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Union Labor Trumpet, the People's Friend from Kensington, Kansas • 4

Union Labor Trumpet, the People's Friend from Kensington, Kansas • 4

Kensington, Kansas
Issue Date:
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8 WJR'XvMJjmr- 1' WcaspaJBK T1 iwnymw Preaching at the school house to following: hat ExjsTiN'q Political morrow at 2. p. m. 1 That we demand the abolition of HSoiff! To For national banks and the substitution of A rush of job work, makes us a lit Party HastHad the Inter- EST. OF THE PEOPLE AT Heart? egal tender treasury notes in lien of tle late this week.

I 1l SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF Cannscilcy! Fire insurance Of haetford. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, iKXj. Cash Capital Reserve tor Re-insuraDOB 745.163.W Outatandiutr Claims A. S.

Kingsbury, Smith Centre. national bank notes issued in sufficient Quite a Breeze last Tuesday. tan ntn exchwdTo tale. ea volume to do the business of the coun-J Some damage reported at Smith Centre and elsewhere. try on a crab system, regulating the amount needed on a per capita basis, as the business interests of the country expand; and that all money issued by Go to Linton, for flour, 63 cts to $1,00 per sack.

C. Thayer, having advanced the Government shall be legal tender in the payment of all debts, both pub SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF Travelers Insurance Co. of Hartford. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1800.

Assets 11,528,669,30 8,103.1124 Peoples Trade, It is necessary to combine Good Goods with. Low Prices, Which Combination can only be found at P. A. SAN FORD'S. Look Here: the cash, becomes a paid' up subscriber until April 25th 1891.

ic and private bOlaod rrfallDrnrctstsand toWfl-SSii CUILKS-Uk oUee-Dot Imply btp CUlMuaM DripcMla. I strictly vegetable preparation and Wffl CCRK MAtABlA. td all iuwii Dr. 8. Wise, of Boston, Ky.

mi "Have practiced medicine IB year, and tod no tqual to HBBrw aa a Liver Dr. W. A. Baker, of Madlon, ihs "A bottle of HraBim la worth mora Uiaa 6.00 worth ofWnlne taanyfamlly" Acting on the Liver In a different way from any other medicine; ft la a poeiUve cure for Coronic Constipation and tocfieaper tbanPilla. Ita peculiar composition is euch, that we gnarantee to core any case at Chills and Fever or Bilious Fever with one bottle.

It costs bat 75 cents and each bottle contains over 40 doses, making the cost less than two cents a dose. Would yonaak for cheaper medicine It Is not a cure-all But will cure any Liver, Blllona or Jlala rial Complaint. Idaanfactursd by Tbe Eterblne Oo-f (Successors to Wm.Condell.) BU Louis 3 That we demand the free and un- Parties indebted to Sanford Bro's imited coinage of silver. are requested to call, at their earliest convenience, and settle. 17 Paid Policy-holders $1,580,000 in 1889.

5 Believing in the doctrine of "exual Thomas Ramsey, of Gavlord has rights to all and special privileges to credit for a dollar paid us last week none," we demand that taxation. Na 16 pounds dried for his second yaar's subscription to the Trumpet. He also patronizes tional or State, shall not be. used to our job press this weak. build up one interest or at the expense SYNOPSIS OF AN ii UAL STATEMENT OF HEW YCP.K LIFE INSURANCE CO.

liado to Sup of Insurance of KnsH, Jim. it. ino. Total Assets fl0ft.053.fiG0.98 Liabilities 9,830,7241 Gross Tontine and General Surplus ooo (Comoony's Standard A3. Total Income 1SS 29.163,268 24 Payments to Policy-Holders JBf9 12,121,121.88 Correspondence solicited from parties desii ing-inur-ance or an agency solicited.

Aadreaa Kanoa Branch Office. Wichita Kansas. j- 6Good assortment of corn sh11r of another. 14 brown sugar 1.00 22 oatmeal 3 cans choice tomatoes 0.25 18 pounds dried peaches, $1.00 20 3-Ib sacks dairy table salt 1.00 3 cans blackberries. 0.25 12 yds fine suiting.

....1.00 package 0.05 at Sanford Bros. They are also agents fnr Vnrca rtAtirar otiallnra 10 We believe that the money of the VTA. AAUAgu rJ VI VA DUUUClOi Xml bountry should be kept as much as pos Best table oil-cloth, per yard. .0.25 On account of ill herlth J. R.

sible in the hands of the people, and hence we demand that all revenues, Cook has given up the meat These are not the only prices I can quote you, but enough to give you G.OfP. papers are now straining every nerve to adjust themselves as a strong' link re-uniting the broken chain by "which the laboring and producing classes have been firmly held and led about by the money-power for these many years. "We would be glad to see all g. o. p.

papers enlist in the work of redeeming the American people from the curse of monopoly and usury, but we; want them to bring forth 'fruits meet for instead of attempting to make farmers believe they can do noth ing except through the old party, which the alliance must seek to reform, not to destroy. "Old party papers now claim that they always worked in the interest of the farmer, and still they denounced the old Greenbackers as 'old the Uniou Labor adherents as dry -goods-box politicians, bad managers, but the good work has advanced so far as to unite the discontented factions in one strong body against scheming politicians and the money power, and now the old bosses are inclin ed to pat them on the shoulders and bid them God-speed, telling them hat though there is a wide defference between them and the old green back and union labor parties, they must be careful and not allow alliance work to destroy their fidelity to the g. o. p. Now let us compare the U.

L. SYNOPSIS Of- Annual SiAiuaENi OF Merchants' Ins. Co. Newark, H. J.

Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kausas, January, 1830. Natiopal, State, or County, shall be Mome idea of the bargains we offer. We printed bills for C. P.

Olsen last imited to the necessary expedfes of I make no misleading statements or quote prices on inferior goods to the Government economically and hon i r1'j Socialist in t.t C-iy mho it (i Segli Srai Over ycun' 2Yac(utt 12 ytxirt in Chicago. cuEoT an located. week. Breeders should see Mr. Olsen's horses, and govern themselves accordingly.

i f1.554,6SB.S7 estly anministered. catch suckers. Our DRY GOODS Line Total Assets Total Liabilities. 6 That Congress issue a sufficient trrr sw 1 fl'tironie. Kprt oki imt "HnceUl nin.

Old Mr. Goings started the first of amount of of fractional paper currency the week to visit his old home in Cm tuaJ "fTi-YOua Debility, eiuonel ao ilingf evtry l.yAKv'1 kind, urlnury and in fact i.i-UvW til troaU.i'. cr in either to facilitate exchange thryugh the me-diam of the United States mail. ndiana. The next regular examination for Lvi.u or fcuinle.

Ctup'B runrantenl The balance of the U. L. plat teachers' certificates, will be held at SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn, Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, lfcOO.

Assets 4.781,255.65 Cash Capital 1,000,000.00 Reserve for Re-Insurance 3,17651.99 Unpaid Losses and Other Claims. 202.982.69 Net Surplus 401.921.07 Is Replete in Every Department. We don't have our agent in all the Great Markets of Europe, buying goods for us, neither do we buy "bankrupt stocks" because we can get shoddy goods for almost nothing; but we select a neat assortment from the finest line of samples ever shown in the West. Our goods in this form reads as follows: Smith Centre; April 26. commencing sIV.

LABOR. Arbitration should take the place of strikes at eight It. time. Yours, and other injurious methods of settling labor V. M.

Noble. The F. A. I. of this county, ef money reiunded.

C'LarKts low. ThuUBUiifls cmti cun J. Experience Is iirAtrte.nt. Alljnert-elne are to te live PltJractouy viK cowfoundi-d id my perfectly appointrc Jborntory, Mid iro fvirriiKtii'd rendy ior Ho to tHoj ores to have (iilc-i. mtrtrury or tnjurlottt.

ir.ed. Ho Jftntlon In buainesi. P-Mient at a trfstprt ty Icitisr and ex pru. medicine aeivt everywhere free fronv cze or case nd send or tcrws. ConmltRt' free and ctulidvutitU.

r.r I "ltt.T. fPxr. sent J-JA. Ui -for 6c. in Every mrlo, from llie age a.

14 to 45, atiuuiu road tliia boojt. disputes; the letting of convict labor to con tractors be prohibited; the contract system Hue are all new and fresh Not shelf-worn or fire-damaged. WE DESIRE TO DEMONSTRATE THE fected a county organization on the 31 ult. B. H.

Clover, of the State be abolished in publio works; the hours of labor In Industrial establishments to be reduced commensurate with the increase of produc Alliance, and S. M. Scott, State organ SYKOFSiG CF ANiVJAL STATEMENT OF United States Erazicb. Liverpool Glohe Ins. Co.

Chicago, 111. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1890.. Gross Assets in United t7.337.15.31 Fact that we Can and Will save you money in the lines of Millinery, tion in labor-saving machinery; employes be izer, officiated. The officers elected are good, so far as we are acquainted protected from bodily injury; equal pay be JU ing given for equal work, for both sexes, and THS QHEAT RHEUMATIC CLT.E.

with them. labor, agricultural and cooperative associa platform with the Alliance plat Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, BOOTS SHOES Everything. P. A. SANFORD, Kensington, Kansas, A POlTI VR 'CTTME for 1TIFT--i ATJS.

tt.iy ee tbi tions be fostered and encouraged by law Miss Clara Davison celebrated her form, and our readers are reques vii'eet's r6tvrTY- Himnh f.f? The foundation of a republic is the intelligence birthday, by invitng her little friends ted to compare Jthe two with the of its citizens, and children who are driven in aediclri-. One dese itive relief- few riows remove fever mul oln In Joiiitu: -ompleted in to 7 dar KtAteraent of in. J. lie litta folks report a good time, and Miss Clara received i't Ur OF Hartford Fire Insurance Companj, Of Hartford, Mode to Supt- cf Insurance, of Kansas, January. I 00.

to workshop, mines and factories, are de two old party platforms. The Union Labor platform, a nice presents. prived of education which should be secured wiili stamp tor Circulars. Caii. ur addrean O0 W.h THE ATHOL dopted two years ago, introduces Mr.

and Mrs Wolfe started tha to aU, by proper legislation. itself as follows: Cash and Invested Assets $6,142,454.49 Reserve for Unsettled Claims 2ro.065.J3 first of last week to visit friends in V. PENSIONS. Reserve for Re-Insurance 2.197,330.61 the east A general discontent prevails on the part of We demand the passage of a service pension SMtt1m: xz. 3.706,078.75 the wealth Farmers are Buffering bill to every honorably discharged soldier and ARE HA.RB Miss Nora Lockwood took the train sailor of the United States.

from a poverty which has forced most of them to mortgage their estate, and prices of pro Saturday morning for a visit, and rd it Trees. VI. INCOME TAX. A graduated income tax is the most equita recreation among friends and rela ducts are so low as to offer no relief except through bankruptcy, Laborers are sinking SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF United States Branch, The flueen Insurance Liverpool. Made to Supt.

of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1890. ble system of taxation, placing the burden tives in the vicinity of Salem and into greater and greater dependence. Strikes of government on those who can best afford Lebanon. are resorted to without bringing relief, be- to pay instead of laying it on the farmers and Potatoes only 15 cts, per bushel at D. Pearce, wishes to inform the cause of the inability of employers In many producers and exempting millionaire bond L.

M. Linton's Total Assets Total Liabilities 1,33617.33 i cases to pay living wages, wnue more are holders and corporations. I driven into the men find VII. UNITED STATES SENATE. We printed sale bills for Hans I collections almost impossible; meantime hun We demand a constitutional amendment Nielson last week.

public that he has a good supply of Apple and Crab Trees for the spring trade, at the following prices: Good two-year-old Apple trees at 12tf eta. each, or tlO per 100. dreds of millions of idlQ public money, which making United States Senators elective by a SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF Orient Insurance of Hartford. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1890.

Save from 10 to 25 per cent by get is needed for relief, is locked up in the United direct vote of the people. ting your job printing done at the States treasury in grim mockery of the dis VIII. CONTRACT LABOR. Tkumpkt office, and thereby paron- Crab treA, 2d eta. each.

Also will sell about 1.000 4 year-old Ami We demand the strict enforcement of the tress. Land monopoly flourishes as never before, and more and mora owners of the soil Total Assets $1,805,683.48 rash Carjital L0U0.0U0.00 ize home institution. Reserve for Re-insurance 561.S44JJ3 laws prohibiting the importation of subjects are daily becoming tenants. Great transpor Ontstandinor Losses. Etc of foreijm countries under contract.

We de Net Surplus 16L738.99 ROLL OF HONOR. Below we give the names of New tation corporations still succeed in extorting trees nt cts. each till 6old. Come early to secure this Also have a choice lot of Rcd Ckdar, at reduced rates. mand the passage and enforcement of sueh Store for Shelf and heavy Hardware, Nails, Iron, Steel, Forks and Eakes; Stoves, Tin-ware, Barbed Fence Wire, Will not be under-sold by any house in Smith County.

Call and get prices before buying elsewhere Yours truly, T. J. NICHOLAS, Athol, Kansas. KENSINGTON Meat Market. their profits upon Watered stock through un legislation as will absolutely exclude the Chi Cr Si AlilKEHT OF United States Branch subscribers, renewals, Job office patrons, aud other who have admiuistored just charges.

nese from the United States. Nursery 1 mile South-east of Athol. The United States senate has become as to the wants of the Trumpet family north British feantile Ins. IX. WOMAN SUFFRAGE.

otherwise since our last issue: open its seats being purcnasea The right to vote is inherent in citizenship, X.cndon Edinburgh. by the rich in open defiance of the public wilL irrespective of sex, and is properly within Um THE UNION LABOR TRUMPET la published each alternate Saturday, Various efforts are otade to squander the public money, which are designed to empty the province of state legislation. Thomas Ramsey, Gay lord. Samuel Hudson, Atnol. J.

(J. McDowell, Smith Centre. Charles Dougherty, Agra. A. Hakes, C.

T. W. Davis. P. A.

Sanford. C. P. and X. PARAMOUNT ISSUES.

The paramount issues to be solved fas Entered as Second-class matter In the Post-of treasury Iwlthout paying the publio debt. Under these and other alarming conditions we fice at Kensington. Kansas. appeal to the people of our country to come Interest of humanity are the abolition of ury, monopoly and and we denow Olsen, W. J.

Steele, D. J. C. Thayer, J. W.

Merrill, J. S. Cook, Thomas Da out ef old party organization, whose indif By M. L. ft K.

Locawoon. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Karjsas. January, 2SS0. Total Assets InU Total Liabilities iu U.

1,654.105.37 fuming in U. tL799.4a.01 SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL SIATtft5t.f OF German American Ins. Co, New York. No. 115 Broadway, New York.

Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1890. Total Assets 'fS Total Liabilities the Democratic and Republican parties for ference to the publio welfare is responsible creating and perpetuating these monsuoas for this distress 'of our industries by estab Subscription prire: Sl.OO per snsu Strictly In Advance. vison, Hans Nielson, M. A.

Bronsou, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Allison, of Kensington. evils. lishing the fol owing principles: The following is the balance of in tne mam, tne above is now acknowledged to be true, by all Advertisements what the farmers demand: DIST.

NO. 60. T. W. Haner and family started for 2 That we demand that Congres political The following trill be inserted at the following cash shall pass such laws shall effectually is the U.

L. platform relatiug to prevent the dealing in futures of all ag Display ads S10. per inch per annum. For Kensington, Kansas. John Cook, Proprietor ricuiturai and mecuanieal productions; land: LAND.

preserving a stringent system of pro- Arkansas April 4th, and Henry Frick-ey and family started the 7th. What is this neighborhood's loss is another gain. Our best wishes is for their ceedure in trials as shall the prompt While we believe that the proper solution of the financial question will greatly relieve bYNOPSlS OF ANNUAL ATcENT OF Home Insurance of New York. Made to Supt. of Insurance, of Kansas, January, 1890.

Assets $8,031,159.61 Cash Capital 3,000,000.00 Reserve for Premiums and Sinking: Fund 3,802.153 98 Reserve for Unpaid Losses, etc K2L462.85 Net Sitmin less Umu a utouiu, oo per cent extra. or iiuaineaa ctu us, iO per annum not to occupy uiure tuua 1 iacta. lAivai ooticvt, aisurea auiung the reading matter, id cu per aue, eacu maeriion. Ail adrertueiueuU are payable inouthly, at this omoe. conviction and imposing such penalties those now iu danger of loosing their homes by as shall secure the most perfect compli success.

Born March 10th to Mr and mortgages and foreclosures, and enable all In- a nee with the law. 8 That we demand such legislation Fresh 0 salt meats at all times. I will keep constantly on hand, Choice Steaks, Smoked Hams side meat, Bologna and Sausage's, Mince-meat, Everything first-class. first door south of Davis' flour store. S- i -89.

dustrious people to secure a home as the highest result of civilization we oppose land mo OFFICIAL UIKECTORY, Mrs Louis Micheals, a daughter weighing 9itb, Litterary adjourned until next Dec. Sunday school was as shall effectually prevent extortion of usurious ibterest by any form of e- U. OF TUJC NATIONAL F. A. A.

I. nopoly in every form, demand the forfeiture United States Branch SYNOPSIS OF ANNUAL STATEMENT OF vasion of statuary provisions. of unearned grants, the limitation of land organized here Sunday April 6th to be We demand such legislation as ownership, and such. -other legislation as will stop speculations in land and holding unused held at ten o'clock P. m.

Mr. iene, Anglo-Nsvado Assurance CorDorofn la dAt-tliicr Aiit hulr mi a nr hAiira An I will provide for a reasonable stay from those whose necessities require it. execution in all oases of forclosure of 8an Francisco, CaL L. L. Polk, Preside nt Worth Carolina, IS.

li. Clover, Vloo-i'resideut Kausas. J. H. Turuer, Seoreury Georgia.

U. Hiolunau, Treusuror Missouri. Ben. Terrel, secretary Texas. Executive BourU C.

W. Macuue, A. araall, aud Tilluian. Juuiciury Uepartnieut K. C.

We believe the earth wag made for the aud not to enable an idle aristocracy to moatgages on real estate, and a reasonable extension of time before the Hade to Supt. of Insurance, of Karma, January, 1800. subsist through rents upon the toil of the in dustrious, and that coruers in land are as bad aontirmation to sheriff sales. 622.818.4S Gross Assets Gross LinhiiiHc Isaac MoCrackenuud Kvan Jones. 10 We demand such legislation ar T7T7ACQT7AITJTED WITH TEE GEOGRAFnY OF THE COUNTRY, WILL OBTAIN MUOH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THIS MAP OF as corners in food, and that these who are not residents or citizens should not be allowed to owu lauds iu the United States.

A homestead will effectually prevent the organiza HUMPHREYS' should be exempt to a limited extent from ex Local Time Card, I hi. Dr. Humphreys Specifics are scientifically and tion maintainance of trusts and combines for purpose of speculation in ecu tion or taxation. f. any of the products of labor or neces tTf Following is the demands of the alliance in relation to the cine Is a special cure tor the disease named.

No. 15, fasseuger west, 1, a. No. 14, Hunt, 1, it, a. ui So.

12, west, Z6, p. No. io, Kaat 10.4, p. Mo. 14, local freitftii, iiust, 4, o4, m.

in Ho. ii, West, p.m sities of life, or the transportation of IU fVtiig VUV UMll 1UUW UVUU VU his place. It is reported that Kick Kirkendall is going to work the Cum-mings farm this Summer. Will Kiser has traded for thd place, Link Kirk-iudall used to own. Josh McDonald who returned from a short time since, now talks of returning soon.

His mother talks of going as far as Graham Co, with him, to where one of her daughters live. The wind storm the 8th blew down a bam on the How-ward place, and one of Mr. Micheals corn cribs. That is the only damage that has heard of so far, only lots of hay stacks were blowd over. Joseph Wagon Has has rented Mr.

Frickey's place; farmers are very busy finishing husking the corn crop of 1889, and getting ready to put in the crop These Specifics cure without arugging, parg tag or reducing the system, and are In fact ana deed the sovereign remedies the World. same: 4 That we demand the passage the same. 11 We demand the adjustment salaries of public officials to corres U3T Or PBINCIPAI. HOB. CUBES.

FKICEB. AU trains daUy except tna local ireigut, which uocs not run buuuays. laws prohibiting the alien ownership of Fevers, Congestion. Inflammations Aos. lo at Udu not 6top uotweea county seats worms, worm fever, normuiuc.

land; that Congress take early steps to Crying Colic, or Teething of LnfanU pond with the existing financial con devise some plan to obtain all lands ditions, the wages paid to other form lllarraea, oi umioren or Aauiia. ysentery. Griping. Bilious holera Morbna, Vomiting onghs, Gold. Bronchitis- Nenralsisu Toothache.Faceache now owned by aliens and foreign syn TO OUR LADY KKADKttS.

The Publisher ot I'rlK C.isaajiaN Qdeen of labor and the prevailing prices of dicates; and that all lands now held by otTcr to muu tuoir elegaut puOlicatluu ior Bemdacaes, Sick Headache. Vertigo ranPHRin. Billons Stomach the product of labor. lour tuouiiis. oi postage, to eacn ol railroads and other corporations in ex our rwudois iorwaruiu uor auuress and only oppressed or Painful Periods.

Whites, too proiuse Periods. 12 We demand the adoption of the Australian system of voting and the i Cro op. Cough. Difficult Khenm, Ersylpelas. Eruptions.

Khenmatiim, Rheomatic Pains cess of such as is actually used and needed by them be reclaimed by the Government, aud held for actual set Vi xc. stuuips to cover actu41i axrJCfiM. Jvery lady speaking to hor irleuus oi tiiis oiler aud egudiug the names oi teu tor it, will receive vituwr a Huud6oine (10 oubiuelj PbOkuKraph blaua, or writluir r'oruolio. 15 Crawford system of primaries. Birch.

of 1890. SPECIFICS G. O. P. papers and favored "pap suckers," who still desire favors at the 'lui is one ox tno nuest uiusuatea laaies KJtixaziues ua tbis Couiiueut, tuul lite puollad- Fever and Ague, ChlUa.

MMiana .3 I A. Dllln. tlers only. What has either of the old par ties done in this direction? era tttae tiiis oi introduciug it to ttie hands of the farmers. May now exp'lain woiuc-ti ot tne (J.

b. lue preauuts are ei- egaut, being band Painted aud imported 9 Vf AJ.P?...IH, Bphtnalmy, or Sore, or Weak Eyes atarrh, Influenza, Cold in the Head Whooping Cough, Violent Coughs. Asthma. ODDressed Breathing to the "dear people' why they have from iiermany. rive -ihial.

suuscripuons U. L. platform is as follows on RoUte. opposed, so bitterly, for the last seven for 41. wj.

seud for your friends aud you re-oelve tne presents. bTATa: wulca You ik- Ear Discharges, Impaired Hearing 11, TRANSPORTATION. teen years, the' measures above de 81KK AM1 iLKMlUN TU1S PAPJSK. OAM tr LiDt General lleMUly.PhTsicalWeakness. Dropsy, and Scanty Secretions Sea Sickness, Sickness from Hiding manded.

The means of communication and transportation shall be owned by the people, as is the copies to your iiieuds tntmt. bend to-day, and addreas. TH ii' Cxauian' guaKM lau- tvidney Disease VmD, nihility Seminal Weak United States postal system. omo, Canada. if you wut a good easy share, or a sleek hair-cut, call at lite Tonsorial Par The Allance demands the fol lowing: lor uALTKK, Aenstnyion.

ness, or Involuntary Sore Mouth, Canker .1 Urinary Weakness, Wetting Bed. Painful Periods, with Spasm i Diseases of the Epilepsy, Spasm. St. Vitus' 1. 1 Diphtheria.

Clcerated Sore Chronic Congestions A Ernptkma lieusmgion Kail. 3-W69. 7 That the means of communication and transportation slfall be owned by and operated in the interest of thepeo THE mm RGCK ISLAND PACIFIC RAILWAY, Including: main lines, branches and extensions East and West of the MisHouri River. The oiroct Route to and from Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa. Peoria, La, Salle, MoUne, Rock Island, In ILLINOIS Davenport, Muscatine, Otturawa, Des Moines, Wintereet, Council Blutfa, In IOWA-MinneapoliB and St.

Paul, in MINNESOTA Watertowa -and Sioux Falls, hi DAKOTA Cameron, St. Joseph, and Kansas City, in MISSOURI Omaha, Fairbury, and Nelson, in NEBRASKA Horton, Topeka, Hutchinson, Wichita, Bolleville, Abilene, Caldwell, in KANSAS Pond Creek, Kingileher, Fort Reno, In the INDIAN TERRITORY and Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FREE Reclining: Chair Cars to end from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson, and Dodge City, and Palace Sleep-tag Cars between Chicago, Wichita, and Ilutchinson. Traverses new and vast aroas of rich farming1 and grazing lands, affording the best facilities of intercommunication to all towns and cities east and west, northwest and southwest of Chicago, and Pacifies and transoceanic Seaports, MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, Leadinsr all compotltors in splendor of equipment, cool, well ventilated, and free from dust. Through Coaches, Pullman Sleepers.

FRES Reclining Chair Cars, and (east of Missouri River) Dining Cars Daily between Chicago, Sold by Drugplscs, or sent postpaid on receipt of price. Dr. Humphkets' IUlTCAi. (144 pages) richly bound In cloth and gold, mailed free. Fulton 8t.XY.

pie, as is the United States postal sys tern. PUZZLE. When unto Kausas Urat 1 came, Ceutre was my towiusiiip's name; One year, or more Hey swiftly by, Then Harvey held my farm and 1. In Harvey I but three years staid, I tben ten years in Cedar, taxes paid. Since then in Valley, I my time have passed, A Later Version.

My oountry, where each trust Competitors will bust Not in the ring, where infant Industries Prooed the rest to freeze And fortunes made with ease, Of the I sing Land where the farmer strives, liut somehow never thrives He oan't advance. He never frets ahead. He might as well be dead By tariff be is bled. His name is pants. Land where the g.

o. p. Prooeeds to rob with g'e just whom it will. Where for a favored class It tariff laws will pass. While working men alas, must foot the bill.

The U. L. platform is as fol lows, on tne question of III. MONEY. REPORT OF TEACHERS' ASbO-ClATiOJSl IIkld at Kksinqtom March 2d.

1890. House called to order by president P. Brown. The program was well cariied out, and the music was excellent. As near as wc could ascertain their was 14 teachers present, and quite a number who were not teachers.

Prof. Hoble our county Supt. was also present with his smiling face. After the program was carried out a new organization was effected. A constitution and set of by-taws were read and adobted.

The Association was christened the "Star" Association. 14 Joined and we elected the following officers; Pres. J. if. Cook, Vice Pres.

Nellie Watts, Recording secretary, J. Steele, corresponding Sec. C. P. Brown; Treas." Mrs Hummer, Critic.

M. TTjoCkWood. We hold five meetings a year as follows: One the last Saturday in March, May, and the first Saturday in Feb. Every body is requested to be present at our next meeting, and join our association, jt only cost $1,25 a year, and you receive several dollars worth of instructions from it. But if you don't want to join, come anyway.

Be-meraber our next is May Sd. 1CC3. And lived on the fame farm, from first to The establishment of a national monetary last. system in the interest of the producer, instead ea M.oins, uouncn JSiun3, ana umana, jrree itecumn? unair uar to We hare been arored with aa advance copy of the Double Easter Number of the Youth's HUMPHRSTS VKTEKINJLRY SPECIFICS. Used by all woeraof Horse ana Cattle.

A Complimentary copy of Dr. Humphreys' Veterinary Mannal (500 pages) on treatment and eare of Domestic Animals Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs and Poultry Sent free. Humfsbxts XBDKnm 10B Fulton St. S. Y.

of the speculator and usurer, by which circulating medium in necessary quantity and full legal. teuder shall, be issued directly to the Companion. The pages are profusely illustrated, and the stories are by favorite writers gome of the titles are, "Numborg with thy saints," by Mrs. Mary Tappan Wright, "Ga- people without the' intervention of banks, or i ATHOL. loaned to citizens upon land security at low W.

C. T. U. meets at Church in rate of interest to relieve from the extortions of usury, and enable them to control the Athol, first Sabbath in each month, HomeCounty News. money supply.

Postal savings banks should at 7. 30 p. m. All are invited. as' North Platte, and between Chicago and Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo, via St.

Joseph, or Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid Dining Hotels (furnishing meals at seasonable hours) west of Missouri River. California Excursions daily, with CHOICE OF ROUTES to and from Salt Lake, Ogden, Portland, Los Anjrelos, and San Francisco. The DIRECT LINE to and from Pike's Peak, Manltou, Garden of the Gods, the Sanltarl urns, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, Solid RxprM Trains daily between Chloajro and Minneapolis and St.

Paul, with THROUGH RecllnTnT Chair Cam (JTUSE) to and from ami Kansas Olty. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, EpiritLake, and Uoux Talis, via RockTlnd. Too Favorite line to Pipestone, j7tr town, fiioux Falls, and the Summer geeorte mod Uuntinv an flahtn 4 rounds of the Northwest. THE SHORT LINE VIA SBNSCA A WD KANSASII cfiters fllt1 travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Larayette, and Council UuU Joarrih, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, andt. PauL For TickeM, l6n, Folders.or desired information, apply to any Tlcrxi Cdce la tbe United states or Canada, or address CL OT.

JOHN, JOHN CSCACTIAtV: bettbushd while we havs free eoinagsof T7. Bowen for your Plow Lays, Uong'l Church. services every Sabbath at 11 am. and 7. 30 p.

m. Sundav school at 10 a. m. L. II.

gojd, wo should have free coinage of sflrar. Wa demand the Immediate application of ail Don't forget that II. II. Tuayer has the money in the 8tatea Treasury to brielle's Easter Bat," by Mrs. Mrrie B.

Williams, "One of the Squire's Mornings," by Cuahman, "Dim Haltifa Luck." by MlM 8tphis Uwetf, a humorous story ssllod "A BotauUfs Prsdieaments." Holy wssk In Pern," by Maris Louisa Wstwot. "Ulse Kent's Eastor Egirs." by J. L. Harboxr, wltjk timely editorials poems, and a special ptjre for the Httle ones Four hpodred and forty thousand families will receive this number, and the Czstrr CzrznrrVAts tvs raors ta t-rn -7 i i. molasses for 25 cts, Bonnett, Pastor.

toe payment oi tne oonuea aeDt, ana oonaeran For Tea Flour, or Confec further Issue of intereBt-bearing bonds, sic An AUixaca was orxnteed this (her by the national gorsrnment or by states. tionery, go J3. D. Worley's and you will be EtitSed with quality at tb C.ia retell fcecrs, with thirty trrritortes or municipalities. Aritv-.

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