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The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 8

The Gate City Journal and Arkansas City Enquirer from Arkansas City, Kansas • 8

Arkansas City, Kansas
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The Gate City Journal Kansas Batter Men Win. Masons Entertained. ifct4f4ftlftlftlttlttlffl, Mr. J. F.

Jensen, of the Conti Wednesday evening at the lodge tfr room the Masonic fraternity, en. 4 PCIVIiG fl1117 nental Creamery company, Arkansas City Enquirer, Cintillfttitf. B. A. WAONER, Editor.

Abkansab Crrr, January 18, 1007 tertained the order of the Eastern iLiMVLr lllII Topeka, received a telegram Star with a and al- 4 mmmmmmm fr from Washington, D. Wednes though the evening was incie- With American Fence the fence with day which stated that a new butter Second Door West of Post Of fee ment. there una a inrffaQttonHon. the Dlfif. StrOnfi WITG.

thfi hintm inint anri fbv miwmm uss vw 1 ok. -y i -ma Ktandard had been adopted by the secretary of agriculture, and that standard would hereafter be 80 anda most enjoyable evening was "lany Otner pOintS OT superiority, QVGr spent. IT anyomerTence maae. per cent, the former xtucuuva prvatuvu ho iuhbi. i master.

Tho following resDonded: I Tha wiifTT Hapfnrata Tbe reduction is the outcome of a recent visit to Washington of a John Copeland, Worshipful if 4- BELL PHONB No. 634. Topeka is wrestling with a case of graft. The city 'engineer is charged with "holding upM contractors for city work. The contractors were enabled to "even up" by being permitted to slight the city work.

The matter is being investigated. Masrer Welcome Address. 4 EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE. delegation of butter makers from Mrs. George Hopper, Worthy fe4MM44 4k4i45f all over the west, Mr.

Jensen be ing one of the number. The del Matron Kesponce. 0. M. Scott ReminisflflnBen egation called upon the secretary Masonry in Arkansas City.

wwww www of agriculture to protest against Vf TT n.t 1 I 4. II.U.i. li .11 Every few days Capt. Hobson standard recently recommended by x. x.

oDens-rounaing i rVi TIIXIHI I 1 1 I II II rfill maTTmSS of the Eastern Star. I v. a national association of chemists. rises to warn us that the first tbiug we know, at some hour when our I The butter makers declared that Professor Bender Meaning of back is turned, Japan will grab the Badge of a Mason. the standard was too high, and butter containing that amount of Mrs.

A. S. recount The the rbillippines. A good many oeoole are ready to turn their fat would be too dry for the market. eastern and its Kelation to A few facts why we can guarantee these Mattesses: 1st '1 hey are made of uir, cifun cotton, throughly felled Into layers of uulform fliickDess feittd layers ate hanj laytd compressed Into the tick, unking I lie tutting absolutely accurate, which Insults a mattress of un form shape and thickness.

3rd au complete to construction, we guarantee them not to yet Into 4th As they are purely a vegetable product (cotton) they are Kuan an teed to be vermin proof and trbant. 5th Ad occasional sun bath Is all that is uecessurs, making absolutely no expense for re-nnratlnn. Come in and get some inside information-a mattress cut open It is evident that butter Masonry. makers succeeded in convincing Vocal SoloMiss Gatwood Heck Mrs. J.

F. Roebuck Not How the powers that he, as the stand ard adopted was the one recom Long We Live, But How. backs and, 4f over their eyes and let Japan do their worst. It is Curtis. Charles urtis congressman from the First Kansas district, received the caucus nomination of the republican members of the legislature last Friday night.

mended by them, and not the one Mrs. Margaret McOonn The Star in the East. submitted by the chemists. T. B.

Oldroyd Son. J. W. Heck Four Cardinal Virtues of Masjnry. Wickersham at Last.

Lyceum patrons have been Mrs. Ralph Miss Nila Mac Instrumental looking forward for a long time to SOIO. the coming of Wickersham. Here is a man with a record on lectures. Albert Faulconer Holy Bible, Square and Compass.

SPECIAL PRICES --IN-- Carl Mac Solomon's Temple. Fighting. It does not seem possible for one lecturer to deliver over twelve hundred lectures in his own state alone. Yet this is the unique record held by Wickersham and why? None but that enjoy the rich thought and help Oscar Lashbrook and Fred C. Ladies Cloaks and Skirts.

Pegg had a hearing in police court Curtis started in with 34 votes, gained on each ballot, and when the roll call of the fourth ballot ended, had 60 votes. Nine votes were then changed to him, after which be was nominated by accla mation. The result of the fourth ballot was not ofh'cialy announced. Under the ruies of the caucus it was necessary to get 66 votes for a nomination. The most sensational feature of the caucus was when Cy Leland, longtime enemy of Curtis came out of the underbrush on tbe fourth ballot, and cast hia vote for Curtis.

Leland's vote was received with cheers, mingled with hisses. Trimmed Hats 25, 50 75c. Thursday morning on the charge of hgting. Lashbrook was fined $10 and costs, and the case against Pegg dismissed. The evidence 114 N.

Summit Siglers Store showed that Peecr, who had mar. ful influence that comes from his lecture, "Day Dreams." Flan to hear this lecture its worth your while and you will never regret having heard it Reserve seats go on sale Tuesday morning Jan. at the Harris Drug Store. Lecture is civeii ried the divorced -wife of Lash- brook remonstrated against the latter-'inajking. to his bouse.

L-ishbrook claimed he went there to see his boy who lives with his representative uunningnam went Wedne8dav evenine JaDt 23rd. i 1 I the mother. In the fight which oc- iroin uampoeu to uurus on fourth ballot. Earthquake at Kingston, Jamaca cured on First street opposite Ran- Kingston, the picturesque ney's wholesale house, Lash brook made the assault, and Pegg tal city of the Island Ja ceivea a oaa gasn over the. eye maica, has been devastated by violent earthqnake.

0. E. UNSELL'S Mid Winter Clothing Sale 1-F0URTH0FF which bled profusely. The boys from the wholesale house "bawled I Details of the disaster are lack him out" for striking a man when ing, as direct communication with he was and he 1 on I Ship Subsidy. Washington, Jan.

16. After a fight that lasted all day and extended to the floor of the bouse, threatening to bring about much fillibustering at one time, the house committee on merchant ma-rine and fisheries finally decided at 6 o'clock on a ship subsidy bill prepared by Representative Lit-tauer of New York, as a substitute the Grosyenor bill, which has the stricken city has been cut off. The land lines had been recon Pegg, but threatened to lick the whole flanney force (with a volley structed to within five miles of Kingston, Tuesday evening and of 'cuss' words), if they would come on. However, further hostilities from meager reports received were suspended. tnrougn sucu channels as were Deputy 0.

S. Beekman. open it has been learned that many One Fourth Off on Fall and Wintei'; jp.lothing. One, Fourth Off on, Men's Suits and Overcoats. of the most important -buildings County Attorney Fleming hs have been destroyed and that there appointed O.

S. Beekman deputy has been serious loss of life. county attorney. Fleming will move to Winfield, while Mr. Latur, we city nets oeen prac tically destroyed, and the loss ff Beukman will atte nd to the busi One Fourth Off on All Winter Underwear.

One Fourth Off on Boys, childrenssuitstfe overcoats been under consideration for many weeks. Seven subsidized mail lines are provided for, with an annual subvention estimated -at $3,750,000. Two of the lines are to be from the Atlantic coast to South' America and one of Gulf of Mexico to Colon. From the Pacific coast there are to be three lines to the, Orient and one line to the west coast of South America. life is more than one thousand.

ness in this end of the Charles Johnxon. head driller for A Blizzard. the Arkansas Valley Gas Company had several fingers badly mashed Tues St. Paul, Jan. 15.

day by vetting caught In the machin Yd can saveO neFou rth if you purchase Right Now Unusual cold weather prevails ery." He, Is obliged to take a layoff for throughout the Northwest, with no a time. immediate relief in sight. Snow (First puttiishwi in TueUatkCity Jour nal, January IS, lWf.) 'J C.We give you prices, not in tbe District Court of Cowley Countr. blocks the railroads and the temperature has fallen many degrees. It.

is reported at the Great Against the "Injunction." Guthrie, O. T. Jan. 14. The coven tion, in committee" of the ad oped a constitutional provision abolishing 'gov Gertrude Northern general offices that the that will not fail to impress you.

It will not last all sea-' son for the mission of this Plaintiff, Summons va. bv mercury registered 55 below zero William Holland, Publiditlon. Defendant. this morniDg at Browning, ernment by injunction" and gives The State of Kiiftu to the defendant 11 persons accused of violatina; an1 tnat tnero 18 110 point between WiUaui E. Ualland: You are hereby no ifhid that the plaintiff Gmrule Bo'land filed her Detlthn in the office of th Clerk Grand Fork and Spokane where v.mmm sal is to clean th ings up before another season is of the Didtrict Court of Uowlit? County.

the temperature is above 38 de Ktnsai, actainit you. on the 18 day of any injunction or restraining order the right of trial by jury. This section was adopted to appease or ganized labor, which opposes grees below zero. January, A. u.

lvm. praying ror an aoao-luta divorce from you on the srounds of upon us. nbxndoament and non-upport for more Great Northern employees are Prices and not are what are tnau one year, and tor tne care a coato- battling against snowdrifts which Promises dvnf the three minor children of plaintiff giving courts power to sum- and defendants You are fun her notified that unless you marly enforce injunctions against are 20 and 30 feet high. If' mmw doing: it. a Dear and nawr me petition or tne plaintiff filed aa aftereiaid, or otherwise tresspassing on property or inter- The Kansas Oklahoma Interur- pieaa iDreco, on or oerore me tin aay oi ibiflhAn will fenng witii non-union men in ban Company has commenced suit true and iudffuent rendered oraved for therein.

To all of which you will take' E. Mill times ot strikes. in tbe district court against H. E. doe notice and be gowrne aceordinsly.

The A. H. T. A. lodge held Ahrens for forfeiture of contract! wo uared at winseid, nanaaa in aam thlf 18th day of January.

A. D. J907. Li. C.

Bbowk. 'their regular meeting Tuesday and $10,000, put np in Arkansas One Price to All Att'y for PltlT. K. K. Hamilton Clerk tie District Court of Cowley County Kansas.

CtiiuiM4ji(dcl0(ll night. Five candidates were ini- City and Winfield banks, to 1 antee the building of the road. ISKAL.j I A A A A A A A A AAA A A A A A AAA AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA A A A A iii44iAj ww WW WWVW WWW WW WWTW WW.

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