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The Central Record from Leavenworth, Kansas • 2

The Central Record from Leavenworth, Kansas • 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
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COMMUNICATIONS. CTOAL 1C01B. the passage read as follows; "A general lethargy took possession of the Roman Empire." Wa think it time that ohurohe and oollege had been taught a lesson that will be remembered, I.e. they have no right to go in debt. We are cumed, burdened and broken down under debt that wore thoughtlessly and reokloisly created.

Itiwithral pleasure that we announoe that the Baptist ohurohes J. B. Habowicki, ISIT0T the Statea. It is cosmopolitan. The people have no fixed system of work, and disposed to wait and see how they will like the oountry before they take hold of church wqrk or become prominent in tatotlailont and ooven-tiona.

Person oome here with lettere from Baptiat churobea and do not give them to our ohurohe but hold them, and are often loet to the denomination. DON'T TELL HIS WIFE. Church members will do the' cause W. I. Pbicb, Aitocuti 1 Asbiakb, NibiaskaT of Christ a great lervioe, promote the harmony and Usefulness of the broth erhood, if will determine under FROM TEXAS Austin, Tsxas, April 15, '78.

Mr Deab J. B. have read with intereeted attention your Ricoto, the spioiest sheet I get bold of. I always look ooncernedly at what Is said about you, and have rejoined at your growing itfiuence and usefulnee. But in yonr last issue you say a fchttif r.v tvA tn wl-tnli ninit Da not forget ministerial eduoation in tout contributions.

of Kama ire paying off the olaims due the Home Mission Sooiety. We trust that the present year will witnoBt Bud the artiole on "Every Day English" from the Manhattan "Industrialist." local ohuroh mutt deoide for itself. Persons who are reoeived into oar charohes upon this irregular baptiem have all-the rights that belong other members. The writer hat always deferred to the church in relation to this matter and he bat been pastor of ohurohet that have deoided for and against these baptiem." 8. "Is baptism performed by a Campbellite miuieter valid Christian baptism?" If administered to a proper subjeot a regenerated, believing, penitent individual, we shall olats it with the baptisms mentioned in the answer given to tbe foregoing question.

1 9. "Are Pedo-baptist aooioties true ohurohet of Christ." We do not think that the churobea founded by the Apostles were Pedo-baptists, for they did not baptize infants. Nor did they praotice sprinkling orrpouring for baptism, they are no ordinary oironmstanoes, to tell tbe pastor's wife anything about the mem bers or the offioers of the ohuroh that is unpleasant. What if tome, do not think her husband at eloquent as some of his predecessors that his sermons ft "-v- fully enter my protest. If I understand the removal of the last mortgage.

A ohurrh has no right to contraot a debt for others to pay, or to vote for a oontraot that they are unable or unwilling to fulfill when the work is doce. you, you say Christ's Church was in stituted on the Day of Penteocst. Yoii are too long and too plain that some Will tome one fire oar echool at Ottawa the mm of one thousand dollar, to oomplete the building and put it in good I It very muoh needed. ask for proof of it being an organize of the young people oomplained that sermons are too long, and muoh Dchinq the absence of the pastor tbe more of the tame tort. These things are often taid thoughtlessly.

And pulpit of the Baptist ohuroh in thu city was ocoupied on Sunday morning by Rev. Henry Ward Beeoher. The notice of the sermon that appeared in some ona thinks she must tell his wife, or some good brother must tell the minister. What good doee such things do? There are a few people who must tbeRicoRD was written by a young man who was at work on the paper at body previous to that time. Let me call your attention to Mat thew XVIII, 17.

hrist saya "Tel it unto the ohuroh." He is speaking of dealing with an offender. Why tell it to the ohuroh, if there was no church? If the church was yet to be organized, why not say, "hereafter tell it to the church, a body whioh is to be constituted." It seems to me, that already tbe oburoh had been brought into being, and that those to whom the Psiioxs who are forward to oenaure others are very sensitive, when they are reminded that they are themselves opeo, to oensure and oomplaint. i Do cot fail to attend the convention at' Ottawa. Ltt the ministers who have recently oome into the Stat attend and make the acquaintance of the brethren. 1 that time.

The editor does not re gard Mr. Beeoher as "the prince of NORTH AND SOUTH. The day is not far distant when the Baptists, north and south, will unite in forming a great national convention that will have charge of the work of missione at home and abroad. They are being quietly prepared for such a anion of foroes. A few on eaoh aide who never forgive or forget may for a time keep baok this great work, but God will bring it about in His own good time.

We think the desire and purpose of the Baptiat of the two section to evangelise the negroes of the south will make aome'euoh union a neoesiity. One seotion oan-not aocomplikh this work without! the astistanoe of the other. There ia no good reason why this union should not be formed. How great the influence of euch a union. May wa aoon be one in faot as We are one in our attachment to "one lord, one faith, one baptism." Let us discuss this question in a spirit of candor and humility.

Christian organizations, devoted to the cauteand seryioeof Christ, but irregularly constituted and holding some things whioh to us seem to be contrary to the law of Obriat. Ult; will ulk. If they mutt: tell torn one let it be tbe paetor. Don't tell hi wife. She will bide the teorets in her heart and let tie in oome out frequently when alone with her husband', and thut beoome ttfe unodnsoiout agent of the ditaffeofad and I the the Aoierioau olergy." Though an able, eloquent man there are greater men in the pulpits of other ohurohes that might be named.

He has not tbe soholarebip of Consul or Toy, the log-ioal power of Bnwn and Robinson, tbe eloquence uf Curry or Dr. T. G. Jones, nor the varied attainment of Dr. W.

Savior spoke were familiar with it Rev. I. S. Kallooh, D.D complaiua working, and reoognized ita right to thoughtless In worrying the paotor, If that tbe Home Mission Society of New York, ii not doing as muoh for Acomta, Kansas, baa a neat home ttne in keeping with the place and what ia better, every dollar of debt wai provided on the day of dedication. Let churebei go and do likewise.

discipline those who were guilty of any conduct worthy of being inquired into. a pastor haa faulta that need correcting, tell him and not his wife You Williams. Yet, in the power illus Aa to when the aot of conititution was have no more right to tattle to her than any other member of the ohurch, tration Mr Beeoher is superior in some had, I cannot speak definitely, nor is it necessary. It ia enough for my pres respeot to any lecturer we ever beard. ent purpose that I ahow that it was in especially about her hut band.

Thia evil is more the remit of thoughtlesf-ness than anything else. eiistenoe before Pentecost. Thi "Allianoe," of Chicago, Prof, wing' paper, makes the remarkable But if you will study closely the Passing down the aisle one morn outburst following ohoosing of the twelve and the sending out of the seventy you will have suoh "Think of a colU ga a university of ing we heard some one say "I intend to tell him "Oh no, don't." "Yes, I will." The brother took us aside learning devoted to baptism by im Lit each oburch in the state take np oolleotion for State Miisions and forward the aame to H. M. Billingt-ly, Wa must not cloie the year in June with a dollar due to one of our mieeionariee, but with a balanoa in the treasury to commence another Let every ohuroh in Kama see that a collection ia taken for Stab Missions.

We will ao tually need fire hundred dollar! to olose up the preeent and to pro ride for, the coming year. A email oolleotion from' eaoh ohuroh will ee- mersion. If President Anderson and said "Mrs. T. says you preached worke in the interest of education indications of the eiistenoe of an organized body of to make it highly probable that early in His ministry our Lord organized that first ohurch in Jerusalem.

and of a sound religious culture, instead ef a baptism by immersion, there may be some hope of hi establishing hi inititution on a sound basis." the poorest sermon to day that be ever heard from you." Ia a little while we took sister R. by the hand, who said, "You preaohed the best aermon today I ever beard in that pulpit." The firit waa told the pastor wife and ihe California as for and there are people in Kaniae who complain that more is not done for this State. Complaints are oheap. They are easily manufactured and furnished by wholesale on short notioe. Boards and secretaries dj more work and, get more oensure than any olass of men we are acquainted with.

We think of preparing a lecture on the Missionaries of Mission Boards and their secretaries. What a subject. It i many aided full of interest to those who have served in either oapaoity. We have seen oensure, abuse and misrepresentation enough heaped upon these boards to sink them, had they not been lustained by Him who cause tbe right to prevail. We think the New York Board ha made some mistakes.

(who has not?) that moro should be done for the West. But bow oan missionaries be paid without money If the people do cot give the Board the meana how are they to make the appointments, 'Tut yourself in his plaoe," and see if you can do any than Dr. Cutting ia doing with tbe meana at his disposal. But as strong as 1 the presumption oreated by the foregoing, I have a still We trust that our Chioago brethren stronger proof. On the daya proceed oure tbia amount.

ing Pentecost, we have these facts will learn, tad that speedily, that a Baptist oollege must look to Bantists mainly for support. As a rule othor was mortified until he told her what eister R. bad said. I elicited: That there was a ohuro roll kept Aots 1, 15. "The number The pastor's wife is not employed to ir nd and denominations do not take muoh stock of the names were one hundred A few Dootors of Divinity have got over into Kanaae and the people 'are inquiring what they be.

i Dr. Hardwioke, of Leavenworth, editor of Tn CzntbaIi Ricobd, ia troubled with questions of this sort. They want to know what constitutes a Dootor of 'Divinity Tough question for; the 'editor for he is one himself! 'will give a definition of a D. for 'the benefit of our Kansas readers of whom Dr. Hardwioke is one.

Here ie 'the definition, of a Di A Dootor of Divinity is a preaoher the same at other preaohere in kind, 'but not in deorm. Jewell. We trust theaboye will suffioe. The editor of the Jewell" (Prof. Emerson) it a member of the faoulty of William Jewell college, has aided in making a number of D.

and knows all about it. Let us advise ail young ministers to refrain from making unkind remarks about the poor men who have reoelved this degree. They do not know what twenty." Why this roll, if there was "Howie the aohool at Ottawa uo-ceeding? This queetion meets nl on all We are glad to report that work has been regained on tbe build ing, that' all hands are encouraged and hopefal. We trust that we shall have even in Open Communion Free Will Baptist oollegos. How oan we expect them to do io.

be bored with such things. Keep her mind at ease and let her make! hit home quiet, and he will, wfth the Di-yine blessing have a luooessful pastorate. The writer is grateful in being able to aay that be is pastor of a church no organization Again, we eee these disoiple electing an apostle Aots 1, 26." "And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias and he was numbered with the eleven." "Rev. Horace Clark, LL. D.

long a good report bf the time tbe conven prominent member of the Baptist tion meets in June 1 ohuroh at Houston, was "confirmed" by that giyee not the leaet oountenanoe to Again on that very day of whioh you Bishop at the Episcopal ohuroh the evil he has exposed. Let others follow their example. i apeak as the natal day of the ohurch. in that oity, bo the 14th instant." Baptiat Herald. Luke says: Acts 2, 41.

"And the same ly there wa added, about three May peace spring up in the ohuroh Tbb beat thing a pastor'a wife can thousand souls." Our version says Her. W. P. Walker, of Huntington, W. aay "Oome end see I ns.

Wa would like to tav yetj at General Association." We are; too i busy in Kansas to leare for a week. It would be pleasant to meet with Bro, Walker and other dear friends in West Virginia but it must be delayed for a he left, and may he be useful and hap do to aerye the church, is to make her py in hi new relations. H3 was at the Baptist ohuroh ednesi'ay night, taking an aotive part in buismese, and was oonfirmed Sunday. We can spare him. the future has in store for them.

Prof. Emerson and the' writer pnoe added "unto these words are supplied by the translator, might they not with equal propriety have said "unto the ohurch?" At any rate the three thousand were added to the body of men who had, on a preceding day, elected and Apostle. How oan you add to that time. had a friend who used to say he would husband's home the dearest place to him on earth. Here let him turn for quiet.peace and enoouragement.

Let the study, when he is in it, be as a sacred plaoe that no one will dare to enter nnoalled. Here he commune with God and the thoughts of the mighty dead that are paoked away on his shelve. A neat, refined home, a time for quiet preparation for the pulpit, never invite a D. into bis pulpit. There are three ministers who ex Complaining preaohere are seldom successful Thay degenerate linto soolds.

Who oares to encounter' a scolding man or woman. It is a sign of weakness when men introduoe their sormona by lamenting that there are so many vaoant seats. They then belabor those setts. They are not to blame. Why talk at the seats.

Make your sermons so interesting that the people will oome to hear you. No man was ever known to increase his congregations by oomplaining that people did not attend when he preaohed. A kind spirit; an easy, dignified manner; a good address will draw a oongregation anywhere. Do not complain. A bus- We recently spent two nights and a peot to visit Kansas this fall with a That man after warda aooepted the de gree, allowed himself to bs called Doc whioh had no previous exietenoe.

view of obtaining a healthy looation day in Wichita. The oity is located on the Arkansas rirer. Tbe surround tor and then ied Young men beware. You ask who was pastor and who They mo well educated and will oome Remember Ellaha and the bears. ing oountry is one of the richest and most productive we have ever seen.

will do core for the ohuroh than were deaoons, olerk, etc, of this ohurohv before Pentecost? I might with equal I propriety aBk who filled these offioes af- terward? It is becoming the habit of some aimless, mitcellaneoue oalls, or an the best of recommendations from parties we are personally acquainted with. Oburohet desiring to secure pastors will do well to oommunicate with us at an early day. interference on the part of the wife ohuroh members to complain of every thing that is done and beoause some But the question implies that pastor with the affairs of the ohuroh. We things are not done that would afford onoe knew a quiok, high-spirited pas band never induced his wife to love or and deaoons are essential to the existence of the ohuroh. And this I deny.

them a show of oause for oomplaint tor who had a wise and prudent wife. rospeot him by complaining she did She would not allow ohild or servant to The town ia full of busy people. Bro. Davis, the pastor of our ohurch, is a young man of muoh promise. There are fine indications of more than ordinary prosperity.

Sucoess to the young man and his ohuroh. If all the Baptists who are now residing in that city will unite with tbe church make come needed improvements on their house of worship, thoy will make this one of the most prosperous and important ohurobes in Kansas. mention anything to him that would not show, him the respeot due him, or have her friends present to hear him talk when he took a notion to talk. They love to take the pastor in hand, and tell him all that is In their hearts and what hearts i They blame him for all that is wrong in ohuroh and disturb him while in his study or when about to preach. A small obstruc 1 We had a pleasant oall from Rev.

R. 8. Donoan, the effiolent agent of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention for This Board is deserving of a better support than it by the ohurohes of Missouri. We trust that it is not the last time the agent will oome and break bread with us. Oomnlainine is a weakness.

Let preaohere beware. If Leavenworth ohurch was to lose you as pastor, and at the same time her deacons were to take letters, and the olerk be expelled would not the Leavenworth disoiples still be a ohuroh? This ohuroh at Jerusalem did not have any deaoons for sometime after Pentaoost. There is no more proof of any not of organization being done nn that Anw than nnnn nw n.Kai. A congregation. If old Deaoon Oloaefist does not aubsoribe to the mission fund.

tion will throw a train from the track, and a triflng useless thing, if told, may to interfere with a man's thought! at GRACE. I to disqualify him for study or preach "A present help in time of trouble." if Deaoon Knowall becomes brooked in his walk, if brother Kasysoal gets drunk or sister Runabout tells things that make misohief, tbe pastor mnst be ing. There it an intimate conneotion How true of the grace of God. There Mocb is said about the want of taot displayed by ministers in the management of their finances. "Like ohuroh like preaoher." Show ut a ohuroh that conducts its business on striotly between a pastor's home and oburoh life.

graoious promise was then fulfilled. A blamed for it. Thit. ie alia mere idle are sorrows that lie ao deep in the heart, that none but those who experience them know that they exist. Sorrows that earth oannot reaoh or human habit, a obronio custom.

Oall on 1, "When and by whom was the business principles, that pays a pastor Tn Teres Herald" thinks we have read Tezaa papers. Tes, we read two of then avery week, and they are, excellent papers. But dear brethren, do not think ue impertinent when we hint confidentially that It is the opinion of a few of yonr friende that the cause of missions and eduoation will not be pro-) voted by internal dissensions and die- pates. akill remove. Each heart knowa itt first gospel sermon preaohed them for a contribution, and they ask what beoomes of the money? We say with Rev.

B. H. Carroll, "if a minister can beWled a verb, a pastor ia a verb and his wife an adyerb beoause a own bitterness is the tender hopes that Tbe preparatory work, of the gospel have perished like unborn obildren dispensation waa done by the preach' a living salary, and pays it with promptnesi, and we will agreo to show yon a pastor who ia a good manager. The moat of the preaoher of thia oountry have been associated with ohuroh sorrows caused by the ingratitude and verb signifies to-be, or do, or to suffer, treachery of some we had once esteem ingot John, We think; the flrt gospel eermon reported, is known at the Sermon on the Mount) preaohed by ed aa friends. When alone, and there es that were sonnbusinei like in their and an adverb meana joined to a verb and tells what sort of a vtrb it is, and grand protracted meeting began on that day, whioh was not staid until many thousands were brought to a knowledge of the truth, and the number of the disoiples were greatly increased.

0. 0. 0. FROM VIRGINIA. Hard Baptists were never more hopeful than to-day led by auoh men aa brethren Jeter and Thomas, Uatoher, Tyree, Diokineon, Hume, Owen and Peniok we have a right to expeet great thing in the future.

The field at home and abroad hae a right to expect frpm nt grand effort for good, and it ought to repeiye is no one to speak a word of sympathy graoe imparts strength to the fainting a pastor's wife knowe what tort of a finance that we had i no right to ex peot anything elae of paitor. Jesus. 2. "It preaohing the gospel an offl aialwork," spirit, and prepares ns for every tub verb, if be be a verb, that these coat plaint make herbuiband. Governor Anthony rendered the teouent trial of our faith.

It ia graoe There ie a ssnse ia which all who love Obriat may teaoh or, preaob, bnt to that works out the deliverance we long for, and at last throjugh faith in, the Cbicaoo it a great oity. It has great a i great university with a great debt, and a great Baptist news-. paper whioh claims to be the organ of the great West; Chloago has to learn that great church and college debte are thinge not to oe desired. That they do not indicate eo muoh of real enter prise as they do of inexousable recklessness. State good tervioe in appointing Dr.

W. L. Challis, of Atohison, a regent of the Agricultural Oollege. Dr. Oballit a a portion of a otmrahi the work of Wa dip this from the "Texas Bap-titt." It ia at applioable to Kansaa as loved bnt nnseen Savior lifts to heaven preaohing ia both pareoeel and ojfioiau where the wicked eease to trouble us, well educated man a praotical farm 3.

"When and by trhom was the to Texaa, to some ohurohet as to aeeO' lationa er, and is a safe business man ha no end the tired spirit finds rest. firit Christian baptism performed?" all lla darnnnili- "The whole situation reminds us of Superior Kansas. Whatever By When he laptizsd in the a disousslon ia Arkansas as to who Rev. W. A.

Jarrell, of Illinois is name ChrUt, or whin he baptized does it wejl done, and )f hp decides to waa the greateit general of anoient The time draws nigh when we wili bare the next session of the genera Association in Portsmouth, one of the the twin pities by the sea, and we are i take hold pf hit position or is made troubled beoause Rev. Henry Ward Beeoher preached in the Leavenworth time. One Said Hannibal, another Obriat. 4. "What eonititute a valid bap tlm? Treasurer ne will prove to be equal to said Caesar, while a third said Belisa Baptist church a "blasphemous ter-' the dutiesof tbe position.

mon that gave comfort to infidelity." rlu. Finally one speaker aroee and said i "Hannibal, Caeaar and Belisa- A proper subject, proper mode, an administrator oalleji of God 'to The pastor was not in the city, and the Baptiat meeting house the' largest The oolored Baptists of Kansas are divided into so many ohurohes and as Est. Morgen-Loyd- Rowland-Darling and now Braoe, from Sooiland, oonvlot-ed of stealing books in Cincinnati, deserting his wife in Pennsylvania, stealing eermone in. Richmond, lining 1 at Haokensaok and Galeiburg, visited Emporia, last month. Ho made a good impression, at first, his actions "creating auspielon, be.left.

The laet heard of him he wae in Missouri trying rius were all great men, no doubt, and doughty warrior, bat nothing to compare as military laadtre with the cele already talking pf the blessed influenoe whioh will emanate from the meeting of three or four hundred of our brethren in our midst. The Religious Herald" haa done and is doing a grand work among the churohss. The religious press is a power for good, and if the people of Kanaae will rally in tbe eity, except the Cathedral, wai sociations, parties and faction that preaoh the gospel. 5. is Christian baptism a prereq latto to thp Lord's We think se.

nted to hold a meeting of four ohnreb they will neyer beoome strong enough to sustain a pastor or rise to a position brated General Lee Thargy." "Gen es. The eermon was not a blasphemous or infidel Good judges eral Lea Thargy 1" cried out all the 6. "Is tbe Lord's Sniper a thnrob of usefulness and influenoe over their own people. In nearly every town rett. "Who was he? Hiitory men to tht support of Tat Obntbal Rscord.

'j to obtain a field of labor. He is a bold, bad man. Let him alone, tioneno suoh man." "Why," aaid where there are a few hundred of ordinanoe?" Yes. -e 7. baptism imnertion in wa tay it wai anexoellent discourse one that has dons the pause of religion a real aervice.

Bro. Jamil may rest aitured that no man will ce allowed to them they have two or more ohurohes Kansas will soon take her stand by the eide of her sister yirginla as a Baptisf ftat. J. A. SftigBT, Birmt.Ya.

They need new leaders men who the hooeier speaker, "didn't Caesar, Hannibal and Beliaarins all fail to aubdae the Roman bnt ter by a Pedo-baptiat minister valid Tiiti are some thing in pastoral 3 propigate infidel sentiments from onr Christian baptism?" pave near ana ipina 10 give a rigni ui reotion to their affairs. here (holding np Gibbon) it the ao' pulpit without being made to feel the wort ikaasas mat are Discouraging. The country ie new, there are but few 'houses of worship in oountry places, We believe it to be irngnlar, and that the queetion of reoelyhg oa rejeoting full foroe of, the best reply that the oonnt where my general subdued the whole empire." Upon examination, Typhu it. taid to be raging in nearly all European Russia. A missionary hat ditoovered gold in New Guinea.

4 population is made of parsons from all pastor oan make. (, I partont upon the tame ona that eaoh 7.

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