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The Oil Leader from Chautauqua, Kansas • 1

The Oil Leader from Chautauqua, Kansas • 1

The Oil Leaderi
Chautauqua, Kansas
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Street. to to THE PILOT. Let All the Ends Thou Aimest At Be Thy Country's Cod's and Truth's. KANSAS. THURSDAY, FEB.

NO. 32 I. OSWEGO, 19, 1903. PARTIES WANTING Picture Frames will saye money to call on us. Those Honey Creek Tomatoes are a Bargain.

NE 3 10 lb cents canned each. Pears, Try The Joplin White Latest Bread. Grapes. -Krispy Egg Krackers Plume SARDINE' THURSDAY. Henry J.

Allen attorney general is John Helwig is progressive indeed. Ho has come In with his dollar for the Pilot once more. Oh dear! Won't that be to sweet for anything? What! arn't you next? Why, Mae Sharp is going to send her photos as comical Valentines. Our band comes out in full. regalia for the Mozart Symphony Gint.

-As vI New York, which will evening compress the pleasure and enjoyment of a week into the short space of an hour or two, for the appreciative people of our City. If you've never heard them, under nO consideration let this opportunity pass by; if you've heard them once, of course you'll be there. And don't fail to bring your sister--or somebody's sister. Carriage License M. issued by Judge Marriage Burns Sat.

Feb: 6th. 91. Nyrtle Gaddis Edna Orr McKinley Edna 19. Ugenene Parsons 24 Mary L. Crane 21.

E. Wimp Oswego 20. Geo. Chad wick Obetopa 23 Maude Oarry 24. Miller's Meal.

I'm a hustler John Burnett. Don't move to King low. Sure and I know all is well--Clint Jones. Fraternity is all there is. Byron White.

Still water runs Marsh. Our baby is the nicest -Elsie Spangler. Our baby is as nice as Spanglers Walt Steal. I will see you Ed Picket. All should study Electricity.John Miller.

All should study -stenographyNita Mosher. I am in favor of all HolidaysHarry Holiday. Ambitious? Yes; I'm from Parsous. W. R.

Weeks. i don't believe in smoking cig arettes- -Arthur DeBolt. To succeed in business keep packing Karnes All men should marry to sueceed in business -Arthur Jones I am almost white -J. Frvin I alu very -flenry Ander SOD. To succeed in business stick close to the other fellowsHurst.

FOR SALE Nice 5-room cottage in good repair, one block south and one east of Court House. See Nees, the Tailor De. Allan Moose, Dentist, Office Over Postollice. Official Directory. LABETTE COUNTY Probate Judge BURNS Treasurer DAVID JENNINGS Clerk of tae District Court JAS WEAVER JK Sber ff DIENST County Clerk A McCARTY County Attorney BURTON Register of Deeds WM STEPHENS Superintendent MISS MAUDE ELLISON Coroner Surveyor TE BAYLENS TALBOT LITTLETC Chairman PRILIP GERS District Judge FLANNELL.Y District Court in Lab County con venes the firs' Monday in FebruApra June and November OSWEGO CITY OFFICERS Mayor Harrison Marshal John Carrigan City Attorney Mattox Treasurer Condon Clerk Police Matthew Chief Fire Den.

Street tHis Alex, MeCully Health Warden Dr Barbe Alf 1) Carpenter Commissioner Summers COUNCILMEN First Ward Holmes Dudgeon 2nd Ward A Steiner Dr Lee Williams 3rd Ward Frick Wood ford BOARD OF EDUCATION President -a Rev Arthur Creasy President Dr Hill ecretary wk Orr Treasurer Waskey tenry Richardson Mrs Dr Drapar Crane David Jennings J. Riker Jurors for February Term of Distriot Court, REGULAR. Daniel Gump, D. Wego twp: Fouts, und Valley. Mortimer, Osage twit Hurry Kennedy.

Liberty twp. Taylor. Walto twp. WH Southwi. k.

Pars Geo Fairview twp. Hall, Liberty twn Carl Tibbetts. Mound Valley Barron. Hackberry twp. Chas Gers.

Howard twp ST Way, Parsons. SPECIALI Yawman. Parsons. Jao Scott North iD W. Campbell, Oswego twp.

Lab twp HT Moore. Mound Villey two Beggs. Mound Valley. Morton AH owlet. Parsor.

elig-birg. rs018 11 A Brodie, DU Watson. 11 Walk Sam Ree v. Liberty twh Thompso Parsons. I' Allen.

Moatana wp. Mt Pleasant twp. A Good Rou to Try FRISCO SYSTEM It traverses a territory. rich in undeveloped resources; a territory containing unlimited possibilities for agriculture, horticulture, stock raising, mining and manufacturing. And last, but not least, it is The Scenic Route for Tourists.

The Frisco System now offers the traveling public excellent service and fast timeBetween St. Louis and Kansas City and points in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas and the Southwest. Between Kansas City and points in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and the Southeast. Between Birmingham and Memphis and points in Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas and the West and Southwest. Full information as to route and rates cheerfully furnished upon application any representative of the Company, or to Passenger Traffic Department, Commercial Bullding, Saint Louts.

OYSTERS a SPECIALTY Short Order Cottey's Restaurant Neat, Clean Fine Mexican Chili Served Here FRIDAY Bert Baldwin is here on a visit. Ray Taylor is quite well again. Good meeting Baptist Church last 'The sweet soloist, Rev. Breach will be at the Baptist church. Mrs.

I. R. Fisher gave luncheon yesterday in honor of Mrs. Peacock of Kansas City. south v.

Dickson' con, his Mr. Dicks. day evening. 11t teemed, and fa. uily have sold their farm and are going to move to Chetopa.

be much They issed in that neighbor. hood, tor they are good workers in church and everywhere. Mr. J. R.

foreman or toe Obetopa Advance, was the Mozart Symphony Club concert last night. Last week, Geo. McFarland sold to the Dudgeon Poultry house hundred plymoth rock hens, which brought him $52.72. Dan Dudgeon has bought the poultry house formerly owned by C. W.

Littleton, at Baker's scales and is now ready for business. He asks all his old customers for a share of thier patronage. Sim Steinberger has been fiehing already this season. He had a terrible accident, some one was concealed behind a tree just as Sim had the accident. If you want know about his hard luck, ask Alto the photo.

to' 3: a nice party at Wm. There town, Wednes- "Business Good for Carrigan" Yesterday Henry Macon (colored) was arrested by no. Carrigen for disturbing the peace of Mr. Cottey the resturant man. Macon was fined $10 and costs, being un abie to pay his five he was sentenced to jail.

Let others take a little advice and let Mr. Cottey alone. Hotal Arrivals. HOTEL STEINER C. E.

Harvey, Gelena, T. C. Gra ham, Bahom. Geo. Dennis, Omann.

L. D. Walters, Edna. H. Mahar.

Wilsonton. Wm. I. Lee, Wilsonton. G.

Shuts, Wilsonton. E. Rick, Altamont. CITY HOTEL T. D.

Nelson, St.Joe Mo. N. Lyon, St. Joe. Gump, city.

A Trunndorff, K. O. J. S. Edson.

K. C. C. C. Workman, Parsons.

Sulkerson, K. O. James Allen, A. W. Kans.

Less Easeburm, F. A W. Kans. J. S.

Mitts, A. W. Kane. C. Skowater, Ba'dwin.

A. S. Cook, Chetopa. J. 1.

Davis. Chetopa. G. E. Willams, Chetopa.

1. M. Wait, Chetopa. Jeff Rhaader, Emery Dunham died at his home in Montana to jesterday of trphoid fever. Natural as Life! What? Cal inets.

$1..00 per dozen. J. I. Picture's. Don't miss: Him, West Clarks SATURDAY J.

H. Bean was up from Vinita yesterday Dr. Latta of Chetopa was in Oswego yesterday. 0. N.

Barnett of Joplin, was in Oswego yesterday. M. E. Richardson was over from Cherryvale yesterday. N.

E. Zeigler was up from Coffeyville vesterday on ousiness. Do rid Crane returned last night from V.oksburg past six Miss, months. where he has for the been J. H.

Davis, G. Williams, J. F. Rhodes, and L. W.

Wait were up from Chetopa vesterday attending court. The machinery in the Creamery will be removed with the exception of the Seperator. They will use a steam engine to run the seperator instead of the gasoline engine. Reviyal meeting at the Baptist church is growing in intrest. Will Breach the singer is an able singer and draws good crowds if you like to hear good singing go to the Baptist churchy The concert by the Mozart Syu.phony Club Thusd drew a very good house.

which enthueastically applauded every number, The members of this troupe are al. artists. their they ere revelations in execution and techingue. The enterprising firm of Fishburn Stein berger have put in a a wire are light system to enable them to work all night, as they have so much work coming in that they are unable to turn it out in the number of hours in a day mortals are supposed to labor. 'The subscription list of their Christian Endeavor Quarterly is assuming vast proportions -nearly 30,000, Dr.

G. D. Boon is up from Chete I pa to-day. G. P.

Bush of Chetopa is Osin wego to-day. Mrs. C.s. Newlon of Winfield 18 io onr city to-day. 8.

Thompson of Ft. Scott was in Oswego yesterday on business. Chas. Woolven with his two Indy friends, took dinner at the Oswego bouse yesterday. C.

A. Chamberlain, J. A. Galtoa, N. T.

Thorman and wm. Reeman were in from Parsons yesterday. The young ladies of the M. E. Church have organtzed the 0.0 C.

Club. Purpose good time. Cottey's Restaurant furnish the Ice Cream for Tom Thumb's Wedding at the Christian Churen Last Night. Floyd Walters who has been visiting his parents auh laby friends returns this morning to his home. at Chanute Kansas.

Tom Thumb Wedding. At the Christian church last night there was present a large crowd to witness the dding of Col. Tom Thumb to Miss Lillian Midget. The bride was Irene Martin, who was yers lovely in a white silk and carrying a basket of white daisies, and the little who took her love and cherish was Master Curl Claiborne, dresser in conventional black dress suit. The minister who tied the matrimonial lenot Rev.

Mister Ralph Crane. Following the minister were the groom and best man, Ashby Rirk patrick; then the bridesmaids. Hope Stainwaity and Helen Way; then the bride and her father, and af er them the page, Miss Dorothy Reed, -four young people helped to nake it the grand success it was, and we are sorry we have not the space to devote to their names and description. Miss Marie Rettig presided at the gan. Before the ceremony Miss Helen Bird, second cousin of the bride, sang very prettly Promise Me." After ceremony Grandma Thumk une (Genevieve Hayes) sang 41 Camnot Sing Songs" and was answered in song by Grandpa Thumb (Ralph Jones) "I've Grown so Used to You." The affair wae so successful that by special request they will probably re-render the ceremony at the opera house.

Probate Court In re estate of Alexandria H. McRoderte, deceased. J. B. Hill Petitioner asking that he be appointed adminstrator of Alex H.

Me Roberts deceased. Petition Granted. Marraige License issued by Judge Burns yesterday; Frank B. Rudell Labette 23. Rosa B.

Fouts Labette 21 Lewis F. inton Elm City 21 Mamie E. Rabinett 18 In re estate of pell deceased, adminstrator files the heirs of said distribution of that he be finally his said trust and leased. Iu re estate of deceased, Susan R. attorneys Kimball sents to the court that she be strator of said granted.

In re estate of deceased, Sarah I. of the -state of deceased, and court her appointment with an affidavit of publisher of the weeklynewspaper the county of and a general and asks that the said notice and approved and said estate. In re estate of deceased, The Bank of Parsons cashier and calls its claim against Claiment allowed In re estate of deceased. The First of Parsons by E.B, ier presents their said estate. 93 In re estate of Eda land deceased, IN.

files his olaim again-t and asks that a time hearing. Time set Feb. 20th 1903. James H. Paul Sylvia D.

Patterson Martha B. CamJames H. Vanansal the vouchers of estate for their shares, and aske discharged from his bondsmen James H. Barnes Barnes by her and Osgood pre her petition and appointed adminestate. Petition Josepa A.

Scott Scott Executrix Joseph A Scott files in the open to gether W.P.Hazen the Chetopa Advance pablished in Labette foresaid, circulation therein court approve proof. Notice costs taxed to Harry H. Lusk First National by E.B.Stevens up. for hearing Said estate. 8211.17.- Harry H.

Lusk National Bank Stevens cash claim against Claiment allowed Jane DorAnderson and said estate be set for for hearing Chetop 21 18 Low Rates via Frisco System Colonists tickets will be placed on sule Feby. 15 to April 30th. See Frisco System agent for low rates. to Lo Portland, Seattio Tacoma and intermediate points. J.

C. LOVRIEN, W. A. Wycorr, Dist. P.

Agt. Local Agent Jop in, Mo. Oswego, ns..

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