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United Labor from Independence, Kansas • 3

United Labor from Independence, Kansas • 3

United Labori
Independence, Kansas
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Weston, Kansas City Reef-stuffing LOCAL ITEMS- tf. Ii I'UMU', API PEP, It, I'll Alt lton. CIIAKI.TON lit tlio It A (J A largo lino of hoelery KET. LAWERS, INDKI AN- AS. tefOi iu Kml- h'ii Stoic.

as another's, oro tho men to" patron-Is if you export fair dealing and good bargains. On the oilier hand if you know of a dealer who discriminates against your paper and withhold advertlHliig patronage from it on account of its political opinions, you can safely calculate that he either lu oll'oct, by bis action, says ho don't want Thore will bo a People's party pliuilo at Cherry valo, on Saturday Oct. lltli. Let every body remember tho date and innko urraugeinents to attend. 1'roinln-ont speakers from abroad will bo in attendance and will addrcs tho people, Tlio attention Justice (Jllmore was occupied on Wednesday forenoon lu There was a Might frost in this victn II on Monday night.

(iood pralrlu hay is now selling hi EIUIIT aitK.1T NI'KKCIIKS. The Missouri World will, bi'glnnlnir Oct. 11, publish each week for 8 weeks a great speech on the money quusiluii. Speeches of Senators PeU'ernnd Stewart Congressmen SIbloy, Bryan. Simpson, Davis, pence and another yot to be secured.

The World will bo sent the eight weeks for only Ten Cents, Send all subscriptions to the Missouri World Chlllicotho Mo. thW market at $1 per ton, J- W. SC017, trying an assault and battery case bo- II! Mr, li. Flnloy. of West Cherry was tweon Mr.

King of this city and one 8 SI Moss a tonnant on Kings farm. Mr, lu the city on Tuesday i your trade, or you win reasonably expect that you will not stand a fair show lu dealing with ono of such a prejudiced disposition, Better take uo chances, but trade where you trade is solicited through channels sure to reach you, Moss was found guilty and adjudged The county Is talking of using gas in to nay a line of 912 and tho cost of the tlio com house and Jail this winter, Will bo ll li 1 1 lit his i-tiKlilriioii nu west inuln St. opposlto Amorli-uli lintel. Will answer all cull hy duy or nilit ly letter or telegram. Independence

trial. Get your vki.vkt ribbons at tlio RAO We see by tho Mar that governor KET, A uico assortment of ribbon Lc welling has been made permanent cheap. president of the Biinotalic convention GOING KAST. lilt. J.

S. BODWEI.L, T.1KH Persons who have not been receiving the United Laiioii, in the past, who received copies ot it this week and lu tho future are informed that no bill will ever be presented to them on account of tho paper, if they get it weekly it is because sumo friend bus paid for It and wishes them to read It. Tlio paper Wantkd lo trado a spring wagon at St. Louis. Our old tlnio friend Walter N.

Allen Is a delcgato to tho con There is more Catarrh In this section of the country than all otuer diseases put together, and until the last few yours doctors pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to euro with local treatment, pronounced it Incurable, Science has proven catarrh to be a con for lumber wagon, Enquire at this No. 222, K. 0. Mall and Express 10 No. 221, Little Hock K.

O. Ex. 11 :45 p.m No. 208 Fust Frol t. ........11:17 p.

in. olllec, vention from this state and Is doing good work for the silver cause. No 212, Stock Express 4:07 p. in Corn was soiling on tho streets Wed No. 21 1.

Local Freight n. tn nesday for 110 cents per bushel, by tbe We have received a copy of the bil GOING WK8T. wagon load. Introduced by Congressman Hudson, of is free to all such, and this Is a clear receipt to them for the time the paper is sent. HJI.SJk Tit the eno.vr.

Buy your Weir City shaft coal, of I No. 221, K. Mall and Express 4 :07 p. m. No.

223, Little Rock K.C. Ex. 5:14 a.m. this district In regard to pensions The bill was reforcd to the appropriate S. Moore.

Office und yard on enst No. 207, Express ..4:10 a. in, committee and ordered printed. We Main Street. stitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional treatment.

Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F.J. Cheney Toledo, Ohio, is tho only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a tcaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surface of the system No. 211 Fast Freight lUtfu a.

hone to have space to publish it next Office over Commercial Bank. INKKPEN DKNCK, KANSAS. ALL WORK WARRANTED. Overhalls, overshirts, jackets etc. at No.

213, Local Freight 5:25 p.m, week with comments as it is of interest the RACKET! A nice Hue of gloves Note Nos. 213 and 214 carry pnss- to the ex soldiers. In a few days. Died of typhoid fever, at tho resi J. Prico has resigned his position They, oiler ono hundred dollars for any case tt falls to cure.

Send for circulars and testimonials; Address. dence of her parentd, two miles west of as manager of tho Umimbus line; he Is OllgCl'8. BUSINESS POINTERS Mooor sell Fort Scott, coal. fl.00 counts at the ItACKET, this city, Monday mornliig, Oct. 2nd.

1893, Mary, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Wli a fail unil imtrvett 'train Service into Kaunas City. St. t'hteag and the WVrrl Fair. Commencing Sunday, May I4th.tho Missouri Pacific Railway placed in operation In addition to its present'servlce an excellent through train between point in Southern Kansas and Kansas City, St.

Louis, Chicago and the World's Fair, The new train No, 4'I2, leaves Anthony daily at 0.50 a. Wichita 0 :00 a in. El Dorado, 1 0 :00 a. Yates succeeded by Dan Wilson. F.J.

CHENEY Toledo, O. Thomas Cline. Deceased was in her ftaTSold by Druggists, 75c. The RACKET will more than double It will 31st. year Tho funeral took place Ladles hose, handkerchiefs, etc.

at the AI. Brown has gone to St. Joe. Mo. its stock in tho next ten days, pay to call and investigate.

Tuesday afternoon Oct. 3rd. and the in RACKET. on a visit. terment in Mt.

Hope cemetery. Westbrook Ns beraiitoii sent lour wa Miss Allene Palmer has boon employ- Cash paid for poultry at A. Zut grocery and hardware store. Corner of If our patrons who are in errors for gon loans of goods to their new store ed as teacher of the grammer school. yesterday at Cleveland T.

Main and Sixth St. the paper would make the effort and pay up, it would bo a great help to us The following new cases have been Abe Good one of tho Reporter force and for sale In Centre, 12:30. in arriving at Kansas City, (i. p. in.

making direct connections with fast Missouri Pacific trains to St, Louis, and with all lines to Chicago. This is probably tho most satisfactory und servicebalo schedule ever and tho cause for which we are labor commenced in the district court during Wo now liavo on hand pamphlet form (ho great Debate. Price 25 cents. Quadrangular Inar. Wo hone that each ono of them the past week.

went to Kansas City this week to witness tho parade of the Priests of Pallas. will make the effort, remembering that Davis Benson vs. Braxton Love, A. Peterson and Commercial National if each subscriber withhold his pittance ii John Geter of Castillo, was a caller The secret of tho great success of placed into effect between points in the aggregate thus withholds amounts bank; injunction. Henry Baden is the fact that he buys Kansas and the North and this morning and recorded his rcnowal for tho people's organ for another term.

E. D. Caudry vs. J. W.

Love on note to the publishers, all. no more goods than he hng tush to pay Mechanics Savings bank vs. G. lor. he reaucrs ot tins paper are re East, and places tho State of Kansas on an equal footing with other States in the matter of fast trains to tho World's The Ti ibune reports some more evi Mr.

M. L. McOollom of Elk City, was Burke et al foreclosure. spectfully invited to call and examine dence of returning prosperity revi in the city Tuesday and added to the Mary D. Skinner vs.

Edward Darbro; bis stock before buying, as he will sell val of business and restoration of confi exchequer of the People's organ. fair City, An elegant equipment is used in the make up ol this special, and foreclosure. you goods lower than ever before. dence. It savs that the Lombard and Wt l'lJimp iff niinlit lie wrillou iilmul our books VWaLULSa we me onia-inff for luvei'H of good lilcrulure iu Independence.

Our list embraces Hie inusi popular anil useful works (hut have appealed which we lire selling at prices which cannot he duplicated elsewhere Every variety of paper rcciiircil for cor-respondeiiuiiafhiitiiiieijB purposes, diaries, memoranda, blank hooks, pads, penx, pencils, uru hero and at the lowest priecs. LEASUKE BROOKS. State of Kansas vs. Ed Laugly vlolat AH parties wanting home grown fruit everything is looked after that will Jarvis companies, Dave failed HEAD QUARTERS is the place for ing prohibitory law. add to tho comfort of tho passengers, and that the New England Loan and you to trade.

You get more for butter tress can secure them by leaving orders with D. II. Good at tho Unixkij Labok S. W.Clark vs. A.

J. Sullivan; fore tor lurthcr information in regard to rates, route, map, time tables, ad closure. Trust company of Kansas City Is the onlv important loan company left in and eggs, and get goods cheaper than at any house in town. Please coiuo to tho olllce, Frank Brown vs. Milton S.

Dale; fore dress nearest Missouri Pacific Railway Kansas, R. J. Hill and wife, who have been closure. only Grocery and Qucnsware house in the town for great bargains. We study Ticket Agent or II.

O. Townsend, Gen H. O. Acorn vs. A.

and D.A. Cline: on Marriage Licenses Issued since our to please you. Come, dont forget Head eral Passenger and Ticket Agent St, Louis Mo. for some months visiting in Now York and Canada returned to their home in this city last week. contract.

last report. Age nuarters. M.J. Paul Gro. Co.

R. J. Waddcll vs. John W. Dart.ct al; Geo.

W. Bercher. Elk City 25 Coro Ulliom, Independence 18 forclosure. Farmers savo one half by Insuring COUNTY CULLINCIS. Mr.

FItzgcrrald of Rutland township Geo. Good. Dry Lake, I. 27 Adam Beatty vs. II.

S. Strough, W. your own property. I will bo in Inde was in tbe city tho first of tho week and WE SAY Cherry vule Itt-imblicun September 2fllli. A.

Sterling note. Lotta Barnes Salagah, I. 30 Joseph Pattee, Eagle Kas 30 pendence on the 2nd. and 4th. Saturdays contributed to the support of tho Peo II.

i'. Wright has been quite sick of of each month until further notice. All ples champion, tho United Lajiou. is improving. Ho is a man of Octa May Baker, Elk City ..22 J.

Driskell, Coffey ville 30 General JYcw JYtitet). The railroad depot at Divide, wishing to Insure can meet ino there That the Round Oak wonderful vitality, und thoso who have The gas company Is proposing to AllioeStowart 'ii soon him on the streets walking as or address mo at Cherryvale. M. A. Black.

will please you. You want was robbed last night by two masked men who secured $450. Tho agent was W. M. Adams.

25 briskly as any young man In the city, furnish the churches with heat and light during tho winter for JfiOO and during tho summer for 82.00 per month. Lizzie Neff. Doming 21 Agent tor Montgomery Co. surprised. would not take him to be past seveuty- heat when it's cold weather, and quickly too, especially rf-v '1 n.

Bert L. Dobbins, Elk City 10 CoraB.Wray, 19 fivc years of age. His host of friends Burglars entered the postoflice at Mul- AVanted Notice the appointments for tho Pco will bo glad to sec him out again. Wanted: A buyer for a small truit mornings, upen tne orait, W. S.

Evens, has at all times a supply pie's party meetings published in an hall, last night and took $20 in money, stamps and five registered letters. Noah Beuuchhamp, a section hand of Ore, the remedy which has been other column, and dont fail to attend you get it. You want to hold farm and garden. Inquire at this olllce, Wanted: To sell 80 acres of land on working under yard foreman, Elliott, them and hear a fair presentation of taken with such extraordinary success as to astuond many of our citizens, James Dunly or Dorsey, a colored tho Verdigris miles south of Ncodcsba. had a very narrow escape from death Friday evening, In an attempt to the political issues.

the fire when its warm through the day. The miner, has been held for trial at Gir- Wanted: to sell houso and lot. In Paralytic dispepties and persons suffering of nervous debility, rheumatism and side track a hand car, Bcauchamp fell. Snyder uo. seen? to do doing a quire at this office.

aid, for shooting a white boy Chicopee Sunday. rushing business this week, in the sale Foil A nice little home three other Ills have been so wonderfully ben tho car passing over him. The bull wheel struck hiin at the base of the Round Oak keeps the fire just as you want it, and the of farm wagons. We have noticed sov miles out of town Abraham Steer, a builder and contrac efited that a great many Inquiries are eral going out from their place of busi being made daily for this reiudey. For spinal column und tore up a bloody path the entire length of his body and fuel don't matter; soft coal, Wantkd To sell 72 acres of excellent bottom land 4 miles north of Indepen ness this week.

tor of Loudon failed to day with lia-bilites placed atlJI million dollars and assets unknown, the benefit of our country readers and striking tho back of bis head, left him dence. The next regular meeting of the Peo hard coal, or coke. Do you wonder it's such a great sue- of those who are the victims of disease we will say that you should lose no Wantkd. To sell 70 acres of land in upon the track insensible. Those who witnessed it pronounced his escape from pie's party County Central Committee Policeman Cal Smith of Paducab Ky, Elk river botton 4 miles north of town time in calling on Mr.

Evens and secur will be held in this city on the 4th was shot dead by Murry Gilbert a jew cess, sec uic name on me fine orchard, a good bargain, death miraculous. At this writing he is able to be out again, but is badly ing a supply of this wonderful medicine. Saturday of October, which will be the eler's clerk, whom he had arrested for: Excellent chance to make exchanges lejr. 28th of tho month. disorderly conduct, crippled.

With clear skies and bright Sunny for fine fruit lands in Arkansas. A The twelfth annual convention of davs. we have just the right kiud of Tho board of county commissioners the international funeral directors' as are in session this week, with commiss- number of tracts of new land in the famous fruit belt for sale at from $1 to $3 dollars per acre. Call at this olllce sociatio began at Detroit Mich today An alarm of tire called tho fire department to the north east part of the city Saturday and attracked a large crowd to the scene of conllagration in Sold only by, THE INDEPENDENCE HARDWARE COMPANY. weather for working, and with eur calm cool nights we have just tho right kind of nights for sleeping.

Great country oners Moore and Smith, in attendance. with about 200 members present. for information. Commissioner Bouton, being detained this Is. None better calculated to en an exceedingly short space of time.

It at home by the sickness of his wife. I'eoiie'a I'arty KJI.SAS Til I III, K. able its inhabitants to secure comfort proved to bo a vacant house, owued by Tlie People's party of Montgomery J.R.Charlton went to Elk county and happiness. Tho country is all a mortgage company. The building was a two storry frame of considerable county! will hold public meetings at the yesterday, to speak for the wiunine right, now let the people all do light places and dates following: ticket of that county the People's party and this will! be tho best place on earth value and was almost totaly destroyed Circle Valley, Friday Oct.

6th. to live in. No insurance. II. Harding and and to make tho assurance of a Populist victory over thero doubly sure, and Speakers I.

B. Fulton, U. S. Keep John Stewart received bad cuts from James T. Greer and wife who have Altaffer.

glass while lighting tho flames. The All persona wanting to inquire con have boen visiting at their former home is thought the others will be easily identified by the baggageman and passengers, A young man remarked to his girl that he was going to see the Cherokee Strip, Ho was called down by that very correct young lady and informed hiai that he should have said, "I am going to see the Cherokee disrobe Star, Saturday Oct. 7th. lire department, as usual, performed its cerning th9 land and other property In Johnson county Ind. roturned on Sperkers; Sauio as aboye.

which has been advertised in tho want Bylcr, school house West Cherry tp Sunday Oct, 1st. Mr. Greer repoits crop duty well. The fire was. beyond all doubt, of incendiary origin as it first prospects as very light and crop of Monday, Oct.

Uth. Speakers; A. J. Mil column, of the United Lauou will find a list of the same in our office. calamityltcs very largo for tho locality, ler, M.

Altaffer and M. Stephens broke out in an upstairs closet, and the property has been vacant for several Liberty, Monday Oct, 0th. Speakers; and growing with unprecedented ra The Continental Telephone Company months. I.B. Fultoii, U.

S. Keep and W. II. Mor pidity. The Hoosiers aro expecting are pushing the building of their lines, and expect to have the cities of Mont Kansas I'opullbt Sept.

2tlh. great things politically of Kansas, gan. What is tho matter with the ,5. K. and will not bo disappointed as the last Morgan City, Drum Creek, Tuesday.

gomery county in a condition to yell Hello! at each other by the 15th. Tribune. It savs, Mrs, Lease made a vestige of the two old parties will bo Oct. 10th. Speakers; A.

J. Miller and J. A Lutz and son of Nowata while attempting to cross the Verdigris river cast of Nowata yesterday were both drowned. In company with two men they bad attempted to cross the river in a leaky boat and before they had reached the opposite bank the boat bad let in a largo amount of water, and Mr. Lutz fearing it would sink grabbed his graud spcch at thff World's fair.

J. M. Altaffer. wiped out or their remnants blended Last Saturduy, there was sold at auc Foster school House Parker tp. Speak lutoonc.

J. 1 Morning is now partner in tbe crs; J. is. Fulton, Keep, vv.n. cigar factory with Charles Gathers hav Sunday night a lot of Hoodlums in tion, on the streets in this city, a medium sized mare and spring colt.

The two brought $30.50. In ordinarily good Morgan. lug purchased Mr. Oault's interest last cluding tbe two Cain boys assaulted a Coal Creek Independence tp. Wednes week, and they propose to run business man by the name of Taylor and inflicted times tbe colt would have sold for that son and sprang out, but the water is so deep that before they could reach the day Oct.

11th, Speakers; A.J.Miller "up and up" making a good smoker a serious injury upoahim, breaking his amount. J. M. Altaffer and W. II.

Morgan. Tho partisan press and Gould telegraph sent out the most unfair reports of the Populists' position in the legislature difliculty in Kansas. These re-ports have been enlarged upon from time to time and heraldod by the g. o. p.

papers and speakers fa back up their charges that the Populist are anything but good citizens. Realizing the inportance of placing the facts in tho hands of the people before the heat ot the campaign, the Farmers Tribune of Dcs Moines, Iowa, of which Gen. B. Weaver is editor in chief, has gone to the expense of securing a full account of the whole affair by one who was there and on the inside. Copious notes were taken at tho time and tbe narative can be depended on as reliable in every respect.

Publication will be commenced in the Ttibuno of June 28. As the opposition will en-deaver to incite prejudice against the Populists by their false reports, it behooves every Populist to become thoroughly posted. We have made arrangements to club the United Lauou with the Tribune at only iplCO, and every subscriber will receive free thd pamphlet, 'Great Quadrangular Debate" (price 25 cents.) This discussion was held in Philadelphia last spring by Col. Henry Watters6n for the Democrats, Rev. R.

II. Conwell for the church, Gen B. Weave for the Populists and Col S. L. Woodford for the Republicans.

It is the great text book, of present day politics, as each side had its say by one of its ablest orators. Send in your orders at once for the Tribune and United Lahok, both one year lor fcl.CO and your subscription to the Tribune will start with the issue of and a ready seller. shore both were drowned. Mr. Lutz's collar bone They have been arrested West Fairview Drum Crock tp.

Wed M. Pearson bad his best suit of There is great inquiry just at this and the courts will have to deal with was discovered, but the sou's had not been when our informant left. Mr. nesday Oct. 11th.

Speakers; I.B.Ful cloths stolen from his residence the the parties. This city is cursed with ton, U.S. Keep. early part of last week, but they wcro time for farms to rent, The time was when a majority of our farmers owned their own laud and tenant farmers were some of the worst hoodlums that can be Rocob Chorry tp. Thursday, Oct.

12th. found the latter part of the week by Lutz's is a well to do and well known man in this section, and will be sadly missed. We understand that the re found in the state, and if their parents Uncle David Fife in one of bis eoal bins Speakers; I. B. Fulton.

J. M. Altaffer and M. L. Stephens.

scarce; now they seem to be in the ma do not call them to a halt in their car near tbe Gulf railroad. Uo gave them mains will be sent east, jority reer of crime, they will sooner or later Butler school bouse Cherokee tp. to marshal Cahill who took them to Sheriff Callahan in company with (J. Friday Oct. 13th.

Speakers; B. Ful represent this county in the penitentiary and will richly deserve a place there too. Mr. Edward Hamilton of Indepen Police Judgo Smith for identification and wore the coat in and through the W. ltussell, called at the joint near tbe ton, U.

S. Keep and T. J. Harrison, dence township was a caller at our Latku Wejlearn that the parties ar Tyro Fawn Crook tp. Monday Oct.

oflace this morning. He informs us co-Opperativc store and intorogating Mo. Tao. depot Tuesday evening with the intention of interviewing Joe Lang- Mr. Pearson and be although an old 10th, Speakers; I.

B. Fulton, J. Charlton, U. S. Keep and J.

Altaffer, rested had a trial on Tuesday before the Police Judge, that Taylor was unable to identify any of his assailants except the eldest Cain boy, who was convicted that he secured a claim on the strip to which he expects to return, starting tomorrow the Ctb. soldier did not recognize his own eoat. Uutc City Independent September tMi. These meetings will bo hold in the ley, the proprietor, but Joe on seeing tho officers took a sudden notion to see a friend in the Territory. He choose to go out the back way, and it was only evenings commencing at 8 p.

in. Sells Bros. 3,00 out of Yates Cen A card received by Judge Devorc, from J. R. Charlton, Ch'ui.

Co. Co m. We call the attention of our readers ter by express next Monday after their to the ad of Sheilds Barnctt tbe lead show at that place, Judge Cline, states that he is now rusticating in Wisconsin, visiting with relatives, shooting squirrels and catching of l'alentg. ing clothers. These gentlemen want after a hard run of over half a mile tbat he was caught and induced to return with the sheriff.

After a nights lodging in the city bastile, he accompanied Of the 800 county officers lu Kansas Granted to Kansas inventors this fish, and that he is enjoying his vaca except coraners, surveyors and comis-sioncrs, 471 are republicans, 279 pops, the trade of the public including the readers of this paper, and they deserve It. Wholesouled broad gaged, wide awake business men, who do not carry tion hugely. the Sheriff to Independence, and is en week. Reported by C. A.

Snow Go. Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents, Opp. U. S. Patent office, Wash Mr.

C. Daniels, Sen. of Sycamore 88 democrats and two prohibitionists, Their aggregate salary is $1,253,508, oying quarters at the brick hotel ad-ourning the court house, and at the ing D. C. their political prejudice to that extent Two of tbe men now in the Osage C.

U. Foote, Kansas City, combined jail charged with robbing the 'Frisco washer and nut lock. J. A. Llvonl, township left a quanity of native timothy seed, for sale at this office.

Parties wishing to procure a supply of the same, will call on D. II. Good, at United Ladob office. June 23th, so you Will get tho complete and reliable history of the Kansas Trouble. Our subscribers who are already paid In advance can have the Tribunt ad Quadrangular Pebate for 80 cents.

county's expense After the court meets he may change quarters our citizens hope he will either change his line of business or forever stay away. that they let it effect their business transactions, men who invite and appreciate your trade, men to whom one mau'f patronage And cash ii a good Marion, Ilome-staple. F.Minter, Corn train at Mound Valley have been positively identified by th train crflWi It ing, Heat-regulator for incubators, A.

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