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The Brainerd Ensign from Brainerd, Kansas • 1

The Brainerd Ensign from Brainerd, Kansas • 1

Brainerd, Kansas
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HOW anla glacis' fieadqaartcrs. Mr. and Mrs. XTm. Burnette, of i When this city was about to be incor 2 Mnrdock township, returned Mon-1 day from a two months sojourn Get your rigs at Penner livery.

17 at the Whitewater porated one of the mam arguments in i-vor of such incorporation was that we must by all means have Broadway grad THE FIONEIEXR. Fort Smith, Arkansas. Mr. bur bank. iJtt ed before winter.

Moretban ayearnas nette says it is a poor country, LOCAL BREVITIES. Penner has good rigs to let at reason but the finest climate lie ever saw passed since that time and nothing of tue kind has been done or attempted yet. There is no special cause for complaint able rates. i any where. Trees and grass were Good notes discounted at the White If unu want anuthina in the line of photograph or auto however, as the natural lay of the street water Bank.

is such to favor its generally excellent -i still green and flowers in tun Dioom there last week when the mercury registered zero here. Cotton is the graph albums way down at bed-rock prices, now is the time The Knrioh and St. Nicholas both one year, $3.25. St. Nicholas alone 3.

The Ensign and the Chicago Daily Mail both for $3. Mail alone $2.50. The Ensign and Demorcst's Magazine, one year $2.40. Dcnaoreat's alone $2. Bananas, oranges and lemons for sale condition.

Still a little money judicious As explained by Santa Claus and M. C. Snorf, Brainerd, Kansas. Now what we want to do is to make you all happy by selling you the best and most appropriate holiday gilts within the reach of very slim pocketbooks. We are fully prepared to cary out our part of the undertaking and all you need to do to prove that WE MEAN BUSINESS is to drop in any day and let us convince by M.

C. Snorf. i ly expended might be an excellent improvement. At the time of the incorpor and here is the place, uur stock of zoys anu wnvimuv offerings must go. Aso some CHOICE BOOKS, including the Seaside and Crrlton libraries.

Money to loan on Real Estate at the principal crop. Very little corn is raised and no hay. This is the point that is to furnish a market for ation there were those who heiu mat an Whitewater Bank. ion The Entre Nous social club met Mon- monev sDent for the purpose of sup The dollar flour sold by Jos. Ropp goes r- A oi I mi TCD day night with Mr.

and Mrs. Frnmpton. porting a corporate body wa3 just that Butler county's extra produce and like hot cakes. Try it. i a Tmrt hf, nainted the much thrown away, and even now wo and supply us with cheap coal and of hia drus occasionally meet with a chronic growl- A fresh supply of men's clothing jus vou with goods and figures that this umber when the Fort bmith, Jh.1 JJo- er who thinks that our additional tax fur received at Fred Schroke's.

18 aatement is backed by solid facts. In rado Northwestern is completed. Western Rural one city purposes is an unnecessary burden rder to accomplish our aim and make it For Sai.k Cheap. A good low wheel A UV Western Rural alone pon the tax payer. But when-we wok comfortable for buyers with limited Pupils attending the Brainerd feed wagon.

19 Jos. norr. year for $2.25 311.6-5- at the improvements oi me wwu neans we have been obliged to put our Iry Goods and lotions, DRUGS GROCERIES, schools from other districts are FARM LOANS on the installment uacK, to I nn one would be willing to go foot charged a tuition fee of fifty cents Now is the time subscriDC ior tne plan. Duff Robbing, fcldoraao, ivan Ession. Only $1.00 from now to JanuH place- we have a grade 15tf month.

There has teen some sas. DOWN OH HIGH PRICES ary 1st, 1888. 7 established on Broadway and the walks complaint at even this small amount FARM LOANS, in amounts from $201 i The Ensign and the Prairie Farmer down kt nap hazard with nnwnrd. Duff Bobbins, juaoraao. bein-charged, but if our schools pretty hard at the very start.

Mind you we have not in any way shape or manner one year for $1.73. The Prairie Farmer from one tn three steps up an(i down at 15lf Kansas. possess any advantage over those of aloue is $1.75. the corner of every man's building, we FARM LOANS, lowest current rate of other districts those wishing to en cheapened the quality or lowered the hiffh crade we make it a point to main Sr-intiflc Ameri- now have a level walk ten feet wide on iuc iov those advantages' should be wil interest. Dull it KODDins, ri joiauu.

U.r..a,,tiris 1 onstVi cilia rtt tmflnW IV CAU'lLUIUS Ltiv can both one year for $3.50. tain, but are prepared to furnish one and all witb the very best at lowest living whole leneth of the street from the rail ling to pay a little tor the privilege. American alone $3.50. tr. ti, north limit of the city, good I Kansas.

15tt FARM LOANS, from one to seven years time. Duff Robbins, Eldorado, Kansas. 15tf prices. Careful buying enabled us to se cure a We offer the ensign anu me vemuij the prin This distvict would not be dealing justly with its own pupils were not Marrazinc one year for ueguiar ctrA, rnnii walks on each side of Full line of sewing machine needles Our prices are as low as the lowest. We are Headquarters for Produce.

19 ROACH BROS. 4 I this the case. price oi tne envury the gide street9 a "cooler" ready lor any FARM LOANS, interest payments to Th hand bovs are invited to attend the emergency, and city ordinances for the There is a scarcity of local hap of holiday goods at figures very favor suit the borrower. Duff Robbins, Eldorado, Kansas. l5tf entertainment at Potwin given by the protection of individual interests and the penings this week.

AY don't knew able to our plan of making th's season's band of that place Friday of next week, common good of all. Althougn mucn sale one long to be remembered as a bo- rVirt ic to MaiTift for it. but as tnis T. M. Curtis is prepared to dress and Mtnoinc tn nrcnmnlisnea.

me wori. nn7n fnr nnr mstomers. You should To-morrow is ye editor's birth-day a d.hIe and the strictly truthful sheet never publish SHAMPOO ladies' hair in the neatest STORE i ttm.t male, him a "Drescnt" ot DIG PALACE THE uuu 7 rnt tr flinir romnared witn tne oeneuis and latest styles. es anything but facts in its news columns and never manufactures any 1 on subscription to mis nurDOses for the E. S.

Raymond, of the Palace Drug I morals. I cnvi miiia on the dollar i ovivm facts, our readers will please be Store, has been appointed agent for Las sell's All Healing Balsam. 20 not fail to see our new stock. It contains many CHOICE NOVEL gifts sure to please the most exacting and careful buyers. Our many grades and great varietv afford unequalled op- Many ot our young peopio mobable that next year no gen little indulgent or else do something plaining ot a deartn oi euwn.iuo...

occupation tax will be levied 4,. tVif. lfjwl in trvinsrl A fine stock of overcoats and clothing for us to "write up." i cr to fill the want. Tliis weainer so huggc at the lowest prices. Come and see us.

17 Kelly Dolman. W. TVr. Kemper has sold his black tnat atnena senus us me iuiiu ins Master Lloyd Eaton is assistant to the th en of IS RECEIVING AN ELEGANT EXTENSIVE LINE Of I UVVHl I smith shop to T. A.

McKinzie. We We still have money to loan on good ponumues ssistant cashier of the hitewater uanic TIlimnhrev. understand that Mr. McK. will re tens now uiuuu ivi 1.

he is teller chattels or personal security on thirty, oemK ouiigwu sixty, ninety days time at the White- near the article you desire we can almost oWt snmlv vou with mst exactij move his family here at an early day put on in the mornings or 11 and that he contemplates puttm nrlmt vou want, making the price as sat- Mr. Phil Yeager and family are once "And I heard the cattle lowing On the prairie, stiff and cold; And the rooster, he was crowing. But his voice was harsh and old. "And I saw two wives together more inhabitants of this burg. They an addition to the shop.

moved here this week from Marion and HOLIDAY GOODS Brainerd has but four councilmen If you want money on real estate, wuy igfactory at the article. Believing we go to El Dorado for it, when you can get meet your want9 acceptably we it quicker and on the most favorable naturauy very anxious that you terms of any place in Butler county at should see occupy their own property on Broadway Making soap, and their tongues did use now. One of the five lin recent Our band played on the streets Tuesday the Whitewater bank MM j' cH-1t- The boys bare improved wonder Strayed or Stolen. fully and few towns of the size of Brain-1 boast of au organization of home while it is yet full and complete every ly moved his house just beyond the tow limit is no longer a resident of the town and consequently cannot hold a city office This fine weather is what makes hnoov except the coal Talking there about the weather, And their neighbors did abuse. "And I saw the maidens raking With their strong and steady arms, As their kindred friends were taking Oats to sow their farms.

"And I.sawt a bulk of treasure From the premises of Stephen Barker, department. To this end we extend a talent. of tlui rpc-ular time tor a 2J miles south and nines west oi cordial and urgent invitation to i irl TrQiicon nnp rniin mare coil. 1 ot vmir first oDnortunitv. i-e- imoii i --o nr ritv rnuucil.

Only tWO Diauiciu, ixtiuiju, ecc uv member that one year old last spring. Anyone giving members. Allen and Gardner, were pres land iiar to tlie recovery or Carriage "Woxlsl Oultivator shovels pointed and warranted ent Thpre was no business transacted men. We hope that it may continue IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO LOOK I th: same will be liberally rewarded. 21 lor want of a quorum.

and no one will ask or expect you to In a basket they were eggs; And a portion went for pleasure, And the balance go on legs," Surveyors for the Rock Islf nd railway a few months at this rate and that old Boreas will forget to visit us at all this winter. P.ev. J. N. Rankin, of this place is con snend a cent iin us uuicss ju i mtP.Ht do so.

we are herehn work as aood as new. Horse shoeing done tinuing the series of meetings at Potwin LV UWi I It is his intention to conduct are running another line through this this week. to sell goods and our big stock must be were in El Dorado on business cnnVa of meetings here soine- and work warranted in. every respect, we do disposed of. WTe will give you tne Dene- neighborhood.

This time they go about a mile and a half west of their first sur OiUl time after the holidays. yesterdav. Business seemed lively, fit of the closest possible price, not only general work in lines pertaining to our business but the busiest business man was the vey. Tne next one win prouauiy vary Jira i erd Ma rhet. Effgs, per dozen.

15 to 18 cents. Butter, per 15 to 20 cents. Oats, per bushel, 23 cents. Wheat, per bushel, 58c. Hogs, per $3 25.

Corn in ear, per bushel, 25 cents. Irish potatoes, per bushel, 75 cents. Apples, per bushel, 90 cents to $1. Steers, per $2.50 to $3.50. -Fat cows, per $2.00.

because that is our way of doing busi rmn -whose business it is to collect The Potwin Rrass Band will cive a musical concert and supper at Potwin, Dcrpmlier 17th. 1886. ness, but because this large assortment cannot be allowed to linger longer than that much in the opposite direction and be on a line of their permanent survey. Mr. Brainerd, chairman of our railway taxes of business men and others.

13tf W. KEMPEB. is actually necessary to unload. committee, received a letter a few days A few of "the boys" were on a We Laugh, You Laugh, ago from the managers of this route in regard to subsidies in this and Fairmount (St. W.

KEA3X small lark one night recently, but confined their hilarity and their presence to such quarters as were they laugh, everybody laughs who sees our splendid bargains, new and exclusive township and the people of these two townships will probably have a chance stvles. latest novelties, finest qualities in BOARDS SCHOOL not much disturbed thereby. DISRTICT -Dealer In- They extend a cordial invitation the Rrainerd Brass Band to be present. A. L.

Drake was a caller at this office j-caterday and handed us me of the needful. Mr. D. subscribes for the Ensign for himself and also sends a copy to his father, Mr. G.

W. Drake, of Hamburg, N. Y. Many farmers are holding their corn for an advance in price. If they keep it until next summer when men and teams on three railroads will be here, they will holidav coods.

An endless va in the near future of determining what they will do to secure this trunk line of In our notice of the school build- riety of good, honest goods at one of the best roads in the country. last week the types made us give PRICES THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. One of our readers, taking a text from rather a poor showing on the size UmDer, DUiEuers naiuviaiis, our last issue, sends us a communication For your sake, for our sake, for good TAKE NOTICE Tin hniMiiio- is 36x37 feet and each this week, but as we are not running CD ness sake come and let us save you mon- nine column, eight page paper, we are school room is M. C. SNOK1, ey mofkpt for ji lnrire Dart of the Barbed Wire Fence Posts.

Brainerd, Kans. 21t23 unable to find room for it. Wre do not ob nv oninmnnipgtinn fiimnlv be We have received several dollars icti iw aui v.w.""..- i III 1 Or i- crop at about double the present price. The bond proposition in Marion coun rmi it. rontainsviewsinopositiontoour on suDscnptiuu i St.

Ft. S. W. R. R.

That we have in Stock own. On the contrary we invite discus- We could accept a few more and GOOD GOODS AOT LOW PRICES. NEWTON BRANCH. ty carried by 800 majority. The county grants S30.000 to the Kansas New COMPLETE SETTS OF DIST 6ion on any important subject, but tue stiH not feel at all proud of our Mexico, $20,000 to the St.

Louis. Fre articles must be snort ana to tne point. Usually when a person starts out to say Kansa! EASTWARD. STATIONS. WESTWARD.

13tf Brainerd, lonia Denver. $30,000 to the Ft. Smith A. P. M.

RICT SCHOOL BLANKS AND BOOKS, anything through the newspapers and Prof. Shively spent a day in town ftiar 000 to the Chicago. Kansas 8 00 10 p. M.jA. M.

6 10 8 00 I 12.7 really has any thing to say, he can ex- reccntly in the interests of his busi- Western (Rock Island). 9 48; 7 20 press it in rewer worus a ig becoming almost a rc 6 45! 9 10 i Profs. Cowley and Mitchell, the blind STOVES umn article. STOVES! 9 34 6 53 quent visitor to this burg. 6 58 9 34 musicians, will give a musical concert at Landis" Hall on Saturday night, Decem i i The Butler County Horticultural So-rietv was in session at 10 a.

to'-day at 9 15. 6 17 The Whitewater Bank has mace All work 7 16110 05 ber 11th. Lovers of music, come and en Potwin. a little burs in the northwest f. Made on Superior paper.

first-class. Un, the nei needed improvement by putting STOYExS joy a rare treat of comic and sentiment part of the county 7 30 10 SO 8 59 5 58 I i 4.4 Brainerd 5.5 Annelly 2.3 McLain 5.0 8.5 6.5 Ridge. 8.4 meeting will be held at Beaumont, or in up lntching racks on the street soutli al songs, interspersed with instrumenta 8 46 5 40 1 some other county. Latham Signal. of their building.

Not lc-ne asro this same Horticultural 7 4ojl0 4 8 09112 35 8 18 4 55 i raware at L. liardner siai Societv met away out in the wood3 and "Wichita has a new paper the 7 58 had a fine time and a profitable meeting, gun(jav Growler. It is a neat sheet, 8 28 1 10 too. People don go to cities to siuuy n(1 Rido-e 7 32 mi fi, euiu-u uj JTTD TI2ST HOUSE. 8 52i 1 45 Elyna 1 lit iu.

ixicauaa i 6.0 Orders sent by mail will receive prompt attmtion. M. M. MURD0CK 21 tf Wichita, Kansas. 3 55 3 30 P.

M. tricts' where most any one knows thedif- Comly. 7 15 9 10! 2 10 Ar.McPherson.Lv ference between a gooseberry and a jjm Serce, who worked for A. M. P.

M. P. M. Having an Experienced Tinner, he 1 j. A.

1 A. 1 I tKA I goose ana aon imnK mat uuc ia jemper iie past summer, nas J. W. FROST, Agext. music.

An illustration of how the blind read and write will also be given. Ad missiom adults, 25 children, 15 cts. Everybody go Surveyors are at work in Chase county on the line of the Kansas, Colorado Texas, and will be through here in a short time on their way to Wichita. This company is at work on their Colorado line and are grading iu Finney county according to yesterday's papers. It seems to be a sure go and Brainerd Js on deck" for a boom even if she should fail to secure any other line at present.

R. Long has closed out his lumber interests at this place, shipping a part to El Dorado, where he will be engaged in product of the otner. l.ptsmith shoo at An- KfJ i School Report. The following is a is prepared to ao worK in xnax 18 line promptly, nelly. true report of the school taught in dist The latest survey on the Rock BOOKS, THREE CENTS EACH.

7 u.tfn m.n of them handnomelr Ulnetrated. and i aHre rict No. 4, for the month ending Decern Enrollment for the month, Island crosses West Branch thiee ber 4th therein Rome th.t yoa Tha followins books are males 25, females 28 total 42 attendance times inside of a half mile, complete in itself frnin eatni tVDe UIKin would like to possess. In cloth-bourn Rebellion. collection omnmoroM, in days, 532 average daily attendance, 28 number not absent 6.

viz William. KELLY DOLMAN IS THE 3dr. A. Spencer, special agent of Edmond the Queen insurance company was Charles aud Pearl Paulson, A NoveU By Ma, Bjj-j Tie Morwlck 1 nu Mystery- A hy W1LK A KoreL By MUs Motoc. A Kol.

By Author of" Dor. Thom- The Heir to Ashley. A Nore Woodward, Christian Forney and Jacob -in tie city recentlj'. business hereafter, and selling a part to Darties here. We still have two yards Yotter.

The earnestness of the pupus is The first bananas ever shipped to commendable. Emma Persuing, CI here which are kept well stocked and the two are well able to supply the trade this place were received this morning Teacher of the town and surrounding country. by M.C. Snorf. Many towns of several thousand inhabi A team is at work breaking ground on a vacant lot ou East Ilorner street.

Alfred Harrison was in town in iants have but two yards and need no abl wSSihould in every household. JUnttrattd. roem by Henry W. Lomrfellow. No-on.

cn to be wiU iwal this Hoe collection. IUutra IW by Alfred Tennynon. Tbl. work contain, some Pntomim. 0m, Put, eTc.rforocT.l public mm private eutertainmenU M4SVFC'Si- the beet method of prop- talTilug digiBU.

and directions for l.l kind. work. Artistic Embroidery. Ice -rk, Kmttin, lauius, Crochet Srt To A collection ofthrilllmc n.r-rlZXS?S,SZ?Z?i:Z of U. written by u.l mcn.ber.oftheproion.

ntion of humoromt th. icdiu funny BUt th KitC A By Author of A Novel. By Hcon Coxwat. rDrfrafef. The Ftt.1 UllMU A Novel.

By Authorof Dor.Thorne.' The Cum ofCsrew. A oveL By of ror. The Bltchforl iloesfc A Novel. BrHiw TaL Ama-cst Women. A Novel.

By the of nrkr- Fhtir Marrface. A Kovet. Bv 1m M. B- Beadbch. A Tnle or Mm A Novel.

llt Wood. 1-ooks like something was going to be terviewing some of our merchants more. THY Slvl B3I ROGK PRIONS 3IY YOU done late in the season. The building hnom will he on hand before winter is A town which has failed to secure the yesterday. Rock Island road brings out the sensa rii-iplinr Trwin went over to Pea- fairly over.

foilwHou-: ANoviK By. other of' Dor. Thorn. tioaal report that the Santa Fe and Rock The KnlehtbridreMystery. Last Saturday was busy day with our Isknd have combined the Santa Fe giv body Monday evening and returned Tuesday.

i Illwtrattn. Bradk. juuarazca. Wedded and Parted. AKovel.

A SotcU By Th Mrterr at Blackwood rnnfff. ing up their proposed line to Chicago iSSi HONEST GOODS relwe Cento; any ten for nin lint hound in boards i a rTn rnTrTT AT TAT Tweln wjrteiiftjr A Fortune Httnter. merchants. One of the leading firms says they sold more goods that day than ou TL.P.HUraloi. ANorel.

By Sf. T. Ct tw. and the Rock Island surrendering all its Ke lTodVe- A Novelette. By Wood.

Mn. Uihx Wood. the J. T. Welch drove down to TM Story wwt-pald upon receiptor only anv other one day during the last year.

in Kansas to the Santa This (40bookH)forT3 Cent. tue enure oks Mr. John Young, an old resident of county hub Tuesday. rVJdr l'ostire stamp, taken for l1Hn0idollttr- ever fubh 1 1 --T----- lnHPA ti ciotii uacK. i or vr buoiUbilUyferanynew California, has been visaing friends in D.

L. Gardner went to El Dorado CSnMI-sl Of frtr! Vixtv cents' worth of the Imperial doesn't have very much the air of probability on the face of it, but coming out just on the eve of the bond election in Marion county, its originator may have had a fair design in its opportune Qaaliiy of ooas. this vicinity lately. He lctt yesteraay this morning. Patterns, on his return to California.

alar Address The hciao club the rolling-pin. Old papers for bsIo r.t this cf3cc..

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