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The Cowley County Censor from Winfield, Kansas • 3

The Cowley County Censor from Winfield, Kansas • 3

Winfield, Kansas
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unvo s. MISCELLANEOUS; THE CENSOR LELAND J. WKBDj ATTORNEY AT LAW SATURDAY, OCTOBER '28, 1371. -AND aw, of the men that some wishud on the ticket and that ia why we have an independen' candidate for the legislature, so say tin friends of the independent gentlem in, -He made a speeoh, or rathor attempted I make one, sno night lint week in Wind sor township, in which he tried to she-that the reasou why he should be eleotr was that the republican nominee was a unprincipled man, who would out nln To We have a good Smith Pws fur sale, PlMon 21x28. is in good order, and, only for salt beoauso wo havo purchased a largor one Price $100 cash, Address Wiiiin Niniois, 4-tf.

Publishers Cknhoju Farmers who are doing their own build ug would do well to oall and examine my jioek window and door frames, got out 0 NOT AUY BLIC'. "all the Courts of WILL PRACTICE iu Trlplolt has just received another sup ply of flue liquors and cigava. "Micky" is still on baud, dress4 In a now suit, ready to wait on oaeh customers. We are Informed thai our contractors and builder are pushed wlih work and all hands are busy. One contra jlor has as many as six balldinga to put up during the next two months.

Winfield is oer-talnly growing. New Paper. We luve received the fourth number of the Sumner City Gaxotte, published at Sumner City, Kausaa, by W. D. Carpenter.

The Gaette ia a very ueat eix-oolunin paper, well edited and well printed. Hero's our BU. Aichisoji, Yo'fith Santa i' This 15 is pan completed' two daily possohgtr trains tota1 front NEWTON, KANSAS, as per time table belotv, Aug. 7, 1871, the State. Deeds, Morigages, and other instruments of writing drawn with neatness and dispatch.

Offioeln-ihe "Censor" office, Main Winfield, Kansas. A I Dally mail North and South, Tuesdays xoepted. Tri-weekly mail from Independence via. Elk Falls. i Bi-weekly mal from Independence via.

Dexter anil Belle Plalae, Tri-weekly mall west to 'Ofxord, Wei. liogton and Suo.ner City. Tri-weekly mall north-west toKoaesoah and Belle Plains. Poatotlioe opoo en the Sabbath upon (he arrival of (be mail, T. K.JJHSSTON, r.

n. ready to nail togothor. They come much-cheaper than lo hire thorn ma do, I also have a full lino of doors and windows in all at the yard in rear of the Wal miles off the eastern part of tho oouuty, besides doing any number of infamous aols. His reason for coming out an Independent candidate is tbis He says that the republicans of the county wore not all represented, and that ohioanory ruled nut Valley House. i ELECTION PROCL.

A AT 10 N. WESTWARD. iastwaev flood Sorghum Molasses, only 75 cents STATIONS. per gallon, at 0. A.

Bliss store. 5 Aon. I Mail Mall Ac'H I Cochran Hunt arc selling boots and shoes at gruuery profits, dive them a A. M. IP, M.

cull. O-tf M. PA'ITISON, Sheriff of Cowley TOWN Am COUNTY. I 1 p. It C.U 13 35! 10 3'i 12 26 10 23 JOHNSTON LOCK WOOD, h-ausas, hereby proclaim 0' iOi 1 20' 6 2J 1 80' 12 08:10 tho convention, and that Ihu primary convention held at Winfield was fraudulent.

These, with a nuaiber of other petty charge composed the main part of the to-called speech. He charges Judge Mclo-tlre with the intention of outting 12 miles off the northern park of (bo oounty, and thereby damage the best interests of Win-Hold and the oounty. After staling thus what his opponents would he then descanted liborally on the intellectuality plenty. 0 44, 1 43 and make known, -that there will be hold ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7TII, 1871, 45 11 6i; 9 Dried Buffalo meat at 12 to 15 cents, at Bliss Tho cheapest place to buy canuod fruits Chimneys going 11 11 a general election, nt the usual places of 851 21! 07 7 O'J 7 18 7 81 7 4.1 8 fill 8 nomine elooiions in the various town 9 29 9 10 9 2(V 8 60' 8 17. Weather oh, so lovely.

Is at tho Old Log Store. ships, at which time there- will be chosen 5fJ Editor gone a oourtiu', 42! by the qualified voters of said oounty, the It will pay every man, woman ond 11 10 10 10- 10: 0' 231 7 7 6. 44' possessed by his audience, (tbia was 0110 child iu Cowley oounty (who want a pair of boots or shoes) to go fo. Cdcbrau Emigration haa now fairly set ia and out streets are daily crowded with long linos of white covered wagons whose inmates are seeking homos in this garden of Eden- Southern' Kansas and still there is room for more. Cowloy 1ms yet rnuoh good land to be had at $1.25 per acio.

We are glad to notice that Mr. Porib ner has a full force of carpenters at work on tho Baptist ohuroli, putting on the roof and cornioo. We eipeot to see the ohurcb finished inside of two weeks, and we know of no one more competent to do the job thin Mr. Soribner. We prrstimo it is not generally known that Winfield has a harbor; but novertbe-less it is true.

We speak of Mr. J. Wild geese on tho wing. "Old Counor," ditto. 10! 45! North Topeia Topeka Pauline Wukaiusa Ciirbondale Gables Burlingame Peterton Osage City Arvonia Reading Hortou Emporia Juno Buiporia Plymouth Klinur Cottonwpod Llmdulti Hunts Cedar Qrove Florence Boabody a 00 2 22 2 85 2 60 8 01 8 15 8 85 8 47 4 10' 4 80 4 42 6 10 5- 88 6 45 0 05 0 25 8 3U 8 ii 9 05 9 20' KANSAS.

the audience as most of them endorsed his course), and what benefit a normal 9 25 Otli 9 101 9 40! school would be if it could be established la this oounty, In closing he promised 8 42 10 0 7 tl B. 0 6 8 25 10 So! 45'. 18! OWi 45i 2IU 05'. following named officers One Stale Senator, for the 25th Senatorial District j. one lfrpresentative, for the 7f)lh Representative Distriot ono Sheriff, cue Coroner, three County Commission; ers, one County Clork, one County Treasurer, one Register of Deeds, one County Surveyor, one County Awossor, one Couuiy Superintnndont of Publio Instruction, and one Railroad Assessor for (he 11th Judicial' Dint-riot, Dated at Winfield, Oct, 17th, 1878.

J. M. PATT1SON, Sheriff of Cowley County, Ks. the audionco that us soon- astro got our 8 10 10 40 11 OOj a 20 60! I 30; ideas brightened' up a little he would meet the republican -nominee, his opponent, and Hunts. 1 6-lf Cochran Hunt have just received a large stock of groceries.

New crop dried peaches, 15 cents. A fresh stock of dried and canned fruits of all kinds, New and fresh sugars, syrups, eofTes, tea, fish etc. Notice to Tjwchkus. There will be teacher's examiuation on Thursday, the 10th inst. P.

Hickok, Co. Sup't, Myton lirotherlon have iust received 7. 13 4fci 11 87 givo him "the beat' in tho shop," if his 4i 2' 11 5 8t 36! 0 00: 3W 4fu dooumcnt.3 arrived' in Muoh mud last Wednesday. Buildings going up rapidly. The Walnut riiver is vory low.

Ece what "Herr Paddy" soys. Considerable rain last Tuesday. Corn plonty at 60 cents por bushel. Our streets are thronged with strangor-s Buffalo hunters- pass through town every day. Bliss Co.

keep the "5 and they smoke well. One more item suggests itself and that Wheeler, a first-class tonsoral artist, re 28 3 2Ki 06 8. 0(1 a. M'. Ee at AND 12 50 1 22 1 45! v.

u. Ar've Is this: The people over bars know but very little about the ability ami expori e. MEAL MEAL! MEAL I the largest slock of Fall and Winter Cloth enco of the therefore it is to bo hoped that the candidates will doom it their duly to canvass this portion of LUMBER! LUMBER! Constantly on hand at S. W. ChatterBou's the county and let the peoplo know what ing ever brought lo Cowley County.

If you would get the cheapest and bent, go there to purchase -at the Old Log Store. C. A. Bliss Co, have rcoeived a lnrge lot of Gent's Furnishing Goods. They are now prepared to fill all orders for full viows nro entertained by them regarding the many interests of tho county and the Agents for the Lrading Patent Medicines cently from New York City, who has opened out in Snare's building on Main street.

He solicits the patronage of tho oitizens. Pi'-AiEitt Finis, Last night our citizens witnessed the grandest sight of the season. The grass in Dutch creek bottom, north of town, was on fue and tho flames reached above the tree tops, illuminating the country for miles around. We have not learned whether any serious damogo was done or not, Wholesale Liquor- Stohe. Messrs.

Mullen Stevens, formerly of Baxter wants a bootnuker. A people. Mork Anon. Sumner City good place. of Dale Boyer arc Faticu artt Toilet Articles.

Close connoctioiffl are ma.d a Ncr-tlu Topeka with trains of Knsafr L'aoifl'm Railway, for all points east and west, At Emporia Junotion with trains- 001 Missouri, Kansas Texas U. R. for South ern Kansas, At Emporia with daily line of stages- to and from Eureka, At' Florence with d'uily line of stages for Eldorado, Augusta, Winfield, Arkansas City, Wiobita, and all points ia Southern and South-western Kansas; At Newton fot Wichita, Sedgwick City-Park City, and Southwestrn Kansas. All communication relative to freights and ticket business should bo direoted to. M.

L. SABGEST, Those fins rigs just the thing. Suits of Fall and Winter Clothing. Remember the placo the Winfield store. 5 WANTED innn busiikls good, sound, old lUUU ground Corn, for which cash will New Grist and Saw Mill, One mile below Silverdale, at junliou cf Grouse and Silver oreeka.

ON AND AFTER OCTOBER 25T1L, I will bo prepared to grind Corn, for customers. Highest prices paid for good corn. Meal always on hand for sale I am also prepared to saw for customers and till bills of lumber, promptly. 2-S-lj S. W.

CIIATTEI'SON, Ede's Genuine London Perfumery, When you want a good job oouio to tne Censor office, be paid on delivery. S. C. SMITH. Oct, 7th, 1871.

B'eal' estate is changing hands very fast in this vicinity. Springs, have opend a wholesale liquor Winfield, Kansas, Handsome Offer. To any one paying us 52.25, before Dec. 1, we will credit one year's subscription to our paper, and send the "Young Folks' Rural" for the year 1872, with the remaining- numbers of that paper for tha present year free from the time the amount is paid us. The Young Folks' Rural is a large and beautiful, newspaper for young people and children, started last year by the publisher o'f the Western Rural at Chicago, nth prizes are paid for young people's contributions.

Terms per year. Sample numbers free. Address, II. N. F.

store in Alexander Satf'old's old. stand. This firm havo on hand the finest and ANMHMEJIEJITS. For Ihe Handkerchief, General Freight and Ticket Agt. T.

J. PETER, Gen'l Manager. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. purest liquors ever brought to- this city Mr. Mullen has gone east after a large supply, and-in a short time will be able to Candidates for office can announce themselves as such through the columns siroolv the Southwest with the best of SEPTEMBER 1871.

Cansas Pacific liquors at wholesale. Lewis, Chicago, Illinois. tf JUKES; FOR THE BREATH. npHE partnership heretofore- existing JL between the undersigned, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All parties indepeted to ns are hereby notified that they must seMle at once.

-Either member of the late firm is author Two coaches arrive in town daily loaded' with passengers. Capt. Folks is pressman of the Oxford Timos, Work it well, Cup. i Beautiful Velvet and Satin for trim-itiings, at Mrs. Bullene's.

Ribbons, feathers and flowers' at Mrs. Bullene's millinery store, "Short has received over a thousand bushels of corj the past week-. Who owns ihat falsetto voiced mule? Tie Lira, or shut off his wind. of the Censor for five dollars cash in ad-vnnce. Cards not to execeed ten linos in length, and lo remain until the election, unless otherwise ordered.

sheriff. I hereby announce myself an independent candidate for the office of Sheriff of Cowley county, subject only to the decision of the electors at the polls in November, ltf J. M. Paitmos. EEClfTIiR OF DEEDS.

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for ih oSee of Register of Deeds, subject to Ihe 'dticisijn p( the People's ized collections ond receipt for the same. L- WEBB. II. COON. Winfield, Oct.

16, 1871. 8-2w only all Raii The Short, Favorite and Route to, A. II. (keen's Iusuranec Agency, Winfield Kansas, It is with pleasure that I announce that Ihe following companies have proved themselves sound and irEtna, of Hartford; Homo, of Columbus, Ohio; of St, Louis; and Phoenix, of Hartford. The nbove companies nie prepared tc meet pfonipllyall their losses by PERFUME PUFF BOXES Rubber Pocket Folding, Drinking Cups.

CLOTHES, Time Midnight. Place Winfield. Mr, went home a li i tie "mellow" the other night, and, on retiring, turncl his faco away from bis lest his breath should betray him, when she remarked: ''You need no! turnover Mr, for you are drunk clear through." It is needless lo say that Mr. is a well-known candidate running on tim People's ticket, end had just returned from- Arkansas City. Poor Thing, it Diki.

A flue blooded mare, belonging lo aa emigrant, took the "blind staggers" hst Thursday evening, and the following remedies were used Denver, NCwaempTiis Georgetown, Idaho Spring Golden City, Green City, NOTICE. OTICE is hereby given l-hat a petition will be presented to the County Commissioners of Cowley county at thoir -Our county is heing thoroughly canvassed by the many candidates. Elder C. E. Lewis will preach at tho M.

E. Church to-morrow, (Sunday), at 11 me uncago tire, odu nave already cum. menced adjusting. The iEtna will have a capilal of near Four Million Vvltars Convention. JiMUs F.

Paul. To the voters of Coidej a unty I was a candidate tor the office of Reg wheu all losses are 8-lt A. Elko, Marysviller paid. II. GREEN, Agent, Erie, Long-mont, o'clock, a.

m. next meeting, on the 10th day of November A. D. 1871, to survey and a Road on the following lines, lo-wtt Beginning at the southwest corner of section 23, township 32 range 5 east and running north, following the section line) as near ns practicable, to the north bank of limber creek, at the northwest corner ister of Deeds before the People's Con vt-ntion but was defeated on account of the frauds that was practiced in that HAIR, NAIL, AND TOOTH BRUSHES, convention. Piow at the earnest desire SPECIAL NOTICES.

A timely act was dono last Tuesday evening by burning a fire guard- uround the town. and request of my friends I have anuoun- First they cut a cask, in her forehead ced myself as. a cand-id-ate for the office Myton Iiroiherton have iust received office of K-egislnr of Deeds subject to the people at. the November election. Solicit of section 14, township 81, range 5 east.

J. BAKER, 8-3 8. D1X, and others. a large stock of Mirrors, small and largo sizes, which they are selliuirverv cheat). ing the support of friends.

I am J-if Stocking yarn for sale at M. about eight inches long, thou they borel a hole iu her head, gave her a quart of whisky, cut off both ears, and the doctor out her tail off. Notwithstanding all that was none tor her, the-poor thing died 1 Tho straight Republican ticket is go ing to sweep cveylhing in the County. We aro more and more couvinood of this Look hero "I have got it now the best ten oen't cigar ia town at tho Walnut Valley House. 1 Our town has been visited every morning this week by hundreds of prairie chickens.

Sportsmen are jubilant, Albert ii-isbee. the French boot and shoo maker, has moved into the building formerly occupied by 0. Cold weather is coming, and Hitchcock Si Boyle have just the thing- to keep you warm, in tho shape of Ready made Cloth-' ing of every description cheap. Go and see. GENUINE SPANISH CASTILE SOAP.

Beet Buck Gloves at C. At Bliss Co. large stock of Queens ware coming Central City, Col, Springs Cheyenne," Reno, Villa la Font Evans, Salt Lake City Francisco And all paint La KANSAS, COLORADO, the Territories and the PACIFIC COAST, 1S8 miles the shortest lica to DENVEF, 410 roUe tb.e shortest line to Pueblo, Trinida'd, Santa all points in New Kespeotlully 6-tf' P. A. IIust.

To the Voters of Cowley County I nm a candidate for re-eleelion to offioe of Register of Deeds. Having held tho office one year, I believe I oan give satisfaction to the people if they shall see fit to re-elect mtv; Waiter Smith. To the Voters of Coviley County Believing it to bo an open field and a fair fight for county offioes this fall, and be.liev'ug that a number of candidates for Hitchcock Boyle's. READ THIS. fact every day, Cowley county ia filled f.

The latest slyle hats and cap's just re For invalids very nice, ceived at the Oltl Log Store. We have made' arrangements with the publisher of Uur Own Fireside, lo club our paper with and now offer both up with intelligent and, sober-minded Republicans that ore not so easily led astray as our half-breed politioiabs bad hoped. They da not seem to be satisfied with the Ladies ndge'ntleTnen will' find any paperB arid with them a Pre thing wish in the glove line. Ladies mium Fruit Cliromo which cannot be bouaht for less than Five Dollars. Lisle Thread, Berlin, Sheep Gauntlets, riding Imported and gentlemen's colored Sheep.

Gauntlets, Buck Gauntlets, Military Gailnlet, Calf faced Gauntletf, Chinchilla faced and also Buck and Liquors for Medicinal purposes-. tor tu.9 i'oopl6 to choose from, instead of being confined to one or two conveutiorj nominees, will be the means of securing the right men for office, I hereby announce myself as an Independent Candidate for tho office of Register of Deeds, Is a large, handsome, 10-pagcd nionlhly M.r. lheo. M. Johnson from -Cleveland, Ohio, has recently taken a claim on little Cedar, and eipaots to engage in the stock business extensively.

"1, We have received the October number the Kansas Educational Journal. It is full of good reading matter. We see the editorial is now at Topeka. 1 We see that many of our citiiens are having thcif dwellings plastered, and propose to live more obmfortable the-coming winter than during tho past. Mitts at the Lon'Siore.

9-tf Illustrated Paper for tho people, full of GENUINE SCOTCH ALE. illustrations, and the best of serial stories mere assertions that soma candidate has acted untrue to his party (as Hon. E. C. Manning.

has been accused), without asking when and where be acted so and when they find that the Colonel's enemies can't cite them to any particular act to substantiate their assertion, (hey invariably set them down as a basely concocted lie, and ooncludo they will support him until they convinced that he is unworthy by evidence a Goo-Js sold cheap for cash atC, A. Bl iss A sample copy of this paper, and the Pre mium Fruit Cliromo can be seen at our Co. is. oftde, Subscribe for yoiir home paper If you want to and for Our Own. Fireside, and receive rami in Mexioo-ana RcmertsbcT thnt this Is the Great ThrongU Line, and there is no ether all Rail Route to above points.

No tedious omnibus or ferry transfer thin rotite. Pullman Palace Cars run llirougli from, Kansas City to Denver and Cheyenne witli'out Change. Passengers by this Rdule have nortunilv of etopDina at Denvier add via- eeo tha "New Depar-" C. A. Bliss, Co.

subject to the will of the people 011 the 7th of November nxt. Respectfully, W. H. Dobyns. I hereby announce myself as nn independent, candidate for the office of Kegisler of Deeds for the county of Cowley, Bub-ject lo decision of tho eleotors at the polls in November next.

Peter Walker. (his handsome Premium Chrome by so ture" go to doing. b-tf Boots! Boots I Boots I Prairie bot little more certain than that circulating STRAYED OR STOLEN. tom and. wire quilted boots, only $1.50, at 0.

Bliss Co, 9-tf Agents fcr over tho country now. U' rom FAIRBANKS'. STANIJART SCALES Of tote our trets, are often enlivened by fair foiias of numerous lady eques-trains, who, as they go galloping by cause many a calloused bachelor's heart to go 'pit-a-pat." rjV or about tho 1st. of September, fr, the subscriber's farm, three and a half miles southwest of Tisdale. Cowley coun GROUSE CHEEK ITEMS.

Grouse Creek, Oct. 22d, 1871. -ond- We would recommend all who stand in-need of clothing, shirts and drawers hats-and caps to call and Bee. Myton Brotherton's stock hefora purchasing elsewhere for it will be to your advantage. Do not fail to see their "slock.

8 If Short has a large of 6, 8 and 10 ft. flooring at $6 per hundred. 6-tf Editor Censor: Judging a few items iting the rich agricultural ana-gnu ng districts Of Coloraao." Close connection is made at Railsaa City with all trains to. and from. the East, North and South.

lis sure to-ask f6r icketfl via Kansas City and, the Ktjusas Paoifio BOWEN, Supb BevEHtSY E. Keim, Oen, Ticket Agt. General OfficcSKms'is' City Read the Dexter itoms, We would like to receiw tust suoh items from different from this locality will be of sufficient in WINFIELD MARKETS. CORHECTED WEEKLY BI Myton Btotiierton, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Farm, Produce, ty, one large dark brown steer, about six years old, fame -in the right fore foot, branded with o-r o-ij the. left hip, has a repe ftrcMtud his-M hrns- aborrt two' feet long.

Any person giving information of the whereabouts of said stear will be liberally rewarded. Address 7-2 B. RIDDLE, Winfield, Ks. terest to the readers of tho Censor for parts of the county every week. Come again, "Anon." their perusal, I will givo them the few Items on hand, Fredh Butter at Hitchcook Nice Boyle's.

$1 75a 00 In the first place our country is being Twenty-eight immigrant wagons passed settled up by immigrants rather slowly, through here last Wednesday. They will but surely, as all thoso who are taking olaims now show earnestness by the improvements tkey are making. Thsre is a Wheat, No, I Seed, Corn, Oats, Potatoes, Sweet, Beans, navy, Ify Flour, Meal, Pork, Bbl. BncoB sides, clear, Hams, canvassed, lb, Butter, EgeS, Onions, great deal of upland to be had 4,5 50 50(3, 50-' 70 75 5 004 75 8 003 50 15 '20 22 4-5 60 SO 2 00 xne controversy -over the Claim On Letter Cap, Note, Bill and Law Paper. Envelopes all sizes and colors.

DEPOSITORY OF THE AMERICAN which Dexter is situated, I trust is nearly Army blankets and comforts at Myton Brotherton's, at low figures. 40 tf All kinds of Groceries and Provisions heap at Hitchoock Boyle's, Corn, Oats, Irish add Sweet Potatoes, at the Old Log Store, at the lowest prios. Hilchcoak Boyle has one of the largest best and eheapcsl lot of Boots and Shoes in the city. It will not pay' to. build box houses when siding is at $3.25, at, the yard in rear of the Walnut Valley House, 6-tf KANSAS.

over, for it has retarded the growth of Dexter and the country surrounding it, If justioe be done, Capt. McDermott will surely get the claim' thon there would be ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, Sl'ATF. OF KAN-US, Cley 33'. Iu the Probate Court in Mi for Cowley oounty, f.Hl IN THE MATTpR OF THE ESTATE OF 1 M-irtin Van' deceased. Notice is liereby givn te oredtt-ori and all others interested interested estate, of Martm Wf Cowley Co.

deceased, that on the 30th day of Ootober, a. 1871, af Administration on said estate were granted to the undersigned. Alt those having olaims against said estate mus't present theni for allowance within one year from this date, and if not' presented wilhin three year they will bo forever birred. JACOtt VA3C 2 Administralor of the estate of Mirtin Van Huskirk, deoeaSJd. U-4iv BIBLE an effort made to liven up matters a littl The orops here have done pre-tty well mii, as several pieces of oorn average 70 and D.

A. MILLINGTO.N Is prepared to receive for the U. S. Land Offioe (as soon as the Plats are filed) DECLARATORY STATEMENTS of pre-emption, and will attend the entrees and title of settlers on the Oiage Dimin 80 bushels to the aorc. At prcSoht it iB worth 60 cents per The potato Wikfielb Ahead.

The largest stock of settle in this county. Over 'one hundred and thirty have passed through here this week. Our isteemed friend, Dr. C. L.

Flint, who has been absent for several weeks, arrived homo last Wednesday. Thedoo-tor looks well and must have enjoyed his trip.iy.UM U'. Mr. Leml Hoddy informs us that the Beavers are cutting down trees preparatory" building a dam on the Walnut, ftbout it ttila'from town. We notice that roost of our business houses on Main street arq putting in brick flues.

This is as it should be, and will do much to lessen the danger from -j 1 1 fires. Social Ball; A soiial ball wilt oeme off at the Bradisb House next Tuesday evening. "Great preparations are being made, and th tUte of our community are expected to participate. An addition has Been added to the Bradish House, wh'uih will give ampla rooni for all to danoo that attend, WAG-OH SHOP WE are bow prcparod to da til kinds of work in our line, sucn us BUILDING AND REPAIRING WAGONS, making Harrows, Plow Beams, etc, and at low figures. pens; SLATE orop is good also, in fnot all kinds of veg etables have done well.

wools ana Mioes in the Southwest is now being opened nt Cochran Hunt's, O-tf Syrups fl 25 per gallon at C. A felisS 'l Ibe prairies havo been burning, but little damage has been done, exoept the destroying of the range for cattle. Only $7 50 per PENCILS ished Reserve. will find it to their interest to eoasui't with He will also at.lend to the purchase and sale of i.mrf 0Teinen'8 on claims, h'9 renting of -I GilflihgS and farms, arid 'all matters connected with a Salt I. Salt I Salt I.

at C. A. Bliss Shopon North Main street, Winfield. yuito a number of team have passed up out of the Territory sinoe th issuance The celebrated Chicago Custom Made J. C.

TUCKER BRO. JJoots and Shoes at Coctrau Hunt's, 6 of tho Indian Agent's orders. The coming election is oreating con General 8iderable oomment on the merits of the r. I 1 i 1 1 1 1 'We are- safe iu saying ithat the be stock of Pioce Goods ever brought th valley, consisting of plain and strip ou'i COPYBOOKS. WALL PAPER, SHADES.

J' LAMP SHADES, ETC. 2-5tf 0, FtfljjUER, Bantkeg, ow f'REpARpD 10 bcy; and; se HE hiske eollectiotss5 and; (tr.tml bilking lisiutss. .) in i Wi-nfitclJ, Miy 1st, 1871-' i 33-lf NoTiris. U. I'jusionerS are informed that I am now ready to examine them.

W. MASSFULIt, SCHOOL LANDS. sit -rf ret e.ii'i- Settlers on the lSlh and 30th scctir.ns will find it hi their interest to callofi Wcbt) t' Coon, who aro nrenared to secura different candidates, The People's tioket I hardly think' wilt be' accepted as the n-ti- Agency EfU'mce ot tne winneiu lowu Uom- Kapelants, Cassiuieres, Joans, red, white and Fanoy Flanuels of all kinds, on ex people's tioket owing toils illogitamoy. The Republican ticket is uot composed titlo to schoul lands, and will make this lnny af the DANK, Winfield, Kansas class of business a spcoially. 60-tf hibition aud for sale at the Old Log Store, I.

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