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The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 1

The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 1

Arkansas City, Kansas
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5. JOINT SMASHED AT WINFIELD. The Citizens Form a Hatchet Brigade aud Proceed to Demolish a Joint. The whiskey war seems to be on at Winfield. Several meetings had been held by the temperance people and the results usually were resolutions and an ultimatum to the jointists.

Tuesday morning a barrel of whiskey containing about 20 gallons was demolished at the Santa Fe depot. The perpetrators of this job are not known but it is thought Mike Hahn and Joe Moncreir did it. Later one of the Schmidt boys, who run the joint north of the St. James hotel, attacked Hahn and beat him badly. Wednesday a mass meeting was held at the United Brethren church and i.

was there decided to demolish the Schmidt joint. Clubs, hatchets, revolyers and missles of all kinds were procured and the mob marched on the joint with the result that a first-class job of smashing was done. Several were hurt in the melee, but none seriously, Miss May Denny was hit in the mouth with flying glass and Chas. Schmidt was hurt pretty badly by a stroke from a club. That night merous threats were made on both sides and in the evening a.

big mass meeting was held at the opera house. When the crowd from this was dismissed a gang of thugs and joint sympathizers met them and tights of all kinds occurred. Sometime during the night the beautiful stained glass windows of the United Brethren church were demolished and the editice is badly damaged in many ways. All day yesterday fights of all kinds were occurring in all quarters. Mayor Albright ordered a special detail of police and the firemen camped last night at the city building.

The joints are closed and the Law and Order league have demanded that all fixtures and goods be immediately moved out of town. Men's Mass Meeting. There will be a Mass meeting held at the Methodist church in this city Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock for the purpose of organizing a Law Inforcement league. The organization will be modeled after the style of the Topeka league and will work for the enforcement of the prohibitory law. All interested are requested to attend.

BY ORDER COM. Among the victims of the grip epidemic now so prevalent, F. Coyle is now recovering at. Canton by the use of Dr. Miles' Nervine and Pills, Grocery Berry Co.

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Summit St. THE Enquirer FOR Fine Job PRINTING. Prices are Right. E. Smith reports the arrival of a new daughter at his house.

C. A. Welch has leased the Hodge photograph gallery, over the postoffice and has taken charge. The Democrat says that Judge Knowlton is a candidate for re-election as "probate judge." Wonder what Cottingbam is doing all this while? The St. Charles hotel which has been purchased by C.

W. Hodge, is being refitted and refurnished, and will be among the best hotels in this part of the state. "Failing to find relief from the grip with old methods, I took Dr. Miles' Pain Pills, Nervine and Nerve and Liver Pills and was permanently Egan, Jackson, Mich. It is said that all the joints in Arkansas are closed and from all outward appearance this is true.

But drinkables are being purchased in the city nevertheless. This crusade will have to arrange to take in the boot-legger some way. J. H. Montague, representing the Arkansas Valley Telephone company, the independent line which was granted a franchise here, was in the city this week looking over the ground preparatory to beginning work.

The material is on the way here and work will commence upon its arrival. The appointment of A. L. Redden, of Topeka, as assistant attorney general for Shawnee county, mav be the forerunner of a series of demands for such appointments all over the state. Mr.

Redden is one of the raost efficient prosecuting attorneys in the stato and if the people of Topeka will furnish him evidence of the violation of the prohibition law he will test the law to its extent. Minnie Joe Passmore, living near Arkansas City, has sued her husband. D. W. Passmore.

for divorce, and in her allegations she makes some severe charges. She says he used to call her names, later beat her and finally drove her from home. She says she had two children by a former husband, one of whom, a boy, was abused shamefully and finally driyen from home by her present husband. She says her husband is worth $20,000 and she wants her share of it. Her former name was Buchanan and she wants that restored.

-Courier. MARRIAGE LICENSES. NAME AGE T. U. McCrary, Altamont, 30 Frances E.

Syres, Winfield, 24 R. H. Hanna, Rock, 19 Pearl Walck, Akron, 19 J. S. Seimears, Winfield, 29 Mabel Spitler, 6 6 19 Leslie W.

Scott, New Salem, 22 Myra D. Corley, Winfield, 22 John Tousley, Townsend, 22 Anna Hockenbury, Arkansas City 15 Harry Smith, Wilmot, 21 Maud l'eter, 18 There was a. fire at Winfield last Saturday. That seems to be one of the social functions at that shrine of literature and art--and politics. The people were attracted, along in the afternoon, by the sound of a dinner bell ringing in a frantic and disconnected way, and the rumor soon spread that it alarm.

Pretty soon an old, delapidated farm team attach ed to a dray, started for the city building after the hose cart, and the driver made a very commendable effort to get the idea into the mind and heart of those horses that he was actually in a hurry. It was entirely a new proposition to them. But this team reached the hose cart first, and by the sacred right of discovery, together with an old and time honored custom, earned its dollar. They then started to find the fire, and at every few feet the dray gathered new passengers until they soon had a good load of the anxious public. Rumor again got in its work and the fire was found over J.

B. Lynn's store. Rumor is one of the grand functionaries at these fire carnivals. The old dray finally got there, but not until after the neighbors and some members of the fire department had put out the fire by the use of chemicals. Winfield's enterprise and its fire provisions don't match.

THE REQUEST ANSWERED. Mayor Hess Replies to the Request of the Ministers. A number of the ministers of this city called on Mayor Frank J. Hess last Wednesday and presented a written request asking him to close the joints of this city. The request was signed by Revs.

W. T. Moffitt, Chas. C. Woods and W.

A. Youngman. Mr, Hess asked them to secure the signatures of all the ministers of the city and that he would publish his reply to it later. The names of Revs. M.

Lee Sorey and Ralph Ward were afterward added. On Tuesday of this week Mayor Hess made public his reply which i is as follows: ARKANSAS CITY, Feb. 12. To W. T.

Mofitt, Charles C. Woods. A. Youngman, M. Lee Sorey and Ra ph Ward: -I have before me your request, which reads as follows: "The ministers of Arkansas City request that you close the joints in the city and remove the occasion of saloon raiding by the citizens," and signed by yourselves.

You stated to me that you represent no committee, no organization, no church and no faction, therefore the petition must be taken as being your individual request. To close the joints is as much in your power, and as much your duty, as mine. I am the people's servant. The question of the method to be pursued in suppressing the sale of liquor was the issue when I was elected. The overwhelming majority of the votes cast at that election was in favor of the policy we have adopted.

I no sympathy law. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in Arkansas City and Cowley county trying to enforce this law, and instead of lessening the sale of liquor and curtailing crime, we find the sale of liquors and intoxicants increased, more persons engaged in the traffe and crime increased. I wiil, while I am mayor, carry out the policy of the majority, as indicated at the election at which I was chosen mayor. Yours respectfully. FRANK J.

HESS, Mayor. The ten-year-old son of Levi Leaf has been very sick for the past week, but is now much improved. Two fires occurred in the city Wed- nesday night. The first alarm was sent in about 6 o'clock at E. Kirkpatrick's furniture store.

It probably caught from a match accidentally thrown into some lace curtains The timely use of chemical fire extin guishers checked the fire before it became very serious. About $1,000 worth of goods were damaged or destroyed, which were covered by insur ance. The other fire occurred about 9:30 in the house occupied by Jennie Burns, at the corner of 1st street and Fifth avenue. Nearly all the furniture and contents were destroyed and her loss is estimated at $1,500 with less than one-third covered by insurance. Cattlemen Win.

The people of Southwest: Kansas do not seem to have made a mistake in sending Tom Noftger to represent them in the senate. In the ways and means committee he has succeeding in increasing the allowance for the Live Stock Sanitary commission from $4,000 to $10,000. This amount was secured only after a hard fight in the committee in which Senator Noftzger specially distinguished himself. The increased appropriation was demanded by the cattlemen of the state and will enable the commission to be of more effectual service than in the past. Attempts Suicide.

Wednesday afternoon between 3 and 4 o'clock, Wianie Harden, the 15 year old daughter of Tinsley Harden, a Santa Fe section foreman, attempted suicide by shooting herself. shots were fired but only the last one took effect. The bullet entered at the right temple and taking a downward course lodged at the base of the brain. The revolver was a 38-calibre, belonging to the father. The girl was alive last evening, but small hopes were entertained of recovery.

The cause of the terrible act is a young love affair. The girl had been going with a young man named Cherley Lewis, but they had not been together for some time. FARMERS and STOCKMEN. We have just received a large car load of American Hog Fencing. This is without any exception the best Hog Fence on the market and by buying in car load lots we can sell it as cheap as competitors sell inferior goods.

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These goods are all fresh and just the thing for Always on hand at G. W. VAUGHAN. HOWARD Ross, President. W.

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Undertaking a Specialty. T. B. OLDROYD, Licensed Embalmer..

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