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Dennis Hustler from Dennis, Kansas • 1

Dennis Hustler from Dennis, Kansas • 1

Dennis Hustleri
Dennis, Kansas
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SE MY POOR WIFE. An Attack of Grippe Expected to Prove Fatal to the Aged Man. THE PATRIARCH OFTHESENATE BY J. P. SMITH.

I'ho Vermont Senator Una Served In the Upper Houae More Than Thirty Tear Ilia Term the Longest In the Senate' History. and that I. CHAPTER XVII. (Continued.) downwards on her grave, Aa she looked the prayer for holp died on her lips, the tumult in her heart ceased, and she knew Edith's husband was at that moment as safe from molestation from her as if already ten thousand miles of water flow attoa, mutual edufwslcm, no explanation, no mutual confession, no curslon back into tke land oX troubis and sorrow she had left, bo assured her, behind forever. But It was different with him.

Jealousy evon in the supreme moment of his happiness was already gnawing at his heart and he knew he could not live with her in peace and let those seven years sleep. One day, about a week after their reunion, she was well enough to take a little turn on the shore; the soft salt breeze blowing in her face brought there a tinge of returning health and youth that tempted him to make an effort to recall the past. She looked at him with mournful eyes, then said with peevish pathos "What can you not let me be, Paul? I am alive and happy now why drag me back to death and torment? I want to forget it all-all." "And so do he answered eagerly; "but I cannot, I cannot, my wife, if you will not speak. Men are different from women, and, if I do not know how and where you spent those seven years, they will poison my peace until the day I die. Tell me now, and I will forget them, put them from me after this hour, no matter what what you tell me." She sighed restlessly, then spoke.

"So be it. The first three years after I left home. I I spent, Paul, in In a She stopped, her eyes fell, she slipped her little wasted hand wistfully into his. "Go on," he said hoarsely. "You you have begun; I must(hear all now.

You spent In a "Lunatic asylum a pauper lunatic HE KISSED 417, Lieutenant Uobion Hud an Oaoulatory Field Day In Kanins City. Kansas Citv, Dea 21. Lieutenant Richmond P. Hobson, the popular hero of Santiago, was kissed to a standstill by the women of "Kansas City yesterday afternoon at the Coatos house, Tho Chicago record of a paltry less than 200 was smashed to smithereens, 417 Kansas City women "paying the pennlty" which the young hero of the Merrimao exacts from every pretty woman he meets. Lkntenant Hobson arrived in the city yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock over the Santa Fe and after a series of ovations hold a reception for ladies only between 4 and 5 o'clock.

This was the real event of tho day. Lieutenant Hobson and General Adna Chaffee were the guests of honor at the annual banquet of the Kansas City Commorcial club in the evening. GOVERNOR SMITH RESIGNS, Dynamite and Bullets Too Much for the Soldiers Home Managrer. Santa Monica, Dec 23. The resignation of Andrew Jackson Smith, governor of tho Soldiers' home at Santa Monica, has been presented to the board of managers and accepted.

It is to take effect March 31. Governor Smith gives as his reasons for resigning the two attempts to take his life, both by members of tho homes of which he was manager. One was ab Leavenworth, in which dynamite was used; the other when an old soldier, A. G. Bradley, shot him in the back four times at Santa Monica.

His family, he says, has prevailed upon him to withdraw from the home. ed between them. No impulse urged her as she had fearedt to throw herself at his feet and tell him she could never leave him again, that he must give up Washington, Dea 28. Senator Morrill of Vermont is ill with an attack of la grippe complicated with lung and heart trouble and his death, it is said, a matter of only a short time. Dr.

Van Renssalaer says ho cannot live till morning. The senator is 88 years of igo and owing to the weakness consequent on his great age cannot shake sfT the attack. Tho senator has been for some years ihc patriarch of tha Sanate, and has iicld a warm place in the affections of lis associates. Ho was re-elected in I890 for a fifth consecutive term, which will not expire until March 3, 1003. It been his custom for several years past to make one formal address each rear on some topic of live interest to Senate, and this has home and children for her sake.

No, Bays It Doea Hot Commltt Tills Uovorn-ment to Ezpnnslon, Washington, Dec. 28. Senator Frye talked yesterday with respect to tho conditions attending and resulting from tho peace negotiations. With respect to the freqifently repeated statemont that tho sentiment, of the powers, with tho exception of England, was opposed to the United States, and looked witli hisfavor upon the attitude of this government in dealing with Spain, Senator Frye said: "I saw no evidence of such sentiment existing outside of France, and in Franco that sentiment appeared to be confined to the press, which docs not reflect tho sentimout of the nation nor the people generally." "Do you think there will be any restoration of cordial relations between Spain and tho United States?" "I think that very soon after tho ratification of the peace treaty, and tho restoration of diplomatic relations, there will bo no difficulty about negotiating commercial treaties and a treaty for the release of prisoners and such other matters directed toward the perfect restoration of friendly relations between the two governments." "What has been published with respect to the treaty of peace seems to indicate, does it not, that this government is not committed by these negotiations with respect to the future disposition of the territory, the Spanish sovereignty over which has been relinquished?" "It indicates very strongly that this government is not committed in any way whatever with respect to the disposition and government of these islands. If we are insane enough to do so, we might give them all back to Spain after the ratification of the treaty.

If we were fools, we might divide them up among the other foreign powers. Tho whole matter is left in the hands of Congress. Congress can -sposition of the islands it Duy of the treaty she felt she could sit in his presence till morning, watch him playing with his children, chatting familiarly with his so-called wife, and never even wish to claim him as her own, because her man was Edith's husband. With a stifled scream, her hands instinctively flying to her face, she started back, and Paul, looking up, saw her. She heard his voice upraised in a loud cry a cry that went to her heart like a knife and sent every nerve in her body quivering with a fierce pain of old, which she had believed stilled forever; one second's scared Inaction and the next she was across the churchyard, flying as If for her life.

Soon she heard his voice, then footsteps following eagerly. Redoubling her speed she struggled on, knocking against headstones and cypresses, stumbling over the low grassy mounds that covered the nameless dead, longing for some grave to open and engulf her, for the suffocating waters to close round her again and bear her out of reach of him," whom she, alas, still loved better than her own life pr her eternal welfare, whose peace, home, happiness she was about to destroy forever. Her breath came in panting gasps, the ground surged under her feet. Nearer and nearer came the pursuing sounds, and clearer the entreating voice. Unless the moon would slip behind that bank of heavy cloud, towards which it was traveling, oh, so slowly, and enable her to drop into the dltoh that lined the churchyard In three more strides, she felt that all was lost, the purpose of her seven years' struggle In vain In vain oh, worse than a thousand times in vain, love for him was dead.

She cared no more for him for whom she had sacrificed her youth, almost her life. She watched liim passing out, followed by his family, then rose with Bewildered gesture, scarcely knowing where she was. She looked at her companion, still sleeping in her corner, from her to Mrs. Dennys, who came flouncing in for the fourth and last time, and who addressed her unceremoniously. "Oh! Can you tell me, please, if my maid has returned? No? If she does will you tell her the box has been found, and we" Then the maid appearing, she went on, "Oh, here you are! The box has turned up and we are ready to start at last.

Are the children in the landau? I am talcing Master Percy In the brougham with me. Be sure to put my dressing-case on the front seat. I think that's all. Oh, if ever I travel with such a nursery again!" she muttered, Impatiently fastening on a gauze veil be- asylum outside London." "My darling! Oh, my poor darling!" he cried, covering her hand with kisses, in a burst of compassion and relief. "Our our little son was born there," she continued softly, after a slight pause, "and after a few weeks of life went peacefully to Heaven.

He he was a nice little child, they told me, Paul, with fair hair like yours, and very dark eyes. I I don't remember him at all; but they kept me this lock of his hair; it's pretty and soft, isn't it? Poor little mite! I AVOID ALUM SAKINQ POWDERS Their Use In Dangerous to Health, The condemnation of alum as an unwholesome ingredient in baking powders by the Government authorities as well as by the Iowa and Minnesota State Boards of Health and physicians generally, has not deterred manufacturers of such powders from foisting them on the public. Following is a partial list of the condemned alum powders found in in this IJICJ Maine ting ir; 2Gj meu and i li aval board she knew! J.pnve-Mm or- tsar; he-was fore the glass. "I wonder wr (v.jf, "num. Yir jKIOUl, 1 uaro ditch, his hand fell 0 xx) ight you left me you went her shoulder, and, with a moan 01 straVgutf 4 -to to the asylum?" AfewYoBK, Dec.

28. Arrangements were completed yesterday for disinterring the bodies of the soldiers who were buried in the improvised cemetery at Camp Wikoff, Long Island. Lieutenant William F. Chase of the Sixth artillery will supervise the work. Forty coffins wore shipped to Montauk.

It was at first thought the bodies would be removed to tho National cemetery at Washington, but they will be buried in the military grounds in Cypress Hills cemetery in East Now York. At the head of each grave at Montauk Point was placed a bottle in which was a sealed slip of paper, with the name, rank, company, regiment and all particulars obtainable concerning the dead. By this means there will be no trouble identifying tho There are about -00 dead buried in the cemetery at Montauk, and it will probably take until the middle of January to complete the work of removal. despair, the poor soul dropped to the ground and lay at his feet cowering and whimpering in the wet grass like a frightened child. After a short silent struggle he lifted her up and plucked her hands from her face.

"It is you you!" he cried. "Helen, my wife, oh heaven!" The moon just grazing the murky mass of vapor, covered them in her wan white glare. Helen, numb with horror, looked at him whom a short half hour before she had seen in the bloom of prosperous comely prime, now changed changed into a haggard, fitorm-beaten aged man, with dimmed heavy eyes, worn wistful face, and hair plentifully sprinkled with grey, SENATOR MORRILL. jeen listened to to with mark-sd nttention by his iv! "6( regarded these view of the age ol their uithor. The last address was a week or more before the Christ-nas holiday adjournment, the subject eing tho need of a building for the iso of the United States supreme iourt and other courts.

Its deliver-in ce showed few signs of lessened vitality and at its conclusion the honor ivas done the senator of an unanimous passage of the resolution on which he spoke. Senator Morrill was born in Strafford, Vt. In early life he was a mer-shant and later a farmer. He was elected to the Honse of Representatives in the Thirty-fourth Congress and for four succeeding terms. Then lie was transferred to the Senate as a Union Republican, taking his seat March 4, 1807.

Since that time his service has been continuous and he has the record of tho longest unbroken term of service in the history of the Hen ate. He has taken an important part in the legislature of the last thirty years, especially on commercial and financial questions, his position as chairman of the finance committee giving him a leading part in all measures relating to the tariff, banking or currency. Celumet. Loyal. Cameo.

Manhattan. Chapman's. Mokaska. Chicago Yeast. Perfect.

Climax. Rocket. Grant's Bon Bon. Taylor's Hotel. One Jack Frost.

Vision. K. C. It is safe to reject all brands sold with a prize. All powders sold at twenty-five cents or less a pound are sure to be made of alum.

Dr. Wiley, the Government Chemist, in his official examination of baking powders at the World's Fair, threw out all "alum powders," classing them as unfit for human food. But the World's Fair could approve as well as condemn. After the most elaborate tests, it bestowed the highest award for purity, leavening power, keeping qualities and general excellence on Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder.

Is? Does he Intend driving "Mr 'the brougham or laudau? I haven't seen ti "Mr. Dennys, madam, has gone on foot he said It was such a fine night he would like the walk across the fields." "Fine night! Why, it is raining hard and blowing almost a gale.Extraordi-nary idea!" At last the station was clear of Mrs. Dennys, her nursery, maids and footmen; and Helen, unable to bear the air of the room where so many emotions had been crowded, went out to breathe In the gale. She hurried along heedless of where she was going, her cumbrous bonnet swinging in her hand, her cloak flying out behind her like a great black wing. Was she glad or sorry, relieved or disappointed? Had she ever loved him at all, even in those.

sunny days before she had heard Edith's name? Xf she had lived out her life in peace by his side, If he had never wanted, to desert her, never cared for another, would she In come to feel towards him aa she had felt at that moment? Would he have fallen by degrees from the pedestal on which prompted, after "a long pause, during which they had sat with trembling hands close clasped. "No, no, to the river to the river," she answered quickly and feverishly, a bright spot burning on her cheek. "I was mad, you know, quite quite mad, though I knew what I I was trying to do, and remembered it after-' wards. You got my letter? You heard about my poor mothe, how I deceived you how they all deceived you yes?" She paused to take breath, then went on quickly as if she were repeating a lesson she loathed, but was forced to say "I wanted to kill myself and end it all I saw no harm. I jumped off the first bridge above the churchyard where the water was deep, and the weight of my clothes kept me under until I was half drowned; then nature asserted itself.

I could swim, you know, in the wildest seas, and, no longer able to bear the agony of suffocation even in my madness, I struck out for the bank, and then I suppose for I remember nothing clearly after that wandered aimlessly across tho country all night and next day. I was taken up as a homeless vagrant, lodged in a poor-house, and thence sent to the asylum, where after a couple of years memory by degrees came back to me. (To be Contlnued.1 robbed of youth, health, hope, peace, by that moment's glance at her. At this piteous sight love rose In arm, quickened her fainting soul, and roused her numbed limbs to resistance. She struggled and shook him off fiercely.

"Who who are you? How dare you you touch me? What do you mean? Are you you mad or tipsy, to as sault a harmless stranger like that? Tombstone as a Gift. Chattanooga, Dec. 28. Grimm saloonkeepers, received a tombstone as a Christmas gift. The donor was Mrs.

E. Riden, a widow. Her husband had been a confirmed drunkard and shortly before his death Mrs. Riden warned the saloonkeepers that if they sold him whisky she would prosecute them. Oa tho day Riden died it was alleged that he bought whisky at Grimm's.

Mrs. Riden entered suit and obtained ad judgment for $2,500, but up to this time has been unable to collect the money. she had placed him, or would DIDN'T FORGET THE WIDOW. A 01,000 Parse From Thirty Cattlemen Who Shot a Herder "in Self Defense." Cjiadron, Dec. 28.

As a sequel to tho court scene at Hot Springs, S. last week, in which thirty-two be have always remained enthroned in her foolish infatuated eyes? These and a hundred other questions eattlemen were acquitted of the charge "Helen, Helen," he exclaimed, in a sighing whisper "oh Helen!" She stammered, stopped, swayed Irresolutely, then burst out violently "Helen! Why do you call me that? I I am not Helen. She she was drowned seven years ago in that water. You know it you know it as well as I. You must be must be mad! Oh, go back go back, I tell you to of killing John h.

H.kman, a slieep herder, in Fall River county, S. last August, a cavalcade composed of the exonerated cattlemen rode up to the little cabin occupied by the destitute f.imilv of the dead man. The Plant! Killed by Heat. The ordinary furnace-heated house is a bad place in which to grow plants. Tho air seems to have had all the dampness removed, and that moist your wife, your children, your home go, let me depart.

leader knocked at tho door and Mrs. "I have no home, no children, no North Dakota Divorce Xans. Bismarck, N. Dec. 28.

Among the measures which will come before the North Dakota legislature during its session will be providing for a more divorce law. A large element of the people are ashamed of the record gained by the state on account of the of the present law on this subject, and are' anxious to shut off the excursion! hither of matrimonial misfits. Ekman responded. Her face grew pale and she trembled. "Mrs.

Ekman," said the leader, "we have come to make you a little Christmas present. We shot your husband, hnt it was in self defense. We know vou are without funds. We would i gladly restore you your nusDana, out that is impossible, so we do the next. hst thins- irive vou the means to suor An Tee cream trust was organized at Chicago.

A grandson of Brigham Young denounced Mormonism at a Brooklyn meeting. In a New York Are three persons were burned to death and two others seriously injured. An appropriation of $100,000 for Pelican Bend, river improvements was put in the deficiency bill. The American Federation of Labor re-elected Presidont Gompers unanimously. Whilo tunneling for water for the city of Colorado Springs, ths contractors struck a fabulously rich gold vein, the output of which, will go to the city.

The Commercial League of Fort Smith, has officially commended tho President for his reeent speeches in the South and invited him to visit Fort Smith. Tha W. C. T. U.

at Lexington, obtained indictments against 101 bo loonkecpers on charge of violating' Sunday law. The mayor and police commissioners were Mmo. Dreyfus expects the early release of her husband. Mme. nenry is pluckily defending the name of her husband, who, she says, committed forgery to save the state.

General Kirchencr proposes to re- claim the Soudanese provinces which are still held by the Mahdists. A desert campaign is projected. Tha Khalifa is a thousand mfres west of the Senator Piatt delivered an extended address in favor of It was a reply to Senator Vcst'sreeent speech. Senator Mason introduced a bill designed as a retaliatory measure on Germany. It provides for the inspec-' tion of goods from Uermany'in case the bill now pending in the Reichstag for inspection of American goods is by that body.

Bills favoring- the granting of subsidies to American merchant marina were introduced in House and" Senate. A starving man who died of overeating at St. Joseph was found to have two vermiform appendices. she asked herself vainly, as she hurried through the storm; but she could find no answer, her mind was racked for the moment, the only feeling clear to her was a sense of self-pity and contempt for the years she had wasted in futile anguish. Even now the tempter whispered, was it too late? After all she was only twenty-six years of youth lay before her If she wished.

Why not coax fire and life back to her dimmed eyes, paint her pale cheeks, let her dark hair grow, and taste pleasure after her long fast therefrom? Why not bring men to her feet, shallow faithless men, as she had done before make ether wives weep as she had wept? Surely she had endured enough was there sense in downing sackcloth and ashes to the end, deny-. Ing herself constantly, living tn the midst of misery, disease and death, when she bad been, no wilful sinner, but one who had been sinned against from the beginning? Thus cynically musing, she leaned over the bridge under which she had once passed, fighting unconsciously for the life she had longed to destroy, and peered into the dark water. "What a fool I was what a wild mad fool," she laughed bitterly; "and my mother before me! Only there was no turning back for you, poor mother no turning back for you!" With a shudder she passed aimlessly on, her short hair blowing about her face, and went Into the church- port yourself and children. If you wife but you." His arms were round her, pinioning her tightly to her side, his hot breath fanning her face. "Liar!" she panted, pushing his lips from hers.

"Liar! I saw you, not an hour ago, at the station with her, your children in your arms I heard you" "You saw my brother, Arthur, with his children and wife, toVhom he has been married for the last ten years not me. Helen, my wife, love it my life, how could you treat me so how?" he asked, tears choking bis voice. 1 "Your brother, Arthur, and his wife not you not you!" she murmured dizzily, and closed her eyes. "I think I think I knew it all along. Oh, I think I knew it wasn't you!" need more call on us, ana ne nanaea her a bag containing 81,000 in gold.

condition so conducive to a good growth In plants is sot found. This may in a measure bo overcome by means of evaporation, which, while not supplying a great amount of moisture, should do something toward relieving the bad Condition of the atmosphire. Place jars or pans of water in, around or about the furnace, hang buckets of water down inside the furnace pipes, below the registers, or place them anywhere that rapid evaporation may bi lnducedCeep all the plants in light, airy locations, but away from drafts. Never consign a well-grown specimen palm to a corner of the room, though it may look better there. Its beautiful appearance will last a short time only in the dark, close place.

It may seem strange to some, but the very best place in the house, if the temperature can there be maintained at an even point, is the kitchen, because of the constant evaporation of the water as it puffs from the spout of the tea as it puffs forth from the mouth of the teakettle. Tho plainsmen raised their hats, To Study Porto Biro aa a Mission Field. Chicago, Dec. 28. Bishop William E.

McLaren of the diocese of Chicago will accept the mission to Porto Rico to investigate the field there for the promotion ot the Episcopal church interests. He was chosen by the. Episcopal conference in He will start before the winter is over and on his return will give a'report on which the policy of the church will be based. mounted their horses and rode away. A Grand Duke In America.

San Francisco, Dec. 2S. Amongtb passengers on the steamer hina, which arrived from the last night were the Grand Duke Cyril of Russia and his aides. Lieutenant Cou-zan and Lieutenant Couze. The grand duke, who is a cousin of the csar, is on his way to St.

Petersburg, Having CHAPTER XVIII. He took her to a little quiet village within sound of the sea, she loved so well, and then by strict medical injunctions kept from her all subjects likely to disturb or agitate her mind. It was no difficult task; she never once alluded to the past, or showed any anxiety to learn the history of the seven years they had spent, apart a blissful lethargy came over her, and Suicide In an Asylum. St. Joseph, Dec Thomas Richardson of Rock Springs, Daviess county, an inmate of state lunatic, asylum No.

2, hanged himself in a closet in the institution, and was dead when the attendants found him. Richardson managed in soma way to escape the vigilance of the attendants nnd make his way unseen into a closet. He had secreted a short piece of rape which he used to choke himself to death. nearly completed a tour of worm. Robbed at Store of

Baltimore, Dec 88. Burglars robbed a safe in Henry Wessel's dry poods store last night of money and checks aggregating The safe door was blown off by dynamite and $0,800 in specie and currency was taken. The remainder was in checks of small denominations. Bravery. Watts I noticed a photograph of a wildcat not long ago, taken just when the beast was abont to spring at the photographer.

Potts That is nothing. Peck has a snapshot he took of his wife as she was coming at him with a kettle the reeds; then, turning down the side path that led to the cross, the moon shone full for a moment upon the dreary spot, and she distinctly saw Uui figure of a man stretched face mere fact of living, of be-together again, was sufficient her. She wanted no explan- ing for of hot water. Indianapolis Journal i.

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