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Cowley County Courant from Winfield, Kansas • 2

Cowley County Courant from Winfield, Kansas • 2

Winfield, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

MAV ANH mANUKABI.K Bl'SiyESs-i MKX or svivriELP. NOTICES. Noiicc for Publication. T.E'J.XI- N-)Tin. mice for Publication.

ASS Our i- i-allt to miliouilf i lien. has lieen inter-nuly vit Wfil ly tlu "Viir.iiugtiii 'n-' in vt-with i liftn a- a rule. We a train Iatin to an eaitorial recently In an interview-reci idly. Senator lug-alls spoke oi Tv. si.

lei. 1 Art bur iiiih. -sc terms: "The relations between President Arthuratid the Senati are cordial M. HAHN CO. KAXCAh.

i i'. ft STAi'K 1)1- I OW LK't In liic Are You Ready for Spring? The Sono" of the Martin Has Been v. i lOHM -V. along ami it attract-, imr notice tor the time. Wi-iloii't think of hi' intcr-tiTi'sts it lias to lo ith over a stretch I 'he 'nsidi lit is an luilii rained STY.

j' iMirt el Saul county iliul The iiisuooiv-i IViiianiin F.t lull. Nu'i ami hartisonioii: adroit and dexb V. M.H.v lie i-lia- by long iractieclo iVai with me is exi-eedingly and nppi i.lairtsn 1'. THE COTJRAXT. Winfield, Kans, Mar.

23, 1SS2. ANNOUNCEMENT. dVe are authorized to announce If. 11. Miverd for re-election to theoihce of cuistni.t.' or the City of Winfleld.

In the North Americrin Rrririr for April, Governor TCli H. Murray, of Utah, treats of the exist infr crisis in the political fortunes of that Tcrrhory. According to the present method of local government there, the minority; of the population, the Gentiles, though tVier iiossew ttie ereater nart of the 'he a. f.i 'AT IK 7V 1 i mi A. i 1 intc in tlie Indianapolis Thii' a conversation between (iov.

Morton, of Indiana, ami Secretary of War, Stanton, in in which the Secretary stated that after the hat lie of (hicka-inaiii-a Itosciicrans scut a telegram to President Lincoln statins: that his army was beaten and demoralized, that it was useless to talk of putting: down the rebellion, and reeommendinu' an armistice. Rosenerans most emphatically denies sendiim any such a telegram, and accuses Stanton ofhav-hiE. tor personal end-i, delil)erately lied. 11 iv Oit1 "HHi4? h5.Vi.H."iititiht;'' -w lt HktO HI xji Mil uK.n 1 ii .4 4 KHOi Ui lUUi i30ti tUt.iOOl (ktXt(tXkKK thWufriGO 0. ol'a thousand mile-'.

Nor ilo we think of ihi' numlxr of h-o1c whose daily invail rnniplii-il tlinmuli tin- agency of ihe company or corporation niana-r-instthf-oniorpvi-r. Thcmw extensive railroad organization now in the west is the AtehNon. Topekri Santa Fe. ith it- I0113: lino and many liram lns. Some time aao Ilir Toprka liave statistir-sfiomtlu' -x-iH'iise account tor the year 181.

We .1 l-il! Li it-t 7 Tin tii 11 n.i fuiains) Hi KM -i OL'i el" 'nwlcV r-l Mniv-lt. i-. i-r s.ii'! ii Ion ii n-i 1 rue aii.i inilrV hi i i. .11 in i in- iiNt Ktih-ii'J. -ii iln-it I V-'A IJ.II-I ih' lii Way fi PI mi it We i-ady wilh our NVw slock (il SPRING '-i 2l rcii.u!v-.t ace ijul.rii.-; Vv i A.

Hi. in 'iiitt Amy wealth of the Territory, exclusive of Hurt that during that period they ex- jjesaid twoteleirmins were sent 10 1. in- inter -M thereon jU Uu- rut'-' il. i.v lVuiH The liisl thiy coin, one durintr the battle and one al farm property, and though they const i-i pended for new buildings alone tne tute by far the most enlightened and sum of Jti.Mo.T:!. For new iron DRY GOODSlg GRAND CLEARANCE SALE I rtt i -I-' I tirh-d that voi: en -im thr- j.jai'i! in the ahe.Ve eniitled ar-tioii; Umi pi-dntitl ulid hi putiiiosi against you -viid action Ui ihi- litriot Couvl ni 1 Counlv.

Kansas. 011 Hie Jsl day ot -Mareh. 1. and mat von mut ansvrer iid petition on or ijeiore ihe -Jlth dw of April. 1--.

or 1 he ndeya- theriii he taken rue and i ud-- mem iviuicr. diiiiily atstlnst llenjamin 1 F. frail and Naney Ai. frail tii" ol 1 with interest thereon at the rate ni pf eent. oer at.nuin J'roiii tile 1st day of Sep- nther, nd with (hereon at The rat-- a I '2 ier i'r annum troin the isi uav iii' Mairh, 12, and for the laf that mav h.

duo at he time ol thesaie the real late herei a alter mentioned and lite eosl oi suit, and i'or hi- forochj-u re lum-maeex- l.v ttu- said dejv-ndant-, lu-njamin F. frail and Nnm-v M. frai). to secure the. pa ment of said sum of money on the iuil described real 'ate situated in cou in v.

Kansas, to-wil The wet lialfi'j ol the n.a-thwet ouarier; of section hirteeii I i 1 mid IheeasJ half id' the northeast quarter fourtei a 1 P. township thirty 1 soutii, of r-aniresix Ami in ae said judiimeii; i.s not taid within a time to he jixed hv tlie touri. tlatt the said moriirasl 1 he sold to law, without pi-aisement, and The proceeds a.risiuic from such sale applied to the piiyuit-ni oi said jutitf- iuifivsi and eosi and also jndy i IF new Mirernrisinfr nortion of the communitv. bridges they spent slii.i-l.fH 1,1... His manners are captivating, bis address easy and engaging without familiarity or lescvve.

Ho- can deiiy withotit eiviiiLi oii'clise. Me makes hatc slowly, lis- temper t- aiiniia-bly serene. He listens with apparent Interest and w-iiccals irritai ion. Xo one leaves him after the most causal interview without being iiatieivd by the belief thai I he is iiis friend. He ha- trotlden a dil'iieiil', and dangerous path wilh delicate cireiim-speetion.

He has sooihed and appeased many peitlen- elements. If he is in sineeiv he isa superb arti-i. A rude. ivv policy would have set the country inae uproar, but he has observed all he proprieties. Had be been the principle actor in a drama upon the stage, v.

till all 1 he world as his audience, be could not have played his part in every wol and gesture ami attitude with more consummate skill. It is perhaps too early to say that he would like the nomination for the presidency in lssr. hut is is not impos ter, but neither containing any such sentiments, and that the mcssases will soon be found. He says fellows have been lying about him for eighteen steel rails. stone ballast, making a grand total for the four hems named of the TrinniiiiV's.

Silks Xovcliies. al vears alio some one. who icasi airt bii'b mav be classed it will ei bitten in the heel. The NEW 'l: ll-ITI YORK STORE. now open ihe THi: XKXT THIRTY HAVs W'K 11.1.

I'. VKiiMNS IN Al l. KIMiiK under tlu- head of incidentals. In ad- nothing derogatory about fiavticld. it dition to this there is an army of em-; possible that there i fun in the ployees whose monthly pay aggregates I'uiure.

hundreds oft hbiisands of.iollar-. The (( :1 of (--iiiit) i K.n);. wlth m. m. nts1lanne.

for the present year will (1( hI.l ever oeeur- much greater outlay than was Western Kansas. Hi- is years 01" li. tor The paui ou pi (in it's. ij to the Tliii-- i-i th" re: 1 OtritO helvili niter Ii.eil- i ii.i.i 1. iinti uk- ot suit.

iMi.l ioie- i.t iiiotiLrte--e eeeiiied t.y thc- hints lit-ncy 'I mut A M. t. steiue the of sain i' ihe iillot irin tfeser'tied si i iiitteti in l'ovle iliuiy, Kitn-a. lltn-f i.inf lour 1 ami the ea-a ha ii" i the: h-v, e-t tjuariei 1 i'eet st-vi ii 7. iuiniher hh iaii-e iHiltilH'l- en 1 mmm, oi' sixth I And in tbi judirmem i- not raid within a time to he Fxed hy 1 1 10 court.

tint! 1 he said niortaaued uremi-es he sold ae- eoi di nu t' law. wit hom a pin-aieiin-nt. and tlie iiri.c,td arisimr lrom sueli sale applieti to the ia lie in t.i said jtidirmeiit. inleiest and ee.sfs; and al i-ulnient wtli tie render, the A. l.

Wear, au.iud.iii a mi do- iiis e-tao-. title and interest in and to I the said tiiimared premises to he jiinior and inierior lothe lien th-said plain- (in -and neon tie eompletie.11 of said sale, i 1 that the said defendants, and every oi them, i and ail under thein. eiliier tl.ein. he iorevev larred and fore- of. and from all interest, eiaiui or tit i in and 1o sahl inorttraired premises, or any part thereof, and for sueh other relief a the 1 plniniitl way he entitled i P.

II. Ai.Biiif'Hi'ii nd lte-t -Jos. o'MAKt. Ativs lor fit rt. s.

KKPJi.ioN. Histriet ar practically without a voice in logis- lation. The author proposes a drastic yet entirely practicable remedy for these and all other evils prevalent in Utah. An article entitled -'Why they Come," by Kdwarrt Self, is devoted to the consideration of the many important questions connected with Kuro-pean immigration to this country. lr.

Henry A. Martin, replying ton recent article hy Henry Bersh, defend-the practice of vaccination, citinjr oflicint statistics to prove the cllicacy of bovine virus as a prophylactic against the scourge of small-iox. K. 1. odkin has an article on "The 'ivil Service Reform Controversy;" Senator Hiddle-Iterger on "llourbonism in Virginia:" pieui iil ee rt nder.

against the deleiidant. A. f. Wear, ad.iud-in and ids EAVY DRY GOODS! sible that such a estate, title ami uiteiesi in ami 10 sum inoitKaned iremises to he junior and inferior" to Ihe mortgage Hen of ilie -aid and upon the eomph-tion of -aid sal. that the said dett-ndants.

ami everv of t'nem. and all persons claiming under thein, or eUher of hem. he forever hai red and for. cIo-d ol. and from ail interest.

Halm or title iu and to said nioi'igaiired vivmises. or nnv part thereof, and lor sueh other reliei as SEASON OF tin.ue his imrri.oii." i'liii te -i IHiKwill be ex)'iiiled at Topeka alone. There is at times a strong prejudice airaiiist the Atchison. Topeka Santa Ke t'ompany, but we greatly doubt that there is an institution in the State .1.., u-bii-ti would be felt one- with the watch wonl Sut-h a. Itiankei.

mhtii-. Haniu-i. WatterpntoiW, Beavf-rs. the platnttn nuty oe euimeu iu. 1.

II. Al.HHIG HT ailU Vttest Jos. il akk, i K.S. ISkoii.ion, AU'vs for Plaiidltt. IL-trii lerk.

old son was leading a thoroiigbreil Devonshire bull into the corral, when the animal turned on him and knocked him down. The father hastened to the rescue, and had picked up the unconscious from of his son when the maddncd animal rushed at him, piercing his stomach with both horns and completely disemboweling him. The brute then caught him on his horns and tossed him repeatedly into the air. only desisting when his victim lay a shapeless mass on the ground. tit would nc tne loss oi i icinn as mthii and Oeneral Albert Ordway on 8 The n-rriIW overtiow hi the suiilh eomintu to hrini: to prisons ami desmu-tion to property A liits Ut-n split to ihp Jltnwt' of Hppiv'iitativps hvthotv-pi-tary war "1:1 tat inn tlie mnuhpr ol K'Jsons lett tit-Minn as tolhnvs Misstutri.

L'-JHf: 1 llinois, Kpii- I tltts t-onil Ciitie' for I'uliliftilion. National Militia. Finally there is ti ST A LADIES' CLOAKS AND DOLMANS, KANSAS.) iilNTV. 1 i I Tn the distriei enuri i sidd county and The Travelers Insuraiieo Reduckd Pricks ami Advanckd STANDARD! par of extraordinarv interest on the onkhngs letter exploration of the mined cities of fen- supreme judgeship has been given to tral America. The author, Mr.

liar-! the public by the President and is as nav, has discovered certain monuments follows: "Mr. President Absence which conclusively prove the ipara- nreveiitcd prompt acknowledgement tivereeentnessoftiiosevastrciuainsola of your two esteemed letters, which lost civilization. The is pul- were found here awaiting my return li-hed at Thirty I-aiavctte I'Uice. New from Utica. The high and Cted Notie'O for ruhlieation.

STATU OF KANSAS.) (ovvi.KveirsTV. 1 In ttte dNiriet oiiit of stiid eoimty and state. The TniveTers Insuramre i oinpany. Plaint vs. William W.

Rill. lsM- hel A. frail and A. 1. Wear, defendants.

To ih.Mlnendants William W. frail. Isabel i A. rail ami A. 1.

Wear, in the above tied a-thn KfH OF YOI' are hereby no- 1 vnn hnvi- tr-i'ii hy the ompnny. I'iaintin. Vs. John f. wu-atton and Kliznheth straiton, le-feiulanu.

lite deicndants. John Stnttfon ami Klix-tieth straiton in the alve -111111111 action: tuek s.tHHi; Tennessee, :lii.fHi: Arkansas. Uhki; Louis-; iana. tnakinu" Hie terrihlt' total of IM.ihmi thotisatnl ihat havp hail'vvthiiiii- lestrovtl hv the Mooelsaml And x-itiU-i utid White riKit-rwear. our suh-k of th vry lunre and we must have r.Kui lor Spriiitf wiii diH-r' of tte-m at lutleh tban Valitt.

I AND KACH'M'' YH" are herehy th-d that vim have heen sued hy the plain- are oVpomlaiti on the rharity of tVllmv 4 Ii.w York, and is sold booksellers mid Honor you coiuci ico tiffin the a hove entitled that sa 1,11 n- oniv no. -i 1 1 i dninti his petition aaati illlSL on OI nt ream tinted swtss muslins. And Laces to match. Plain and striped Nainsook. newsdealers generally.

iihiint ill' in lli aiiOVL- entitlea aeiion; uihi nvley couui rations ot in I he district court of ononiih to pn CLOTHING DEPARTMENT. il-Ut a-'- of "ixsi anil miUI plliintiir itsix-titiou nainsl you ansVor ix-tiuou in Ihe rr yiiin i-LiLit-'o ir .1..,. (1i' I Associate Justice oi tlie supreme oun of the United States is greatly valued. It ill ever be a matter of pride and satisfaction that you and the Senate Sllttsiiiiu tluu you iiiiki M-jrt-h A horrible murder occurred at Falls City last week. A tramp went into the i tuivi ii' ll i uav oi ini.

-r to- Ill the course of the argument in the house on the Chinese bill. Mr. Taylor, of Ohio, successor to On. (iarlield. made his first effort upon an important issue.

He at first attracted the attention members because he came from Gen. GarlicldV district, and soon because of the acknowledged merits of his ellbrt. He commanded close and general attention for an hour. Sup)ort-ers of the Chinese bill on the Republican side are much annoyed to find that there is to be a strong vote against the measure among their associates. The iMtsnire of tin- bill seems to Ik- assured.

thfin Mint lions therein will l- taken as iruc and iiulsr- ami uial 1 A i li(iilt 11 IV iulinir ilu' ilistiv- .1 tit tor so ifRivc and exalted omce, auu, ooiug souieniuii: ois- nleasimr to the nrotirietor. was killed tniut 1nt for reasons which U-irli iiitcro-i at tiie rule ol uusmient reiulerc-il acoi jinfflj nsnilisl il- i ior a.mum nm V.2 ill VST7 White and figured Percales. Scotch Dress Ginghams. ft Nnn Veilincr 3 w- tii id mny Md re. iiri .111.1 Willi IIIUTOI llifieJIl it I wi Hy IiiV'i-tti 'Mil' wnt n.e nniiini ruin ne 1st uu tn i i the rate 1 j-ercem.

per annum Horn I i.p issi.siiid ttie taxes due and ia.vyou witi, i real e-tate here- premis tiereniaiter de-ierioeo iihiuuu i rhe time ot ttie side Ot II tit inn' ot salt tn 'v-i and with an iron side-stick. "We seized fail to appreciate, I am him," says the murderer, H. Clay t.onstrajnod to decline. Although the Davis, the editor, "and with a nail- demands on my time just now claw pulled hi lungs through his ears, Uy accepting your invitation the remainder of the carcass we ran j0 a tew days with you in Wash-through the cogs of our new job press. n- hold this as a pleasure Dientioneii, and tlie costs of suit suit, and for the f'neeloure of certain moil- -e-ic exeeutett iiv tne Kit id deienoaui, m.

V. Cmil and Iuhel A. Cniil, to rc- i 1'" It was a singular sight, says an exchange, when the ehicago grand jury returned indictments against some thirty or forty gamblers, to see three or four of the lcaderscome forward lo bail out the others, and exhibii property wortb nearly a million dollars. These men have risen from comparative poverty to their present proud position in nionetary circles by industry and the exercise of such talents as they have but it will only suiiwl through tin- IN COLORS! 1 OVERCOATS, 1 7 Art we dumped the remains out of the el.r,,, imt not lost. I have the solid support of the Democrats back window we almost regretted the uono.

1m. jnevrely, your obedient deed, but as the most strenuous meas-i nj ipK It is cure tlie pavment ti sum sum oi iuih- ih the foUowiniideseriled real estate situated in "itw levcotmtv, Kansas to-wii Ttie west halt of the west tjumter Ol section thirteen (Kit, and east half i1 oi r-outheat quarter of seetion foiirte-en iiti, in townsutp thiriv south, of six ttijeost. And iu cae said tr.d?ment ih ut puid within a time to he tUed hy the court, that the sid mort-jiaetl preidist-H be sold iie'-ordi ni law, without appraisement, and the proceed- ai Ninsi from such payment of id Judgment. Interest and cost and also i.i.i-..uttf ill the deieU- ures had to be resorted to. we felt that lls we thought.

The "high and for the ftMvelosed of a certain mortage executed tin- snitl defendants, to secure tne iiavuient ot'saitt stun ot money on the follow-iie'- deM-rilKd ren! etnte situnted in Cowley eountv, Kansas. n-wit Tlie northeast Ur-ter .1 section twenty Jt) township thirty sout cf mi lire six nip east ol the sixth stln I. And in etii- suid jndtie iit is md piud witViin a time to he ttxed hy the C4uri, that the sidd tiiovtitired ftt'emises te st)d to law, without appraisement, nud the pir'eed. arising from such sale sipplied to the jmvinfnt of said interest and envts.and upon the completion of sjdd sale, that the said defendants, Hiitl every of tlu-ni, and all elaimnej. under them, oreilh-fi of them, he forever i.rred find loreelosed ami from all interest, elaim or title in and to said moi-a-ed premie, i any part tliert-of.

and i'T such other relief us tiie plaint Jit mav he entitled to. P. II. and unexpected honor" is "greatly valued, but he don't care much for the office. Tii.

rousons for of the we lmtl bft'ii inspired by tin-Deity to perform the work. Now thiit he is gone, let it be an admonition of the fate of all other who may to follow VJ.T;r PKKsS 0ATiS F.VN fS ANI VKHIX, ail of wUieii we litem ou tfnr ttert uri-i- nl will r.rter t)eiu at been endowed with. What a lessen to young liieiu Justice liray, of the I'uitcd Stales Supreme. Court, has induced the Court Plain and 15uniinj.s in all colors, figured and Iunbossed Black (ioods, Khadamc and Moire Silks, all Colors Black Satins from 60 cents up Poulards and Summer Silks, EMBROIDERS; 250 Pieces of Hamburg Kdinjfs and Inserting to match; bv tiieir high office iire eonspieiious daiu, A. I.

Wear. udjudimr nud deere'insr his estate, titte and intercut in and to said A terrible suicide occurred at" Topeka i Monday, the 14th inst. Gorton Bristol, aged ITyearw, while lying in bed at his mother's residence, deliberately shot himself through the heart. He left note setting forth the causes of the deed, and evidence shows that lie had been contemplating the act for a week, The lad is a brother of the Misses Hat- tie and Kmma Bristol, one being chief clerk in the oilk-c of the SuiH-rinten-dent oi" 1'ublie Instructions, and the other connected wilh a well-known bank, anil both popular in social cii- i in his The fieivl who per- aisenee. Thirtv-lhree Per Cent.

Less Than Value. petrated this brutal murder has not yet Ajm tlu. been arresteil, although he flaily wonliin faster, is d. ad. She pa rades the streets of all City with the davs without talinK alp of the imudered man in lus bee.

hl, Illt.t in love a I- Attest: JOS. ti AKP. Atl A tU" l.IH. K. s.

Kkiui.ion. iistrict Clerk. Xtiee for PitolicHtion mm leased premises to he junior and interior to the mortgage lien of the said plaiutut and upon the completion, of said alef that th said Uefetidanl.s everv of Un-m, and all- M-rsons claiming under them, or either forever barred and ft.relosed of, and lrom all claim or title tn and or a iv part Viercof, and lor siu-'i other relief as the plaintitt'may be entitled to. P. H.

ALBKUfHT and Attest Jos. ell akk, Att f- Pi fx. K.K Heuimos, lustrict Clerk. A reijtu of terror prevails. i lo have uilsi her luinnli.

wIlOIll til ioiimallS-t i 1 of people against whom the journal I'h- a.v Not a uiere iui tut-a aul In ne-. rf We Warrant Prices, We Warrant Goods, I cles. Tlie occurrence nas itbihii a mind, and ever afterwards she showed numerous eeeentricities. Vor Xhrf years past she has lived in Jetlerson-ville, lnd.t rentinir a room and living i STATK KANSAS, I O'K'NTV. I III lie ili-ti'iol fnurl of said county Mini slBte.

Tho Travi Insin-anc 'iiuiuny, jilidatilT, I iJcorse M. Bovvell, Iar- Ilcvr t-'i Hint K. npudrnn. ilrllldint5! if 'i tie deiKTad( holds a fmidije, have precipitately abandoned the eity. A hu-moiiias editor on the rampage is more to be dreaded than an internecine war.

Notict! for PuWiofttioii. STATE OF KANSAS, OilH-KYrOl'SIV. In Hie ilistriot court of said count yauJ stale. Clothing and Dry Goods in seclusion, having no tire summer or ii in filler to make an order requiring lawyers remove their overcoats when addressing the bench. The object of this order, we infer, is to reach those lawyers who appear in court wearing long ulsters and no patilaloons.

Tliiseoun-trv seems to be drifting gradually toward a condition ot affairs where there will be no justice for the poor, and courts willonly recognize the rich who are able to wear pants. A dispatch from iuadalajara, tlie capital of the state of Jalisco, says that in a light between a detachment of state troops and an organized band of robbers. Mcttes. cniel of the robbers, who has long been a terror to the authorities, was killed, l.ieur. Balmc.

a prominent Mexican ollicer, was captured by the robbersand carried off to the mountains, with troops following in close pursuit. A larire si.eil sensation was created wime. And onlv ask vou to come. i ii.vtuv M. I'-mvti.

Martha 1 A. F. in theaiiove entitled nmini. Van- the room. She dressed oddly, wearing p.mUliisr.

We also wrlsh lo out tnt -of FA. lt iiK Yi." are tK-r. hy 'VowcU. Will tsave Money liy Cnllln-1 us U-tore ltiiii'd you ip aea by ui i Xntloinil A A. E.

BAIRD. STOCK OF GENTS UNDERWEAR deep sensat ion at the 'apital. Mr. Thomas A. Hendricks, of Indiana, makes an intense effort to si raddle (he tariff question so as to please all, and offend none of Ihe tactions in his party.

To a Chicago reporter who asked him the other day "how his conversion from 'free trade' to. -protection" came about," he responded that he had 'never been converted, for the reason that be had never been a free trader. He had always carefully avoided going to either extreme, and was now in favor of protection only to a judicious and beneficial extent." "Judicious and beneficial extent" is very good. The Union Pacific railroad is turning otl'a large number of conductors. It is claimed that Piukerton's detectives have been working the main lines and pianliil' in ttu- itijnv-' action: mat Trust and Jos- atl plailitilt 11U.d ilis fu'litiou osalnsl you in i t-ph Powell, dereudanls.

legation-, iherein'wiil t.e taken iisimeatul above eutil ied aetma iiidii'iiieiit remlered neeordiiifil aojunsl ryr KACif OK are hereVy noti- M. and Martha J. iiowen for tied tluil von have lieeit suel hy the the sum of with interet hereon ot the titf in tlu- above entitl-Hl aetioti; tiiat rateof ereetit. peraunuin fnun tiie -( day piaiutitrtHed its petition aicainst you in of oetoher tsi. mid the taxes due and pay- Kaid aetion in ihedKtriet eourL of Oovley a hie on the veal estate Iserein after nitntioneI eouut v.

Kauris, on the 1st day ol March, lss'J, at the time -f sale ami the eosis of and mu ihjut vou must answer said petition on or NEW YORK STORE. Ami Heaw lilov whf-ii we wil! ort-r at Kustrni iu, we will be glaJ to sbon vo our if you don! hay theui. 9 d- 'HI immense collars and cuffs, hut always with great cleanliness. She spoke to no one on the streets. Some relatives came over lately from (iermany, but she would never recognize them.

She would dance alone of nights to the sound of a.jewsharp played by herself. She was fifty-nine years old, a rather pleasant looking, rosy faced, heavy-set little woman with stately bearing. Miss Arinaindo. the liicyclienue, who started at St. l.oujs recently to rideiMKl miles in six consecutive days of twelve hours each, completed her task with an excess of seventeen and a half miles.

Hersi-ore for the last day was limJ miles; actual riding time, hours, 3 minutes. lor the foreelosnve oi a cT-riain moiTatce ex- ihel da ot April, or lut- uneu- etued hv the said defendants M. will be inken as 1 me and Ho won and Miirtha How en. to sei-nrethe I ntt.ut rendered aeeordinjjl" atiiiinst Jsiioe piivmeni oi suid sum ofmonev on tho follow- Brown and Marv Jrown tor ihe sum oi 1 in deerihod real estMie sitnateU in Cowley With inter--t hereon at the rate ot 12 per e-m. eoumv.

Kftnsas. to-wit: 'J'he sonth lialJ (1) tpraiimini from tietoberirti. for the ami n.jrtheat qttarter of imrthoftst (piar- ixes due and able at theiinie ot the iU- Rhspkctfuli.v, M. HAHN ter 1 i ot se. i ion ten in lownsnip i nii'i ol- estate herei natter nieni loneo, unu i ur We are Here to Stay eo-t ol" suit, and tor joreio-uiM oi trr- tain lnoi tae exeeuted hy the said P.imvn ami Marv Ui own.

three south ot ix i ot east -t tne sixth I. M. Ant! in ease said judgment is not paid within a time to he lixed by the eoitrt, that tlie said premises be sold ae-etndiiiuto law. without appraisement. and the nrov.etis from such ale npplieil tothe branches since last August, and reeent-' ly turned into headquarters a volumin to the pavment of sum ol I nioiu'v 011 the following deS4-rihed leal estate, fflhlrJi'.

And while in the Grocery business, we propose to meet all le- hi l'hiladelphia recently at a Metho- dlst Ministers association, by Col. .1. O. eryant, of Atlanta, who -said. "The lost cause is still alive in the Southern states and lieinsr pushed systematically.

The Southern Historical society at Richmond was the nucleus around which its adherents are now rallying. The Methodist Kpiscop-al church South, who are trying to organize the colored men out of their ranks into a sejiarate body, would go to war to-morrow if they thought they could succeed. Consequently tiie two bodies of the Methodists Soul one of about loyal, the other icpivscnt-iug the rebellion, and niimlieringabout can no more untie them oil and water. The leaders are to-day as busy preparing for another rebellion, as they were before the last one. and when Northern intluem-e has given out in the South it is only a iiiestion of time when the whole colored (Mipu-lation as well as white will be a unit against the A late dispatch from New Orleans iu relation to the floods says: 'Thesiiiia-tion at Monroe, is extremely critical.

A visit to the levees alcove and In-low the 'city this afternoon, showed both in great danger, though a large force is at work on them. There is not five inches to spare and the water is oozing through the levees in niany plaees. The river here is six feetliijrh- it:) vii lent of aid iudiiment. interest and I BEE HIVE, MANNINGS BLULK. and it is perfectly immaterial to us The Mormons arc in a tertiMc hub-! bub over the jiassasic of Kdmund's bill, and are trying to et a petilion before Conaress.

which they claim issued by i i2.0i) yoinif; women, asking 'onress to slay its hand and iiivi-s'ihrale the jrreat wronjr it is about to perpetrate on i he Later Day Saints." by ic priviiiii' thcni of their extra wises. Frocirio-iinie or the Riohlancl I School Aoriation. April Blh, 1S82, i at the Prairie Grove School House, at Ten O'clock Sharp, 1. Why anil for whai uirptse should i everv man. woman and child attend Sunday school.

S. S. Ifolloway and others. i Can any parent afford to have the study of the Sunday school lessons nenlecteil duriiiu the week, Alii- and fudii'inent will he rendered against the defendant, A. F.

IJendrup, udjtidiu and deereoimf his estiite. title and interest in and to the aid mortsaued premises to he junior and inferior tf the monae lien of the said plainfiif: and upon the eompletion of said how it comes, whether in the form of a "new departure six in townsliip miriy-ou. rnn-V si ftj. Oiisl ti ihesix I'. M.

Aiui in cum? Kiiiiriucluiiifut is not JiaUl within a limp to le i ilxl bv imit, that mnrtsaK. a i Score, for the six days, miles act-i ual riding time, -M hour. minutes, i Time off the track, hours. min-! utes. This is said to be the longest bi-I cycle ride on record, and is regarded as a very remarkable feat, especially for a woman.

Itnt that's just the way. No ous report. uH5n which the present discharge of conductors is based. No ot h-er reason for the discharge is given than that their services arc no longer wanted, and it is supposed that it is for the usual cause in the case of conductors, appropriating money belonging to the company. premises i Igreat bargains sate, Uiat the said tteienoaius.

ami eer or in the old way. We feel grateful to our patrons for past favors, and hope, by being kind, courteous and polite to eyerylxxly. and by selling only pure goods;iis.'m. iii. tn, i-.

sucii applied lo the payment ol saitl judg- 1 mem. interest ami -ost and also judsrnient will be renderHl against the defendants, Jabob Powel. the National and 1 rust oniiianv and Joseph K. ad.jndirins and their estato. title and interest I in and to said mortasjed premises io Ik jnu- i sooner does a man perlorm some l.ig feat than be is laid tpih-tly in theshade bysomeauibitious woman.

Something must be done. them, and all persons eianmmr under tnem, or eitlier of tlieni. he forever harred and fore-1 eiosd of. and from all intret. elaini or Title in and to said mortgaged premises, or any part Thereof, and for such other relief as the plaint in" mav he entitled to.

1 I. 11. A lbkh; fit and i Attest Jos. O'Hahk. Att ys f.a jiltK s.

Hkioii.iox. iiistiiet t'lerk. NoTieo iorand inferior to the mortgagid lieu of said plaintin; ana upon tne luiuinnmu tl.c sui.l mill Ills, mill ee I AS LOW AS THE the Can be had for the next 30 days, at .1. lllltler them, or either of them, be forever barred and foreclosed of, and from all interest, claim or title in and to said rnortuasred premises, or ntirt i hereof, and tor sueh other reliel as Mrs. wile of Ucut.

engineer of the Jeannette ex-plorinjr exjKHlition. has received a letter from her husband in which he speaks of JVl.onir and the others as havin: perished at the mouth of the Lena river, and intimates that when he set out on the search in which he is now enuafjed it was without the hope of fimliiiir his comrades alive, hut sim- Tlicif wasa lively time in tlie Kvan-Kclieul Misiinii-liuri-li. nl' Heinling, the otlier iltiv. Tlie nuest'iou liefore the lioiise whether a new ediiiee shoulil heereeted in the eity or in the Milmrlw. the old jiilhus in Zion it jii li Hinvard tind others.

i statk of Kansas, i Basket liinnt r. niv. i Minutes of llivvions nicctillir. tin- distriet court of saiil eounty and stale. 4.

Kept sell. ols. William V. Hasting, riatutiff iuestioii roll. John AV.

Nolle and Sarah C. i. Is tlie oriiaiuzation of olll' town- Nolte. liel'endants. shin organization eomplele ami satis- I t.

tin-Let'endants. W. Xolte and Sarah the plaintiff may be entitled to. p. II.

ALBBIOHTaUd 1 Vttest: Jos. O'Hahk. Attys for Pl'lB. i K. s.

IIedilion, Kistrict Clerk. T) A 17 (J wuiiiieil up to their work a very Notice for Publication. J.1N kJ. 9 To cause rour increasing trade to continue to grow until it is equal if not greater than that of any other house in Southern Kansas. We do not propose to play second fiddle to any one, nor take a back seat, so long as we have no rents to pay, and very little expensense of any kind in the business.

Five years experience has convinced us Nolte, in the. above entitled action: tv A. .1. I.arkiu and other laetovv than the natural hank ami m'i-i nmiiiier. At last ne it( them -ol" antl each of you are hereby noliried tTATK OF KANSAS, ,.1., in our that you have bHn sued hy the i.tHintut oavj.KYCoUNTV.

than ten feet higher tUiin the rear ot'the illumed tin and exclaimed, ''All in fa oitj', when? the overflow is higher than hi 18T ami still risinii. The river is risinjr at the rate an iiu-h in twelve i 111 the above entitled action; that saul plain- In the district court of said eoimty and stale. till liled his petition ajramst you in saul ae- -i lusur nice tion in 1he district court of Cowley county, Kli iw the lsl day of March. Issi and that ompaiiy, IMaiutlrl. 1 von must answer said petition "11 or before 1 V' i ihe Uth day ol April.

or the allegations feM Lo j4 ai- ti, in il be t.ilien as true and iuiT-'nient thena Loy, defendant. vor of huildiiifr the church in the eity Ibllow me," amlahout forty respomled, the clmrcli. Then a siiuahble beiran over the children, the siilmrb ply to perform the melancholy duty of Sunday be provided with discovering, if possible, their dead "bod- the best teachers. I5y J. W.

'ottinghani ies and wliatever traces of their hard-) and others. ships and adventures they might have What considerations should lett behind them. 'prompt 11011-proi'cssors of religion to take an active art in the iipbiiililing A recent gale at Krie, Pennsylvania, and inainteiiiuice of the Siuiday uprooted a tree 011 Trestle Island, ex- schools. James McDermoli and vfl. timAv iri-ivlno- nlmiwt- winter and fall troods hour.

A ImkiI froni eauulen reports a i rie all the way clown the river. Xwir- rend, red aecordin.uly against- you the said To the defendant Peter S. Loy and I'orthena party seizins; them and attempted to .1.11111 illHl iu. 1. iv 1.0 111 LUC MOO tllLlllw tt.uo" iThat Small Profits and Quick Sales; interest therv-on at tne inte oi ly all Trenton is under water, ami in mime rilaees it is three feet deep. 12 per rent, per annum iroin Miircii ltt, Hxtiz hold them in their seats, and the eity party trying to pull them alonjr. It was posing the skeletons of James Bird ti. I with imorest thereon at 12 per cent, per 1 tan the Munm school ol inn st, ptcmber 1st, issi); with V- I III iJ- are being closed out at a jjreat sacrifice. Xow is thetime to procure bargains. Some good's are being sold way below cost.

We are determined to make a clean sweep'this time and are just slaughter, ing goods for the benefit of purchasers. No trouble to show goods. ness is HiisiH'iideil. the roads liniiassji- I a refresh i mi season ot "raee ami winuni naiiKjn, in. rir niih towiisliiiiatliilil In iln without lesson interest at 1 cent.

annum lrom Pare Goods and Honest Weights; 17.oi, with interest at 12 per cent. iht from September 1st, IVil, and on board the Niagara lor desertion i helps. Hy m. Uaggert tne 4111 ami lSli Ex. This reminds us if an old, others.

ble. ami eomiiiunieatioii only iy water, I'hintilift alonit the river is suspended, H-eisivf action has heen determined The Mtook is huddled together and hy Jay tfouid to punish those 10. I Olieciioil alio rcjioiioi iieasiin-i. many (lyiiifr from starvation anil from i ho have heen eireulal injt false stories VNlt KACH OP VOU are hereby not i-JL tied that vou have been sued by the plaintili iu the above entitled aetion; that plaiutifl tiled lla petition against you in raid action Iu the district court of Cowley count Kansas, ou the 1st day ol lwsi, and that vou must answer said petition on or before the Hth day of April, lssi, or the allegations therein will be taken as true and JuTlirinent rendered aecordiugly against Peter S. I.ov and PaitheuB Ioy for the sum of s21ti.ii with interest tliereonat 12 percent, per annum froto the 1st dav ol' June 181, mid sdli with interest at the rate aforesaid from December lt ISM, and lor thetaxew that may be due and pavalleat the time of the sale of the real estato hereinafter mentioned, and the costs of milt, and for the foreclosure of a certain mort-frase executed bv the said defendants, to secure the payment of said sum of money on the following described real estate situated in Cowlev count v.

Kansas, to-wit The east half niiii ihe Miuth west Quarter fi of THAYED. CALF the Huflalo rnat. which is worse than ahout him ami di-stroying his credit. patlu'tit tory rt'latinc to this smic Bird, ami whU-h rlosnas follows: Farewell HinI, farewell forever; Home HinI you'll see no more Iut your niiinleU eorpse lies huriei.l in Luke Krie's distant hoi-e." lin II. corner oi hv fTIAKEX I Se enth avenueand I'iatter with interest thereon from March 1st, IKSL and lor the unpaid tuxes ou the real estate hereinafter mentioned, with the interest and penalties Thereon at time of sale, and the costs of suit, and for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage executed by the said defendants, to secure the iayment of said sums of monev on the follow lug described real estate situated in Cowley county, Kansas, to wit: The south-wet- onarter l.t of sec: ion number twenty-two in township number thirtv south, of Itmige number six (ti.

east the (ith 1'. M. And in case said judgment is not paid within a time to be lixed by the com that the said mortgaged premises be sold according to law, without appraisement, and tiie proceeds arisinn from such sale ai- can have projicrty l.y paying toi' tins 1101 ice Are a safe basis to work upon. We are receiving goods al tttwx most daily, constanly keep a full and complete stock of COME IN AND BE CONVINCED IihxIki'H known fortwenty years. Hum i threateneil tiwliiy.

Shoulil it eonie, Monro-, the highest ioint on Hie east bank of the Ouachita, will inevitahly lie rtiibniergeil. The eoinlition ot the rmmtrv truly Sehool Sale. oKFJrK OF fitrXTV Wist Kansas, March Ihs'J. iiTICK IS HKHKHY (ilVKX that The matter has bei'ii plai-ed in the hands of David Dudley Field, who is working up the evidence against the detractors, and when sufficient prof has bs-en oltainel to convict lit now be-inir certain that the authors of the false rumors have been traced 1, it has been determined by llotild to prosecute them to the extent of the law. What evidence has been obtained by lawyers is at present kept secret, but will he developed in due time 111 court.

Sfiftn-thiy, Aprif A. IK payment of said judgment, lute- I 17, in township number thirty iJ olie.i to Iln GROCERIES rest and costs: and for a personal iuditmc-nt ltoots anl Shx- at alnuu-t yimr own tric-. Croc--rie of all kinds have- been reduced. Coft'oe as lnw 12 uts per ound. SiUfar l)tol2 pounds for and -vrrylliins el-ap low.

between the liours of in A. M. aiul 1. I will otter tr ale to the hiirhest l.ieMer. at my in WintieM.

the lollowhiii tte-seriheii selnl luml. Xo hitls will be reeeiveil tor less than the appraisetl vaine hv a-re. Ttie north-west uar tt'i of the south-east ouar-l-r of s-rt ion Jti. town sont h. of inn ire Appraised Jit three ilollars mih! fitty i-culs per acre; the north-east miarter ol" the south-east quarter of seel ion hi, town south, of ratine I east: uppi-aised at three tiol- it i3u south, of ranse number six (6 east, of tlie yt li I.

M. And In case nald judgment is not raid witnin a time to be Uxed by the court, Wiat the sai.t mortgaged premises be sold according to law, without appraisement, and the proceeds arising from such ale applied to the pavment of Bald Judgment, interest and costs; and upon tho eompletion of said sale, that the said defendants, and every of them, and all person! claiming under them, or either of them, be forever barred and foreclosed of. aaiuM said defendants for the balance due after appl tug the proceeds of said sale to the pavment 'of said judgment; ami upon the completion of said sale, that the said defendants, and every of them, and all persons churning uihi' t' them, or either of them, 1k? fonder barred and foreclosed of. and from all interest, claim or title in and to said mort-irairod premises, or any part thereof, and for such other relief as the plaintiff may be to. I.

H. Albright and The jailor who has eharre of the MaH ley ltoys, of Hartford, charged with murdering Jennie Cramer, has offended the young men greatly by disobeying their orders in some essential, and is in momentary expectation of losing' his place. It seems as though prisoners ought to overlook slight errors or mistakes on the Kin of their jailors, and not be too hasty. It probably was not intentional. Xear Tcrre Haute, ou Tuesday last a piece of human skull and lot of brains were found by officers, but There was 110 dead body near, ami the matter is shrouded in mystery.

From appearances it looked as though a man had blown his brains out, and the supposition is thai he is aboul to start a Urccn-bnr-k newspaper. larsan-l titty eent-; er aere. JAS. H.MtliKN. and from all interest, claim or title in and to founiy Treasurer.

said mortsagetl premises, or any pan thereof, I Attest JOS. O' 11 ARK, i K. s. ltKiui.toN, AU'vs for 1'lftintltf. I District Clerk.

w9-4t and forsuc-h other relict as the planum may bo entitled to. P. II. At-BRTOHT and ttet: Jos. are, Att ys for PVtff.

E. S. Ekdilion, District Clerk. QY VlU'rri: of an order The municipal authorities of Omaha, assisted by 1'nited States troops and state militia, appear to have al last succeeded in suppressing the riotous demonstrations which have lieen goinfC on I here for the past week. The strikers announce they will hereafter confine themselves to boycott inir all wile issued out Cowley count v.

Xotice tor Publication. iisiriet efurt I of th AND QUEESWARE, 5gVe repeat that we do not propose to be undersold.KT WALLIS WALLIS Kansas, of date Kehrur.ry Isth 1.2. and to me 1) STA'fV. OF KANSAS, KS. rnn.F.Y Oil STY.

di reeled ami deliveied. in i action lately pending in said court, wherein Winiield liank was plaiiHitK and Uarierand Hen-iamin F. Touey deieiidants. 1 will, on In the distriei court of said eounty and state. TheTravlers Iufluranee Company, plaimlfT, vs.

Charles F. snow, rla O. Snow, Eugtne snow and Julia fcjnow, defendants. To tlie Hi I haiies F. Snow, Maria O.

MotifJto, th lth iht rt' Mtf A. At 2 o'clock I. M.of said day. at the omh dfi4rof tlie Court House, in the 'liyot' Win- Held, in aid county, sell to the highest bid- i tier, for cash in hand, at not less than two- thirds of tho appraised value thereof, all tlu- i riulii it and interet the said defendants, i.n.t of them and to tii- following LEGAL XOTICFX Publir-atiou Noiife. L.K(SAI.

XOTirKS. Xotioo fur Publication. now ana snow, ie abov- ei.t i led action: TO THE LADIES We will say come and examine our stock of DRY GOODS And you will be convinced that we are SELLING GOODS CHEAPER thev have ever In-fore sold in WinnVId. merchants who shiji aiuiils jiver, or in any way patronize the i. Ar M.

ral. The result ot'the whole affair 1 bus far I has been, one citizen killed, and an im-' mense loss to 1 he laborers, who have had no work for a week. The Ileal Kslate and Ietcctivc As-! socialion, of Cinciniiaii, seems to be working up a most lhoromrh system of ajreneii and as soon as completed it looks as thoufrh the capture of lite ANf KAcIl Yut' are hcrcbynoti- itied real estate, to wit. Lots one 1 1 and -td' The Chicago lime speaks of half a dozen men who ere arrested in that city the other day "on general principles," and says, they were all well known to the police." Is it iossihlc they lock a mall up in Chicago for being acquainted with Ihe police? It does not look right. that yen have heen ued tin- platn- STATE OF KANSAS, COWI.KV niCNTT.

I r. n.CMV. I if. in nen 2 ill Hloek enty-ii ve nvi titl" in the a'ove eniitieit act ion that said nlaintiJl liled his petition o-tinst you in said In the J.lstrl.'I imirt of salil emmiy. son A Id it ion tit ne Iiv oi mni in.

i owi eounl v. state of Kansas: said two lots beh appraised. -I-f rft; and st. lised itu- Jofl kson, I-Ulntin; In wllrt" of (,, aI1. A.Roblnson.I-oumia i The Travelers Insuranw K.ibinw.n.

Martha plasm ill. toireliier bv reason of the dwelling hoii When we ehai'fied tfaint John with plating mi untruth in regard to lli fihowinir on the police ilocket of hiss eity, the 1'niir'it i- replied, "St. John did not say anythinir about May Irt. We -uppwe he got his information from the of May etf. The following is what Suint John did Hay accord in to the Con rir report of his speech: "WinfieM hart Iwenty-one eon vietions in the jiolice niiirt for drunkenness the last live iiionlh of liii-nse, against only three the first live months of prohibition." We would like lo ask the L'om-irr if the 'iirst five months of prohibition'' didn't commence on the first of May? We will also ask that why it to shielil its candidate We will also ask the ttuirier how ii could supMise that Saint John pot his inl'ormaiion from an-ihin? published in lbat paper May "ith.

when his statemeiils covered Jirr iiriii'h iift'i- that date? Will the Vnnfirr please answer? The Sumner eounty Vs in a two column article, discussing the merits of the different aspirants for congress in the Arkansas Valley. rivcw our candidate the folowiiiK neat mention, for which Ihe will please accept the llwnks of eowley county, and should opportunity ever olter we feel Kiireonr ople would jrladly return the coinplinient: Hon. W. I. Hackney ban hail Milticient experiem-e as a iil-lic servant and in both houses of the Mate leKislaturc lo render him an cliec-live and faithful congressman.

Thcii-fore, Cow ley county is to-day shouting for "Hackney, the However iimeii others may be di-osei tt detract from Ir. Hackney's worth or infeifl ily as a man or politician, we Ijelleve that all will ajtrce 1hal lie is Ur.iT A. Ma- Harr. of i W. Mf-reer.

a bit! on both thereof. iiiven under my hand at my o.dice. in lin ciiv ci" Winiield. in said cmmiy and state, this dav of February. A.

i. A. T. MIKNN KM A sheriff of Cowley t'liuiUy, Kansas. .1.

c. McMn.i.KN. plaiiiiifVs Attorney, s-ii liala A. M-rccr ami A. I.

Notice for Publication. STATK OF KANSAS, WWLF.Y COrSTV. The Travelers Insurance Company, i vs. Benjamin F. Strickland i and A.

To thetlefendantsIVnjamin F.stri.-kiondand A.I'. Wear, in the above entitled action AND KACH OF Ydf are hereby uotl-1 lied that you have been sued by the plaint in" in the above entitled action; that waid plaintili' fih-d its petit ion against you in said action in the district court of i owley eonntv. Kansas, on the first day of March, lssj. and that you must answer said petition on or before the 21st day of April, 1Ss2, or the alIerntious therein will be taken as true and judgment rendered aeconl-JiiMv aatiist ISeniamtn F. Strhklantl for the sum of with' interest i hereon from the ilrst dav of October, issl, and the taxes on the real estate herein aner mentioned.

at thetime of sale ot same, and the costs of suit, and bathe foreclosure of a certain mnrtsajre executed by the sai defen ilunl, Ken nmin F. Siricilnnd, to secure the payment of said sum of money on the lullowinsr described real estate situated in "owley county. Kansas, to-wit The smuheast quarter of section six mm, in township souiii, of ranse seven iT) east, of ue sixth Af. And in case said judgment is not paid within a time to be Used by the court, that tlie said morfaiied premises be sold according to lav, without appraisement, and the proceeds arising iroiu such sale applied to the payment ot said judgment, interest aud costs; and also judgment ill be rendered against thedetend-" V. AVcar adjudsin-i aud decreeing his estate, title and interest iu aud to the said mortira'ed premises to be junior mid interior to the mortijiie lieu oi the said plaintili and James bovs must ensue forthwith.

The Ihe estate of Kirhard Winn, deceased, lie l'endants. To A. Kohlnson and l.onlllia Kol.inson. WVar. To tlii" W.

Meii-er, Mahala A. Mer'i'aiul IKW'ear in en- aciion roc ANIi KAi'H fit-' YOI' arehcrel- uoti- 1 ruUHcatitii) 1 anti each of you are hereby notified The Smithsonian institute received from Plot. Forester, of Berlin, the announcement of the discovery l.y Palisa. on the loth of March, of a planet in Ihe bfth latitude, .1 1 hours Iff minutes, right ascension, degrees, IS minutes north declination; day motion four seconds. Ex.

Isn't some one off I heir base that you have oeen sneu i.y un- imhii.i.ii 1.1 nHi.n i 1 1 Itnl 111! V.1 IXl! rtll.l IIV 1 1h11' ST ATK KANSAS, cnwi.KV rm'MV, In the Itistriet Court of saitl cumty. In the matter ot' the aviium-nr oi Ju-i in (:. PiX ter. maiiaircrs have been industriously fjo-iiifr throiiiih the western statesnppoint-in'j; uaenls at every hamlet and cross roads. Kach aircnt pays ln down for his commission.

Over in Has! Si. I I.oiiis and vicinity il seems a very number of agents have paid their mon- cy. and arc awa'niny; the fiiltillnienl of i certain iiiomises made them. i hat i.lainlill liis rwtiliDii iu sJiiil conn In titl'iu aliove nilillrtl a. tu.ii that sai.i the 'hove em it led a.

Hon the 7th day of planlin filed his)ntitiou ngainxt -vou 111 I'ebnr-trv A. I). 1V-', an.l that yon must n- -tion in the distriet eourt ot Cowley eonntv. swer petition of the plaimitt' on or Kansas, oil tlie ll day of Mareh, that belore trie uay oi i-. vim iuilm atnnn Hions there- 1 will lie taken as true.and juagmein -ji day ol April, tiieaii' action in the district court of Cowiey county, Kansas, on the lirsi day of March, ISSJ, and thai von must answer said petition on or before the Mill day of April, lNvj.

or the allegation therein will be taken as true and juds-i-ieiit rendered accordingly against Charles F. Snow. Maria Snow, F.uene Snowand Julia snow! i'or fn sum of eleven huudivd and for-t v-four dollars with interest thereon nt the rate of twelve per cent, per annum from h--de of January. IKsj, and for the ini-p-iid taxes on the real estate hereinafter mentioned, at the date of sale of same, and he costs of suit, and for the of a certain mortuaite executed by tho said defen-duit "to seen re the payment of said sum of mosu-v on the follow Jm described real estate situated in Cowiey county, Kansas, to-wit: thesouth-east quarter i1- of section nine (M) -ixtv acres ori' the south side, and the e-iU iuilt" of the north-west quarter of section ixteii tlii), in township thirty-three south of ran four (4 east, ofthesixth I. Vnd in ca-ie nul judfrment is not paid within a lime to be fixed by the court, that the said mortitatred remises be sold Hcjord-imr to law.

without appraisement. and the proceeds arisins from such sale ajiplied tothe pavment of said judgment, interest and costs; and lor a personal judgment airainst said defendants for balance due alter applying proceeds of saitl sale to the payment of such debt, and upon the completion of said ale that "the said defendants, and every of "heiii and all persons elaimiiis under them, or either of them, be forever barred and lorc-elo-ed of. and from all interest, claim or title in and to said mortira fjed premises, or any To the creditors sahl 771 cll and all of you are hereby notified 1 that the iinder-igni'd aK'iui- habecome iu will betakenastruoaud judgement reuder- ti wii ne vor ttl DIHlUUll Will tC i-i The Senate 'onmiil lee on Iinlian i en iigaiuM wutt- Mahala A. Mercer. lor the sum oi Willi in- frost hereon at the rate of 1-Jncr cent per all kinds of Country Produce.

Butter, aaainst. von, and each ot tor the Hiiiuot two huuarcd and fifty dollars iVijU, with intcrcr-t on the same at the rate ol twelve tier ceut. per annum, lrom the dav oi ukusI. isso. according to the terms ot" a nroinifMrv note made hy hoth of you, with at1 cwts this action, aud i'or the loreclosure of" a mortgage made hy both of you upon the nreniiwcs, situate in tlie saiisited mat it no iomrer to Ihe creditors of said a to keep said sb'nnieiit lonii'er open, and ihat he will make application to the district eourf ofsjiideouuty on he I'd dav of the next term thereof, or as siMrti thereafter as he can be heard, to be hnhfen in said eoimty on ihe fourth Tuesday iTith mivt of Anrit.

A. It. Iss-j, for a discharge a Hairs auree'l j-nltslanliuily upon 'ook's "ill pvoviile fn an tiieitt urhindrt in seveialily lo I iitlin tis on reservation, ah'l tn exteinl llie civil and eihninal OI Uli-MllCUl tur i' i.v.i.m.-i :m.l i he -c-ls of suit, aud lor the fore C'hickcns, Turkeys, etc Cash or Goods. closure ol'a eertain uiorl'jrae executed by ttie said delendants.tieoitte V. Mereer.

to secure the payment ot said sum ol monev ou the rolloiTins described reai i laws ol' tlie respective slaleM or terri- from his said tru-t. and fr an approval of ail ton (heeouipleliou oi saui sate.tmu tnesam county of Cowley, and Mate oi iu n. the north-east affeiidanth.audevoryoiincin.nnaHiiiH-ihiin jniie north-west ijuuiter I 1 1 IS aeeolllll-. lepoi is. aei- oi tim mutter ot said assi-mmem a nu i uai Caiautig under tnem, or eituei iuym, -t- UMrtrr 0f sectiou number Ihirty-turce 110, i estate situated in owiey eonmy, ivaiisas, to- tlie Indians to ludn tlie allotted within their lioim- Ion' land lr.

Kl-worih. of Lafayette. Indiana, who took charge of a small-pox patient by order ofthecity authorities, presented a bill for iii.claimingtbat I lis practice had bei broken up by his taking charge of the man and turning his residence into a pest house. The example set by iarlield physicians seems to be bearing fruit, and soon ..1,... OIMI in diseharned.

a Use be forever harm! and lorcciot-cu oi, uu num towllsuiii i township number tuiriy-oue i-tiusouiu raiiae wit: Uic souuii uuaneri'-4i wi mthuuuu hi; iif shown. -1. -ontiar ill tnwns iin tlilny i.ji mjuiu ji ittiiarc' ms im Lynn. Atenee and for the appraisement aud premises to satisfy said judgment la ri. ea1, premises, or any part theivot.

and for such other reliel as the plaiutifl may l.ecutilled to. east of the sixth V. M. AM iu case said nius- metit is not i.aid withiu a time to be fixed by I anu iiairiiis Jim, Of 1 Iha M.ti.1 l.llirl!?n'.(.(l mviiiiMs i J. K.

li.k. Attorney for Asstei Febrimry 12. I'llblieatiou Notice. Attest Jos. O'Hahk, Attys' lor tart thereof, and ln sucu otner reiiei ar tne P.

BADEN, entitled to. I title or interest in said premises; and besold according to law. without appraise- iueasesaid premises do not sell forauamouut meut. aud the proceeds arising ironinuch sale 1 suttieient to satisfy said Judgment aud costs, appiit-d t.i the payment of said in- im exe uiion will issue aiaiust you, said K. terest and costs; and also judgement will be 1 n.l I.oulilia ltobiusou.

for such airaiiist the defendant A. I. Wear. piaiutiti' may 1 I 1. H.

Ai-miroitT and The President approved th' aet authorizing the us of naval vessels in aid of sufferers from the Mississippi floods, and the act making an appropriation for he proposed i iartield monument. ami one of. he most untiring -f 7 Jos. Haiie, liFiHi I Att ys for liTlntitf. District Clerk.

w-it mifi iudi ion- workers in' i'i'ATK KANSAS cow i'N i li he 1 i--t riet ourt ot sai Aieanda flics. It seems as ly it the pal tent I county. Ilan-on. Plainiitl. lor eoii- tbat ir rxrelleiit tinder ifTn" John C.

Itauoii. 1'f feiidaiit. -aid dcicndant. Jt'hn llaniii: iiencicnev and piditment ill be rendered ac- adjudging aud decreeing his estate, title aud eor.lii)"lv. J.

K. Ar.t.l:N and interest iiiand to thesald mortjiagcdpreniiscs A. H. Hkkkv. lobejunioraud lnteriortotheiuortaKe lieuot Attorneys for Plaintitl' thesald plaiutifl; and upon the completion ttesf F.

S. Bmiimux, Clerk. said sale, that tlie said defendants, and every ol lheui. and ultjKrsonsclainiiusruuderlhcm. Otlt.

oreitlierot them, be. forever barred uud krebv ffiveu tlutt the under- pa it heje. mid lor su.h other reliel as tbe sUneTl assignee of KUen F. Slump, will I plantift' may I eutnled tj To the 1 Lord ieorjre K. Montague, Third Seeietary of the Iw itish legation, died sudilenlv at his rooms, corner Four are beret noiinni hat you nu K.

s. Bt nli-ION, Iiistiiet clerk. Adtui nist Not ii-e. STATK OF KANHAS.l OlWl.KV ot NTV. Iu tiie l'rohule tourl in and for said Comity.

Iu the matter of the estate of John II. N'otVcK ii hereby given, that Letters of Ad-niiuistrntion have been ttlaute.1 to the undersigned on tbe Kstatc of John H. Itigs, late of said luiiuty. deceased, by the Honorable, the Probate Court of thotouiity an.lsiule aforesaid, dated tbe 4th day of February, A. 1.

Viti. ow all persons having claimsaioilnst tbe said Kstate. are hereby nolllied that tbev mut present the sauie theuiidersliied for allowance, wilbin one year lrom the dale of said Letters, or they may be precluded from nnv benefit of aueh estate; nud Unit if such claims he not exhibited within three years, after the date Letters, they shall be forever 1 been sued bv iiv olaiulili. Amanda J. Hanson, in the above entitled action.

That itttM thepleintitl tiled her it ion in the above ternth and I streets, in Washing -u the-'mtdavot iss oe at i ne onicc oi Haul Atl.ys IU1 PH tt'. I Icndtjuartcrs for Goods. Boots, Shoes Groceries WINFIELD, KANSAS. in 1 1 1 ieii ii' i it mi oi iilllte VouUii and 1 eountv on the day of February. A.

P. 1 ss'j. ii'-ja i nst von to obtain a divorce tvoni you on the round abandonment, and you must reeently. He was unmarried. E.

t. lit PIUON. l'lstrict Clerk. Notiee of Final Settlement. Tlf sl ATE ANSAS.

ss n.WI.KV f'MM'V. In the Brobale Court in and for said county. In the matter of the KstaO of Jacob T. nine, d.eeased. tTMil PlTi ilS and all other persons mte-V re-ted in tho aforesaid estate are hereby noriiied that, at the next regular term ot the probate court in and for said county, to be-am! held at.

the eourt room in winiield, eonntv of i owlev. state of aforesaid, on the first Mondav iu the month of April. A. P. issJ, I shall apply said court for full and final settlement of snid estate.

KiazA A. Cravk, Kxecutrix Jacob T. Crane, deceased Februarv I-th, A. I. lf2.

JKN-iKOS TROFP, AU'vh, Dry thotieh doetors onyibt to sare a man eit her his money or his lite. A sharper is travvlini: through 111 i i pois frtahlis1iiiiu aeneies foj a sickle grinder. H- obtains the honest old fanners' signatures to a statenteii! tha tin liink it a rool thinu. but when the hone-t old farmers Iieiver they have a elu elc on a hank for sl'ihi or Mhey chatie tlu ir minds about it tiling. Tliey se -f then, that it haM defwtn whieh they eannot i fndorse.

Well, it is human to err. the! itvof Wiuti.ld. Kansas, lor the purpose of adlnstiiis and allowlnsr claims against Thelw Le-isiatltr romiMMM of lUedenreHt beaded and inlvlii- men of the slat. I as pa-r a Mil iu favor of wonii.ii hjUVult, and tin dsty will wwm Hiitic, it li-p'd. when tbr ladien Iowa have- riirtl ribW ith IImw wlm all (he tnbucco, smoUeail thehadcijiar.

di ink nil tlie wbiky nd utter all the In round We never rouMlooU rtt itHliyothei way than that wutuii wan pk as a man. Ellen F. Slump. Kai.l adjusting will com- a-, oer aav ai uoitie. rami'iet nienee at o'clock A.

ou said day, and ecu- f) IO J. wort free. Address answer tiie sai.i petition of the plain lit) on or Hv. IWII, a eai H-nter of cut ra- 7tll of April. A.

P. or said li-. fit ii-liii h-is hitluoiobeeu -tUldort- tition will be taken as tin-, and I la. I no IMsnnm no "on 1 win be rendered airainst you and in tavor of ill" his family fcv working at the beiH-h. thn plaint itt of divorce, dissolving the bonds mom l.v of Mav i Btixmjn I'ortland, Maine.

lsj.2. and the two following days. AU persons undent them for ad- barred. Joseph X. hill Aauiinisirawir si.

HILL lias fallen heir with three others to I a week in vour own town. fflOO and OuttU iVee. Adlrw II. l- kit I'ortland, Maine. of of John H.

Bow. deceft.t. KKiuT Miid plaintili. and restoring plaintitl to her maiden judgment will be rendered according. J.

K. A ia.i;N. Att'y IMaintitr. Attest: K. S.

Ukdilios. Clerk. 8-11 P. Johssos, Asslsne. IIenbv K.

Amp, AHoTiiey. Vf.p J.n FeJiruaiy lltb, 1S82. 8-14 estate valuel at one million He is one man amongst a million..

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