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The Havana Press from Havana, Kansas • 4

The Havana Press from Havana, Kansas • 4

The Havana Pressi
Havana, Kansas
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It must be conceded that the DIRECTORY. R. K. Blake Co. democratic candidate for president is a atf-ong man.

He In all wool, so Postofflce, at Havana, open over Farm Notes- Sarub care makes sciub animals An excited cow never does her best. A draft is at bad for stocK as for iron 7 vn. to p. Sundays from 7 a. m.

to 8:30 a. niALURs rif tetters Registered and ibunev outem roceries, Provisions; Queenswaret Glass to speak, and several yards wide. -Tooeka Capital, Hall, president ot the Missouri alliance, has received the dem Med. ft. Blair, r.

M. men. Let the calf eat hay as soon as it ware, Flour, etc. Also keep on han(j will. ocratic nomination for Congress in the Second district.

If the president Sample the milk of a cow Santa tfc Time Table-TRAILS; Hast Bound mixed 3 00 p. West 6.25 a. K. ginltfa, Ag't Frisco time Card ut Cherryvale. Fresh Bread Yeast Pies, Can- buying her, of the Kansas alliance Miculrl snek a republican nomination he would be impeached.

Tribune. You cannot put a poor cow to a profitable use. r. Paaseuger, West 12:35 k. The cow hkes to be milked if she The Howard young lady who it II East 11:55 8 05 p.

3:1 tit mil II It DXIS, CIGARS Ect. Produce of all'kind takn x'jhange for goods. 4 likes the milker. Skimmed railic fed to corns Is returned as whole milk. Township O.liotfS trustee J.

V. Schnoty recently dropped a Hot curling iron down her back undoubtedly had a very lively experience. It slipped down below her reach and she was compelled to stand on her head aod let it dro3 out again, And eho wasn't slow about it either. How. ard Coiirant.

TifeBpjirer Gulden Clerk John GnnkllJ R. PITT MAN, Cattle are fend of roots, rand roots are ifood for them. Resolvt to bent t'ih creamery in rhaKinjj butter, ad do it. All ahtrhiiia giving milk require on extra amount of water. A calf tbat never sucked is the Justl-re.

-North end Pi at her Justice-South Reynolds Const. lile-Noi tit eild Nah Foster Constalile-South J. IJ. 3ieau DEALKK IN Jff Ilud9on got scared Thursday a Clitnryyale when one of the delegates' from CowIpv cot Shelf and Heavy Hardware, mere easily taught to driric. dodder u'gbt lobe fed ro it ill up itnu suHKinguis nst savagely exclaimed, ''Gentlemen, you have the nomination, but yon haven't the election' Hudson not be trampled under fen.

Burn the material of bid hens U. B. Services tvetx Sunday nt 1 A. M. Subbath School at 10.

A. 31. I). J. B.

Ross Pastor K. Church flo.rvicof eaoh alternate Sundav at 3 P. M. Rev. O.Bvrno Pastor 1.

O. Havana Lod No3 inward, etltlery then catnH forward and said nests. tuar. ne wjis a simon-pure Fruit is food as well as Jnxury penpjes' man. and although a national banker, he Too few realize this.

every Tuesday evening at l. Said he was opposed to tiational banks that they were a disgrace, to the ntion. Now, Under proper conditions, poultry raising is easy. Aioft, for New pi ocess Gasoline Staves BAitB WIHE Call and see and you will Had ti it I curry a ftwt cl-m st ultn The Apple is among finit clock, p. m.

Rotary Public Conveyancer Havana, -u Kansas, we want to know now a man be ja democrat, a peoples' party. man, a natioinal banxer and national, bank hater all tho Very bottom prices Very Respectfully auxne same urae. suspect what wheat isamong cereals. Tomatoes are greatly improv ed by ripening in paper Young vines produce the fair est, but old ones the richest fruit. Let the chit-Kens run in rhe T.

R. Fittmauf tnat Mn uuason coniqU-il; ueces sary, tell a lie. Reporter. WhVwuTBoNdmfiated. fc A Stevens, M.

Fbysciaa and Surgeon The Question 1 on Kans. Havana, orchard to catch the bugs and worms. tongue wiu pe Answered June, i Jn the Meantime Our Great Offer Continues. Sunflonr Kaffir com 1 Mnnrp and Sorghum, seed are good Not AGE have arranged with the pub DOES HE wM feed for poultry lishers for an extension of the ar Hill ENc0W One bushel of manure, from rangement by which we are enabled JLlVHPFfcrr. ithe 'hen house is, worth a wagon Havana Kansa b.

to offer, our readers fbei; year's HITCH HIM TO load from the stable. subscription to that great sixteen 3 -jvir THE page illustrated monthly, the Americas Farmeu, published at Spring The cyclones seem to have be ft E. AUCTIONEER! come disgusted mtn tearing our- small Kansas towns GDEsPEtiAttY FonEXERCISl IN aivdSpEED1NG Pronounced BTAtL HORSEMEN To Be TH MOST PERFECT SULKY CART In USE Held una Cleveland, 0, Do not delav, but take advantage of this offer while it is open. Remf.jnber that we aiVE a year's subscription, to and have strucK for taller; tim tne American Farmer to all our subscribers who pav a year's sub ber in the north east. In Galva Galesburg and Chicago Ills.

St. Paul Minn, and iu many other scription in advance besides paying all arrearages, and to alt new, sub scribers paj'ing inpdvance.M-Sarnple states, damaging cyclones are reported. Of course, Kansas is quite willing to divide up. copies of American Farmer may Will cryVan" i reasonsable rate Addteai Iilm at Havana, or leave orders at thia office CEY MEAT MARKET JlooERa and Skinner Props, will ftajier; fresh meats in Havana and vicinity bn' Tuesday and Saturday of ach week. 150 bo seen, at this offloe.

-'02 1 OB KO SALE. rATENttM JOG 30th, 1801. A New Departure. Besides all the news of Kans is and the world. TflJS KANSAS WEEKLY CAPl TaL will give its its readers an Ag rieultnral Department in its 'Trlri' NTVT.FS PIAOK WITH TOPS TO RIDB AH EASY AH A BUCn, spl ndid 12 page edition equal I- -rj 1 1 aim5 nil NO HALE.

Over 1UUU Mia ou 1 Wde. tha ridincqnolitv hey are very dur-nWc and ifto h.ost convenient cart cn the market, fhow this advt. to yotir dealer and if they will not Rctthe goods tot you, write us for yon yo enn ride Wy Ions in one of thebe -sr. a FAHRNEY HAMMOCK CART to iny larm paper puDiisnea hi ne West. It is the Great 'i and Family Newspaper ol vCansas, and should be read by every Kansas farmer.

Wj Vill send yoii postage paid foi one year, the KANSAS WEEKLY CAPITAL -AND THE- Havana Press. -Foie 1 knhscribe at once. Either paper alone is worth the price for both. STALLIONS. QUINTO: a thoroughbredPercheron Stallion.

Is ada.ik 4apple gray. 16 hands high and weighs lbs, and a BUCKEYE: 'V'UOUSE. The oaty Hotel near the Santa Fe 3ure foal getter. SMU6 GLER? a beautiful black horse 16 hands high and weighs ljBOQ lbs Also a sure foal getoe. Pedigrees of the above anitnals can 'seen on appliqation Therwilllnake thVseaaotf of '92 follows.

dpot.and pr early Ira ina, Thursday Pildiay andi Saturdays vL. Yoxtfti bain in rmaihdet. of 'the time at my ba'ra on the For fifty ytars carriage masf rs cavemen ra JT 4 wouid net be a Success came wh thomveation fair Good grab, beda and treatment is nay motto old Kent farm oh Cheyhn Creek. v. Anyone exhibiting.

tl bes colt frfmi either of these spiing viH')fiive ihejnournnoe free. A.T. and keeper, sssriuajon, TRRXaTBOiCMlW CcCraciitHAW.C. P.B.ROWAHD..

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