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Benton Record from Benton, Kansas • 1

Benton Record from Benton, Kansas • 1

Benton Recordi
Benton, Kansas
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MEGOMD. BENTOK Subscription $1.00 year in Advance $1.50 credit Guaranteed 500 Circulation, Rates Reasonable 1 PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF BENTON AND BUTLER COUNTY. No. 41 Vfil Ill Benton, Butler County, Kansas, Thursday, May 30, 1912. A FEW LOCAL SHORT STORIES Band Concert and Ice Cream Social the 1st of June.

Band Concert The Band bpys will give an ice cream and cake social Saturday evening June 1, at the 0. Hall. Plenty of music by the band and a short program of song readings, violin music, ets. will be given free. Ice cream and cakelOe; We are gaining in our shoe business every month.

Remember every pair we sell is guaranteed to give satisfaction. This is a big item when when you buy shoes. Very houses do this. When you find a store that does you may rest assured that the shoes are alright. If they were not then we could not afford to do this.

Children: I have not hail time to give you particulars about our contest but will sure do so next week. Watch our ad. (Grocery prices good until Saturday night.) Groceries Below we are quoting a few Bargains in Groceries in Dozen Lots, Right now is the time when you need canned goods and these are very attractive prices. The price applies only to full dozen's of one kind. Sweet Potatoes our 84 or Corn Corn Langis Island .90 Corn Ben Hur.

.85 Tomatoes Le Hi. 1.75 Pumpkin Scotts .90 Red Salmon Americo or Karluk 2.25 Cali. Pears Mt. Diablo .1.75 Cali. Plums Americo or Mt.

Hamilton 1.75 Cali. Apricots Mt. 1.75 Peas Old Abe, Eureka and Cayugar 1. 60 Oat Meal Iowa, Cylinder package .90 Pork Beans Unites 1.00 Greenwich Lye .80 Lewis Lye .90 Soap Crystal white or Bob white .45 Soap Lenox, Silk or white .40 Corn Flake small .60 Soda large package Cow brand .75. Fruit Jars Ball Brand pints .50 .60 1-2 .75 Received Damages Benton township allowed Chas.

McKnight $150 'damage for the loss of his horse which was drowned at the Siders ford. The law requires a high watermark to be placed at all public fords and owing to the absense of one here the township was held responsible for the loss. TOWANDA HAS ANOTHER FIRE Thre More Business Men Burned Out On South Side This Time. Towanda was visited by another destructive fire early this morn ingand only by the prompt work and assistance of ail the citizens was the business part of the town saved. There was practically no wind blowing which also helped the fire fighters.

The fire destryed a large one story building on the south side of the street and a short distance West of the buildings which were destroyed on the morning of May 9. The buildinig was occupied by a bowling alley, the William Turner creamery and John Hayes jewelry store. The origin of the fire is unknow When it was discovered it haa a big headway in the bowling alley where it appeared to have started and quickly spread to the other stores. Only the hard work of the fire-fighters prevented a irame building, a short distance west of this building, from being burned. It caught in several places but was extinguished with But much damage.

This building was occupied by a feed store. The contents of the three stores in the burned building were entirely destroyed. By the time the citizens arrived upon the scene, it was to enter the building to save any The loss to the merchants is unknown. The burned building' was owned by Charley Whittenborn, a whose blacksmith shop had been destroyed in the nrVieifirt Mr Wrnrrpnhnrn Vinrl SMK JMNE Particulars about the Contest July 3, next week. Prices Paid for Produce 18c Eggs.

12c good to 6-1-12 SELLS EVERY THING Fourth of July Meeting On accout of the rain last Fri-day night the fourth of July meeting was a falure so we will try again next Friday night May 31. Every business man or any one interested are requested to attend, We had a good celebration last year and there is no reason why we should sot this. Meeting will be held in the I. O. O.

F. Hall. -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Church News LOCAL AND PERSONAL. Buy it in Benton! Old papers for sale at Record Henry Haase and wife were Wichita visitors Tuesday. Wra, Payis came out from Wichita Monday.

Sarten is working at C. M. Neals again. PVina MTTrn'o-lif rpfnrnpd VPS- offics. Buy it in Benton from the mer Geo, Medworth Hurt Last Sunday Geo.

Medworth and wife were out driving arid turned out for an auto to pass when his team became 'frightened and chants that advertise. country where the gospel in its simplicity must be preached. Opportunities are favorable to double the number of churches during the next five years. This ywill make it necessary for us to send men into the field to start the work. After once started it will soon be self supporting.

Our Home Missionary Society does this work by supporting four hundred and ninty-bne missionaries. Our annual offering to help defray the expenses necessary to this work will soon be taken. We are going to divide our offering between the Foreign and the Home Missionary Societies this year. Let us do our part to establish the Kingdom of Christ in the world. L.

M. Camp was a business vis- Methodist Program for Sunday June, 2, I Sunday School, 10 m. Preaching, 11 a. m. Choir 8: p.

m. Junior League 2 p. m. We extend a cordial invitation to all to attend each of these terday, from Towanda where lift -a, itor-iti Wichita Monday. umping sidewise, unfasten J.D.Perry made a business trip to Towanda Tuesday.

A. N. Hardy made a business purchased this building about two weeks ago for $650 from Clark Wade no insurance was carried on the building. Mr. Whittenborn to show true trip to Wichita Monday.

L. L. Lane'was a Wichita visit or Saturday. nau oeen papering. C.

Sarten came in from Wichita Saturdey night for a visit with friends.5 Faye Coberly of Wichita relatives here the first of the week returning home Tuesday. Quite a number from here attended the Robison sale at Towanda yesterday. W. H. Harrison has added a double decked porch to his new A.

J. Coberly made a business one of the traces, then lunging foward letting tha tongue down which made it impossible to con-trorthem. Mrs. Medworth slid out behind the buggy and was not hurt seriously, but George hung to the lines with the hopes of getting the team under control again and was thrown out between the wheel and the buggy box receiving several cuts and biuises, lost one tooth, broke a corner off another besides loosen, ing three others. He is still confined to the bed, but is getting along nicely.

trip to Wichita Friday evening. rivgivuui rviivuu viukivu ii.itvvt'wi this morning (Monday) to put a steel building on the site of the site of the burned one. He now plans to have a building that will be fire proof. El Dorado Mrs. C.

M. Neal and Mrs. C. P. Parks were visitors in ElDo-rado Saturday.

Chas. McKnight retnrued to house west of town. Towanda Monday where he is Harvey Anderson came in from papering. Alex Wallace who has WHAT WE STAND FOR For the Christ of Galilee, For the truth which makes men free, For the bond of unity Which makes God's children one. For the love which shines in deeds, For the life which this world needs, For the church whos triumph speeds The prayer: "Thy will be For the right against the wrong, For the weak against the strong, For the poor who've waited long For the brighter age to be.

For the faith against tradition, For the faith against superstition, Eor the hope whose glad fruition Our waiting eves shall see. For the city God is rearing, For the new earth now appearing, For the heaven above us now clearing, And the song of victory. J. H. Garrison.

California the first of the week for a visit with his parents. Aikman Cor Co. Attorney Attorney C. L. Aikman announced his candidacy Friday for the Republic nomination been working for M.

DeLong at Delavan came home Friday. Ida E. Valcom of Windfield died May 24, and was burried at for county attorney. It has been Hugh Nichols is able to be on understood that Mr. Aikman Towanda Sunday.

She was a sister of Earnest Rollings. the street again after a siege of the Typhoid would be a candidate and that he would have have no opposition for the nomination, although he had Frank Janner attended the Mrs. C. E. Knibbs left Friday Democratic meeting in El Dorado not announced formally Mr.

Aikman was born inKen Tuesday. for an extended visi with relatives in Toronto and Greenwood county. Mrs Lewis Widick of1 Newton tucky and came to Butler county visited h's mother Mrs. A. N.

with his parents in 1871. he has practiced law since 1889and for Widick here the first of the week. Democrats Met About 75 Butler-co democrats met in El Dorado Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of talking over the advisibility of securing candidaies for each of the various offices, to be elected this fall. The meeting was called to order by chairman Geo. Penson and T.

P. Mannion was made temporary secretary. A motion that a full ticket be put into the field was made and carried. A list was soon selected without much rangling, which goes to prove that the democrats are going to work together and by doing this they will be the better equipped for the final blow with which they expect to sweep not only the county but the state and nation, a democratic victory in November. A discussion as to how best to Thos.

Marnane attended the several years served as county at Democratic meeting in El Dorado Tuesday. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. From last Sundays Bulletin. The Blues are 21 points in the lead in the Bible school contest. We are sorry to note that Mrs.

Floyd Garlick has been on the sick list the past week. There were 1,163 acessions to the church reported in last weeks Standard. The attendance at Bible School last Sunday reached the number of 139. Let us not rest until the 150 is passed. The Ladies Aid will give a bazaar and supper on election day Nov.

All those wishing to contribute articles tor the bazaar will have ample time to prepare them. Other announcements will be made later. We desire very much to have every member of the church a subscriber to a religous paper. If we would be well informed to make a success of any kind of work why not the same in regard to church work? If you are not already taking one of our papers do so at once. The fifth annual commencement of our own southwestern school Oklahoma Christian University will occur the week beginning June 2nd.

On that day Bro. Walter Scott Priest of Wichita will preach the bnccalaurette sermon and the rest of the week will be taken up with the different functions. Your pastor graduates with the degree Bachelor of Arts this year and cordially invites you to attend the graduating services of the College of Liberal Arts and Bible on Thursday evening June 6. The Disciples of Christ as a religious body have ever been an agressive body Taking as their platform the policies of the New Testament church any other program would be impossible. The early harbingers of the gospel had reached all available territory during rtieir lifetimes.

Paul evangelized day and night all the years of his life. Likewise the Christian Church has made an impression upon the religious world as the strongest body in evangelization. But still we have hardly kept pace with the needs and the progress of the world. Many new fields are being opened up both in city and torhey in an able and effective manner He is familiar with the duties and requirments of the co Clyde McGrew attended the Bankers Convention in Topeka last week returning home Sunday night. NOTICE.

All accounts of more than 30 days standing are due and must be settled promptly. CM. Neal Al Neal and mother have mov For few bushel of Regular Announcements Bible School. 10:00 a. m.

Morning Worship, 11:00 a. m. Evening Services, 8:00 p. m. Prayer Meeting and Choir Practice, 8:00 p.

The church that welcomes the stranger. Frank H.Lash, Pastor. unty attorney, office and de Boone-co white seed corn. clares for the enforcement of law and protection of the interests of R. G.

Phares. Elmer Dickerson, wife and two the taxpayers, justice to all and snecial Drivileges to none. He went to El Dorado Tuesday. ed into the old hotel south of the depot and will make extensive has had charge of and has been associated "vith the trials of some of the most important criminal and civil cases tried in Kutler-co. He stands as an enemy to graft improvements on their home.

Mrs. Bloomberg and daughter Mrs. Agrelius left Thursday for Lawrence and other points where they where they will visit frinds for some time. B. of El Dorado was in town yesterday morning and vilators of the law.

The couLty attorney, office The ice cream and strawberry social given by the "On Timers Tribe" or Mrs. Henries Sunday School clas in the I. 0. 0. F.

Hall Tuesday evening was not very well attended owing to the busy season and the that it was not very well advertised. Those present enjoyed themselves and did away with a good many berries and cream. should be filled by an attorney of experience and a man who has the ability, courage and honesty secure means to carry on the campaign resulted in a plan to secure ten cents from every democrat voter in the county and the hat was passed and a fund was started immediately. After a few remarks by a number. present as to the golden opportunities of the coming election of which the Democrats were sure to the meeting adjourned.

Jim Wid'ck and wife came in the last of the week for a isit with his mother Mrs, Widick. I Tom Coffey and family have closed out their millinery and res-urant and left Monday for Wichita. Rev.Whinery was over from Towanda Sunday evening to till his regular Sunday evening appointment at the M. E. Church.

M.S.Delong came in from Delavan Friday having packed his stock of General Merchandise and sihpped it The gaods have not arrived getting acquainted with the re- to do his duty, and one able to run the office without the additional expense of employing additional council. Mr. Aikman has been Benton is to have a postal bank after June 1. solicited by many Republicans publican voters. He is a candidate for clerk of the court.

Be sure to come out to the ball game this afternoon and see the the eastside get what's coming to them. If they don' get it in the neck it will be the fault of the and Democrats, too, to become a candidate for the place and so Geo. Medworth was able to set up a little yesterday. Don't forget the 4th of July meeting Friday night. has decided to get into the race El Dorado Republican..

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