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The Old Ladies Journal from Leavenworth, Kansas • 5

The Old Ladies Journal from Leavenworth, Kansas • 5

Leavenworth, Kansas
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5 THE OLD LADIES JOURNAL. HOHE NOTES. David Eppinger, Frank Haight, Cow-gill, Briggs, Smith, Grimes, A Domann, Fred Newcomb, Mrs Harvey, II Hay, Murray, Taylor Sons, each 25c cash, 75c John Consi-dim, 15c. donations in kind. Leavenworth.

Mrs Foster, 4 dozen eggs and Christian Herald; Mrs Lysle, load of kindling wood Mrs Giacomini, 2 qts. fruit Mrs John Vogel, 1 qt. of jelly. The new matron, Mrs. Blythe, caine on the 22d and began her new duties.

Two bookcases have been donated to the Home. One from Mrs. Carney and one from Mrs. Kelly. Mrs.

Kelly has also furnished a room. Baker Scott, Holmberg, Winder, Camp, each 25c. Waverly. Senior, Scott Mercantile Co, II McDuffie, Mathis, Cotton, A Williss, Dr Eagen, each 50c Cotton, II Brewer, II Donnell, Cook, Mrs Hartman, II Winter, II Poland, John Cory, Higgle, Moyer, A May, each 25c cash, 20c. Emporia Cash, Poehler Merc Co, Watson Ballireg Lbr Co, Warren Mortgage Co, each Joseph Jones Sons, 75c Blank, Morris Son, Dr Biddle, II Page Hill, Jensen, each 50c Reed, A Griffith, II Bowers, Miss Evelyn Simpson, each 25c A Thudium, 35c.

Hartford. Gibbons, Brit-ton, Thomas Son, each Evans, Mrs II Lewis, Reed, Montgomery, Parks, Ilein, Mrs Thomas, O'Connor Strattoii, II Radloff, Perkins, Carson, Ed Milms, A Johnson, Mrs Hughes, Skaggs, Dr Thames, each 50c; A Jasper, 25c. Lyons. II Armstrong, A Dean, Jesse Ainsworth, each Mrs Barons, Lyon Mill Co, Dark Wool-dridge, Lees, Gray, Long Taylor, John Aiken, each 50c; Crawford Aullin, Mrs I Barington, Snodgrass, Lansing, Grimes, Pyatt, Gray, Minick, Carl Lennon, Dr Fisher, Welch Son, each 25c cash, $1.25. Marion.

Minton, Loveless Sons, Stafford Billing, Saggan, Alex Case, Ehrlick, Smith Smith, II Thorp, each New Elgin Hotel, 75c; Brown Colby, A Blanchard, Geo Scott, Bauer, Kern Co, Paughn, Schmidt, each 50c II Ogden, Thompson Dry Goods Co, Thomas, Kelley, Good, A Rafaelson, Butcher, I Wilson, John McCarty, each 25c cash, GOc. McPiierson. Williams, A Engberg Loing, People's State Bank, Burkholder, II II SudendorfF, Ed Berg, A Sorensen, The Republican," Entriken, Maxwell, Maltby, The past month was a trying one owing to its sudden change in temperature and its inclination to return to winter. But the health of the Home family was good. A visitor to the Home during the month reports that she saw several of the old ladies gathering snow on one of the fine days that followed a snow storm.

It was wanted for the water pitchers. As no response came to our solicitation in the March number for a sewing chair, we again ask that if any one has such an incumbrance, the Home would be glad to accept for one of the rooms. True, there are chairs in unoccupied rooms, but these belong to such rooms and must be kept there as private property whether the room is occupied or vacant. Breakdown of Miss Keller. The reported breakdown of Miss Helen Keller, the deaf and blind girl whose marvelous accomplishments of education has so astonished the world, is not received with surprise.

Through the slow years in which that beautiful spirit has laboriously struggled to the light and by painful progress rent the veil of dormant senses, she has performed feats of effort that might well be calculated to weaken the strongest constitution. The most touching feature of her present collapse is that she surrendered her strength in the devoted labor of helping those afflicted with misfortune similar to her own. Since the completion of her collegiate education, she has been active in attending meetings and in carrying on a general educational work for the blind and deaf. Hers has been one of the most extraordinary examples of spiritual heroism of which the world has known, and that her devotion to her fellow-sufferers should have resulted in the loss of her own health must awaken universally the profoundest sympathy. Boston Globe.

DONATIONS. CASH DONATIONS. Strong. Cash, $3.60. Florence.

Cash, $1.45. Pittsburg. Mrs Mellen, $10. Cottonwood Falls. Cash, $2.10.

Kansas City, Mo. Cfierryvale. Mrs "Wood, Catherine Dixon, each $1.00. Leavenworth. Mrs McCahon, Mrs.

Hannah Saunders, Mrs Skinner, each $1. Hillsboro. Buck, First Nat'l Bank, Wayand, Fred Sharpen, David Bushman, A Klossen, each 50c; Ebel, 75c; Tinges, Breab, each 25c. Little River. II Weld, Smith Hoffman, each Miles Snodgrass, Crawford, Sohberg, each 50c Richardson, Oswalt, each 25c; Mrs Joy, 50c; German, 15c.

Pkabody. Cash, Davison, Tucker Griffiths, Jennett-Moflitt, each Wm Parris, II Vawnest, Ira Sterlin, Willis Westbrook, each 50c; "Conversion" of Princess Ena Princess Ena, daughter of Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, has been converted to Romanism. She had to be to marry the young king of Spain. She took some lessons in the Carmelite Church in Kensington, and now has completed her conversion in an old church in Spain. If all our lives were one broad glare Of sunlight, clear, unclouded, If all our paths were smooth and fair, By no soft gloom enshrouded If all life's flowers were fully blown, Without the sweet unfolding, And happiness were rudely thrown On hands too weak for holding Should we not miss the twilight hours, The gentle haze and sadness? Should we not long for storms and showers, To break the constant gladness?" each Ecker, Harms, Ward Kinney, I Talbott, Struss, Kuns, Miller, The McPherson Dry Goods Co, Jensen, Houston, each 50c Lexsell, Kern Bros, David Aurell, II Bixby, Joseph Pollock, Mrs A Coons, McMurray, Johnson, each 25c.

Burlington. Burlington Mill Co, II Beatty, Foster, The Farmers Nat'l Bank, Lane, A Stevenson, Wyckoff, each Sanders, Epping, Clark, Palen, A Merrill, Dr Douglas, Puffer Sisters, Mrs Sarah Woodford, Williams, Hoffman, Cleveland Electric Appliance Co, A Moore, Davidson, A Lane, each 50c; A Brigham, Sears, Kirkbride, Mrs Leftwick,.

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