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Visitor from El Dorado, Kansas • 1

Visitor from El Dorado, Kansas • 1

El Dorado, Kansas
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VOLUME I. EL DORADO, KANSAS, FEBRUARY 1895. NUMBER 9 THE VISITOR. Published Monthly In the Interest of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of the Presbyterian Church, El Dorado, Kansas. Joseph E.

McCully died peacefully January 17th, 1895, aged eleven years, three months and seven days. The funeral was held January 19th and was largely attended. Rarely has one so young had so many friends and exerted so wide an influence for good. Everybody loved "Joey" and respected most heartily his christian character. The questions he asked about the future life and the resurection and his desire to have the Bible account of Heaven read to him not long before he died were most touching.

In response to the latter he The semi-monthly Bible study of the Epworth League is an occasion of great interest and profit. We all rejoice in the prospectiv recovery of Mrs. J. C. Hoyt after a severe and painful illness.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church will give a Martha Washington tea on the 22nd of February. Look out for The Woman's Christian Temperance Union stands for good works of every kind. If ever mankind had a friend the W. C. U.

is it. jl Circulation, CX) Copies. Subscription Price, 25 Cents Per Year. "i "Vl REV. W.

W. CURTIS. 0 iff Pastor Presbyterian Church, I vntnrina Puator Methodist Episcopal Church. said. "Won't it be nice to be there?" The thought that our poor bodies would be made perfect and like Christ's body CHURCH CALENDAR, Presbyterian Church, Corner Central Avenue and Merchant Street.


The wedding of Mr. Reid Carpenter and Miss Eva Hess, at the home of Mr. Hess, the bride's father, was a delightful occasion to all who were present. Dr. McKenzie is so far recovered as to be able to walk about the house on crutches, and his many friends rejoice with him and will be glad to see him out again in dne time.

lespie, W. M. E. McCully, The Presbyterian church of El Dora was a great comfort to him. Truly he exemplified a childlike faith and its most blessed fruits.

Very presious will be the memory of our dear little suffering friend. He beinr dead will yet speak to us of the saving help and comfort of our blessed Redeemer. MISSIONS. John H. Betts.

The following are the names of those who have served as trustees as far as they are at present known i F. P. Gillespie, E. N. Smith, J.

CRodgers, W.W. Pattison, W. Y. Miller, Ewing, J. Stocking, J.

E. McCully, J. H. Eetts, J. T.

Evans and S. E. Black. During the month of October a sub Mr. Clarence Perry, late of Sterling, and now foreman of the Industrial Advocate is a welcome and valuable addition to all religious circles.

Brother Perry, though a young man, is equally, at home among old and young. scription for missions was taken at the Methodist church under the cent-a-day plan. The general idea is that one cent per day shalt he laid aside for this work, the money to be paid to the pastor at do was organized on the 8th and 9th of January 1870. The first meeting was held at the home of Dr. J.

P. Gordon, on Saturday evening January 8th and the following persons were present: Rev. James Gordon, Dr. J. P.

Gordon, Martha E. Gordon, Rachel E. Gordon, Rebecca H. Gordon, Mrs. Maria A McGowan, T.

R. Wilson, Mrs. Sarah E. Wilson and Anne McEnlear. Rev.

James Gordon presided at the meeting. T. R. Wilson was elected elde On the following morning, Sundayji January 9tb, after the usual services, the persons above named entered into fprraal covenant relation and completed the organization of the church. Brother T.

R. Wilson was ordained and installed ruling elder and the sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered. Rev. James Gordon conducted all Borne time before conference. The fol The following persons have been superintendents of the Sabbath School, having acted in the order named: W.

W. Pattison, M. Hughey, E. Hulse, F. P.

Gillespie, W. Kuhn, J. T. and J. E.

MoCully, It is hoped that it may not be without its fa-vovable significance that the present su lowing is the list of contributuors of whom a oonsiderabte number have paid The next number of the Visitor will be the tenth and for the year the last. If you think it has been a source of strength by diffusing intelligence concerning the work of God in our city, help by giving us the price of a year's subscription twenty-five cents. in lull. Sunday Services. Sabbath School 9:30 a.

m. Preaching, 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.

Y.P. S. C. 6:30 p.m. Junior Endeavor 3:30 p.

m. Prayer met titg, 7:30 p. m. Elders. F.

B. Ewir-g, W. W. Pattison, J. G.

F. P. Gillespie, M. Fither J. E.

McCully, J.H.Betts. Trustees. W. F. B.

Ewing, J.T.Evans,,, J.H.Betts, J. J3. McpuUy, S. E. Black.

Moderator of congregation, W. W. Pattison. Clerk of congregation J. T.

Evans. Treasurer of congregation. B. Ewing. Sabbath School.

Superintendent J. E. McCully. Ladies Aid Society. President Mrs.

A. O. Ridenour. Ladies Missionary Society. President.

Mrs. Tomlin Y.P.S.C. E. Frank Newberry Junior Endeavor. lr'son.

Busy Bees. Mrs. J. T. Anderson, Jennie Allebaugh, Mrs.

G. P. Ambrose, O. f. Ambrose, Boss Allebaugh, James Atkins, perintendent and pastor each fill the seventh place in order from the beginning.

It will also be noticed that the church i organization was twenty -five, years old the 8 th and 9th of last January. The longest pastorate, that of Dr. Anderson, was very nearly eight years in length. The others approximate four, hree and two years, respectively, and was for M. S.

Bentz, M. Bashaw, Mary J. Brown, G. W. Ball, Capt.

Lee, of the Salvation Army, was cordially received and conducted two delightful and impressive services at the Methodist ohurch last Wednesday. Our young brother Cupples entered into the full assurance of acceptance with the, Master and several were deeply con- Mrs. J. II. Cheeney, C.

E. Bancroft, M. Cooper, Sadie Davis, only three months, uring the twenty victed. five yeafs the church has been without The services of the W.C. T.

U. in mem these services and continued to supply the church regularly with preaching until April 1st, 1872, The ministers who served the church after brother Gordon are as follows: Rev. W. M. Stryker from June 1st, 1872 to Sept.

Htb, 1874; Rev, S. M. May 1st, 1876 to August 1st, 1876; Rev. W. M.

Pocock, July 1st, 1877 to July 1st 1880; Rev. McC, Anderson D. Dec. 1st, 1880 to October 1st, 1888; Rev. D.

H. Stewart, Deo, 1st, 1888 to Jan. 1st, 1893. The present pas, tor began bis labors March let, 1893, The church building was begun in 1872 and enclosed the same year.but ad ory of the late Mrs. Mary Lathrop.

held at the Methodist church last Sunday evening, the Methodists and Presbyterian congregations being united, was. very impressive. The paper read by Mrs. Mrs, W. J.

Douglass, Lizzie Davis, Ardea Douglass, Ella G. Earp, Geo. F. Fullinwider, M. Fullinwider, Presoilla G.

Fleming, Clara 31. Fullinwider.Maggie Guthrie, Ida-Capen Fleming, Esther Golden, B. Gibson, J. R. Putnam, Ira D.Hall, R.

H. Rugg, Superb terdept Mrs. K. E- Curtis S. J.

Seymour was an eloquent tribute to the memory of the eloquent worker in the eause of temperance. Brother J. G. Schmucker has been con verse circumstances prevented the completion of the building. Woi-k was re regular preaciung at intervals amounting altogether to two years and five months, the longest interval being one year and seven months and the shortest two months, A few interesting statistics are given as follows; Whole number of perspns uniting with the church up to April.lst, 1894, on profession of faith, 190; by certificate, 270; total, 460.

Nunber of deaths, dismissals, 250; leaving active membership, April 1st, 1894, 210. The present membership is 227. Amount contributed up to April 1st, 1894: To benevolence, to congregational expenses, tjo, assembly und, to' various p.ther, qhijeots, A tUia qf Number of persons baptised during same period, 129; of these 77 were adults fined to the house for a few weeks. We sumed in July 1877 and the church, A. L.

Redden, C. A. Radford, Frank Ruddick, Effie Lusk, C. E. Hunt, Laura L.

Jones, T. H. Jones, Anna, Er Ruddiok, with temporary seats, was used for divine worship for the first time the 25th of are glad to note his improvement, and are looking forward with much pleasure to seeing him out again and enjoying the return of good health. We all miss the kindly presence of brother Schmucker. November of the same year.

About the middle of March the temporary seats gave place to permanent pews and the furnishing of the church was competed. Mrs.H.M. H. Lemon, Anna E- Ryan, F. Leslie, M.

H. Morrison, Lizzie Ruddick, Ida Morrison, W. O. Raffety, Melinda Mclntire, Mrs. Alice Smith, Rev.

J. K. Miller of Belle Plaine, visit The phurch was dedicated, pn Sunday, April 7th, 1878, The presbytery of Em, A. Mclntire, Edna Shin, M. 0.

Mprrison, Erwin Bitterly, poria met in El Dorado on the Thursday previous and most of the members, on invitation of the church remained and took part in the services of the Sabbath. ed his parents and friends in in January last. On the 16th of that month at the home of the bride's parents, he united in marriage Mr. H. W.

Hinkle and his sister, Miss Rebecca Miller. The occasion was a very pleasant one. The Visitor extends congratulations and good wishes. J. D.

Morley, Mrs.S. J. Mrs. S. J.

Morley, McDowell, Lilli E. I. C. Thomas, Rev. J.

P. Harsen preached the dedicatory sermon, taking for his subjec: "The Vision of the Holy Waters," as found in the 47th chapter of Ezekiel. Mrs, A' McDowell, O. Tolle, The Presbyterian Sabbath school has- T. D.

Marshall, W. Wallace, A statement from the building com MaryNefif, A.M.Newman, mittee showed that the building was inaugurated a Home Department, with Mrs. L. Tomlim as superintendent and Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs.

Wickham, Mrs. Florenee Overetreet, M. J. Pool out of debt, the work haying been 'al- lowea 10 SJjp aj scjme iMtiea vjwj, vi depart, from he pasty Croxton, Mrs. Adams, Mrs.

Fisher, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Whitehead and Miss Hattie Betts as visitors. The Home Department is a good addition to the usual work of the Sabbath School. The dedicatory service ionoweq oy and 52 infants.

The Sabbath School has varied in membership from 60, the lowest to 233, the highest. The present membership is 243. Some additional items will be reserved till our next issue. Our church has begun the second quarter the first century of. ftsi ex's-, tence.

May it be vifanty-flva years of grea' tyesaing; and preciopis results. It is pleasant to see our home institutions flourishing. The State Bank of ElDorado, for the six; months closing Dea 1894, declared a dividend of VA per tient, making 15, per oent for the year. This is good suooesa for hard times, At the reoent meeting of the stock holders, all the directors and officers even re-elected. Their names all appear In the ad.

on our fourth page. During this cold weather when it is impracticable to take flowers to the church, we miss them from their, accustomed place upon Ijbe pulpit ne or-gan. shaU th mpje appreciate them, when the season for their reappearing pjrst Methodist Episcopal Church' Corner Central Ave, and Oskaloosa Street. Sunday Services. Sunday School 9:30 a.

m. Preaching 10:45 a. m. Class Meeting .12:00 m. Junior League 3.00 p.

m. Epworth League Devotional Service 6:30 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p. m.

Weekday Services. Teacher's meeling.Tucsday Prayer meetipg, Thursday evening 7:30 p. m. Chorus and choir, Friday evening Official Directory. Bishop.

Willard F. Mallalieu. Presiding J. T. Hanna.

Pastor E. Earp. J. R. Cooper.

Superannuates c. W. C. Munsell. I George F.

Fullinwider, Isaao Smith, Erwin Sittprly. pLASS Leaders. Dr. C. E.

W. J. Mendcnhall, Robert H. C. Ruuch, Mrs.

S. J. J. R. Cooper.

Stewards. A. L. Redden, Clark, M. L.

G. W. Tolle, Geo. F. E.

Hunt, C.A. Radford, T. P. Marshall, Virginia E. W.

Woodson, R. H. Rugg W. O. Raffety.

Trustees. A. Redden, E. H. Clark, G.

W. Tolle, J. T. Anderson, O. Raffety, C.

A. Radford, P. It. M. H.

Morrison, apies fci. f. Ambrose. SpNDAY ScHOpL. Superintendent) Dr.

M. L. Fullinwider. Epworth League. President i John W.

Gibson. Junior League. SnperintepdentMrs. Lillje p. Thompson.

Ladies Aid Society. President, Dr. E. W. Woodson, Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.

President Mrs. T. A. Mclntire, Gleaners. President S.

J. Marshall Bess or Promise. the dedicatory prayer, was conducted by the pastor, Rev. W. M.

In the afternoon there, was. children's service and in the evening addresses were made by Revs, platter, Rideout, Foster and Laokey. The rnemUersnip of the church at this A number of those whose names are given above have signed for more or less, than one cent a day. The following friends at'C uinn's School house have also subscribed to the cent aday plan. They are as follows: Mi's.

S. Appleman, S. Appleman, Lew Betts, Cloea Ran Carter, Lauja Carter, Mm. R. W.

G.uinn,, Kate R. Oilman, Wesley My rtieM. Johnson, J. Johnson, Mary Johnson, Cora Karnehan, M. A.

McMillan, S. C. McMillan, Ford E. Newman Bertha Wentworth, Nancy Peffley, Albert Peffley, Bertha Peffley, Edith C. Sunderland, C.

E. Wing, Mrs, J.E.SunderlaOd.Z. Peffley. time numbered forty-one. Nelson Jorgen Johnson died January 26th, 1895, aged two years, eight months and twenty-nine days.

He was a dear and bright little boy whom his little friends and every body else loved dearly. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the father and mother in losing from the circle of their bright happy children, one so dear to them. Dear parents let us believe, "He Is not dead the child of our affection Rut irone unto that ttchool Where he no lonirer needs our poor protection. oomea. As Presbyterians we appeciate.

Ami Cnrtal Hlmseu aoin nue. During the year 1885 the frame ad dition to the ohuroh bnilding was erected at a cost of $2500, and during the year 1887 the pipe organ, oosting $1000, was placed in the church. These two fine improvements were made during the pas: torate of Dr. muc wts due to his liberty and' effort. The choir, under the leadership of Mrs, S.E.

Black, did a great deal toward the purchase of the organ. The parsonage as built during the pastorale ftf flev. W- Pocpcljh important improvement being inaugurated and liberally helped by him. The following persons have filled the office of ruling elder; T. R.

Wilson, Addison Mann, Wm. H. Jackman, David M. Dick, Wm. W.

Pattison, Wm. Harrison, Frank B. Ewing, E. W. Hulse, John Schmucker, A.

B. Salisbury, Gil- the kind and raitMul interest of Mrs. Outhwaite who, wh.en, at practicable, has no.t aile4 each Sabbath for several years, tq tastefully embellish th church with beautiful flowers gathered from her bountiful conservatory. Others also have contributed toward the same object It Is a goodly service these friends render, ministering with their flowers to the praise and honor of Christ. Ye will be glad when "The flpwr appear on tha earth; te.

tuno'cif the singing of birds is coina, and the voico of the turtle is heard in the land," Prof. twenty years an educator, and for the last six years, superintendent of the Marion sehools, spent some days in our city, organizing a Reading Club in General History. The first meeting of the club will be held on Saturday night of this weok. at eight o'clock sharpat the rooms of the Normal College. AH who are interested in the subject will be made welcome.

The young who have no thought of pursuing the course, come and meet with us. Dr. Earp will give an introductory lectutre en the "Significance and Value of We are rejoiced in the prospect of having Brother Biddle. late State Treasurer, make his hprne our city. He will receive, a hearty welcome by all But-leyoaixnty.

Who ean estimate the benefit and convenience which the merchant confers who makes a continual study of the things wanted by the community and keeps them continually on hand. 0.

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