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The Oil Leader from Chautauqua, Kansas • 1

The Oil Leader from Chautauqua, Kansas • 1

The Oil Leaderi
Chautauqua, Kansas
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PSL Let All the Ends Thou Aimest At De Thy Country's Cod's and Truth's. VOL. II. ALTAMONT, KAN. THURSDAY NOV.

5, 1903. NO, 17. "You will make places for the poor A Surprise. Not proof read li3t week; Iieuce re 'ies the paupers tour Thrice ana Dr. Allan Moore, 3D STTTTST.

OFFICE OVfcB l'OSTOFFICE. OSWEGO produced. A.iryr jPeofle Joseph Scott was agreeably surprised on Tuesday. On that day ha, ev- 0 KAIi. enty six years of age.

So his children STARNE8 i'TWO WOMEN WRONGED, felly AttTHru Cbicasv. lUill le in Ctllamont CiKsbaij of cacl at llif 5M. Jetermaned to surprise him with a faiu- greed have prepared for tha h)Liiea. "How will you live? ilr. Castle lhat comes ill from a man who has iobbed me of forty per cent ol my fortune.

.1 will ask the same ques tioujof you. flow shall I live after you have robbed ir.e of the balauce of my fortune. Sherman dc you think I am a i ly reilniou and appropriate gilts for the i XnTID CO-SI PA NY, Suffering from different forms of Summer Complaint, Colic, CoJera Diarrhoea etc. The proper remedy for these aihneuls is something that will at once be healing aud cooling to the system. There is nothing better than Black Berry Balsam for reliable remedy Come to our and get a Lottie and keep it in the house It will save you doctor bills.

Copyrighted. All rights reserved. The Vale of Teats, By Rev. Arthur Creasy. thief.

iccision. The dinner and company were all that could be desired. The following persons were present; Mr. and Jas. Blizzard and bob Joe.

Mr. aud rs. J. M. Scott and daughters lith andAlta, ol Joplin.

Mrs. Anna Little and daughter Olive. Mr. and OVale of Tears, who crest sleep; George Castle hud to see May 'Sherman, and she was at home. Castie iry.

his smooth manner congratulated her And roused thee from thy Widen deep? "I do not know. But your patrons grow poorer and poorer, while you grow richer and richer. Where lies your h.mesty. I cannot see. In my case yon SO "Eettlt4uiit with KoD JC03S so thai he ALTAMONT, KAN.

now owned her own wealth, lie end II. Lveret and son Arch. Fred Pcott of have taken money with which I hoped Windbifiler of Altamont. Uncle Joe expects to live many leng he hud 1 ne with a business proposition May it. Alter Castle c.

eared liis throat which Cok much time be began: years yet. OWati It the Dawn with flying feet. Whs hurried by the hills tojjieet? 0 Vale ot Tear why dost thou weep. Since nigit Is hid behind yon steep? Tbou hast now cast thy mantle night; And robed tnou art in gloried tight 1 weep because this Rlory noon, Will pass awar. alas I so soon! I weep "causa the horr4l night.

Is hid behind yon hill so bright I weep be-ause this glory day, Hill so far from me away. I weep because old Winter's breath. Will chain me in his icy death wini your lamented father was ALL HANNEK OF DISEASES CVlll) UITIIOUr alive, ym are a ware that lie transacted but liitle business for himself after your IMPAIRING, JYIIEELRIGIIT. DRUG' 1C. CH0KN1T.

IMtsburg Kit. Prof. 412 North Pine cor. Oth, All kinds fioest material. to blessrcankindand I find them enrsed Did you take advantages of me because I was an orphan under yon treat all your patroii3 alike? You may sli-ze either horn of the dilema presented in this question.

You have no right to own a penny-, tvhilu you owe a penny. Just now your ife and sister are touring oown South, spending money that belongs th your patrons. Is that, honest? Sherman you do not underftond a business transaction. If your fajher' made a bad bargain that was his fault. "I undeistand a business transaction d.

Gordon. Osweso. Kan, Take a hot on Gcssard'a plan. Supplit'9 the Best Horses and lligs this Side of the Mississippi River mother (lied? 'I am so informed. Well AIis Sherman the fact is I invest it and pardon if I am interrupting said May I should pleased to know Low you invested St; itnd how -much the estate has realized as a result of your Investment.

''As to your first question I invested your fiithers money for him in mortgage real estate and reliable notes. "You use that phrase'' him'' so often that I cannot refrain from a smile. I-wonder now whether yon t-ver invest PFPT'A better thac you do. NEW STOCK! Brightest! Nicest! and Cheapest! "Define it A bueirn ss transaction csnsists in an JL exchange of commodities to as to advantage both parties exchanging. What nelit did you confer on John Beunet CLOAK SUITS, SHIRTS AND STOCKINGS.

-UNDERWEAR UNEQUALLED, BING CO. who you ruined; or on Widow Llgget. ONE DAY ONLY. ed a dollar for any one except yourself? If so you are an exception in "your line MYou do not think bankers dishon- est. "No; cartninly not.

You tali-; as if you did. Castle you have failed to tell t'arsons Jvau Jchnson Av, My father sleeps in his giave: and you are giowing rich -no a result of a sar called business transaction you say took place between you and him prior to his death. What advadtage is it for me to wait to do good with, my -money so many longyeais, and then find that the keejt- A. Ilildclmind, now much per cent per annum you get out OS your investments of our mcuey. of the money has lost most all of it You do not understand a business transaction.

If you did you would not, try thought advisable. As usual, several extra members reached there la time to secure seven pumpkin pie. Ali, even the Prof, come to school nfxt morning with countsnances. This will probably be our last my Weallv, Miss bhermaa, we invest po much that without mv books I cannot 1 tell you. to receive all the good yourself.

You would not only go about iug good1 ii Our Cloak" Man WILL BE HERE ON Do you not know whether its two chance to tell you thut Ritchie will be er cent or twenty? I know it Is not twenty. but would love your neighbor yourself. If you did you would not rob him In every business transaction there here Monday evening Noa. 10. Ticlwtn on sale.

at Starnes Drug Store, and 'I did not suppose it was. You made four hundred percent out of the idow Ligrsts properiy-whea you forced the should be the of giving instead of all grasping. If you have no learned Saturday, Nov. 11. Admission, as.

Head the following comments from the press: that. It is more blessed to cive than to Goods delivered to all parts of the city- thf mortgage, she hist every thing ex sept a the poor farm. receive, you do not understand a busi fo without doubt one of the ness I may. fail but shall so "I did not ccnio to talk atuut Widow live and so transact my business that I ever magician that Is appearing before the American -P(-10r'la, (111.) Herald. hril! not fear (he life that Is not yet.

Castle answered angrily "You'll soon With 2, full Jine of Wraps, Furs Etc. And as he has beon with us on several Sule days, He needs no Introduction or Comment on Jiis line. He is known to carry the best line of EVERYTHING. Special low prices will be made that Day on all Wraps on band. Es Ligget's esse.

I came to find out whether you were willing to continue the ngreement your lute lather, made with me. 'What was the agreement? "The pleasure of the audience mani come on mux oigu norse. i irieu in fested itself In roars ot applause, ana A. E. HEWITT, rhyslcianaud Surgeon.

Surgery a Speiaity. 11 years experience. ALTASlONTo- KANf Corner IJarber Shop, II. II. BROCK, TON Dili AL HAZLET BLOCK.

few cases. I got enough. Kvery man I tried the golden rule on cheated me out everv one web of tke opinion of this maa pecially on-Wraps carried over from last Season. "That I should havo control of his estate and wealth for ten years: and iuvest of my cash that he was a marvel of trickery Chambersburg, Pa. these Goodo aro all on Second Floor, and prices attached that will "You neve tried tha-jjolden rule Mr.

Castle. "JIow do you happen to know so em Mrs. Yoakum's Dressmaking Rooms are now in the Grd. house west of the M. Church OSWBGO KAN much about my affairs Are you not rather young for so much wisd.un, Miss Sherman? Remsnnber the Date.

Comep'et your supply know so much of your affairs from the fame sharing gain and losses equally I was to allow him ten thousand a year to live on, paid from the interest or this failiug to come from the principle. Castle I ilo not-like your mauner of using people with your hard usury system; and I do riot intend to use my money as nn Instrument of torture any ionger. you will please settle with Luvtlace Kice my lawyers; and let me have cure of my own money. CYour dvnaud is ut the wrong time. "Why so.

Swift, safe, sure, clean, and clear. What? The Oswego steam -iaancky. what 1 know of you. I know how you AUCTIONEER. J.

A. Iteed has had 30 years' exper-ence in tho above. Call on or drop a iard to him at Altamont, Kansas. 3. A.

IyiLNEJ conducted my affairs. That is enough. As to your trying the golden rule that is Impossible for one of sordidly selfish as HE ME MBE It the Pilot is prepared to print Sato Bills reasenably low in price and on short notice W. W. White of Cherryvale av.d J.

A. V)ii. it takes the unselnsti spirit ot tne Great Teacher to test that rule. That Read of Altamont were here on Monday. ''Because from -'92 to '87- were hard years spirit yru lack.

We do not need age to understand God; lor he does not respect ase or persons but conditions Hedge trimmers on Gossard's plan. John Stanwaity of tho Ci'y Hotel, re TvOnSALL KIVD3 OF -J VOKK. DR. JOHN TINDEli of Paksons, Treats nil diseases of tke Eye, Ear Nose aud Throat. Prices resonable work (iuaranteed.

Minonites. Miss M. Cretors, assisted by Elder Hendatscu, has been carrying ou vers interesting in the t.nvnhall. Native lumber, 3 miles r.h of Oswego. M.F.

Linder. CASH paid for hides and furs. J. C. Chetopa KaD.

I. turned on Saturday night from a teu day taip to" Chicago. only. You are very, much afraid I shall lose my money; but it gives you no concern because you have lost it for me. FOR S.A LIS, SO ACHE FA11M Best axes on plan.

Of enmse I have re-subscribed for Tha Pilot for a year longer. HOUSE "WA.T EE AND Good Wanted Buyers for pure bred BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK cockerels, good strain at $1. 00 esch. M. F.

Jackson. 2 mi. west AJtamont Frank llandley. Fine robes on Gossard's plan. Mrs.

Ira Ilollldayand Tuul, are going Three miles from Altamont Address David Turner Parsons Kansas. out to liallaril Washington to reside banks (ailiug everywhere as you know. But I am proud to ray mine stood "What have t' crises of the nineties to do with my wealth now. "It has so much to do with it that it will tuke till the next decada to recover your money. you menu you have lost my money.

exactly. "What, you mean "I mean that the panics swept away over a third of my wealth and the same of your fathers money. So you are worth about sixty per cent of what you were when your, father died Indeed! "It maj be a little less thau per Ct nt. But let me handle it four y'eur9 longer and I w.ll re-pay it all. "How can-vou? "The times lire better now.

"Will they remain good four "Y'es I think so. "What is my guarantee? "I have n-ne to offer. "Then I will trouble you for my mon- To be continued. OSWEGO, TMrs.E. R.Ro3e is poorly again.

Mrs. N. A. Read is much better. A good fire on Gossard's plan.

11. Patterson of Springfield is here. l)r. Green is -talking of leaving Oswego for Galena. Shootlery on-Gossard's plan.

Born; A ten pound boy, to John Cook editor fhevElade. Cqllan 's- General Transfer, Moderate Hates, Work Done Promptly. The iicwIIutchcr, Keeps the freshest and BEST MEAT. Telephone 77 Kan. Oswego mrrket for (Jaa.

Totter Iu horses anuVmules. llurlict, TOKS.QRIAL ARTIST. ALTAMONT COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL. i This week ends the second quarter of schoo'. The next Teacher's Association will be held at Altamont, iu the High School building, Saturday, Tho visitors for the past week weje.

Vernou Buird -aud -David Edinunson. They are both graduates of the II. S. and we are always glad to welcome such back iuto our preojnee. ladies have nude a great Improvement in their cloak room, having added anew dresser and seveial other very useful articles too uumerous to mention, they go with tha same.

We have two football games to record this we k. The first was played at Al 'tamoDt between the C. C. II. 8.

and the L. C. H. 8. resulting in a score of 6 to 5 Inlavorof the L.

C. The second was played at Coffey ville last Friday resulting wlthoat a score 0 to 0. Last Thursday evening the -Sophomores, with Prof. in the bandset out" for 'the homo -of their Pres. Mr, Halp'h as it hereto' a Hallowe'en party, not ou the exact date however, but as nearly as they Arthur Cnmstoii, Attorney at Law.

Special At-teniioa to Damage Law. KAN. with ht'i mother, Mrs. Graber. C.

G. Fishburn returned -Saturday night from a two days business trip to Webb City. Mrs. J. N.

Utterson, so well kuowu and so highly esteemed In. -Oswego, died at her home lu Eldorado Springs, on Friday morning. Her remains were brought to Oswego for interment. Among the Churches. Baptist.

JThe new Baptist, Church was packed at last meeting. i-B )nie 'Could-not find Beats. Catholic A new Priest has ceut-to the pariah. Christian. The pastor is spending much time iu teaching his own members Giid's Word.

Metladist. Congregations excdlt nt, l'reabyleriuu. Well Excellent work. KAN PHYSICIAN aud SURGEON Altamont Kans HTTHAYER'S RESTURANT. Place for nice, clean lunch and cold diinks.

110 CHILI akays oa hand. The two Miss Wassons of Vinita vtere here on Saturday. ISuggif wagons on Gossard's plan. Mrs. A.

Strode went to Altamont on Monday. Dr. C. Stephens Der.tlsK Altamont, Kan. Mro.

Ulanchard and son Frank of Altamont, visited her father, Mr, on Suuday. luest Restaurant Choicest Lunches. II! uc Front. 7, Latta, -O 13 ENTIST Six Crown and Fridge Work. Gold Filling.

Everjrlhina; on Latest and Best Plans. Thirty Years Experience. "Mies Sherman you have transacted but little business aud you will lose your monev. "Pardon me; you have lost it. 1 shall not lose the forty per cent already eono.

Y'oti will lose the ot'jer sixty per cent iu four years. The remaining sixty per cent will not lie used to curse the masses theexpsnss of the classes, 1 will see that tho Widow LIgtfet ha a home; for may be my iv ney that ruined h-r. 1 lose the ret, God will see it in orphans lu hospitals anil for ihe aged. 1 W. BARBE- PHYSICIAN and- SURGEON, plclal oftlcc days Monday, 'lliursilay and Saturday p.

in, Office hours-8. a. nv and to 0 p. KANSAS. C1IATOPA.

(mice, Kings berry I'rick's. No Kan Oswe -o 'V I-.

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