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Leavenworth Daily Inquirer from Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

Leavenworth Daily Inquirer from Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

Leavenworth, Kansas
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

'M'1' fi al K1 1 Hit I 1 yr -v'r yy t-t NO. 93. LEAVENWORTH CITY, KANSAS,' MORNING, DECEMBER 19, 1862, a LI! utJ He1" nAUHIDAL tt ST. JOSEPH E. DR.


i EAST, N03TH, OR SOUTH. a It tUi iimfMint wutmxm will have rl'NQUIRteR PANTING HOIE, vet Hemingray's Bank, (CG Ift OF SHAWNKE AND MAIN s. avent7orth, Kansas. We iraypectfuliy. annouuee to nnd "teen generally that we Tire hon prcpareJ Jo do JOD TRISTING ofallkindB as LOW PRICES as any House irest of St.

Loui, iu a et jle warranted to pTe i BUSINESS F.WCf 4LOR ED CA RDS, TJ SITING CARDS, ri I oemrtb)sle nicbt'e reet on the packet and reach I St LmIi and CTiaco in 30 Hours, 'MEDICI'N Aoticie of Appiaisement. TIIK STATE KASHAS, I.svnn worth County. JohW'Kerr Sea-tt, new ai Scott, Kerr Co. plaintiff. va" Y' Adam Fisher, M.

TL-ber, Trustee, Jh r. Vetch, Wilson Locklmrt, Samuel cKibb Rudolph Theodora. ad Leopold partners a Lwtinf, Mayer to. Lewis W. liUuseeai'jrti AniSK.

Yintom, Benedict Dorspy, Ktauntori DorsfrT, WnuUVr-SfyWm. II. IUlfton-vj. W. Ward Same4 P.

Few, -Jd above named defenuantssnd eah-of tkem are hereby notified that by -virtue of anwrdere' sule, bearingdateDe ceruber fourth, A. to me direuted find delivered, i-supd in ihe abcra entitled action, out of the I)tstrict Court of tke Fint Ju of (he State of KansfM. fitting vfithiA and i'or said Cuunty of Lesv renvrortlj, in CSU-e nuailjer Viid, and also hr virtue of tb uJjjinent an lxlccr-e rendered in sad8 case in said Court, I will, on Saturday, the ITt diiy' oi Decmber, 18b2. betvrae'n the hear o'clock, a.i:., and tsn o'clock, A.m. of thnt dstv, ca.u.

following described ro- time, lis "'i'li I it ils' I'm i "i k- f-tl I I i fi TWO A I Ii A IJ (SKHBATf KCrr) i' OUINCY TO CHICAGO TICKETS, can be obtained 1 thU rwy'e Wo. S3, Levee, 1 corner Oolkware Street. Pneeengere will censult thoir own tntereet by olliBg at the -otnee, wuere raltsble iafonnation will be given. of the i TRI-WEEKLY 'THE "nndri)5BtU, lag practical printers, httv ccnnmonceJ th publication in tTMiwortb City, tf i Daily, Trl-Wefily and Weekly Nwf I per umlwr the title abore indicated. It will be their aim to make the paper in all rKi-ecU worthy the confidence and patronage ef the public.

The Editorial Department will be entrate4 to able aii1 eipTienced band; 10 that cal," Literary and Commercial jonrnal, It may be ipectod to take highly rwpeeUble rank- While our paper will discuiw all subjtcte of N-' tinnal and Ftate policy In pirit of indepn- 4tnre, ami with ft freedom and candor becoming an American citiien, it will take foriU f4de tk wlli ewh BAQGAGE CHECKED Oti, Turpentine 'and Yarnishet; 5 i MEDICINAL WINES Jt BRANDIES, Uf ji 1 ff) ii ALL OF TM POPULAR PATENT MEDICINES, BLANK BOOKS-ii. STATIONERY, any other route. Principal Vtim STXSSS ror Freight to the Iave RL Jimxph oo a. H. J2: prtneiie4 cities in the Et.

Arrve alburi" mJ u(? 1M 'h 1 J. T. Mndot.V,l."t".m:" f. i. P.

B. 6R0AT. Qen'l Ticket Agent. FEATHER DUSTERS, VOSTERS. 4:00 LOOMIS, Gea'l Ireirbt Atror.t lirlv to be i ppriliHi tha A.

k. p. i ASSORTMENT. OF HAtnibal, Mo, JW A Told Lot number eleven, 11 jri block number one Clevelaaa. jnltf j.

INVOICES, BUSHES, i M.I.r.' IJ ra the original plat or the City of JLeavea-vrorth, in the County, of LsAvenwoitli and State a. BILLS LADING, 1 BALL TICKETS, of Ktinsas. ConaisHnfj in 'part of Whitewash, Shoe Newtork.Z 9: RAILWAY ana iamt Brushes. Boston. ri Hi" nifbi, NEGOTIABLE NOTES.

ALEX. -REPIXB, Sheriff. By A. Hepjxe, Under Sheriff. Leaver, worth city, Dtc.

A. A. FREIGHT LINE, Atid in every kind of printing done A. Harrisborf nlfht, a. I BalUmore 13:00 HH, I-J0 P.

M. FOR THROUGH FREIGHT ONLY. VIA. with neatness and Notice of Anpraiscmeat, New Tork Central, Grept "Western, 1 1 THE FTATK t)K KAVSA, COAIj I Xj i Country Merchants, Wanting Hand BiJIs, Posters, Cards, or any SLEEPING CARS ON ALL FIGHT TRAINS vol th t'ountv- i L-TaiT iind Mathow S. William li- LAMPS AND FIXTURES 1 CBr-Rap age checked throtrgh from tka Mtv- 'And roads to Mlasenri) Jianiai and Nebraska.

THK roads forming tbid OLD AND HELIA-BLK ROUTE from the Seabonrd and -the Weit.haTO. organized a i Haloney, and Alfred Tilton, Partnfirs us Alaloney -Tiltoji, 1'laintiQs. 1 kind of Printing, respectfully invited to give ua a call, -r PURE WHITE COAL OIL, ouri lUver to the Atlantic FARE I fr, 'j ASLO WASBTAxr OTHER ROUTXlr James Johnson, Jiacry Carroll, ALCOHOL AND BURNING FLUID; i Tast Freight Line, Samuel o. Can-oil and Edwurd A Damon, rer.uiiTit. if And Time a God! CGV NT Can be farnibhed with All Kind of BLANKS at short notice.

X)VL RBOBACK'S CELBERATED 3LO0D rUKIFlER' Omnr perfect reliability and greatly mcipnsea Tlirougb Tickets for Ml at ttM 0e ef isnatr-lf to Freirht-the traln fnrminff the'IJne frUlE named and each ef them, hereny notified that by virtue of ti tae Hannibal StJoaeph Railroad on.tht Mif Best tnd West witll t.l8galne daiity, m- eoor I river, unn for liciteu "via vjumey 1 vin- i Da. 8HALi.mxHujtnKR'H Fever and Apne Pills, Clark's Female MjMaAL'B CaiLnlicrT. and Avax's Agne Cur i Baova'a Lirencinai Trouhcs order of sale, bearing date- December fourth, A.e. 852, to me directed and delivered, issued in the ubove entitled action out of the Dutiict Court ef Choice of Three Groat Rontea from 1 i Itoad Chicaro, a tfarongb yaesengef. Trains.

-inanrinj Safety, Chicago, all fully equipped Interpretations of-that Blurred instrument ae hae been made by the Democrntic Fathers of the' He-public and their iorowom. Out country 1 in fearful criciri; in the opinion of many of the oundtmt head, our rf publicea ytm of goTera met i trembling on th ery rerje of dentrac- tion. It will be the im of the litycmen to m- int i briosing the gorernroenl bftck to Jw former simplicity and purity; and to re-Ublwh peace, unity, concord and fraternity npoa the bet and nureat foundations. i Krpecial attention will be irn to ike Co. DKtiTnr.RTof onr paper.

Inenworth now, and obviously mut continue to be, the Coaiinoiciul Mrtropolie of Kaniae and all the great region Wt of u. To thin young, thriving, growing City, the industrial interest of a Urge lection of country mwi ttft look with pcnliat attention. To meet this demand ebU be our -pt-ci-tl care. Tbb Wtui.r Irqlirbr, will be filled with a amount of sound and instructive Literacy matter, including the latest reliable News, Price Current, 4c. Ac, that it hall be a valuable Family Journal.

Trmu-lnvariablv in Advance. Vau.i: the week, payable weekly. 20 the yer to mail subucrilers ..8 00 Tmi-AVkkklt: Sinakt'opy, one 00 fingle Cpy, onoyoar, .2 00 ADAMS, TAYLOR fc RONAN, rRorniXTORS. Leavenworth City, Kanias. CLOSE CONNECTIONS the First Judicial District of the State of Kaa- Kiis, fcitting within aud for said county of Leaven Comfort and DupatCh.

SAM'L POWELl, G. Tickt ifMt. J. J. T.

BALL, Western Af mt, Lfawrth. BRIEFS, BONDS, deeds; MORTGAGES, worth, in cai-e number I.ib.Jjnd aL-o bv virtue of With KrprMS Steamerj from St. Joseph, r.nd Ve-tert ehippem can rely upon baling their JooJs receive the utm est dispatch. the judgnipnt and decvet rendered in snid causa i said court, I will, on 1862. Daring the eonson of navigation the Tire i Furnished to order at the shortest notico.

SPRING AND SUMMER AURANEHEST. Lpd ria Steam r.Sail Vewls, amounts in many FRENCH AMERICAN PERFUMERY And a great vtriety of Toilet Articlis. Call and eiamin nay Stock before par ATTTfiWGT tTtWV XfTTVD A TV cuMfyto more tann the dinerence or tnno, as will UUlUSJSoi. 11J1JS ISVlilfc aAliSf bar'ab the following comparative Btatement onlt RotfTi II8UUAICE SAVED By eendiijg Gocd all the wp.y by 11. R.

chasinsr elKGwbere-: fcTerv article la DST linei Jsisficcs or the Peace Call in 'and leave your orders, or send them by mail if you should want BLANK WRITS, i SUMMONS, SUBPIENAS, AFFIDAVITS and ATTACHMENTS WARRANTED PURE AND FRESH. Amt. Ins. saved per 100 lbs. lit '4 per Talan per Cincinnati Without Cbanfe of Care OHIO AND MISSISSIPPI Z.

fent Dry Geede (Oenoral a- ornent) Book -and Stationery Saturday the 21th day of December, a.r. 1862, betwepn thehours cf nine o'clock a.m. and' eleven o'clock a.m. dny, cau.e the foltSwinj; described real lyirg and being in the City of Leavenworth, county of Leavenworth and State of to wit The unfiivided one half cf lot number nine (). in block number nineteen 19) in the foresaid city proper, together iLhall and tingulftr the tenements hereditamentr and appurtpnsneet thereon belonging' nlso, leate and privileges of lot number fpren (7).

in block number nineteen (19), said lot' belonging to A. Morton, to be ap-prnised on the aciorains; to law; tn4 lot nainbr-r eisjlit () iu lock -number thirty-three (33) in the addition to the aforesaid Lrav-enworth Ciiy proper, known South Lesvea-worth, according' to the plat of said addition, together with all thn tenements, and thereunto ''bclonein to he appraised law, o. eight in block No. thirty-three in Clark and Rees' addition to sail city of "Leavenworth. ALEXANDER REPINE.

SheriT, By W. Repine, Lnder Sheriff. 1 Leavenworth City, December 5, a.q.1862. CO Cents. 54 'dV J3Phyician'u Preacriptions carefully reparea.

We will furnish them at prices to auit thd (common stock) K. times. OeoereJ stock of Gro- Main, betweea Delaware and Shawnee streets. ecries (excepting Su rare aud may26-divly $80 00 -72 00 "I 20 00 CO 88 00 5 SHERIFF'S BLANKS, Boots and Shoes (aver- aga Li- Drnjrfists' an4 Grocers' CONSTABLE'S BLANKS, Ulty Assortment 15 55 S3 65 27 do do do do. eft St.

Louis i 1 Hats, Caps Fura gpa- CHURCH DIRECTORY. TABKUNAf'LK BAPTIST Cornor of fibawuee aud KiftU ntret, in tlie Court Rootn, over the Market. Sfr-vlcwe at 10.4.i clook A.M., and 7 P.M. Sabbath School 0 3D A. M.

1'astor ltev. T. W. Barrott. CATHOLIC CHUK' South-west corner of Kiclapoo aud iitli itivets 8-rvice bourH, 6, 7 and 10 A.

M. fas tor, Uishcp by three KI'IttCOrAIr-Servlce In Conereiratlon. eral assortment UOLJS1X 11 LAMvS," TOWNSHIP BLANKS, COUNTY WARRANTS, Hardware, ahelf good S6 00 RECLAMATIONS PROM PTLY AND WARRANTS, CORPORATION BONDS, -TO- ft! '-'5t ffTf at Church. Service hour 3 P. M.

Supply, Kev. II. Mtone. FIIVST UNITED PRKSBYTKRI A Corner of SUta nl Oimire etreeU Servico boure 10s48 A. M.

and 8 P. 11. cla 3 1. KaWth School 9K A. U.

FAIRLY ADJUSTED. BA8TWAED B0TJND FEEIGET Ty description' WILL BE FORWARDED 4 rrfrA -Rates. V- I NCI NmAt'T 11 Stiavnee Street. 63. Ho.

63. -'LK-AJlEN WORTH, KANSAS. SPARES, snow bills, PROGRAMMES, BILUS OF, FARE, Oraything 'Give ua a tnal, as we will warrant satisfaction: ADAMS, TAYLOR RONAN, Publish krs pRopaiKioas. A' TOT TTir ft TT I l'rA-' WALLINGFORD, Chicago," or "-GREAT AM) vjEAJrS UfTSfe. I'rAVcrtiieetiit, 7 o'cloek, Wiuelay evening.

Prtor Kev. B. Baldrl'ige 1 retiklenco, corner Miami and' Jsinth treotl. WESTMINSTER Cernerof 0k aud RefDth streets, South Leavenworth. Service hur 10 4 A.

and 3 V. M. Sabbath School B. A. M.

freyernioetliin, 7 o'clock Wednesday evening, factor, Pev. J. O. Bear residnnco corner chestnut and Fifth itreeti, South Leavenworth. ET1I0DIST El'lSCOf Aly Corner of Fifth and Choo- XTXJ I 10 Hi, Thi Ohio tad Mistutippi i ikt inly Kor tke transportation of 4.

TO 3UEFALO, ALBANY, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Thii rent is UNEQUALLED FOR SPEED, STOCK CARS, SLEEPING CARS, SLEEPING CARS TOR DROVBRS, and upacioua aud couve- Road making thi bovt Professor JACK SCOTT, j. Art TonsorialB HAVING permanently located his "Temple 'of fashion" on Shawn ea street, above Second would ha. happy to see all his friend, patrons, aud the public in general. SSiKviiigr, Sltaiispoolnjr, Uf itreeU.

Service hours, 10 4fi A. and 7 P. M. Sabbath School, 2 P. M.

Prayer moetinR, 6 o'clock Thore-dy evening. l'ator, Rev. U.W. Paddock. CONGIIEOATIONAI Corner or Fifth and IMaware etroete.

flerviee hours 10 efi A. and 6i P. M. Sab. tath school, XiSi V.

M. Prayer rantinK 7 o'elock Wednesday evening. Pastor, Rev. J. D.

LiKgett r.midence tut ide of fifth Avenue, between t'ongrs and Marshal -V s. i (tlllVKEH I vnan 48 Delaware street. i nleat AND fFIDK CARS i-i'i' ttnetl. YARDS FOR STOCK, Executed in exquisite style by, the PnoyjsssoE. Allium iaa vuuivyii vrU- npTT A XT A XTV ITUPD UriinilTT 1 WM.r it mMt fr s.r.s,..

h.mrilOW A. ana 7 r. m. rraver uwoi. i ri a 11 Ullllianvuiui Blio.

LEAVES WOMHT Tkrech Bill of Lading given and Reclama Kldera S. W. Jack- Inn 7 o'clock, Wednesday evening. Don't forget to call at tna Xemple To. Shawnee street, sign of the half moon.

JACK SCOTT, tioMBaidJatOffle of Michigan Central R. I LofcTonwarth. i ALSO, S- All private parties, routs, 'or assemblies I5 or II AS THE JLAKGJEST ST 1 vi. 1- Ft. Lonisio Cineinaati withoateaaace san.

need of Music, can procure tlie same by lear-ingr ordr! t. the nhovp I fnldtf iQ Cincinnati to Cleveland, Fittabaif or BellaU with on and J. METHODIST ETISCOPAL. GERMAX CHage etreet, btwpn 7th and Rth, eoath elde. Bewice hoore, 10X A.

M.7I'. M. i'Mtpr, Ilev. J. Magle reaiiU-ot rear at Mkthohist Cbprch, ArmcA.

On Kiowa trnt, hotwfion -Kb and 6th. Service hourn, 10 43 A. 3 P. and U. Sabbath School P.

U. Prayer meeting, 6fi Wednesday evnninir. Pastor, J. M.Wilker-on rcidenoe corner of Pottawatomie aud Second it. JULIUS M0VIUS, i General Agent, Buffalo.

P. BEACU, Aent, 378, Broed way, New York. 1 OTIS KIMBALL, 21, State Boston. QAR3. LIQUORS, NEW MIL AND EXPRESS ROUTE out chan(t of ear.

Haainj tkt 0o4em Mm from I IliUffiK3 and UACKS-f for 1 i TO to Oincianati! iil XL II 17.17. -1 G. W. Hamilton, ui A. 'WALLINGFORD, Western Agent, 11 SOCIETIES.

Canar' Lake and Dearborn Tremont AND THE i KaakTille, -n; Wheeliif, .) Baltlaaare, 'Wajhiagtoa, New York, Cleveland, Lonisvillt, Philadelphia, Borton, Isih, Chieajo. r-'-i nltf TUJr-STATE Coldi'ftn Plnfaft 1" '5 A His Goods alpsght fDircctly. Southern Gold Mines. Niagara Fall, Aioaav, iiir. Kixa Polomom's Lodo, No.

10, A. F. A. M. Meet at Mamic Hall, Delaware etreet, eouth ide, between fourth and Fifth, Qret and third Friday evening of every month.

JA3. McCAHON, rT.JK. l.KAVrjnroRTa InaK, No. 5, A. F.

A. M-MeeU at Jf.Orl 'Ylckaharf, Metnphii, 21 TTY VIRTUE of vefi" of sale, bearial A)J JEAJreHViji. fifj G. W.EBAK FRASTCIS DRAKE, ATT K.B A LAW, JLf data Jioveinbef AMD All, fOIKTB 19 the fame olace nn the Brut and third Saturday eveBiogn AD GF.OR(JF. GOSLlJiG, M.

rected and 4eliTred cause out of .1 eei.4 Of every month. Crt? tJ? the I E9LTtt9Tf JACXS0N Ciimt, TJ. D. Meet at the Lkavkxwortb R. A.

And TevHl- be "sold afc the e( EAST, NORTH AND OOTJTIL AH Viae freatly atteaJied to jalyir dicl-il UiHric.ot iwithin and for sai am place on Uie xicund and fourth ftaturday Tei month. B. R. Kit evenmn KS.W.M. A 3r Meet at same L4VKirwoaTB i.onoa.

Mi.a,i.,u.i i 1 1 KiTES: LOWEST NEW RESTAURANT 1 Luxurious and roomy Eleepicf Cam the moet approved patent, well TentillaUd and entirety free from dntt accompanying all night train, ilia Tl 1 if'" nt iTr of Vaf iijkY a place everv Tutwlay evening of each wi ok -r CKO. GOSLING, N. Q. Kn. I I.

O. O. F.MeeU every Ttiurdar eTouing at unn j.Uco. 1 PrMINSCTTTK, N. G.

lOACHICS leave Leavonvforth every Friday at i Court llo-a-Tjr ry," in rhole length of (be roJ (340 sail) asontina; 6 clock a. pinfugen fntin nibi rat, wWli fwlttlj Tbe Kansas lstag Company are now running I Faji Wmt F.xrAifxwT, No. 1, 1, 0. 0. )-MmU oi at public igtftf -U 5.b3fet IkkpKcatii i.iand, tftp- -or tbrs line of first cnS four horse coaches from Leav BILLIARD SALOON, isWeSf! 1 4 iir -it' pursuing; ineir journey.

1.. Sleeping Cart Attach to all Jfijht Trains. enworth, via. Port Kiley to Pawnee Folk, or Fort Larijed, FOR AGENTS Both marninp and, evening train taromfo to Cincrnnati withent change, and tha frablit art respectfully cautioned againat refrea4a(ioa to 1 lit tux A hftusg. MtaHed onTtcfScMt'nd eeir and 7i in i ot toxXstkiM 1 4 7 a co" Connectia? with the Santa Fe Mail atiE cra1r-.

'v V- the contrary, tna mini 01 otner reavu iroi roR th aJ end 4th i'rldr-)fTery month. CH R. BKCK.C. P. TURN VEKF.IN Meet every Wednenlay ereninj at the Turner'i 1111 on Delaware treet, corner 6th.

IKiekelman, President; M-HofTman, Vioe Trerident; J. ottinlxrKr, lutTurnwart A Brumert, 2nd Tarn, wart 1 F.IrT, Rec. 8S. I. Sirooa, Cor.

H. Siiith Treanurer 0. Uraecklln, 8. Seeman, A. Be'ena, Truitece.

lh Leavenworth Medical andSargical Aiwociation hold thntr rrfrtilnr mn-tingit the flrit and third Thursday in verv month. l.icAvmwoiiTn Cof.t: Pbtmiciam AJtoScaoKoss CiiARTaaan 150 llolde 1U rejrolar meeting npon the ftrit Tut'dday of every month, at HOeh time and place may bo detcrralned opon at the preceding meeting. St. Louis make quick tin or raw eiUN J. J.

SANim Wnipbiiwd orfleV ef sale. of caw. 1 FT. LYOX, UEXT OLD FOHT, r. '-7.

1 V- Eii-Ufs W. iMm. Under Sheriff. V. argo Brick Building, Ctrctr of 2d and Shawnee streets.

f'K-; i 'i CTT1NIK, late of Fort Leavenworth, would 're-iT speetfully announce to his friends and the public Mberalry that he has just opened a house of the above dleerintioa, on the corner 2nd and Shawnee Streets. Trains leave the efflce No. 21, dlraetly am the comer of Fourth and Cheenut strtata, aadar tke Hienffa Oiace, LeaveawpvtljCity, November 28, Att'y Pl'gV PUEBLA, CANXOl AND 1113 BUCKSKIN JQnjLBOi ALSO F0K Planters' House, as follows 0 JBK Morning Exprew, (daily except Sudaya) W. IJEhtnina; Expreea, daily A. v.

Cairo South 'a Ex. (daily except Son's) 1:30 ju' i where bo would eolicit taeir jatronge. The labia will nupplied witk the 4 LOS VEG0S, SAN JOSE, i FT. TECliLOTA, iS rlMit i'Tad resort, located ti PTTCOS. If AM A ilS, win'' .1 1.

J---. TEST BEST THE MASKET AIT0RBS, THROUGH vriCKETS rl a iJ.iJJ. And all the principal places in or theree-rti 5. i. end iJllipliP dunns I with choiet ef roBtes, and all informatloa eaa bt 7IBXICO.

iAirr i i i procured at tha Company a ofpea ea to iitraa, ones Cartwright's -r ai 'jv Meals Served at All Honrs. TOLEDO FINE CUT cnMfti V- PnjapTiB-ers ticketed through to all the above JAMES BROWNS Sii Fire Proof brick! Livery, Sale, Auction and1" FEED STABLE Norih-tatl Cor. Shawnee fourth Slrtttt, LEAVNWORTn, KANSAS. i T. L0UGnr Jen4 Ticket AU i E.

11AYWARD, Ticket Actnt. P. B. MOPvlN, PassaBger Ajeat. imC JliLIARD TABLES ARE NEW, pluces by applying at the Company's office, under tbe Hunter's House.

lu U. 1ERRY, Supt. '-13 A Leavenworth, Alarcn 0, nltf 7 Al D. T. septioqm STKAliD Oil STOLEN, Jaa Jrem the Maaufactonr, and put op in a room une-; I Aallcd for elegance.

GREAT NATIONAL BOUTS mm FROM the subscriber, 'iuesaay night, the 7tb inst, a re I bay Mare, seven or eight years old a ir a a-. irj Manufacturers Prpe BALTIMORE AKD OHIO EAILROAD SUPPLIED WITH THE FINEST LIQUORS with a white spot in ner ioren-au, ana a sr ip in her nose left hind foot -white np to the piistern about 16 hands high blind eye. At the time she was stolen she was hitched to 6W f. I a waon on Shawnee street. iact ou a neta col (oSi IKIPROTED SCUEDTJL.B la 71 i THI.1 new brick etahle is the anl best in the State.

It is 36 feet wide by 100 feet In leneth, and fira proof. It is capnhl of ac cinftg rotsoi- ored ti'ddle, snl a bridle witn a JJragoon bit, an a grass rope around her neck. The saddle-blanket Taa nn old A reward of $10 will be for her delivery to Judge Lecornpt. dec9-dlw W. R.

SIMMONS. t1 FT SCOTT HOTEL, THOMAS SHORT, iop'b. BY recent Important chengea this road aw able to fnrnish unusual facilitsee for intT- commodating one hundred horses and wagons. Connected with it is a large IT KAKSAS Strayed or Stolen. communicntion, EaBt and Wast, North-Wt aad Sonth-waaU? Full connections with all the thxoojh trains to'Philadelphia amt New York, in tha Saat with the South by its Washington Bmneh road-rhy Cleveland and Pitsburgh, Central Ohia and Man-etta and Cincinnati trains with tha Narth-waat, ATTENTION.

FAMI LIES! STOCK YARD, St. Jeaeplfe- rpwo U0R3K6 left the premises of the stibecri-X ber liviug in the vicinity of Port Willfani, in Atrhkon countv. One a dark brown roare, villej'wia jibont filteen hands no white en hcrex West, and South-WMt, 1 1 Tbroueh tickets to or front Baltinaorr Phila M. 8ol.t,i:DEn. PBJEH1UXI COFFEE ESSENCE.

LEAVENWORTH, KAN'S AS, cept a few saudie marks. small years old, Vmil nil round, in excileat-conditien. S- Uorietor. delphia, New York or Roiston girt the privilege of layine over at any of the intermediate points. srw.

ronnealr.ortb other a Camanches pony iron Wflv earfe plit, brand on the left shoulder, shod oefffiiix old. Fifteen dollars will bWMn I.i i Levee, between Cheetaw aad Cherokeeo streets. Two dollars additional fire the peivileffe of to- And in front there is one of Fairchlld'siargevt sue HAY SCALES! Tie subscriber has Just boufht NEW CARRIAGES, NEW SADDLF.5 1 A V3 I THIS KSSeKCE, for more than ten jears, no well known and favored in the East, will be a great benefit iting Wasnington en route. for thfir delivery at Horace HerndonV, Pirft ITthe day Vr week, orTai to every mmuy ana consumer or coiice in eonrrsi be- William or where tliev may be round, -'t This is tbe only rotate that can iwnwa ewwaf ticket or beggage checks to or from Waattafte rar none auuaiea wtw Of the bisk eastom eut on this dtii wl article JOHN M. SOUuEUER'S COKKKK KSSZHQg, ia fur sale ia 5r every giootij tnftne week rurchasere wishing to make DRS.

STnaUC Valuable City Property for Sc WweiessMO oarniaa are in vieo to caii on are as low as by any otner rontt. Sleepiat cars on all night tmtwt.klx,Ai- 1 Ask for tickets by Baltimore aa4 Ohio Boil' THE raluable property situate in Leaven worthCity,, known as tbe property of Murphy feSeragga rA Aeptr boaea taken at bargain. nov27d6m OFFlCB On Dela Church Spanablea-f. Dr.Stilea' Reaider read. S.

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I10WK. Dr. Xaxickson Surviving partner of Murphy Scruggs, or te Wm. 6. Maater TramporUtlea.

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