livtry Stable.) nn tv unrt nmiTiTv. ana in ine ourreniB aim I'lamci i SHAWNEE STREET, ha been a go8 a my house for several weeks, it will seen that tb report of small pox pre.

Monday ill Septeiaer. and will continue as customary in Commercial Colleges! -Hours from to 9 o'clock. wishing, to impvov their liesure bours now is' the time to do it. The attention ef Conntrv Merchants is most respectful- Ir solicited, aa our a-oods were bonghti with an eye to do XJt Jt theMt oi FORMERLY JJUxLKS.) Meals prepared pub- the most lasticiKjr" JL lie that they have opened the above Saloon, aiiin in this Hotel, are maliciously false and I invita a cantinuance of the patronage of my riemU and old Customers, assuring them that Bothiog will bi left nndonte that Juajjend JOHN McLAlGllLirx, al-dtf Leavenworth. sinks 7m ATTORNEYS COUNSELORS AT LA teaveiiwrtl, tCansas.


HEART'S CELEBHATED Ol'STEBS, which are kept constantly on hand at wholetsalo and re- 4 3" di and that they have thoroughly refitted it with Balls and Pixs. A Choics Article of Liquors, can found at the bar. HAVIKG resi.medlhe ptactitf of bis profession, offers his services to the'eitixens of Lea- mota tbeir health and happiness. Office on Main npflUire, next door to the J. LANDES.

1 -decl2tf vTeleeraiA. wa-', ucii venworth and vicinity. I wards made in any part of the Btate, er in West- em nl-dtf jffifif" Office on Mam street, between Delaware A NINE PASSEXGEK Pike'B Peak coach, good as new, jfrompt attention wiu given to tae Debts. I to frive thcia a call. 22dtf DUGAN BROGAN.

ia- will be sold rery low." Call at the Banking House of will be sold rer 1 and Shawnee streets, adjoining, the Telegraph. nl-dtf Wantid, immediat8ly-rfour gils, i to '-Will 'practice in the courts of Larreworth- F. MEAGHER A- H. CASE. jr.

P. CASE. whom good wages will to paid. Wyandotte, Jackson and Jeffersob counties; supreme Court of the State the Mited States Dis Atchison Daily Union copy three timea and aend bill to this oilice. ocs30dlw CASS CASE, Flouring MillSaw Mt, Architect and Builder i -r trict Court lor tne estate or Kansas; ana tne cir ACE JITS fitf.

Prorrietor Merchants Hotel. cuit court of Platte county, Stata of Missouri. Lamps, Coal Oil anA FLTJUR, LUMBER, ftc; CONSTANTLY HM). 'Mkars iMs' SfcW So 1 oc 7 SIzr block; Refers hv rernucsion to Messrs. Dune, Se-moraS: Cc- 7 ILL furnish plans and epecincations, and AMUSEMENTS: erection of Dwellicga, Bryan riardcartlc, Green J.

Stotfer YT superintend 1 i A.Z I i ii. 11 1 Mrt THE subscriber having purchased the ''Oak Grove Idill," near Wertowj Miss ouri "and put the same ia tijr top condition is now pre-paired to fill orclorS Tor' any reasonable'- quantity of wheat or rye fiour, of the choicest quality. Cuftom work alsa ilona in. the manner. Store Patent Oval Chimnies, BRO OT HER, uiusu, 2 i i-v i 1 for the anni.fttfene e.

THEATRE. MVX-T- JL l5OtftALE. A number oae "liactnelder's Portable Hay n2Mly i aim rress. Aio one new concord loaca. 813(1 li He is also prepared to furnish builders with' all Pbarmaceutists Sc Druggists, SHAWNEE STREET, baneeIr, i MS H'HO I DEALS CO I IV HA XGE Sole Proprietor DUTTOHx HOUSE, App7 to T.

F. Webster, corner of Fourth and Cherokee 1 c-avenwort Karens. Dec.ll '6 A. S. ADDIS, J.

TEIririiKTON, Stage manager kinds of Hardwood Lumber upon short notice and reasonable terms, lie bad also on hand a A few doors below the Market House. 1' TT HAVE just received the.Jitrjt Coal Oil Laror-ever brf5Itl.tbIJ -1 -f oomedit; tilt I U1YX. large -quantity of jf-at II og, to Supply our butch-, nrs wlthi-boicepor tip ajlttmis and at the lowest market prices. H. McF AULAND.

TAVING recently fitted np and furnished the would call the attention of all who desire a safe, beautiful and economical light. A large supply Teuriday Evening, December Weston July 3, I8o2. aom above new House, which is pleasantly ltsca- AND of a superior article of Coal Oil constantly on 1 at th flnnrisMnff Tb Crat modam Comply in 3 acta Still Waters Run Deep, New. Boot, Shoe Store.7 WOOD YARD TJ BjR CYa I .1 L. i.

i. 1 date the traveling public. -J ill 17.1 -r. -nr-r cv a 31 Bis eaKcriDers-wun io wivn ukbus ou improvement over the Wld atyle, and invite an examination. feROWN A BRO.

in Delaware, the Tiublic cenerally that their 5orta-Wet i.nHffn.r.tion to all who mav fav him a WHOLESALE "AND -RETAIL M'LLE AUBRETl no1-dtwtf FANCY call, and endeavoring to keep up to the motto of Live and let live." nltf era such that they can tumis-h HARD WOOD, COTTON WOOD, 0'-tRd8m To conclude with the rfVfc C. HHiniNCUal Company. WE are prepared to furnish ia quantities io suitp-Hr. liaserp, the beist quality of Coal erer ofTered in tliis market, at our yard, near the corner oi jKslawaro aad tors Ware Ae jTi--) xi-iUi -VI A. ALB AH HOUSE.

i Chi Shawnee Street, between Seeond and Third, UMBER, SHINGLES? AND LATH. Doori onen at 7 o'clock, curtain rises at precisely faicxa or Aoiiisaios-Parquotter 40 JeenU Lady zzmmoz sa noa ond, also keep i. and Ooiitlaraan, "6 Uentlumau and two Ladies fLOO. abort notice after the 15 ol S. KI5ER CO.

Steamboats Bnppliod on this month. Augl4d3tn DreM Circle, 95 eta. THE GRAND; A C. QUIN, proprietor. large Etocfc wocianu liiimoei ror saie aiiueir T' HlSfiwaa has been refitted and furnished Td sontb of tha Gas Works.

Ordex for Wood 4 SHIELDS. BANKERS, Corner TTain and Shawnee Sta. LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS, No. 66 Delaware street Kear the corner of Third street.J- IjADIE'8 FAIR! H. SMITH WANTED 1000 CORDS OPVOODr I WILL pay the hiarhest market price in cash on delivery for one thousand cords of hard wood iriodatjons for hoarders at reRsonahle rates.

i nltf For the parjKee of raiaiog FundB build i Kectifers antl Dealers in QUR stock is very largo and entirely ce-. Bought of PEAI.ER8 i is if io ogclr iOIT-Y'HOSPITAli fV 95 Ffc'eef. rorrspr Second) livered oh llie UiiUH Ol ili VI uiiiiusuo i tfi Leaver, worth. TTILL Bl HELD 1 Leavenworth City to the Foit. LeaTcnwortli KAMS.l, nsl ly I Applv at 141 Shawnee street, Leavf nworth.

Octl7w2m F. C. MlLKIiEY. 1 nran4 TtMno-lit: nnrl Rftlfl SOLOMAN'S NE BRICK BLOCK, Bt 7 TT'IRST BUS leaves the Mansion House WCOIJ WOOD I Corner main and Sliahnce Streets, rWJ rV a QOUWfiaifcWry! agyen iAy de Bfw prepared to furnish and ire are determined to make Prices Smi Customers, :ki.fii!iil. a ill.

Those wishing anything in ourlin'o will'do well to call and nee uu before iitUlU (U1BUW DEMAND NOTES AND GOLDj 'Wanted at highest market CITY COUNTY AND STATE SCRIP, ing every hour irom 8 ft. m. till 12 m. Leavuis i th tt quality, iu any tiuactityte suit purchasers, On Cherokee, between Second and Third Sts. the Citym tne atterrjoon at ciock ana eeiy jj-, IVot'd Yard, on the inr.daua hour till 7 in the evening, returning every hour sr- delivtrod ia any part of the city.

Monday, the 22d of fieccmber.UB, LfrH-2 clock till 8 in -the evening. jyl af i 'A'dtf. LSit-iA. c- Bought sold, And endiDf on CHRIST AS DAY a t3, niGHEST TRICE TAID FOR PCRIP, WM. S.

CARROLL. Jft" tan' ffi; l.lvrrv. Feed. Sale Stock Stables, HAVE a free lunch every day at ten o'clock. There will also he a dance every Saturday nfM, Willi mCrVic, ere persons tan engage in tho terpsichorean art in a stvle mwurpassed.

MARSHALL A FE ACOCK. Prop. JAMES McCAHON, 44 Delaware Slreet, (up slairsy) of inierior Counties. rV All Tdif deirou eontribtitln article for 1- EXCHANGE ON EUROPE BOCGIJT OLD STEEFtS, tha Fair, ara requeetod to tend them to th of to tl Ladle of tha Cpoinaittw as early. a oil0.

that all the neoea.arr arraano-nt may be emld. fi TCefuarantwe to tha Ladies a nicer Shoe and better fit T.rrrormPir vatrsas LLA b. Hi, Vr. -At tha lowest rates Piia-tA mutfl thftir rrtnrni ifttilr4! cconimodntions for all kinds of orrr.RioB WIirVMIt 9 GENERAL AGENTS for the piirchase and sale of REAL ESTATE, and payment of laxe nl-dt Svnr.k. and ohsrew moderate.

atelr, in order that tha amount may ne acnoowreugw. LE A VENWORTH 1 1 lii oney outlOtf thronirhout the State. I -WEST'S HAT STOflE, "IinLL pracli hio in all tbe Cr.urt.s of tl.e VV j-ymtJuiJicial Di.sti-ict, Kaapas. an'l in the f'oKitt of arlioininj iuiit it-s i Missouri He hopes, lifn prnznp, attwtiodto boeinepB, and liis past BUC'--essaa an attorney ta srit? fcrwrention will bo iid to Govern) jeut ir A Valuably Farm ftr Sale. JOT OUR WORK IN ALL SHOUT'S EILLIASD SALOON.

Corner'SaawBee nnl Main Streets, LEAVESWOKTII. E. SHORT tc- msounce to the JLVx tlpmen of l.eavrnvi.o. h. City and the l'orf A K(3r FARMj rixmilM sotth of LeaU No, 55, Shawnee street, rS ATTOBNEY AT LAW, claims and draftimr ait kinds of legal itrumeMi.

r'aOfnceat Northw est oorotr er' fci.iiii.d LEAVENWORTH KANSAS. wc-nrxi gtorv. ALWAYS ON II A that he has received a fine it or OFFICK Corner Main ana hbawnee, over SA1II1IEL lECCVJI'TK, i Hmir)srrjiv'8 Bank, No. 7, up stairs. nlvl ttL worth "city, containincr 100 Ictps ot ctioHie Land, 5iicrt-of which is nnder cultivation, vkith good" houee, amd kuidioa, with premises, good timber convenient.

i The above farm can had very low for cash, or tha ontr will 100 acres it said tract, if prefarrad. Inquire at thia ofic Joly5 A Urf ml Well tslteted Block M7m UMVETZ. 'T 7 VVtvJ invites them to csll and exnmine his B-n? Saloon. is on tha Hate, Capa, Olovca, 4c. Corner of Shawnee and Main Streets.

PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, nl-dtf N. B. Couatry Merchants will do welltSSirfVe icall ja AS I ja CfcTON. HOUSE, ITZWILLIA31, rflENDEIt tbeir professional services to the cit-L y-cif jt vy -b. Office corner of Dela- rl" Cner imd jec Strut, i IX AT L0T a "eiceity OniHrnan r.f 1 a iiAri r.iv nt! tin i i.

m-i. an .1 wr Rmt tha wmt of thirds JI ft n-ith the wre rant's jt FOR SALE! 1 to? COAL D1NEUS UKTXID! OTS and 7 Block 11, LoU 29 AoJUdoclc Jlmie streets. Dr. Tuttle'f Wrm. Will alo aeenre Paneioni, Back Py and Bounties" holeaaio Uoae" of this city.

1'Zeaso addrssa vr. r. at rMMonable rata. recidence ia in G. B.

Heed's bouse near tne corner of Sixth and Seneca streeU. si IST Board and Room rontakad nl-dtf.

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