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Kansas Cowboy from Dodge City, Kansas • 5

Kansas Cowboy from Dodge City, Kansas • 5

Kansas Cowboyi
Dodge City, Kansas
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K.n diately after the fire and the grand old restaurant is now sailing there as smoothly as ever. Charley will erect a building for a lunch and short order house, in front of the eld stand, for winter pnr- i poses. F. C. Zimmerman is making a tempor ANOTHER PVUiriCATIOX.

An Entire Bai Block Destroyed by Fire- 150,000. At seven o'clock last Friday evening a fire broke out in the second story cf Sheridan Daniel's saloon, from what is suited to have been an explosion of a kerosene lamp. The fire spread rapidly and it as soon known that the entire block, from the old opera house to It. M. Wright's store, was doomed to destruction.

"The fire alarm was sound- SATrmn a v. tyro. ft. isas. ary halt in one of the rooms of the new Sturm block.

Mr. Zimmerman was THE FASHIONABLE TAILOR. O-ut-ting. Fitting, Oleaxiixig and Repairing. GIVES SATISFACTION IN ALL WORK.

I Keep a Full Line of Samples. a. o. v. w.

Protection No. 172, mvetn every Monday nlirht at o'clock, at Odd KtMow'a Hall, JilKe ilv, Kanca. Viwitlng brother are cordially invited to with when in the city. J. C.

Mktcai.f.M. W. K.Miltos. Kecorder. crippled by the fire, but he is in nowise discouraged.

He will move right along, without any apparent interruption of business, lie will resume business at the old stand as ed and soon the entire population of the city was aroused and on hand. Nothing soon as he can re-build. Dunn Ivirkpatrick have opened out in one of the rooms of the Sturm build could be done to arrest lie spreau oi iue flames. The opera house block went heavenwards in a hurry and the wood ing. Webster Bond are in the "Old House" en buildings on the west were licked up saloon building, near the Dodge House.

JO! with as keen a relish and with as much ease as a cow lapping salt. It is etliniat- If anybody thinks that Dodge is a dead town let them come here now and get their illusion disjielled. Hundreds of mechanics and laborers that the value of the property dstroy- is 50.000. Luckily there was no mm? wind at the time of the fire. Had a are at work on the burnt district, and south wind prevailed the fire would have extended northward and swept everything burnable in its march.

As it was, hard work only saved the tniuaings on Chesnut street, north of the burnt square. It required the help of hundreds of people to save The Cownoy and Globe O. soon all vestiges of the lire will be extinct. The excavation for the cellars of Web-ter Beeson's buildings is nearly completed. building will be two stories high.

All of the new buildings in the burnt district will extend to Chestnut street and have fronts thereon. SOEVIS. oitices. The buildings destroyea were PROPRIETORS. as follows: Kelly's oiera House, Mien- We keep constantly on hand all the latest styles of CLOTHING HAT CAPS.

BOOTS. SHOES itnrt rnnn M. dan and Daniels' saloon, Jones hue- Dr. McCarty had another narrow es- just opened. ana rresn law's law olfiee, Henry Koch's barber cape trom tire.

A ne uoc win nae to -lakge sales and SM4U ritoFi-rs" Is our Motto sliop, uunu jviiKpaunB-n store, Crutnbaugh, Fitzgerald land West Corner of Postoffice Block march with the progressive music and erect a stylish and elaborate brick on the old corner. ollice, York-l'arker-Draper mercantile establishment, Chas. Hcinz's Delmonico It took hard work to save the Cowboy A. B. WEBSTER.

0 restaurant, F. C. Zimmermann's hardware store, A. Gluck's jewelry store, o. uoxr office from destruction.

Hundreds oi Garland's drug store, Durand's jewelry good people labored to save the virtuous institution. The building was deluged store. J. B. fruit stand, Atkinson (Bond, and Retaii Warren's saloon and restaurant, Long with barrels of pure ami sparkling water.

Wholesale Branch saloon, Webster Bond's drug All of the material, excepting the Gor- stoie It. M. Wright mercantile don jobber, was removed, and consider hi and Geonie llinkle's sa- able damage was occasioned by the a mm loon. The very business heart of Dodge 'py ing" of type. We carry a Full -and Complete' Line City was destroyed by this fire.

The de- Not a single murmur has been heard struction of this property is a surprise to to escape from the lips of auy of the DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES 1 with Dodge City, sufferers of the late lire. One hundred and CHOICE CIGARS. The tire has been anticipated for years, and fifty thousand dollars went to glory Tt did not come as soon as it was expect- at that time and yet nobody cares a PurelWEFIES and Fine KENTUCKY WHISKIES. ed. With the exception of Kelly opera cuspidor about it.

sbsi i or Medicinal, Mechanical anil Scientific house and Wright's store building the There is no talk about it. Dodge City DODOB CITY houses destroyed were old rookeries and I is the smartest town in the west. Before allured annihilation. Projects were on the fire was exterminated, contracts foot for tearing them down next spring were made for the erection of new build and rebuilding with brick. The fire has ings settled the question prematurely.

Be- After Dodge City is all burned up and emz Delmonico, Restaurant and Short Order House. fore the Christmas of 1S.S0 that block a damage of a million dollars is exper will be rebuilt of brick and in style. The ienced. it will then lie about time to i old Dodge, with its world-wide celebrity, think about getting a fire engine. has disappeared.

The old rookeries and j. MEALS AT ALL HOURS. DAY OR NICHT. strictly first-class, and terms reasonable. Tables supplied with all the choice delicacies of the season.

Private Dining Rooms in eendection with house. The Manque Carnival. break-neck sidewalks that used to front the railroad have gone. Only a portion On Thanksgiving night, altliough a Chas. Heinz, Prop.

KANSAS of the old Dodge House, block remains. disagreeable one, the opera house was DODGE CITY That iKirtion is all that is left of old wen niieu wun masqueraaers ana iook- Dodge. Fortunately most of the fire suf FIRE FIRE FIRE ers on. tne report that was circulated by some pusillanimous ferers are able to sustain their loss. The The remainder of our stock, a great deal of which is slightly damaged will be closed out without any regard to cst.

property owners will rebuild immediate- pelican that no ladies intended to masque ly, of brick. about sixty couples were deceiving their Gome at once and secure bargains as you will only have this opportunity, a The losses were about as follows: It. most intimate friends. Laughter reigned short time. We ill positively sell our Wright Co.

$40,000, insurance supreme. The grand march occurred at rake ebster, entire remnant of stick before tne com 000, Webster Bond 8,000, insurance 1 0 30, after hich all came to light in their pletion our new brick building. We are i $2,500: C. M. Beeson, Drake Har- proper faces and the following assertion now in our temporary building along House, Sign and Ornamental ris, Atkinson Warren, A.

could be heard, "Oh, mv, I knew you sido our old stand. II. M. WRIGHT CO. Gluck ,000, insurance 800; E.

R. Gar Miss Lizzie Gray was awarded the prize PAINTING. UPzxjoeir- Hanging and land, F. (I We have some goods as good as before for the handsomest lady costume. Mr, Baker Foremau carried off second prize, York-Parker-Draper mercantile com the tire, all of which must uo at.

some price for want of room to handle them. lie piayeu tne role oi a Di-r, iat, Dutch cvnitiAui-ana iuuii 1 work done in the best and neatest style. All worl- pany 40,000, insurance Kirk-patnek Dunn, Sheridan Dan K. M. WKHili A CO.

The winners, both about the guaranteed. Give us a call anil jjet our KALSOMINIXG a specialty. iels, Henry J. Koch, 500; Cary same size, with hand and heart thanked i Door South of Skating1 Rink We have Furnishing goods and many Wright J. B.

Martin, 200; Kid- the judges for theirdecision. Chas. Ross goods usually kept in boxes and no way ler Ragland, 000; Jones hitelaw, is a good manager of Buch amusements to dispose of them, only to sell them, $400; Crumbaugh, Fitzgerald i00 Dancing commenced immediately after Come and make your selections. It. M.

WKWI1T CO. George llinkle, 000. the carnival and the remainder of the imspirvi.s I evening was pleasantly enioyed Wrijiht Co. believe in adver- It. M.

tising. ork and Draper, A. b. Baker Foreman presented a report Prouty and wile, airs. 11.

M. right, t. of TlIE c0wboy with a brand new hat on Grand Ball -Masque New Ycai's night Ready for Business. For the present I am located at the Photograph J. Sturtevant and Judge D.

M. Frost Baker is one of the most the next. were all attendance at tne grand accommodating fellows and best sales- stockmen's ball in Ht. Louis when the tht wpst nnd ho nt.U F. J.

Durand is doing business in the news Of the tire reached them. intrrwhietinn All i.ditoiss tlt Uralloru novt 4ho TlmQt! nffla Office. I 1 guill IIVXl IV Olb I I I I IO I I I vc AJost ollice block. Chalk lieeson and Atoy Drake were leel as though they are in ant ot a new R. R.

ROBBINS. The new brick block will have their playing in the Cowboy band at thcCres-J hat will do well to cultivate hisacquaint- frontage on Chesnut street. cent rink, St. Louis, hen the newsofjance. the fire reached them.

-Chalk" wasn't F. C. Zimmermau can be found at the I www ruffled a bit at the reception of the news. were shown a large crayon por corner store of Sturm's block. He said he should commence to rebuild "ait of the likeness of McDonald It seems as though we will never have at once when he returned.

taken from a cabinet picture. Itlooks as While the fire was r.amn,. Boh Wriirht natural and handsome as the original a fire engine or a new hotel. mm contracted for the erection of a store on A. Gluck has branched out in the east Glasford and the work on this portrait KeaJv I Second avenue (Bridge street).

By Wed demonstrates the fact that she is a thor side of the room occupied by Bros. Printing Promptly Done at this Office. nesday the new store was completed. ough artist. York-Farher-Diaper are erecting The post office will occupy the north temporary buildinn for their store iust i -ni building at an early Uuth of the railroad, north of Irwin's rink' every Friday night.

This oppor- day lumher yard. tunity is given for the benefit of the Atkinson Warren had a building many who are desirous of learning this Marshal Tilghman has bean appointed ready for their business, on the north art. Dancing from 9 to 12. The first of I under sheriff and will report for duty end of their lot, by Monday night. the series commences next Friday even January 1st.

The Long Branch is erecting a build ing. LIVE LET LIVE. msj for it business in front of the old The Central barber shop and Crum-baugh Fitzgerald's land office are in stand, on Front street York, Parker Draper have started a temporary building just north of J. P. The opera house eonvivialists will the basement of the bank building.

hereafter do their business in front of Krwin's lumber yard and will occupy it until their new brick is finished. Miss Fditli Oilman gave her second! the old stand, in a building now being Mc G-E ART BROTHE RS Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Ub lilt? lilb kaLUlVIUJ I erected. Mr. Kelly does aot expect to build on the old site until next spring. "veniug.

owing to tne tire nend her audience was some smaller than at the The gentleman who owns the lot on A young man out in New Mexico is called a "lady killer" by his jealous companions and he has offered to bet his last dollar that he never killed a lady in hia life. first appearance, but Dr. McCarty lias which as the St. James restaurant has engaged her t- on ear refused for -he lot since the fire. LUMBER, LATH AND SHINGLES.

SASH, IDooxs, 331irxcLs, dec u'l unci get irici-s In-fori- liuyin-. ofticc and yard at South end Of Bridge, DodgeCitf (. harley Heinz was in luck in buying night. The 'Jrand Amazon March under her management was a beautiful picture to witness. the school house property.

He removed A new lumber yard south of the depot he Helmonico restaurant thereto lmmc' is one of the coming enterprises..

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