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The Outlook from Independence, Kansas • 4

The Outlook from Independence, Kansas • 4

The Outlooki
Independence, Kansas
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ROGKRS BROTHERS. w. nowEr.L, dentist. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. Fuw pt'oplo i-eulizu how vuluablu All Kind of Fresh and Cured Meat, THE OUTLOOK A HBltgloun Weekly Family Newspaper Un-dcDomlutluiiul.

Fubllbd at Independence, Kan-tit, every Wedueiiiuy by THE OUTLOOK PUBLISHING LESSON nomlltty and the I cannot plead too earnestly with my reader, If possibly bis attention has never yet been specially directed to the want there la of humility within him or around him, to pause and ask whether he sees much of the spirit of II, APRIL 8 MATTHEW 7i Sausage, Salt Fish, Oysters Telephone 139, the advice ot a skilled dental surgeon, who takes dine to diagnose correctly and locate accurately the causo of a In furnUhlavt the people in and Golden Tet "Whatsoever Ts Would OFFICE OVER PAUL'S GROCER around Independence with the choicest trouble which ft Jes. qualified dentist is That Man Should Do To Ton, Do ant to overlook. The production of a of fresh and cured meats, sausage, Evan So To Them." Matt. 7:18 Pre- perfect piece of dental work not only Go to Crystal Drug Store For Pure Drugs and Medicines. Toilet Articles, Perfumery, etc.

Buy Your cepti and Promises. meek and lowly Lamb of Qod In those who are called by his name. Let him consider how all Want of love, all indifference to the needs, the feelings, the weakness of others; all sharp and hasty judgments and utterances, so thM market has secured a firm hold on public favor. It is essentially a home industry all meats are dressed here, requires time, but skill, and the advantages of securing the best aro manifest. Not only is much discomfort Entered at the postofflce at Independence Kan-ur, a second clai matter.


"Judge not. The word "Judge" nere uoes not mean torm an opinion, tor often excused under the plea of being avoided, but no chances are taken of every one must do this of many persona outright and honest; all manifests- ana tnniRM. "That ye be not Judited." ronaemiieu and and misunder tions of temper and touchiness and ir stood by others, us they have been by ritation; all feelings of bitterness and iyou. estrangement have their root In noth z. l' or with what judgment," etc.

The simple fact In stated, that if you are harsh and censorious, you Invite others ing but pride, that ever seeks itself, and his eyes will be opened to see how and none but selected, home-raised stock is utilized. There Is a neat, clean, fresh look about the market, which will hi appreciated, and prompt and cour loons service go hand In hand. The largo refrigerator is a hot weather fea-tura which insures the perfect condition of meats. A specialty is made ot oysters in season and salt fish. Tooth some sausago of all kinds is made, tho machinery for its manufacture being run by steam, and there is a heavy de to be censorious toward you, and they a dark pride creeps In almost every will ue sure to accent vour Invitation.

('lh being Judged by otiiera, Buys Mml- where, the assemblies of the saints not excepted? Let him begin to ask what son, "Is one of (Jod's ways o( bringing jthe self-conceited and the censorious to Lumher (Ills bar. "With what meusure ye mete It ahull be measured to you acquiring discuses of (lie mouth and gums, likely to arise from unskilled operations. The charges of a skilled dentist who uses the most modern up'lhods are really no moro than I hose asked for imperfect and unsatisfactory work. The people of Independence and vicinity are ablo to command the services of a first-class dental surgeon in DrT. V.

Howell. Ho Is a giaduaioof tho Western Dental col lego of Kansirs Cily, Missouri, and tho knowledge of dentistry thus secured, he supplemented by special courses in chemistry and anatomy, in valuable adjuncts to a modern dental practice. Dr. Howell is a native of I'unnsy- lagaln." This Is unulher statement of Ilia am law of retribution. Tho Business Conducted by Mrs.

M.J. Doann Is a Credit to Independence Tiio enjoyment to he obtained by a gratification of the sniiso of sight is not secondary to that produced by fine music on the sonso of hearing. A tasteful and urlistic combination of color and slmpo as produced by modern milliners in lljuir Idlest effects in hats is as pleasing to the eye of the onlooker as a fino picture is to tho art critic. Possessing ono of tho finest millinery stocks 1u Southern Kansas and being an experienced and adroit buyer, Mrs. M.

J. Doanc is able to offer to her patrons all the ad vantages in variety, colors, d. -wny beholdest." Starest ut from without, Kuzost at. examlnest carefully. lhou," who are Judging others.

"Tim Imote. "Tlie word 'mole 'suggests dust: mand for this product. Altogether flvo people arc employed. Both J. J.

and W. Rogers havo boon In the meat business all of their lives for the past thirteen years in Independence. Their largo trade may be AND BUILDING MATERIAL T. E.TRECEMBA. Opposite Court House.

whereas the figure Is that of a minute would be the effect, If In himself and around him, If toward fellow saints and the world, believers were really permanently guided by the humility of Jesus; and let him say If the cry of our whole heart, night and day, ought not to be, Oh for the humility of Jesus In myself and all around me! Let him honestly fix his heart on his own lack of the humility which has been revealed in the likeness of Christ's life, and In the whole character of his redemption, and ha will begin to feel as If he had never yet really known what Christ and His salvation is. Believer! study the humility of chip or splinter', of the sums muterlul tha beam." M. It. Vincent. "That lis In thy brother's eye," obsourlner his vision.

"But considered not." "Appre- nenuest not' from within, "understund- est" not. "The beum that Is In thine eye. Beam, a graphic and almost droll representation of a comparatively grew rauit. vaniaaud was a pharmacist before entering his present profession. As a dentist ho practiced in City, J.

Prescott. DRAYAGE AND TRANSFER 4. "Or how wilt thou sav to thv broth- er," etc. Jlow can you have the faca attributed to (lie principle of supplying tho best meat at the usual prices. A free delivery will take your purchase homo.

Over 82,000 arrests were mado in Chicago last year, and 75 per cent of ihem are duo to drink. This statement is made not by a fanatic but by the city prosecutor of Chicago. ito Bay, how be guilty of such hypocrisy, Jesus. This Is the secret, the hidden Missouri, and Still water, Oklahoma, isucn absurdity? root of thy redemption. Sink down 5.

lhou Because he processes to he sorry for the faults he re Into It deeper day by day. Believe with thy whole heart that this Christ whom God has given thee, even as Hlf LIVERY FEED SUE proves, when he Is not. or he would hate shapes and trimmings that the season fashions dictate. Tho new spring stock is on hnn.llmd the opening will be announced later. For nineteen years Mrs Doanc hnscoutrolled tho finest millinery trade of this section and -she lias never been better ablo to oiler the most exquisite production of the art at reasonable prices.

'The slock includes everything pertaining to tho business, silks, ribbons, flowers.etc, and an of five competent assistants are required in (lie DUhiucss. niiem in mmseir. "See clearly to cast out," etc. liecause he has hud expe divine humility wroueht the work dience in getting rid of faults. within thee, will enter in to dwell and 6.

"Give not thut which Is holy." The -sacrificial meats, the holy tilings prepar prior to locating here, and has had ten years active ex perienco. His parlors in Independence arc fitted up with all tho modern, mechanical accessories suited for speedy and skillful work. When wo revert In fancy to the days of almost brutal dentistry, tho change is astonishing. Teeth are now extracted practically without pain, and a dread of dental work is no longer sensible Dental delays aro dangerous. work within thee, too, and make thee A.

BUT NIC MAN. ed ror the temple services, to aid men In what the Father would have thee be. trie worship of God. "Unto the dogs, Andrew Murray. Flue Family Groceries, All Kinds of in the Kast dogs are savage, unclean STABLE- Independence Barn.

ceremonially, and actually Hlthy and nor nuie in appearance, "iseltlier cast ye your pearls before swine." Because they tJFARM LOANS. cannor appreciate their beauty nor un tneir value, and you lose your Pearls. Vou must change the nature of Independence may well support and bo proud of this established millinery parlor, which tiers its patrons very advantage in both goods and prices. Sevan Per Cent Interest pavattde annually. Partial Payments.

'ine swine before the pearls will do them any good. "I.est they turn again and rend you." You not only will fall of I'lIONE 208. Dr. T. W.

Howell HUMPHREY BRIDE, The horse, no sooner is its head turned homeward than it trots and goclh cheerfully. And shall not we, who deem ourselves wiser than the horse, go to our heavejily home cheerfully? Ivan Parrin. them any good, but they will In Jure you for your attempt. 7. "Ask.

seek, Seeds, Coal, Buys Country Produce and Egg. Cash Paid For Poultry. To successfully conduct a populai grocery store, redlining old customers and ever gaining new ones, requires ability, energy and experience, besides I ho faculty of anticipating the ever Varying tustes in food products. The store of A. Briiikmau was established in 1871, and today enjoys a stronger hold than ever on public favor.

A family trade is enjoyed, and the well-selected stock embraces all ho necessary edibles, luxuries and delicacies in i nese words Imply three methods of and perhaps three degrees of In tensity. a. "For every one that asketh recetv-eth." There is no exception. Trua asking ST AM STEAM LA UN I) It Y. win combine seeking and knocking.

Tho answer will be given according to the cromptlr procured, HO FEE. Bend modal, St. Augustine's Ckeed A whole Christ for my salvation; a whole Bible for my stafl and guide; a whole church for my whole world for iny parish. 'Tallest Building. Towering high above tho "suy scrapers" in New York City is the Park Row building, which lifts its twin towers 3'JO feet into mid-air, and unfurls its two iluus over the city at a height of 417 feet above tho sidewalk.

This monster Btruclnrc, 'contains 950 offices, 'has 2,095 window, and cosl 12,400,000. It weighs 20,000 tons, and or photo for free report on patentability. Book "Uowv to Obtain U.S. a ad rKEb. laireiit terms evor ottered to itiventomJ PATENT LAWYERS OF 20 TEARS' PRACTICE 90.000 PATENTS PROCURED THROUGH THEM.

All busineas contidentiul. tiuund advice. Faithful lancy and staple groceries. Country produce, such as seasonable vegetables, fruits, ergs, eta is ai good as cash in trade, and the highest market price is Is Doing a Large Businss nnd (jiving General Satisfaction. Today more than ever peoplo ore judged by their appearance and cleanliness, and a natural prejudice always arises against a person whoso linen is soiled.

In bygone days tho washwoman or washdays at homo kept tho linen clean by tho slow and misulisfac- iKina or asking-. "And (every one) that seeketh findeth." Most best things must be sought for, as the graces, education, character. For others, as the gift of tha Spirit, speclul providences, divine guidance, God's tender love, opportunities, revelations, we must knock at God's treasury door, "and to him that knock-eth it shall be opened." 9. "If his son ask bread (a loaf), will he give him a stone," which was often found In the shape of their small, Hat round lonf. 10.

"Ask a fish fCOOrl fnr fnn.ll ollt 1 nervine. Moderate churjreB. wnteri eiorviAr a. rrk to WW SriS. WW Office One block South of M.

J. Paul's Grocery Store, on Ground floor. PATENT LAWYERS, Opp. U. S.

Patent Office, WASHINGTON, D. C. tory process of the times. Today tho steam laundry, with its improved paid for live poultry. Aside from the grocery stock, full lines of crockery and glassware aro carried.

A complete assortment of superior field and garden seeds is also a feature of the stock. Tho main store is 23x90 feet in dimensions, and in addition a ware room of equal izo is utilized. Seven employes are required. By reason of the satisfactory class of goods carried, reasonable prices askod, and straight forward business methods, the popularity of this store lias a-fouudalioii tho deptli of which is kL oci' ft'lfMimated WW-'-'C occupants is 4000. The Park Row building Is considerably the tallest 'commercial building in tho world; and it may surprise many of our readers to know that it stands upon a foundation of sand.

Inland. 2 'he give him a Hoi-pont?" Not only useless, but often deadly. To ask these questions Is to answer them. 11. "If ye then, being evil;" I.

sln-iful, imperfect, "Even in our highest, hoi-Jest relations there is evil: selfishness Is with our most unselfish love." jAbbott. "Good gifts unto your children." This Is the rule. "Mow much more." Tha difference is Infinite. "Shall your Father which is In heaven." The holy, loving, perfect Father, who makes heaven what It Is, who is able to answer every prayer. "Give good things." Luke 11:13, "the Holy Spirit," which Is Ithe best of the "good things," and Includes them all.

-SEORS. M. J. DOAINtv methods and machinery, does tho work quicker, better and cheaper. Your linen comes homo immaculate in Ms wliiicncss and with a finish uiiohlain able elsewhere.

The people of Independence and vicinity and Ilia adjacent towns aro to be congratulated on have ing In the Star Steam Laundry an opportunity of obtaining as gool work The Oldest and most Reliable Milliner. O. J. PRESCOTT, Twenty-nine Others Have Come and Gone. as can bo secured in the largest cities.

appcuis to increase as (he business ages. MrBriukinau desires and deserves a share of your patronage, and readers of The Outlook may rest assured that they will receive a square deal at bis hands as well as eotirteoim treatment. The machinery equipment, which already unusually complete, is to he added to shortly, some new machines being now on tho way. A reputation for care in handling laundry, as well as I 12. "Therefore." Hi-cause what follows Is Uhe Bumming up of all the previous precepts In this discourse, as love Is the Bum of the Ten Commandments, which parries calls tha Royal haw, as this verse Is called the Golden Rule.

"All things whatsoever ye would that men should 'do to you." All that you would have a right to expect from others, not everything- criminal or foolish one might de-Bire. "Do ye even so to them." Equivalent to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." "Por this is the law and the prophets." The sum of the duties to man required Gravitation ts a mighty law but the bird defies it. The tendency to sin might bo called a kind of moial gravitation, a stupendous power working DEAR EDITOR: The Science of Magnetism known as the HOLMES METHOD of MAGNETIC HEALING is attracting the at tention of the thinking classes as evidenced by letters of inquiry received from every portion of the world. We will send our Magnetic Journal to all who write us and Cure any of your readers who may be sick and teach a limited number the art of Healing. Please state that consultation is free, either in person or by mail.

Yours for Health, HOLMES INSTITUTE OF MAGNETIC HEALING. Independence, Kansas. We will teach a limited number the art of Healing. by tha law and taught by the prophets. ever to drag us down.

But. to the emancipated soul, the soul that puis its trust in Christ, that is upstayed by faith 13. "Knter ye In at the strait gate. The narrow, difficult gate. Strait here is Dray Lino and Livery.

Telophone 208. Let us turn for a few moinenls from tho moro slric'ly mercantile houses and take a glimpse at nu enterprise lhat is doing much to assist in making Independence a good place to live in. We refer to tho dray line and livery business of O. J. Prcscott.

Tho dray line was established six years ago, and four teams are now needed in tho regular work. Promptness, care in handling freight, and reasonable charges have given Mr. Prescott tho bulk of this business here. Five months ago lie added a livery business, which meeting with public favor. Ills turnouts are Just us Rood As liny In the land.

And when you need their services They're sure to be on hiiml. In his largo stable there arc ample accommodations for thirty head of horses, and horses are boarded by the day, week or month. Special atten. a different word from "straight," and Is still used in such expressions as "He is In a strait," I. a narrow place." For this trcmendiGU8 force is as impotent us the attraction of the eagle who launches fearlessly from some mountain cliff.

speed is enjoyed. Commercial work is a specialty, and when desired work is completed flvo hours after receiving bundle. Peoplo residing in the country are beginning to more generally ap predate the chance to secure the laundering of staiched goods, and this of the business is increasing-rapidly The lauudiy also has a considerable express trade. Tho business was established in 18115, by its present energetic proprietor, O. Q.

Catou. A visit to tho phut will convince tho most critical and fastidious of its extreme nearness and hygenie cleanliness. wide Is the gate, and broad la the way, that leadeth to destruction." There are a multitude of sins, each of which is a way to ruin. To destruction. The end JUSTLY POPULAR.

of sin is destruction. It destroys life, health, happiness, hope, heaven. The de Retiiim- etructlon otten begins In this world; It is completed in the next. "And many there be which go In thereat." It was Fred Geckcler, the One Price Shoo-mau, The Place Where a Child Can Buy as Cheap as a Man. Mr.

Geckcler has exploded (ho fallacy the popular way, and thronged with trav elera. It was no then. It still Is to-day, but in a less degree. 14. "Strait is the gate which Italy has 48 per cent illiterate people leadeth unto life," the true life, the Ufa of heaven on earth, eternal life.

"Few This Advertisement with $1.25 To THE ROYAL SHOE COMPANY, INDEPENDENCE, KANS. and we issue you a book of 4 coupons. Sell out the 4 coupons for 25 cents each and you will get your 1.00 back, and when the 4 coupons have been cashed in to us, we will send you a pood $4. pair of shoes, in Ladies or Gents. The ROYAL SHOE Sole owners of the Famous $4.00 Royal Shoe.

Independence, Kan. there be that find it." A fact at the Franco and Belgium about 15 per cent. In Hungary, the illiterates, number 43 percent; Austria, 39 per cent. In time. He does not say it will always be so, he does not say It must be bo.

All can tlnd who will seek. India only 11.000,000 out of 000 can read and write. Was All Face. that it is necessary to mako a large percentago of profit to meet with success in the shoe business. Moderate prices insure an incicasiug patronage and emolument is sought ralhcT in numerous sales than in largo profits.

Nothing will anger average purchasers more than to leant that the prico paid by them is higher on tho samo article than the price paid by anyone else. Everything in this store is one wore it not for individual taste in the tion is given to commercial men's trade, and a team and competent driver are furnished at a moment's notice. Mr, Prescott gives tho business his entire personal attention, and lias five men in his employ. His solo ambition is to pluaso patrons, and ho would like to have a share of your trado. The governor-general of Canada, A CHARMING DISPLAY.

while enjoying a drive In the keen frosty air, met an Italian who was very At tho Millinery Parlors of Miss Lizzie lightly clad. From mere curiosity be stopped the sleigh when opposite the Indian and asked him how It waa he could withstand the cold under so light Whitesideson Main St. "What pleaselh tho eye pleaseth the heart," and the Indies of Independence and vicinity should certainly bear this no 1 in mind when purchasing millinery for tho coining season. Vac csw.0.vAi selection, a child could make as equally satisfactory purchases as a man a child can buy just as cheaply, Mr. Geckcler appears to have scoured the country to givo variety to customers, and the range of choice offered in men's, youths' ladies' and children's shoes includes tho product of some of America's greatest manufacturers, bearing a Artistic, fashionable hats and bonnets a covering.

The Indian, without a moment's hesitation, amwered by asking: "How your face not cold?" The governor-general explained in his Bimplest English how it was that, the skin of his face having been exposed to the weather always, It naturally had hardened. The Indian waited till the white man was through, then, with an utterly expressionless countenance, he said: "Ms all face," and went his way. A New IIyi-notism. That a man who owned and received revenue from a saloon; accepts the hospitality of tho great Brewer Cox, and of tho president of tho National Liquor Trust, Grecnhut, of Peoria; tempts tho young men silting at his own table willi five kinds of liquors, which lie drinks, or pretends to drink; keeps the saloon in every regi nient of the army hero not driven out by ins inferior officers, and that in defiance ot a plain act of congress; permits 430 saloons to bo established in military ruled Manila, where there have been arc necessary to the completion of a toilet, and nowhere can finer millinery be secured than at the establishment of Miss Lizzie Whitcsidcs. Established bix years ago this business no employs ForTa Short time wc will make the Remarkable offer.

We will send you the paper One Year in four assistants and maintains a stock of club of Five for only $3.00. If you want 1 ja j. 1 i national reputation for excellence, such as the W. L. Douglas shoes, tho Gicssecke shoes, Queen Quality shoes for ladies, etc.

Mr. Gcckeler has bad twclvo years' the paper send, us a postax ana tej.i us wnen Canadian "Zionists." There Is a peculiar sect known aa everything fashionable and up-to-date in the millinery line. A flue assortment of Easter pattern hats is on hand. The Spring opening occurred last Friday and Saturday. As Miss Whitesides devotes you will pay and we will your name on our list at once.

Zionites In Ontario, Canada. The cardinal doctrine of their creed is that hogs are possessed by devils, and should therefore be killed. It has been found necessary to restrain otherwise WE WANT A CORRESPONDENT IN EVERY TOWN Wc will make it to your interest to send us (lie NEWS (Clmrch News,) but three be ere lie Introduced this kind of Christian civilization, and lhat, too, when a scratch of bis pen would banish them all that such a man should be lie held up as "a Christian gentleman," "a bimd-ininded patriot," and "a God-fearing American statesman is abhorant to every mind and heart not hypnotized by the glare and glamor of a little brief aulhorltj experience in felling shoes here, and seven years ago established the store be now conducts. Ho believes that in and around Independence there are a thrifty class of people who prefer to buy strictly for cash where their money will go farthcrcst, and it is to this trade that he caters. If you are not one of bis her ti mo exclusively to tho conduct of the business and possesses great natural ability in tho art ot harmonizing colors a gift as necessary to the artistic milliner reasonable farmers from destroying what In many cases was a chief means of their support.

The Zionist farmers, and to take siibscrii-tions. Order all Books and renodicals mro tis. For a very short time we will take subscriptions tol lit OU 1 lHJlt tor (m. In some instances, have joined together all their hogs Into one place, and there killed them, In no instance, allowing the meat to be used as food. as it is to the sculptor or painter her advice will be of great value to those in doubt as to the style, shape or colors to use for their spring millinery.

customers you are over looking an op Pennsylvania Methodist. portunity to savo money..

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