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Visitor from El Dorado, Kansas • 4

Visitor from El Dorado, Kansas • 4

El Dorado, Kansas
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Help the VisiTon twentj-flve cent li Sweet Women Leaders SeasonaMe ills the subscription price. Special in i We need a revival let us pray and labor for It. 'Mgg The Presbytery of Emporia meets in Council Grove Tuesday evening, October 2nd and the Synod and Woman's Missionary Societies atSallna, Thursday October 4th. What is so beautiful as a nicely furnished bouse? and where can you find more tasteful furniture than that which our enterprising merchants Oldham Putnam keep? If we could all board at tbe Delmonlco we should grow fat. Or sour if there are any, will find exactly what they want in visiting cards, mourning cards, regret, cards, invitations and correspondence stationary at the Times Office.

If you want Now the time to lay to eoal for the 30 pieces dottod lawn in pink, cream, lavendar and blue, gommod with white dotts. Former price, 8 cents; now 5 cents. One lot of cream ground challies with neat figures, 3 cents a yard. Good cloth. Decca muslin, light and dark grounds, excellent goods, 10 cents a yard.

A nice line of fine striped Dimity at 10 cents a yard. Serpentine crepes, cream, canary, light greon, pink, blue and red at 19 cents. A new line of swivel silks. Buttermilk Soap, 3 cakes in a box, each nicely put up, highly perfumed. The best soap for the money, 25 cents a box.

Try a box. Ladies white waists, embroideried and nicely trimmed, 89 cents, 99 cents, $1.25 winter Radford baa It to sell. Tbe Racket la a great place to find much for little, printed or un- almost anything you want at reasonable price. and $1.50. pnnted, the 1 imes can supply you.

TIMES. HI North Main. The lecture of Dr. Martlndale on W. H.

HITChicOCK SONS. "Some Elements of Charader" was well received. Dr. C. Mitchell, pastor of the Grand Avenue Methodist church, Kansas City, will lecture at the Methodist church in El Dorado, on Tuesday evening.

October 9th. Subject, "Why Eli Gets There." Mrs. Belle Knox, who haa been tbe stay and support of an aged father and mother for many years, bas gone to Oklahoma to make ber home. We hope to bear of her as a help to God's people in ber new home. THE GREAT MAJORITY Eat meat and you will keep warm 65,000,000 People Have Joined the Armv Williams north Main street, will Of people feel happier when they have satisfied themselves that they sell It to you.

are buying at tbe very best rates GIVEN IN OUR COUNf In this they obaerve the common in Dr. Karp will preach at the Sutton Branch school house the first Sunday In stinct of prudence and thrift. The 4 p. m. manifestation of these laudable qual i ities.

PROVES THAT THE PUBLIC JUDGMENT. IS RIGHT- We should be glad to receive subscrlp tlons for the World Wide Missions, fif Of eaters and all must be fed. It is It is safe to say the Butler county Brigade will have the best fare at The most reasonable rates So long as they draw their supplies from the people's provider, Thompson THE Grocer N. 13. Our stock of Queensware, China and Glassware always complete and we invite inspection.

This cool fall weather reminds us that M. E. Tolle, Denny, tbe Monarch Clothing Store and Hitchcock Sons have an abundance of warm clothing, good and strong, which they will willingly exchange for cash. J. H.

Ewing Co. thank this Gbkat majority for the large, patronage teen cents per year. Hannah of our most faith' given in the past. J. H.EWING'S SONS BELIEVE IN THE PEOPLE'S WISDOM.

ful yonng Christians, has had malarial fever for some weeks. The Sunday school review conducted by Dr. Fullinwlder waa well done and A WIEDEMANN, The Safe Jeweler. Wardell, Bedell, and Wiedemann keep faithful watch over the city, and are ever ready to supply you with a good time keeper, so that you shall not need to go to them, but may know for yourself the time of day. an Improvement on the past.

A collection for tbe cause of education PROPRIETOR OP EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK, Tbe Only National Bank in Bntkr will be taken in the Presbyterian church tbe second Sabbath In October. The Largest Stock In Botler County The Methodist Sunday school had an average attendance of 215 during tbe month of September, which Included Mrs. Edith Samuels has united with Carrying Jewelry, Books and Musical Instruments. the Presbyterian church by certificate one stormy Sunday when the number lapltal $100,000. from the church at Yates Centre.

went down to IOC. Let us raise tbe Practical experience at the watchmaker's standard for October. 30 Years John Wallace has been elected first bench. vice president of the Ep worth League, Tbe now college opened by Prof. T.

OFFICERS: A. L. Redden, President. C. W.

Brown, Vice President. Geo. W. Brown, Cashier. W.

-E. Ass't Cashier to take the place of Miss Applegate. H. Jones in our city, has made an ex Postively no misrepresentation tolerated in my business. The Place for Tablets and paper.

cellent impression among the people and Tbe new photographers, Dresser furnishes a great opportunity for our null, who have charge of McLaia's cal young people to build upon the founda lery are prepared to do excellent work, tion given in our public schools. The Holman teacher's Bible takes M. M. VANDENBERG, DEALER IN Pile Liter and rank among the very best and its self- It Is to the praise ef Lewis Academy, Wichita, that the whole of tbe last normal class obtained certificates at the pronouncing feature is a great assist ance. county examinations.

The entire pharmacy class was equally successful in In tbe time of sorrow and when loved mm 1 ones are taken from ns, how precious is passing tbe state examinations. the comfort which our Heavenly Father THEJRACKET. At the New Racket Store is the place to buy everything in Notions, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods at the right price. Can offer you special values in Ladies' and Children's Shoes. It will be to your interest to call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere.

Yours to Please, F. L. Bentz. BUI aerial HI We regret to lose Brother D. M.

Elder, gives. wife and daughter, who have removed to Benton. We trust that they may The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will occupy the evening hour next Sunday evening at the Methodist quickly become Identified with the Ben Lime, Plaster, Cement, Etc. EL DORADO, KANSAS, ton church and be helped by association church. with the good people of that ylcinity.

Eev, I. B. Pulliam, spent Sunday, Mrs. E. E.

Covey, well known and lov September 30th with us and preached ingly remembered among the Christian greatly to the edification of our people people of El Dorado, is superintendent In the evening. Miss Nelia Cowan, The Fashionable Milliner, Is the place to buy Fashionable Millinery. of a Sunday school at McKinney, Oklahoma. It numbers seventy-live mem BANK of EL DORADO. STATE Miss Maud McCuIly is the happy possessor of a new Holman self-pro bers and is held in a grove.

When Sister Covey went to the Sylp the Lord nouncing teacher's Bible a birthday went with her. gift from ber father. Among the most faithful friends of tbe Dr. Dorsey, of Wichita, specialist for Visitor are our grocers, Thompson, eye, ear and throat diseases, whose card appears In our advertising columns is Conley Ow, Powell, Clark, Pattison Sons and J. H.


achieving rapid success. TT El Dorado, Kansas, CAPITAL STOCK, $25,000. J. W. ROBISON, President, N.

P. FRAZIER, Vice-President, P. B. EWING, Cashier. DIBBOTOBS: have kept tbe people from starving all summer long and are well entitled to a We are greatly rejoiced to know that good fall and winter trade.

Mr. J. D. Morley has so nearly and fully recovered from the severe accident which We are sorry to have lost from our befel him nearly a year ago. Bev.

Curtis will attend Synod and church work and community Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bayburn, Mrs.

Ellen Snyder, Mrs. Anna F. Ayler, Mrs. H. ouog and Mrs.

Anna Beeves. We trust their ab Presytery the first week in October. Dr. J.W. ROBISON, JOHN MacRITCHlH N.



HAMILTON, AMOS ADAMS, E. D. ROBISON. Anderson! will preach next Sunday morn ing at the Presbyterian church. Williams in(: and Salt MEATS FISH, GAME, ETC.

North Main street, next door to Selig's drug store. W. P. EWING, sence Is only temporary and that they will be in due time welcomed back amongst ub again. Brother W.

B. Kritcbfleld and wife, The Delmonico Bakery We invite all to come and see us. We nlso Mrs. Belle Miller, sister of Mrs. Krltchfleld, together with Brother J.

M. Carver, father of the two ladles, do justice to everybody. Take a look at our pressed corn ueei. united with tbe Methodist church by itter, Sunday, September 30th. On the Our friends at No.

8 do not disappoint us. The attendance at preaching tbe last Sunday In September was very fine. The people will give us a good lift for missions. Miss Nelia Cowan, next door to the postofflce, seems always to ba bnsy; somebody always there ordering or getting something new. A good place for millinery.

The Epworth League will have a grand rally about Thanksgiving time. They are mustering their forces for the contribution of fifty cents per member for missions. same date also Prof, and Mrs. T. H.

HIGH GRADE GROCERIES Jones. We trust that these friends may find pleasant homes and Christian association among us. Mr. Kritcbfleld Is At Moderate proprietor of our leading Met ropolitan. We can please you and DEAL FAIR WITH EVERY ONE.

TRY THEM. M. G. Wells, Prop'r. For Paints, Oils, Varrjishes and Wall Papr Call at the El Dorado ug to rr are confident of your J.

G. DORSEY, M. 109 North Main Btreet, The classes of Mrs. Hazelrigg and Dr. continued patronage by placing your orders for Woodson contribute nearly one half of Wichita, Kansas.

Here are some of tbe things you can get of Id ham Putnam, Bed Roo Suits In great variety and style. Practice limited to the whole amount raised by the Methodist Sunday school for general expenses. For September the former gave tbe latter $2.55. GROCERIES with W. W.

Pattison Sons. EYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT, Reference Dr. J. E.

Earp. twenty-three different styles. Then comes a great variety of styles in parlor goods and DERBY'S STOBE IS THE PLACE! You will find Gordon Son on hand to do you good in anything in their line. DECEMBER BEDELL, riEMEMBER JjEDELL, We will give you special low prices on all summer goods. On clothing wecan save you some good money, Conley Ow, Staple and Fancy fliippki', lounges, spring: beds, folding beds, extension tables, common tables, wardrobes, dressers, safes and other kinds of furniture too numerous to mention.

In Carpets You can get anything from a fine Mouquette to a fifteen cent niatting. Also a great variety of window curtains, portieres, chennille table We are agents for tbe celebrated White sewing machine, which alwavs civ p. Our shoes have the reputa tion of wearing well. When yon want a time piece, lien yonr watch or clock needs reuair. merytMngjost as reraenteil.

mil piece warranted. wo snide wort at RpHll Ho complaints of 1 1 A large assortment of hats at wholesale prices. 'Groceries and Qneensware. Photo Car located on Central Avenue Den ny 's Store's the Place satisfaction. 309 Central El Dorado, Kansas.

Prices to salt the times always..

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