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United Labor from Independence, Kansas • 3

United Labor from Independence, Kansas • 3

United Labori
Independence, Kansas
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robbed the old man then wont out UNITED LABOR. Dirt! kind of property, whatever, will find It to their advantage to call nt tlilsofllco and make their wints known, Also where tho wife wai attending Khostoc knocked her down and took what lUtl Yon Can Buy RAILWAY TIME TABLE. thoso wanting to get employment or to Your Watch needs clean- monoy she had, A neighbor who was employ others will find a quick ami an(l oilin Atl0flRf nnpfi herding stock near by was notl lied but strangetosay ha looked at the retreating Missouri Pacific Hallway. tiOINO KAST. I lAiyntlia.

1.1. lot I M.ln tl, ClilillCCU UJUUU1H, 11 black, and returned to his work and th dig ifiii. ii iv Mini uu nuwTi ii 11 No.222,K.O. Mall and Express 11 m.ww.i,.i ruiul fm. nriuitr- vou wouiu reserve us umo officers were not reached until lute No.

221, Little Kock K. 0. Ex. 12:15 p.m iisingin that line. Call and invcsti- keeping qualities.

Consider: Monday evening. They are now (Tues No. 208. Fast Frclet 11 :17 p. ate our plan lor aiding you.

D. II. In that, time the ba ance day) tracking him northwest. Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gents Furnishing Goods from us for the next 30 days cheaper than yon ever bought the qualities in your lives before. No 21 2, Stock Express 4:15 p.

'lood will attend specially to this de Latkr; The'black fiend was located wheel turns on its delicate No. ail, Local Freight a. in. OOWU WK8T. at Neodesha yesterday morning whoi Marshal Griffy went after him, an axis 13.990,800,000 times; No.

221. K.C. Mull p.m, it does not ''rest" at partment of business, A Ureal Seed KutabHahmrnt, 1 ,100 on Early Tomatoes. brought blm on the Missouri Pad lie No. 22.1, Llttlo Rock K.

C. Ex. 5 :14 a. rn. train Tuesday afternoon.

When wllhi No. 207, Express Freight 4:10 a. about three miles of the city tho nog nignt, nice ordinary machines, but keeps at its work unceasingly. You oil an en No. 211 Fast Freight 10:05 a.m.

made a dosperate attempt to escape. Ho No. 213, Local Freight 5:25 p. in Wo are in receipt of a Seed Catalogue We Have Bon was given permission to get a drink of Note Nos. 213 and 214 carry pass for 1893, published by F.

B. Mills, Seeds- gine, or any other mechani wator, but as the tank was qui to near an man, Rose Hill, N. Mr. Mills has a cai contrivance daily or the train running at a speed of about outers. AT C'lIEUKYVALE very novel idea In getting up his cat thirty miles an hour the marshal did not alogue.

It Is very plain, and his Idea get up and accompany him, but only weekly; but that delicate instrument of precision your watch is allowed to go un- is to give lils customers a very large watched him, never dreaming that he amount for their money, KANSAS CITY, FOItT SCOTT It MEMPHIS. North bound passonifer loaves 8:30 a. would attempt to jump from the With eyery order amounting to fl.00 cared ior until it is train. The fellow made a break for the or more lie allows tho customer to se freight 12:40 p.m Mouth passenger, arrives 7 :00 p. m.

with dirt and stops. The door, however, and seemingly threw lect 50 cts. worth in packages free, their best oil gets thick and dirty himself from the car platform, as he was frelirht 11:00 a.m. own choice, thus you see eyery one gets too closely pursued by the ollluer to take in time; In this condttion it W. Uolmics, Agent.

1.50 for their $1 .00. the time to jump properly. Tho con Among the many premiums offered wears the pivots, and de LOCAL ITEMS- an immense Spring Stock; and will need all the extra room we can possibly get. Any Overcoat in the house during tht month of February, at exactly wholesale price. A large lot of Odd Pants left out of Suit! where the Coats and vests have been sold at less than the cost of the materials ia them.

ductor stopped the train, and they run for Cabbage, Onions, Potatoes, and stroysthe exactness of their back to where the negro fell, lie was Pausles, we might mention tne early fit in the jewel-holes which found in a dazed condition and opened Levi II. Gladfeltcr was up from Caney tomatoes. ftoOO Is ollered to any per his eyes as Je was being picked up. He Tuesday. is necessary to correct per son growing a ripe ono in 75 days or was not seriously injured.

He gives his A car load of Early Ohio Potatoes at formance. Let us look at less from the day the seed is sown also name as Pete Anderson. Salathoel's. 100 to a person growing a ripe toma- your watch. We will give Died; Near Rutland Center on Feb.

Will Brown was up irom Cofl'eyvllle toe In tho least number ot days from day yQU a conscientious Opinion seed is sown, $125 for next and 75 for whether ftt Tuesday 7lh. 1803 oi l'neumonia lever, after an next illness of seven days. Mrs Joins Wilson An elevator is a sort of band-roe tention. The circumstances attending the sick He oilers one of -the finest lines of down a (lair. ness and death of Mrs.

Wilson aro pe Vegetable and Flower Seeds that can J. II. Spencer, of Joplin, Mo. spent TMJBY'S Competent Watch Re culiarly sad She was called to the late bo found, and prices aro very reasonable, Sunday in the city. residence of her son-in-law Mr.

James lie oilers 1.500 to club raisers for Winter Underwear S. II. Piper, of Elk City was In town pairers. E. McMullen.

who died of the same largest club order and largest number on business Tuesday. disease on January 30th. Her daughter. of customers secured by any one person. Independence, Kas.

Allen Stewart, of Parsons, spent Sun Mrs. McMullen, being too sick to attend Last year he paid Mrs. 'I' day in this city visiting parents. her husbaads funeral and the services Rock City, 111., $500 for largest order G. W.

BUTTS, of the mother being required in caring Tke father gathers his dollars in cents. Ills catalogue is very interesting and no CITY AUCTIONEER. his son scatters the cents in dollars. for her widowed daughter, in the hour one who plants seeds can afford to be of her bereavement and sickness. On A man never gets so poor that he Will conduct public sale any where Yours for Bargains, SHIELDS BARNETT, The "None-Such" Clothiers without it.

It glvos a birdseyo view of his establishment together with interior views of his Seed Houses, showing can't borrow trouble without security in the county, lie will give satisfact. Feburary 1st, Mrs, Wilson was stricken with the disease while at her daughters ion and terms reasonable. Women are not cruel to dumb animals homo and died there Her remains were how the work is carried on, and photo Residence East Main St. Intered at the Elk CUv Cemetery. graphs or persons who have won prizes, No woman will wilfully step on a mouse.

There aro two sides to every story, and some of them have four sides and a Mrs. Wilson was one ot tiie early pio His Seeds are becoming known every heaved a bottle through a window, necrs of Montgomery county, having where for their excellent quality and Mr. Mills" guarantees to please all his ceiling. On the Corner Independence Kunsoa. with her husband and family settled in and created a panic among the denizens of hell's half acre.

When remonstrated with by Lew Overly, the Rutland township twenty three years Tho carpenter, like the country customers. After looking this cata ago. Nineteen years ago she was called school teacher, is accustomed to board logue through we would advise our uilers to write lor one at once, for It is bartender, he drew a razer and went upon to follow her husband to the grave ing around free to any one applying, and tr some for that party in a manner that J. Nevins has the best line of Val and has eyer since remained a widow living on the home ho had left her and of his seeds this spring. caused him to hunt a place of safety entines in tho market and is selling in short order.

Waterhouse then COUNTY CULLINOS. everything in this line at cost. caring tor their children, whom she lived to see grow to manhood and wo left theioint for a few minutes, but Rep. flnimlunlor' soon returned and apologized (or bis conduct. He and Overly shook Scarcity of feed in some portions of tho county; makes farmers who have manhood, and to settle and live in the vicinity of her home Deceased was E.

P. Allen was over rom Inde endence Monday attending a meet hands and all seemed serene on the stock anxious to see the grass grow. 53 years old at the date ot her demise. JOHN THII5US, HARDWARE DEALER lias just received a car load GLIDDEN BARB WIRE. also a car load of Wire Nails.

COOK STOVES AND Independence, Kansas. surface. In company with Austin ing ot tno directors or the first Realizing that she could not recover, she Woman can't throw a stone straight National Bank. Driver, he then started for the city. to save her soul, but she can sit in an Jack Daugherty, the proprietor of The furniture stock of George requested that her old friend and neighbor Brother Marion Simmons should preach her funeral sermon this was easy chair and so enchant a man that he the hell hole, was not present at the Morning was sold at chattel mort' will go and throw it for her.

time the scrapping occured but came sage sale Friday last. Simon Frank impossible on account of Mr. t' in a very tew minutes atterwarus. The dance given Tuesday night at the id most or tho bidding and secured lie was told of the atiair and at once Simmons being at the tune sick, and that service was postponed to a future the bulk of the goods, proceeded with Vanllorn to go after date. It is the purpose of their surviv skating rink was the most successful aflulr of the kind that has been given in Independence for a long time, The superb music by the Italian orchestra A party of young people went out the colored rounders, stopping on the way at Gentry's boarding house, ing children, to cause the remains ot to 1 leasantdalo school house lhurs ay night of last week to aid Frank i vhere he boards, to get his pistol and attracted both young and old, there be WE WANT TO SEE YOU: 'rewitt in his magic lantern enter their father, to be removed from Stone Cemetary, where for 19 years they had rested, and place them beside those of his devoted wife and widow.

ing about thirty couples present. then the couple hurried on after their game which they found just north of tainment. Ihey went in the old-time way, all piled into the box of a -THE CASH WILL TALK NOW. Pleasant Dale Alliance No. 100 have concluded to move their office to Cherry- We understand that they are to be as lumber wagon, with straw for seats, the Denver Hotel.

As to what happened then, only a full and complete investigation will show, as Daugh- E. BOTJRQUim vale and will consolidate all the strenght and report a good time. sisted by members of the Masonic order of the surrounding forces will meet erty's tale and Waterhouse' story We are this week called upon to Ilns determined to reduco his stock ot of which Mr, Wilson was a member, at which time the funeral sermon will be preached in accordance with the re chronicle tho death of one the oldest next Tuesday 21st, at 2 o'clock A Saxon President. BOOTS and SHOES, directlyoppo'se each other, A any rate, Waterhouse was shot by Vanllorn, who at once skipped settlers of Drum Oreek township, in T. W.

Thomas Vice President quest ot the deceased. We regret to the person of I C. Howard, who lor coyer. The shot was fared from be compelled to say that at this writing massed away Wednesday, eb. 8th, And is now oflerlna: the best good lor less money than any house, and will make it an object to services at the Baptist church next Sunday at 11 a.

m. and 7:30 when two of the daughters and one son are a 45 calibre pistol and took effect in 1893, at the adyancd age of ninety- Waterhouse's back striking the quite sick. They have the sympathy two years. Urandtather Howard spinal cord, thus making it nearly of the community in their bereavement GASH BUYERS. God willing the pastor will preach Morning Subject, "Some Special Traits of a good Soldier of Jesus Christ "Even was well known over the entire county, as an upright and honorable certain that he will die.

At this Wanted writing the lower part of his body man, and will be missed by his many ing subject, Christ's tears of compassion and his limbs are paralyzed. to visit his store when they want Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Jtubber Goods and Overshoes. Wanted. To sell a gentle pony, over Jerusalem Sunday School Waterhouse Bays that he heard In Wanted: To sell a good at 10 a. rn.

and the Mission Band at some one following mm ana ine quire at this ofllce. 3. p. in. CASH TELL AT words.

"Throw ud vour hands." Cord wood lor sale. Inquire at this Then this shot was fired. Daugh Why is a newspaper like a girl To Independence, Kansas. E. BOURQUIN'S.

office. terly then said (according to this Wanted: Abuverfora small truit story), to Driver, "You see it was be perfect it must be embodied in many types, it is chased, though it is inclined to be giddy; it enjoys a good press, and friends. II. D. Brown, who was given a hearing in justice court last week on the charge of robbery was bound over to the District court in the sum of $800.

Ike Bales was deputized to guard the prisoner and conduct lum to Independence in case of his failure to secure bondsmen, auu failing, Brown mildly asked his guard to allow him to go to his room for a change of clothing. The request was granted, and he has not been Keen since. vanllorn that shot. farm and garden. Inquire at this office, E.

V. ALLEN, L. C. MASON, 1'rosiilont, Vloo 1'iesiiJciit ii, L. UEMINGTON, Ctishiur.

the more rapid the better; it has weak Wanted to sell a Stallion. Inquire Elk Gil; Enterprise. at this ofllce. ness of gossip; talks a great deal; it can stand much praise and is awfully proud Uessie, the little tourteen year FfRSf Wanted. to sell a faim eleven old daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. W. W. of a new dress. But the greatest resem miles out of town, Hall, living three or tour miles west blanc6 Is, it can't ba kept in good humor Wanted to sell house and lot, 1 n- of town, died last Thursday of pneu without the cash.

quire at this ofllce. monia and was buried Saturday. The People's RESTAURANT! M. V. Stkink, Prop.

Short Orders, Regular Meals ail Lodging. Lunch at all hours. Ail kinds of cold summer drinks. Th people will find this the place tvr genial home accommodations. Second door east of Shields A liarnett's, Mainstreet, Independence National Bans Calender of Kansas legislature Wanted: to purchase a house and was sick but a lew days, we are told having attended school on for Feb.

11th. bears evidence ot good lot convenient to the business part of work. The bills ot the most general town, Inquire at this office. Monday. Dnily Telcgiam.

The neighborhood of the Mo. Pac. depot in the Third Ward, was the scene ol a shooting scrape on Thurs importance are. 1st. the bills to rcgu For Sale: A nice little house three The Modern Woodmen held an late usury by McKinnie; 2nd.

an act to OF INDEPENDENCE. KAS- miles out of town 350. open meeting Wednesday evening provide the mode of payment of all day evening. The affair had its origin in whisky and ended in blood. and a number ot their friends visited Wanted: Buyer for a good team ol debts, or In other words to prohibit ex the lodge by invitation, This is one It began over a game of cards in a mules.

elusive gold contracts, by Mr. Green, drive and joint that is located im I'aid up Capital andSurplus, For Sale: A good young team of BUI to prohibit counties and townships from extending aid or voting aid or sub horses A. BRINKMAN, mediately outside ot the city limits, and ended near the Denver Hotel, where the victim fell bleeding from Fou Sale: An excellent house in scribing stock for any purpose except public buildings bridges and school-houses. A transportation bill by the the suburbs of the city. a shot from tho pistol of his enemy.

Foil Sale: A farm sixteen miles General Grocer. he particulars of the attair, as Autliorieed Capital, west of town. near as we can get them at Ibis Wanted: To rent a larm inquire at committee on R.R. An act to estat lish rates of legal advertising. Mr.

Kington, of Moorehead, called writing are as follows: Wash. Waterhouse, a well known this ofllce. of the best insurance societies in existence. The lodge has 57 members and 10 applications for membership. They expect to hold more open meetings.

J. L. Lair sold 65 head ol cattle Thursday the average weight of which was 1206 pounds, and W. C. Newkirk sold 22 head which averaged 1140 pounds.

They received $4.35. per hundred. This means that Mr. Lair's cattle brought $52.50 per head and Mr. Newkirk's $19.00.

Ruble and West bought them. Two very sudden deaths occured near Rutland Center last Friday morning. Two young ladies named Wanted: sell some fine male young colored man of this city, who, Keeps on hand and for hale at the LOWEST MARKET PRICI Everything lo be found in a geueral Thursday ot last week to examine our list of wants, and being one of the oldest Trassacii a faml limit Sasiness. Poland China hogs also a few gilts until quite recently, bad been a For Sale In the 3rd. ward two brakeman and porter on the M.

K. between Coffeyville and Kan settlers in the county gave us some valuable hints from his personal experi houses and a good horse. GROCERY STORB. STUCK UOLDEKft ence) with the foil and climate of South sas City, has been off duty on account of injuries received a few Wanted A buyer for a farm of 230 ern Kansas. He speaks approvingly of K.

A. bowman, W. Spencer, J. Mc- acres at 10 per acre 13 miles south of Independence, Cue, Ins I. Brown, J.

I'aul, W. T. oc II. C. Bates, I.

r. Uamenga, fcvans uron, a Ai Cramer, J. Spencer, K. 1. Allen.

Wanted To sell 72 acres of excellent C. Mason, 3. M. Talbott, a. r.

urns, bottom land 4 miles north of T. Woodward, Nellie C. William, u. a. Parkhurst.

S. MeCullanh, O. ll.Worlcy, Gcorgo II. ETans, U. 1.

Hemlngton, Wanted To sell 80 acres of land 4 Tony and Scott, living near neighbors, bad been complaining from la grippe, but were not seriously ill. Both arose Friday morning and ate their breakfast and inside of fifteen minutes they were both dead. Lomuuru, jr. miles south of Independence. Don't Forget to call tor prices before buy-' iDg your family (supplies ol either GROCERIES or UDEENSWARE.

Hcmember the place A. BRINKMAN, Main Street, Independence, Kan spring of 1890. He was visiting friends near here the first of January, but was called home by a telegram announcing the illness of his son. He was taken down himself and died in about eight days. weeks ago.

On Thursday he and KOtne companions put in most ot the day visiting the joints and dives and filling up on bad whisky. About four or five o'clock Waterhouse brought up at what is known as the "country joint," a disreputable place near the Mo. Pac depot, in Parker township. lie and several companions, including a brakeman on the I). M.

A. divison, by the name of Vanllorn, were playing cards in the back room, when Waterhouse suddenly became boisterous, and went out into the bar-room. lie emptied some beer on the on the floor and Wanted; to trade 80 acres of land our method of bringing buyers and sellers together and will try to profit by it himelf. Mr. Garrof Caney also called on a like errand all are agreed that we have the proper method ot helping our patrons.

If you will call and see us we can save you more valuable time than any means of advertising presented to the public. About four miles south of town on the CofTeyvllle road the old man Plnkvine, and wife, Germans, too old and feeble to protect themselves are liying alone. Last Sunday morning the husband was sick, A negro went to the house and husband and father, upright and honorable in all his dealings with in the Arkansas Valley clear of all in- The funerals took place at the Rut cumberance for good work horses or his fellow men. He leaves three mules. land Center school house on Sunday.

Died, on the 21st, day of January, 1893, at his home near Mulhall, Ok. sons ana one daughters to mourn his loss, his wife having died Nov. Important JYbtice. Farmers and all other persons wheth of typhoid fever, Jacob Bartmess, aged fifty years. Deceased was an 2nd.

1892. Mr. Bartmass lived tor a number of years near Elk City, and moved to Oklahoma in the er living In the city or country, who earnest Christian, an anecuonate wish to buy, sell, trade or exchange any.

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