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The Old Ladies Journal from Leavenworth, Kansas • 7

The Old Ladies Journal from Leavenworth, Kansas • 7

Leavenworth, Kansas
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vived. There are still a number of the most aggravating distortions being foisted on our youth with persistency. We have long sinco become impatient for their passing into innocuous desuetude. We fear thatour present generation of young people will hardly recover from the effects of those sordid daubs. THE OLD LADIES JOURNAL.

KETCHESON PRINTING Printers, Engravers, Binders AND Stationers. TELEPHONES 147. 321 Delaware LEAVENWORTH, KAN. JAVE YOU TRIED 5th Ave, Dent aline? IT THE TEETH. Prepared only by S.O.

PUTNAM CO J. H. HUHN, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting. Hot Water Heating a Specialty. Both Phones 942.

432 South Fifth St Established 1858. F. Wulfekuhler. WHOLESALE GROCERS. Third and Cherokee, Leavenworth, Kan.

WOOLFE WINNIG, The Dependable Store, Cor. 5th and Delaware Sts. Sellers of Everything. fe-Mail Orders Promptly Filled." PETER EVERHARDY, Dealer in Fresb and Salt Meats, Ham, Bacon, Sausages, Vegetables, Eggs and Poultry. Fifth aud Seneca Sts.

Phones 33 PICKWICK GOODS A SPECIALTY Meyers and Sheeds PHONES 372 Bell Laundry PAUL B. JOHNSON, Prop'r. 405, 407, 409, Cherokee Street, Telephone 231. Leavenworth, Kan WE ARE AGENTS FOR THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL PATTERNS Monthly Style Books FREE! HENRY ETTENSON SONS. water is distilled from flowers found only in the heart of a distant forest into which none but the queen's flower gatherers may penetrate.

Around that forest there is at all times a cordon of sentinels who protect it for the queen." Tho Paris perfumer believes this tale to bo true. It seems like one of tho fairy tales tho queen loves to write for children, but it may be true, for all is possible in tho wild land where that romantic lady reigns. Queen Wilhemina, of the Netherlands, is self-willed in most' things, and carries her own will to her toilet. She will have nothing to say to perfumed water for her baths, to powder, or even to soap. A daily bath, taken for seven minutes, followed by a minute's cold plunge, is her Spartan rule; but she is not quito hopeless from the perfumer's point of view, for she uses a pint of Eau do Cologne daily.

The English court is conservative. Queen Alexandria remains faithful to tho "Ess Bouquet," which has been in use by tho royal family of England sinco 1829. The reciept for this perfume is jealously guarded by the manufacturers, and handed down by them from father to son. When the great court perfumer talks of so mighty a secret as this he becomes purposely vague. All he will say of it is that it is composed of amber mixed with the essence of roses, violets, jasimine, orange flowers and lavender, "a fitting bouquet from which to cull a perfume for a beloved queen." When tho Boston Herald discontinued its comic supplement it explained its decision in the following statcmout: "That accompaniment of Sunday new8papcrdom has had its day.

Wo discard it as wo would throw aside any mechanism that had reached the end of its usefulness, or any feature that had ceased to fulfill tho purposo of attraction. Comic supplements have ceased to be comic. They have become as vulgar in do-sign as they are tawdy in color. There is no longer any semblance of art in them, and if there are any ideals they are low and descending lower." Wo are glad to seo that some of these characters portrayed in these outlandish "comics" have fallen by the wo trust never to bo re- An amusing story is related in connection with a well-known London daily paper. The two subeditors engaged on the journal, in the course of conversation one night, wondered what they should say in event of the proprietor dying.

They were taxed to know what sort of biography he should have. At length they resolved they would each prepare one, and compare their opinion on the following day. It appears that, after they came to the office next evening with their biographies, there was a wonderful coincidence in this respect, that each regarded him as a great "screw," a man who would take ten shillings' worth of work for sixpence if he could get it. Rejoicing in the harmony of the opinions they entertained respecting their employers, they adjourned to "dinner." Meanwhile, the proprietor accidentally called at the office, and, entering the sub-editors room, saw the documents, which had been carelessly left on the desk. He read the accounts from beginning to end.

On meeting the sub-editors afterwards he said: "Well, gentlemen, I've read your estimates of my character, and I can only wish you would do your other work as well. The paper would be very much better than it is." Inattention to little acts of thoughtfulness and consideration often results from a mere habit of carelessness; but, in its effect upon the happiness of a family, it is a most unfortunate habit. A few words of thanks, of appreciative recognition, are easily spoken, and such words are precious to the soul that hungers for them. They are highly prized, and not soon forgotten. Take notice of what is done for you..

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