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Primitive Christian from Wichita, Kansas • 5

Primitive Christian from Wichita, Kansas • 5

Wichita, Kansas
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PRIMITIVE OHRISTIAN, 5 CORRESPONDENCE. Dear Brother: Will vou please announce that the Bible lessons, or reading, will mence at Altamont, the first Tuesday in January! Your brother, J. ROBERTS. OF The following persons are en the "roll of honor" this week. If your name does not appear in this list in due time after remitting, notify 118.

Hancock, Mo Keller, Mo Mrs Kelley, Kan Smith Okla Ledlow, Okla Ella Darren, Okla Miles Puke, Okla A Hamilton, lowa Guy Farrell, Mont Dahlof, Iowa Jesse Hon, Iowa Otis Crane, Ind Andrew Perry, Mo Lawrence, Mo A Thomas, Okla Dr CT White, Okla Mrs Zumbe, Kan JT Ellis, Okla BJ Roark, Okla WT Smith Okla Hugh McClung, Kan J. Ray, Colo Okla A Hittle, Kan Lucinda Turner, Kan Noble, Kan A Lee, Kan Frazee, Ind Cheno wetb, Ind JK Munday, Okla Mrs Fleming, Mo HD Tomson, Mo Mrs De whitt, Mo Jacob James, Mo Richardson, Mo JH Service Kan LA Noll, Kan AF Moore, la SUNDAY VISITING. Dear brethren and sisters: -Living as I do in a community that is much given to the pernicious habit of visiting and entertaining visitors on the Lord's day, I feel a strong desire to try to say a few words to discourage this evil practice (for such it surely is), at least among members of the church of Christ. God has given us six days to attend to our own affairs, and commanded us to give but one, the first, to his service. Yet how many professed christians take all six in which to labor and then steal the one he has set apart for public worship, to spend in visiting and worldly amusements? I would like to see a double column arrang ed.

one side containing the names of all professed followers of Christ, who will next Lord's day come around the Lord's table to remember Him by partaking of the emblems of his broken body and shed blood. The other side the names of those who will spend the day visiting and gossiping with friends and ac- quaintances, thereby dishonoring Him who bought them with his own precious blood. Brother and sister in which column would your name be found? If any of us have been guilty of this sin in days past, let us resolve from this time onward, that we will always be found in the Lord's house on on the Lord's day, and that our children will be there with us as long as they are under our control. And remember if we are too sick to go to meeting we are also too sick to entertain friends or visit and eat a big dinner. Unce more let me urge you brothers and sisters, let us be at our post of duty on the Lord's day, and also every other day.

With christian love, A SISTER OBITUARY. Again we are called upon to record the death of a brother beloved in the Lord. Perry Lee Plummer died at the home of his father, Ephrain Plummer, near Numa, Butler Kansas, Oct 23, 1903. Aged 26 years and 21 days. Bro: Pummer was born in Butler Co.

Kan where he made his home until the time of his death. Feb. 18, 1891 in a meeting held at Little Walnut by the writer, our Brother became obedient to the faith, and was faithful to the end. Bro. Perry, as we familiarly called him, was by nature companionable and made many friends.

His influence was for good and he will long be remembered at Little Walnut May 31, 1897, Bro. Plummer was united in marriage with Nannie S. Naskell, who, with her two little ones, is now left to mourn her sad loss. May the loving Father direct her ways. Our Brother, in bis departure, also leaves a father, three brothers and three sisters.

These with a host of friends and kindred in the Lord will ever cherish his memory. The funeral, Lord's day Sept. 25, was from the residence of his father, and was one of the largest gathering's ever witnessed in that part of the country. The memorial discourse was by the writer, after which we laid his body no rest against that day when this shall put on incorruption and this mortal shall put on immortality." JOSEPH E. CAIN.

BIBLE SCHOOL AT BARNARD, MO. We have agreed to teach a Bible schoolat Barnard, beginning Dec. 15, of twelve weeks' duration. There will be a forenoon and afternoon lesson each day, (except Lord's davs), from beginning to close of the term. The brethren of the Barnard congregation think that they can board persons, who may wish to attend said school, at two dollars per week.

Write chem for ail information pertaming to board and tuition. (Write Bro. D. M. Cliser, Barnard, Nodaway County, for all information you may wish, and he will give it with pleasure.

Don't forget to enclose a two cent stamp or a postal card for his reply when you write him Now 1s the chance for all those who wish a better knowledge of the Bible, to obtain it, at a very small cost of board and tuition. The Bible will be analyzed, read, studied and taught, and every effort put forth to acquire a more thorough knowledge of its sacred pages. We would prefer to use the American Standard Revision, as it has many advantages over anyother. It can be bought for two dollars per copy in. good flexibie leather binding.

Bro. Homer Moore, Panama, can furnish this the best Bible in the English language. 0. C. Way and A.

please copy. J. II. D. TOMSON.

Bible And Grammar School. Our mailing list has 44 names of persons who have joined our class up to the present time, run we intend to publish the list some time in the near future with some of the sayings of those interested in this good work which is so badly needed. There are about a dozen of this list who are not able to pay a cent for instruction, and it does seem that congregations, and brethren who are able, ought to help us a little, The work revuires time, study and money We are giving the time, study and money which we have at our command, but the last named 15 about all spent. Therefore if any congregation, or brother or sister, who is able, would beip us a little financially any time soon, we would greatly appreciate it, and consider them partners in the work of teaching the Bible and the correct use of the English language to our class of willing learners. Please member us in your prayers brethren.

TOMSOM. P. S. The majority of our class are well pleased and are making great progress in their studies. Are there not others who wish to take these lessons? lf so, say so.

T. There is no duty we underrate as the duty of being nappy. -R. L. Stevenson.

As a rule, the souls of men get on toward God by a series of crises. -B. M. Adams. For every beauty there isan eye somewhere to see it; for every truth there is an ear scmewhere to heed it: for every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

But though my beauty meet no eye, it still doth glow; though my truth beet no ear, it still doth shine. But when my love meets no heart it can only break. -lvan Panin, in Christian Endeavor World. Christian College --And-Business Ling leville, Texas. 1 A school for both sexes.

2 Eight different courses of study. 3 Chartered by the State of Texas. 4 Correspondence Department sustained. 5 Board and tuition for what your board would cost in the city. Write us for catalogue before entering elsewhere.

D. S. LIGON, President, S-U-B-S-G-R-I-B-E FOR THE PRIMITIVE CHRISTIAN One year for 50 cents..

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