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Kansas Daily State Register from Leavenworth, Kansas • 2

Kansas Daily State Register from Leavenworth, Kansas • 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
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THE DAILY REGISTER JEREMIAH CXAItK. Tlie city of Leavenworth has nn interest to soul iii enwrapped in tlio peace, happiness and prosperity of the Union while its contending enemies are Douglasites, l'rosluveryites, Duehau-itcs and JtulgS Ulaekites, who are eager for the LEAVEN WURT1I KANSAS, look after hich tho people of tho City nnd County should not fail to consider. Mr. Clark is known to bo one of the largest property hol- JKKI''. 1.

DUdliKIt, K.litnr Man Hung In JertYmim C'onnty. A man by the name of liji-ry lViccwas hung, a few days ago, at Hull's (Jrovu, in Jefferson county. The eircumstimoes, ns we leurn from a gentleman from Huston, are ns follows Price had stolen two yoke of cut liu from his father-in-law, Jos. Hicks, He fled und was pursued by a party of teu or twelve men from that neighborhood, und uppreheiided at Iowa Point, and hkxs iu tha City. Ho has expended his money g.VTtHlAritH.H,XSti, MiV'M, Jcdde Johnston says, Dein'ocruti Convention or Committeecan make aplatform on which I cannot stand." This is his chief qualifi-tion for Delegate to Congress.

Now rend tho ktnguugo of Hon. Fred. Stanton, in reforenco to the Republican1 candidate, I shall vote for Mr. Parrot and thocntiro Opposition ticket, because by their energy and upright, straight-forward course, they have fairly won confidence and support." So say wc all, iei fiSy The Irrepressible Conflict." St. Joseph West.

Which means the conflict inflicted by the Brown Demcerucy. AUkiViH Mil Tile; KI'ClSTIilt. JOHN W. HAV, HskaluiiMi, Kan-as Territoi-v. il.i A.

tjiusslioppcr Falls, do 0. VII.MAIHII,nt liu, U.ok in tlict.1 lii.lcc Ilnil.t-Ing, ijiwrentv, is our authorized ai'iit. All oilers lett wiih him for Advertisements In tin- ltKiilTKK, nr furfub-senplions will liu promptly alU-u icd tu. Mr. V.

wilt keep coiistanllv on hand at his tiloro, thi' )AIl Kw.lKrKlt, of tlie latest. ilat broug! back. Ho managed to escape from the officers who held him iti custody, but was after promotion of selfish purposes, for the degrinla-tion unhe working niuii beneath their human chattels, and for the full destruction of all principles of right, which tend not to their pecuniary udvantagu. Hi-publicans! bear these tilings in mind upon Tuksuav nkxt Frco men! bear these things in mind Ti iwdav xkxt, and let not the world say you have knelt to the power that smote you, by electing any of the pro-slavery nulliliers and dis inionists but rather show your full manhood and nobility, by electing him who I BepuMlcan meetings. STATE CANVASS.

Jciwi Martin, F. Cokway, B. F. nanox, Colonel Joint C. Vacohan and Joini Hattkkhchkiot, Esq.

wlU aildress the citizens of Kansas, at the following timet and places Br 'd win City, Douglas Tuesday, Nor. 1st, at 1 o'er. a. Garnott, at Moneka, Linn Monday, at 3 Mound City, at Maplctnn, Bourbon Tuesday Ith nt 1 Mormeton, at Knrt Scott, Wednesday, th at 1 Humboldt, Allen Thursday, at 7 Cofliichiqne, rriifay, 11th at 1 Geneva, at 7 1 Hoy, Coffee Saturday, 12th at 1 Burlington, at 7 Ottuinna, Monday, at 1 Forest Hill, Breckcnrtde Tuesday, 16th at 1 Emporia, Wednesduy, lBtliatl Waterloo, Thursday, 17th at 1 Superior, Osage at 7 Auburn, Shawnee Friday, 18th at 1 Topeka, 7 Tecurasea Saturday, 11 19tb at 1 A. C.

Wli.DF.H.Sec. Rep. Ex. Com. wards caught and hung until lie was dead.

Distressing A Young Laily Huriti-dto Death, Com-Rpondpitpe of tlio Benirftor, Lawuhxck, Nov. 3d, 1859. freely, and has acquired a vast interest 111 the prosperity of Leavenworth. He is a conservative, quiet, unobtrusive citizen; ho is linked in sympathy and fortune with that of Leavenworth; her prosperity is his entire ambit ion. He is not nor ever has been a politician; he pretends to nothing he is not; he is known to be an honest, straight-forward man.

The same can be said of A. M. Clark, and James L. McDowell. They are well known to be deeply interested in tho prosperity of Leavenworth, honorable, true and tried friends of our city and ull her iutcrcsts, and should be elected by nit means.

BFS Mr. Mathias is pledged to roform." I erald, 4th Nov. Very glad to hear of a change of heart; but generally where there is reformation, idl bad company is dropped, and a new and moral society chosen. Wo have not heard of Mr. Mathias Special Notices.

will rustain your rights Mauccs J. Fcukott. C'OUKXV 1X.KKIC. A sad accident occurred in this vicinity during last night. A careless fellow set the grass on fire, and it spread over the prairie with fearful rapidity.

The tire approached the house of Mr, Simpson, on the California road, three miles from this city, and threatened to destroy his hay stack and out-buildinga. A young ludy, It should bj rcmeuibered by the people of this county, und of all other counties, that the ofliee of County Ck-rk is one that requires more clerical ability and capacity, than any other in tho county. The interestfi of widows ami orphans, the settlements of estates and disbursements of the proceeds of estates among the The fullutving uru two suctions of law reported by Mr, Mutliiux, tlio JJomucriitic candidate for councilman from this county, mid which law lie voted for in tlio Legislature. Sc dtutntcs, Kansas, 1855, 717. "Sb.

12 If an; free person by speaking or by writing, assert nr maintain that, persons have not the right to hold slum in thin 'lerritory and shall iutroilme into this Territory, print, publ ish, write, circulate nr cause to he introduced into this Territory, written, printed, published, or circu-bited in thin Territory, mi honk, paper, magazine, pamphlet, or circular, containing uny denial of the right of persons to hold slaves in this Territory, such persons shall he deemed guily of felony, and punished by imprisonment at hard labor, for a term of not less than two years." Sko. 1 3. Nil person who is conscientiously opposed to holding slimes, or who does not admit Vie right to hold slaves, in this Territory, shall sit as a juror on Hie trial of any prosecution for any vitiation of any of the Sections of this act. living with Mr. Miss Maggie Hitchcock, went out to stop the progress of tlio flames, but the fire communicated to Iter dress, aud burnt her in a shocking manner.

She was taken to joining the Itopublicnns. the house, where she lingered, the most The Republican panars of this citv excruciating pains until this morning, when she heirs, are all dependent upon tha honesty, and the business ipueity mi 1 ability, of tho Clerk and, unless he is a man of experience and good business education, it is impossible for him to keep such business in good order. This is something evary one knows. died. Yours, Ka.nsas.

SEWS AM) M'ltAm." Thanksgiving Proclamation. The sere and yellow leaf admonish us that another year is drawing to a close. The bonnteoui harvests are chiefly gathered, ami the homes of our citizens are being embellished with the rich blessings that flow from seed time and harvest." Industry, in our new Territory, just shaping into life and civilisation, has everywhere been amply rewarded by sunshioeand shower. Peace and safety havo entered every hamlet, and quiet reigns supreme over our goodly heritage. For these mauifold blessings let us return our heartfelt thanks tu Him who knows ail things rules all things, and without whose protecting arm, alt human efforts must fail, and chaos return to darken the world.

SAMUEL MEDAllY, Governor of the Territory of Kansas, do therefore appoint Thursday, mil 24th day or No- VKMUEK, IX TUB YEAR or OCR LollD, ONK THOl'SiKD HIUUI hi'xdhed a.nd fifty-sixe, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to the Supreme Rulor of the Universe, and recom-mond its appropriate observance by tho citizens of the Territory. Iu testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my L. 8. hand, awl caused the seal of the Territory to be llixed. Done at Lecompton, this Slst day of October, 1859.

By the Governor, 8. kEDART. Hcou 8. Waish, Secretary, K. T.

iei i Temperance Lecture Tlio eolobratod Buck-Eye Locomotive," L- L. Alikk, the Temperance Lecturer, will deliver a Lecture THIS fcVK-NING, at the Good Templar's 1UU, on the corner of Shawnee and Fourth streets, at 7 o'clock, P. M. The public are respectfully Invited. Admission free.

BC3u Saunter Wilson of Jus Desides, all the finances of tho county have to bo kept in order by him, tho payment of debts STATE CANVASS. Got. Chaa. Robinson, General S. C.

Pomcroy, H. 1. Adams, andH. P. Johnson, will address Ihe citi-cens of Kansas at the foUowing times and places Atchison, Atchison Tuesday, Not.

1st, 7o'el'k, P. M. Seneca, Nemaha Monday 7th 1 Harysville, Marshal Wedn'sdjr 8th 1 Barrott's Mills, Thursday IWbl 'Vermillion City" Randolph, Kiley Friday 11th 1 TimljerCity, PottowattomieSatr'dy" 12th 1 America, Nemaha 41 Monday 14 14th 1 11 Holton, Jackson 44 Tuesday 44 15th 1 44 41 Grasshopper FallsIefleraon Wodns'y" 16th 1 4 44 Osawkee, 44 Thursday 44 17th 1 Oskaloosa, 44 Friday 44 18th 1 44 Wyandott, Wyandott Monday 19th 7 44 41 Shawnee, Johnson 41 Tuesday 44 2Sd 1 44 Olathe, 44 44 44 44 44 7 44 Paola, Lykins 44 Wedn'mJy 23d 1 44 Staiitbn, 44 44 Thursday4' 24th l' 44 Ottaway Jones' Franklin Friday 44 25th 1 44 Minnooia, 44 11 41 7 Clinton, Douglass 14 Saturday 44 J8th 1 44 44 A. C. WILDKR, Sec'y.

Hop. Ex. Com. tor some days past, nave uotlgeu the living issues. Herald, 4th.

The Democratic paper of this city has been dodging tho truth for a week back, to catch gudgeons with Crazy Brown. A School of Dcsigti has been opened in an eastern city, but the school of Infamous Design is about to be closed in this Territory by the complete annihilation of the Pro-Slavery ticket of this county. of the county, and, in fact, the transaction of all Foil KI.KCiATK TO (JoXOllKSS, MARCUS J. PARROTT. UKPUlllsItJAN S'l'A'l'li llUliKT.

recent speech, truthfully said The slave power has seized tha Democratic party in this country, and 1ms used it for the extension of slavery, and tli-n-o has sprung up a party in opposition to it, accepting tliedoctrines of tho Revolutionary fathers, when the men who laid the foundation of the government stood Cari'kt-Dao What has Income of that IHse carpet-bag Has the Governor of Virginia taken it to his sanctum to fill with indubitable letters from Northern men Oivk tub Dkvil ukb ditr." Lola Montez is said to have recently experienced a change of heart, and those that know her best assert that recently she has lived the life of a devoted aud sincere Christian. W.UX 8TKKT AS EPIGRAM. At tho hul of the street the lawyom are found1, At tho foot on tl-c river the vortseU abound. Fly stranger oh fly to Bumo Bafor retreat, For there's craft on the river aud crafton the streets. X.

Y. Post. St. Louis, I.en ven woi til and Atelilaou Tcle-rih -Stebljlns Iiltie, Office South' comer Main anl up stairs, Ollic-e hours a. to p.

m. For (sovcnior. CHARLES HOHIXSOX, of Douglas County. 'For Llcnt. Governor, 1.

P. HOOT, of Wyandott I For Si'iirclnry of Slate, J. W. Itom.S'SOV, uf Kill' County.) For Treasurer, WILLIAM T1I0I.K.V, of Lmircmtnwtli County. Por Auilltor, CEOHGE HIUA'Kli, of Jell, ram County.

For Altoriiry General, B. K. SIMPSON, of J.yl iun County. For Instruction, W. It.

liHU'mil, of Bourbon County. For lllcmlier of M. K. TOXWAV, of Dmix-laa County. For t'lilif Justice of Court, THOMAS KWIXH, of Lonrenwor.h Countyj For Associate Justices, SAMUEL A.

KIXfiMAN, of Drown County, L. It. IIAII.EV, of nropkrarlilgn. the clerical affairs are in his hands. It Inn always been the better policy to keep a good man in such nn office, after bo has been tried and found to lie such.

We present tho name of Henry 0. Field, our candidate for that office, as a man fulfilling theso requirements in every particular. Mr. Fields took hold of the County Clerk's office, and found everything in a jumbled np condition, the records not kept up, und every thing in disorder, so that it was almost impossible to tell anything about the business of tho office, lie hits put every thing in order, and business now moves alonr without any difficulty. Mr- Fields cams here in 1855, when the hazel brush grew in what arc now the thoroughfares of the city.

Hehos ever been a sound Free State man, and was and is in favor of the people settling the Slavery question for themselves. 1 1 ifi opponent, John Churchill, wo learn is in tin out and out pro-slavery mail," and insisted on the adoption of tho Lccompton swindle, and this day would vote like his friends Matthias, llively, Vandoren and others, for making Kan STATE CANVAS. 1. P. Root John W.

Kutviirsoo, Col. Wm. A. I'liilliia, and S. C.

Smith, wUV aidless the ritaa of Kansas, at the following timees and places IcomptonrDouglas Tuesday, Not. 1st, 1 o'el'k, r. If. ogleiv Monday, 44 7th 1 4l- 44 44 44 44 7 44 Kiley CityDaTla Tuesday, "8th 1 44 4t t'ouucil Urive, Thursday'4 10th 1 4 C.ittonwood Kalis, Chase Friday'4 11th 7 ijnporia, Breckenridgc Saturday, 12th 7 44 44 Sopurlor, Osage Monday, 14 14th, 1 44 Iturlingam, Shawnee 44 44 7 44 Centrupolis, Douglas Tuesday1 44 16th 7 44 41 A. C.

WILDER, Sec. Rop. V.x. (Som: CELEIIItATION Or Tilt A.VMVK! bakv of Fhkdkkick SdlllXEB. Tlie undersigned Committee tuk pleasure in informing the entire population.

of Leavenworth, that they, supported by a numerous pxiticipution from- all sides, will also celebrate The 10(1 day of November, 1839. in Leavenworth, in a worthy wannor. In honor of the immortal Poet, they intend, on this day, in STOCKTON'S HALL, to unveil the bnt of Schiller, and Crown it witli laureLi, while a Festival 8peech, (to be held by Dr. Kon,) declamations, sinjrlng and instrumental music, Mlall form a harmouical uccompaniment to some living pw'tures token from tho dramatic works of Schiller, whish Henpect felt for A. 11.

Kyle Baltimore, Nov. 3. The Central Reform Committee held a rneeting.and- unanimously expressed their deepest indignation nnd distress for the murder of their respected nnd excellent fellow citizen, Adam B. Kyle, and resolved to attend his anerni to-morrow morning-. Proooscil nnllrond tUrougtk Clilliunlinn.

Washington, Nov. 3. A letter hosbeen received that Gen. Trias, for many years Governor uf Chihuahua, is shorily expected at El Paso, to consult with Judge II rt, with reference to the nonstruction of rail Bf33u Capt. MeCIintock has declined to receive any pecuniary reward from tho British Government for his late brilliant service in the Arctic regions.

A Waterpaij Robert Wells ascended in buloon nt Charleston; S. on 'f neslay, and landed plump in tho river near Drum Island. Tub Shakers. Them raw eighteen! Shaker societies in the United States, numbering members. TiiANKsnivixo.

Gov. Burton, of Pelewarcs has appointed the 21th of JJovemlwr as a day sas a Slave State, if there was any chance to road Chihuahua. MERCHANT TAILOU, make it so. Another word about Mr. Churchill.

Now, we do not allude to it out of any sneering spirit, for A Fire lit New Orleans. New Obleans, Nov. 3. Seven squares, extending from Wash X. 11 Dctawaro Street, on tlu rlouth Side, we love an honest man, howevsr ignorant he may bo of the higher acquirements necessary to the ington lo Ninth street, in the fourth tlis 1 kavkxw iRTn.

Cirv, Katiaji. transaction of intricate business affairs; but wo shall bestow a higher consecration to the festival. The entertaining part of the festival, slll be a banquet in the noblest style, tlie- preparations of which GRASKH Mkxokk will undertake: Pure and good wines at as choap prices as possible, shall decorate tlie tubk, on this ovouiug. Tlie price of a ticket to the mental -mtertainrwnt and the banquet, is $'2 00 for a gentleman an-1 lady. Tiiu Ci.imultteo begs leave to remark that they wilt render account of the money received, und that any surplus shall Ik- be-towed upon uny benevolent ptirpn-e an 1 the nierican fellow citizens to in tlie celebration of the hundredth birlh day of our great poet.

OK AltHAXIlKMlC.VTS, 11. fliaMT, ITI. F. riinv, 5, o. tueujst'j Musr lins, t'.

Selimi lt, ti, Setzler. it. Tiekots are to be had from the mi'in'ior of tlio Conimittteo. Nov.l-dtd. a ivcVi ypu At CtiKcit'd Ambrotypo Callerv on Delaware near Miin, run have pictures in a ir style, an I warr.inted.

He lias on tuind a larvo sel'vtion of plain an 1 Taney cases of every variety which he will be please 1 to think that the p.iople, however much riot, were destroyed by fire this evening. The burnt district was thickly built with small buildings. Another square is on fire. The lij-einon nro powerless for want of water; A.irsT RKf'r-fVKD A LARiiK AND AH- fcfOIiTVEN'f of nllkin-Uof may respect a man, ought not to entrust dim- of thanksgiving. USsS" Oinnihussos, the first' seer in Kyria, have begun running at If -y rout.

Crowds of natives THE FRUITS OF DRMOCllACY. Lot llio deniaijofriies of Slnwry uso their utmost power to liido tlu-ir evil diwircs. Lt tliHin emjilo) in-line4, sop'iistry, falsehood, mid n'l the tilioni-inlih v. of in'i-nity, yet will their 44 elov-ii f.i-t'' ritielc out, in the nature of the hody to wliii-h thry are attached. They m-k now, mil-r the mlMi nclioiw of a crazy old who, tin and troulile of tlnvo ncure tind five, Ins pa 'd into tlio pi'i 1 of'id childhood, to cover np seheiir.w, to llido their odious sins, tind inako tlie pm pie believe they arc all purity nnd truthfulness, and only lalior-Ing for the wj'lUiv of the. people. One of their min'w ivk "whetlrr the mn: ro'is nfTair lf I'Vrry would ktve hud itho ll' never existed is in this impiiry, nn 1 rply by asking wI.cik'C came (lie 11 -publican party? What broujrht nguiu into netivo life, the principles so earnestly advocated in 1820, when Missouri sought udmiUunco into tha Union of the these States? A'o will unswer the degra- cult and imncrtiint duties to him when ho lacks tho necessary qualifications to attend to them Such a man we und-Tstund Mr, Churchill to bj. lie doubtless would all lie could to perform GENTS' FURXrHING C00HS, Anl ts jireiiared to execute work In the I.ATE-T STVLH, AND IV THE VERV DBf the duties of ths oKlc? but we understand that his tmalifieations are far inferior to those; of his oppoue t. AVc have some specimens of his clerical ability, which, if desired by his friends, will be published. have you call nnl examine.

Having tho advantages of a skylight gallery, (tlie onty ono in the Cit,) ho is propur-eii to take pictures on Melaneo'ypo plate unl leather, which will not rub o.T, an 1 ly bi sent to any part of tlic world liy letter, ffg- Give him a call. Xov.l-dtf. "OLD imtnviv." Our neighbors of tho 1 terald and Times are making more of ona poor old crazy hound," than there is any uso for. They arc quarrelling dation of the Democratic party the utter failure of the Democracy to dlil tlio noble work commenced by our forefathers; the demands of the stood gazing tit them fur hours with wonder and admiration. Mrs.

Mary Proflit died nt tin Nelson county poorliouse, Virginia, on ths aged 102 years. BGU-Fillibustor Walker living in obscurity in New Orleans. Bf3), Thousands of wagons are now on the route from Missouri, destined for (iruyson, Collin, and the adjoining counties of Texas. BP5 Mr. Alfred Ilobinwii of Hartford, hut in his possession a Hebrew which is supposed to be 3000 years old.

IVyure said be worth $100 each. An Ousoi.kte Offexse. A woman was recently indicted ut Abbeville, S. as a common scold," which under the old Kurdish law is punishable by ducking." The court, however, quashed the indictment, on the ground that the law is obsolete in South Carolina. -3- Luther Preston has boon convicted by the U.

S. District Court of Minnesota, for stealing from tho United States Mail. Mr. Preston stood high iu tlio community where he resided. Tho town was mimed for hiin, and up I rti-e In HI.

Tenuis, Hr. Louis, Nov. 4. A fire occurred on Green street, lust night extending from Fifth to Sixth. Loss PnrC of a Cnthctlrnl llnrneil In Pittsburg.

PiTTsnuiioii, Nov. 3. The brick building attached to St. Paul's Cathedral, occupied by IJishop Clunnon, was partially destroyed by fire this morning. Loss about The insuTunoo covei'3 it fully.

Eiiropeun News. Sackville, N. Nov. 4. Tlie departure of the steamer Great Eastern for the United States, has been again postponed this time "sine die." She will proLubly not leave this year.

The relays of the treaty agreed upon by ihe Zurich Conference, had been published, from which it appears to be a mere ratificntion of the Villafranca agreement of the L'uiperors. The rights of the Grand Dukes of Italy, are reserved for the consideration of the congress of the preat powers. LtavKNWOJini, Ka.k.m, Oct. 3Ut, 1659. Mil.

Kunon TJie Aktsa TnHuranee Ccmjinny of irartfonl, tlielr agrnt I. II. Ayriiojrv, having tcttled ami pari our lrwrlty tli Are of the JiOlh Iunt.t to our enili-e imtlyfaction, we ileem It but justice to the ilbty we otre to the community, to puft lisli the fact, to the eul that uur citiu-n- niity avail tlietn-Keivea of the Imlcmntty oiTi-red by this ever ironit.t ami reliable luxtitutiim. Hit ittock coni-tUta, in pnrt, of all kind of i, Fkkxh OASSI 3VE33 FLEX MATTAT.ASAY VET1NT(J3, Aud all other kin la. Every Hntlm Vtnt quality Kulilit' Kn neb and Aumripjin liroadclitba iliue ltt-avr Overcoating alno Uver-COHtht of all nthcr Color.

ljiti'4t niw tttvlu uf qunlitics Fazes. He can Mfrly wy to the public, tliat he hits a CHOICE LOT OF GOODS. people for a more pure, Christian system of political morals, than wa3 to ba found within the records of the peudo-lemocracy. The people sufTered, beyond ciidiiranee, under the despotic rule of the Slavcxracy, and they arose, in the might of free men, whoso rifrhts had been wantonly tratnphsl umler foot, determined, for the future, by all proper and lawful means, to defeat their ends nnd about him and his fiendish conspiracy, as though half the Union was involved in it. As to tho 1 orald, wc do not blame it, fo that paper has got into a tight place, and if wc were in its shoci, we would resort to almost tiny side fight rather than to pitch into the rent ring that is now staki-d out.

We would, if we were in its situation (politically) just now, attempt to make a show of und a good cause, at least. Dut here is the Times, fl ittering away the golden moments of tlio -publiean party of Leavenworth, quarrelling about something that xi got tired of, ns if the whole des XaU-IVMNWOKTHf-KAMIAM, Nov. 1st. Mr. EnmiR It atTirU me ileaurv to xtatc, that the'MjM AHTitA lnmranco tVnipfttiy, of llnrtron), through their nftoni, P.

II. Astudsy, Iihx, with the jinmijit-nc4ri mid fuirnf! which halt always bt'en maniloMti'd by them towards their patron, MttluU tuxd paid my 1om by the tire of the 20th iitt-t. It. AM.EX. Thus, if tho Republicans are tho fruits of Democratic 'spotkn, nnd the rule of the pres ent intritie'ng leaders of the slaveoerncy, if to the lime of his arrest, uo suspicion had been tiny of the nation w.

staked upon old Brown. Hpnlai. LsAviuwuimi, KA.mui,.Oct. 2th, 1S69. Mr.

EnrroR He and his whole cau owrjtl to be hung, and Spain was dissatisfied with Morocco's With great pleasure we testify to tlie proinp entertained of his dishonesty. Vet he made a regular business of stealing from tho mail the registered letters and sending their contents to Centtemen are especially Invited to call and examine mjr tnrge and assortment of (ioods. if not aupe--rior to any ever brought to thia market. ALL TIIE FALL AXD WINTER FASHIONS OX HAND. Ij-iiimo ri rnci.t Our motto is, 44 Please all, and I'ricea to suit the R.

JO.NE.4. XoT.Snlkwtf. I M. WILLIAMS that is ull that ought to be said about it. and satisfactory niauuer in which the ARTS! Insurance The 1 lor.dd, of course, "is tickled e'en a- CouiMiny uf II.

It. Axnioxsr, Esq. his accomplice at Peoria, 111. has settled anl paid our claim for loss originating fmm tlie most to death," to think that it has found 8om tiler of pacification, and war was cousid ercd imminent. Burial of K) le.

Baltimore, Nov. 4. The funeral of Mr. A. JJ.

Kyle, Jr. Hit whifh destroyed our Plaining Mill, on the 2nd instant BfJJuTlw American Agriculturist says that one, foolish enough to quarrel with it, on a fool This public acknowledgment, Is but a proper testimonial "then; is great art in making 11 irixl e.Ki-se. ish issue, in ordi-r that it may keep up appear Certainly. A line fresh dn-esa is on admirable production of art, and an old 01m a vt of the value of Is ranee with the 44i.n AKrxs." Nov.l 4w. A A.

HIGlNHtlTHAllaCO. Fieah Kea; Oyetera. ances in its own pirty, without coming to the true questions that interest the people of Leav animated nature. Oysters for tlie crowd It Is no use to talk about your enworth and Kansas at large, at this moment PIKK'S I'KAIi liKIVS. who was murdered at ihe 15th ward polls, on election day, took place from the residence of his father, in fouiIi Hanover street, at noon to-day.

There was an immense gathering lo view the body, Wc udmite the adroitness with which that pa The regular express of Jones I'ik-wII ar Tin Can Oystr. yoivwant an article that will make your mouth water, just eatl around and try SnuTa superior KfgOvterfor saleby the kejr ordosen. His friends Kepulilirans are responsible for the action' of old Drown, be adopted; are they, the Demo ends, not wholly responsible as the originator instigators of the suid insurrection Verily, is the logical conclusion. Dut moro than this. We do not need tho in- I -rpositioii of the It; publican party, in order to know who was the sole cause of this uiif.rlniiato disturbance.

Wc at once can go to the bloody rvordof the slave Democracy, and there read Vtimony indubitable, and more than Kuffloicnt I I e-tabliidi the guilt of this selfish gang, in the mind of any conscienticus tiring. The jH-ojile are not b'ind to this fact They have bad it Ununited into them, esiecially in Ivunsas for Hie past five or six years. They rt lucuilKreJ Low theu" rights of sinTrago were rimrwL TLcy rem inljer Imw tho dopot at Washington to force njwin lliem the I ontitot swiii li Tiiey -meni'ier bow they ivero driven from their domestic fiitsi.l liy ttic fierce, brutal linnls s'livcr lovers; bow! their fellow citiz ns were cruel! nmrdi rtl; liow i per is seeking to dodga the force of the dark rived night before last, bringing- on consignment and damning records that fctand out in bold re and the remains were followed lo the grave by the members of the Reform and the public are respectively inviUd te give him a rail. The amount brought by private inds is stated by one to Ik $1KUM)0. by another $30,000.

There were 5 pa'senjrers from lenver lief against its party holders. They are ugly. So wonder the 1 erald is glad to get some one to quarrel with ab iut old Drown, or some otlnT New Advertisements. Association, and citizens generally, em bracing merchants business and profes sioiuil men of the highest respectability' City. Tla-ir names are J.

II. W. nOOKSELLERS, i WHOLESALE RETAIL DEALERS IX. i irrLXJsrx'xiNrca- paper, Legsd, Commerciul, Billet and Wrapping Papers Of every eanVty EXVFLOTE8 OF ALL GRAD1X M.ison, IMgiir Conklin, J. I.

Uouittecl, and All the stores and residences on ihe outside iionst M't intend to hold you to the scratch, and you may ns well face the first St. Vrain. Tin-re were ab some pas BATHS, HOT AND COLO, tome were closed, and the respectable as last senger from Salt Luke. AVc ore in receipt of portion of the citizens of Haltimore testi-tified. in a quiet manner, their respect the U-K-ky Mountain News, from which we XT II.

lK, AT THE PLAXTT-RS IIOt'SE, HAS THE IlluVI-llltllt of tlic People III only naming Kooms in tlie city. make some interesting extracts which will be for the deceased, and condemnation of Persons wishing llaths.ean be aeconuno.1ated at all times. Nearly all who di-sigu returning tothcSbrtr this fall linvo. -t nut oil their journey; a few, found elsewhere in this paper. fllAVIXO, HAIRMOJtslxj flHAill-OOlXO the lawlessness which has had such a tragic result.

none in the most satisfactory however, are still h-uvin daily by the flatte nil AS THIS KVKUY VOTKR. Nov.3dtf. A Text not found in Scripture, hut in the route. Most of those who remain have lef the mountains, and are coiiwiitrating in the. various towns of the plain, where improvements arc be THE LAWRENCE REPUBLICAN.

Ciiablcsto, Nov. 3. There lias been a marked abatement records of the Itonl.T Ituftian legislature rpnw papkk has now tub BLANK BOOKS, lie it HisvliM, bv tho House Itenrr-scn- 1 in Central an1 Hnatlwni Knmm. nf anr itnirnal in the in tlie excitement ncre 10 aay. me "tatives, the Council tlien iu, that it IrrriUtrr.

Tlie snprrluinta and buMnemi aaeat of iMrrB- wnrtli, flmrimas nf iriw-hine tlie knre and of town is, however, as lull ot people as when the excitement was at its height. is tiie duty the Pro-Slavery party, the Uuiou loving lu, vt Kaiis Territory, ififMe rteriKm, exit nn a bett-r aaiiiuia AirettiMiia; Of aU sires, front It aw. Tack, ta the Reeord. i run ine nm tnjt AW. Its Neva I Vrartmanit will emitiiiii the Utet mrt re- and strangers are continually coming aid ing male with wonderful rapidity.

Anr.ina und D. -liver are of course growing niot-t, but tliere is much doing in St. Vrain, ISoulder, ioM.ii City, D.el Colorado, I "omit liu City and liuss. Ivilie, Many settli-m- nts are also springing up in tlio fertile vall ys, burd ring the various streams houses are ii in; built, f.inin and an immense iiiiantity of hav Rived for winter food for stock.

know iirf one issue, Si.avkhv; and that any party miking or attemptin to make any (iOI J) trable aeva fnm all uarif-m A tlie intrir. iSnjrle e-Ut aale at tlie Tost Ufbce ieva i'efwt. FuC lverti-uf apply by to going. Judge Russell and wife, and Mr. Hovt who first took up Brown's defense .1.

vv. tlark, and tiaitlncr, and Kitry, and Murjitiy, atat mid a lst of otlnrs, sougltt, assist-d, and did take the lives of many of their neighbors, simply lieiiiuse thi flint this soil hlimild hj diLealed lo Ciw tilior and free men. AH tUii and n.ore Ih. rcmi'iulier as Ihn fruits the pro-slavtn-y and ag will roll liy ore the nu nHry of tVse crtclties and sufTr-ings will Iw i-roscd from their iniit is. Tis aye, worse tluui for the Herald to try to deceive the by saying lUat the U' party is baw jkii a suji-posed nntaotiism liet-ii ti two tectums of the tnunlry." Such iditis ara intended to excite "otlnf and thontd be held at an oil of Ab- "WJTIOMSJI AXO DlSl'XIOXlSlt.

left here this morning for Boston. nct-as-dtr. licnemtrer Vtvc State Men. tlut this one Copper who was found guilty yester C. F.

DENGLER, day has not received his sentence. of the odious measures adoptnl ly the lfcirder iiiiiiiImts, howevi-r, are preparing to wiut in (lie iiiounUin mining districts, for which iiunmse ive laid iu large sutiIi(i, PAITJl HAXC.IXBS, Hlhf MISICAL INSTRVTIENTa Wholes-ile Retail, at cheap as tke cheapest. Shields Green one of the negro pris BOOT wA.2STID SHOE RuflLiiM in tlvir legislative AascantJy held at Pawnee, of which btnly, Mr. athias was an active, enttinsiastic irnulier. And tliii satire oners was put on trial to-day.

He is defended Mr. Leverett. The evidence and built extra warm quarter. As yet, tinw are working with niLin-ciit uml uu'-eess. au is riosed and the case win be suumiueu sav the a.

is nw more favorable, and tlic isw tii-Tilu a nf rMw.iai. aia ntnfitcrA ttm yield of g.ild larger in im)iirtiun to the hands in I to ihe Jury lo-tnorrovr. and are unking rtri-nnoris eff.irts to nUeethis i i Our Hock ts the hrwest and aeost enwipVte la Kansas. on and ay- I VirjltlillJU "lai, an4 smr taeilitirs in las- trade are avea, aa enables aa tss. wet tke ajst sM UN closest users.

same Muthius in our Territorial Council it is expected that the uunded man Sle- MAX UF ACTUKEIX AXD DEALER, Delaware Street, Ijmsrwmw th, Kaasaa. He win aaaubctare all kinds of Boots and Shoes. of tbe vrry Wt aaatariaL The pnmle of Kaasaa wiH srrH to call and rem will be brought up. It is ahnor-t certain that Cook will plead cuiltv. first subinillin? a written ar atsck.

wvtiuiiiil fctiiugs. Hut is tlr ironty eff i and wliik' Mieli seirtiniriits arr- pronuilgatt wc nur expect ach seotionul strife as we haw seen. tlio publican party is fonn l'd njKm an ntagouUii to an nil whii-li istiutional; an evil which off its the whiik? lialiou. and not aruinst ny tcdion tit our country. Tlic 11 orty is the only lutioual lrty; for its whole' entpl'iy tlian at any previous lime tuis year.

A iinmtr-r hav n't eit within the past lew days the diggings tlr: Saluda ami Utile Dluc rivers, with tis; intention rt wintering ttietv. Sun two kindred men hare nut yet It ft that Vh-inity. a that there isapnis-p-i-t of a roiisi.JiTable community sp ixlinir the winter in tin; very Ik -art of the Itocky Mountains. Mountain News, Oct 27th. It rvniailts fir Ton npon Tues-lny next, tosiy whethiT k' shall li'ild tliat important rKKition, or J.

L. Kj maa tuoraughly itn-litx-d with lira prinAe of cterrrJ justice, free-dow ami equal riglitj, at guaranteed to tu by tftr farrfcthcrs. 93" tiaiaasa raw rurs. -a Drlaaare atnet, Wtwecm Gecostst aa4 TWsU. Xsrr.l-asVwtC confession or statement of fin I tviih Ilrown.

His brother-in-law Uor. Villartl is still here. Rnam, sIom as-aUy aa4 ant wMkx. Oct-ll-Caa..

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